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John Hancock Life Insurance

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Last updated: Oct. 15, 2017

64 John Hancock Life Insurance Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 15, 2017

John Hancock let a felon write life insurance, and designated him as a "special agent." He was convicted with insurance fraud. How does an insurance company allow a felon to write for them? Are we assuming they were deficient in their background check? If this is the case, how can anyone trust John Hancock's to be a reliable source for good and honest representation of their products? This lack of recognizing ethical and moral character has given John Hancock a way to abuse the vulnerability of seniors. This is the very lack of action by John Hancock that lead to my parents getting scammed and in essence, robbed of about $4,000,000.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 28, 2017

I have had John Hancock for years and whenever I need something answered they are very helpful and I have never had any trouble with them. When you ask them to send you something in the mail they send it right out.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Sept. 13, 2017

    I have been trying for the past several years to get money out of an old IRA that was started over 40 years ago. I've spoken with numerous "representatives" and finally got some paperwork to fill out. I filled it out, got it notarized and sent it last July. Since then I've had no written correspondence from John Hancock. I have called a number of times and was it would be expedited. Called back today, after about an hour of getting shuffled around I spoke with "Jay" who finally told me they would send a form to schedule payments. I pointed out that I had requested a lump sum payment. After another wait Jay came back and told me I had marked the wrong box, the one for annuitization, I point out that what he said was total BS since I had copied that form before I sent it to them in July and "Lump Sum Payment" was clearly marked. I am again on hold...

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 24, 2017

    After changing positions I requested a transfer of my 401K balance to my new employer's plan. John Hancock 401K employee related that to complete the transfer of my 401K plan I had to first transfer my balance into a IRA account with John Hancock and then, and only then could I transfer the funds into a competing 401K (Wells Fargo). In so many words, I told them that that was the most foolish requirement I had ever heard and they responded that it was an absolute requirement. They told me it would be no problem and that the transfer would take effect in 10 business days. I followed the agent's instructions and completed the transfer on the phone.

    I have asked JH on 4 separate calls to explain this requirement to me and the agent Naomi ** (1-800-333-0963 ext **) stated on 7/11/17 at approximately 10:30 am that she would look into it and call me back before 2:30 pm that day. NO CALLBACK was received. I called back on 7/12/17 @4:11 pm and left a message, she called back on 7/14/17 and left a message that she had retrieved the "tapes" and would call me back on Monday, 7/17/17. NO CALLBACK was received. I left another message on 7/19/17 at 4:17 pm and requested a callback. NO CALLBACK was received. I have just called again and left another message today 7/24/17 at 5:10 pm... THEY WILL NOT WEAR ME OUT! I am sure the practice of not responding discourages a lot of people from getting what they want or deserve... And that practice probably works most of the time! NO ONE SHOULD TOLERATE THIS NONSENSE!

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    Original review: July 23, 2017

    After years of payment into John Hancock long term care and after many months of delay I hoped that my mom would finally receive funds needed for her expensive care. After many phone calls and many excuses they promised to send funds, after all we had passed all of the hurdles, provided all of her receipts for care. My mom never received a dollar while she was alive, only a few checks arrived after she passed away. Shame on these uncaring and heartless people... save your money in a private account not JH so that when you need funds YOU will control them not scammers like John Hancock.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 20, 2017

    My late mother-in-law took out two life insurance policies on my late husband in 1949. I didn't know these policies existed until two letters addressed to my late husband arrived at our house. These policies had my mother-in-law as the beneficiary. Which made sense since my late husband was 7 years old at the time. I contacted John Hancock and told them both my mother-in-law had passed (1988) and my husband died in 2013. I asked them what papers did I need to file to claim these two policies? My late husband and I were married for 37 years before his passing. After filing countless paperwork. Sending them proof of my mother-in-law's death. Sending them my late husband's death certificate TWICE. Having our son signing affidavits that he was the executor for my late husband's will and confirming the will was probated in 2013.

    I jumped through every hoop they asked me to do for over a month and FINALLY they determined I could claim these policies. But it took me DEMANDING to speak to a supervisor to get to this determination, way after a month. Because every time I called about these policies, their customer service reps. would talk to me like nothing was already filed! And every time I talked to someone their story would change. In reality, I was lied to countless times! Not only was this experience was time consuming, but cost me money to get their needed paperwork.

