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Nationwide provides home and auto insurance across the country. Its home insurance plans offer standard and extended coverage options and discount opportunities like savings for multipolicy bundles and home security systems. You can apply for a quote online through the Nationwide website.

Pros & Cons


  • Multipolicy discounts
  • Online quotes
  • On Your Side Review assessments


  • Limited online presence
  • Not available in all states

Bottom Line

Nationwide provides homeowners insurance with standard and extended coverage options. It offers some discounts and a few online tools; however, some find its online resources limited.

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Reviewed Sept. 4, 2021

Nationwide is on your side…unless you have pit bulls as pets, in which case they will stereotype, prejudge, and then discriminate by refusing to insure you. By making it harder for pit bull owners to get home insurance, they are perpetuating a myth and contributing to their overpopulation in shelters, ultimately leading to many sweet and unaggressive dogs being euthanized. All based on ignorance. Discrimination is wrong, whatever form it takes. Even if you don’t have pit bulls, please don’t give this company your business!

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Customer ServicePrice

Reviewed June 26, 2021

I have been with Nationwide since 1984. The company has provided excellent car insurance and repair services as well as affordable homeowners' insurance. I am a satisfied consumer. I pay for what I need. And the policies are adequate!

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Customer ServiceClaims Handling

Reviewed June 11, 2021

I had a water claim years ago and the insurance company went above and beyond to get my kitchen redone even better than it was originally. I had new cabinets and flooring countertops installed. What a blessing.

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Reviewed April 30, 2021

Nationwide agent in Lexington SC assured me I had Mold cover. Then when I needed to use that coverage they said I did not have it. It is a state law requiring Mold coverage. They also insured the owner of the house I rented so they teamed up w him to avoid paying my claim. My sister died due to the Mold in that house. The DCD

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Reviewed April 29, 2021

I am very dissatisfied with Nationwide and would not recommend going with this company for anyone who owns a home. I put a claim in on 4/6. Today is 4/29 and they are still investigating. I now have to come out of pocket for something insurance should handle. This issue should have been rectified ASAP yet they do not see the importance of it. My entire downstairs has been damaged due to water overflow from the toilet. Floors had to be pulled, baseboards were damaged as well as cabinets.

Nationwide keeps going back and forth about the cabinets saying the water did not affect this, they sent a company out to inspect the cabinets on 4/23, of course the cabinets will be dry TWO WEEKS LATER.. But now there is a bigger issue, there’s mold that’s being formed under the cabinets where the water was. Nationwide does not care and is still dragging their feet when it comes to my issue. I’ve already contacted customer relations about this issue and honestly I’m not sure what else to do. I’m losing money and my mind.. So again, DO NOT GO WITH NATIONWIDE..

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Reviewed April 12, 2021

I have never seen such as a worthless adjuster. I had a claim opened since earlier march and this adjuster Jared ** is racist and lazy on top of that. At first he took forever just to show up at my house. After 4 days for filing a claim for basement flooded he finally showed up to look at the damages but it was already too late because I had already hired a mitigation company, the guy called him and left him a voicemail about the situation in the basement he never responded back. He did say he was gonna send me the settlement the same night he came over. He never did. He actually went on Vacation.

After 6 more days and after talking to his supervisor he ended sending the settlement in my email. It took him another 4 more days to mail me the check while he could have just directed deposited it. He held on to couples more thousands when I got a estimate from the carpet people, I had texted him to let him know that I needed some money he wanted me to send him the invoice. When sent him both invoices he took time off again starting today until Friday. He is really worthless and can not even do his job and on top of that he is racist because he would not do what he did to a ** person. I guess he thinks he is doing me a favor. I am done with this company. I cannot wait to get a quote from different insurance.

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Reviewed March 20, 2021

Today I spent a considerable time applying for home owner’s insurance online. I filled everything out and even received a policy number. I just received a call who said he had to confirm a few items. As he went on, it was obvious he wasn’t looking at my online application at all. He was going the same questions I had answered online. Then, he wanted to confirm the information. He didn’t have the outside structure correct, the utilities or even whether or not the residence had a fireplace or not. He then quoted a far lower quality of insurance policy than I had agreed to online .... for more money. Nationwide is NOT on your side. And now I have start all over again elsewhere.

