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Had issues from the beginning. Was told that I needed "Premium" to get the service I required. I thought I had already signed up for Premium, but considered that it did not go through. Signed up again. Got billed twice - for two different emails. Asked for a refund, but was told no because over 30 days had gone by (actually about 43 days had gone by). I emailed from the beginning about the problems I was having (still am) and would have discovered the 2 accounts much earlier if someone had understood helped me. As everything must be done by email, it is often difficult to get clear communication back and forth. I would never do business with this company again.

Satisfaction Rating

Dashlane is to sum it up a frustrating experience. As others have said their servers go down, it quits working... The only way to figure out what your password is if that happens is to go to your PC and look on your Dashlane app and copy paste it into the password field, or hand type it in for sites that don't allow copy/paste. It also doesn't work with Chrome OS, so if you have a Chromebook, you will have to create a different Google account for your Chromebook - otherwise Dashlane makes the Chromebook not work well. You can't have it turned off on a Chrome browser on one computer and on in another browser - the extension is either on for all computers you sign into with that Google account or completely off (removed) for that Google account.

The only place Dashlane works reasonably well is the Android phone environment with a fingerprint as a second verification. However, it seems like Dashlane always wants your 16 digit password at really inconvenient times - i.e. not when you are somewhere where you have your Dashlane password handy, and then you can't sign into anything on your phone either. So - basically you are just out of luck at random times. Hello - my fingerprint should be the Dashlane password - really do they think someone is going to cut off my finger to get my passwords. Super annoying.

The auto enter feature is super annoying - you think it will be handy when Dashlane auto logs you into the site you go to, right? Well for the places it works for it is handy. For some websites that don't allow auto log ins, it's a nightmare. So you think just turning off Dashlane for that password will work - wrong - you turn off auto enter, but it still does it. It enters the password in continuously so many times in a few seconds that you get locked out of your account. Even if you DELETE that website out of Dashlane - it STILL enters the dang password until you get locked out every time you go to that website. The only way to stop it is to delete the Dashlane extension from your web browser.

Additionally, it just randomly quits working sometimes, and the only way to get it to start working again is to restart the computer. When you contact customer service about something like it not working with Chrome OS, they give you some story about it not being compatible, but never give any data about if it ever will be... But then keep hounding you with emails about did this solve your problem - hell no it didn't - must be computer generated because nobody can be that stupid. In summary, I'm glad I only paid for 1 year because I'm certainly never renewing or giving them any more of my money.

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DashLane is a virus. Once you give them your info they lock up your computer. Once they have you they give you the prices. Had to do a system restore to get them out of my life. Use LastPass if you need a password manager.

Satisfaction Rating

In today's world where most of us live almost 24/7 in the internet, making sure our accounts are secure are vitally important. Once Dashlane became part of my routine I never had to worry about remembering any of my passwords since Dashlane did that all for me. Dashlane enabled me to get to a point where every single website had a unique and random password. So whether I'm at my desk, on my laptop, or just sitting at the airport on my phone, I always have secure access to my accounts due to the syncing across apps that Dashlane provides. Plus, the best part. The moment a big hack is "known" (like Yahoo or Target getting hacked recently), Dashlane has been on the ball and alerted me to the need to change my password.

Satisfaction Rating

Dashlane is safe and very useful. I use Dashlane everyday. It protects my information and it makes it possible to manage personal information and passwords safely and also very quickly. It is easy to setup and works on lots of devices.

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Satisfaction Rating

If you're not using a password manager, and you connect to the Internet, you're doing it wrong. You need strong passwords, and you cannot use the same password on multiple sites (well, you can, but it would be a bad idea). With a password manager, you can store all your passwords in an encrypted format, and all you need to do is remember a single, strong password. I've tried many of the top-rated password managers, but my favorite of all of these is Dashlane (http://www.dashlane.com). Its user interface is clear and attractive and is easy to work with, even for beginners. (I can attest that non-technical family members have had no problem using Dashlane, and that's a strong recommendation--other password managers we tried did not fare as well). I love using Dashlane and have it installed on all my computers and devices.

