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Last updated: Jan. 16, 2018

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Original review: Jan. 16, 2018

I just got a prescription for 30 ea of 100 mg ** cash price $13.42. I had the pharmacist run it on my Humana RX plan and he said the price was OVER $40! I have a $450 deductible so Humana triple charges to cover the low premium I pay of $20 per month. I am very unsatisfied with this company. But I haven't needed meds yet so maybe I won't need this bad drug plan... Hope...

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Original review: Dec. 19, 2017

Too bad I didn’t read these reviews before I signed up. I had Humana Walmart Part D last year and was very satisfied with Walmart pharmacy. During the current signup period I learned I could save time and money by keeping the plan but using Humana Pharmacy instead. During my 1st week as their customer I have concluded my only sane choice is to go back to Walmart. Absolutely every one of my 12 contacts except for initial enrollment has been a disaster. There is no coordination between departments, their website is a joke, their customer service reps are untrained, I have been given different prices 3 times, disconnected, etc. These lapses make me extremely pessimistic about the probability that their purchasing department and pharmacists are any more qualified.

Will I receive the proper medication? Doubtful. My initial order consisted of 7 medications. They were supposed to contact 3 of my doctors. 5 working days passed and none of the docs were contacted. After many calls they are processing 4 prescriptions although their email to me states 5. As for the remaining prescriptions, customer service had no record of them. However, they appear on the enrollment department’s system. One hand doesn’t know what the other is doing which is very dangerous for a company which dispenses lifesaving drugs. I didn’t learn until today that there are no automatic refills. That would not ordinarily bother me but just thinking about repeating this exercise quarterly is enough to cancel my account. Stay far, far away.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 3, 2017

Went to Humana starting in 2007, use RightSource and that it’s all Humana. Had a problem when I first started with them constantly calling but after taking myself off their calling list I’ve never had a problem.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 25, 2017

** is a narrow therapeutic index medication where fluctuations in exact dosages can be fatal to the consumer. Humana mail order pharmacy will not stock or order a specific generic manufacturer's product with a doctor's prescription order. Humana cannot tell you which generic manufacturer that they current have in stock for any of their ** dosages. Small variances may be acceptable in manufacturing but can be harmful if not fatal for people who must maintain a therapeutic medication range. This therapeutic range can be difficult to achieve initially but once a series of stable PT/INR tests have been achieved, then it is imperative to stay with this medication regimen.

Humana would not respond to letters that I written to their CEO and to their Chief Medical Officer. Humana would rather put their consumers at a grave health risk than to do the right thing. Needless to say, Humana Medicare Rx PDP will not be a plan of choice for myself or my spouse. I have also alerted friends and family to their abusive practices.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2017

I have been using Humana mail order pharmacy for more than eight years and they have never let me down. When I need a refill they always call and ask me if I would like to refill my medication and all I need to say is yes, and they call my doctor office for me. My prescriptions come in 90 day amounts right to my mailbox and cost me nothing, which is a huge help because I am on a low income.

My mother is 92 and lives with me. She also receives her prescriptions through Humana mail order pharmacy. Neither of us have ever had any issues or complaints about their service, and they are always kind and caring on the phone. We live 40 miles from the nearest town so mail order pharmacy is important to us. Mom is making a decision for a new supplement insurance and it is important that she is able to remain with Humana mail order pharmacy. Some insurance companies have other mail order pharmacies and we do not want to switch. I am sorry to read all of these bad reports that people write about Humana mail order pharmacy, but sometimes a soft word gets a gentle reply. Proverbs 15:1 A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 26, 2017

Humana has a CS Rep who lives to talk in a monotone voice on and on about nothing pertinent just to hear herself talk. They repeat everything without shame and apparently believe everyone is as stupid as themselves. I'm changing to another service as soon as possible! DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER using these keystone cop troglodytes!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 15, 2017

I called to pay 3 months premiums $17 each month total $51. Gave them routing number & account number of my checking account. I even had them read it back to me. Perfect. A week later still in my checking account. They never even tried taking the $51. Checked at my bank, they told me they never made an attempt at getting money. It would have showed up if they tried. So the money is still there.

