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I wanted to transfer the two remaining domains I had with to my current preferred webhost provider. In the past, you could generate the needed EPP Authorization Codes from your online account at Now, you have to call to ask a rep to email you the codes. When I used the codes blocked the transfer. I called again. The rep said it would take 24-48 hours before they could send me the needed codes again so I could try the transfer again. I said, "How about you email them right now and I wait on the phone until the codes come through?" Guess what. The codes came through within a minute.

Now I only hope doesn't block the transfer again. They appear to have a policy of doing everything they can to stop you from leaving them to a degree that is, in my opinion, unethical. Company behavior like this is why we need government regulation. Something that should take a few mouse clicks made into an annoying afternoon-long back and forth.

The business was so horrible. I want to warn others to avoid it. I am a member of a Rotary Club. A volunteer got a website for us and administered it. Unfortunately, he died without giving us information about it. No problem, just transfer the administration to another club member, right? Nope, there is absolutely no way to do this at They have been jerking me around for week saying "get your club president to send a notarized document." We do that and then they say "tell us what street you grew up on," meaning the dead person. I tell them, "he's dead," then they say, "give us the last four digits of the credit card you used to pay," I say, "he's dead." Then they say, "we can't transfer it, then."

They have to be some of the stupidest people I have ever encountered in my life. The domain name is registered to our club, not to the administrator. Our club should have some control over how the domain is used. I was with Network Solutions for years and never had these kinds of problem. If we can ever get the domain back, I will transfer it away as soon as possible. I can see why they have a one-star rating. You can't go lower.

I have been a loyal website customer for 15 years with, which was recently bought out by I paid thousands of dollars to set up the website and paid $99.00 per month for years for them to make changes they told me only they could make; when in reality I had the option to make the changes myself. I literally paid them $20,000 in having them manage my website when all along I could have been managing the website myself. Even after asking how to reduce my costs, they just lowered my monthly amount but did not give me the option to manage it myself.

When I finally caught on to this fraud and refused to pay any more monthly fees, they froze my website not allowing any changes to be made which has hurt my business immensely. When I tried to work it out with a manager, he doubled down and refused to make any concessions to try to keep me as a customer. THIS IS A TERRIBLE COMPANY! Run away from it! They have the worse customer service I have ever had to deal with in 25 years in business.

Once upon a Time, they had a really well run company and then around 8 years ago got sold to someone else who doesn't care that the site is not MAC friendly. I've been a paying customer at REGISTER.COM for over 15 years, I've had many accounts there and still there with one account left. Dealing with uploads of photos is total chaos there and frustrating to get a picture to show up without spending hours trying to get it to show correctly. It's forever showing up broken image or way too small. Even then, going through my website, I see many errors taking place due to issues with showing photos in my online folders. I've contacted many times to complain and they say "use the TEXT to upload show a photo, not the IMAGE", even still the site no longer works well for me. - It is built clearly in a way that target profit optimization and not customer satisfaction, i.e. to renew any service is it easy but impossible to cancel anything unless you call them. Why calling them? Because it is an effort you have to undertake from your side (the consumer) and they know well that most people will think twice before spending time on the phone. Hence the barrier to exit is so high that they just benefit.

Message: Do change your policy and include the option to cancel a service or a feature of a service - or say the truth, manage your account - no cancellation option available!! You will have greater number of happier customers and less comments like this. For now you get the lowest star number on customer care vs. profit generation. Message for the CEO: I hope you read and listen to what your customers say and get rid of the people that seek to only profit optimize who advise you for such non-customer friendly policies.

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I made the mistake of signing up several domains several years ago with this company and it has been a terrible relationship. The service was spotty and very slow. Their navigation sucked and in general was a tough service to utilize. Now, they've updated some of their system features but they've adopted some bad business practices. The added fees and surcharges are a major reason why I am moving away from these guys altogether. When you nickle and dime your customers, you're killing the goose that's laying your golden egg. Foolish company. I strongly suggest you find another company to register your domains. This one unfortunately is not a good company with which to deal., LIARS/SCAMMERS/THIEVES. I had several domains with When my personal website/domain was due for renewal, I spoke with a rep who assured me it was secure for several more weeks and I said I would renew the following week. When I went online several days later the domain was GONE. I called again and spoke to several reps who told me an auction company now had my domain. I contacted that company and they said, "No, Register still controlled it." After about 10 calls number of calls being given the run around by reps of and other companies it was apparent no one was going to tell me who controlled my domain or why I was being lied to and why I could not renew my domain. I was furious as you can imagine.

