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    111 Toll Brothers Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 9, 2018

    Have had problems with cabinets peeling. Now we find out person behind our property is using part of our property as a gravel driveway. We were unable to see this because of the NAOS. Toll gave us a copy of the plat that does not show that. We had to order a survey and spoke with person and now person refuses to move driveway and now we have put a claim with the title insurance because Toll gave us a deceiving copy of plat.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 17, 2018

    We built our new Toll Brothers home beginning in August 2017. The floor plans, elevations and amenities are beautiful and the home is very energy efficient. Our complaints are with materials and craftsmanship. Day one after taking possession of our new home I decided to shower in the master bath. The drain was plugged and would not slow drain after two days. Prior to this the drain had been installed wrong and had to be repositioned prior to tile being set. Something clogged the drain and it took a minimum of a half hour of very hard work spread out over a two hour period to plunge and unplug the drain which finally happened.

    A low voltage addition that we paid for outside to run a TV has no active power to anything and no one knows why are where it should go because the electrical schematics are incorrect and incomplete. During construction we added a 220 volt 70 amp circuit for a hot tub outside of the master bedroom. The electrician put it on the opposite side of the house by the breakfast area. We added a TV connection in the master bedroom. It was installed but the electrician forgot to put in the plug for the TV. The garage has a tandem. There are two light cans; one for the main part of the garage and one for the tandem. The drywallers covered the can for the tandem and it took forever to get that corrected.

    We ordered French doors for the master bedroom where there is a large window and an extra window on the wall where the bed goes. An exterior door is standard that we wanted replaced with a window. The framers forgot to frame for the French doors and put in the large window. They also framed the standard exterior door but did put in the extra window on the wall by the bed. Then on day two of taking possession of the home I came home to screeching sound like an alarm. It turned out to be the hot water recirculation pump.

    The next thing was the irrigation system. Once the water was turned on and we tried to get the sprinklers to work, they had forgotten to put heads on the sprinklers and water shot up everywhere. Also when they laid the drip lines they had severed the line that goes under the driveway to a lone tree and again, water everywhere. While I was installing four lights in the hallway I discovered the first can was not attached to a stud. The next three were all different types. The floors in every room are not level by as much as a half inch in places so when you open a door it sticks on a high spot. Now as I write this, workers from Toll Bros are digging out around the irrigation feeder lines due to a subterranean broken pipe that has caused the ground around it to sink as well as the pavers do sink. I will say this however for Toll Bros. When you tell them there is a problem they are on it fast.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 11, 2018

    We bought a new Toll Brothers home in Parker, CO in 2013. Very big mistake! The quality of the construction was absolutely terrible. From the concrete in the driveway starting to flake as soon as the first snow, to the drywall texture looking as though it was done by children, to the electrical work constantly glitching and on and on. When we placed the order for our new home, the customer service was very good. As soon as we closed on our home, is when the customer service ended. We have called several times to Joel the manager and Carl the site manager to ask about getting some of our concerns addressed and after almost 4 years, I'm still waiting for a return call.

    Buyer beware! I tell everyone I know to never consider a Toll Brothers home. Our Previous home was built by Engle homes at about 1/3 the price and that house was of far superior quality and the customer service was second to none. Toll Brothers has beautiful floor plans and a great sales department and that's how they sell homes. Don't be fooled! They build junk!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 9, 2018

    Very disappointed with the quality of the workmanship. We owed a built house prior to Toll Brothers, lived in it for 13 years with no issues whatsoever. We built our Toll Brothers home in 2013, assuming they would be much more superior quality for the price they were charging. We were completely wrong! Hardly 4.5 years living in this home, because of such a poor quality of products and contractors used, our cabinets paint started to peel off. Toll Brothers did an inspection of the home and came back telling us it's the cleaners we were using... Really!!! What a great excuse to cover up the faulty job done. I have never heard of paint peeling off the cabinets from cleaning! DO NOT BUY TOLL BROTHERS, NOT WORTH FOR THE MONEY SPENT! CHEAP QUALITY, RIP OFF!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 28, 2018