    My complaint is, John Hancock will not let me have these policies to see their ACTUAL value. Nor will they TELL me their value. I still don't know how much their worth really is. I told them right out, because I have been lied to many times, I just can't accept "their word." I am getting what these policies, after all these years, are truly worth!!! The reason for why I can't have or see these policies, according to John Hancock? Because I am not the policy owner or the original beneficiary. Really??? Of course I am not the owner. He passed away in 2013. And the original beneficiary died in 1988!! That's why I filed all those papers!

    As polite as their customer service reps. were that does not compensate my frustration. Nor how many times I was misled and lied to. Especially since these two policies (according to John Hancock) is only worth less than 4,000 dollars. Thank goodness I do not have my life insurance through John Hancock, because my policies are worth quite a bit more and I can only imagine what they would put my son through to claim them, after my passing.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 24, 2017
    Read the small print on your long term contracts. We have been attempting to get claims paid for my mother's care under her plan... but now after 4 months of

    paperwork, arguing, calling, faxing... they tell us that the elimination days are the actual days of professional care and not days at our home rehabbing under our care. ONLY THE DAYS that she had Occupational or Physical Therapy, Nursing or Home Aid care COUNTED as elimination days. So our 60 day timeline of care only counted as 25 days per John Hancock. They failed to tell us about the FINE PRINT (notice the use of caps on FINE PRINT) about the days they consider elimination days. BEWARE of John Hancock and make sure your agent... yeah right... the agent knows the scoop on the fine print of these policies. Small wonder insurance companies are making small fortunes these days on the backs of their small print contracts.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 22, 2017

    I have not had anything to claim yet to rate their claim response, but the customer service on their accounting is absolutely the lowest. I have been paying our premium for both of my wife and my accounts via separated my bank auto payment setup for over five years. In middle of 2016, they changed the address without notifying us. The last three payments got returned due to wrong address. No communication were conducted and both of our accounts then got into inactive status.

    During our call, we got the new address and made all three returned payments to the new address, but got returned again due to bad address again. We, over the phone, were told the provided address was wrong again and they provided with third address for the payment. The new 2017 payments along with past payments were then sent accordingly - surprisingly again, only the 2017 new payments were credited to our accounts while the 2016 payments did not. They were kept there for over two months (neither credit to us nor returned).

    Was on the phone at least eight times with different agents. In few months' time during this mess, spent total of four and half hours trying to get this straight without luck. During the phone conversations, I have found many mistakes were made from their end along the line and never get corrected after pointed out by my comments made in numerous times of my previous phone calls. I had to write up a long letter - with all proofs of the constant payment effort made along with status of each attempt (return due to bad address). The long certified letter sent included total of nine pages. Besides stating all the facts, I specifically asked for the reason which actually caused the multiple mistakes made there a) without proper internal communication/correction and b) what would be done to prevent the same from happening to others clients in future.

    After over four months of fighting, I finally was informed on 03/07/2017 in a brief letter (few lines) that both of our account get reinstated (as of March 2017) but ABSOLUTELY without any explanation as to what went wrong then and no apology whatsoever. This tells me that nothing was seriously reviewed/addressed over this case. At very least, they don't care much about customers feeling and completely ignored their request made.

    I am extremely disappointed of my experience with JHLI - LTC unit account team along with their support. I feel strongly that this would be a consistent pattern in terms of their typical customer service and I would not be the only one getting this type of treatment. I cannot really imagine what I can do should the similar service is given while filing claim in future when I need their help the most. No one, obviously, would have the luxury to spend that amount of time during that kind of condition. I really hope they will take this seriously and have the process/procedure improved, to start with - having better communication with their client in responding.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Jan. 11, 2017

    My mother passed away in 2013 and had a policy with JH. Myself and my siblings were beneficiaries on the policy and as the executor of the estate I directed each of my siblings to complete the necessary forms so that equal distribution could be made. On July 15, 2016 (3+ years later) I received a letter at my home addressed to one of them that I thankfully opened a few weeks later. Thinking it was just another solicitation or junk mail since I received other such items since mom's death, I was glad that I opened it instead of throwing it away... It was a notice indicating that JH was making a final attempt to reach a sibling and if there was no response by 8-3-16 that the funds will be reported to the state.

    I immediately called John Hancock and they told me to fill out a form and email it to them which I did and received an auto-reply acknowledging their receipt. I followed up with a phone call and was told that it would take a few weeks to process. I called after a few weeks and was told that they were still working on it. On November 14, I received a letter addressed to me that the funds were turned over to the state and that I had to call the Office of the General Treasurer who told me that the funds would not be put into the system until January.

