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About SafeAuto Insurance

SafeAuto Insurance provides auto, renters and health coverage for high-risk clients. It’s an Ohio-based company that’s independently owned and serves 28 states. It directly provides policyholders minimum-limit insurance, nonstandard coverage and comprehensive options. It offers payment plans and a mobile app for policy management.

Pros & Cons


  • Affordable plans
  • Three payment options
  • App accessibility
  • Nonstandard policies


  • Can be expensive
  • Mixed reviews
  • Available in only 28 states

Bottom Line

SafeAuto offers flexible nonstandard and comprehensive auto coverage policies. While it has mixed reviews and is available in just 28 states, its affordability and coverage might be ideal for some — especially high-risk drivers.

SafeAuto Insurance Reviews

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Reviewed March 13, 2021

SafeAuto told me our car was totaled after they towed it to their storage building. We were covered by this policy for collision. This car was financed with one more year to pay off. They refused to pay anything to the bank. Safe Auto stated that the bank would have to turn the title over to them BEFORE SafeAuto would pay anything to GMC Financial towards the pay-off. GMC refused to turn the title over to SafeAuto BEFORE receiving their pay-off. Basically Safe Auto Insurance was of zero value on our claim. We got nothing from Safe Auto, nothing at all. I really think how they handled our claim was illegal!

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Reviewed Dec. 5, 2020

Friendly workers, low prices, and can pay every six months. No one can match the price no matter how much they try. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone just starting out trying to find a inexpensive auto insurance company. If your car is older they have rather cheap insurance for the vehicle you have. The newer the more expensive it might be but still less than most companies.

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Reviewed Nov. 27, 2020

I got an estimate from SafeAuto for car insurance, thought the rate was reasonable and started a policy. Two days later my rate went up because of an old ticket I had forgotten, my mistake. Found another insurance company that offered a lower rate with the ticket considered so I decided to switch. SafeAuto made that process extremely difficult, "accidently" hung up on me and kept entering my info wrong. After two hours finally got confirmation of policy cancelation and was promised the difference back from the coverage I had already paid for. I still haven't gotten a penny back from them, tried to call multiple times and the reps keep saying they can't find my info or account and no money will be refunded to me.

It is theft, by a company or an individual, straight up theft. This is not an insurance company in my opinion, and they should be held accountable by the law. Unfortunately it isn't enough money to warrant litigation or I would be considering it. Do yourself a favor and pay a little extra if necessary to get a better company. SafeAuto will never have your back unless it's for the sole purpose of rummaging around in your wallet.

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Reviewed Sept. 30, 2020

An AllState insurer back into my car while I was stopped at a light. This was 7/24/20. I'm still waiting to be assisted with my claim. The claims rep Danielle said she was having a hard time filing for me, and told me to file myself online as a third party. This is very frustrating as I also had a hard time filing and feel this is what I pay Safe Auto for. Tomorrow is Oct 1 and still no claim has been filed so my car's body work can be fixed. I'm definitely changing car insurance. Stay far away from this company.

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Reviewed Sept. 2, 2020

We were rear ended while driving our 2013 Chrysler Town and Country Van which we bought brand new and planned to keep for another 10 years. It had low mileage and was in pristine condition. The person who hit us was covered by Safe Auto. No one ever contacted us, we had to initiate contact. It took 2 weeks for anyone to look at our van and then they totaled it out. It has been 4 weeks now and we still have no compensation. We are senior citizens on a limited budget and we had to purchase another vehicle. We had to borrow the money to do so. Safe Auto will not pay us for stress involved or loss of our vehicle usage.

The van was worth so much more than they are willing to pay. We asked they just fix it and because of its age they refused. There was nothing wrong with the motor, inside, dash, etc. It is a crime that they total these vehicles out. Are our landfills so empty they need more vehicles? NOT. It could have been fixed and driven for another 10 years. Their adjuster never called us, we called him, only to be put on hold or wait for him to call us back. He promised to call us three times and never did. Who does business like this? I will NEVER recommend Safe Auto and I will be very verbal on social media and Facebook about their lack of quality service. NO ONE SHOULD PURCHASE INSURANCE FROM THEM.