    We have decided to built a home with Toll brothers in Colleyville and biggest mistake we have made in our life’s. The whole process was a disaster with them, very poor quality, poor customer service, poor communications, and worse than all after you closed your home with them, they are done with you, they don’t care about anything else after that. I have cracks all over my house after a year, big movement in my house, I asked my builder Tyler to address the issues, after several follow ups he sent someone to fix the cracks, they didn’t finish the job properly. I have been asking Tyler the builder on Overlook subdivision to send out the guy to finish the job and he said he won’t do that anymore, it’s my responsibility to fix the cracks. Very unsatisfied and I will never build a home with Toll brothers. If you want a good customer service with a great quality they are not the one you should go with to build your dream home.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 3, 2018

    We think it’s important to tell you our story and possibly leverage any assistance to make sure that no other family has to be subjected to any experience similar to ours. We were excited to build a new semi-custom home in Parker, CO and engaged working with Toll Brothers to make our dreams come true. Unfortunately, we have been encountering issues ranging from safety matters and subpar workmanship, to potential fraud. To say that the experience has been frustrating would put it mildly. The sheer number and the complexity of problems found in our home is astounding. We wanted to get an independent opinion. After hiring a private inspector, we were told that this is by far the worst case he’s seen with Toll Brothers.

    Efforts to remedy the issues with the builder have been met with resistance. For example, after my children complained of headaches it was found that there was a gas leak in the attic. The Project Manager at Toll Brothers quaintly dismissed our concerns because it was just a “small gas leak.” The Vice President and the Project Manager of Toll Brothers not so dismissive when the inspector pointed out that a small gas leak caused a home to explode. Aside for other safety issues, we are faced with an endless list of items needing to be fixed. This includes front and back porches that needs to be replaced, a window well that needed to be replaced, siding and roofing repairs, electrical repairs, plumbing repairs, and the list goes on and on. The poor workmanship is beyond anything we would expect for a home in this price range. 

    Lastly, we paid for all interior walls to be insulated, after moving in we noted that it was hot and noise traveled. Toll Brothers agreed to install a through vent to help circulate air in the office. During the installation, it showed no insulation in the wall. After numerous attempts, Toll Brothers finally agreed to have their people come out and prove to us that they did insulate the walls as contractually stipulated. As you can expect, drilling into the walls showed that the walls were not insulated. Leading up to the testing, Toll Brothers asserted that their inspector distinctly recalled that the interior walls were insulated. If we took their attestations at face value, like most reasonable homeowners would probably do, we would be deprived of this benefit. 

    To date, Toll Brothers has not appropriately identified a solution. It really makes us wonder what controls are in place to ensure buyers are in fact getting the property they paid for. Sadly, researching Better Business Bureau has identified that we are not the only ones to experience very significant issues with this builder. It’s likely as a buyer you will not see much of any bad content via the internet as the builder works hard to have posting removed. For example we posted Buyer Beware postings on Facebook & LinkedIn only see them removed with a 24 hour time frame.

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    60 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 24, 2018

    This is my second Toll Brothers home. Mistake I made was thinking they were still quality which is why I purchased again. My Townhouse Condo is poorly constructed even with level 4 finishes, cheap windows, hardwoods have been replaced several times, drywall is cracking, seams coming apart literally, damaged millwork that was puttied over but now that it's dried out has fallen out, old paint used on staircase nose still sticky after 10 months, tiles cracking have been replaced twice, warped truss in ceiling, frame bent on stove...the list doesn't stop.

    They tout themselves as energy efficient. I'd describe it more as energy inefficient, no dampers for airflow control. The project manager told me my unit doesn't have dampers, close the vents and stop bothering them, I'm now due for my 11 month punch out, I've had issues with my HVAC and hot water heater but they won't set up the appointment. I've been waiting for 2 weeks. Bottom line is think carefully before purchasing a Toll Brothers home, if you have to have one hire an inspector of your own. It's worth the $600. I wish I had.