    Call after call after call to John Hancock looking for an explanation was both exhausting and emotionally draining. After 3 months of calling and leaving messages that were never returned I finally reached someone today that told me that because it was my estranged sibling's name on the funds that they couldn't do anything for me! They also informed me that they sent letters to my other siblings (3 to each of them) since 2013 asking them to have the sibling that was named complete the paperwork contact them. What I can't forgive JH for is putting me through 3 months of agony and not giving me an explanation as to why they would have sent letters to the others siblings but not me who they had the documentation verifying that I was the Executor of the Will.

    The representatives that I dealt with were not only unprofessional but insensitive and condescending with their responses to the situation offering no guidance whatsoever to resolve. When I told them I would be filing a complaint, they said....."go right ahead". Not happy with John Hancock and it would be over my mother's dead body that I would ever recommend them. They could have told me this on day 1 not 3 months later. I am so frustrated right now I feel sick.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 26, 2016

    Very long hold times and unresponsive w/requests. It's like once you're signed up w/JH long-term products, you are treated like you're stuck w/them so they don't need to impress further. I have some JH VUL products and it has been very unpleasant dealing w/them. It give me no peace of mind.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 2, 2016

    This company once the leader in Whole Life Insurance has put my family through several days of hours long telephone conversations only to be told that the life insurance policy my deceased sister paid for years did not exist. It turned out that they sold this part of the business to a company in Canada without notifying their policyholders. Shame on them. I rate them below "0" on a scale of 1-10. The aggravation and distress they caused my brother-in-law should be punishable with a jail sentence.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 14, 2016

    My 85 year old mother has been paying on this crappy long term insurance policy for decades and now that she finally needs it these bottom feeders make it impossible to get reimbursed. Every time I call it's the same bs about how they didn't receive the correct information and it needs to be faxed over again. Even the asst. living / home health care companies are on to their scam. As soon as I told them my mom had John Hancock they said be prepared to fax everything several time b/c they will tell you that they didn't receive it to keep from paying out... and it's true! They should be ashamed for taking advantage of the elderly!

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 12, 2016

    On 6/1/16, I separated from my employer, and within 2 weeks, requested a partial distribution of funds, by calling the number indicated on the website. I wanted to know exactly how to get this done. I was advised to send the forms the person would send me, and write a note on the forms as to what I wanted to do. He advised he would call back to follow up. After a week of no forms and no callback, I called again, and got someone else who was more helpful, and though his information was MORE accurate, it was not complete. I did as he indicated, and fortunately, after another week, someone called me from JH to explain what I needed to do.

    I finally got the correct info. I did as advised, and got a partial distribution a month after the initial call. We just had an emergency situation occur, so I sent a form via overnight mail, which was received on 8/5, and signed for. On Tuesday, I called to check status of the request, and also sent an email. I was told it's in process via the call, and they could/would not provide further info. The email response advised they could not provide info, and to call. A vicious circle if I might say so!! I checked daily to see if the funds were at least processed, and nothing.

    Today, 8/12, I emailed and called again. Same story--except the person I spoke with said she would advise the other dept it was important to get this done quickly, do to the need--and asked for the number to follow up (by someone?). Gave her the number, received no callback, and the site undergoes maintenance today until 8A Mon, 8/15, when I will have to start over again and call to find out when I can get my money. I am extremely frustrated, and they have no method to actually complain, talk to a person who can do something, and it is extremely frustrating!!!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 3, 2016

    For more than 2 months, representatives with John Hancock misidentified my sister and I as beneficiaries of our deceased father's life insurance policy. We gathered all of the requested paperwork and sent them all they asked us to send. After 2 months, we were told that the policy had been amended more than 25 years ago and we were not the beneficiaries. They had overlooked the addendum submitted to them in 1988! Appalling incompetence!

    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 27, 2016

    The customer service of John Hancock leaves a lot to be desired so much so that I closed an annuity, that generated a monthly income stream, which I opened on 11/27/2007 and terminated on 08/25/2015, as I could no longer deal with their inefficiency. Depending on whom you are connected to at customer service in the US or the Philippines, where they outsource, the answers are never the same from rep to rep and/or answers are wrong and/or incomplete or they put you on hold for "a second" which translates into 5-10-15 minutes or more. I am an American expat that happens to live in Asia where 1-800 numbers do not equate to toll-free which means I am paying for calls to solve issues or ask simple questions. JH unlike the 8 other annuity companies that I deal with "are not permitted" to make overseas calls.