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Reviewed Aug. 31, 2020

I don’t have Safe Auto as my insurance THANK GOD!!! But the lady who hit me does. They were rude every time I spoke to someone. They didn’t get back to me in a timely fashion. They made my accident of less priority and basically put me on the back burner. They didn’t talk to the lady that hit me until almost two weeks later! I called and called and my case was never updated. Then they put me in the smallest car possible, a Ford Fiesta. I’m 5’9!!!! Why would they put me in a small car when my car is like medium size. My knees are in the dash board. My ankle hurts and my whole right leg hurts from driving. When I called to see if they can at least put me in a medium sized car as always I was on hold for an hour! Then the lady came on to tell me she had to ask her supervisor for an upgrade when it should’ve been a medium size anyway not small. She wanted to put me on hold AGAIN & I couldn’t because I had places to be.

This has been nothing but a headache for me from 7/13/20 until now 8/31/20. Today I just got to put my car in the shop and they gave me a small rental because that’s what safe auto told them. I'M TOO TALL FOR A SMALL!!!! I am in so much pain right now! I wouldn’t recommend ANYONE to have safe auto. Smart mouths! They have you on the phone on hold for an hour JUST TO GET ON & get smart with you. Mind you the accident wasn’t my fault!! And if your accident is “minor” you are not a priority to them in a timely fashion. I just called and they put me on hold for like 20 minutes just to disconnect my call. POOR PROFESSIONALISM!!!! Something needs to be done with this company. I am very disappointed & I will be contacting news outlets & anyone else that I can concerning this matter!!!!

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Reviewed Aug. 3, 2020

I would recommend Safe Auto. I’ve been pretty satisfied with the services. I plan to continue use of Safe Auto insurance. I was able to get a discount after my first year with them and it was a awesome surprise.

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Reviewed July 7, 2020

Safe Auto is the WORST INSURANCE COMPANY ON THE PLANET. I signed up for them.... I forgot my password and when did the "forgot password.. never got the email to reset.. kept taking me to the login... I Called. I always get someone who can't speak English and don't know what his was doing.. He had an ATTITUDE... Then filed a claim that didn't pay the claim so I had to come out of pocket for $3000 plus rental. WORST COMPANY EVER!!!! Do yourself a favor. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH SAFE AUTO or you will be out of pocket a lot of money and NEVER Get the help you ask for!!

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Reviewed June 16, 2020

Please never buy insurance from this company. They lie to you about what you're going to pay. My monthly payments were 154.00 then 2 weeks later they said I had to pay another 154.00 so I paid that. Then two weeks later they sent a bill and said I owed 324.00 dollars. They said I didn't fill out my paperwork which I did 3 times and they said they didnt receive it. Mind you I did it 3 times. They are out to steal people money. I'm warning you DONT BUY THIS INSURANCE.

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Reviewed May 28, 2020

I was forced to rate the 1 star, needs an option that allows no stars. I called to request a payment extension on my May bill until my next pay on 6/11 due to my job being impacted by Covid19, & Nola told me there is no extension nor a grace period offered & my policy cancelled on 5/14 the day my bill was to be paid. HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE! Shame on Safe Auto & if that's their version of customer service, no thanks????

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Reviewed Feb. 15, 2020

Safe Auto has twice now added additional charges without notice to an auto insurance policy after a quote for not receiving forms. These forms were never sent nor were we ever made aware that the forms were required. Even after contacting customer service I could never find out what forms were missing!!! As the title states Shame on me!!!!

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Reviewed Feb. 13, 2020

I had gotten into a fender bender and called Safe Auto (my insurance company) to make a claim. The adjuster sent a field adjuster out to do a visual appearance, he came and printed estimate and left. The adjuster had later called me and said that they were going to have their Tow company that they work with "Copart" come pick up my car to see if it is considered a total loss. I was kind of confused but said ok and they came the next day. I didn't hear anything back for almost a week. I had gotten a response via email January 30th from the adjuster saying she was not aware there was already a estimate they put together, and asked for the body shop's info that was going to work on my car. I then replied with the information and she said Copart was going to tow my car back to that body shop in 2 to 3 days.