Several weeks later, I did a web search and found my domain name (worthless) being auctioned for $2500. It's obvious that when your renewal is due they have sister companies waiting to steal your domain name and farm it off for auctioning purposes. This is why I was lied to. I recommend NEVER have anything to do with, anyone who values your online property.

Shortly after posting my initial review I was contacted by a different Rep who understood the problem, was far more courteous, and corrected the situation. I have upgraded the rating to reflect this. Thank you.

Original Review

Absolute nightmare in trying to regain control of a domain name registered by a vendor when hired to create a website for a small Pennsylvania town. The vendor never completed the website and was dismissed. In trying to get the vendor's email address changed to get access to the domain, they found problems with the form submission no less than 3 times, saying each time, "It was incorrectly filled out." After finally filling every demand they had for a notarized letter on company letterhead, required picture ID, name matching, and signatures, they came back with a new demand... "We need the last 4 digits of the credit card # associated with the account."

Impossible to do since our vendor used their credit card and we wrote them a check to reimburse them. will find every avenue possible to delay or prevent anyone from leaving their "service." A service for which they charge about double for a domain name renewal than almost every other registrar. Avoid at all costs!

I signed up for a domain in December from, anticipating charges of no more than $16 for my account, being charged $23 instead. The auto renewal for email services engaged without my direct authorization and charged me for two different amounts for just over $7 each instead of $5. There was no billing information available anywhere in my account, or the email I used when I signed up (where I was told to look).

When I attempted to remove my credit card information, the direct renewal service they employ locked me out of making changes, indicating it must be processed over the phone. I called customer service three times before they put my call through, and I was able to remove my credit information at that time. I requested billing statements to show the charges they issued, which did not match the charges on my account. The discrepancies were small, but unaccounted for and unauthorized. The way conducts business is bordering on a scam, and I would warn anyone looking to use their services to look elsewhere.

For over 10 years, have 10 domains with Very disappointed in decline of service and reputability of through the years. I now have no web presence. A few years ago was informed by that legacy accounts were no longer supported by their technology and all sites but one were shut down but told I could rebuild at a much higher cost to me or have them do so for even a much steeper fee in order to have a site that would be compatible with their current system.

I would have actually believed this had it not been for the one site that remained up using the same technology. Been reading the comments on this site in attempt to find something promising about remaining with But feeling I desperately need to find a new host before I risk even losing my domain names. Fear leaving anything with since or should I say .con? felt compelled to add my experience after reading other reviews. Thank you.

Do not sign up any services with them. The worst web hosting company. Their support is just like kindergartener rate!

I had a domain name for 20 years that supported our family business' educational website. My credit card expired and I forgot to update to a new credit card, my error. However, one month after the expiry, they sold the domain name to an anonymous agent. Minimal charge was $500 just to start the process of getting the domain back then I would have to bid for it. Although they had a lot of contact information about me, they only tried once to get in touch. This was a premium domain name so it was in their interests to sell it rather than try to make the effort to reach out to me.

They stink. Set up domain name with them for a reasonable price. Within 2yrs I'm paying 6x what they said I'd be paying. They seem mostly to be about attempting to collect additional fees from users. Unable to log into system to make a payment. Never receive a legit reason as to what the problem is. Then after paying their late fee, which is 2x more than what I started off paying for yearly registration, they charge my credit card twice. I was told that the person processing my payment entered the wrong billing address causing a decline of my card, but somehow their system still keeps trying to process the payment. Then after calling back and arguing with them over the fact that they have double billed me they agree to cancel the pending charges, but not until after 4 or 5 days. I canceled service with them and moved on.

When started out it was a service oriented company. Then it was bought by some large internet company and the service went south. They have a habit of cancelling email accounts without giving the customer any notice whatsoever. I've had problems using a proxy email program because sometimes makes changes to its servers. Today I was asked for a user name and password by the proxy email, and register would not accept the info I provided (the same info I use to get email directly from register). Now I'm on the phone for an hour waiting for someone at register to give me the reason why.