    The most recent (as the history is far too long to get into) example of this lack of quality customer service had to do with a simple request for a 1099R so that I could finish my 2015 US taxes way ahead of the April 15th deadline. This year my request is the exception not the rule since I will be out of Asia for 3-4 months in a location where there is erratic or no e-mail or phone service. Therefore, I needed to receive my 1099R asap to work with my accountant before my departure. For the record JH is the only company out of 8 that I deal with that does not post online 1099R but mails (and not the fastest way possible) them or e-mails them if a client requests them to do so.

    I did contact JH customer service through JH mail and was advised end Jan would be the best. That is where the good news ends. Since the clock was ticking to complete my 2015 taxes I called customer service and was connected to Rossmiel ** in the Philippines. She was sweet and somewhat helpful after I explained my situation and kind enough to e-mail a 1099R but the one that was sent belonged to another JH client. When I asked her to e-mail my 1099R she did and after I reviewed the calculations compared to my last quarterly statement, it was wrong. I needed to spend close to 45 minutes more long distance going over what the correct numbers should be which she agreed were indeed accurate. I also faxed this saga to Vivia ** Customer Relations and to date did not receive any response.

    She then advised it would take 7-10 business days for a new corrected 1099R form to be processed and mailed which was totally unacceptable for reasons stated above. After additional phone time I was given a confirmation number # ** and told that she will send a corrected 1099R within 24-48 hours to my e-mail address. That time has passed and a corrected 1099R has not been e-mailed to me as promised. At 5 am today I needed to wake up and then once again chase at my expense the status of this simple request. I was connected to customer service in the US and spoke to Michael (no last name given) having to repeat the entire saga as above.

    Michael gave me a boilerplate answer that he could not help me since 1099R could not be issued until Jan 27th US date which is already past on my side of the world. So the question I asked is "then if this is correct information how was Rossmiel ** able to issue a 1099R that was not mine and an incorrect 1099R that was mine? Michael could offer no explanation. He then asked me to fax what I was sent by Rossmiel ** to fax number 617-663-3160 which I did and I was advised that he would e-mail my hopefully correct 1099R his time 8 am his date Jan 27th. I am holding my breath. Bottom line I would never consider doing any future business or recommending JH to anyone, especially if they move as I did or live overseas as I do unless they enjoy endless frustration and large phone bills.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 3, 2016

    I am trying to get reimbursement for my mothers Long Term Care policy. Her policy required that she pay the first 6 months which she has done and that the policy would start reimbursement beginning at the end of the 6 months. This all began in Feb. 2015. The reimbursements should have begun August 2015. To date no reimbursements. 5 months now I have been trying to deal with John Hancock. I get the run around dealing with call centers. I cannot get anyone to look at the case and talk to me. Very frustrating. When I ask for a local rep I'm told there are not agents or reps. Really, If I wanted to BUY A NEW POLICY I'm sure an agent would be available. Now sending an entire history to the state insurance commissioner to ask them to help me out.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 7, 2015

    The initial application process is much easier than you would think, and every member of the staff treats you respectfully and makes you feel like family. They show you how much they care about your family's future, and you will never feel so confident and secured that you have taken steps to support your loved ones no matter what the future holds.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 4, 2015

    Father passed in 2008 - 7 years later I find out that he had a policy. I presented all the required documents, and each time I have called customer service - I keep getting the runaround. It seems that literally they are ending my phone call while I am still speaking. At one point I even asked to speak to a manager, and the customer service person did her best to rebuttal me being able to speak to someone. I can appreciate that the several reps I have spoken with offer their condolences; however not responding to my questions and giving scripted answers has been extremely frustrating. The key to this, is (again) I have submitted all the required documents and today I was still told that it would be another 10-14 days to find out anything. My advice, check with the companies that you have life insurance with and make sure they run a customer service team, that can actually provide answers to your questions.

    In all situations, Life Insurance is for the people you leave behind. Regardless of the nature of the claim and the complexity of the situation. You do not want your family members after you are gone, getting the runaround. The key to life insurance is to leave a peace of mind. After this amount of time that has gone by, I would rather get this over sooner than later. In addition to that comment, it is ironically strange that the company sent out correspondence 7 years later. Death can occur suddenly and leave family, spouse and legal administrators with the responsibility of "literally" paying for everything. Therefore, again I advise to make sure you have all your T's are crossed and I's are dotted for your family. Otherwise they will spend unnecessary time - fighting for what is legally theirs.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 3, 2015

    I have had this policy for years, I have never had any issue. We recently reviewed the policy to make sure it is correct, and accurate. Made the necessary changes according to my change in ages from when it started, to my current life situation. My original agent started as the father, and now the son/daughter are running the business.

