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    Customer ServiceCoverage

    Reviewed Aug. 19, 2022

    I have a disability policy with John Hancock for 40 years> always paid premium then became disabled. Filed claim with John Hancock and never heard back. Telephone calls, e mails then got State Dept of Insurance involved. Finally Hancock told the Dept of Insurance they basically dropped the ball. Still nothing. All papers sent certified. Emails, etc. Still nothing. Then they increase my premium 300%.. They wanted me to miss my premium so I they increased it 300% when I should not even be paying a premium. Hired an attorney and still no response from Hancock. Then I get a call and letter from UNUM, 3rd party company who works with Hancock and stated to me that I need to send all papers again for a new claim.

    This is gong on 7 months and sent many times so did it again and still nothing. BUT I AM STUCK paying Hancock $1000 each month while not working so they do not say I did not pay my premium and lapse my coverage. Basically Blackmail with Hancock. Still Nothing so will now go to court. OF course I am out thousands of dollars in legal fees. DO NOT GO NEAR JOHN HANCOCK. THEY WILL NOT HONOR THE POLICY.

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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed July 12, 2022

    My mother, who passed away on April 24, 2022, had an annuity with John Hancock Life Insurance in the name of her trust. I first made contact with the JHLI on May 5, 2022 to start the claim process and it is now July 12, 2022 and I am still trying to get the claim processed. Every time I call I get a different person who tells me something different in terms of paperwork and timelines. I have not spoken to one person who seems to be competent and who knows what is happening with the estate's claim for the annuity. Buyer Beware!!!

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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed June 16, 2022

    This company has the WORST customer service. No two people at this company knows the same information. The reps can not be called back so no accountability can be enforced. I was on a 90 minute conference with one of their reps and a rep from my bank and at the end of the call it was decided that I needed to open a beneficiary IRA account at JH so the money could be transfered to my beneficiary IRA at my bank. Three hours after that call ended I got an email from JH that they no longer offer this financial product! What? How did the rep not know that?

    17 phone calls between the two firms and today I find out that what was suppose to be a electronic deposit was sent by paper check. Unreal. I wonder who ties their shoes in the morning???? In any event stay away from John Hancock as a whole. The woman at the brokerage firm where my deceased uncle had this account told me to get my money tranfered out because they had very poor customer service and that JH was difficult to deal with. Pathetic.

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    Customer ServiceCoveragePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed May 20, 2022

    Across three phone calls, John Hancock lied to me; breached privacy by telling me unassociated policy information; and has moved the goalposts on what information they can provide over a verified-identify phone call. A family member who had a life insurance policy with John Hancock passed away. I called to confirm the next steps to file a claim. I was told very little as John Hancock could not verify the deceased’s details; would not tell me anything about the policy I was attached to; and effectively refused to acknowledge the policy. I was told to submit a death certificate and (effectively) a blind-faith claim for an undisclosable amount. This process involved me providing personally-identifying information for myself and my family member without any insight into what I was doing by John Hancock. I was never informed if they received or acknowledged my claim.

    A few weeks after submitting the claim, I called John Hancock. I was told that they received my claim and that I would get a check for an unknown amount within a few days. I was also told about another policy that I had no connection to. This policy (for another family member but unrelated to my claim) should have been kept private and I had no connection to this policy. Apparently, because the policy holders have similar names, John Hancock’s systems made a mistake which was why every agent failed to acknowledge the provided details.

    More than three weeks later, I still had not received the check. I called John Hancock again, was again told that they could not find the policy and couldn't confirm the deceased details. After explaining how John Hancock's systems fails to account for similar sounding names, the agent was able to find the correct policy. I was then told that John Hancock had “just” finalized my claim that day (3 weeks after being told a check was already sent) and that I should receive the check within three *more* weeks. Overall, a failure of a company and terrible support staff.