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    36 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 17, 2018

    Bought a second home by Toll Brothers at Escena, Palm Springs. Terrible, awful, bad experience. The customer service is horrible! The finish quality is very bad and the customer service is non-existent. Every excuse in the world and nothing but incompetence. Once they have your money, good luck. The worst experience ever. A brand new home and I had to repaint entirely because the paint quality is so poor. That is just an example, the list goes on...

    31 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 14, 2018

    This was probably the worst personal mistake I ever made. The workmanship and the repairs and layout of the community (Rivington @ Danbury CT) were the worst. To start. We were lied to about what views we would have from our unit by salesperson (we had NONE). The entry door to the garage was not even up to code (32" wide vs 36" width) hence any exit and entry to home was a contortion show especially w/ groceries! The master bath was requested built without a bathtub so they made the shower stall HUGE bigger than the size of the bathtub leaving no room for cabinets or toilet. The stair risers should be made of clear pine BUT not Toll oh no. They used knotted pine so the knots showed even through the paint. We were also promised a refrigerator enclosure and under cabinet molding and paid extra but it wasn't there.

    When I registered complaint it took 5 calls and denials from Matt (Toll rep) saying it was there even after sending pics showing it wasn't. We finally got 900 back and the molding got installed. Another chase.. And it took 5 months! The community pool area can seat maybe 70 people at best then they go & remove all umbrellas. Now where do we sit... And this community when finished is going to be over 900 families? Really just poor logistics/planning all around so I sold it and moved back to a house. There are more things here that are even worse. If you thought they would be quality organization NOT... DO NOT BUY FROM TOLL! You will regret it.

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    20 people found this review helpful
    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 9, 2018

    I am at a loss for words. Toll Brothers has given every excuse there is as to why our house is below average. Except the Russians did it. Our savings went into OUR perfect home. Yes they are "luxury" home, but every home can be a luxury home when you pay for every little upgrade. And trust me, everything is an upgrade. We were even charged $1,500.00 for adding to our blueprints because they said it would be a lot of work to change the structural blueprints. Had nothing to do with that??? Then they forgot to make the change. Had to remind them. Still, upgrade has not been done. But they got their $1,500.00. They forgot to do half the upgrades we paid for. The response is, “No problem, we can fix that.” That is nice but when? They are too busy throwing up houses that they cannot focus on one.

    The workmanship is horrible!! We paid for upgrade paint. Seriously, if you stick painter’s tape on the wall, it will pull the paint off to the joint compound. In two of our bathrooms, if you sit on the toilet, you sit on the toilet paper and holder. Who puts it that close. They said they would remove them but can see the patchwork on the side of the vanity, and we have to pay for the two new standing tissue holders. Order special flat rock tile for the master shower. They mixed match the colors. Either no one checked the work being done or thought we wouldn't notice the color change. Lost 1 ft width across the upstairs bedroom and bath. Again, another excuse which made no sense. No refund or compensation even though we were told the base price is per foot.

    They arrange these weekly calls and certain meetings so everyone is on the same page. Does not matter. Everything we said, they had an excuse, said it would be done, thought it was done, was in the process of being done, etc. NO, months and months of reminding them, "THIS IS WHAT WE ORDERED, YOU WROTE DOWN, AND WE PAID FOR." We got so tired of the excuses and lies, we just let the Monday calls go to the answering machine. Did not feel like dealing with it. Plus, we have it on our answering machine. That still doesn't help. I try to be nice so this is my vent. Every day we find something new wrong. We have told everyone to stay away from a Toll Brothers Homes. Waiting now for them to get back to us about our 30 day repair. They pick and choose what they want to compare and say it is like the model. Only if it benefits them. Never again!!!

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    48 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 1, 2017

    Toll Brothers has represented themselves as a quality home builder. Our experience has been awful! The workmanship has been extremely disappointing and the service to correct problems has been equally dismal. We had a new home built which cost well above $800,000. To date we have had our hardwood floors replaced three times. We had the fireplace repaired three times. There were roof and gutter repairs that had to be done as water may have leaked into the stonework. They also had to redo some landscaping as the dirt slopes toward the house which apparently was against code. The condensation pump is not working either.