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Reviewed Feb. 18, 2021

Nationwide has NEVER failed to be honest and fair in resolving any insurance issue. I have lost a garage and contents to fire. A few auto accidents (I use Nationwide for Home/Auto & Life), and each time I have had to contact nationwide, they have always "been on our side". I damn sure miss my agent, Norm **, he retired, however the service remained of the highest standard with our new agent. In my experience, if you pay your premiums, are honest and fair with nationwide, they will offer the same.

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Reviewed Dec. 18, 2020

I had a question about a claim and didnt know if we had to file under our insurance or not as it was not our fault and claim rep had no clue and sent me to a claim agent out of my state and he had no clue/never got back to me when promised. I had to contact him 2 times before I heard from him and he said, "Yea pay your deductible and we'll file a claim on the other insurance company and hope that you can get your deductible back." NO. That is not how that works.

Then asked me to pay deductible and send him pics and find my own company to fix the fence. "NO, do your job. I am not getting paid to look up all this info. What is he getting paid for." He had no comment and asked if I wanted to withdraw my claim and I said, "YES. I will not work with Nationwide ever again." Going to look for new insurance for my mom. Terrible service and had no idea what he was even talking about. I think the first day on the job for this gentleman as well as the Customer service agent.

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Reviewed Dec. 5, 2020

I have had Nationwide Homeowners insurance for over 30 years and have been very happy with them. I have had to make claims with them due to wind and fire losses. Nationwide was always very helpful from the beginning to the end of claims.

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Reviewed Nov. 21, 2020

Nationwide is surely on your side when it comes to all of your insurance needs. I remember when I was younger and all the different insurance companies my Mom and late Dad used. Then they finally settled in on Nationwide. After that I never heard any complaints concerning homeowners, let alone the other insurance they offer. The big thing was when I went to Columbus, Ohio and saw the transformation that Nationwide took from just insurance to the the point of the children's hospital was changed to and currently still is named, Nationwide Children's Hospital.....They bought most of the block and rebuilt the hospital for all to enjoy.

Nationwide has very good price margins so that anyone can afford them. They quickly investigate and resolve your claim. And if there is a need for a court appearance, you better believe they have the best counsel and the truth will definitely be revealed. I would recommend Nationwide Insurance to any and everyone for their homeowners insurance and basically all other insurance needs. I have been in the the know of this company for over 40 and my family and I have not ever had any disappointments, may it be the prices, packages, employees or payout, you will definitely be satisfied with Nationwide. I recommend Nationwide Insurance to everyone I know and meet!

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Reviewed Nov. 18, 2020

After paying my premium in full. 18 days later, sent a demand for more money and canceled my policy. This is the kind of company they are. I called customer service. Stated that I had changed something. I asked them what had changed. Nothing.

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Reviewed Oct. 26, 2020

Have all cars, home, rental properties through Nationwide for years. First time I have a claim. Our corporate rental property had new tenants. After 1st month, we did not receive any rent. Thus we paid a visit to the property. The person/s found in the unit was not anyone we had ever met. We told him a) the rent had not been paid b) We did not rent the unit to him, he was not on the lease c) And he had a dog - the unit was "no pets"... He had to leave. We gave this person/s 3 days to vacate the property (as required by Wa State law).

Sometime between that day and a week later - the unit was trashed. The unit had human and animal feces and urine all over - smeared on the walls, the mattresses, the furniture and carpets were soaked in urine. The furniture had been turned over, ripped, legs of chairs and tables broken off - profanity carved in the walls etc. We filed a police report and called Nationwide.