When I call the answering machine says I have 0 balance yet they tell me, live person I'm behind for Aug. Also had problem I sent an $8 check for my July prescription. Said they never got, so before I could get my 3 prescription I had to pay the $8 that they said they never got. So I told them I would use my cc for the $8 for the bill they claim I didn't pay, no check they said, & use the cc for the 3 prescriptions I needed. Guess what 2 days later they tried cashing the $8 check they said they never got. I had canceled the check through my bank. Now they tell me I still owe them $8. I paid $32 for my 4 prescriptions so I owe them nothing. Each prescription is $8.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 14, 2017

I fell and injured my left leg. The pain was excruciating and I went to the ER to get checked out. They said that I needed to get an MRI. I saw one orthopedic doctor who just said that I had bad arthritis and that he would start treatment with ** shot. That failed and this same doctor ordered a new shot called ** to be injected into my knee. I started seeing one of his colleagues, because he moved to another state. The new doctor ordered an MRI and found that I had a distal femur fracture and a torn meniscus in my left knee/leg. Now I have $209.00 in a prescription that I won't even use, has not been opened, and they will not refund my money. I and my husband are both disabled and on a limited income. That money could go to other medicines, doctor's visits, groceries, and gas for our auto, that Humana says is ok to be expendable. I will never use Humana after this year, and I will tell everyone I know not to use Humana.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 10, 2017

After spending three days with different customer service reps., I am now convinced, why do they even have customer service or for that matter why do they even exist as a company. Help is the last thing in their mind. I called the help desk to inquire about my order. Two days before this, I had called about the same and after being directed and redirected a pharmacy person told me he will get it expedited and shipped that day. I called yesterday and wasted an hour when they told me it will be shipped today... Since nothing happened I called again but this time the lady told me it will come when it will come. On top of it she said the orders are filled in a warehouse and they cannot get in touch with the warehouse.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 26, 2017

When you place a mail order for medication, Humana tells you that it should reach you in 10 business days. Usually it does. This time my order has been a nightmare. I'll tell you about it soon. First I will tell you a bit about how Humana works. Anyone reading this, please understand that in theory you can order meds by phone, mail or online in a sign-in account. It sounds very convenient. When it works well, it works very very well. And when it doesn't, it's awful. I have been with Humana for about 7 years. I used the Advantage Plan for the first 2 years then decided it was a waste of money. I still had copays, so what was I paying Humana over $100 a month for? I switched to Medigap. They cover everything for me except Part D (pharmacy), or you can choose how much of your leftover 20% you want them to cover.

I had 2 hospitalizations last year. The wonderful Cedars Sinai in LA - 1 medical and 1 surgical and didn't pay a dime. GoMedigap will help you find the least expensive premiums, notify you before your premiums go up and again find you the least expensive alternative. Free service. Very cool. No more "Advantage" Plans.

Back to Humana. I'm choking on the name right now because I am so angry with them. I went to my computer and signed into my account to place an order. This is usually quick and easy, but they had "updated" the website. First they didn't recognize my password. I re-entered just in case I typed it wrong. Nope. I left the site, thought about what to do and then signed in again. This time they recognized me! I was happy. So I went to the page where they list my medications. They said I had no prescriptions. I snarled, then called the pharmacy. The robo-woman will drive you crazy. I eventually gave my order to a nice-sounding human woman who was a pharmacy assistant, telling her that I was going to run out of my ** (blood pressure) in 8 days and hoped my order would come quickly.

Then I waited for the mail. It usually comes in about a week. It has never taken 10 days. So on day 9 I called to ask them to track my package. It turns out it was never processed because one medicine needed a new order from my doctor. I raised my voice - said "What? Why the heck didn't you send the others?" loudly and angrily. She apologized and said the woman should have sent the others and kept trying on the one that needed a new order. Let me digress appropriately here... My doctor's office is a well-oiled machine because of Alice the head nurse. She gets a fax from a pharmacy when a med needs reordered and immediately takes it to the doctor, who says ok, always, and she faxes them the order. That day. Humana frequently calls me saying they didn't receive a fax from my doctor and they've been trying for 2 weeks.