I waited the 3 days and called the body shop and asked how the car was coming along. The owner then stated that the Copart company had brought my car back from a salvage auction yard, and the car had then been stripped of car parts. It is missing a battery, my side mirrors, gear shifter, spare tire, bumper was ripped off and put into back seat of my car damaging my interior. The floor board is all dented in and damaged. The spare tire and jack is missing as well. The body shop has video of the tow truck bringing in the car from Copart, and the mirrors are clearly missing in the video and bumper. I called insurance company immediately to tell them my car is demolished and they said, "We are not responsible!" Ummm excuse me? You had your affiliate tow company com pick up my vehicle and they brought it back stripped of parts?!

Mind you my car is a 2019, I have only had it 6 months, and purchased it with 35 miles on the speedometer. Copart was then called and they deny to the fullest and said it's not their fault!? I have been treated so badly by both companies! Help! My car went from having 3700.00 in damage to over 10 thousand dollars!!!! It's demolished!

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Reviewed Jan. 4, 2020

I was deceived and misquoted auto insurance premiums when I was told that my monthly premiums would be set at $118 and when I tried to make my payment it was way more than the quoted price. On top of that, I wasn't informed that I had to make a payment two weeks after my down payment of $108. They wanted $156 thereafter. So this company is defrauding consumers big time. I contacted the BBB and when Safe Auto was contacted by BBB, Safe Auto then emailed me to go back to the original premium quote for $118. After I settled the case with BBB, Safe Auto went BACK to trying to hit me up for the $156. This is bad business practices and consumers needs to be warned.

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Reviewed Dec. 26, 2019

After going through their online Insurance Quote process, it said, make 2 payments, by paying $170, they did NOT disclose that $50 of that $170 payment was a nonrefundable PROCESSING FEE. I was thereby tricked into buying their insurance coverage when I could have simply paid much less with Progressive Insurance. I searched for reviews of this company. Ran into THOUSANDS of 1-star reviews with complaints of dishonesty, trickery, sudden rate hikes, just to make a few...

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Reviewed Dec. 18, 2019

I called 5 ins co's & all were high but Safe Auto was the cheapest, or so I thought. They gave me a discount for being a home owner. At that time I paid the quoted 6 month premium in full. I mailed & faxed them my proof of home ownership. They kept sending me a bill every month. I would call, & have to spend an hour on the phone arguing with them about already submitting the info, but they would say they didn't receive it. Finally I demanded to speak with the supervisor who after being on hold 45 minutes tells me they did in fact receive my home proof the 1st time!! But then tells me it's been denied! Wth, then on hold again for him to come back & tell me they finally accepted it but now I still owe for a prior ins discount, that (I most certainly never received).

Then they cancelled my insurance policy in the 5th month when I clearly paid for a 6 month premium. Moral of this story is that these people have no morals, no couth or ethics or respect for anything but free money & will lie cheat & steal from you without remorse. Why isn't anyone putting their foot in these people's rear ends? Avoid the headaches, you've been warned.

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Reviewed Oct. 21, 2019

A representative from the claims' department was rude to me. Another driver was held liable for causing the damage to my vehicle. Myself and the other driver has SafeAuto (car insurance company). The claim was submitted through the woman's insurance, but was denied due to the woman not having a current license at the time of the accident. The woman claimed that she did not have the spare time to renew her license. The rep from SafeAuto told me that I would have to contact my insurance company to start the claim since it's being denied on the woman's end. The crazy thing about it is.... I have SafeAuto as well. I would've thought that he would've done his research first. He was so dismissive with me.

I just feel defeated at this point. I'm not satisfied. Lastly, I have started coverage with this company on 09/05/2019. I was issued a notice of cancellation on 09/23/2019 due to nonpayment of premium. This is sooo wrong on many levels. My bill should have been due monthly as I was told. What is the grace period for the payment from the date of the bill? I have checked online and it said that there's a 30 day grace period. However, I have called their customer service line and was told that there is no grace period. The representative also told me that the wording on the Notice of Cancellation document is "kind of funky". I'm glad that he realized that this company is doing some fishy things. This is misleading. For car insurance, you're usually sent a 10-day notice of cancellation a few days after your premium due date. In this case, I have received a notice of cancellation prior to the bill's due date.

