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I did not authorize Blair for a VIP membership but just placed a one-time charge and they added the VIP; which I immediately advised them I do not want; they have done this in the past and it is a scam... When ordering they add on this additional bogus membership. I have just discovered that they have been charging me for a year now! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! Very difficult to stop them from charging a VIP membership to your card.

Beware of Blair. My husband used my account to order some Christmas presents for me. He is 81. In the process he was offered a discount coupon. He checked yes and inadvertently signed up for a VIP club which charges $14.97 a month. When the charges came in each month, he paid the amount. At one point he asked me what I was buying for $14.97 each month. I checked the account, found out what had happened and called Blair to cancel the VIP membership. They assured me it was taken care of.

Now I am receiving a bill for balances on the account plus late fees and interest from the bank which handles their credit card service. My new bill $68.88. Three phone calls later, shifted from one department to another (one of whom verified the account had been closed but there was nothing else that could be done about the fees), and finally to the bank. I was offered a $10.00 reduction of the bill and a $5.00 coupon for my next purchase, if I buy before July 4. Are they insane? I am infuriated. I will never buy another item from Blair or any of their associated companies.

This review also includes the credit card company that Blair hoodwinks the elderly into applying for. Someone with a thick East Indian accent, an agent from Blair, called my old, crippled Granny late one night and easily talked her into placing an order and opening up a credit card with Comenity Bank. She paid the bill for 117.00 as soon as it came. A fleece sweater was huge. We returned it for $9.99. Then they somehow counted that returned item as unpaid. They billed her every month for the jacket with a late charge and finance charge. I came upon the bill today and she said she couldn't make sense out of it.

I called the Comenity bank and sharply explained there was something fishy with this bill. After much insistence they agreed to only charge my Granny for the shipping fee of this mystery jacket. I agreed to this only because I wanted to be rid of them. We then promptly closed this credit card that was opened only because they preyed on a little old lady. This is financial exploitation of the elderly in my opinion. STAY AWAY FROM BLAIR AND COMENITY BANK.

First they overcharged my account. When called they state, "That's to make sure your account can take the amount needed." WHAT, why not just deduct the exact amount needed. Second, I ordered 3 pants. 2 were OK, but one was 3" smaller than the others. When I called, I was told "no problem send them back and your account will be refunded minus the $ 9.99 shipping fee." I said "a bad or missewn product. If YOUR fault why should I be penalized." I was told "that is our policy." BUYER BEWARE, NEVER AGAIN. You keep sending the weekly magazines, my bird loves them to poo on.

I received my order in two parts. That was Ok. But I had to return one of the items right away and was waiting for an acknowledgement of receipt and credit to account before making a payment and I was charged a late fee of 27.00, plus 2.00, for something else and a restocking fee of. My previous bill was 71.48 before the return. After the return 101.97 even after the return. Never will order from this catalog again.

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On 3/11/16, I ordered three screen printed T-shirts from Blair through their catalog for women. When I got them, one of them, which was supposed to be "Dragonfly Yellow," didn't look anything like the picture in the book, although when I called them they confirmed that what they sent me was "Dragonfly Yellow," meaning that there was no way I could get the T-shirt pictured in the catalog. I arranged with the customer service person, Karen, that I could make the exchange for a different color (pistachio/flowers) without the restocking fee, since the error was Blair's. BUT today (3/14/16), I find that they have charged my card an additional 13.99. I'm still waiting for the T-shirt.

I went to order some items from Blair. In one email they told me that shipping was free for any order over $50; so I ordered two items to shove the total over $50. Then I get another email that said shipping was free on my first order. They charged the shipping!

Highly disappointed with BLAIR. I purchased a dress for $26.99 totaling $39.94 with tax and shipping. The dress was too big, so I returned it on 3/09/16. On 3/30/16 they refunded $19.16. The customer service lady stated the cost of shipping is taken away from the original cost of the dress, instead of from the total cost I actually paid them. Be clearly aware of the return policy and you're lost before you return anything.

