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About Cigna Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans Reviews

Cigna is a coverage provider that offers Medicare supplemental insurance and Medicare Advantage plans for adults over 65. Its website has a quote tool to help you estimate your rates, and many of its flexible plans offer cost-free benefits. Most of its plans are HMOs, but it provides policies all throughout the U.S.

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Washington, DC

It is a responsible company that has helped my family and me alike in the search for medicines and supplements for my condition. They have not let me down. Their quality and ethic...

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Bartow, FL

It was a great company to use. I love them because they are so caring, helpful and very selfless. The service and price are amazing. This company is highly recommended and I love ...

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About Cigna Medicare supplemental insurance

Cigna is a health insurance provider that offers cost-effective and straightforward Medicare supplements. It provides several different Medicare plans, including Medicare Advantage, for policyholders over 65. Its coverage features competitive rates, dependable service and various member programs and perks.

Cigna Medicare supplement plans

Cigna’s Medicare supplemental insurance, also referred to as Medigap, can help senior citizens pay for out-of-pocket expenses not covered by Medicare, such as certain deductibles, copays and coinsurance. Cigna’s website offers free quotes and comparisons for its Medicare supplement plan options, which include:

  • Plan A
  • Plan F
  • Plan G
  • Plan N
  • High-deductible Plan F

Cigna’s Medicare Advantage plans provide all-in-one coverage, including Medicare Part A and Part B. Some of its Advantage plans also include dental and vision coverage. These plans come with flexible options (e.g., special needs coverage for those who qualify). Cigna also offers several no-cost programs with its Advantage plans, like behavioral and emotional support, case managers, health and wellness discounts, medication therapy management and more.

Cigna’s Part D prescription drug plans are ideal for those with prescriptions that require consistent upkeep. These plans feature low copays for prescriptions, an extensive network of pharmacies and extensive medication coverage. With this plan, you also receive BenefitsCheckup, which directs you to health and wellness discounts, programs that help cover health costs and more.

Cigna Medicare supplemental insurance costs

Cigna doesn’t have a set pricing structure, but its website has easy-to-use quoting tools that can give you a good idea of what you'll pay for a Medicare supplement. You’ll have to answer several questions about your situation and the type of coverage you want. Medicare supplemental insurance costs are based on many factors, including your location, age, how many doctors' visits you expect to make, coverage type and more.

For example, a quote for a 69-year-old in Phoenix, Arizona, comes to about $57.24 per month, or $687 per year, for a very basic HMO package that helps cover over-the-counter items and inpatient, skilled nursing facility, outpatient, mental health, emergency room and international care.

Cigna Medicare supplemental insurance FAQ

Where is Cigna Medicare supplemental insurance available?

Cigna is a global company and is available in all 50 states.

How do I qualify for Cigna Medicare supplemental insurance?

You have to enroll in Medicare to be eligible for Cigna’s Medicare supplements.

What coverage does Cigna provide?

Cigna offers health coverage for Medicare plans including supplemental insurance for Plans A, F, G and N.

Do Cigna’s Medicare supplements include Silver Sneakers?

Various Cigna locations may offer the Silver Sneakers program, but not all locations do. Contact your local representative to find out if the program is available to you.

Is Cigna good Medicare supplemental insurance?

Cigna seems to be a solid Medicare provider with plenty of coverage options for various lifestyles. If you’re eligible for Medicare and looking for flexible coverage with lots of perks and an emphasis on both physical and mental wellness, Cigna might be a good Medicare supplement choice for you.

Cigna Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans Reviews

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PriceOnline & App

Reviewed Sept. 18, 2023

Cigna advised the Proton Center that I would have a $550.97 copay on a PET scan with dye. My doctor say the test is medically necessary so I had to set up a payment plan on the copay before they would even do the test. I am also being charged a copay of $307.30 for medical services with no explanation of benefits. They take months to process my claims and the always state on my portion owed “Information unavailable”. So the medical companies send me bills for whatever they want. They lie and say eob's are available on their website but all it show is a monthly summary with no listing of what the charges are for. So, I am disputing this excessive copay charge of $550.97.

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Resolution In Progress
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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed July 13, 2023

Nobody at this so called health care company knows what they’re doing!! They will do everything in their power to cheat and deceive you. Calling the right person is virtually impossible and they will outright lie to you and pass you on to someone else. Do not use this company!

