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I have been a customer for three almost four years and have paid with auto pay since the policy was created for dental insurance. Recently the auto pay process stopped working and changes were made to the auto pay system back in August/2016. I received a letter in August stating my insurance premium dropped in price by two dollars (I thought this was nice) and that their system was in the process of changing. It informed me that I had to sign into my account to update or redo my auto pay status. I setup the auto pay online and ended up processing a payment for the new monthly premium for Sept/2016. This is where the problems start.

1st Problem: A payment was never processed in July but the one in August was completed (now I am confused). After numerous calls to customer service I was finally told no July/2016 payment was ever received. I verified this while on the call with customer service by signing into my bank account online. No debit to my bank account for July. I processed this payment in the beginning of Sept online with the customer service rep still on the phone. Payment accepted.

2nd Problem: In Sept/2016 I receive my email statement and it shows my account is delinquent and the monthly premium is now $29.00 higher than my recent letter. Again back to customer service and was told the payment date and email notifications must have been crossed and she had no idea why the premium amount has changed. She also stated it was not a late fee. The account was sent to a manager for review to correct. I stated to the rep that I have only authorized a payment of what their letter has stated as my new premium and when I set it up it was correct in their system online.

Oct 13, 2016, premium due date is coming up on the 15th and I received an email for the pending auto pay for an amount of $29.00 greater than the agreed amount for the premium. I called again and spoke to Henrietta and told it would go to a manager for review before it could process. Meaning a correction to be made on the amount to be withdrawn. Today I received my email notice that the amount of the premium plus the additional $29.00 is pending. I never agreed to this amount and am on record multiple times to this statement.

I have not mentioned all the calls back and forth with customer service and no responses with management. Maybe I was lied to by customer service or maybe the management doesn't care. Whatever the reason, the surveys they ask you to take should not be taken until the reason for your calls are either satisfied or in a completed status for the policy holders. I can tell you that they talk like they care but actions speak louder than words. I have now cancelled auto pay and called bank to inform them not to process the pending withdrawal. So much time wasted to try to correct the problem, it just seems easier to cancel the policy and move on.

So today I get my yearly rate increase, $300 more. I do not have a medical condition nor go to doctors that much, but still I get an increase and with less benefits. Yes less benefits except they did add, that if I decide to have a sex change that will be FREE, but if I get hit from an uninsured motorist I am on my own. Amazing work Florida Blue.

At the time of the manual August payment request done by Florida Blue, I re-checked and activated the automatic option. At that time, I also requested a Billing History from January 2016 through August 2016. I was told it would arrive in 7-10 working days. Waited two weeks the document did not arrive. To make the long story short, this has happened 6 more times since, have talked to 6 client representatives and 2 Supervisors, the last one I talked to (for slightly more than 1.5 hours) Reginald told me he would personally take care of requesting this information and that he would make sure it would arrive this time. Well, it did not arrive. And even though Reginald failed miserably in following up on the case and did not honor his word, or followed up on what is supposed to be his due diligence, I am more concerned with the fact that FB is not interested in solving what is not happening with their new administrative setup.

Requesting a billing history for a client is a very simple and straightforward request. What's (not) happening within the system is really perplexing and points to the fact that outside of getting my money every month, they really do not care if they address or not the current fluke in their system so that I do get my document. Really shameful. I none of the conversations I have had with FB, have I felt their desire to solve the situation, mine of theirs! Even though I clearly indicate that requesting the billing history again the same way it had been done before will NOT solve the problem, that's exactly what they do!!! And I am still waiting for my Billing History or for someone to contact me! These are new people, it is not the same Florida Blue I used to know! Worth checking other plan options!

I have had problem after problem with this insurance since January. Everything from mistakes in billing, coverage, and their customer service is terrible every time I call. They do not care about your health and they make it impossible for you to get treatment. I have wasted so much time getting in contact with them so they can fix their billing mistakes is ridiculous. They have had me waiting on the phone for long periods of time, and some reps just hang up when they do not want to search for the answer to your questions. Stay away from this insurance.

