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Great for getting claims. Need money in a hurry to get another vehicle replace one that damaged. Not wait a long time to get another vehicle. They make sure taking care of right away and not lead to waiting a long time like other insurers who just collect the money and run. Do not care about customer at all. Policy that the customers always come first no matter what. Money should not be a businesses. You be covered for another vehicle and not wait around like other claimers. They appreciate customers well being and that is more important than anything in the world.

The customer service at Geico is great. The representatives are all very nice and professional, and seem to really care about their customers. We have always used Geico for insurance. The claims processing is simple and easy. The representatives really help you file your claim, and it is a very stress free experience. There is a wide selection of coverage options, depending on what you are looking for. Geico provides great coverage options, which is very reassuring in case of an accident. The coverage with Geico is very good. We were in an accident a few years ago with Geico as our insurer, and they took care of everything for us. We didn't have to pay for anything, they even provided us a rental car while our car was in the shop.

I briefly had motorcycle insurance through Geico for my husband and was very surprised at how knowledge and friendly the customer service representatives were. I can't say that I ever had to file any claims with Geico but the customer service representatives were very helpful at finding the lowest rates. The customer service representatives were very helpful at finding the right amount of coverage needed for my husband's motorcycle and I was very pleased. The customer service representatives gave me a choice of having uninsured motor vehicle coverage or not and whether we needed comprehensive and collision insurance.

Customer service is the best I have dealt with. So many options available for me to use and it covers my motorcycle almost to the fullest it can cover. Great claims processing that I have dealt with and I would recommend it to anyone that wants to be the same thing as well as me. It would be a good choice. A lot of different policy options. That's why I keep using GEICO insurance company and it's been awhile since I have been with a good insurance company. Almost full coverage, but how do they make money if you don't pay something? It's still a awesome experience to be with GEICO. I have recommended it to a lot of people who are looking for good insurance.

When I was to know about their businesses they was on point and I'm happy I'm with them. I would recommended them to friend and family because they really do care. They really help with my problem. I did not have no trouble contact them about claimed processing. They was very nice and kind also solved my problems. I would recommended this company to anyone. This company policy options is on point. They have a lot of option to chose from and that is very good. This company have you covered by the insurance you really want and they would help you out if you want other insurances that you might want later on.

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GEICO has the smartest and most knowledgeable representatives I've ever had on the phone. They are fast and smart with anything. When it comes to claims they are fast and everything just flows so smoothly. Very fast and reliable. They are the best company we've ever had for insurance and the cheapest!! We will never ever go with any other insurance for our home or vehicles. There is a wide broad range for policy options. They are the cheapest we've ever seen. We have a large family so this helps us a huge deal. With our previous company we were paying DOUBLE for the SAME vehicles and coverage! Coverage options are great. Many to choose from and the price compared to other companies is literally insane. We have called and have had quotes down by almost every company there is and nothing compares to GEICO!

Great customer service. Employees are knowledgeable and provide an enjoyable experience. Employees are polite and have a good knowledge of their product. Great ads too. Love the lizard. Claims are processed quickly and accurately by knowledgeable employees. The process is explained well and efficiently and the customer is kept in the loop about the progress of the claim. Have injury, property, collision. Have just about all that you need to protect yourself from financial disaster. Accidents unfortunately happen and these policies help when they happen. Coverage is not only good and complete but reliable. It keeps you protected from financial disaster, administered by knowledgeable employees.

No complaints. The few interactions we've had have been quick and easy. Sometimes the wait on hold takes too long but once call's picked up everything goes smoothly. I have not yet needs to file a claim, as I am a good driver and try to not crash it to stuff and people because crashing is bad and hurts and breaks stuff and I like my stuff. Policy options are wide and varied. Many different choices for levels of coverage. A policy is the terms of agreement between a customer and the insurer. Those terms can be varied and changeable.

GEICO was priced right and they always were fair. I had them for my cars and added the motorcycle so the insurance on the motorcycle was inexpensive. Any claims I had on the cars were always paid fast. The claim is made by call the 24/7 claim office and GEICO would send an appraiser to where your motorcycle is and work with the repair shop for the best repair. My policy covered liability collision and medical. If the motorcycle was total they would give me a fair market price for the motorcycle. The coverage was beyond all CT state law requirements a million dollar umbrella covering all my rides. GEICO will help you set up the best coverage for your motorcycle. They did a great job for me.

The customer service is top notch so much so that I can always depend on a quick resolution to any issues I might have. I have always highly recommended this service to my family and friends. My claims processing is never hard or tedious. I always have a stellar experience. If I had any problems they were quick resolved by the customer service team. Very proud of them. The policy options are the best on the market for me and my family. I have the opportunity to review my policy and go over the options with my agent and am always treated with the utmost professionalism. Their coverage options are easily understandable and easy to choose from. My agent takes the time to explain all of the options that make it easily accessible. Would not trade this type of service.

