GM strikes deal with Pilot travel centers to add EV charging stations along U.S. highways

Pilot is also investing $1 billion to make its facilities more attractive to EV drivers

Highway travelers may soon find it easier to charge their electric vehicles. General Motors has announced a new deal with the Pilot Company (Pilot and Flying J) to build out a network of fast charging stations at up to 500 of Pilot’s travel centers across the U.S.

The charging stalls will be provided and maintained by EVgo, which is also working with GM to add more than 3,250 fast chargers in American cities and suburbs by the end of 2025 to help the automaker meet its goal of 42,000 charging stations.

“We are committed to an all-electric, zero-emissions future, and ensuring that the right charging infrastructure is in place is a key piece of the puzzle,” said Mary Barra, GM Chair and Chief Executive Officer. “With travel centers across North America, Pilot Company is an ideal collaborator to reach a broad audience of EV drivers.”

What EV owners can expect 

The basic framework for many of the Pilot charging stations will feature overhead canopies to help protect EV drivers from the weather while they’re charging their vehicles. There will also be pull-through capabilities for larger vehicles, like electric pickup trucks and SUVs pulling trailers.

The charging stations won’t be limited to GM electric vehicle owners, but those drivers will get special perks like exclusive reservations and discounts on charging their EVs.

Pilot is also adding some perks that it hopes EV owners will find attractive. Its “New Horizons” will include a $1 billion upgrade to its travel centers, where it will offer more premium amenities like free Wi-Fi, expanded seating and lounge areas, updated and modernized restrooms, and on-site restaurants – all things that the company feels will be a welcome addition for travelers to enjoy while their vehicles are charging. 

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