I have had ongoing horrific experiences with BCBS of Florida since the Healthcare Marketplace Started. I have been "Canceled" twice in one year so far. Supposedly because I "didn't send in payments correctly" that I set up through their auto billing. I fell for this the first time, and then recently, guess what? It happened again! I get so many letters weekly from them that a consumer gets completely fatigued at opening them and if you miss one letter and don't catch all of their "announcements" you could be cancelled for multiple of reasons- and trust me they are pro's at "Losing emails" and "no account info". I reinstated my policy AGAIN in February and made sure that I set up auto draft for my monthly premium amount. I supplied my banking routing number and account number. The CSR said it was all set up and I assumed I was all good.

6 months later (after going to doctor's visits and having all my billed covered from BCSFL) I get a bill saying I owe 400$? For non missed payments? I called and was on hold for over 56 min before an incompetent employee said she had to put me BACK ON HOLD for another 40 min to see what was up. She verified I still had coverage but COULDN'T SEE ANY EVIDENCE I HAD EVER MADE A PAYMENT, here we are again!...

When she returned, she said she wasn't about to "view that part of my account" from her computer and had to put me on another hold to get me to the "Correct Person" and that I should call the Healthcare Marketplace to see where the ball was dropped. So I did, and the HCMP said they had no idea. So far, now I am here with no Healthcare AGAIN, and no one knows what's going on. Listen people, YOU'RE BETTER OFF PAYING YOUR OWN MEDICAL BILLS OUT OF YOUR POCKET, than dealing with this horrifically incompetent company.

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I signed up for coverage with the Marketplace in August, for coverage to begin in September. Florida Blue was my only option. I paid my first premium, received a letter on Sept. 1 saying my application was being processed and that I owed $0.00. They finally cashed my check on Sept. 15. I still had no coverage. They told me it was because of a glitch with the new payment system. I was told I would be moved to a high priority category, and my insurance would be activated within 72 hours. It was not. In fact, the next time I called, they claimed I had never even made a payment, and that I just enrolled in the program on September 21, even though I had a letter from them dated Sept. 1 saying they had my application. That is actually what their records were showing!

I was required to "prove" I had paid, so I was told to email them my bank statement and the cancelled check. And then I was assured it would be corrected within 72 hours. It has not been corrected. I have paid hundreds of dollars out of pocket in September, even though I have paid for my coverage, and have proof they have my payment. I've called Florida Blue numerous times and they continue to lie and give me different stories each time I contact them. I am never permitted to speak with a supervisor. They always say there are none available. I have also been hung up on 3 times. I don't think those were accidents. This is absolutely the worst company I have ever dealt with. If possible, please avoid this company at all costs!

UPDATED ON 10/05/2016: This is the second review I have written about Florida Blue. Like the rest of you, it's been a nightmare for me. Calling their customer service reps is useless--please don't waste your time. They will hang up on you. I may have found a solution though. Yesterday I visited a Florida Blue Center in Ft. Myers. Here you can speak in person with trained, professionals who seem to want to help. And they cannot hang up on you! There are several centers throughout the state. I got my questions answered and I believe my specific issue will be resolved this time. I spoke with a service rep who literally said he was now my advocate regarding my situation. I have his direct email address, and know exactly where to find him. I learned most of the people we call at Florida Blue are new hires with little to no experience. They have no idea how to help us. I guess that's why they keep hanging up on us.

I know everyone can't find the time to travel to one of the Florida Blue Centers, but if you can you should. Best to go first thing in the morning, as they get very busy. They are open Monday thru Saturday, 9am-7pm. The staff there truly seemed concerned. I also suggest contacting WFLA Channel 8 in Tampa. If enough of us write in they might be able to help. The station already did a story about BCBS incompetence earlier this year. Now that open enrollment season is approaching, I think the media should get involved. If my suggestion ends up not working, I'll provide an update. Good luck everyone!

The company where I worked used to provide Florida Blue insurance. For almost 3 years I paid their services and the ONLY time I needed to use it, they never confirm my identity with the clinic so I have to pay out my pocket and submit the claim to Florida Blue. Well let me tell you this was a nightmare. I submitted the claim around June 2015 and I waited 3 month for them to process my request just for them to tell me I forgot a signature on the claim, then I submitted again. 3-4 month later they told me I was missing a tax id from the clinic, I submitted AGAIN... It was already 2016 and because they suck my company decided to go with another provider.

