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The Hartford - Disability

The Hartford - Disability
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        The Hartford - Disability Reviews

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        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: March 20, 2020

        I see there is another post regarding a torn tendon and being temporarily disabled...I too just received a denial...I have paid out of pocket through my work (which is one of the larger employers in WNY) for years and now that I've been taken out of work for a specific timeframe to heal I was denied. Ironically, I bought a policy from AFLAC who approved my claim and I haven't had it as long as Hartford!...what's wrong with this picture??? I'll be appealing and giving them lots of grief equal to the pain I'm living with!

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        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: Feb. 26, 2020

        I collapsed in a crosswalk mid- January 2020 and sustained injuries from the hard fall. I was admitted to the hospital via the ER and discharged over the weekend. The coming Monday, my PCP faxed a completed Physician Statement from The Hartford. Seven days after the form was received with supporting hospital records including abnormal EKG, regurgitation from a leaking valve in my heart, POTS, and a few other abnormal results, The Hartford assigns an Analyst who calls and explains that she’s processing the claim per the short-term policy.

        In early February, approximately 2.5 weeks later, my employer tells me that The Hartford denied the claim and sent an email to them confirming this denial. When I called, on the recorded line, The Hartford told me it I had 2 claims under review: 1 short-term and 1 long-term. I asked why there’s two since it’s 1 incident and only 1 physician statement was faxed for 1 incident. No one at The Hartford returned my calls nor provided answers as to what was going on for days. In mid February, The Hartford conceded via email that it was a mistake made on their end while processing my doctors complete form and records.

        The Team Leader overseeing the processing of my claim then calls to say that “stress and anxiety” are also symptoms on the January form that my doctor submitted along with fainting, and orthopedic injuries. The Hartford then sent mental health forms to be completed exactly 12 days (two more weeks after the initial processing delay) because they didn’t sent them in January or early February when they sent all of my doctors records requests and forms. The Hartford, however, complained that my therapist didn’t send records in early February per their request. When I asked for a copy of the fax they sent, and they sent it to me, I see that the complaint was dated 12 days before a record request fax was sent sent to my provider. Health providers aren’t clairvoyant and cannot send records 12 days ahead of a request to even do so. No one can.

        The Hartford received the completed additional mental health form and then came back and said they required more information from my doctor and mental health therapist. Both providers completed the forms and returned them. While the forms were being completed, I had an MRI of my knee that revealed a partial tear of my MCL. By medical definition, this is a sprain of the knee. The Hartford disability website says sprain and strains are covered by their disability insurance. However, today 2/25/20, The Hartford did not approve the symptom. The MRI report and the treatment record from a top board-certified orthopedic surgeon was rejected today by The Hartford saying it’s not a valid injury. The policy says it covers sprains and a sprain it legally defined as a injury or tear of a ligament.

        For the treatment of my heart condition, I underwent a CT angiogram and a tilt table test in early February. In addition to the irregular EKG, the tilt table revealed very abnormal blood pressures and pulse data and the angiogram revealed a large growth on my right ovary and 4 in my lungs (with no history, ever, of smoking—or second-hand). The cardiologist was concerned with the ovary growth and suggested that I have further testing to investigate it. The growth turns out to be quite suspicious via ultrasound imaging and my surgeons says since I’m post-menopausal, the chances of malignancy is much greater. I am to undergo surgery to remove the growth and Fallopian tubes.

        I had an irregular abnormal ekg, abnormal growths in my CT, and a tear in my MCL, and The Hartford still has not approved the claim. My providers complete the additional info requests and provide results backing their recommendations and The Hartford keeps saying it’s not enough. It’s been 6 weeks without any income and I have no idea when The Hartford will stop their games. They continually demonstrate bad faith.

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          Rated with 1 star
          profile pic of the author
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Feb. 14, 2020

          I was injured on the job in November 2019. I was sent to an urgent care for treatment on my lower back/hip. My initial visit I was treated by a Nurse Practitioner who told me my injury was due to a long term issue even though I'd never injured my lower back but was placed on light duty for 7 days. Four days later I go to work and begin experiencing severe pain. My HR manager sends me back to urgent care. The Dr. comes in, starts immediately apologizing stating the N.P. had misdiagnosed me but he didn't think it was vital enough to contact me and tell me. (At that moment I knew I was in trouble) He tells me I have Sacroiliac Dysfunction due to the fall. I receive a shot and sent back to work.