I call Alice and she tells me she's faxed them 3 times. I call Humana back (they love keeping us on the phone) and tell them and they deny that they have received any. I read one review here where the person said the faxes go into the trash where a janitor empties it every 20 minutes. I believe it! Anyway, Humana doesn't have an order for one med so they don't process and mail anything? How do they make money that way? The employees must really hate the company because they prevent them from making money by making a habit of not filling orders. So I told this woman that I was going to run out of my blood pressure med in 3 days. The truth. She apologized (they do that a lot) and said she would expedite the order and send everything since they made this error. They do this readily and I usually get it the next day because they overnight it. So 3 days later it had not arrived.

I called yet another person, a male this time, and he apologized and said he will call my insurance and see if he can override the mail order and call it into a local pharmacy. I gave him the phone number of who I wanted it sent to and thanked him, even though I was on the phone 45 minutes with him while he bumbled around. I called the local pharmacy (30 miles away) and explained my medicine emergency and asked them to let me know when it was ready. I would run out of ** the next day.

I'm writing this with light sarcasm in it, but the truth is, my blood pressure is not under control and missing doses could be life-threatening for me. I said as much to the man I spoke to at Humana. The pharmacy never got the order. I called my doctor and asked them to send prescription right away to the pharmacy. They did. My husband drove 60 miles round-trip to get my medicine. Either Humana or Medicare only authorized 10 pills, and I take 3 a day! Hope the supposedly overnighted medicine order isn't lost. 3 days worth won't get me through the weekend.

Today is the next day. I called and again had to tell the whole story again to a nice-sounding woman who kept apologizing for my troubles. She checked the order that was expedited and said it had not been expedited! It had been sent in regular mail. I freaked out. The bottom line is that she spoke with her manager, who suggested that they call the order into my pharmacy. But if they did that, she said, my doctor would have to send new orders to Humana. I didn't care. I couldn't wait for the medicine. If I don't take it regularly, my systolic blood pressure rises to over 200 and I wind up in the hospital with people watching to see whether I will have a stroke or heart attack. I told her go ahead.

She said she needed to talk to her manager again and I waited on hold 15 minutes for her to come back with the robo-lady repeating instructions over and over and over. When she did, she said she didn't know what to do because I had said I didn't want the order called out. I said, raising my voice a bit, "Listen to me carefully. I want you to place the order for ** with my local pharmacy. Do you understand me?" She said she did and she needed to speak with the manager again. I waited another 15 minutes -- I had been on the phone with her for an hour now -- and when she came back she told me everything was closed and everyone was gone. I could have screamed. I didn't. She said she would be back early in the morning and first thing she would get permission to send the order out to my local pharmacy. She apologized again and again. I told her I was telling Medicare about all the troubles I have had with them with this one order.

I will add all the troubles I have had with them period. She said she didn't blame me, they had really messed up. I didn't feel forgiving. I only blame each person for their own messes - I don't take my frustration out on someone who didn't do anything wrong but was trying to straighten out the problem. But, 4 people now had made a mess out of my order. This woman miscommunicated my wishes to her manager and I was out of options for today. I told her to please call me in the morning when she had completed the order transfer. I don't have an end to this mess yet. I had to vent my frustration and anger somewhere and chose this forum. Thanks for listening.

By the way, did you know that, by federal law, any publicly traded corporation's primary responsibility is to its' shareholders? My husband told this to me and I checked it out. It's true (**). Sorry that was truncated, but it was that way online. The article confirmed what I said. We the people don't have a chance for reasonable outcomes with companies like Humana. I continue with them because Humana is the least expensive company. I can't afford to pay more for the large number of medicines I need because I have been disabled for 26 years and live on Social Security. I feel abused.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 14, 2017

I had a satisfactory experience with Humana on Monday morning. However, they do not offer customer service when you are having a medical issue over the weekend. People get sick and need Rx on Saturdays and Sundays, not just during normal business hours Monday through Friday.

