FDA warns about contaminated cinnamon products


Here's a full list of contaminated and recalled products

It didn’t take the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) long to respond to the recent cinnamon-flavored applesauce pouch issue. The agency’s action is about as strong as it can get: recommending that consumers do not buy or eat any recalled cinnamon.

The agency has sent a letter to all cinnamon manufacturers, processors, distributors and facility operators in the U.S., warning them of the requirement that there are controls necessary to prevent contamination from potential chemical hazards in ground cinnamon products. 

Go find that jar of cinnamon now and look for this

Five minutes could save someone’s life in this situation and all it takes is looking for the lot codes of the cinnamon you have on your kitchen shelves.

If you have any of the products or product codes below, the FDA says you should throw them away and make sure not to buy them at the grocery store. 

Ground Cinnamon Distributor

Ground Cinnamon Retailer(s)

Ground Cinnamon Lot Code(s)

La Fiesta Food Products

La Miranda, CA

La Superior SuperMercados


Marcum, Moran Foods, LLC

Saint Ann, MO

Save A Lot

Best By: 10/16/25 10 D8; 04/06/25 0400B1


Santa Fe Springs, CA

SF Supermarket

No codes. Note: The FDA says it has been unable to reach MTCI to share its findings and request that the company initiate a recall. The FDA will update its Safety Alert with new information as it becomes available.

SWAD, Raja Foods LLC

Skokie, IL

Patel Brothers


Best Before: July 2026

Supreme Tradition, Greenbriar International, Inc.

Chesapeake, VA

Dollar Tree

Family Dollar

Best By: 09/29/25 09E8; 04/17/25 04E11; 12/19/25 12C2; 04/12/25 04ECB12; 08/24/25 08A_ _; 04/21/25 04E5; and 2025-09-22 09E20

El Chilar

Apopka, FL

La Joya Morelense, Baltimore, MD

F275EX1026; D300EX1024

“Today’s actions serve as a signal to industry that more needs to be done to prevent elevated levels of contaminants from entering our food supply,” said Deputy Commissioner for Human Foods Jim Jones. 

“Food growers, manufacturers, importers and retailers share a responsibility for ensuring the safety of the foods that reach store shelves. The levels of lead we found in some ground cinnamon products are too high and we must do better to protect those most vulnerable to the negative health outcomes of exposure to elevated levels of lead.” 

Also look for WanaBana, Weis and Schnucks brands of applesauce

The agency is also working with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to investigate elevated lead and chromium levels from apple cinnamon fruit puree pouches manufactured in Ecuador and sold in the U.S. under WanaBana, Weis and Schnucks brands. This work led to a voluntary recall of these products in October 2023. 

As ConsumerAffairs and US PIRG reported last week, safety issues for home products continue to rise, causing more and more illnesses and fatalities. To stay on top of this cinnamon/applesauce issue, you’d be smart to bookmark this page every time you shop for that product.

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