          After 3 days pain is continuing to worsen. Work sends me back to the doctor and he just says it'll take time. I'm told it could be better in 2 days, 2 months, or even last years. I contact an injury lawyer to find out how to get another doctor. Contact my insurance adjuster who says give it time so I do. Every couple days I'd wake and couldn't even move enough to get outta bed to work. Would send me back (we're now at 2 weeks since injury) and finally doc says I can receive a very painful shot in my hip/back joint and it'll definitely cure it (why wasn't it offered earlier) so I agree.

          One day of minor pain... pain comes back full force 2nd day. I return to the doc who says, "Well what do you want me to do...? I respond, "Is therapy an option?" He agrees to recommend therapy. After 5 days I attempt contact my adjuster... Evelyn... no response. 3 more days she calls and says I have a new adjuster since my claim had been escalated. She gives me contact info for a Zarisa. I call 8 times in 4 day period to no avail. The next day I get a call from physical therapist office saying I have approval for 3 days of therapy. Still no response from Zarisa. Finish 3rd day of therapy and they say, "You've got some major issue and we've not been able to get your back/hip adjusted. You need to see a specialist." This is now December 20th.

          I go back to the doctor with the results and he responds, "There's nothing more I can do," and releases me! I begin frantically calling The Hartford and now Zarisa has a voice message she's out until after Christmas! So I go thru customer service and give a background on the situation and put in my request for a 2nd opinion (in my state it's a request for a panel of 4 which gives me only 4 options for 2nd opinion) and they give you a list of THE ONLY other approved doctors. I select a doctor, set up the appointment. Get there and they've no knowledge of my appointment. I'm absolutely livid! Try contacting Zarisa and don't get a response until December 30! She then tells me I have to give a formal request directly to her by mail or thru email... REALLY? I get her info while we're on the phone and send the email. I hang up thinking finally things are looking up.

          The following day (New Years Eve) I receive an email with my options (WHICH ARE ALL URGENT CARE) and the statement she'll be out of the office again for days due to holidays! I rush to my job, select the doctor, fax the papers back. On January 3 I contact the doc office and they respond they received my info on the 31st! I ask when they can see me and was told since they're urgent care no appt necessary but no workers comp doc until Saturday January 4th. I go in. He sees me and instantly says, "You need an MRI. Your hip is over an inch lower on the injured side." Gives me ** and steroid pack and lowers my restrictions and says try going back to work. Hadn't worked since the 20th of December cuz pain was unbearable with no pay! I work 2 full days and the 3rd (also last day of steroid pack) I make it until 9am and pain is back. I go to HR manager and explain then go home.

          January 8-10 I constantly call leaving messages for Zarisa and her manager at least 5 times a day each. On January 16, I get a call stating my MRI is ready for scheduling. January 21st is the date. Go for MRI and it shows major lower back issues. I call Zarisa to explain and get no response of course. Then on Monday January 27th she states they've received my results and there's issues need addressed. Finally... RIGHT? No! I email her what do I do about pay? She responds I'm limiting my own pay not going to work. No doctor has restricted me from working even though I didn't have a doc for weeks! She says follow up with the doc.

          I go see him and he's puzzled why I'm back. I say I was told by the adjuster to come in... he says, "What for? I referred you to a back specialist because you need help that I can't give." I just stare at him confused as he is. He says, "You can't work in your condition." I say exactly and I'm not getting paid. I get an even more confused look from him. He says, "Wait, you aren't being paid?" I respond, "No. They said my doctor had to write me off." He proceeds to shake his head and write me off until the specialist agrees it's safe to go back. He forwards the info to the Hartford. She responds thru email that I'm now eligible for benefits. As of the 29th... here we are February 14th... still no appointment... still no check and I've exhausted all vacation personal time at work. I've taken out personal loans to pay my bills and I'm still in pain with no quality of life! I just want to get back to work and move on! THE HARTFORD is horrible and there should be some major repercussion for their business practices.

