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Last updated: July 21, 2017

3 RoboForm Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 21, 2017

I've always had problems with this program. Now they are worse with the latest version. Sometimes it just shuts down. Often it cannot find the log-in lines, when they staring at me in the face. The new version has a multistep log-in, which is irritating. I think I'll use some other program.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 17, 2015

Siber Systems strikes again. I paid for 3 separate licenses for products RoboForm ToGo, RoboForm Pro, and then for a lifetime license, which they reneged on... claiming that once they "changed hands" they were no longer bound to the contract... but they would offer me RoboForm Everywhere gratis, which now mysteriously fails to work unless I pay an annual ransom. I'll have to pay for at least a year just to export my data as they locked me out. The Better Business Bureau is getting a call and I plan to post everywhere I believe it will impact their bottom line until they either change their practices or start issuing refunds.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 1, 2015

I purchased 1 year subscription for $9.95. 8 months later I received notice software had expired and must renew for $9.95. As I proceeded to check out the price changed from $9.95 to $19.95 and could not renew. This was very upsetting and I decided to retrieve my passwords and user names to use another method of Password/ Bookmark management only to find out all of my stored information is being held hostage and irretrievable without renewing software at the higher renewal price. This is a bad business practice and the company provides no way of contacting them to address my complaint.

RoboForm expert review by ConsumerAffairs

RoboForm is a simple web-based password manager that allows users to login from any Internet-enabled device and access their passwords. It has long been considered a leader in the industry.

  • Easy to use: Users who do not have a sophisticated understanding of how to use software will appreciate the fact that they can easily log in, save passwords and retrieve saved passwords.

  • Auto-save features: RoboForm can be set to automatically save any personal information, such as names, addresses and birthdays, in addition to passwords.

  • Can be used anywhere: Since it is web-based, RoboForm can be accessed anywhere a user needs it; all consumers need is an Internet connection.

  • Multifactor authentication option: RoboForm's Multifactor Authentication option gives users the ability to ensure only "registered" devices can access an account. Three types of 'factors' include a hardware or software token, a password or security question, or a fingerprint or retina scan. If the feature is enabled, at least two factors must be present to access the RoboForm Everywhere account.

  • Security: Web-based access can be convenient, but can also make it easier for hackers and other unauthorized people to access the password manager. The online/cloud storage is only an option for RoboForm users, and you can choose to store your information only on a computer for added security.

  • Best for: People who can’t remember passwords

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RoboForm questions and answers

What problem is RoboForm trying to solve?
Everybody knows they should use secure and unique passwords for each website they visit, but none of us can remember too many passwords. Our goal is to create a world where nobody has to remember or type passwords again.

RoboForm is a password manager and form filler designed to make people’s lives easier and more secure by allowing them to use unique, secure passwords for all of their logins without having to remember them. Our software is available on PCs, Macs, iOS, Android & Windows Phone, so users will enjoy this additional security and convenience wherever they go.
What sets RoboForm apart from the competition?
RoboForm is very easy to use. Our intuitive technology requires little-to-no set-up time and instantly starts saving users online information as they browse the internet as they normally would.

We also take security and user concerns very seriously, and are the only password manager that lets the user decide whether to store their logins locally or “in the cloud”.

RoboForm is free to use on multiple computers and mobile devices for the first 10 Logins and has multiple upgrade options so users have the option to choose a plan that's best for them.
What needs does RoboForm fulfill, and how do you fulfill those needs better than your competition?
RoboForm saves time and takes the hassle out of our user's lives by securely storing all of their passwords for them. We’ve all forgotten passwords, used the same password for multiple accounts, or created passwords that were less-than-secure; RoboForm eliminates all of these issues while simplifying users’ web browsing experience. We offer free 24/7 support to ensure that our users are getting the most out of their RoboForm software.
How does RoboForm measure success?
We believe everyone can benefit from using a password manager. RoboForm measures success by the number of people that take the initiative to protect their data online using our software. As long as users are transacting online, there will always be hackers looking to exploit user data. We take pride in helping our users protect their online information.
What’s the most common misconception consumers have about your industry? Your company?
All RoboForm user data is secured with military-grade AES 256 encryption, with a ton of additional security options available like multifactor authentication. RoboForm securely stores your passwords with your Master Password, which is used to generate your encryption key. The Master Password is the one and only password RoboForm users are required to remember. RoboForm never knows and does not store your Master Password anywhere.
How has your industry changed in the last 5 to 10 years?
Millions of users worldwide benefit from using password management software like RoboForm and the need for securing online data is now more important than ever. With the growing list of high-profile security breaches such as Target, Home Depot, Heartbleed and Anthem Health, most people have realized that they must take additional precautions to keep their data safe. The industry is now focused on staying one step ahead of these breaches by allowing users to limit, or in some cases prevent, the damage caused by having their data compromised.

In addition, password management has become much more complex. In the past, users only used one computer and there were no smart phones or tablets. Nowadays users use multiple computers, sometimes with different operating systems, in addition to numerous mobile devices. RoboForm is adept at keeping your information in sync between all these computers and mobile devices so you have your passwords wherever you go.
What is something you wish every consumer knew about RoboForm?
RoboForm has been helping people keep their passwords secure since 1999, and we're continually working to improve our product and find new ways to make users lives easier and more secure.

We believe good password and security practices should start at an early age. With our recently launched RoboFormU program, anyone with a valid college or university email address can use the full version of RoboForm completely free!
Has RoboForm received any awards or recognition your customers would like to know about?
Our software has an outstanding reputation and has received thousands of media reviews, including reviews by the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, ZDNet, Bloomberg, Financial Times, NBC TV, ABC News and more. Our software was named PC Magazine Editor's Choice, CNET's Best Software of the Year, and TopTenReviews Top Password Manager.
How has RoboForm grown or evolved?
As technology has evolved in the last 15 years, so has RoboForm. We’re constantly developing new features on both the frontend and backend to ensure that our users are getting the best experience possible from our software.

In the last few years alone we've added multifactor authentication options, support for Android and iOS, the ability to seamlessly sync your data between multiple devices, a convenient start page option and a ton of additional features.

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