After 1 week - no response from Nationwide - we called them. The smell from the unit was upsetting the neighbors (unit next door). Nationwide (over phone) said to take pictures (we took 100) and it was ok to start getting stuff out of the unit. We got 2 estimates to fix the unit $28K - $38K. Week 2: Nationwide adjustor came (spending less than 5 minutes in the home) took pictures, took a copy of the contents either missing or damaged. Week 3: Call from Nationwide stating they determined this to be "hard living" and not "vandalism" (mind you this is a CORPORATE rental, that 2 months ago was pristine)

So... a person/s with a can of spray paint inside my rental is "vandalizing it" - but the person/s who take down their pants to urinates and defecates all over the unit, smears feces on the walls and furniture and carves profanities into the wall... that's "hard living"?? Nationwide should be ashamed of their decision to call this "hard living" as opposed to VANDALISM. Nationwide - happy to take our monthly payments for houses, cars, rental properties - but the minute there's a problem - feign... this is not covered. Unbelieveable.

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Reviewed Oct. 6, 2020

Have done nothing to help us after fire. Just tried to lowball us on our house. Only gave us an offer of half of what our policy was for. We have a 150% replacement cost and only offered us about half of that.

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Reviewed Sept. 16, 2020

I had been with Geico for decades and my insurance kept creeping up a little bit every year so last year I decided to shop for a new rate and Nationwide saved me about 500.00 for the same coverage, GREAT!! I had to change my auto insurance to them in order to get the rate which was higher but ultimately I was saving a net of about 200.00. Not going to retire early on it but a buck is a buck, or so I thought! Fast forward a year, we have had no claims as usual and my auto gets auto renewed but my homeowners is in limbo. I didn't get a call or anything and here I am on September 16 and my policy expires on September 24th. Only reason I knew something was up was because they sent me notification that my automatic monthly payment was coming out on the 24th in the amount of 300.00 and its normal about 490.00. I looked online thinking maybe it was a COVID credit like all the other companies are doing but it wasn't!

I went online and my homeowners didn't even show up so I called. I spoke with a gal that said that they needed a letter from our alarm company that stated we had fire monitoring. I told her that we did not have fire monitoring and never have. She then simply explained that my policy would not be renewed! REALLY!!! I told her that I was not in a fire area that I live in the Bay area. She very nicely explained the even fires happen in the Bay Area!! Really, I had no idea!!! I then asked if all California homes had to have fire monitoring because I have never heard of that before, No answer. So then I called Geico back who I had my insurance with a year ago and got insurance again. Total waste of my time and I will never do insurance with them again.... It doesn't always pay to save a few bucks!!

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Reviewed Sept. 3, 2020

We pay, what I believe is a very high premium compared to other insurers, and yet after a 72 hour blackout recently our insurance co. said "Sorry" when it came to covering about $350 worth of spoiled food in our refrigerator/freezer saying that even if we had coverage we would have to make an itemized list as we removed it from our appliance, photograph each item and then price like items in the grocery store and finally, there would have been a $500 deductible! On the other hand, my Granddaughter's homeowners said NO PROBLEM, NO DEDUCTIBLE, just go get your groceries and bring us the bill - no itemized list and no photographs of the damaged foods. I think it's time to shop for cheaper and BETTER coverage elsewhere AND I am really disappointed!

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Reviewed Sept. 2, 2020

Have been looking around for a replacement policy and still in the decision mode. Many of the above factors are better at the competition. Have been with this company for many, many years, but their pricing, especially, is become off the charts.

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Reviewed Sept. 1, 2020

We got quotes from Most Major Insurance Carriers for our Townhouse purchase; and though certainly NOT the Cheapest, we went with Nationwide cuz they've been around a while, and they're NOT tied to any Shareholders...

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Reviewed Aug. 31, 2020

Price for policies are too expensive for amount of coverage you get. You can adjust your coverage but when you do you are not getting what you need for what you are paying. I recommend you do your own research with different companies and use the same coverage quotes and see which company offers you the best price.

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Reviewed Aug. 30, 2020

Recently my wife lost a diamond stone in her wedding ring. Our policy covers jewelry and we did submit an appraisal prior to coverage. Ring was valued at $12,200. I submitted the claim and within days it was approved for the appraised value. A few days later I received the check. I was expecting my premium to increase due to the claim however to my surprise my premium went down a few dollars.

