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Husband a had policy in case if anything to take care of us. We were up to date. They told me a week to 10 days. They then wanted medical records. After another few months they denied stating my husband had lied more than 2 yrs previously on a "reinstatement" application. He did not fill this out. Agent did. He had had a heart attack and our agent was aware almost 4 yrs previously but he did not fill out papers nor did he die of heart attack. He passed from cancer.

I had this ins. in the 90's through the early 2000's. I was very pleased at first. Then in the 2000's I became disabled. Not only did I become disable, but my agent knew and the company was supposed to take over payments for me. Not only did they not do that, but my agent changed my beneficiaries to his brother and killed me on paper, with a death certificate. After I went through all of that, the company who should have been paying my bill told me I had to show proof that I was disabled. No problem! I sent the proof and instead of doing what they said they were supposed to do by my contract, they cancelled my ins. and told me I'd have to start over, knowing I couldn't pass the physical now. They not only did not honor the contract, their agent killed me to get the money!!

I purchased life insurance shortly before my 70th birthday. I researched many life insurance companies for monthly premiums, amount of coverage and type of insurance. Because of my age I had limited choices but I decided to purchase life insurance from Farmers. I have both my auto insurance and renter's insurance through Farmers so I was able to receive a discount on what I wanted. My Farmers agent explained clearly and thoroughly what I would be purchasing. I feel sure that Farmers was the right company for me.

We have had Farmers Insurance for almost 15 years and has always been the cheapest around. We have never had a problem. When we have needs an adjuster to look at something, the adjuster was very prompt. Whenever we need to get information regarding our recent accident, our adjuster was very helpful in getting us information we needed for the car repair center.

I really have not had any problems with my life insurance company. It's just nice to know you're covered in the case of something happening to you when least expected. The company that I have my life insurance with is well known in its industry, and I feel my family will not have to be burden with funeral costs in a time when they are bewildered.

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Farmers has been very helpful with any problems or questions we have had. Premiums are competitive and the company is always looking to help us save money. When we have had a claim they have been fast, friendly and have paid our claim in a very fast manner. Farmers has a variety of services from auto, life, home, RV and also have specialty insurance to cover our firearms. We have been very happy with this company and would recommend them to our friends.

After researching many companies, I found that this was my best one for me. They agreed to let me pay every 6 months with no problem. When I was filling out the paperwork, and did not understand, & asked for help, the representative was very understanding, & he made me very comfortable & willing to explain it without any hesitation. I would recommend anyone of my friends to use them without any hesitation!

I purchased and had this policy since January 8, 2007 automatic drawn from my account. Now my understanding during this time told by my agent that I could come out cheaper if I did so. Anyhow, straight to the point I just found out the agent that sign me up had passed away only with the consumption of me calling to speak to him. No notice sent out whatsoever.

Please understand the service through him was great. He kept me informed and even send out holiday/birthday cards so I have to say the service was good then. No problem until now. Anyhow, I'm no longer working and had to contact the Farmers to let them know I closed my account due to my finances but I still paid my monthly payments using my husband account which by the way they took for two months. Now they're telling me they can't accept. I called to make payment and they wouldn't take it telling me the card had to be in my name. No warning about the change that was made. To top it off there isn't any Farmers Insurance nearby whatsoever! I'm looking into finding insurance elsewhere.

They made every experience seem like I was their only client. My agent always remembered my name and my face and they are located very close to me. Their pricing is very competitive as well and will always let me know if there is something I can do to get my rates cheaper yet.

They are very easy to work with. The product line includes everything that I need to meet my needs and keep my family financially secure should the need arise. Our agent works with us to find the most appropriate coverage. They will also contact me regularly to see if there have been any life changes that might necessitate a change in my coverage. They are very proactive, which means that I don't have to worry about anything or do any research of my own.

I have a term life insurance policy. I wish when I bought it I was more informed. I would have bought a universal life policy instead. My term policy expires in 3 years and then I will switch to a universal life policy and also up my coverage. My original policy was $60,000 since it was just me, but now that I am married I will probably switch to $200,000.

Very easy to get signed up. The customer service is great. Very easy to navigate through website. I would recommend it to family and friends. My life insurance policy was easy and carefree to get established. It was offered through my work. So this was the easiest way for me to get qualified. Very thankful I did. You never know what life may throw your way. It's a lot better to be prepared with a good company.

We purchased life insurance at an early age to insure the security and safety of our children. We have received excellent advice over the years regarding adjustments to meet our financial needs and that of our family. The peace of mind that was provided by the purchase of life insurance is truly priceless. Thankfully, we have never had to collect on a policy as we are both healthy.