    Original review: Dec. 1, 2015

    Worst customer support (especially for financial & wealth management) in the industry. I have used Schwab, Fidelity, Prudential, eTrade, and Chase in the past and used them as comparison. At John Hancock their call center is 100% based in Philippines at all hours of the day & night. The call reps don't get measured on answering questions accurately, or providing any amount of customer service, rather only on speed of answer. THAT'S IT! They were of no help at all.

    The website indicated to call their 800 number for information on 401k questions, yet the the call rep constantly referred me back to the website for information (that wasn't present). The call felt like a "Who's on first?" episode. Even at the end of the call when they asked had they answered all my questions, and I indicated they did NOT help with my concerns, the response said it all, "Excellent, have a nice day," and they hung up! This is the fourth call I've had with them and I can't wait to move my money OUT of that place. Stay away from this firm. Whatever promises are being made in local offices, or by brokerage firms trying to sign you or your company up, I PROMISE you will be sorry later.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 30, 2015

    I have had this insurance for over 30 years and am happy with it. The benefits are great and the investment grows quickly. If I have any questions, they are answered in a timely manner. I also have a representative who lives in my town and is very easy to work with.

    Original review: Nov. 25, 2015

    On 10/23/2015 I went to my agent to fill out surrender forms to cash out this policy. So I check it out by calling John Hancock, the forms were fill out wrong. Then went back to him have the check direct deposit to my bank on 11/9/15. My has lung cancer. I need money to pay medical bills, they said it's processed and on its way. I think we need to ask. If I would, I die. My wife have this much trouble get money from this company because they got promise out of my bank.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 25, 2015

    I have not had any major issues with my life insurance company but I wish they gave you the option of doing more things online. Calling them is hard because you are kept on hold for a long period of time and I have more important things to do than spend a lot of time resolving problems.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 22, 2015

    I had to roll over another account from a different job. I thought it would be a long process but the staff were so friendly and knowledgeable that it was done very quickly and easily. The entire process was very well explained! I would definitely recommend them to everyone looking :)

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 11, 2015

    I have had insurance with John Hancock for the past 15 years. I switched from another insurance company to them because they offered me the most for my money as well as cash investments. To simplify matters relative to premiums, I have them deducted directly from checking account monthly so that I do not have to concern myself with late payments. The company provides me with monthly statements that gives me all relevant information such as policy values, advances in stocks associated with the policy. It has a website where I can go and get answers to all of my questions. To date, my relationship with the company has been excellent and I would recommend them to anyone who needs insurance.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 7, 2015

    I have had my policy with them for 35 years and am very happy with them. My death benefits has doubled and my cash value is about 30 percent more than I have actually put in. I bought my son a policy when he was an infant for 50,000 and is now worth about 10.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 5, 2015

    Several years after becoming disabled I had many questions about my policy. This was because I did not originally remember that I had a disability clause in my policy that would enable me to stop paying my monthly deductible. Instead this cost is actually absorbed by the insurance company throughout my disability, which is diagnosed as a lifelong disability. They were extremely helpful and guided me through the paperwork and nuances of my policy. I knew they had my best interest at heart and I was incredibly grateful.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 2, 2015

    My policy is provided through my employer. Our representative with John Hancock has made himself available to my husband and I for any questions that we have had. Very soon we will be inquiring about more coverage and I know that our questions will be answered fully and in a timely manner as they have in all of the past interactions we have had.

    profile pic of the author
    Original review: Oct. 18, 2015

    2009 my mom passed away, she & my dad have had Hancock life ins. since 1959. Dad turned in her ins. policy & was told she had taken a loan on the policy & they would take the balance due from his claim. Mom never took a loan from that policy even though they took over $3000.00, it's now 2015 & Dad is still receiving a bill for $3837.77. When I speak to them about this they say it's got to do with increased rates (their rate was locked in 1959). Also, this is the hardest company to find a phone # to speak to an actual person, all their business is done by mail... Why so hard to contact, is it their under-handed way of doing business - would not recommend this company to anyone!