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    Sales & MarketingStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 9, 2022

    The agent wasn’t very truthful. I told her that I’m A disabled veteran, using my VA loan. Which doesn’t require mortgage insurance. I explained this to the agent, but she acted as if she didn’t hear me. After further research, the agent shouldn’t have even come to my house. Once I cancelled the account, the phone operator told me that I would get my full refund. When I got the refund, it wasn’t even half of what I paid. This company is a scam, they scam you into getting the insurance, then scam you when you cancel the un-needed insurance.

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    Customer Service

    Reviewed Dec. 6, 2021

    I have two policies with Hancock. I've called for 3 years in a row regarding a problem with premium payments. Still have not received assistance! I have spoken to my agent; I've called John Hancock directly and back and forth and the situation is still not resolved. Spoke to my agent on 11/11/21 and he was supposed to call me back the following week. Did I hear from him....NO! Called him again today 3 hours ago and no reply yet. Called corporate and was back and forth with two reps and still not resolved. Tried to login online and for some reason it says it can't find me even though I just registered online last month! DON'T USE JOHN HANCOCK!!!

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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 13, 2021

    I've had life insurance with John Hancock for almost 20 years. I have questions about extending my life insurance when it expires next year. I get through to customer service but they must refer me to a sales rep. The sales rep NEVER call me back. After 20 years of making payments to John Hancock you would think the customer service would be better. It sucks. I recommend getting life insurance through another company.

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    Reviewed Aug. 28, 2021

    I had never dealt with a company that lies and mismanaged money like this before. First of all they will never tell you the truth. Do not even expect them to be honest. They do not even give good lies.

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    Customer ServiceOnline & App

    Reviewed Aug. 3, 2021

    I’m supposed to trust this company with my life savings? When I tried to call customer service, I had to enter information for several minutes each time, and then the system hangs up on me... every time. I wasted several hours. So, I opened an account with a reputable company, and I’m going to roll everything over. That is, if I can get my money. Their website does not work either. Click on this… Something went wrong… Click on that, it’s not available… What a joke! My kids could build a website that works better than that!

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    profile pic of the author

    Reviewed Feb. 19, 2021

    All I can say about this company is that they don't know their right hand from their left. Out of 5 different people I dealt with only ONE seemed to kinda know what they were talking about. A supervisor, I won't mention HER name, was completely RUDE, how she became a supervisor is beyond me. I would not trust them with $.03 let alone some of the amounts they are "managing." If you are a company looking to utilize these guys I would think twice. They will cause nothing but headaches for your employees.

    On top of misinformation as well as one person telling you something completely different than the other with a little omission of other pertinent details one should know sprinkled in, it makes for a very frustrating relationship. I won't go into the details of the week long HEADACHE I experienced with them in regards to MY money because I would have to write a novel but I will tell you this....IT WASN'T FUN!! BEWARE and look elsewhere.

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    Reviewed Jan. 9, 2021

    Not very responsive on customer service, have had to make repeated requests over the years to have corrections made. I have a Whole life policy that is paid up and don't need any additional coverage.

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    Reviewed Dec. 31, 2020

    Please do not purchase anything from them! My grandmother who raised 5 orphans had this policy for more than 30 years. She had just passed away Nov 22 2020. Today is the 31st of Dec. And still no payment. They are still currently giving my other sibling issues on payments as well. It took 14 days for a claims rep to call one of us. Now they are closed for the holiday and have to wait. I wonder if they ever screwed over a life insurer before. I am going to the Bank Of Finacial Insurance and beg that this company be Audited.