Original review: July 24, 2017

Humana is one of the ONLY pharmacies that require the patient to call for a vacation override, most other pharmacies allow the pharmacist to do it. I thought I misplaced pills and the pharmacist told me to call for a vacation override. I made the mistake of telling Humana that I had misplaced pills. Because of this, even when I called back to tell them I found the missing pills, they would NOT give me a vacation override. I will definitely look for a new pharmacy. I have been with Humana for over 2 years, have never requested an override or called for any reason, always pay my bill promptly, and this is the service I get. HORRIBLE.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 26, 2017

I have been with RightSource then folding into Humana Pharmacy since 2013. I was "encouraged" to purchase through RightSource mail order to get the benefit of my prescriptions which fell under tier 1 and 2 because at the time, there was no additional charge or co-pay. It took a while for RightSource to get their act together, but once they did I was okay. They didn't have the website or app at the time either. When I moved to Arizona, I contacted my insurance agent (Family Insurance) and she gave me a new agent to relocate my policy. Wow, what fun that was. I immediately got a new card issued January 2016 and within a month got a letter from Social Security stating that I no longer had coverage. Wow, again.

I called Humana and they saw that they had made a mistake. I had to give them a credit card to pay the month that SS had not taken it out of my check. And Humana sent me a letter (form letter) indicating that it was their error and it would be taken care of. It was for the moment.They wanted me to sign up for mail order again, but since I was not at my permanent address, I decided to used the Walmart Pharmacy to fill my prescriptions. In March of 2017, when I finally moved into my house, I went online to change my address so I could start to have my prescriptions filled through the mail. Now I do have a new house, built on a lot that never had a house before, but I was already receiving mail, and to see my changing my address and it being rejected as no such address was a bit frustrating. Yes, I had to call and it took two days for them to put in the new address.

The rep told me she had to find out how to override this problem, but she did finally succeed. Hours, and hours but hey I have nothing better to do right. And the reps are always pleasant. But I am a savvy senior, with all the tech stuff. I want to be able to do what I want when I want to do, not confined to a customer service person during their working hours. So finally I am able to switch my prescriptions, so I copy all my Humana information and go to my doctor's office. I hand them everything and right in front of me, they send it to Humana. I check them website the next day and it is delayed, then cancelled. What is going on. Of course, I call. I go from rep to pharmacy and back again. They didn't receive anything, no fax. My husband said that he believes (and he has little faith) but that they catch all the faxes in a wastepaper basket, and some janitor cleans it out every 20 minutes.

So I get in the car and go back to my doctor's office. Sure enough, they not only sent a fax while I was standing there, they also sent a fax at the request of Humana Pharmacy. So in the good fashion of the people who work at Arizona Oncology, they send another one while I am there. Whew, finally. I also get a 30 day prescription from them from Walmart just in case.

Moving right along, I go to fill one of my other prescriptions with my internist. I stop at the office, just to give them the heads up. But I once again, (needing to prove that the "few mistakes" were operator error), that I can do this from the website. And you would be right to think this was a fool's errand, and it was. Back to the doctor's office, this time due the fact that Walmart refused to call Humana Pharmacy and cancel my prescription so Humana could fill it. I can't imagine what they would gain since the customer service rep at Humana gave me a number to give them. So back to my Dr's office. And 1 hour later, after speaking a Humana customer service rep, it was a done deal. Don't get me wrong, I love my Drs and their staffs, but I am now on a first name basis with janitors who think I must be working there.

So that brings us to this morning. Needed to switch two prescriptions (my last 2). I couldn't even get into the website. Didn't like my choice of either ID or password. Yes, I called customer service again. 1 hour later I had a new ID and Password. Then I tried to use them. I kept getting that screen from Chrome telling me that the site was either changed or didn't exist. So I tried the app on my phone (horrible) and had no more luck. Yes, I needed to call again. The rep was able to switch the prescription and of course, you know what that means, they are sending a request to my doctors fax line. Am I scared, no this time I have enough medication to see me through this trail and error process. But I will keep an eye on it until I see that I have a "status".