    Verified Buyer
    Original review: Oct. 4, 2015

    For the last few years, I had individual long term care insurance policy with this company that I allowed to lapse due to financial difficulties on May 10, 2015. I had purchased this policy from Donald ** at the Sarasota FL office on cattle ridge Drive. When my agent D. ** found out about the lapse, he immediately tried to sell me on a different type of insurance policy that he told me would be both life insurance and also disability insurance (the name on the policy is: flexible premium universal life insurance). I told him at that time that I couldn't afford this policy right now because of my financial situation, nor that I needed life insurance because I have no dependents. He said this was also disability insurance. So he pushed on and told me, "let's just see if you can even qualify for this policy first and then you can decide later if you want to enable it."

    So I did, went through the medical exam and passed it. Then he called up and told me he was coming by my house to retrieve a check, but again I told him "No", that at that moment (August 27th) I still couldn't afford to pay a premium. Yet he pushed and pushed to get a check out of me with a promise he wouldn't deposit it so I gave him a check but only because I trusted him on his word that he would hold it and not deposit it, until I would initiate a phone call to his office telling them that they could.

    I'm self employed and my income is very irregular and the premium is a lot of money to me. Now here is where he literally screwed me. When he made me write out a check and promised me he would NOT deposit it until I initiated a phone call to his office telling him to deposit it. I NEVER made that call but I got a phone call from him 10 days later on September 5th that he wanted to deliver a policy to me, I think he came to my house on September 7 to be precise. I thought this very was odd because I hadn't paid for it (or so I thought) and again I said, "But I can't pay for it now" and he said, "That's okay you have 30 days to see if you can afford it. Just give our office a call when you can afford it and we will deposit the check." I didn't know at that time that my check had already been deposited, so he was lying to me about that.

    Then he made me sign tons of pages super fast without showing me what was on these pages even, but again, I trusted him. He apologized for not using carbon paper. I had no idea what I was signing for but I trusted him. BTW, I received zero copies of what I signed!!! I found out later. Meanwhile I'm getting lots of mail and bills, such as medical bills that I had no money to pay for them, so I threw them all on a big pile. If you've ever been this broke, it's hard to face or open any bills if you have no money, hence a big pile started to form.

    Today I finally did go through all my mail. Only to discover that he had indeed deposited the check already on September 4, 2015, this was done before he delivered my policy on September 7th, only one week after I gave him the check on August 27th, and without getting my consent to deposit it. I had no knowledge that this had been happening and my fault for not checking my own mail sooner. There's more. He MUST have made me sign something that day on September 7 that would take a premium automatically out of my checking account because I happened to check my statements today as well and see a payment pending. I was shocked when I saw that!

    I vaguely do remember signing for this, there were so many pages and he was acting all nervous and fast, chewing gum like a rabbit. I didn't want to sign my consent for that and I told him so. I ABSOLUTELY clearly remember him promising me that he would not use this withdrawal consent until I gave him the green light for it. I NEVER, NEVER DID!!! I'm telling you the truth here, because another piece of mail I opened today showed me a letter written on September 11, 2015 that I had consented for this automatic withdrawal. So he had lied to me then also and just submitted the consent form as soon as he got his hands on it. This came as a huge surprise to me.

    When he made me sign all this paperwork so quickly I honestly had no idea that I committed even to ANYTHING AT THAT TIME because he kept assuring me that without my oral approval, he would not engage this policy or deposit the check (which he already had deposited behind my back). Meanwhile, my bank account is overdrawn and I have no way even of bringing the balance above zero. The October payment is still in "pending" state at this moment. It also turns out that this policy is not a disability paying policy! What a freaking liar.

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    John Hancock expert review by Neal Frankle

    Hancock is another old-time life insurance provider. It was founded in 1862 but it was acquired by Canadian insurer, Manulife Financial, in 2004. The subsidiary is still headquartered in Boston.

    • Product variety: Hancock offers a complete line of insurance products.
    • Additional tools: Long-term care insurance, mutual funds and college savings plans are also offered by Hancock.
    • Industry leader: John Hancock leads the industry in survivorship life sales.
    • Products: Hancock agents will likely steer customers towards using Hancock products.
    • Not for everyone: While competitive on many levels, Hancock will not always be the best fit for all consumers.
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    Neal Frankle is a Certified Financial Planner in Los Angeles. He is the publisher of WealthPilgrim.com, an information resource for consumers. He has been a professional financial advisor since 1991 and is the editor of www.MCMHA.org.

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