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Last updated: Oct. 12, 2017

47 Crocs Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: Oct. 12, 2017

Despite sending numerous emails, leaving messages with two customer representatives, no response after I sent in all required paperwork, photos, details, copy of warranty, I have had no response if my documents were received or when I might get replacement of defective Crocs. CROCS is happy to take your money but will not honour its guarantee. They obviously hope customers will give up in frustration trying to deal with terms of their guarantee. Just pay them - that is all they want. Forget customer service.

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Original review: Sept. 27, 2017

I am really disappointed with this product. The strap got loose and it's not even a month complete. The print on the side is scratching off. The Crocs is peeling off my the side skin of my feet, I thought it's because the product is new but The skin is left with a brown spot on both the feet. I shopped from official site that is

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 8, 2017

I ordered three pairs of Crocs sandals that were available online. The order was placed, only to have a representative call to verify the order and subsequently CANCEL the order. I called in (waiting over 30 minutes on hold) and spoke with the same representative who cancelled the order and REPLACED the order. I was assured everything was fine and the order would be processed. Not so. Days later I received an email saying TWO of the three items were not available in the selected color and had been CANCELLED.

I called in again (this time on hold for nearly 60 MINUTES!) only to have the phone disconnected. While on hold I decided to try the Live Chat. That also took an unreasonable amount of time to be connected with a representative. In short, this representative "Sarah" was only able to tell me that they could not CHANGE my order and only had the availability to cancel what was not available. I will NEVER use Crocs online services again and I will share with all of my family and friends my experience.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 3, 2017

I ordered three pairs of Crocs online as we have limited stores with limited selection where I am from. I ordered one pair one size bigger than I needed as the description online said that it was a "Standard fit" and that there is "no extra room; fits comfortably snug". When the shoes arrived the package said "relaxed fit" and so were too big for me. The return policy is to return the shoes, at MY cost, and they re-buy them. I had got them on a good sale and not interested in losing money for their false advertising. I was told I could call their sales team but that no longer makes this an easy process and the shoes are no longer shown on their website. The second pair of shoes I purchased showed they were in stock but failed to ship with the other two shoes. Instead the shipping email just said, "out of stock". I am not sure if that means I will never receive the shoes or if they will ship when they are in stock.

Bad communication. I sent an email. Waiting to hear back the status. The third pair of shoes is the same size and style as currently owned shoes but the style has slightly changed which makes the shoes too tight. I have been watching online for months for these shoes to even be in stock and was pleased to finally see they were in stock and on sale. The excitement quickly turned to disappointment when I realized that I will need try and "exchange" them and will likely have to wait months again for them to be in stock (were already out of stock again when looked online again). I saw another review that said that they charge for returns. I haven't got to that process yet but from what I have seen so far I wouldn't be surprised. All in all SUPER disappointed with this experience. They advertise, "Fast, easy returns" but it is certainly not convenient, or customer focused.

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Original review: July 14, 2017

The company's shipping policy states that the sales tax is based on "ship to" address. I am in a state that does NOT have sales tax on clothing/footwear, but was charged sales tax on my order. When I contacted the company, I was told that the tax was on the "shipping," not the "item." Okay, so I asked to be directed to the part of their shipping policy that DISCLOSES this tax to customers. I had to resend one email 3 times before I received a response, which simply quoted their ship-to-address policy, NOT the sales tax they apply to "shipping."

I am currently waiting to hear from management, but I'm not holding my breath. It may only be cents to each individual, but to take money without DISCLOSING the charge ahead of time is shady, at best. I'm sure many people let it go, because it's not worth chasing down. But just imagine the volume of customer orders they receive... now add a "shipping tax" to each and every one. It is a deceitful practice and I will never order from again. My package came from Canada, so Crocs KNEW FULLY WELL that there was going to be a shipping tax... why not disclose this to the customer? Bad business practices = unhappy customers!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 13, 2017

I ordered shoes and saw 3-7 business days. Okay. When I called to see why my shoes haven't shipped yet-I was told that if I read the page carefully-the 3-7 business doesn't start until the shoes are actually shipped and that process can take 2-3 business days. Forget it - when Zappos and Amazon are offering 1-2 day shipping - this is way too long. Crocs will have to improve their shipping speed if I will ever order from them again.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 6, 2017

Had no idea that Crocs return policy was so difficult & they charge you for returns. Had I have known, I would never ever ordered from them. It will just be a matter of time before Amazon (They are the best) will take over online ordering. Never have to pay for returns. Get with it online ordering, the customer is sick of being taken advantage of. Very disappointed with Crocs. My $16 shoes cost me 1/2 of that to return them. Never again will I order directly from you, Amazon all the way.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 23, 2017