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          Rated with 1 star
          profile pic of the author
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Feb. 3, 2020

          I wish I can give them ZERO stars!! I’ve been getting the run around for over a month now! I call my claim person almost every other day for updates and NEVER get a call back!!! “We need more information” is what I’m told by customer service reps, HOW MUCH MORE INFORMATION??? My doctor has submitted all medical records and because their clinicians clearly don’t understand medical jargon they’re asking for even more! Horrible, horrible, horrible company to deal with it!!!!

          21 people found this review helpful
          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Jan. 23, 2020

          I have a torn tendon in my foot and was out of work for two months. The Hartford Group has yet to return any of my calls to the representative assigned to my case nor their supervisor or even their supervisor. I have faxed, emailed, and uploaded the documentation they requested and still haven’t received a penny from them. If it wasn’t for my wife putting money away for something like this happening we wouldn’t have been able to pay our bills or have a Christmas. It’s now nearing the end of January and we still continue to leave messages to no avail. It seems if they can’t deny your claim they just ignore you.

          Thank you to the reviewers that included contact information to the consumer affairs and the Dept that oversees Insurance companies. I’m calling them today to see if I can get any help. Our savings is depleted and I don’t want to have to start using credit cards to get through this month. I wish companies would do a better job of protecting the employees by cancelling their policy with this company. If enough of our companies would cancel the insurance policy this company would be forced to take a look at what is going on. Because we all know that if you hit their bottom line they will take notice. But if companies continue to send the big premiums they have no incentive to investigate our claims of abuse of power. I will update this post with the numbers mentioned above if they are helpful.

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          17 people found this review helpful
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          Rated with 2 stars
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Jan. 22, 2020

          The only issue I have is that when paperwork is faxed, they will tell you it takes 24 hours to update the claim online but for STD/office notes they don't update at all. They keep you in limbo on whether or not they got the paperwork because if you call, they will say they never received anything but then 5 days later the system will either say accepted or denied. They need to work on the updating process because it would make it much more easier to deal with rather than going back and forth with your doctor and them because they claim they have not received the paperwork.

          7 people found this review helpful
          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Jan. 16, 2020

          Updated on 02/08/2020: Was given the runaround from very beginning. No problem with 6 months of short term but once the claim went into long term, it became a completely different company. The application took 13 days to go 200 in the mail? I don't think so. They held the application! This is unethical and illegal. Next they put this scumbag, Chris ** on the case. He lied about his position. This guy is some kind of manager they put on my claim to prevent it from going any further. He made several unethical remarks throughout the process. I was eventually denied after 3 months. He sent my records to an "independent doctor" hired to disagree with mine. They only do this when there's enough evidence to approve a claim, but they don't want to for monetary reasons. I'm sure this guy sleeps fine at night because he's a wicked piece of work. Karma is a **. Good luck Chris! Go chalk up another one.

          Original Review: I began the process with an open mind, despite the horrible things I've read, only to have my suspicions confirmed. This company definitely behaves in bad faith, at least in the long term business. Over 2 months of stalls and flat out dishonest information. The decisions are likely mostly already made while in short term. The stalls are there to break the customer financially to prevent a successful appeal process. As a financial professional, I've never seen a company try so hard to "get off the hook". Employers are blind to it, as most claims don't exceed short term. In the meantime, this company continues to accept premiums with no intention of paying beyond short term unless the medical evidence is extremely overwhelming. This business needs some serious regulatory reform.

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          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Jan. 6, 2020

          I submitted my papers for surgery in Oct 2019 for rotator cuff surgery putting me out of work until Feb 2020. The Hartford decided to only approve me thru Dec 17, 2019 which was my 2nd post op appt with the surgeon. Trying to get anyone to call back after numerous voicemail and messages sent thru website is just ridiculous!! I have had no payment from the Hartford since Dec 17th 2019. They have received all required information from my physician and still have yet to update the status of my claim not to mention they have not issued any further payments. This is an insurance that I pay for! I have exhausted savings to pay bills as I was using savings to supplement my disability payments. I have gotten no resolve on this matter and have filed a complaint with BBB!