So I called again to check on my claim and they don't have anything on the system. They kept transferring my calls all the time so last person I talked to told me because I no longer have insurance with Florida Blue they can't pay my claim. They are just thieves. How is this even possible? Customer service is just non-existing. If you fax anything just forget about it... I rather not to have insurance than to pay for this crap.

I am beyond frustrated. It started out that I was given the incorrect effective date and I was being charged a premium higher than the plan I signed up for. Every time I would call I would get a different story. My insurance was cancelled even though I was promised it would not be while the issues were being corrected. I made a payment by MoneyGram to get it there fast; I was given specific instructions that I followed and it was rejected. Whenever I would call, no one could tell me anything. I sent another payment by Express Mail. Again, I was given specific instructions. I spent $25 and the payment should have been applied within 48 to 72 hours. It was lost; found 3 weeks later and finally applied to my account. I was with a different company through the Marketplace last year and did not have any problems. I switched over because BCBS has a good reputation and is supposed to be the best in the business.

On top of all of this, there was a spot found on my lung that I should have followed up on 3 months ago and I have not been able to because of ongoing insurance issues with Florida Blue. I am saddened by this. I don't like to bad mouth anybody but this has been a horrible experience. I'm just trying to get through the rest of the year without any more issues.

It appears it is taking over a month for Florida Blue to fix their computer system for payments. First we are told auto pay is being changed so you must pay your next bill, so I did. Then I get an email stating I'm past due. I spent a great deal of time holding on the phone to be told it was a computer glitch and I'm paid up to date. I still wasn't able to set up auto pay for my Oct bill. I just went into the system again today 9/21 to reset the auto pay, which they say you can, only to find that my current Oct bill is showing 2 months are being billed. On the phone again to be told I can give this rep my billing info to pay the bill and I can set up auto pay after Oct 1. I want my payment taken from my account Sept 30, but they can't do that. I'll have to call back on Sept 30 to make the payment then.

I used to work in the tech industry and if it took us over a month to get something right we would have been out of business very quickly. What bothered me the most is it appears the problem I had today they don't even know about. All they say is it's due to the inconvenience of the changing website. I don't know who they hire, but I certainly hope they do a better job with claims.

I have worked several years in the medical industry and I am disgusted at the service of Florida Blue. THEY will deny anything and everything even with Certified Medical Necessity signed by an active registered physician. Even when they DO pay it is below their fee schedule. They cannot even meet the UCR, Usual, Customary and Reasonable... a standard by which Medicare/Medicare sets and regulates. I am dumbfounded at the MANY times I have called and have been transferred to OUTSOURCED jobs in Jamaica, Indonesia, and The Philippines. It's not only a language barrier but then their Customer Service Representatives have NO idea what they are talking about and are basically reading a script.

I end up knowing more about the member's policy than the CSR and I feel that's disturbing. I have not only had many years of experience but I also have a degree specifically for Billing and Coding and have to maintain a TON of Medicare/Medicaid certificates that are done yearly. There is NO way that the CSRs I speak to with Florida Blue have these qualifications. IF I HAVE TO EXPLAIN what UCR is to their people then there is a problem. I suggest that if you are one of their members you look into OTHER health care. You are paying for a benefit that though it is covered, they are not paying and to me that's FRAUD.

I recently reported a "update life change" to the Market Place as required by law. Immediately this resulted in Florida Blue cancelling my [paid up to date policy] on August 26, 2016. My Florida Blue online account was also terminated, so I had no access to my past or present medical records. All of my physicians were told I have no coverage. My pharmacy called me that I could not pick up medications ordered due to cancelation of my health policy. I called Florida Blue. I had not been made aware of the termination {no letter was ever sent to me} so I wanted to find out what happened. Florida Blue stated to me there was a glitch internally they called a "business error." I was up to date on payments they stated. This took 2 hours to discuss. I was hung up on twice, waiting 25 minutes each time to have a new representative speak with me. I was promised this termination would be corrected the same day.