This review is very simple. I bought a domain name from them and immediately started getting spam emails and phone calls. When I called to ask them not to share my personal information, they wanted to charge me a fee to make it private. 1 and 1 doesn't do that, and I've never been spammed by 3rd parties after a purchase at GoDaddy so I'm sure they don't either. They also charge exorbitant fees to keep the domain with them for the second year. If you don't make them take off the automatic auto renew feature. They will automatically charge you double the going rate for your domain the second year.

I purchased a domain from and didn't think I'd have read the FINE print. They advertise a stellar rate and then started charging me 10x the original price a few months later and claim "It was in the fine print." Good business goes both ways and surprises like this for the consumer are a big no no. At first when questioned about this whole ordeal they claimed they would not refund, after pushing they did. Just silly and they will not see my business again... Good business needs to go both ways!!! suspended my account with a "contact billing" message for all my clients and prospective clients to see. I wonder how there could be a billing error when this month is supposedly free to make up for their billing mistake last month which caused a suspension of my email. We are looking at a lawsuit now. Stay away from this company.

I attempted to register two domain names with the company, and their website informed me my card was declined. Despite this, they charged my account for the full amount. I called customer service, where they claimed ignorance about the charge while trying to charge me again to register the domains. I refused to pay them again, as one would in a situation where one has already been stolen from.

I then asked for a refund and was told that I would have to be transferred to billing. After another several minutes, the billing department told me they would do nothing to rectify the situation. I was forced to dispute the charge with my bank in order to regain my misappropriated funds. This is simple theft. No customer service agent gave me the slightest sense of any care whatsoever, and it was clear they did not plan to refund the money. I simply desired to register a few domains, and they refused to do this while slipping their hands into my bank account to take everything they could.

I have had my domain name with for many years. They always mail a renewal notice and I pay it every year. Last year, I finally had them design a Web page, paid for that service, it was launched, and amendments made over several weeks. We were in touch sometimes daily with questions by them, or changes. Then my website went dead. I contacted them, transferred many times, and finally someone told me, my domain name had expired. I did not believe them as I have had that name for twenty+ years.

Well, it had expired during the website building time, they failed to notify me either in writing or email. The domain name now belongs to them and they will SELL IT BACK TO ME. They have continued charging my business debit card, $114.00 a month, until it finally expired and I did not give them the new number. I refuse to pay for what I have owned for 20+ years, and they could have told me at any time there was a payment due on the Domain name. They are definitely crooks. No attorney wants to take them on for conversion of property, mental distress or any legal action. They feel the field of law is tooooo new???

I have been trying to renew my domain and have attempted to pay with 3 different legitimate major credit cards. Each time my credit card was denied. This is VERY INCONVENIENT. I believe this is a strategy to get me to call so they can try to sell me something. Class action. charged us for an extra year ONLY because they had delayed the transfer of a domain past the renewal date. After every one of 4 phone calls, they assured us that they would refund the $48.00 in fees for that extra year we didn't need. Now more than 2 months later, they still haven't refunded the money that promised they would after every one of 4 phone calls to them. It's just the same old game of stall, stall, stall and see if they will go away. In the end, if I ever do get my money back, it'll have cost me way more than $48 in my time. There are plenty of other inexpensive Registrars out there. I'm not here to promote them. I'm just warning you about these guys. They just want your money and they don't care if they give you anything in return.

I called to renew my domain. After providing my credit card info I was told there was something wrong with my card. I then found out that pre-paid credit cards are not accepted by, only major credit cards are accepted - period. As I am 2 weeks from an expired domain I initiated a transfer (to, someone who would accept PayPal.

In my Account Manager - under "lock/unlock" it stated "this option is not available for this domain" with no other instruction on unlocking. Even the search field result for "unlock" only returns a result for transferring to When I called in to find out what this was about the representative said ".ca domains don't need to be unlocked" (Friday).

I proceeded with the transfer (Saturday). While performing this transfer I got a notification in my account manager stating that the transfer was "paused". I found out that this is because the domain was indeed locked. I called (Saturday) asking "what's up with the lock?" The rep said "this unlock was a special process and that it would be done - just not on the weekend as there isn't anyone to perform the operation" (ticket **).