My mother-in-law ordered an item from Blair last July. Paid for the item on her debit card as she always does. In January of this year was helping her to straighten thing up and noticed a bill from Blair. She said that they were billing her for an item that was already paid for. I checked her bank statement and the charge was taken out that same day for the payment. My mother-in-law is 87 years old. I call Comenity Bank and was told to send them proof that the payment was made. So we wrote them a letter and sent them a copy of the bank statement. Then we received a letter stating that it was too late to do anything about because she had not responded within 60 days according to their credit rules.

My mother-in-law has not signed up for credit from Blair and somehow or another they have now responded with two different accounts on their correspondence. They put the last 4 digits of the account with their correspondence. When contacting Blair about this matter they say one of the accounts was closed in the same month that the new account was opened. I have NO idea how to clear this up. I called the attorney general’s office in Ohio and they say they can't do anything because it deals with a federal bank and I need to go through the FDIC. THE BILL IS NOW OVER $300.00 which I will not let her pay because the item was already paid for and we have the proof. Any help to clear up this matter would be appreciated.

I order a tanking bottom piece for 24.99 but due to all my inconvenience due to their errors, they offered it for 19.99. BUT when I went to my online banking I seen they took out of MY account 24.99 and 19.99 AND 16.00 ALL FOR THAT one item. So a 19.99 item is now costing me 66.00$, and I spent hours on the phone with managers who said they can't help me... wth???

I ordered a pair of pants on 12/9. Returned to them for they sent me the wrong pants. Called them today 1/8 to check on status of exchange of pants. Agent told me the pants were mailed to me yesterday. I coincidently checked my transactions and balance on my checking account right after, I noticed Blair had given me a credit for the pants I had purchased as well as a charge I didn't recognize had been charged to my account on 1/6 in the amount of $ 30.98.

The bank informed me to where this charge was made. I immediately looked this store up online & saw that they accepted Blair credit cards. So I put two & two together. Blair charged something on the 6th, supposedly the pants were sent to me on the 7th. They did not tell me that a credit was given to my account yesterday. Luckily something told me to check my checkbook today after speaking with Blair's agent. So yes, I am now inconvenienced like others having another debit card reissued. Bottom line they charged something on the 6th & gave me the credit the next day. How convenient was that!

I am going to stop, after many many years, of doing business with BLAIR. They have gone down hill!! When a customer service call has to be "re-routed" to the Philippines, then you know something is going on! This has been happening recently and I am not happy about it! They are starting to be a real ripoff! Wrong products, junky products, wrong sizing on junk "imported"... Horrible customer service, horrible shipping charges, not taking off the certificates and promotion codes and on and on! I am done with you Blair!

I bought my mother a gift card from their website. I was not charged for the gift card, yet I did receive a confirmation email on my purchase... then 3 days later there were several fraudulent purchase attempts on my CC. I had not bought anything else in the last several days from anywhere or anyone out of the norm other than Blair. Pretty suspect. My card has been cancelled and I now have to wait for a new one... right before the holidays. Ugh. I would be weary of this company.

I purchased 2 sweaters and they did not fit. So I returned them in the envelope that was provided. I just checked with my credit card company to see if I received the credit. I paid $16.18 for the two sweaters and I received 6.19 credit. When I finally got a person on the phone, I was told... "Oh we charge 9.99 to restock." I told them, this was not told to me, and I guess that shipping was not actually free. What a ripoff. I would like to make a complaint. How dare they charge this amount and not advise you on the return slip.

I am looking at the order summary and NOWHERE does it state we charge you to return. Why would people want to deal with a company that charges you to return if it does not fit. They are a catalog and you cannot view the item before purchasing it. I would like to know if anyone else has had this problem. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Oh and I wish I could give 0 stars, but that was NOT an option. I did tell the customer rep that I was going to make a formal complaint to anyone that had ears!!!