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    Reviewed Dec. 4, 2020

    They don't do anything for you. I transferred my policy from a group plan to personal and the only time you hear from them is when they have to send their compliance documents. To me, as a person who is getting older, your life insurance broker, should be providing additional guidance. Make sure that everything is "tidy" in case of or when a person dies.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Oct. 22, 2020

    Changed denial reason (7 months later) after I proved they were incorrect with supporting documentation. For the last 7 months, John Hancock who sends their claims to Seven Corners has denied me because they believed I claimed items that they thought had been returned to Amazon. After 3 reviews where they didn’t look at my supporting documents, 2 independent investigations through G4S and Optima, 3 way phone calls with Amazon, and hours adding additional information on each and every item they believed was returned (40 items-took 10 hours to prepare). Then sending an additional 72 pages of proof on top of the original 90 they’ve had on day one..... They just changed their denial reason. Simple as that!

    I showed through 4 different ways that nothing was returned and then after 7 months, 20+ emails and 20+ Phone calls they just decide to change the denial reason to another so I’m back to square one! The most egregious part is that they reverted to the original denial letter that claimed I had other providers that I did not tell them about. This was despite the fact that I had ALREADY proven THAT was false. Which was also the reason they had changed THAT denial reason to claiming items were returned.

    I provided emails, investigation contacts, phone name it. I easily showed that from day one I had multiple policies through my emails and initial claim (I had 14 checked bags). On the initial claim report I listed that I had at least another policy (there is only room for 1). So, I then sent them each policy name, policy number, and their contact number. I gave them G4S's investigators number who was doing an investigation with AMEX.. So again, they knew I had other carriers. This was given BEFORE they made a decision the FIRST time. There is absolutely no reason, no sane person, could possibly misinterpret me as trying to conceal I had other policies! None. It's absolutely maddening how they can this to people ethically. Not to mention, it's completely illegal. Horrible, unethical company.. STAY FAR AWAY!

    ** Edit: Have filed BBB complaint. Lori the manger I spoke to who requested 40 items they believed were returned will not respond via her email. Can someone explain how after 3 incorrect reviews about Amazon items being returned, the claim denial can be changed to an earlier denial reason that was also already proven untrue. Waiting for next manager John to talk to, whom is days late to respond. No one here, messenger, or email will respond. I’m stuck endlessly calling the phone reps (which I will continue to do relentlessly) until I speak to a manager.

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    Reviewed Sept. 15, 2020

    This company needs to be investigated and audited. My grandparents had a joint retirement account. When my grandfather passed away in 2012 my grandmother called to report his death and update beneficiaries. She was instructed to complete a TOD form which she did and sent back. A few weeks later she was sent another form because the old form was not according to their policies and needed to be notarized. She completed this form and had a notary signature and mailed back in their postage paid envelope.

    A month later she was told because my grandfather is deceased they needed her to complete two more forms to make her the only account holder in a new account. She did this as well. This was a very frustrating process and they had multiple accounts with other banks/institutions and this was by far the most ridiculous process, but we thought all was good and resolved. Fast forward to 2019 when my grandmother passed away. We file a death claim and we are told they are sorry but they have NO beneficiaries listed for this account!!! Keep in mind this was the only reason my grandmother called in the first place. Their answer is because the account was a joint account and only my grandmother signed the beneficiary forms they were invalid and she never sent in a new one under the new account. They never sent her another one or told her another needed to be sent in.

    We now had to probate her estate costing thousands of dollars - all accounts from other institutions 1 life insurance policy (met life) 4 bank accounts, and 1 other retirement account (T. Rowe Price) were all disbursed within weeks of notification. Now we have a court order of who to distribute the money to and guess what. They won’t distribute it - we have to create another “new” account titled “the estate” of my grandmother name in order for them to follow the court order and distribute funds. I am beyond disgusted!!!!

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    profile pic of the author

    Reviewed July 15, 2020

    I cashed out my 401K. According to what I have been told (by customer service reps). They tell me 7-10 business days to mail. Today is day 9 and no check. Coming from Buffalo NY should take 3 - 5 days.