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Reviewed Aug. 27, 2020

I've had Nationwide for about 5 years now. I was forced to file a weather related claim after the derecho on August 10th. My siding ripped at all corners of the house and somehow my kitchen floor fell about half inch. They told me that the floor happened because of several years of deterioration (my home was built brand new in 2008). They refused to repair the siding on the left side of the house and said they would repair the right side and gutters but it's less than my deductible! I got an estimate for $4700 for repairs to the right side and gutters and my deductible is is $2500. That $2200 would of helped me a great deal. Something doesn't add up with this company. Time to find different insurance!

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Reviewed April 25, 2020

They have to be forced to pay and end up paying restoration company but not my out of pocket expenses or ruined furniture but do send out paperwork increasing monthly payment. They lie and say the check is in the mail...Still waiting... Been since January and it’s the end of April. I hate this company and hope no one ever lets them screw them over.

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Reviewed March 31, 2020

I live in East Nashville that was hit badly by the tornado on 3/3/20 and damaged my wooden fence (about 255 ft), part of it fell down and other damages in each side of the fence, I filed a claim in the same date, a claim specialist Mr. ** came on 3/9/20 gave me estimate for 144 ft replacement damaged fence $3,539.88 & 16 feet gate $604.70 & hauling $119.33, so the total amount $4,263.91 & issued me a check for $3,263.91 after $1,000 deductible. I called Lowe's to hire a professional licensed fence contractor to get the job done but they said the entire fence got damaged and need replacement, also the hauling fee $119.33 is too low, then gave me estimate for $7,995.

I emailed Lowe's estimate to Mr. ** and I mentioned I haven’t cashed the check so he can void it and send me another check with enough money after my $1,000 deductible but he ignored to reply for 5 days till I text him, then he replied and said, the Lowe’s contractor is incorrect and not the entire fence was damaged, the hauling fee $119.33 is reasonable, and "estimates from Lowe’s, Home Depot, and the like are not considered for coverage as they are highly inflated by the price charged by the retailer for their role in the process. I would highly recommend that you contact a fencing contractor specifically in order to receive a more reasonable bid. At this time the estimate is not able to be revised based on the information you have provided. Therefore, voiding and reissuing a check will not be necessary."

So, I contacted another 3 professional licensed companies and gave me estimates for replacing the entire damaged fence for $6,295.75 & $6,102 & $6,659 with the following notice: 1) All estimates include about $800 - $1,595.75 Hauling. 2) All estimates don't include compressor fee to remove rocks if required. The average of the 3 estimates $6,352.25 which is much higher than the insurance estimate of $4,263.91 so I will pay out of my pocket other than my $1,000 deductible by about $2,088.34 plus compressor fee if required.

I emailed Mr. ** the 3 estimates and I said my broken fence still down on ground since 3/3/20 & my neighbor's dog poops in my yard so it's getting nasty there & it can cause problems with my neighbor too. Also, other than I did maintenance to my fence since I bought my home on 2/2019, I cut 3 big old trees last Nov 2019, out of my pocket expense, these old trees could damage the home structure & and the fence too like what happened at my area in East Nashville from tornado, so it would cost Nationwide thousands which much more than just replacing the entire damaged fence.

I got auto reply he is off for a week and contact Ms. Casey **, I did and she called me and said, "Your policy provides coverage for direct physical damage like a roof from wind damaged. The policy covers replacement the damaged section only regardless matching the shingles materials and color but I agree the hauling fee is low, I am just emergency contact person & you can wait till Mr. ** comes back."

I requested a copy of my policy from my agent and I emailed it to her to highlight what she was talking about, but she replied with some paragraphs that was not from what I emailed her and said not the entire fence was damaged. I replied back and said 4 professional licensed fence company gave an estimate to replace the entire damaged fence and their estimates didn't have an option for partial replacement, also they refused to install new materials with damaged materials and posts to have weak and ugly looking fence so they gave me their contact info to let Nationwide contact them for any questions, but she refused to contact them and she said “That particular task can wait until his return because it does not affect the claim outcome or result in any additional payment owed. Mr. ** manager is my manager also, and he is already aware of the situation and would reiterate the same”.