Dashlane includes all the features you could want in a password manager, including the basic storage of encrypted passwords, synchronizing between devices, form filling, sharing of passwords (other competitors don't handle this nearly as well, and it's a great feature), automatic password changes (another feature competitors don't handle as well; it's simple using Dashlane to modify passwords on a large number of sites without any effort at all), secure notes, and much, much more. I tell lots of friends about Dashlane and try to convince everyone that they both need a password manager, and need Dashlane. The other two top-rated password managers are excellent, as is Dashlane: I just happen to like Dashlane's set of features and user interface better. If you don't have a password manager, you need one, and Dashlane is a good choice; if you do have one and you're not using Dashlane, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

Satisfaction Rating

When I found Dashlane about a year ago, I found a true security lifesaver to manage my passwords, digital wallet, and automatic logins. It's a great feeling to know that Dashlane does it best, with providing features like password generators, password changers, password security scoring and so much more!

Satisfaction Rating

Downloaded it. Worked for 2 days then stopped working. Meanwhile it deleted all the usernames and password of every site I go to. Now I have to figure out my username each time and get a new password. Next time I go to that site it doesn't save username and password on my computer anymore because of this program being so safe. It just steals are your info and then when it's done, you're done. I emailed support they didn't reply for almost two days and it was early a.m. this morning. I was still asleep. By the time I'd woken up and checked my email they had deleted my ticket for help and now won't even respond. I guess it's ok in their minds for them to wait a couple days to contact you, but if you don't respond immediately after they finally do they say screw it and close your request.

This is a crooked program that now I think is likely selling all my data. I have to get a real password manager and fix it before they rob me blind. Overall horrible experience. Stole all my names and passwords and then there is virtually no customer service. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else to get a password manager!

Satisfaction Rating

The version of Dashlane I'm using is free so the price is definitely right. The product worked well for a while, until Windows 10 / Edge, and the program will not work with Edge. It was easy to install and get set up properly. Adding new accounts was easy enough and upgrades have improved that process making it even better/easier. Once into the program it is ok to use, but the automatic updating feature for passwords will not function properly when using Microsoft Windows Edge browser so anytime a password is changed you have to remember to go into the program to change it. I have not run into any problems with security being breached, although I'm not sure how I would know it was an issue with Dashlane if something was to occur.

Satisfaction Rating

Very fast installation. Simple and direct. Very pleased with the performance of Dashlane on a Win 10 desktop and a Win 10 laptop. It does a good job keeping track of passwords and making logon a simple process. I feel that I am secure when I shop online. The tool that generates strong password makes my life much easier. I don't think anymore about coming up with secure password.

Satisfaction Rating

I highly recommend Dashlane as your password manager. It is easier to use than other password managers I have tried. It is well worth the premium app to give you a bit of extra password security. This app is very easy to install and master. I think you will find it better than most password managers. An autofill application is also included. It took me no time to master using this application. Within a few minutes I felt like I have been using it forever. I have used other password managers before. This one is as good and even better than most. Security will not be an issue to you with this application. I use it to save receipts and banking information without even thinking my information will be compromised.

Satisfaction Rating

It is extremely helpful in preventing identity theft by allowing me to have many different passwords for all of my different accounts. It will remember every password. Installation was quick and easy. It didn't take up much space and only about 5 min to install. Quick and easy to use for people of all ages. Extremely easy to use and navigate. Makes it easy to change passwords and update them as deemed necessary. Very user friendly application. So far it has been very secure. It will update passwords as needed to prevent any security theft from gaining access to my personal information. Would recommend.

Satisfaction Rating

Majorly incompetent customer service. You will be corresponding, via a ridiculous back and forth email process, with very unreasonable, unhelpful "customer service" reps. I bought Dashlane on the recommendation of a friend. I will say, as a service, it seemed like it had potential. It was a bit glitchy (auto login worked about 50% of the time, the wallet feature allowed for adding credit cards but not other wallet items (membership cards etc), the password change feature seemed like it could be pretty useful.

So I decided to try the premium service for a year and see how it grew on me. Through my iphone app, I "upgraded" to premium. This cost me 39.99 for 1 year. I was charged on my itunes account, and assumed I had premium features. But I noticed that I still was not syncing across devices, and it wasn't working as smoothly for me as it did for my friend. I looked several weeks later, and it still had me as a free account, telling me to upgrade to premium to enjoy all the awesome features of the dashlane elite.