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    Reviewed July 6, 2020

    Incompetent Company and Employees. My dad made on-time payments to John Hancock Life Insurance Company for YEARS. Upon his passing in May 2020, we contacted John Hancock Life Insurance by phone. They emailed us a claim form and told us what necessary documents they needed to process the claim. Told us it would take 10 business days to process the claim then funds would be distributed. Here it is now July 6th and we haven’t received ANYTHING BUT THE RUN-AROUND! We have called and called and called. Each time we call they say the same thing... They don’t see any updates and will call us tomorrow with an update; which they never do. THIS IS RIDICULOUS, John Hancock’s employees are incompetent and the company is a JOKE! If I ran my business this way I wouldn’t have a business. I want this resolved immediately, if not sooner! This is unacceptable and inexcusable.

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    Reviewed June 26, 2020

    My parents has had John Hancock life insurance for over 50 yrs. My dad passed away in April 2020. It is now damn near July and they still haven't paid his death benefit. Everyone you call and speak with are professional liars. This company is a scam! how dare they! Families have to call numerous times, get lied to and get the runaround just to get a check. I'm disgusted and this is egregious. NEVER AGAIN! BEWARE. Seek another insurance company.

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    Reviewed June 22, 2020

    Bought travel insurance policy for a trip. 5 days before coming home broke a tooth in my mouth. Policy states coverage for accidental dental covers $750.00. Paid $1000.00 to get tooth fixed. Sent in claim form. They received it and took them over 45 days to process and denied claim for some ** excuse. Called and got some Mickey Mouse company called Seven Courners. On hold for thirty minutes to say can’t help your claim has been processed. Filed a appeal right away and still no answer. It's now over 65days and no payment for a totally legitimate claim. John Hancock Insurance Co is a total RIP OFF!! And what a insurance scam. Do not trust this company. Very very poor customer service and they do not know what they are doing at all!!!

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    Reviewed May 20, 2020

    Our company switched to John Hancock many years ago. 4 1/2 years ago I took a 401K loan. When I received the amortization schedule from them it was obviously wrong and would not pay off the loan in the 5 year payback schedule. I contacted JH and they told me I was wrong. Well 4 years later they say, "Oh, the payback schedule is wrong and I now need to double up on the payments or make payments on their website in order to not be penalized." I made one payment on their web site and am unable to make any more due to their website "glitch" as they call it. This has been going on for 3 months. So John Hancock is an investment company that is unable to calculate a simple amortization schedule or maintain a functioning website.

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    profile pic of the author

    Reviewed May 13, 2020

    My employer switched to John Hancock about two years ago and it is the worst brokerage I have ever dealt with. Awful phone support, unintuitive browser, an app that barely functions, and somehow, it breaks, or fails to sync with, every budgeting tool out there. Once you do log-in, it's very hard to find information about your investments - it's as if they don't want to give you visibility of your own money. I actually like my employer but the fact that they chose John Hancock for retirement benefits is a huge negative. Avoid this brokerage - if you are looking for a plan provider for a company, do the employees a solid and choose literally any other bank.

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    Reviewed Jan. 27, 2020

    Long story short because John Hancock has no idea of what they are doing I am getting taxed twice on a ROTH IRA. I have been attempting to make contact with them but thus far that has been a waste of time.

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    Reviewed Dec. 19, 2019

    Worst service, products, company!!!! This is the worst company ever!!! Worst ever!!! Rude!!! Nasty,!!! Slow!!! I hate I ever joined!!! I will never let anyone I know join this company!!!! There is no urgency in nothing!!! Stay away from this company.

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    Reviewed Oct. 17, 2019

    I opened a 401k thru my employer in Feb 2019. I had around $815 in the account at end of Sept when I requested the distribution. This employer did not match even a penny. When my bank received my distribution ck this week it was for $692. I called John Hancock to find out why they took anything from my balance. I explained the rep I dealt with said nothing at all about $85 to be taken by a 3rd party and $25 taken by John Hancock. The mgr said she listened to the call and agreed he did not. She said my employer is told that there is a fee upon rollover. That doesn't really help me now does it since I'm not my employer?

