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Ordered shoes that were a part of a 50% off sale. When I placed the order it showed the price with the discount. When I got the email confirmation, the price was without the discount. I emailed the customer service right away, but did not get a response until the next day (After I had sent another email). And they claimed they could not give me the pricing because the sale had concluded. Instead they offered me a 25% off coupon for my next order, not even for the order that was not processed correctly. VERY DISAPPOINTED with their customer service!

I just made a large purchase on Crocs last night since they had a 50% discount deal. When I was ready to confirm the order, the discount was still showing. When I completed and submitted the order, the confirmation showed the full amount. I sent an email right after and called the Crocs customer service the next morning who told me they cannot give me the discount because it is a bulk order... Bad business.

I bought a pair of Crocs and loved the fit and comfort. Within a couple of month, the rubber caused me to fall on a cement floor. I thought nothing of it and then two weeks later the rubber caused me to fall on a carpeted floor and I broke my foot. I will not be buying any more Crocs.

I ordered a pair Crocs. One of the most expensive pair of crocs I ever purchased. I will gladly send a picture of them where the sole edging is coming off the side of shoe. I was attracted to the theme and style of said shoe but has not worn well. Most of my other crocs can endure a lot of tough situations. But this style by no means wore well.

It has been 4 weeks since my return and no confirmation of return and no credit. Buy from Zappos if you want crocs shoes - the crocs business storefront is not worth doing business with.

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I just made an order and they charged three times for it. So I was scared and talked with Nikki ** who told me Sorry, but that they don't know why my order went through since they don't accept international cards and that if I wanted my money to be returned I have to fill a form by phone. Then I called and they told me that they could not help me with any form to return my money, that I just have to wait. Then I wrote to them and a guy named John ** told me that my order WAS processed in their system and that the other two charges should drop soon. Nobody agrees!! It is crazy.

On the other hand my bank tells me that they need a letter from Crocs to drop the charges. And Crocs doesn't want to send the letter to return my money. This is horrible. I'll let you know if someone helps. Worst experience ever. The receipt I added they charged it THREE times. I don't know what to believe and English is not even my mother language. I am really scared. That is a lot of money for me.

Crocs charged my debit card twice for $178.06 yet neither time did order go through. Have called and chatted three times escalating to mgmnt - it's a joke. Then I called bank - they say may take 10 business days (two weeks) for charges to clear. If they don't then I have to start process all over again. Meanwhile all my utility bills and property tax checks will bounce because Crocs has depleted my account with a phantom order! Twice! And no resolution in site. Don't believe them when they say they will email you - and they give you WRONG email addresses as well. Have had multiple issues over years - and have NEVER been called or emailed by a representative. Can't wait before Chinese knockoffs destroy this company.

I purchased a pair of shoes and they had a poor fit and I returned them to a local store on 10-29-15. Was told I would be refunded my money as I did not want another pair. I have waited the time frame to receive refund, called 6 times and now it is 12-8-15 and no refund has been issued. I will not ever buy another pair of shoes from this company. Poor customer service, nobody can give a straight answer. I just want my money back. They have their product back... now!!!

When I ordered two pairs of shoes, I paid for them using PayPal. They were too large, so I requested a RMA number. In the process, I was informed that any purchases using PayPal to pay, would not result in a refund to my credit card, but rather a credit to be used in the purchase of another Crocs product. This should have been shown before the purchase was made. If I had known, I would have used my credit card for this purchase.

I purchased a pair of Croc loafers. Loved them~! However after wearing them for a while, the lining on the instep (top) of the shoe bunched up on the left one, and it hurts my toes. This was just to make you aware. I'm hoping I can buy another pair and that won't happen again.

I had a pair of Flip Flops for years and they tore up a couple of months ago! Since I had such good luck, I decided to purchase another similar pair! Wore them for 2 months and paid $39.99 for them! They tore up between the toes. Come to find out the rubber portion is just for comfort, they have 2 strings hold them to the shoe! Not much bigger than a kite string! Never again will I buy your product!!! I bought them at a store in Albany, GA Shoe Station!

Every crocs I bought online has been good services and products. Their sandals and clogs are excellent shoes. They help my feet a lot. I got diabetes in my legs and body. I wear these sandals and clogs every day I'm off or at home. I love them.

Bought pair of Crocs for the winter but your shoes squeak with every step you take so I can only wear these quite expensive shoes at home. They are truly comfortable but not to be worn in public. I can just mention that my sister had the same complaint. She, however, threw them out, but I feel that they were so expensive that I have to wear them although only at home.

Bought a pair of crocs for my son in Orlando in the month of January. Believe me the crocs have shrunk in size due to heat and my son is not able to wear them.... Expect a new pair of crocs from the company.

I bought women's cap toe flats recently from David Jones and was very happy with the fit and comfort. Yesterday, I wore them in the rain and I had a massive fall down the stairs at the train station as the soles slipped on wet floor. I have hurt my back pretty badly due to this fall. My question is, why there was any warning on this box about these problematic slippery soles on wet surface?

After many emails, visits to USPO, no one knowing anything. I finally got in touch with a real PERSON at CROCS. She was wonderful, helpful. Said she would look into it, and DID. They were apparently sitting somewhere, and I got my credit THAT day on PayPal. Just be sure if you order CROCS online, you order the right size. The returns are way too much hassle.

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Purchased a pair of Crocs. Too big. Sent them back, they will take off $7.50 from my credit. Three weeks later, there is NO credit. I have contacted them. Still waiting to hear. The USPS tracking number said they were picked up. Do I lose MY money? Is this the way this company operates? I hope I can write a re-review saying this is ALL taken care of quickly.