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Reviewed Oct. 21, 2019

The Safe Auto driver ran a stop sign and plowed into our Suburban, causing significant damage as well as injury to a young child passenger who was transported to the hospital by EMS. Accident report was completed with the Safe Auto driver being clearly listed as the at fault driver. Contact was made with Safe Auto the following day. Safe Auto did authorize a rental vehicle but would nothing further in regards to damage to our vehicle. Safe Auto's adjustor finally made contact and said they decided that we (the victims!) were 10% at fault because their driver SAID she thought we must have been speeding otherwise we should have been able to stop before she hit us. Yes, we were actually told that. So we had to get our insurance company to take over and make Safe Auto take responsibility.

We have State Farm< and they took care of everything< and Safe Auto no doubt ended up paying more than they would have if they had just been reasonable in the first place. Also, they tried to back up the date they had given us on the rental car to scam us. The rental Agency called and told us they had manipulated the date of return without informing anyone and that they weren't going to hold us financially responsible for what Safe Auto tried to do. What an absolute joke of a company!

The Safe Auto adjustor was a childish, rude BULLY and the fact that Safe Auto hires people like this to bully the victims in car accidents, when their insured people are blatantly at fault, is frightening and disgusting! We have told everyone we know about our experience so that they don't have to suffer the bullying and disrespect that was maliciously dealt to us by that extremely unprofessional adjustor. Safe Auto should be very ashamed, but everybody knows that the scummy insurance companies in the insurance world will do anything they can to avoid paying or pay far less than they should even when they are clearly responsible. Morals and ethics are clearly lacking in the Safe Auto company!!!

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Reviewed Oct. 9, 2019

One of SAFE Auto's clients hit my vehicle in a parking lot and left. After a week of waiting, their adjuster finally called me only after I left a voice mail on his supervisors voice mail. Now they are not releasing payment. If you are the victim of one of their clients, best thing to do is pay your deductible and let your insurance company do it. If I could give it negative stars, I would.

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Reviewed Oct. 6, 2019

The time now is 8:48 pm EST. I just got off the phone with one of the worst customer services ever! I called because they never sent me my proof of insurance and I had my vehicle for over 1 month already. I asked them to email it to me which they sent me a download link to Adobe Acrobat Reader. I downloaded and had to put my credit card information in and was directed to NOTHING! I called and asked if anyone could help me get my insurance information and was rudely spoken to by Tony, the "Supervisor" and the other representative. When I asked to speak with Tony's boss, he told me he cannot give me that information and told me he could not help me. Still to this point, I do not have any proof of insurance and I am lost with no help on how do I obtain my information after downloading Adobe. This is the WORST experience and I will be going to another Insurance company. DO NOT GO THROUGH SAFE AUTO! You will regret it!

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Reviewed Sept. 25, 2019

I signed up, agreeing to a rate. An hour later it went up by $50, and when I asked to cancel they refused a full refund and also charged to cancel. Extremely shady business, and poor, impersonal customer service. I will never use them again. RUN AWAY.

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Reviewed Aug. 29, 2019

I'm not a Safe Auto customer, but was in an accident by one of their insured. Their driver pulled out in front of me and I T-Boned him on 12-28-18, and it's now 8-28-19 and Safe Auto has been giving me the run around since day one. Their driver was ticketed and admitted to the police that he pulled out in front of me. I called Safe Auto in order to get a rental vehicle and Don told me that he would have to look at the police report to see who was at fault. After knowing his driver was at fault they still didn't provide me with a vehicle. Told them that I'm a business owner and have to move around, but they never provided me transportation. I would call and get no return calls and when they call they would say that they've been trying to reach me (lies). When they didn't provide me with a rental they wanted me to give a recorded statement and I declined, because they were already playing unfair and I knew what they were trying to do.

Long story short with no recorded statement they (Don) determined that I was at 40% fault. My truck is totaled and the adjuster that came out only took pics of the exterior of my truck when I wasn't home. He never popped the hood to see the battery flipped to the side and the radiator and cooler busted, the bumper, frame and lights are all damaged. I have medical bills (not paid), loss of wages, a totaled truck and Safe Auto sent me a $500 check. I will sue the vehicle owner and let him deal with Safe Auto once I gather the procedure in doing so. I value my case at under $9,000, and was telling (Don) that I believe I would be ok and to just fix my truck and cover my minor medical bills. SMH... Should I have lied or be honest? Seems like honesty doesn't work these days for me. Safe Auto will leave their customers vulnerable to being sued personally. WARNING!!! Stay away from this company. Even their customers are complaining.