Customer service reps were rude, did not listen, refused to discuss rate increases that were not due to claims. Rigid and inflexible company that does not tell you upfront that their quotes are speculative and may not be the rates you pay after the first 30 days. I have no experience with their claims as I never filed one. The process as explained by them seemed reasonable and straightforward and would be handled in a timely manner. Auto billing, direct electronic debit, liability limits, collision deductibles all would factor in the price of the policy. Credits for combined policies such as homeowners. Liability limits can be minimal or high. Collision can have lower or higher deductibles. Policy can include passengers or just cover the driver.

They are very knowledgeable and know what the process is and what are the best options for me regarding my insurance. They are easy to contact by email or by their site messaging. They know what the options are for me for if I ever got in an accident. They have great coverage and are always sure to find me the right amount of cost so I will be happy. They have good policies to ensure that my privacy is protected and so that no one can get into my accounts. They are very smart and know what is right for me. They have guidelines and great policies that are convenient for me. Their prices are some of the best you can find on the internet and they care about the customer.

Geico provides all motorcycle owners with more than enough insurance to give each and all motorcyclist peace of mind. With Geico, the customer, regardless of the number of motorcycles one owns, whether it be 1 or many, Geico can always make the insurance needs of motorcyclist an easy and affordable experience one will come to treasure year in and year out. The claims processing department at Geico can assist any and all customers. When one is in need of help from this insurance company, they always make sure the person or group of persons are always treated like family, with the utmost trust and respect anyone can expect from Geico.

There are many policy options to choose from for anyone and some people might be bombarded/confused, not with Geico. They make sure the customer is fully aware of its policy options and can help make the selection at ease. The coverage with Geico can very very easy to live with and can be very recommended by associates of Geico to give all of their customer's peace of mind.

Always easy to deal with and customer service always handles any business in a very easy manner and timely fashion. I've been with Geico for numerous years. I have never had to deal with the claims department but my buddies that have are one of the reasons I choose Geico because they never had anything bad to say. There are a wide range of coverage options and all options are great prices compare doing to the competition and one of the main reasons I'm with Geico. The coverage is middle of the road for me but the pricing and the options are great for me and exactly what I need. I love Geico insurance for my motorcycle and my car.

It was good as it had personalized attention on customer to supply its demand accurately. They follow up with customer as to know their feedback. They process claims in a timely fashion to create positive personal business relationship with the customer. They give the best ability to ascertain need and supply. Their policy was ok with my status as it meant my need. The policy was alright as it provided good services and usually resolves issues amicably. The coverage was going an extra mile to provide assistance. I was impressed to receive superlative service as it was expected by the company.

They answer quickly and any questions or concerns you have they will try their best to help you out. Sometimes it will take longer for them to respond but it's rare. Very easy for your first request you would might need to provide a little bit more information just to confirm your claims. Once that is done the rest of the process is fast and easy. The policy is mostly straightforward, just read through and follow the terms. Nothing is out of the ordinary. Policy differs from person to person but it is consistent. Coverage could be either full or half depending on the plan. Coverage covers your whole family. You don't have to worry about your coverage at all.

Geico is a company that is one of the best in the insurance business. Geico is one of the lowest paid insurance company in the business of insurance. You will always be happy with your insurance provider. Excellent process in any way that you can do to provide your insurance company with the necessary information to Geico so they can process your claim as soon as possible. The policy of Geico is better than any company out there that provides insurance for your needs. If you want an excellent company you need to check out Geico. The coverage of Geico is excellent for your needs as well as anyone that you know will be very happy with Geico. Geico will make you very happy at all times.

What is the use of offering roadside assistance with a motorcycle policy, if you do not have any tow truck to aid when you're stranded. After 1.5 hour wait we called back to check the status of the wait and was notified that our request was cancelled. No one called - no one notified us. In addition they claimed they called 26 tow trucks and no one could assist. What is the purpose of this policy feature. All they keep saying was "I'm sorry." In addition no one was willing to refund my policy. They are rip offs!!!

They were very helpful. It was good experience to have done business with them. Everything was done correctly and even gave me a nice deal on the pricing. The people there are very polite and professional. I would recommend them. There was no issues with getting the paperwork done on time and had car exactly when needed it. It was very understandable they broke everything down to me to where I understood the policy of company and the agreements made. They read everything over with me and didn't rush me reading things over. The rates are very good. They have good pricing for discounts. They will work with you and go over the package deals suitable for you. They make sure they fulfill the needs of customers.

They answer calls promptly and do not have you waiting for another representative. They are kind and extremely helpful concerning all financial situations. Fast and easy filing. If you have any questions a representative is there to assist you in any way. They do not put you on hold and having to wait. They are very prompt and courteous. Policy options are very fair and easy to understand. Any questions are promptly answered by the service professionals who always come off as nice and helpful individuals. Covers basically everything that I would want covered. To cover more cost a bit too much for me but other than that the price for coverage is not that expensive.