          20 people found this review helpful
          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Dec. 26, 2019

          After a very serious auto accident where I was hit broadside by someone going 55 mph, I was left unable to work due to severe muscular/skeletal damage to my entire body. Broken back, damaged most organs, and many other broken bones and torn ligaments and tendons. I was left unable to use my hands for grasping items, and having 17 surgical procedures in 7 years along with numerous treatments to relieve pain in all areas of my body. I was a awarded social security disability.

          After many years of constant requests to prove my continued disability, being repeatedly threatened with cancellation due to doctor's failure to provide documentation and and being deemed disabled by social security, Hartford cancelled my long term disability. There was never any documentation provided by them as to how they came to that decision.

          I quit seeking medical help for pain management after having all those surgical procedures, requiring several more surgeries as recommended by Doctors, and losing my ability to use my hands significantly, losing my ability to walk safely (10 falls in 18 months, two resulting in severe head injuries) and failure to respond to any pain management solutions (I have tried 7 N.S.A.I.D. and have severe reactions to them, I was on opiates for 8 years but quit due to side effects and increased tolerance, and little actual pain control, have tried numerous other pain management meds such as **, **, **, and several others, over 50 various cortisone injections, spinal injections, nerve blocks, radiofrequency, and many many years of physical therapy) with little to no relief.

          I am still deemed disabled by social security, but no longer disabled by a private insurance company. They constantly harassed me, required redocumentation every year, and forced me to sign up for social security, which I got due to being disabled, and then Hartford cut all payments to me once I started receiving social security, claiming that my son's social security benefits which he received since I was a single disabled parent, put my income over the amount required for them to issue any form of payment to me. Then they took the entire backpay award amount from social security and said I owed them every penny of it for them paying my benefits for that time period. Since being discontinued, I have become homeless, tried to work part time to get a place to live but had to quit work due to inability to perform duties required to work. And I was only trying to work 10 hours a week. Privatized insurance does what they want.

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          22 people found this review helpful
          Rated with 1 star
          profile pic of the author
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Dec. 23, 2019

          I had open heart surgery in January and needed Long Term Disability after the Short Term Disability ended in April. After two months, without any pay, they denied my claim as a pre-existing condition in June. A pre-existing condition is supposed to be when you had symptoms or were treated for a condition before your Hartford insurance started. The heart condition I had has no symptoms or treatment other than the surgery I had when I was insured, but my claim and appeal were denied anyway.

          Now they won't pay a Short Term Disability claim l filed for arthritis in my hands. This is a new medical condition that started in late October, after I had been insured by The Hartford for almost. No one will even review the claim. They simply added it to old denial LTD claim for my heart and denied the new claim without even looking at it. I just reported all of this to my employer in case other employees are having the same problems. We'll see if that changes anything.

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          14 people found this review helpful

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            The Hartford expert review by Matthew Brodsky

            The Hartford offers a number of insurance options, including disability insurance. It offers a large number of options and unusual benefits. such as face-to-face or telephone counseling.

            • Offers multiple benefit options: Users can choose the percentage of their salary they want disability insurance to reimburse.

            • Offers both short-term and long-term disability insurance: Users can purchase the type of insurance they think is most likely to meet their needs.

            • Covers a wide variety of disabilities: Users who have back injuries, mental health issues and other problems that are not always covered can get disability insurance through this company.

            • Offers counseling: Users who are suffering from a disability can receive three face-to-face counseling sessions and unlimited phone counseling with associated providers.

            • Short-term insurance covers pregnancy: Users who cannot work while pregnant can get disability insurance benefits.

            • Best for: People who have been injured, people recovering from surgery,, people with a chronic condition and people who cannot work at all.

            by Matthew Brodsky Insurance Contributing Editor

            Matthew Brodsky is an established expert on insurance, having written hundreds of articles and other pieces of content on the subject, interviewed countless practitioners, and attended dozens of conferences and events. He served as an editor at industry magazine Risk & Insurance for six years.

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