Followed suggested fit guideline on website. One pair of shoes did not fit, the other was damaged. They offered a refund but I have yet to see it processed. Also, have tried chat, email, and holding on the phone with no success. I basically paid for 2 pairs of shoes - one damaged and the other I cannot wear - and I am stuck with them.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 5, 2017

These shoes (rubber clog type) not for hot weather above 30 deg c as they will shrink 2 sizes in 4 to 6 weeks approx. Got nothing from Crocs. They obviously know they have a quality problem and don't want to do anything about it.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 24, 2017

I am worn out with the story and time and energy I have had to do to deal with this Crocs company. Bottom line, they say order your shoe's size, but I had to get a 6 after order of 8, my size, and size 7 which I was sure would fit... no luck. Their shipping labels not clear, deceptive, you will pay shipping on every return even if it was them improper shoes size and inability to deliver the right label. If you love driving back and forth to the post office, this is your place. They blame me and act like I am too stupid to print the label they emailed me. Over $5.75, they were willing to lose my business and have me write a negative review. Don't do business with them and look at all the negative reviews I wish I had seen before dealing with this company.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 20, 2016

GARBAGE CUSTOMER SERVICE, cancel the order and don't write to inform. Don't answer the emails. It is difficult to believe that such a company with such good products have a very CRAP customer service. I wrote to the manager and did not respond either. What class of company is that??? I recommend you all. Stay away from buying on

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 12, 2016

What a horrible experience. I had a wedding on December 15. I ordered Crocs so I could be comfortable dancing at the wedding. I placed the order on November 28. The order said it would arrive within 3-8 days. What liars!!! Two days before the wedding with no shoes in sight, I chatted with their agent. They said they don't know when my shoes would arrive, they're not sure. They couldn't overnight another pair as it takes two takes just to get out. What a horrible dishonest company. I had to run out and spend hours finding a pair of comfortable shoes.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 26, 2016

For the first time in my life I have been banned from retailer for making too many purchases. I buy not more than once per month (when I see good sales) and I do buy average 8 pairs at the time. I have large family here in US and I also travel abroad. Yesterday I was informed that my order is canceled because it is too big and when I offered to reduce it to allowed amount, the customer service representative told me that I will no longer be able to purchase from! Tried couple of minutes later and NO! I am blocked!

Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 27, 2016

I recently purchased 10 pairs of crocs of various sizes for our family during their online sale to ensure the right fit for everyone, assured that Crocs return policy would allow me to return the ones which did not fit to a store an hour from our home so I would not incur shipping costs. I must have lucked out with the first young Crocs salesman in the store who did allow me to return the first few. However, when I was finally able to go back to return another pair after waiting for a second CROCS order to arrive to decide on which pair to keep, I was unable to return the one from the first order due to a 45 day no return policy. BUYER BEWARE: this is a policy written in stone. Absolutely no refunds after 45 days no matter your customer loyalty or the size and amount of your orders nor the distance to the nearest store. I will not be purchasing CROCS again.

Original review: Sept. 20, 2016

Ordered shoes that were a part of a 50% off sale. When I placed the order it showed the price with the discount. When I got the email confirmation, the price was without the discount. I emailed the customer service right away, but did not get a response until the next day (After I had sent another email). And they claimed they could not give me the pricing because the sale had concluded. Instead they offered me a 25% off coupon for my next order, not even for the order that was not processed correctly. VERY DISAPPOINTED with their customer service!

Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 20, 2016

I just made a large purchase on Crocs last night since they had a 50% discount deal. When I was ready to confirm the order, the discount was still showing. When I completed and submitted the order, the confirmation showed the full amount. I sent an email right after and called the Crocs customer service the next morning who told me they cannot give me the discount because it is a bulk order... Bad business.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 14, 2016

I bought a pair of Crocs and loved the fit and comfort. Within a couple of month, the rubber caused me to fall on a cement floor. I thought nothing of it and then two weeks later the rubber caused me to fall on a carpeted floor and I broke my foot. I will not be buying any more Crocs.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 6, 2016

I ordered a pair Crocs. One of the most expensive pair of crocs I ever purchased. I will gladly send a picture of them where the sole edging is coming off the side of shoe. I was attracted to the theme and style of said shoe but has not worn well. Most of my other crocs can endure a lot of tough situations. But this style by no means wore well.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 23, 2016

It has been 4 weeks since my return and no confirmation of return and no credit. Buy from Zappos if you want crocs shoes - the crocs business storefront is not worth doing business with.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 12, 2016

I just made an order and they charged three times for it. So I was scared and talked with Nikki ** who told me Sorry, but that they don't know why my order went through since they don't accept international cards and that if I wanted my money to be returned I have to fill a form by phone. Then I called and they told me that they could not help me with any form to return my money, that I just have to wait. Then I wrote to them and a guy named John ** told me that my order WAS processed in their system and that the other two charges should drop soon. Nobody agrees!! It is crazy.

