Salmonella outbreak linked to frozen chicken products

Photo (c) Cornerman - Getty Images

The CDC has issued a new recall following reports of illnesses across eight states

Several frozen chicken products have caused some 28 cases of salmonella, prompting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to issue a new recall. 

The CDC said Thursday that it is recalling products including Dutch Farms Chicken with Broccoli & Cheese, Milford Valley Chicken with Broccoli & Cheese, and Kirkwood Raw Stuffed Chicken Cordon Bleu. The full list of recalled products can be viewed here

Health officials said 11 people in eight states have so far been hospitalized for salmonella infections after consuming breaded frozen chicken products that were stuffed with ingredients. Twenty-eight illnesses have been reported in total, but the CDC says the actual number of infected people is likely higher.

States that reported infections are Nevada, Arizona, Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, New York, and Connecticut. 

Throw the products out

Salmonella is a bacteria commonly found in frozen chicken products. Symptoms of a salmonella infection can include stomach cramps, gastrointestinal problems, and fever, among others. These symptoms typically last between four and seven days. 

The CDC is advising people with any of the recalled products at home to dispose of them or take them back to their place of purchase. 

“Do not eat or cook them,” the agency said. “Throw them away or return them to where you bought them. Wash surfaces and containers that may have touched the recalled product using hot soapy water or a dishwasher.” 

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