PhotoEveryone knows that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, it works that way with pet food as well. The marketing companies know you love your pet, and the way to get you to buy their pet food is to make it look and sound good enough for you to eat too.

Natural Balance does a pretty good job of describing their ingredients. They boast that their food is “Available in a variety of mouthwatering flavor combinations, which include Tuna with Shrimp, Salmon, Ocean fish and Chicken & Turkey, as well as Chicken, Liver, Duck & Salmon”.

Those selections could be on a fine dining menu anywhere. Nature’s Recipe has pictures of fresh cooked chicken breasts with green beans and sweet potatoes, and state that “Our recipes are crafted to help your pet thrive”.

Great for your pets' health

Not only do the foods sound delicious, they are great for your pets’ health too. Many companies are sure to mention the vitamins, minerals, and proteins that they include in their pet foods to keep your pet going strong. They also shun artificial colors, preservatives, and other ingredients that may make you doubt them.

It all sounds good enough to feed your kids tonight (though that is definitely not recommended). Pet food companies across the nation are trending toward humanizing their food. They are ensuring nutritional benefits and their manufacturing standards have been set as high as with human food.

Dog treats, in particular, have had a spotlight on them in the last few years. Ever since products from China were shown to make pets sick, owners have been extremely careful about what they feed their pets. They look for products that contain whole grains, and a survey reports that 55% of people are worried about the fillers that go into treats, such as animal byproducts.

At least 45% of consumers are concerned with what pet food tastes like. They say that it is one of the most important factors when deciding which type to buy; price comes in at a very close second. Overall, price limits the capacity for consumers to upgrade to premium products.

A growing industry

Organic pet foods sell very well in grocery stores. 39% of consumers agree that organic pet food options are better than non-organic ones. Millennials are even cooking their pet’s food to make sure it is healthy and fresh.

U.S. sales of pet food totaled $21 billion in 2014, which was an increase of 0.4% from the previous year. Mintel forecasts that pet food will grow to a $22.8 billion dollar industry by 2019. This shows how the humanization of these products have led to market growth. 

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