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    Reviewed Dec. 21, 2022

    I was contacted by Cigna and told they were Taking over E.S. and wanted to see if I was going to stay with them. I got a general sales presentation and I told them to just continue to give me the same program I was on with E.S. I was told OK. This was near the end of sign up time. About 2 months after they took over I realized I was not on the same program and my monthly bill was about 3 times higher than I was paying before. I called and asked why It went from $15 a month to $64 a month. I was told because they didn't have the same program as E. S. and so they had to give me this one since I had not specified which one I wanted. I told them I was not told about this in time for me to make a change.

    I was told it was because of my Diabetes. I told them I never had Diabetes and didn't ever use insulin. In other words I was told "too bad." It is too late to change, you can only change at the end of the year, so you are stuck with it. My words but this is the essence of the conversation. I paid almost $600 too much for their lack of telling me they didn't have the same program and their mistake of thinking I had diabetes. This year, right at the time to sign up, I checked with Cigna about the problem and told them, "DO NOT GIVE ME THE SAME PROGRAM. I do not want it, and I am going to check on other companies. I only take 6 pills a day and only one is of a higher price."

    My new program is only $15 a month, and it is the same group of pills I took last year. I have complained to them but to deaf ears. They say it is my fault for not asking more questions. Second complaint already with E.S. My Dr. called in my RX to Kroger, I was told they were 30 to 60 days out getting it filled. I called Cigna and told them that This is a very important drug for me, and did they have any to send out as it was really affecting me not to have it. They said that they did have plenty but I needed to get my Dr to send a new Prescription directly to them. I called my Dr and he sent it out within an hour. A few days later I get an Email update that the RX was received, but the next step, Being filled was not checked. This was now 10 days without my Med.

    I tried to call them, wait was almost 40 mins so I hung up. I tried several more times and no answers. I called another number and asked if they could somehow help me get an update. I was sent over and got a robot, who kept wanting me to sign up with more programs, and would not take NO for an answer if I wanted to sign up. Every time I said NO it said, "I am sorry I can't hear you." Finally I said YEs and it heard that. They wanted to do it right now, and I demanded to speak to a real person. I finally get the number and when it would answer, it would go dead. I did this about 6 times and finally got through.

    They told me that it was not labeled as URGENT, so it takes up to 10 days to get it shipped out, I told them when I placed it I told them it was urgent. She said she would call over and see why it was not sent yet. I was on a dead line for 20 mins and she finally said that she changed it over to urgent and would get free deliver for being urgent. She then said, on Tues, that it would be sent out on Monday. I asked if this was Urgent or just inability to get the job done. Nothing more I can do, so now it will be 3 and a half weeks of being without my Med. HORRIBLE for both Cigna and Express Scripts. So sorry I will have to deal with this next year,

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    Reviewed Dec. 6, 2022

    Although my husband has had a Medicare Supplement plan through AARP/United Healthcare, we were lured by a lower, competitive rate by Cigna and decided to apply. What a nightmare this has been. Communication between Cigna reps across several depts has been terrible, people don't talk to each other about your case/application. After applying online, the commitment from Cigna was to provide an approval response within 7-10 days. 3 weeks later, after an exhaustive "phone verification" interview with many many questions about medical history, we were contacted by Cigna to say "phone verification" medical questions/answers are not entered into the application - that my husband now has to re-fill out this ridiculously detailed medical interview AGAIN, on a different form to be submitted to underwriting.

    The agent informed us it would take another 7-10 days after that before approval could be decided. Also, I handle most of my husband's medical affairs including insurance matters, but Cigna would not allow my husband to authorize me as a spokesperson unless I hold Durable power of Attorney for his health care matters. Ridiculous. This has been such a daunting process we terminated the application and decided to choose a different product through AARP/UHC. This took one 7 minute phone call to complete. It's definitely worth a little extra expense to work with an efficient, reputable company. Want to avoid a stress headache? Stay away from Cigna.

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    Customer Service

    Reviewed Aug. 3, 2022

    I called twice asking if this was a discount plan or an insurance plan. I was told each time "This is an insurance plan." I made an appointment with a dentist located on their website. That's how I found out it indeed is no more than a discount plan. I'm so glad I found out before they took any more money out of my account. If it looks/sounds too good it probably is! You get what you pay for! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!