On the 17th of March, 2015 I order my son's sandals. It's almost one month later (April 13, 2015) and I still did not receive estimated date of my delivery. After a number of e-mails and phone calls, I was provided with FedEx tracking number. I called FedEx and they said that they still did not receive my package, so they cannot ship it. They only received label information for anticipated shipment. Crocs representative did not offer any kind of compensation and are still not sure when they will ship my order. advertised 3-6 day shipping yet the method they use requires at least 14 days to 21 days. I ordered their product in December 2014 and to day have received nothing. Talking to their customer service dept, they reported issues with their shipping dept but did not tell their customers about the issue. They knew it would cause a problem but did nothing. They offered me a $20.00 coupon for future orders but I refused and asked for free shipping to return my purchase when it eventually arrives. This whole issue could have been avoided if they put on their website that the shipping method could take up to 3 weeks for delivery. Then customers would be informed and pay for shipping as their needs require. Treating customers as they want to be treated is not complicated.

I have owned 5 pair of the Crocs Santa Cruz style shoes. Each and every one of them have ended up with holes in both left and right side (toes). I have tried using a larger size and still no success. The latest pair I purchased in Nov 2013 and got holes by January. The shoes are comfortable but the quality is bad. To make matters worse they continue to raise their price. After 5 pairs I think I am calling it a quit.

I ordered One pair of Crocs and was charged Three Times! After contacting Crocs, one charge was deducted. While my discussion with Crocs continued, I received 2 pairs of Crocs, yet Crocs has record of only one pair being shipped to me. I did not order the second pair, nor do I want 2 of the same pair of Crocs. I have been in discussion with Crocs from the first day that I noticed 3 charges on my charge card and it is now 21 days later and I still have an extra pair of shoes that I did not order and a 2nd charge on my credit card that I did not authorize. I have emailed and spoken live to Crocs regarding this matter with no resolution. The customer service folks are very nice but so far no resolution...

I left two pairs of Crocs in my car and they both shrunk at least 1 to 2 sizes. I cannot wear them anymore. My first pair of Crocs from 5 years ago never shrunk.

Crocs changed their flip flop material. What happened to the wonderful foam that Crocs were made of? They are now hard as a rock. I looked and looked to find the old style of softer material even at outlets. You can't find it. But I did talk to a lot of people looking for the same thing. I hate the new Crocs, hard horrible shoes.

I ordered a pair of Crocs online in UK which didn't fit, so I had to return them to The Netherlands at a cost of £8.54. When I complained, I was told to read the small print. Unfortunately, I had already ordered a second pair which also didn't fit and when I complained again, I was sent a special returns label, which no surprise, was useless and I had again to pay £8.54 to return them to The Netherlands. I emailed the company to inquire about my refund and was told they hadn't received the first pair. But having tracked the parcel, I knew they had received and signed for the shoes two weeks before. I have now been told I must wait two weeks for a refund. I am disgusted by their "Don't Care" attitude and will never buy Crocs again. They have lost a very good customer as I have bought numerous pairs before, both online and through retail. Shame on you, Crocs. You're conning your customers!

I left my newly bought Crocs thongs in the car. I worn it for 2 weeks, it was a size 10. I am not very happy as this is still new shoes, but it shrunk and now it’s too small and I can`t wear them anymore. Can you please look into this and advice way forward as I love my Crocs? Thank you. cancelled my ordered because they don't update their inventory online while confirming your order and then they're not able to process the order because they're out of stock. Then they fail to honor the sale price of the item for a comparable item that they actually have in stock. Speaking to customer service and a supervisor was like hitting against a brick wall.

Their promotion of buy one get one free is a joke! I ordered two pairs of shoes, but the one that should come in free was cancelled. Then I was charged for the full price for one pair of shoe. Don't believe in their promotion. They will cancel your free item and charge you the regular price. That is how they do their business.

I ordered and received one Boundless Cig Khao at M11. (Order #** date 12-08-11). It did not fit as it was too large. I measured my foot and went by your guide for ordering size. I returned it today at a cost to me at $8.61, plus a trip to the UPS store. I am extremely displeased with Crocs. I will not do any business with Crocs again and will warn others to beware. Your policies and procedures are consumer unfriendly and obviously, your goal is profit above consumer satisfaction.

I worked for Crocs for 16 months selling shoes that I knew were bad for people’s feet. Crocs claims their shoes are anti-microbial and anti-sweat. This is not true. Crocs claims that their shoes are sturdy and safe. Again not true which can be verified by examining the shoes and seeing the rivets that hold the straps-on break constantly. Podiatrists are recommending these shoes for people with plantars fasciitis and diabetes. Not a good idea. These shoes do not help people with any medical condition. Children wearing these shoes will not be able to wear other shoes later in life because their feet are addicted to having a foam mold of their foot every time they walk. People who are active should not wear Crocs. These shoes will give you tendonitis and plantars fasciitis. There is no doubt.

I'd just like to say I love my Crocs, but I bought some new black Crocs from Newcastle airport for my holidays in February and they have split on the letter "O", which has never happened before. So I am using my old ones, which I should not have to do. I have no receipt. Please advise what I should do, please. PS: I would send them off to you if you like.

I bought a pair of inexpensive slip-ons. After about two months, the seam began to split. I emailed a picture and explained how long it took for the defective seam to fail. Customer service explained that they "definitely stand behind their product" for all of 90 days. Buyers, beware and walk carefully. Company Profile

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