On the other hand my bank tells me that they need a letter from Crocs to drop the charges. And Crocs doesn't want to send the letter to return my money. This is horrible. I'll let you know if someone helps. Worst experience ever. The receipt I added they charged it THREE times. I don't know what to believe and English is not even my mother language. I am really scared. That is a lot of money for me.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 13, 2016

Crocs charged my debit card twice for $178.06 yet neither time did order go through. Have called and chatted three times escalating to mgmnt - it's a joke. Then I called bank - they say may take 10 business days (two weeks) for charges to clear. If they don't then I have to start process all over again. Meanwhile all my utility bills and property tax checks will bounce because Crocs has depleted my account with a phantom order! Twice! And no resolution in site. Don't believe them when they say they will email you - and they give you WRONG email addresses as well. Have had multiple issues over years - and have NEVER been called or emailed by a representative. Can't wait before Chinese knockoffs destroy this company.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 8, 2015

I purchased a pair of shoes and they had a poor fit and I returned them to a local store on 10-29-15. Was told I would be refunded my money as I did not want another pair. I have waited the time frame to receive refund, called 6 times and now it is 12-8-15 and no refund has been issued. I will not ever buy another pair of shoes from this company. Poor customer service, nobody can give a straight answer. I just want my money back. They have their product back... now!!!

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 4, 2015

When I ordered two pairs of shoes, I paid for them using PayPal. They were too large, so I requested a RMA number. In the process, I was informed that any purchases using PayPal to pay, would not result in a refund to my credit card, but rather a credit to be used in the purchase of another Crocs product. This should have been shown before the purchase was made. If I had known, I would have used my credit card for this purchase.

Original review: Oct. 16, 2015

I purchased a pair of Croc loafers. Loved them~! However after wearing them for a while, the lining on the instep (top) of the shoe bunched up on the left one, and it hurts my toes. This was just to make you aware. I'm hoping I can buy another pair and that won't happen again.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 12, 2015

I had a pair of Flip Flops for years and they tore up a couple of months ago! Since I had such good luck, I decided to purchase another similar pair! Wore them for 2 months and paid $39.99 for them! They tore up between the toes. Come to find out the rubber portion is just for comfort, they have 2 strings hold them to the shoe! Not much bigger than a kite string! Never again will I buy your product!!! I bought them at a store in Albany, GA Shoe Station!

Original review: July 5, 2015

Every crocs I bought online has been good services and products. Their sandals and clogs are excellent shoes. They help my feet a lot. I got diabetes in my legs and body. I wear these sandals and clogs every day I'm off or at home. I love them.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 25, 2015

Bought pair of Crocs for the winter but your shoes squeak with every step you take so I can only wear these quite expensive shoes at home. They are truly comfortable but not to be worn in public. I can just mention that my sister had the same complaint. She, however, threw them out, but I feel that they were so expensive that I have to wear them although only at home.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 3, 2015

Bought a pair of crocs for my son in Orlando in the month of January. Believe me the crocs have shrunk in size due to heat and my son is not able to wear them.... Expect a new pair of crocs from the company.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 23, 2015

I bought women's cap toe flats recently from David Jones and was very happy with the fit and comfort. Yesterday, I wore them in the rain and I had a massive fall down the stairs at the train station as the soles slipped on wet floor. I have hurt my back pretty badly due to this fall. My question is, why there was any warning on this box about these problematic slippery soles on wet surface?

Customer increased Rating by 2 stars!
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Resolution response: May 27, 2015

After many emails, visits to USPO, no one knowing anything. I finally got in touch with a real PERSON at CROCS. She was wonderful, helpful. Said she would look into it, and DID. They were apparently sitting somewhere, and I got my credit THAT day on PayPal. Just be sure if you order CROCS online, you order the right size. The returns are way too much hassle.

Original review: April 24, 2015

Purchased a pair of Crocs. Too big. Sent them back, they will take off $7.50 from my credit. Three weeks later, there is NO credit. I have contacted them. Still waiting to hear. The USPS tracking number said they were picked up. Do I lose MY money? Is this the way this company operates? I hope I can write a re-review saying this is ALL taken care of quickly.

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