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Reviewed March 12, 2020

Nationwide will have your back on mayhem. They covered hail and wind damage on my roof in a very proficient and incredible way. Got the check immediately. Really Trustworthy. They sent a ladder company to assess damages and coordinated with my contractor and their adjuster.

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Reviewed March 5, 2020

Horrible! Nationwide is NOT on your side. I have had Nationwide Insurance for auto, home and other (wedding ring) for over 20 years. Last year I chipped my wedding ring diamond and filed a claim. Even though my coverage covered reimbursing the original (retail) cost of my ring they said they would only give me the wholesale value. They wanted us to take a 10k loss! $10,000 less than we paid, folks! Agent Randall ** had purchased the agency of my original agent and one can only gather he switched my policy at some point without my consent. To add insult to injury, I was told I should have claimed I lost my ring to get the full value!

Then Nationwide tried to force us to go through "their" private jeweler to replace my diamond. So they still wanted to short us the 10k, but they also wanted to make a profit by selling me a low quality diamond. Their diamonds were NOT comparable in quality to my diamond. I have filed complaints with multiple organizations like the BBB and the Tx Dept of Insurance, but since it has been implied the agent changed my policy it's likely I will get screwed. Stay away from this agent and Nationwide Insurance at all cost, because you will pay for it when you have to file a claim.

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Reviewed March 4, 2020

Hi this is Steve with Taylor HVAC and Mechanical. I was insured with Nationwide for a year-and-a-half and in the last 6 months they have totally ripped me off in every way possible known to the insurance world. I would strongly recommend anyone who is looking into getting insurance with this company to look elsewhere. They are by far the biggest joke I've ever dealt with in my entire life. I'm a 42 year old business owner and have dealt with lots of insurance companies and I would definitely not recommend them to my worst enemy.

Everyone knows that insurance companies are a complete rip-off but I don't think I have ever been violated by an insurance company of the way I have been by Nationwide Insurance. Their group of people were absolutely horrible to work with and they will do and say anything to get more money from you any means possible. I hope there anybody looking for insurance will read this and I hope it saves you as much trouble as it's caused me. Thank you and have a good day.

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Reviewed Feb. 27, 2020

Only had Nationwide insurance for two years but, know that Nationwide is only for Nationwide. Filed a claim of the that a theft took place when we sold our home and moved out. Nationwide kept asking for same document over and over. Finally, after waiting over 5 months we were denied. Their agents don't have conscience or souls... Don't know how agents sleep at night. That's why I say Nationwide is only on Nationwide's side. Company should go out of business for the way they treat their customers..

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Reviewed Jan. 15, 2020

Had a roof leak repaired by a local reputable contractor. There is damage to the ceiling and walls near where the roof leak was repaired. The Nationwide adjuster came out to survey the damage and issued a check for damage to the walls but refused to pay for the roof repair because he was unable to visually inspect the damage before the repair, even though he admitted he could see the repair and the damage caused by the leak. Unbelievable!! Nationwide is not on your side!!

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Reviewed Dec. 11, 2019

I paid 10 years of home insurance premiums to this company and when I filed for stolen property, was asked for the same documents over and over again. The adjustor closed my claim, telling me that I have not responded to her paper mails that I never received. She had my email and stopped sending me emails. This company needs to be audited!

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Reviewed Dec. 6, 2019

Updated on 03/07/2020: Update. I am suing Nationwide and the contractor they provided for neglecting to remedy half the home from a hot water leak. If you have a claim against Nationwide, expect to have to take them to court.

Original review: Hotwater heater flooded out small one level home. Nationwide came out and fixed part of the home. They neglected to even test 28" in the other direction. Now we have mold and floor rot because they refuse to cover it. Never ever use Nationwide.

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