Recently found out billing was messed up somehow. I ordered eleven items in four separate orders and some of those items were shipped separately which resulted in separate shipping charges and separate taxes, so the dollar amount I thought I was charging was lower than what they billed me. I like their clothing for my elderly mother but they need to get their billing together or at least give you an accurate total you owe. I don't like surprises. My advice with them is only order one item at a time, otherwise they get confused and check your packing slip and charges!!!

October 2015 - I ordered a pair of men's elastic waist jeans Item #52334 for an elderly relative. When they arrived, they were so big they could have fit an elephant. I paid $24.99 for the pant, $1.70 tax and $8.99 shipping for a total of $35.68 for the jeans. I returned them at my cost. Blair confirmed my return and advised they would credit my credit card. My credit card statement came with the Blair credit of $16.25. I called to ask why the $16.25 credit instead of the $24.99 cost of the jeans minus shipping and tax. Blair representative informed me that they charge a $9.99 re-stocking fee!!! So in total, the jeans I ordered for $24.99 ACTUALLY COST ME $45.67 of which Blair collected... $20.68 OF FREE MONEY. BEWARE OF BLAIR.

I was unaware that I had agreed to this Program! The company cannot provide any evidence except to say that I "agreed" to a 30-day "trial period" and when I didn't cancel, it continued (indefinitely) with a $14.95 monthly charge. I know little about this "program"-- but I had NO INTENTION of paying that monthly charge for the alleged "money saving program!!??" I regret that it took me several months to realize what was happening. My advice: "Don't do business with Blair!"

After several months of an order being back ordered, I received one item and was charged the full shipping for ALL the other items. I then cancelled the remainder of the order and was shipped one of the items anyway and was charged again for returning the item!!! I have asked to be taken off their mailing list and do NOT recommend doing business with them EVER!!!

Order a top in a size using their measurements on their size chart. The top was not just a little on the big side but extremely large and I have very broad shoulders. I returned it requesting an exchange for a smaller size and paid for the return shipping. I just received a refund for the top minus their original shipping fee of $9.99. I was able to return the top thru the post office for $5.70 which included insurance which include a padded envelop which was better than what it come in. It cost me close to $16 to do business with Blair and have nothing to show for it. They have not contacted me to let me know why I received a refund and was not given an exchange. Paypal notified me of my refund. Extremely bad or basically no customer service and total misrepresentation with their size chart.

Stay away. Signed me up for services I did not order - 14.00 a month.. Return items are a joke, rip off on postage, etc.

6/22/15 I order frequently and I am so frustrated and tired of calling Blair. First getting someone from another country (Philippines) and them not understanding what I am asking. I cannot get my questions answered. When I asked if I could talk to someone in the US, they said "NO". Second, every time I call, I am bombarded with offers that I have to listen to. I tell the representative that I only want to order my item and yet when I tell them "no" to their offer, they then repeat it again and try to get me to change my mind. This is a terrible way to handle your business. You should try to be like a company like LL Bean or Lands' End... They have a proper and have the best way to take orders... Your way is ridiculous and frustrating.

I have power of attorney for an elderly woman who occasionally orders products over the telephone. She had no idea that she was signing up for the Blair Rewards program when she placed an order for a dress. They began making monthly charges to her charge card for the Blair Rewards program. Trying to cancel her membership has not been a straightforward matter and I have still not received confirmation that her membership has been cancelled. Their telephone number is for an automated system - there is no one there to talk to. Emails to customer service say they are forwarding my request to someone else. When I tried to contact the third party, my email was returned undeliverable. They assure me that this third party will cancel the membership, but I cannot get an after the fact cancellation notice - just a promise.

They refused to take off a Visa charge for something I did not buy. The person on the phone was rude. I will never deal with them again, also because the clothing is of such poor quality. The prices are attractive, but not worth buying.

