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I was so excited to shop at HauteLook for my birthday as recommended by my friend. My bday was Sept 14 and I ordered products from this company Aug 17 hoping that my bday gift will be at least on time. Unfortunately, it did not come. On Sept 20 I received my tracking number and I saw that it was delivered in the wrong place. I called the company. They said, "Look at your patio or front door or grass or ask a neighbor if they receive your package." I said, "I live in Texas and it was delivered in New York! I do not have that big property from Texas to New York." Then she said she will call UPS in Texas 'cause sometimes they write the wrong delivery place. Apparently, UPS do not have any clue about this issue. The customer service told me that she will investigate and will keep me informed.

Two days came, I did not get any information. Called them again for updates. The person I talk to do not have any clue about my issue. She said the same thing the other customer service person said. She will investigate and will keep me informed. I said, "You guys recognize the mistake. Just fix it and FIX IT FAST! Expedite it! You let me wait for 1 1/2 months already! Make it possible!" They cannot give you a specific time frame of when they can deliver the product. It is very frustrating! Shopping is supposedly fun and pleasurable. HauteLook makes it a nightmare! So if you want to have a great shopping experience with the product delivered on a timely manner go to another shopping website! I thought this is a reputable website but I was extremely wrong.

HauteLook worked well for me and customer service was great about one year ago. I have been a loyal customers for years. Few times if an order ran out and wrong item was shipped, the customer service would pay $10 for this mishandling. However, now this is no longer the case. First, there were more chances items were shipped with mistakes, I got items with wrong sizes and sometimes order were shipped partially. There is $0 paid for their mistakes! The return of wrong item takes one month at least, which means you get your money back after a long time for their mistakes and all the trouble you have to go through. Ironically, one time they shipped half of my order. I called the customer service, they offered 25% money back if I keep the item. What? You shipped 50% of what I paid for and you want to only give me 25% back? Do you think I am that bad at math?

After spending my precious time negotiating, they finally were willing to give back the 50% that they didn't ship! I am shocked by this, because I am dealing with Nordstrom here, not some flea market vendor. I provided my feedback to them and no response from them ever. I see others complained about inventory issues they have. This happens a lot now and they didn't seem to care about what customers think anymore. I can say the quality of HauteLook service really dived dramatically and they will lose customers for this.

I guess it's a continuous problem because of the other reviews. I ordered a handbag and a jean. Both were planned to ship 2-3 weeks after the event close, sounded odd to me but still I ordered them. After waiting all that time I received an email that my jean will be shipped separately and my purse was on the way. I received the jean with a wrong size and an email cancelling my handbag because of short inventory. My problem is that I checked the website out and they opened a new event with the same handbags brand and style that I didn't receive. I will have to go to a Nordstrom Rack to return the wrong jean and I won't use HauteLook again. I think they use false advertisement.

There is an issue with their website. It was not able to process my card and instead of reporting my issue to someone who could help, they hung up on me three times. I had used my card recently, as well as called my bank to confirm that the card was in working order. They are rude and unwilling to help. Awful website and company and I will never be using them again.

I guess this is a consistent issue because I'm reading other reviews where people are experiencing the same issue. This will now be my fourth time I've ordered from Hautelook and what I ordered was cancelled due to inventory. I will not be ordering from them again. It's unreliable and what I was hoping to receive never showed up. I've contacted them multiple times questioning the status and nobody returned my call. I'm shocked this is a company of Nordstrom because I love Nordstrom. This is quite a bad reflection on Nordstrom considering their level of customer care. I highly don't recommend ever ordering from Hautelook not to mention when you do get an order it takes forever to actually receive.

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I ordered some items on December 21, plus more the following days. I called and chatted online in January to find out what was happening. Finally, in mid to late January, I found out I was not getting the items due to overselling them. On other orders, it took longer than the 2 to 3 weeks shipping after the event ended. Two items were badly damaged. I was given a credit and I thought I applied the credit but somehow the entire amount was charged. I was not able to straighten it out. I cancelled the order. It has been pure frustration dealing with HauteLook.

Wish I had read these reviews before I ordered. Ordered 3 items in November for Christmas gifts. Never received them. Called week before Christmas, all they can say is it was being "processed for shipment". Numerous emails sent and no one replies. It's now January... Called again... Told it was delivered (after Christmas). I now have to wait 2 more weeks while they investigate. Something tells me I'll have to call many more times. Never ordering again! They DO NOT stand behind products they sell even blaming the other companies for the issue. Shady company to me!