The company, their website, their app or just horrible. No one at the customer service level really knows what they are doing. What a place to put your cheap labor at the "entry" to your services. I am a very well educated professional. I am used to very complicated problems, to which I am good at solving. But this takes the cake. After this experience, I googled Humana RightSource reviews and it was not surprising that people are extremely "disappointed" in their experience.

I agreed to take a little phone survey after my experience today. When they called back, I gave it the worst reviews I possible could. When they asked me to record a statement, I also did that with my last words being cut off with "Thank you for participating". I expect that just like the faxes, this will be erased or dropped in the proverbial circular file.

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Original review: June 21, 2017

I tried to get my prescriptions changed from local Walmart to Humana mail order. WHAT A NIGHTMARE! I had to call 5 times to get my address changed; tried to scan credit card per their instructions-- no luck! Called and gave them my credit card. Called for update the next day on prescriptions and they still had the wrong address and no credit card number. Horrible, horrible service!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 7, 2017

I had to change my card due to fraud last summer and forgot to notify Humana, which was taking premiums out of my account automatically. They did not contact me, but they cancelled my plan. I found out when I went to the pharmacy. I called them and gave them the new card number, and they charged the past due amount and the current month's premium. My coverage was restored and has never lapsed since.

Recently, I received a letter stating that I owed them over $600 in past due premiums. When I asked them why they were just now notifying me, they had no answer. The letter mentioned that I could make payment arrangements for the past due. I called, gave them the same card I'd given last summer, and authorized them to take the premium out on the fifth of each month.

When I asked about the payment arrangements, the representative told me another department would be in touch with me. My premium is $79. On the 5th of June I received an email from my bank saying I was overdrawn. They had taken out $236. I called and reported it to my bank's fraud department and will receive a provisional credit while they investigate. I called Humana and was given the runaround. I am on a fixed income and have no money for food right now, let alone bills. I am terrified that they are going to clean out my account when I get my Social Security direct deposit in a couple of weeks. The bank says even if I change my debit card, they can still get the money. I may have to close my bank account completely to protect my money. I can't change plans until open enrollment. Please be careful when considering this company. What they did was as fraudulent as someone who steals your card.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 18, 2017

Humana Pharmacy RX coverage Part D for medicare: I have had nothing but problems with Humana and inconsistent information on top of it. I have actually stopped taking from Humana Pharmacy representatives. I was initially told when switching to Humana (also paying an extra premium of $37.00 month) that this was excellent coverage for the medications I am on. Having a limited monthly income and knowing it would be a yearly deductible of $500. I have actually more than met my deductible and these medications are costing me a fortune. I have actually stopped taking some medications because of the price. (ex: ** eye drops $660.00, ** $82.00 , ** $57.00) I am suppose to be taking and have taken these medications for several years NEVER having these prices.

All of a sudden they are now charging different prices than they told me and putting medications in different tiers than they were originally to make them more expensive. The Humana representatives are not helpful and EVERYONE tells you something different. Having worked in customer service and a supervisor I can not believe this is how a company treats their clients. I will recommend any and all to stay away from HUMANA. I will be switching as soon as possible. It is actually a crime that people like myself get bad information and go with a company that you are locked into for a year. I am not normally a person that would make a public complaint, BUT I am disgusted with Humana and do not want anyone else to fall prey to their misconceptions and bad service.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 17, 2017

They send me things in the mail. THEY OWN YOUR INFORMATION, AND SEND IT TO EVERYONE! ALLOWING TELEMARKETERS TO CALL AND ANNOY YOU. Frequent telemarketing calls, they never stop. Customer raises their voice, when you do. Customer service can keep transferring you. The sales agent can mess you up your insurance when renewing and the possible result of the mess up could lead you to wait another month for it be effective. Even when your insurance is messed up, they won't spare you the convenience of a turnaround for inconvenient purposes, and when its their fault, still have to wait for the effective date - following month or longer, and if you prescriptions, too bad, still have to wait, and you possibly will have to paid out pocket, no reimbursements.