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Reviewed Aug. 26, 2019

Omg I wish I would have never purchased a policy with this insurance company. First of all I was quoted a really low rate on coverage for a car that I'm financing but when I purchased the policy the price raised to almost double. So after 2 months of paying the stupidly expensive price I found a better and cheaper car insurance company. For 40% less the price SafeAuto was charging me, for me, my wife and our 2 cars. So I gave safeauto a call to cancel my policy not long after making a payment to them. I was informed by the phone rep that it would be better if I emailed my my cancellation request along with my letter of declaration from my new insurance provider. He also informed me that I would receive a prorated refund amount from the beginning of my new policy with liberty Mutual. The none reply email informed me that my request would be processed 3 days after. Ok great, so 2 1/2 weeks pass I get a bill from safeauto for 365.00.

I had to call today to cancel the policy with them. Something I tried to do weeks ago. So instead of getting a refund I find out I now owe 75.96. The total opposite of what I was told. I know it's only 75 bucks, but I feel like I'm being punished for trying handle switching car insurance the correct way and listening to the advice of their customer care rep. Should I just accept it or waste more of my time trying to the get money owed to me. I'm torn. Guys do not purchase a policy with safeauto. You have been warned.

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Reviewed July 22, 2019

Was politely acknowledged (greeted) by DAN who must have been the only one answering the phones that morning. He quickly turned very ugly when I asked about the 30 day period my mom was promised she had to cancel if she didn't want this extended warranty. First thing he did was hang up. I called back, Customer service yelled at me (I believe DAN was high on drugs). For them, making my 83 year old mom buy their confusing policy, a (take money sale) to a old lady, my mom. WOW this is quality service I thought. Bottom line this company or scam business should not be in business. Hook or crook, this is plain and simple BAD... Stay away. I am going through Attorney General of Minnesota to try clear this up.

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Reviewed July 18, 2019

I needed SR-22 insurance. So I got online and researched who carried the insurance. The site said they carried it so I bought it. A few days later I made it to the DDS and was informed by them I did not have SR-22. After 5 phone calls to this company and over 5 hours at the DDS I found out Safe Auto CAN'T even sell SR-22 insurance in Georgia. So I contacted another company, bought the insurance from another company. I have contacted The Insurance Commissioner and am in the process of filing a complaint and hopefully suing this company. DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING ANYONE TELLS YOU AT THIS COMPANY. THEY ARE CROOKS COMMITTING FRAUD. I made this mistake, you don't have to.

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Reviewed July 15, 2019

I really didn't want to rate them but had to so they get a one star. I just recently purchased a policy through Safe Auto for them to send me a cancellation notice 9 days later. They tell me I needed to pay my premium which I paid to start my policy. So now they wanted to charge double what I paid for my premium. So in total I would've paid over $500. On top of that pay my monthly a couple weeks later which in total for the month will equal to over $800 again. Didn't have the policy that long. They sent me no notices of any changes. Definitely don't recommend this company.

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Reviewed July 12, 2019

I've been a policy holder with Safe Auto for over a year now and my recent experience has been absolutely awful. About 2 weeks ago I was hit while sitting at a red light and the other person fled the scene, I filed my claim and the communication with my adjuster is anything but professional. They don't care about their policy holders. I've called numerous times to only get put on hold or the line gets disconnected. They ended up telling me the car would be a total loss and I'll hear from a total loss adjuster within 48 hours, well it's now been 12 days. I have special driving privileges and now I received a voicemail from them saying my license is invalid, which isn't the case but they're trying to get out of paying. They have major communication issues, and I'm highly disappointed with Safe Auto and the BS I'm dealing with just to file a claim and getting the issue resolved, After all this is why we have full coverage just in case something happens right?