Very helpful customer service, very little wait time, based in USA among others. Never kept waiting for answers to questions. Also always get a text at least a week before that installment being direct debitted. Never had to file a claim but from friends and relatives, I hear it is a painless process. I understand from others that the representatives from customer service are nothing but friendly and cooperative. My policy matches exactly what I had from my previous carrier, including the same liability, personal damages, and property damages amounts plus roadside assistance for far less money.

The reps were helpful and knowledgeable. I don't have any complaints about them. Sometimes they weren't as friendly as they could've been. I never had to file a claim, but I had a friend who did and they resolved her claim pretty quickly and efficiently. She was very satisfied. They had a very good range of policy options and process. I was able to find just the right amount of coverage that I was looking for in my budget. Coverage was good. I found just what I was looking for. It was also a really easy process to find my coverage and get my policy started.

Customer Service was great. Wait times were sometimes a bit long (5 minutes?), but overall they took care of me when I needed help. Reasonable deductibles and rates. Only one claim for damage done in a parking lot. Called up customer service and they took care of everything. Could not have been any easier. You can choose your own deductible and play with the online calculator to determine a policy that is good for you without having to call a customer service representative. You can get liability and full coverage -- just like a car policy. You can get a high deductible or a low deductible based on how much you are able to lose if you have an accident.

Whenever I had an issue and contacted Geico, they always quickly resolved my issue. The customer service representatives were helpful and patient. Geico's claim processing is fast, painless, and effortless. I received quick response and notifications. I have no complaints and would recommend them. Geico has plenty of options that I could chose from. They allow me to personalize it to best fit my needs and do not force me into a set few options. Geico's insurance coverage is great. It covers whatever you need, with different options to meet the needs of different individuals. It is also clear and easy to understand.

Over the phone is not a long wait, they are very informative and patient. Helpful with all my questions and concerns. Stay professional and polite. I did not have any claims but the process they have set up is easy to follow and quick. The website and over the phone will give you step by step when filing your claim which leaves you worry free and comfortable with these company. The policy options can be tailored to your liking. Whether you looking for full coverage of minimum and also if you are trying to stay in a certain price range they have it broke down in that way as well. The coverage I had was in the middle. It covered me in the areas I was concerned about - quality along with affordability made the choice with company easy for me and my budget.

The customer service is amazing. They cater to what the customer prefers. Very ease, helpful and safe. They don't keep you on the phone for hours like other services. I've been satisfied for many years. GEICO is a great company and has never let me down in any category. Their policy options are perfect for anyone. They really do choose wisely and customize a plan for the consumer's needs. That's the ideal part of GEICO. Would recommend. The coverage is very useful and affordable. If anything were to happen, the coverage pretty much does its job. I've never had better coverage with insurance companies.

The processing was not too long, so I was not very regretful of anything. I was, in fact, pretty happy with the claims processing overall. Geico provides many options for their policies so I would say I am happy overall with the policy options they provide their customers. The coverage was not bad at all, it was pretty good. They cover a lot with motorcycle insurance, so it makes me feel safe, so I would rate happy for it.

Very helpful staff, always ready to listen to your complain or problem. Sounds very nice on the phone, always assuring you that your problem will be addressed and carefully investigated in needed. I didn't have to file a full claim with them yet. But I did ask about the standard procedures in case I needed to file one in the future. It sounded like no big problem, pretty standard. Good choice and wide range of policy options were offered, which I definitely count as a plus. The options are pretty clear and not complicated to choose from. The coverage options varies and pretty much you can always find the right coverage that will suit your current needs perfectly. I think they offer good selection.

When I go to the office the service is good, but when I phone it is less than acceptable. What I mean is that I am put on hold too long and then the phone rep doesn't seem to always understand me as well as when I go to the office in person. I wouldn't really know because I have not had a claim to process because I'm such a good rider that I have not had an accident at all on my bike. I just took the full coverage and the full options package offered by the rep in the office the day I went in to purchase the policy for my motorcycle.

Have had a Harley Davidson motorcycle stolen and they just keep giving me the runaround! They want forms, interviews, lists of things. I feel like I signed up for a rectal exam! I'm going to sue them. I've had it with their BS.

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Founded in 1936 under the name Government Employees Insurance Company, GEICO now insures more than 22 million vehicles and continues to provide affordable insurance to men and women in and out of the service.

  • Instant online quoting: Easy online quoting can give you insurance within minutes.
  • All-the-time customer service: Their customer service line is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
  • Convenient communication: Call, email, chat or text with GEICO, using any contact method that is convenient for you.
  • Flexible payment options: With GEICO you can pay monthly, pay the entire premium or break payments up into four, six or nine payment installments.
  • Deep discounts available: GEICO offers a range of discounts for those who qualify, like multi-bike discounts, auto and motorcycle package deals and more.
  • Best for Weekend warriors and everyday riders.

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