Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday have gone away, are there any bargains still left?

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Got any rewards points left? You might be able to use them to save money, too.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may have been officially crossed off the consumer’s calendar, but the shelves aren’t as empty as some retailers might like them to be. So, what does a retailer do in a situation like this? Mark down more stuff!

As to what prices are coming down, what prices are going up, and what to wait another month or so to buy, consider that research done. Here's what ConsumerAffairs found:

Where prices are coming down

The best deals that Bankrate’s Sarah Foster said she found are smartphones – down in price by 22.9%. And if you’re looking for a combo deal, Cricket Wireless has one for value-conscious holiday shoppers.

Customers who bring their number to Cricket can get iPhone SE (2nd Generation) 64GB for $0 when they activate a new line on the $60/month unlimited plan. There’s some requisite fine print with the deal, but it may be worth looking into.

Electronics aren’t a Black Friday staple like they used to be, so there are good deals there as well -- televisions (-16.5%) as well as computers and devices (-3.1%).

There’s also one more big-time sales day – Green Monday. DealNews reports that on December 12, retailers are expected to offer discounts ranging from 20% to 60% off. Categories on sale will include electronics, home improvement, and clothing. 

“Of course, since eBay basically invented Green Monday, you won't want to miss their sale. Last year, they discounted apparel, tools, headphones, holiday gifts, and other items during their event,” Julie Ramhold, a consumer analyst with DealNews, said.

Neither Lowe’s nor Home Depot are showing their Green Monday cards yet but Ramhold said if those two go the same route as they did in 2021, there could be a 10% increase in the number of tool deals overall.

If you’re a bargain hunter, you can forget traveling, bedding, lingerie, and exercise equipment – at least for a while

Travel? Not a good deal right now. Bankrate says airfare is up 42.9% as well as other forms of transportation and the gas it takes to get there, too. In addition, the price of staying overnight could add up, with hotel stays up 6.4% compared to last year.

That could translate into some big bucks. When travel insurer SquareMouth added travel costs together, it found that the average two-week vacation is now around $6,784 – 57% higher than the average trip cost as of Fall 2022 and 28% higher than the Summer 2022 average. 

However, as Bankrate analyst Sarah Foster told ConsumerAffairs, there is one way that consumers could save some money on travel – points!

“Consumers are often sitting on a stockpile of credit card rewards —'free' money that can only be put to use if it is, in fact, used,” she said.

Foster recommends utilizing any credit card rewards points to fund some of that travel.

While it expects some clothing deals on Green Tuesday, DealNews says that shoppers looking for winter clothing should wait until January or February when retailers have got more wooly, warm’y stuff on their racks than they’d like. 

Traditionally, January is also a good time to buy bedding, and because of the influx of health-related resolutions, there’s a decent amount of deals on exercise equipment and gym memberships in January.

And those whose tastes run to the intimate and frilly might want to wait until the end of December. That’s when the Victoria's Secret Sale goes live. It’s expected to run for at least a couple of weeks into January.

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