Keep getting this RX SMART SUMMARY in the mail. I can never seem for them to stop receiving. I just got off the phone with them about this, and my response was: "Well what if I just give you guys a different address, because you don't really want to stop this from coming in my mail." And their response was: "Well we would have to end your insurance." And my response was: "End my insurance because I don't want to Receive these paper summaries in the mail." Really! "I am sorry, let me see what I can do before I transfer you," (and they never know) and possibly wont transfer you. If they transfer you, you will have to repeat your address and everything else, and re-explain to the next dept. why you're calling. Very Incompetent!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 4, 2017

I have been with Humana for a few years. This past January when I ordered my breathing med I was waiting to come out of hole, where my med would have been over $300.00. It would drop to $131.00 after the first. So I was cutting back to half to try to get by the last two weeks. I called and gave my info and my med never arrived. Then I called back and was told the person I talked with had not got my visa card info. Then I tried to refill this same med on the 21 of April, again making sure I had enough to last. I kept watching my bank account and the money was not taken out.

On May 1, I called and was told again the banking info was not taken. I told the person I was talking to that was simply not true for I had my bank register with me when I ordered on the 21 of april and recorded it after the young lady confirmed and told me the cost. So I was upset and called my local Wal-Mart and they were going to run it for me. But when they tried it said the med was filled on April 21. So I called Humana back and talked with a young man and he said the info about the confirmation of payment and they then sent the med with expedited postage. I received it on Wed., the 3rd.

What worries me is what about the meds I have that have no co-pay? I have no way to find out. I used to go online without any problems. Now they say they have done a secure log-in. Well it is secure it won't let me log in. And when I contacted them about not being able to get in they messaged me back with changing my password. I tried that and then this captcha comes up and you are to pick out certain matching photos. The trouble is the format has no pictures!!! So I have enough stress in my life without this mess. I will be going back to my local Wal-Mart where I know I can depend on and trust my health needs will be met in a timely manner.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 23, 2017

There are only two things that work at Humana Pharmacy: their prompt processing of the customer payments, and their listing on the U.S. Medicare website. The following are rankings from A to Z (Z = worst): 1. Speed of handling orders: Z, Worst: Major delays. They do not keep good records, and therefore it is very difficult to find out the status of an order. Their employees are rude, they interrupt the customer, they lie constantly (even changing their story multiple times within a single telephone call).

They refuse to call the doctor when there is a problem (e.g. doctor wrote a slightly different prescription than the customer asked for, e.g. because of the malfunctioning of the Humana Pharmacy website), or they say they cannot read the doctor's handwriting, which in fact even a child of 9 can do), and they hold up an order for multiple days when there is a problem instead of informing the customer. Even if the problem is that the customer owes more than expected for the prescription, it takes them days to inform the customer. The typical telephone call to try to wrest information from Humana Pharmacy will take 1/2 hour (1 hour is not especially unusual).

2. Competence of website: Z, Worst: The Humana Pharmacy formulary does not contain common drugs that tens of millions of people use and that are written about constantly in newspapers such as New York Times. It is also missing common dosages that millions of patients have been prescribed. It is supposed to allow the patient to select a generic version, but that function is disabled. Then when the patient finally selects a drug (or a close enough drug that the doctor will know what is meant when Humana Pharmacy faxes him), they do not disclose the price. All this leads to major delays (3, 4, or 5 days or more). Despite major website malfunctions, there is no online tech support, and they do not publicize the Tech Support telephone number.

3. Competence of customer service: Q, Bad. (See item 1 above!) All Customer Service is telephone only -- not even Tech Support is online. They have at least 3 divisions in Customer Service: Customer Service, Tech Support, and Enrollment Team. Switching between them typically takes 5 minutes. Their representatives will not answer even simple questions about topics in a different division than the given representative is in.

4. Competence of telephone system: Z, Worst. Even though many of the calls appear to be answered by Americans (i.e. not East Indians), it is often extremely difficult to hear the representatives (The problem is not my telephone system). Needless to say, the representatives refuse to comply with the customer's request to speak loudly, slowly, and clearly. When you call them, even if you have called recently, you have to listen through long starting robo-messages, including an incredible long legal disclaimer. There is no callback option where they would call the customer back in the case of long wait times, and they do not give the customer an estimate of the wait time.