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Reviewed July 9, 2019

For starters it’s bad enough that their own policyholders are taking the time to warn everyone else about how bad this company is. I’m someone who doesn’t have a policy with these people and have still endured the pain they put people through. On May 12, 2019 one of their policyholders pulled out in front of me at about 40mph and totaled my car. Safe auto has took it upon themselves to make this experience as painful as they can. They offered me a settlement of $5000 for the vehicle damage. Mind you my car was valued at around $8000. They gave me some bs lie that that state of PA only allows them to offer that much which I learned to accept I will be responsible for the remaining amount due on my vehicle loan. Once again, the car was totaled and this was not my fault.

Once I signed the document they sent me, they reached back out to me after to tell me that they were going to deduct my rental fee, after I had to Uber for two weeks because they couldn’t get their ** together and provide a rental sooner and they also told me they were going to take another $1600 for the copier fees. Now after the accident the people in the ambulance told me if I wouldn’t of been wearing a seat belt, I possibly would have been ejected or been injured even worse so I’m glad I was at least being responsible on my part.

Almost 2 months later safe auto is still keeping their title as the worst insurance company out there. Not to mention, everyone that emails me takes literally 5 days to respond so my advice to anyone reading this is, go with a company more reputable and if you’re going to be charged a ton of money like other policyholders are saying, take your hard earned money somewhere else and get the coverage you deserve.

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Reviewed July 4, 2019

They quote a low price online and once you purchase the policy they increase the policy dramatically. I purchased a auto policy for my husband and tried to add a additional vehicle to the policy. There was not a option so we email them and they added it week later after we purchase a separate policy for our other vehicle. We called to make a payment and they told us they had to cancel one of the policies and combined the policy. We was first told they would apply the credit for the cancel policy in 7 business days. Upon the 8th business day we was told they had to send us a check. We informed them they have given us 3 different refund policies. The cost of the plan increase from $72 on 6/10/19 to $250 as existing cost for 2 basic liability policies. And we still have not received our refund. These people are crooks. BEWARE!

I requesting an investigation to be launched on this company for they cost, practices and policies that changes over and over and over and they charge customers as they change their policies. They told us we have a balance due for $250 on a statement that was generated 7/2/2019 and the due date is June 23, 2019. There something wrong with this statement and this company. We are leaving them.

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Reviewed April 23, 2019

2 months into this policy I paid in full to avoid the additional $10.00 monthly fee. Then after a 0.00 bill next month, the following month I get a 12.00 bill. What for??? They charged me an additional 2 + 10 monthly fee because I am a renter. 5 months later WTF. Now I know $12 isn't much but I paid the bill in full to avoid additional monies. I am retired and on disability. I do not want additional fees. This is pure **. How come you're going to charge me something 5 months later after I started the policy and then paying it off!!! Now I'm shopping for new insurance. This insurance company is the worst.

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Reviewed April 17, 2019

Safe Auto has to be hands down the absolute worst for car insurance out there. Their agents are lazy boldfaced liars. They create stall tactics and fake cancellations to force you into paying these bogus inflated monthly payment increases. Our payments went from $191 first month 03/19 PAID ON THE FIRST, $195 second month 04/19 PAID ON THE FIRST, to $225 third 04/19, plus a $95 immediately (for not signing some bs form they never sent to us) in just two months. We received two forms (this month 04/19) out of nowhere with "second notice" on them both.... **. We check our mail AND emails daily and never received a form from them. Had we received them we would have signed them and sent them back no biggie. We call them and they're blowing smoke up our **. We tell them we're not paying and we'll just find another agency. All of a sudden they're willing to have the forms faxed over to them.

Couple days later we receive a "YOUR POLICY WILL BE CANCELLED 4/26/19." We call them YET AGAIN, would you believe they're telling us we're missing yet another form. Well why weren't we told there were other forms missing when we spoke with a "supervisor" regarding the previous form issue? So again I tell them I'm not paying $225 for next months payment plus a $95 fee for April on top of the $195 I already paid.. All because you idiots are having clerical issues and you don't know which policyholder is missing which form. All this form nonsense should have been done when we first signed up for the policy and made the initial payment. I'm not about to pay $500 plus dollars in two months because you idiots at Safe Auto dropped the ball and failed to do your jobs. How is that fair? All this for missing forms. I wasn't late on a payment hadn't missed a payment. Only had the policy for two months. I wouldn't believe it if I wasn't living it.

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