On two separate occasions I've ordered items from HauteLook that never arrived. The first was a home item which was never delivered so when I contact customer service they tell me that the address was marked by the carrier as undeliverable and was returned to the shipper. Two weeks had passed and no one ever called me to let me know, offer a different shipping (although the one I provided was 100% correct) or offer a refund. To top things off, when I managed for them to give me a refund, they reimbursed me for everything except for the shipping, so I had to absorb the $15 cost of a negligent shipper that never delivered the package.

My second order (yes I still had faith that this was a serious company, being part of Nordstrom), was sent through UPS. The tracking number says it was delivered but I never received it. They opened an investigation and I was supposed to hear back from them two weeks later when it closed and I would receive my reimbursement. I never heard back so I call HauteLook, impossible to get through. I call UPS and they tell me that the shipper (hauteLook) had closed the investigation and it said that I had confirmed that I received it. I never received it, they never called me and I most definitely never confirmed that I had received it!!

I call HauteLook again and they tell me that they can't determine why the investigation was closed but that they'll reopen it and I'll have to wait another two weeks for them to process and close and THEN I'll be reimbursed. I had to become profoundly upset for them to reimburse me (on 10/20/15). When I looked at the order details they put that it was returned on 10/6/15 - the same day it was supposedly delivered. I don't know what's going on but I don't recommend this site at all.

I have attempted on serial different days and times of day to use their website. It is horribly slow to load each page at least 30+ seconds per page. This made me stop trying to spend my money there.

I ordered a pair of Frye Park D Ring Boots in Black size 7. I received a pair of Sam Edelman Gray Booties Size 9. I called the customer service number and spoke with an agent who told me they no longer had the boots I ordered in my size and that I could take the boots I received to a Nordstrom Rack to get my money back. So their solution was that they were not going to do anything about the fact that I can no longer receive the boots I paid for and waited a week to arrive. Now I get to spend my time returning something I didn't order in the first place in order to get my 191.00 back. I asked to speak with a manager and was told she was on the other line and would call me back. I never heard from the manager so I called back and was put on hold for 15 minutes before I hung up. Awful customer service. I will no longer be shopping at HauteLook/Nordstromrack.com.

I ordered shoes from Hautelook and I STILL not received them after months. I've called the service center several times and they notified me that it was delivery's fault. They would not return it and they had no solution for me. Never again.

Once again I ordered two pairs of pants, one in blue and one in black. They send me the same pants in black twice! No blue! The blue is a powder blue, not navy so there is no excuse. To make matters worse it was pulled from the store and on a hanger.

The merchandise is good. But the odds of getting what you actually ordered are low (and getting worse and worse, more recently). HauteLook will ship the wrong colour, the wrong size, and often enough, altogether an absolutely different product altogether. (I am now the owner of a pair of women's boots if anyone is interested. I had ordered men's shoes.) Yes, they make amends (refunding your money), but I already had my money before this whole thing started. I didn't need them to take it and then give it back. I want the thing I ordered! (This is not an isolated incident. Happens repeatedly, well over 50% of the time. I have given up on HauteLook.)

Ordered 2 sets of sheets. Made absolutely sure they were king size sets. Finally received the stupid PILLOWCASES. 50$ FOR PILLOWCASES? Called and told them they made a mistake. No refunds or returns. A big old screw you. Enjoy your expensive ass pillowcases. They changed the description. I checked twice before I confirmed also. I think they had a lot of complaints because I purchased the last set supposedly in blue and just a couple left in cream. Don't order from them... There are better discount, higher quality companies with better products.

For those who are about to try HauteLook "refer a friend" offer, please be aware as this is somehow a swindle to me. I referred my friend who lives in the same rental house, so he has the same shipping address with mine. Regardless he used his own credit card to order his stuff on Hautelook, not mine paying info. The $20 credit for refer a friend which I am looking for after he successfully made his order, is still turned off because the supervisor claimed that we have the same shipping address. How great the system and professional CS way to treat a loyal customer are. I am not happy!!!

It's amazing how little they care about customer loyalty/satisfaction. After multiple purchases over several years with very few complaints (minus the snail's pace shipping in the past) I have been burned beyond forgiveness. Placed an order this week, immediately realized the second I pressed "complete order" that my shipping address didn't update with my billing address. Immediately called customer service, put on hold, was told if I input my number they would call me when I was at the front of the line. Lo and behold no call back.