5. Competence of "survey" function that rates the representatives: Z, Worst. This is a call-back robocall that never works. It says "Press 1 to begin the survey". This does not work on my very standard cordless phone which tens of millions of people have. Pressing "1" only causes the message to repeat, and so forth until infinity.

6. Dispensing quality: M, Not good. If they can substitute a drug manufactured in India, they will. 7. Dispensing accuracy: F, Needs improvement. If your doctor makes a mistake and does not prescribe what you asked for, or if Humana Pharmacy has a question about something that the doctor faxes them, there is a long delay before you will find out. 8. Treatment of local pharmacies (antitrust aspects): H, Fairly good. Unlike nearly all other (criminal) mail order pharmacies since 2016, Humana Pharmacy does actually compete on price in many cases (but by far not all), and does not limit the local pharmacy to dispensing for only 30 days.

9. Bottom line: U, Quite bad. They need major housecleaning in their management. They are on a par with some of the worst organizations in existence which serve the public. Think U.S. Congress, CIA, FBI, U.S. Social Security Administration, U.S. IRS, Verizon, Comcast, Uber, Airbnb, PayPal, H&R Block Tax Software -- the list goes on. Since I am not aware of criminal complaints against Humana Pharmacy, I cannot call them "organized crime", but it does appear that they are on the way to earning their stripes.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 6, 2017

I use the online-service frequently. A pharmacist is always available via phone, should I need help. The service sends advisory email when I am scheduled a refill, or need a new scrip. When generic becomes available for an existing scrip, I am advised.

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Original review: March 22, 2017

This is a pharmacy through my provider. My meds are delivered to my house in 3 month quantities. The first 2 deliveries were great. After that everything fell apart. I would get partial deliveries. Half of my meds would come then the rest piecemeal. At first I had all my medication synced up. Meaning everything came as one delivery. That was great. By the 9th month I was running out of meds. Some would come and some couldn't be ordered. The whole reason I signed up for the service was to have all my medication come at one time. Very disappointed.

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Original review: March 8, 2017

If you are planning on using Humana mail order Rx, I would say stop unless you have a lot of patience and like stress. Tried for 2 months to set up my account and managed to get most of my Rx's to them. Had trouble with two and called in with number they provide, gave my story and was told have to transfer me. Transferred, told my story again and said transfer me again. Got disconnected. Started over again, finally got through and tried to tell my story and person would not listen to me, wanted to go over my Rx's and would not pay any attention to what I wanted to say. Should not of been surprised. Had problem like this other times when I called in. Why do they give you number to call and then transfer you 2 times. Seems like a very poor run operation. Finally told last person I talked to, to cancel my account, was going to go elsewhere and find a company that knew what they were doing.

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Original review: March 8, 2017

I just recently moved from MD to NC 5 months ago. I had Cigna originally paying $13 a month. Now unfortunately with Humana started paying $18.20 for 2 months then it jumped to $27.80. Not only did it jump up in 3 months after joining, they're fighting me on my medicines. I was getting ** patches which is for pain, the ** brand, but they don't want to pay for it even when my pain management doctor filled the form out as to why I need it but they still said no. I see my pain management doctor every month and drive all the way to MD once a mo. The last 2 times I've seen him he gave me prescriptions for this patch and they won't fill it because they don't want to pay for it. I NEVER had this problem with Cigna-HealthSpring. My pain doctor would fill the form out and it was approved but now I'm with Humana they fight me and won't do.

Also I use an ** for pain and Humana tries to force a crappier generic on me even if it gives me allergic reaction and makes me bleed just to save them $. I thought we the customers are suppose to have a choice but we pay more for the brand which is ok. But they don't even want to do that. I never had a problem with Cigna when my pain doctor filled form out for my ** patches. Now with Humana I get a hard time with the answer no. I HATE HUMANA. I also see most reviews on here, so do most people like over 800 people. Wow Humana sucks bigly!!!