The next day I was still not reinstated to my private policy. I called Florida Blue, asking that they call the Market Place with me still on the phone. The Market Place was contacted and easily navigated with me and Florida Blue online to review that I was still intact on their website as a client and paid in full. The Market Place & the Florida Blue representative discussed this at length, reviewing that the necessary notice by paper exchange of internal documents was sent by Market Place had sent to Florida Blue. I was to continue my Florida Blue policy without loss of coverage time. Florida Blue asked a Market Place document again saying they needed them. [This took four hours on the phone together.] The matter was considered corrected by the Market Place, and Florida Blue apologized to me on the phone for the error. Florida Blue called the next day to my new eye doctor about my same day visit for cataract eye exam. I attended the office call.

Next day I was still terminated by Florida Blue. So I called Florida Blue again. I was on the phone an hour today and they hung up on me. This was scaring me. I am terminated and paying for insurance I do not have intact! At this point I called the Florida Insurance Commission for help 1-877-693-5236. I lodged a formal complaint. I am hoping for the best all is cleared up with this matter. **. email:

After hours on the phone dealing with incompetence and bureaucracy I still don't have an answer as to why my prescription was denied. Impossible to find a manager, they are always in meetings. I pay $1500 a month and can't get someone with authority to call me back or on the phone.

Quite possibly the worst online service I have ever experienced. Try calling? My call is dropped 50% of the time, and when it isn't dropped there is no representative who can produce a positive results. One time payment with a credit card or bank routing is non-existent. Ticket numbers mean nothing.

I had gone to see a neurologist about a severe back problem. The treatment recommended required me driving 45 minutes away for treatment as local facilities would not take Florida Blue. I went once and after seeing the Ct review they wanted me back ASAP. I went 3 days later. My insurance had been cancelled. The Dr offered to wait while I fixed the problem due to the severity of my problems with my spine. I was on the phone for 3 hours. Florida Blue blamed the marketplace and kept referring me back to the marketplace who in turn kept telling me I still had coverage and there was no gap and payments had all been made on their part. Florida Blue said I had made all MY payments and could not give me a reason why I had been cancelled. The doctor's office closed before I could finish the call. The dr. begged me to get this cleared up ASAP as the situation was precarious (her words).

On to Day 2 because Florida Blue closed. After 3 more hours on the phone demanding supervisors of each of the Insurance company and Marketplace staff. They got on a 3 way call and Florida Blue could no longer blame it on the Marketplace but could still could not say WHY I was cancelled even though I technically had overpaid by one month. They said it would be fixed as it seemed to be a medical emergency by the end of business today.

It is now 9:29 PM EST and my account is still closed as per the internet. I shall continue tomorrow but the Marketplace has called me an hour ago and said to call if it was not done by morning and they would handle it (hope so). I am so frustrated that they are so uncaring. A push of a button can cancel you but they kept saying BEFORE they figured out it was an emergency. It could take 30 days to fix it. I am 61 with a thyroid problem and high blood pressure and this spinal problem. I need RX and health care... NOW!

I have been a provider of mental health services for thirty five years and have never encountered such degree of incompetence and deliberate disregard for patient welfare and well being. Prior for seeing patients, I called to confirm the benefits for my patients. For the past six months I have sent multiple claims and have been denied payment. I have spent over 20 hrs on the phone with offshore 'representatives' who have no clue.

I have been told that all the information provided on the claims is accurate and I should resubmit for faster processing but the claims keep coming back "DENIED." I am frustrated, disgusted, and having read the horrific reviews, I wonder why a class action suit against BCBS is not warranted. This action has to be initiated by patients who have been unfairly denied service.

There are many, many stories of nightmares. Don't ever call the marketplace in the middle of your year. Don't do it if you get a raise, lose a job, get a new dependent. Florida Blue will cancel your account. Eventually "move everything over to new account" and charge you more. I have had too many issues with Florida Blue over the past three years. Currently I pay 14000 a year for three people and they can screw up the easiest issue. I stopped dealing with them. When I have a problem I go right to the Florida Insurance commission and file a complaint. That usually fixes things. The trauma and stress they have caused me is negligible. Class action suit??!