I placed an order from Blair. "Chatted" with someone the next day asking when it would be shipped. They stated it would be shipped "soon." I asked if it could be expedited and they said "No." Chatted again on Monday requesting update. Was told the order was on the "truck" and should be shipped out that day or the next. Chatted with someone again on Tuesday who stated, at first, the order was in processing. I told her that I had been told by someone else it was on the "truck" and was just waiting for the truck to be filled and then would be shipped. Chatted with someone AGAIN this AM who stated it was in the warehouse. I told this person I had been told it was on the truck. She then responded “That may be the case.” Apparently no one knows where my order is!! They have repeatedly told me I will get an email when it ships. Will NEVER order from Blair again. Was also told if I refuse the shipment, it will be MY responsibility if the order gets "lost" in the mail.

I purchased a gift certificate from this company for my mother for Christmas. In April she ordered a blouse using her certificate. Many weeks later she received a letter stating that she still owes the amount of the purchase. After countless phone calls and emails and dealing with different reps they finally resolved the situation and shipped the product. Unfortunately the blouse was too big and the product was returned in exchange for a smaller size.

My mom has not yet received the smaller size blouse but did receive a letter saying they could not credit her account, then another letter stating that she has a gift certificate for an amount much less than the original order. So now I will have to see what is going on with all that. Can say that there will never be another purchase from this company. They truly have some issues going on and you will be the loser. If I could take away the one star I gave them I would. Their merchandise is not worth the rising blood pressure and frustration you go through for an order. STAY AWAY from BLAIR!

A charge for membership in Blair VIP Plus starting appearing on my statement without "joining". I called to question and cancelled the "membership" which I DID NOT authorize. After making several phone calls to Blair, Blair VIP Plus and Comenity Credit, I have discovered that knew nothing of the charges, could find nothing on their records and was told to call BLAIR VIP PLUS again. I did so and requested cancellation again...SCAM! Then to add insult to injury, Comenity is charging me late fees and minimum fees and reporting late payments to the credit bureau ...ruining my credit score. SCAM.

I made a Mother's Day order for my mom early Tuesday May 5th. Shipping policy states if item in stop it goes to shipping in 1 or 2 business days. My items I ordered are still in processing limbo without one reason as to why this delay. I have not ordered from Blair before so was unaware of their immensely poor customer service issues. This of course will be the last order I send through this poorly run business.

I am with other reviewers who said they cannot believe the A+ Accreditation from BBB. Something fishy there it seems. I have called everyday since my order went into processing. I think they will have to get tired of giving me no reasons other than they put a note on this order to find out what the hold up is? Do yourself a favor. Just stay away from businesses who simply do not have the ability to ship orders in a reasonable amount of time. Save yourself the headache!

My experience with Blair has been the same as the other reviewers; the exception is that when filing for a home equity loan I discovered that Blair was the only negative listed on my credit rating. For over six months I had been assured that the $14.95 monthly billing for "the mailing of discount coupons for other internet businesses" would be removed and I would not be charged. Instead, I was turned over to a collection agency who told me that my overdue payments were for something totally different than what I was told was charged. The billing department at Blair was not helpful, and in the end I paid the collection agency for the amount using my credit card. That should have been the end of it, and I thought nothing more about the experience that created such anger in me.

I continue to receive Blair catalogues and special coupons for being a "privileged customer"; but, I refuse to purchase any of their items. And the posting on the credit report has not been removed. I do use online sites for purchasing because it is difficult for me to travel to stores. The ones that I use are trusted and are recognized as responsible. But, I do not recommend doing business with Blair. Unfortunately, the experience was in the past, but I can include my Blair ID.

We sent an item back that was too small, and the package came with a return label. Similar sized and weighed items have been sent numerous times by myself since I am an Amazon seller and the item sent by ground should have been around $3.00 to ship. The return label that I used ended up costing almost three times as much. I ended up losing almost all the money I had paid for the item. Beware using the labels with any company and especially with BLAIR.

I would like to be taken off your mailing list. I do not approve of paying $5.00 more for extra large merchandise. Company Profile

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