Called next morning - told "it was too late to change address, wait until you receive shipping notification, call again and they'll have UPS reroute in transit." Call AGAIN, with shipping notification in hand. "Oh too bad, we shipped it with USPS - you're out of luck." NOT a single apology throughout, no offer to help or refund, despite the fact that they are shipping a box cross country from where I currently live. And no option at any time to cancel my order - is that even legal???? Companies like this are why I pay for AMEX. I am reporting this and will have my credit card company dispute all charges. In the meantime, I'll be telling everyone I know to stay far away - if it seems too good to be true it is.

Buyer beware. I was giving my bedroom an overhaul and ordered two Parvez Taj paintings and a wool blend rug from HauteLook ($730.00). After 3 months the paintings finally came in and were obviously damaged. The rug was missing half the print.

I am totally fed up with HauteLook as they are beyond slow in fulfilling orders. The other complaint is, they have a bad habit of canceling your order, claiming to have run out of product. I don't buy it. On more than one occasion, I was told I would be getting my order, it's just late in being sent out, just to have them turn around and cancel my order and then instead of crediting my PayPal back with the money, they choose to give me store credit. Well I'm not the one who canceled, they are. I should be given a refund. When you contact them about your order, they are very dismissive of you and just lie about the whole process. I've taken pictures of our online conversations showing them contradicting themselves on more than one occasion. They are a hot mess, not organized. I question them as to how they could be out of product when I placed my order as soon as they went live online, so how could they run out of product before I got mine.

In my opinion if you are not on social media, then your order does not get fulfilled first. Because I believe they want people with social media outlets to make sure they have products so they can brag about their site. They do have shady dealings. As much as I enjoy a lot of the products and the low prices, the constant confusion and waiting weeks and weeks for product and then told they ran out of product and I can't get mine is beyond ridiculous. Totally unorganized and customer service, though they try to be polite are really more dismissive than anything. I'm so fed up with the runaround that I'm no long going to order from them till they can get their act together.

First things first I shop online A LOT and HauteLook - has got to be by far the worst shopping experience I have ever had! As a matter of fact this is the first negative review I think I have ever written. That's not to say that I have never been a little let down or frustrated with a purchase before - just not to the point of taking the actual time to write a review. However my experience with HauteLook was so unbelievable awful, I believe it warrants warning others. I purchased a pair of Muk Luk boots on Oct. 19th. I promptly paid, received my order confirmation and went on thinking everything was all and well like any other online purchase would have been. After almost 2 weeks had passed and I still had not received shipping info I began to grow concerned so I called customer service. I was assured that everything with the order was fine, they were waiting for the company to send the items to them and I would receive shipping notification soon. Another week and a half passes with no shipping notification.

At this point I had already ordered other items elsewhere to compliment my purchase so I send an email. I am then told that the item was there and marked as picked in their system and would be shipping no later than within 72hrs. Another week goes by and no shipping info. Emailed again and was told the item was due to ship and they would follow up on Tues personally. Well now it's Friday and no shipping or follow up so I emailed them again and was told.."oops we didn't have enough of the item so you will get a refund"...ya right. Save your time, money and sanity and shop elsewhere. These people are complete HACKS!!!

I ordered a pair of shoes through HauteLook and thought I scored a great deal. I received an email saying the item I ordered was out of stock and that my credit card was refunded. It was not. I figured I'd give them a few days for the refund to go through on my Visa card. After 1 week, I still hadn't received a refund. I made a call to customer service and they told me they fixed the "error" and to wait another 5-7 days. Well, 5-7 days later, no refund still. This continued for an entire month. I made SEVERAL calls and emails, all of which assured me that they would handle this promptly and I would receive an email or call when they "fixed the mistake." They even credited me $15 dollars to my account (although I will NEVER order through this company again).

Finally, I emailed them to tell them that I would contact my credit card company to handle the dispute, since they were obviously incompetent. Unsurprisingly, I received my refund the next day. I am writing this review to inform future consumers of how HORRIBLE this company is. They make useless promises and phony apologies that amount to nothing. It took me over one month and several emails and calls to receive a refund on an item I never received because of their own mistake. Don't waste your time ordering with this company.

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