I had to quit my job back in March because of school. So come May I was looking for new insurance. I called BCBS as they were my old insurance company and talked to a representative about all insurance plans. He recommended Blue Select. I told him that I wanted to make sure that I will get to keep all my current doctors that I have now. His exact words were "yes, this is platinum insurance policy and there isn't anyone that doesn't accept it. It's top of the line insurance package." At over a $1,000 policy I would hope so. So come July when I had to go get my clinical shots I find out that my primary doctor doesn't take my new insurance, my pharmacy, the hospital where I will have to get surgery or my neurosurgeon. So has you guessed it I am furious that I was lied too.

I called BCBS today and spoke with two very rude ladies. One named Michelle and the other gave no name. I was told by both "we cannot do anything about it, you will have to find a new doctor that is in your network". They didn't care that I was lied to. When asked for a supervisor from the no name girl I was transferred to Michelle, who was very ** (I hate this word, but it's the best to describe her attitude on the phone with me). I asked Michelle again for a supervisor, she wanted to know why I needed one. I simply told her that poor customer service that I have received and being lied to about the policy I purchased. Her words were "I don't know how a supervisor can help you." I told her to please get a supervisor on the phone before I go off. I was on hold for 30 minutes to be hung up on.

I would like to know who bears the responsibilities of a commitment from an insurance company? When I call for pre authorization and document everything and later find out the agent didn't know what they were talking about, then getting stuck with a bill. What is my recourse. I am tired of the merry-go-round with Doc and ins companies... I recently sent back a device that aided an injured foot because I was told I would not be covered then found out ins company paid after I returned the device. Now the Doctor has payment for something when there should have been no bill and I returned something I needed... Just aggravated.

Beware!!! I have spent over 2 years trying to get FL Blue to correct all the incorrect monthly billing statements they have sent. I was first set up for them to withdraw my monthly premium. For some reason, which they could never explain, they started taking out a whole lot more money than the amount due. What a nightmare this started. As of today I am still dealing with incorrect billing. I now get paper statements and they still can't get the amount due correct. I have submitted many, many requests for a review of my account but the department responsible has not performed their duties. They just want more money without explanation.

Also, keep track of your out of pocket costs! Last year I was given different dates for when we met our out of pocket. It kept changing. I again requested a review of the account, and again it was never completed. If you use them, keep track of ALL claims and your monthly statements. Do not trust anything they do. Take detailed notes each time you talk to them. Start a folder and be organized. I would change insurance companies but unfortunately they are the only one I can afford. I guess you get what you pay for, even if you pay too much. I just wish there was someone I could contact who could hold them accountable. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!!! They are taking advantage of people.

BCBS FL Customer service is a nightmare. This Filipino's worth just a dollar in a month. If you call to fix any issue on your denial claim they will never solve your problem because they don't know how to fix it. Just to check claims status they will take minimum 45 mins. I'm serious. Thank God they have Availity. But once your claim is denying incorrectly I bet you will cry to get it reprocess. Their process knowledge is zero, politeness zero. There is nothing I can give them a positive comments. WORSE WORSE WORSE Customer Service. They need proper training. Right now I'm calling to BCBS FL and have been holding for more than an hour. Wasting time.

I have been in the medical field for over 30 years now. BCBS of Florida has turned all accounts over to the Philippines or New Mexico, we can't talk to get any patient's benefits or if they need authorizations unless we go through off shore. They are extremely rude. They don't care if they provide us with the incorrect info on our patient's cause what are we going to do. If we ask to speak to someone in Florida, they state they are no longer allowed to transfer us to Florida.

We have called our Provider Relations, Credential Department and they say there is nothing they can do. Ok, wake up, we signed our contracts with BCBS of Florida. You patients did as well and pay your premium to Florida, did you know you are calling a toll-free # but speaking to someone off shore? That is why you are receiving the rudeness and never mind your HIPPA rights. They have all your information to commit identity fraud. So if I was all of you I would call my local Insurance Commissioner as well as the Attorney General.