I am getting the feeling that they ( are stalling my transfer so that they can obtain it and auction it off. There is no information presented to the consumer regarding the unlock procedure/requirements in the account manager control panel at and there is no self-manage option in the account manager for the consumer to affect an unlock of domain. This obstacle presented by may restrict my timely transfer before the domain expires. Therefore, I have opened a complaint with the to start. bought - moving a domain name to another host is a nightmare. "It takes 7 days..." Hell no it doesn't - I am an IT Professional - I know better. They lie. They are lazy. They are incompetent. The request has gone through everywhere - waiting on them. I call. The 27/7 support line - it is Saturday morning. "Oh - that department is closed". Their tone defines them when talking to them - its a real 'screw you' attitude from their employees. I will endeavor to move any of our clients away from them - I would have fired the two people I spoke with today if they worked for me and I heard that 'dripping' tone toward a client. Bail on these guys folks - and certainly don't do any business with them.....ONE star - and IF I could have selected NO stars - I would have.

For many years I was a satisfied customer of the fir. However, ever since purchased by the service has been absolutely terrible. Trying to keep several websites current - daily changes - has been a frustrating process. Lengthy, lengthy delays on every step in the process and in some cases not even able to connect at all. It seems difficult to imagine how it could be operated any poorer. unlawfully denies the transfer of domain names from their registrar to one that the owner/registrant chooses. This is an ongoing issue and registrants should report such issues through the ICANN (Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers) transfer complaint form in order to properly document this pattern of abuse.

I had for years, hosting several sites. I always received spammy mail from them trying to upsell me some kind of package upgrade which I usually ignored. I had already paid my yearly renewal charges so I had no reason to change. Then I found a few charges quietly placed on my credit card so I contacted to have them removed. I was told by "Amy" that the charges were for an automatic renewal. I explained that I had already paid up until 2015. She said that the charge was so that would notify me when my websites were "going to" expire rather than me having to remember when to renew my hosting. I told her that was a ridiculous charge. I'm an adult and I don't need to be charged to be told when to renew a subscription.

After a few minutes of arguing back and forth, she agreed to reverse the charges. In closing with her, I confirmed that only the renewal fee was going to be taken off and nothing would happen to my website. She agreed and the charges were re-applied to my credit card. Now of course, even though I was paid up until 2015, my website has been erased and I can't get a refund for all the money I paid a web designer to create my website. Why they would apply $14 for a web renewal charge and then delete a $38 yearly renewal charge is beyond me. Now they are willing to re-sell me a hosting package and for me to pay to have my website rebuilt. here I come.

The company uses a system that displays a message on webpage stating the charge for domain services was declined for unspecified reasons and to try again, edit info, contact them or your institution. I put blind faith in this company because of Weebly and was scammed for 3 charges on one card and 2 on another. They tell you that none of the charges have gone through due to fraud flag. When you call back to inform the bank stated otherwise, they decline issue remain, try to upsell you on another charge to get the domain charge processed then refund the difference. They thought after 3 calls they could offer to scam me further! DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY! are crooks. I could not get my authorization code for 3-4 days on a domain I wanted to transfer to another registrar. This usually takes a click from any other company. I called them and they told me I had to wait 30 days due to ICANN's policy of me changing my password to login to my account. Completely false information they told me. I talked to a supervisor and she agreed the customer service worker "Melvin" was misinformed. This company does anything they want, completely taking advantage of customers by hijacking their domains.

I went to transfer a domain from godaddy to and before I could even check out, 2 charges of 47.00 showed up on my bank account from Called customer service and sat on eternal hold! Such a scam. Do not use and do not put your payment info in! THIS IS A SCAM company!!!!

Same complain as all the others. Unauthorized credit card charges. I've been trying to call them and their phone systems says approximate wait time is 1 minute (30 minutes ago). I finally reached someone that said the initial month was $2.95 but subsequent months would be $30. I told "Amy" I never agreed to this and didn't even see that in the fine print. Amy said she would submit a claim to refund the money, but my guess is that I will never see it and not worth spending my time trying to recover my $60 (2 months before I noticed the charges). I cancelled all services as I don't trust companies that perform business in this manner. Luckily the domain was not important to keep else I see how it would be difficult to divorce them. DO NOT USE REGISTER.COM.