Can you create a reclaimed wood accent wall in under an hour?

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With Artis Wall, homeowners can put up a backsplash or accent wall quickly and easily

Reclaimed wood has seen a rise to fame in the home decor world in recent years. From wood pallet coffee tables to coat racks made out of picket fences, more people are finding new uses for old wood. All it takes is a little elbow grease to take old wood from trash-bound to treasure.

But for those who aren’t exactly gifted in the DIY department, getting in on the trend of upcycling can be a challenge. Luckily, one new company has you covered.

With Artis Wall, welcoming wood from old barns and buildings into your home is easy. In about an hour, homeowners can create a wood accent wall that can transform their living rooms, headboards, kitchens, and more.

How it works

  • Setting it up. Creating the accent wall requires no tools. Just use the hook and loop adhesive that comes with the Artis Wall, and the wooden planks will be up in about an hour.
  • No damage. The adhesive produces little to no damage to the wall, says the company, and allows for the ability to reuse the accent wall anywhere. It can be removed in minutes.
  • Functional. The pre-sanded planks are lightweight and come in various lengths and finishes to accommodate different wall layouts and sizes.
  • Affordable. Artis Walls are affordable, too. A 20-square foot accent wall will only cost around $250.
  • Uses. Artis Wall can be used to create a living room accent wall, a kitchen backsplash, a new headboard, and more. Since it’s so easy to remove, it has the potential to see multiple uses within its lifetime.

Artis Wall, a product of Waddell Manufacturing, is coming soon to Kickstarter

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