I have had MyBlue insurance in 2016. It's the end of July and I have not been yet able to see a primary doctor. Every time I am assigned one, when I try to get an appt. They are no longer accepting this plan. NOT EVEN THE COUNTY HOSPITAL'S Doctors! Last Dr assigned was a nephrologist. Not even a primary! When I got to their office SURPRISE! Customer service is terrible. This company is crooked and a bunch of thieves. Takes premiums and we have NO access to medical care!!! Do not sign up Florida MyBlue!

Through an unexpected back injury in September, 2015... I was suddenly thrust into the world of Marketplace Insurance, since I was/am no longer able to work. I had NO INCOME, but FL could ONLY offer an exemption on being penalized on my taxes OR purchasing insurance via the Marketplace (based on my 2015 income). I was still hoping to get my injury fixed & chose FL BLUE HMO PLATINUM, thinking I would/could get the BEST medical care (ALL of my doctors were on the HMO list at enrollment in December, 2015 through an insurance AGENT).

They began denying things immediately, although I did not become aware of it for weeks/months later when I got billed. For example: FL BLUE approved a urine sample, but denied the URINE CUP (how is this justified?) Stalled for 2 months on a medication that my doctor sent 3 separate requests for because FL BLUE kept saying they never received them. Then decided it was a specialty RX at $300 Co-pay a month on top of the $600 premium I was paying.

I had NO INCOME & qualified for Medicaid in March, 2016. I had already paid for March & they refused a refund, so I called on 3/23/16 them to cancel as of March 31, 2016... I also contacted my insurance agent to cancel them. As of TODAY (June 27, 2016), FL BLUE refuses to cancel my policy & has gone into every medical record I have to make themselves the PRIMARY insurance. This BLOCKS my Medicaid from helping me.

The Marketplace + Medicaid have attempted to force FL BLUE to get OFF my NO AVAIL. FL BLUE has denied medical appointments, procedures & medications that were ALL made through Medicaid. They have virtually STOPPED all of my medical treatment & NO ONE can stop them. Since when does an insurance company continue coverage after 1 day of NON-PAYMENT...let alone 4 MONTHS of non-payments??

We are forced to get insurance now OR be penalized by the government. WHO IS WATCHING the INSURANCE COMPANIES?? I spent ALL of my savings on medical insurance, out of pocket for denied claims & have LOST 4 months of medical abiding the law. I am being held HOSTAGE by an insurance company that realizes NOTHING was put in place to STOP THEM!!

My first time with Florida Blue hopefully my last. Since I signed up with Florida Blue/Marketplace 01/2016. I have had nothing but a headache dealing with them. Long wait times, poor, horrible customer service, cancelled in error on numerous occasions, very inconvenienced so therefore I had to wait longer to go to a doctor, because no insurance. The new policy they issued they made it effective January 2016 instead of May 2016, another error so they cancelled the new policy to issue an effective date of May 2016 and charged another binder payment which was very stupid. It's really sad that I have gotten to the point. I do not want to contact them for anything, I rather pay out of pocket. Florida Blue/Marketplace need to get it together. Just horrible!

I saw your article about Florida Blue Health Insurance coverage. When I first enrolled with MyBlue I thought I was upgrading from Coventry which I had since the beginning of the Government Health Insurance. I checked before the switch to be sure my primary physician and others accepted this plan. Shortly after beginning, my primary physician stopped accepting Florida Blue (MyBlue). When I tried to find a different PCP I found that the only ones that accepted my plan were at the county health clinics, where for the most part is for people with no insurance and the homeless.

I am outraged that I cannot use a private physician as I have done all my life. This plan costs over $600/month! tells me I cannot change plans until open enrollment in November. How can an insurance company play this bait & switch? How can they say it is affecting less than 10% of their members?

Everyone that has the MyBlue Silver plan is being affected. I assure you that is more than they are claiming. How can we get help?