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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 4, 2021

    I've been in a Medicare Advantage Plan for 5 months and am trying to understand my medical benefits. I have called customer service about 5 times with questions about referrals and copayments, specifically to find out if Cigna has different copayments for 'independent' facilities versus outpatient facilities for a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound. I'm familiar with other insurances using both and know that the copayments can be very different, depending on where you get the services done.

    Every time I call Cigna, I feel completely dissatisfied and frustrated with the information I've been given and feel like I've wasted my time. The representatives seem very unknowledgable and are not able to provide any answer that's not straight off the website, which I've already read and called to get more details. The one rep thought I was asking about in network vs out of network copayments and then told me the copayment would be between 0 and $195! I finally had her look up a facility for me and she confirmed that the copayment there would be 0, but I have no confidence that she really knew or even understood my question. I asked another rep the same question and he said it depends on how it's coded and I'll know when I get the bill!

    I've worked in customer service and know medical questions can be difficult because there's a lot of gray area, but I could usually rely on insurance companies giving me correct info. Cigna reps can't seem to answer basic questions. I feel like they haven't been trained other than told to just give info from the website. I feel like it's a waste of time to call them and usually feel worse after talking with them.

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    Customer Service

    Reviewed Sept. 20, 2021

    I don't know who it is writing good reviews of this company. The customer service is horrible. I just spent AN HOUR on the phone with 4 different people just to get the name of an imaging facility covered by the company. 4 people. And this is not the 1st time I've had trouble with them. I can't wait to be done with them. Open enrollment in Oct - just sorry I have to wait until 2022 to get rid of them.

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    Customer Service

    Reviewed July 20, 2021

    I am absolutely unable to file claims for service paid out of pocket because forms are not available online and HOURS of telephone calls and promises by Cigna to mail forms have been unsuccessful. THE WORST!

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    Cigna Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans
    Response from Cigna Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans

    Hello Lisa, I apologize for the troubles you have encountered. I would be happy to assist. Please email me at Thanks-DN


    Reviewed June 20, 2021

    I learned that Cigna doesn't offer inhalers at Tier 1 or 2 levels. Be prepared to trigger the $445 Annual Deductible and expensive copays for Tier 3 and above medications needed to help you breathe. But the prize for price-gouging goes to the Brand and Generic medications which are priced at the same Tier 4 level. Before you enroll in a Cigna Part D Plan, find out which of your medications are Tier 3 and above... and if they are, perhaps you should shop your medications outside of the Cigna Medigap plans. Part of the problem is that CMS isn't policing Part D Plans aggressively enough. One Part D Plan might classify a drug as a Tier 2 while another one might classify it as Tier 3, 4 or not cover it at all.

    In 2016 however, the U.S. government suspended new enrollment in Cigna Medicare Advantage health insurance and prescription drug plans, saying Cigna had “widespread and systemic failures”. CMS said Cigna did not handle complaints and grievances properly from patients who had been denied coverage for health benefits or drugs. Officials also found problems with its list of covered drugs and said it did not handle its requests for prior authorization and exceptions as it should have. Apparently, Cigna worked its way back into being a Medicare provider. Nevertheless, folks should be diligent and find out the exact copay --- every year --- for medications before enrollment ---every year during Medicare Open Enrollment October 1-December 7 annually. Nobody wants unwelcome surprises.

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    Reviewed April 3, 2021

    I have spent hours on the phone with many, many Cigna people trying to get Cigna to honor my Doctor's bills from 2020. First they denied because they said they were not my primary insurance. Previously I had been on my husband's Aetna plan from his employer. He retired 12/31/2019. And ironically, Cigna has been paying his bills. Cigna contacted Aetna and confirmed our coverage with Aetna ended on 9/29/2020. They finally paid my eye doctor after 3 months and 3 denials.

    Another bill in dispute is from 10/2020. After several other calls and appeals filed, the last thing I was told was that the doctor didn't present the bill soon enough. This is **. The doctor had to resubmit since the initial request was denied because they thought we still had Aetna. I had no idea this was happening until I started receiving bills from my providers. This is ridiculous that my physicians are having to wait months to be paid. I am sick of Cigna and when I am able am going to switch companies.

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