I double checked on my itunes account, sure enough they charged me 39.99 and I had a "subscription" to dashlane premium until October of 2016. Honest mistake right? Easily correctable surely for a tech company? I repeatedly asked for someone to call me to straighten this out. No one did. After providing them with lots of documentation from Apple of my purchase, I finally gave up and asked for a refund when they said they wouldn't accept a forwarded invoice from Apple but instead wanted a screen shot of said invoice. And if customer service is important to you, think about another service for your password


Satisfaction Rating

I was hoping that Dashlane would end all of my problems of remembering passwords but that has not happened. It worked fairly well on my old Dell computer with Windows 7. I installation a new Dell with Windows 8.1 pro. It now has a mind of its own. I can log in to one of my bank accounts with my old computer. When I use the new computer it gets confused. It is trying to use a log in for some other account. I have deleted the password and tried to enter the log in info manually and it refuses to accept my new information. I have tried to contact them with no response to my inquires. I even paid for the premium. So far I am not happy with this product. I have had it try to repeatedly log into one of my accounts and have it try to the point that I had to reset passwords. I don't like passwords in the first place so this is quite troubling. At this point I would not recommend this product.

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Dashlane is a standalone password manager that can be run on a computer or smartphone. It saves all sorts of sensitive information, not just passwords.

  • Dashlane is easy to install and use: Users can quickly and easily download and install it on their computers and mobile devices.
  • Password use is automated: Dashlane works by automatically saving passwords when users enter them online. It then autofills the login screen when the user returns to the site.
  • Offers help with password creation: Dashlane offers comprehensive tools for generating secure passwords as well as rates user-generated password strength.
  • Password recovery: If a user forgets the master password, he or she has no way to recover it and get back into Dashlane.
  • Must install Google Authenticator for two-factor authentication: Users who want an extra layer of security must install a third party app; while this app is highly stable and secure, its presence still represents a security risk.
  • Best for People who can’t remember passwords

Question and Answers - Dashlane

What problem is Dashlane trying to solve?

Dashlane is focused on making identity and payments simple and secure everywhere.

What sets Dashlane apart from the competition?

We place a priority simplicity and universality. Dashlane is designed so even the most novice users will be able to easily navigate the product. We strive to have this same simple user experience on every platform.

What needs does Dashlane fulfill, and how do you fulfill those needs better than your competition?

Dashlane helps users manager their online identity with a fully-featured password manager and secure digital wallet app. Dashlane allows its users to securely manage passwords, credit cards, IDs, and other important information via advanced encryption and local storage. We have helped 3 million users manage and secure their digital identity, and have enabled over $2 billion in e-commerce transactions.

How does Dashlane measure success?

Success in the short-term is based upon user feedback and public reviews of the product. We have worked hard to deliver a great product that works and have been lauded by The New York Times, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal as having the best product on the market.

What’s the most common misconception consumers have about password managers?

Unfortunately the greatest challenge is that most people do not even know that password and identity managers exist. The majority of the public struggles with organizing and securing their online life and have no idea there are solutions that can fix their problems.

How has your industry changed in the last 5 to 10 years?

The industry has become more visible as the number of security breaches and hacking incidents have increased. 10 years ago, a product of ours was considered a luxury or non-essential. In today's online climate there is a growing understanding that it is a necessity.

What is something you wish every consumer knew about Dashlane?

We wish every consumer knew about identity and password solutions. Most consumers struggle with these issues and are completely unaware about how to tackle the problem. We believe Dashlane offers a solution that merges convenience and security; two elements that consumers often believe are mutually exclusive.

Has Dashlane received any awards or recognition your customers would like to know about?

We have been selected by the following publications as being the best in our industry:

David Pogue/The New York Times – “Dashlane is life-changingly great.”

The Wall Street Journal – “I recommend Dashlane. It's so simple, so you'll actually use it.”

USA Today – “Bottom line? My nod goes to Dashlane.”

PC Mag – Best Security Product of 2013

CNN Coolest Gadgets of 2013

Highest rated productivity app on iTunes

How has Dashlane grown or evolved?

We released a new version of our product that enables users to securely share passwords and have additional features that will be rolled out over the coming year.

We closed a $22 Series B venture funding round in May 2014 which made us the password manager with the most venture funding.

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