Customer service is horrible. They treat you as if they don't care because they don't. You can get no help whatsoever and when you want to ask me to a manager there is nobody, only a supervisor who won't do anything but try and get you off the phone. You cannot get an appointment to see any primary doctors because all their appointments are two or three months out and they don't care to help you. I finally got an appointment with a doctor but because their website says they are no longer accepting new patients they would not make them my primary but I still have no doctor's appointment. I call them for help and they tell me to go to an emergency room. One big joke of a company. I will never ever use their services again and canceling insurance immediately.

FL Blue has now decided to no longer cover my MS specialty drug Copaxone and none of the plans offered to my employer have this coverage. No one has been able to answer my questions, no one calls me back. I have to go through the drug support staff to get results between FL Blue and Caremark, the prescribing pharmacy and it usually takes at least a week. I am on a 40 mg injection drug, taken 3 times a week and it takes 10-12 days to get it refilled. Discovered after 2 months of inquiries and a ton of paperwork, I cannot be on this drug, the best one on the market, anymore. Just in time for re-enrollment in my employer's plan this week.

FL Blue has denied paying 5 claims, back to September, by contacting Caremark, who contacted my neurologist to tell me, some months paid, other denied, and the pharmacy cut me off. It took me 7 weeks to get a refill, and now today, is another delay of 12 days, to get authorization of a monthly refill. Third time. I have a Notice of Action to refill this prescription through 2/10/17 between FL Blue and Caremark but now they tell me they are no longer covering this drug on ANY plan. Florida Blue is the worst, customer service that transfers you to departments that can't help you and you go in circles. After an hour and a half, some girl told me I had to pick a different plan when re-enrollment comes up. Well. it's that time and now I am being told none of the plans are covering this medication.

Changed my policy in October 2015, without legal authority, which changed benefits from co-pay to co-insurance subject to deductible. Prior to and subsequent to October 2015, my plan was a $20 co-pay. I appealed this beginning in November 2015 by contacting 4 times via email and not once did they reply. In March 2016 I finally got in contact with the supposedly correct person who said he would reprocess the claims and he never did. I called back in late April and was told they would reprocess the claims. They never did. I sent a scathing email with lots of cursing and got a reply stating they would correct the problem within 2 weeks - they didn't. Called today and they are ignorant. Time to send certified letter to CEO.

Can't access online bill pay. Says "page not available". Billing statements show I owe no monthly premium so I called. They said they owe me $900. Really!? So how many months premiums is that? Didn't notify me at all to see if I wanted refund. They have too many ignorant jerks and ** who try to stonewall you because they're too lazy. Called today 5-24-16 to ask who a claim was paid to and repeated told me "the provider" despite my repeated request to know "what provider". Finally she told me but when I asked about another claim, she hung up on me.

Oh, by the way, I have never spoken to an employee who isn't **! Want to know about providers for radiology?! Don't rely on their site! Might be the Radiologist is covered, but not the facility where they're doing the imaging. They don't tell you that! So you show up to the hospital where the Radiologist is thinking you're covered and then find out you have a separate bill from the hospital which is covered by co-insurance, not co-pay. They don't explain (because they don't give a **) that you have to find both a Radiologist and facility that is covered - a task that took me 2 weeks to find when I was out of state.

I call FB and told them I was turning 65 in May and wanted to know what I needed to do as I was going on medicare and my wife was on my policy. I was told to call back a month before my birthday which I did. I was then told when I signed up for my wife that everything was handled and my wife got a new policy and they contacted and everything was finished and nothing we needed to do. To my dismay the only thing gone he started a new policy for my wife and did nothing with the 2 policy they were to cancel. After 5 to 6 calls to FB I was informed that my policy was not cancelled and it would take a month. Now I am getting late bills for the policy that was to be cancelled and I am paying for my wife's new policy. I need help!!!

I live in the Orlando, Florida area where the major hospital here is "Florida Hospital", but it is not on the list of accepted hospitals for Florida Blue. Trying to have surgery is a nightmare! Today I spent 3 hours calling and waiting to speak to people on the Florida Blue customer service line. After several very long, discouraging, and fruitless phone calls, I learned that everyone you speak to is in a "call center" in the Dominican Republic. The place is loud, the people don't help you, and they deliberately put you on hold while they pretend to "check on something". I wanted to throw my phone!!! Florida Blue is the worst company ever.

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