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Original review: Feb. 27, 2017

Beware of a collection dept. scam at Humana specialty pharmacy. This is a complaint about Humana specialty pharmacy mail order. We are having problems with Humana SPECIALTY Pharmacy MAIL ORDER, located at 111 MERCHANT ST, SPRINGDALE, OH 45246-3730. They charged us for stuff we did not order. And they are enforcing us to pay for medications that we did not order. And threatening us with collection.

Then we contacted the pharmacy, they listen to the phone recording of our order, they found out that we did not order all what they sent us. They say they will fix this mistake, but never did and for year 2016 we do not owe them anything and their computer indicates we owe them nothing for 2016 BUT THEY REFUSE COMPLETELY TO SEND ANY KIND OF A STATEMENT STATING THAT WE OWE NOTHING FOR 2016. All I need is one sentence only in a statement (this member owe nothing for 2016) or (balance zero for 2016) because I do not trust those people anymore.

The supervisor at the Humana collection department (Melissa) does not take the word of the patients coordinator Karen who listened to our Phone order and found that we did not order all what they delivered, If this supervisor MELISSA think that Humana coordinator Karen is DISHONEST then no wonder why the customers think this company is running by Crooks.

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Original review: Feb. 7, 2017

I started in Dec 2016 to get a tier and quantity reduction. My doctor has filed them for me. I was approved for the quantity. But have been not for the tier reduction yet. My doctor yesterday put through a urgent request and still get different answers every time. They won't help me lower the cost of my drug I cannot afford.

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Original review: Jan. 26, 2017

I have been taking ** for many years because I have a syrinx in my spinal cord. Under United Health Care's AARP plan I paid $8 for this prescription because it is a generic drug. I switched to HUMANA, EVEN PAYING AN EXTRA $30. p/m premium, because they supposedly would charge me less for my prescriptions. The reality is I pay more. When I called today (01/26/17) I was told that it cost more because it is a controlled substance. There is nothing about this charge written anywhere. I plan to sue.

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Original review: Jan. 23, 2017

I would highly discourage anyone from using Humana Rx. First, they don't allow for automatic prescription renewal. Every time you need to renew a prescription, you have to call and order it. CVS Caremark and Medco are very automated in this and make it easy. Humana does not. Secondly, there is a "bait and switch" issue when choosing them for Medicare pharmacy. In July when I first started looking at possible companies, I was told that my generic drugs would have NO copay. This was true in my first order in November. I had to reorder today and each one was $8. And my monthly payment remained the same! That is quite an increase... 800%!

Also, they have no automated ordering. I called this weekend and did get an automated service... gave them the prescription name, all the security info and the prescription number. Then the automated service transferred me to another automated service to leave the credit card into, which I did. Then that automated service transferred me back and I got a message that the "office was closed and I had to call back during office hours"??? Really... take me through the entire process, spend the time on the phone and then take all my credit card information and THEN tell me to call back!! I called back this morning and there was no record of my order... so I had to go through everything again. Avoid using them at all costs. Unfortunately I am stuck with them until next year when I can finally get out of this terrible mistake.

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Original review: Jan. 19, 2017

Once again these idiots screwed up again. They sent the meds to the WRONG address AGAIN. This company is dangerous and incompetent. They should NOT be dealing with medical issues. The star rating should be ZERO.

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Original review: Jan. 5, 2017

Humana website lacks functionality. That is so frustrating. Their phone system is not far behind. I asked if they could just refill my prescriptions every 90 days. No hassles... just get them in the mail. Too simple. They can't handle that. So no auto refills. Ain't that great!

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Original review: Dec. 12, 2016

Humana Pharmacy has started a new scheme to try to control what medicines you take. They want you to order your medicine without seeing your cost. I have been on ** for several years. Very inexpensive medicine. Now they want to charge me over $200.00 for a 3 month supply. The cost should be nothing. Not the first time they have tried to overcharge me. Last time it was over $15,000.00 because they didn't agree with the dosage. Whenever you see the TBD next to your prescription, don't order until you have spoken with them to find out what you will be paying.

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