Google adds shopping features to help consumers find summer sales

Google has released four new features designed to help consumers navigate the summer sale season and make informed purchases this season and beyond - Photo by Firmbee on UnSplash

The tools will also be helpful for vacation and holiday shopping

With both Walmart and Amazon planning big sales this summer, as well as consumers booking vacations or having barbecues, keeping track of the best sales and discounts can seem daunting. 

Google is trying to make that easier this summer. The search engine has released four new shopping features that are geared towards helping shoppers save money – this summer and beyond. 

“We’ve updated our shopping experience to help people discover amazing deals, quickly compare prices across stores, and shop with more confidence, knowing they found the best product at the right price for them,” Lilian Rincon, Google’s vice president of Product for Consumer Shopping, told ConsumerAffairs. “Whether they're browsing or looking to save on their favorite items, Google is helping you shop the world’s deals, all in one convenient location."

What’s new? 

So, what can consumers expect? Here’s a breakdown of the four new money-saving shopping tools: 

  • Find the latest deals. With so many big-name retailers hosting big sales, it can be hard to keep track. Now, shoppers can type “shop deals” into Google, and the items that populate are guaranteed to be the most updated sale items at the time. Shoppers will also be able to compare prices from different retailers, get personalized recommendations based on previous searches, see product reviews, and more. 

  • See membership prices. Instead of going to several different websites to compare pricing across retailers, Google will now let shoppers do this all in one place. Additionally, the new feature will let consumers compare prices if they enroll in the retailer’s membership or loyalty program. 

  • Get price insights. This feature will help shoppers know whether the sale they’re seeing is the best deal they can get on that particular item. Shoppers can search for a product, and once they click on it, they can see its typical price range from several different retailers over the last 90 days. This will help consumers know whether it’s a good time to buy. 

  • Track prices. With this feature, shoppers can set up alerts through Google to see when specific products go on sale. Whenever a retailer drops the price, you’ll get either an email or a push notification with the updated price. 

All of the new features are currently available on Google’s mobile app or on a web browser. Shoppers can start saving today for upcoming summer sales, summer vacations, barbecues, holidays, and more! 

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