    I work hard for what little money I have and I despise businesses that take my money without disclosing fee amounts. It's a scam as far as I see it. So bottom line is I lost that money and still have to pay taxes on the $692 whenever I need it in the future. Sad! I will NEVER invest thru John Hancock or thru another employer. I will remove any life insurance policies as well that are held by John Hancock never to be a future customer of theirs ever again. You have lost my trust in your name.

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    Reviewed Oct. 2, 2019

    My husband passed away in June and I am listed as beneficiary on the 401k. They will not give me any information after several phone calls and said someone from the transition team would call me. A woman called me and told me the transition team would not be calling me and would not give me any info. Not only that she was extremely abrasive and aggressive on the phone. I emailed the company from their website asking for an address where I could mail a request for information and no response. I am having to hire an attorney now to handle this. So uncaring and unwilling to help or to pay benefits to widows and widowers. I have never written a negative review for a company in my life until now. They should be ashamed. I am looking to see what agency I need to report their actions.

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    Reviewed Oct. 1, 2019

    Worst company ever! My ex husband has John Hancock as his retirement company, 401k was part of the divorce. So we get all the paperwork done and submitted correctly and now they won’t let me log in because someone put my birthday in wrong. And I’ve checked this was NOT on my end so why should I have to provide you with a birth certificate? Why should I spend extra money and time running around because you can’t do your job? Never will I EVER recommend them!

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    Reviewed Sept. 20, 2019

    Upon leaving my company, I completed the necessary paperwork to transfer my funds to a new account. John Hancock's records indicated that the check was written on September 4th and sent to the address for the new account. After waiting over two weeks, I contacted John Hancock asking for additional information because the company which had the new account had not received the check. At that point, I was told that the check was not sent to the address they showed on file, but that it had been sent to the third party administrator. I have yet to see the check so I have lost interest on my money and John Hancock falsified their records regarding where the check was sent. They refused to give me tracking information. My next step is to report them since they do not seem to understand that they are part of a heavily regulated industry.

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    Reviewed Aug. 7, 2019

    My mother died over a decade ago. John Hancock just sent a letter regarding her death recently. We didn't know this account with them existed and found it both hurtful and odd to revisit her accounts and death a decade later. I filled out all the paperwork they requested and have been waiting and waiting and waiting. I keep getting told they are "processing" things and need a couple more days. It's been weeks now. There's nothing complicated about the circumstances. I just want this matter closed, but they have been horribly lacking in any compassion or understanding.

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    Reviewed July 29, 2019

    I wish they had negative stars. My father-in-law passed away in May 2019. We filed claims for his life insurance with MetLife and John Hancock. MetLife paid the claim in one week. It took John Hancock three weeks to send us a letter saying additional information was needed. We immediately sent it in. Three weeks later there is still no check. We have wasted hours calling getting numerous call centers around the world to representatives who could barely speak English. None could tell use when the check was being sent. It finally took screaming at the representative to get us to a US representative. She was able to tell us the check is being cut (we’ll see if it’s true!). Save yourself many headaches and go to MetLife.

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    Reviewed May 31, 2019

    For the last seven years my father has lived with us, I faithfully paid his insurance premiums. When he passed away, I could not find a person to talk to and was sent to several different people until I finally landed on the right one. He said nothing politely about being sorry for my dad‘s death but was laughing and acting silly on the phone. That was upsetting but he promised that he would get in touch with the right person in the company and that they would send me paperwork to be filled out to apply for his life insurance. I am the only beneficiary so it should be very straightforward.

    A month and two voicemails to his office later I have not heard anything from anyone. I did, however, receive a bill for the next installment on his life insurance. It seems as though a month is enough time to put into the computer that he is deceased and will no longer be paying premiums. A month is also enough time for them to send me paperwork to fill out. I am very unhappy with this company. They are making a very difficult situation even harder and more unpleasant. I plan to contact the attorney general.

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