I cannot say enough for the excellent quality customer service that I've gotten with Farmers Insurance. Not only did the agent take the time to discuss my life insurance needs, but explained the different kinds of coverage and made a recommendation as to what kind of policy would best suit my needs. After I purchased life insurance my agent called me back for the first few months to remind me about my payment coming out of my account. I have no doubt that they'd help me out no matter my insurance needs are. TY Farmers!

I am really satisfied with my life insurance. At least to know I am in good hands when and if I pass away. I would definitely recommend this life insurance. One advantage of my life insurance is that it is affordable. They are also lenient. Another advantage is the well-respected people that work there get your answers straight to you. If you're looking for good, affordable life insurance call Farmers!

The process was easy to file for. I like having a representative that is here in my home town. If I ever have questions he will answer them for me. I can either mail my premium to their address or have it deducted out of my account. I have never had to file a claim but I know that if I needed to they would be right there for me.

There is not too much to say about the company itself. I haven't filed a claim as of yet, but if they are as helpful and courteous as my agent, which is another reason I like them, I do not foresee a problem with them if I ever do.

I LOVE them. They're great!!! The agents take the time to make certain that I understand what my coverage covers and also they go over in depth what coverage I should consider obtaining. I really appreciate the time and sincere concern that they have expressed in making sure that I have the correct coverage.

They were good about reviewing my life situation, and recommended an appropriate level of coverage. They really worked hard to guide me through the process, and even accommodated my work schedule, by agreeing to meet with me after hours. They really seemed to care about me and helping me to protect my family's future.

Farmer's is a company I am fairly new to and I have been pleased with them as they are delivering on all the promises made when I was comparing companies. Customer Service is always eager to help and polite and respectful. Their rates are fair and they have all the modern luxuries that make a company fit with the times. They have solid ads that are warm and since I joined I have had no regrets. I have had very little problems with them, but rare ones I have had have been cleared up with one phone call and that is extremely rare these days.

Be very careful with your bank information with this company. I tried to get my husband's auto withdrawals changed to a different bank account (which they never did). I had to make several phone calls to finally get this done correctly. The correct bank information that I gave them to charge for my husband's policy they used to charge for someone else policy. I applied myself for life insurance with this company and never heard back from them, then one day they called to verify my date of birth and had the total wrong year. Therefore they could not get my medical records.

So I applied a second time with still no response. I called them and they said that they could not insure me and said that my agent was suppose to get ahold of me which they never did. I gave up and got better insurance elsewhere. I am glad that I got insurance elsewhere because after what they did to my husband's policy and my bank account. I do not feel I could trust them with any information.

I use Farmers because of their standing in the community. They're a highly respected company that I believe in. Customer service is top notch and you can always speak to a real human being right here in America. In this day and age of outsourcing call centers overseas, this is very important to me.

It was a wonderful experience. Had nothing but the easiest time of my life. No hassle. No fuss. Customer service was spectacular. The representation was flawless. I have not one complaint about this splendid experience. One of the best transactions of my life.

They handle my concerns appropriately. The customer service experience is very good. Whenever I make inquiries, they are treated with utmost importance and all information is communicated to me quickly. The various insurance packages offered are tailor and customize for me so much so that they help me to maintain my current lifestyle which achieving my various goals.

We enjoy having a local agent who takes the time to give us quarterly reviews. Farmers was so helpful and went to bat for us when we had a fraudulent claim against us. The website is customer friendly and I have not encountered any trouble while using it. I find it very easy to find my information and pay my bills.

Thank goodness I haven't used my life insurance. So as far as I can say they seem like a good company. Because I haven't had any true experience I couldn't make a recommendation.

I have had life insurance for about 5 years now and it has been nothing but assuring that I will be set after. Especially not being engaged to my fiance for about 6 months. Having on planning to start a family and grow old together, it is nice to know Farmers is there for us. I am glad I will have this protection on everyone not only including myself, something that makes life a little easier each day.

Farmers Insurance is the best company. I say this because my family has used Farmers for 5 generations, and still going strong. They have the best rates and solutions for my family!

My husband is the primary insurance holder but we are both listed. We have not been with them long, but I find the agents to be very professional. My husband was with State Farm. We were buying our Toyota Sienna and we could not get an agent on the weekend in order to close the deal. Farmers stepped right up so my husband signed up with them. We had questions twice already and an agent always returned our calls.

Cost too much. Customer service is making in every way. Takes a long time to get through to a person, then half the time they're rude, indifferent, unconcerned.

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As one of the only large insurance companies based on the West Coast, Farmers is headquartered in Los Angeles. Farmers opened its doors in 1928 but is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zurich Financial, an Irish insurance company.

  • Current-customer convenience: Convenient to use for consumers who already have auto and/or home insurance with Farmers.
  • Regional convenience: Being based on the west coast makes Farmers convenient for customers living in the region.
  • Products: Limited menu of insurance products.

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