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I am a long time Premium user and I JUST renewed about a month ago and have more than 11 months left and asked for a full refund as I will not use it any longer due to all the exploits and security issues. I was told no it was too long ago (Ummm it just renewed 3/9/17) and to transfer it to someone else. I do not want to transfer it nor should I have to especially with all the security risks of late. I was denied my refund and forced to lost money while my husband who also renewed received his back.

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Here you go! LastPass has been fairly straightforward and I have been using the service for about 3 years. Out of that time I have loss my passwords on two different occasions. The first time support after a week was able to retrieve my passwords and I was able to continue without any further disruptions. Recently, LP has lost my passwords again. This time and it's been over three weeks support hasn't been able to retrieve them. I will post every couple of days to let you know when I finally regain my passwords.

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It has been said that today's age of doing everything through computers and the internet opened up our generation to a new age of criminal activities. Not being tech savvy, I've been wary in making online transactions because I'm afraid it doesn't have the safeguards I'm used to when doing it old school. But with LastPass, I'm not afraid to have an online life anymore. It's easy to use and gives almost instant alerts whenever my email or bank account is opened in any device other than my cellphone or laptop. It makes me feel secure and unexposed. I have told family and friends about it.

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LastPass is a standalone password manager that integrates with any web browser so that users can log in even if they use a different browser at home than at work. It is one of the best-known password managers available and has received critical acclaim.

  • Works across browsers and platforms: LastPass users can access passwords via any web browser, including their mobile device browser, making it easy to access passwords no matter where they are.
  • Offers extra features: LastPass offers a password generator that helps users create secure passwords and an online form filler that saves time.
  • Has two-factor authentication: Users can set LastPass to require them to insert a flash drive in addition to putting in a password to unlock the software.
  • May be too easy to access: Anyone with an Internet connection can access a LastPass account if two-factor authentication isn’t set up and they have the password.
  • Additional features: LastPass offers a premium account option, which requires users to pay more to access advanced customer service tools such as screen shares.
  • Best for Small business owners, CEOs and executives

Question and Answers - LastPass

What problem is LastPass trying to solve?

LastPass is a password manager that helps millions around the world solve their password security problems. By remembering your passwords, generating strong passwords, and autofilling your web forms and logins, LastPass makes it easier and safer to get things done online.

What sets LastPass apart from the competition?

You can access and use LastPass from every device you use, at any time, including any Windows, Mac, or Linux computer using Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Opera browsers. With our Premium service for $12 per year, download our apps for Android, iOS, BlackBerry and more for convenient on-the-go access to your important information.

Our architecture is also unique, because LastPass never knows your master password. Your data is encrypted locally on your device, so everything that is synced to LastPass is encrypted, and LastPass never has that encryption key, ensuring your data remains accessible to you and only you.

What needs does your product fulfill, and how do you fulfill those needs better than your competition?

LastPass makes online life more efficient and more secure. It fills the need to remember all your passwords and enter those passwords daily as you login to your online accounts. LastPass instantly fills out any online form as you register for new services or complete online purchases, saving you from having to waste time typing in the same personal information over and over. LastPass is an essential tool for managing your passwords and online accounts.

What’s the most common misconception consumers have about LastPass?

LastPass never has the key to your LastPass account. Because only you know your master password, and because data is encrypted locally on your machine (and not after syncing to LastPass), your sensitive data remains secure and accessible to only you. LastPass is a "zero-knowledge" cloud service.

What is something you wish every consumer knew about LastPass?

Password managers are for everyone! Everyone who goes online can benefit from a password manager to help them remember their logins and generate unique, strong passwords just like the cyber security professionals recommend.

Has your business received any rewards or recognition for its products or services that your customers would like to know about?

LastPass has received multiple PC Mag Editors' Choice awards since 2009, and was named one of TIME's Top 50 Sites of 2012.

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