    The house was completed June of 2015 but we did not move in until end of 2016. Therefore there was little use of the systems or house. For the cost of the house one would think they would want to address some of the recent issues such as the condensation pump, but apparently their warranties only last a year. Doesn't seem to be commensurate with the so called quality they reference. By the way we hear horror stories from neighbors as well. This does not seem to be an isolated incident but something more systemic related to the inferior workmanship. We would never consider working with Toll Brothers again!!!

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    45 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Nov. 30, 2017

    We love our home in Robertson Ranch but the HOA is so poorly run that I can’t recommend living here. Toll Brothers has controlled for past year and will for another year and it’s so aggravating that we may move elsewhere.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 24, 2017

    I purchased this home new two and a half years ago and I am still dealing with less than industry standards workmanship. The tankless hot water heater stopped making hot water after six months. It took numerous phone calls to get it resolved and yet it continues to break down every six months. Every aspect of the house shows poor workmanship that you would find in less expensive house. Bottom line is that a Toll Brothers home is not the quality home they advertise it to be. Save your time and money and look somewhere else for your investment.

    37 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Nov. 21, 2017

    1 1/2 years after moving into my new home I'm am still dealing with warranty work. Building the house with Toll was very unpleasant. Most of the contractors can't speak English, don't keep appointments or show up not prepared to do the job they came for. I will never deal with Toll Brothers again and certainly do not recommend building a home with them. BEWARE!!!

    36 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 20, 2017

    Toll Bros (Reno NV) Can Lights - We recently purchased our first home from Toll Brothers, we were very excited until the latest walk of the house last Saturday. We found quite a lot of issue during the walk, we compiled a list of concerns and notified the sales manager. One of the major one is that kitchen can lights are not centered to the island, all 6 lights are shifted over about 1.5 feet. We compared it to the model home and those can lights are centered on the island. We were given a diagram on where the lights would be for our house and shows to be centered, but the physical installation is not even close. Other than that, we have a wavy wall, sliding door handles offset etc. Do you guys also have similar issue?

    Updated on 02/26/2018: We finally got the keys and moved in mid of Dec 2017. During the whole process from viewing the model home over and over again, going thru the contract and option list, signing the contract, traveling back and forth 8 hours to see the progress, having the final walk thru, closing escrow, moving in, we have built up mixed feelings, both high and low.

    Reliability: We have never seen the sales manager again after we signed the contract, she didn't showed up at any of the walk thru or meeting, not even showed up when we closed escrow. Typical salespeople, walk away after commission is in the pocket? We haven't heard from the construction manager about punch list follow up action, we decided to put those items on the warranty service on their system - Very soon after our submission, we noticed that the warranty service status was flipped closed and completed. Warranty manager called us and told us, "Those are part of the quality control before handover, construction manager is the one you should get back to." Buck passing? Who should be responsible?

    Responsiveness and efficiency: All parties respond very slow, sometimes we don't even get a reply. Slow or not responsible? Construction manager scheduled to go thru the punch list with us few times. What is the point to come over and look at the same items again and again, we need them to fix it, not to just look.
    Communication: Missed/extra options in the house which we paid or didn't paid for. Lack of communication between sales and construction parties? Sales manager set a date for us to do final walk thru with construction manager, we arrived 15mins early at our house, construction manager passed by, we said hi and asked him about the walk thru, he told us "Final walk thru is not today." Then we walked to the sales office, no one was there, there was just

    a temporary staff who doesn't know anything. We emailed the sales manager, she didn't reply, not even an apology.

    We lived in the Bay Area, it's approx. 8 hours drive back and forth; we had no choice but to extend our stay at hotel because of their communication problem. TB changed the colour and material of the roof, but we were not informed at all. Sales manager response was, "We did have a colour scheme change and this was one where all of our colour scheme got the same as yours." Other owners might not care about colour and material change, but we do, we chose every single option/colour/layout based on those physical model homes and drawings they provided.

    Professionalism: Construction workers didn't use shoe socks, they walked from construction site to our floor and carpet, they left small rocks and dirt, and we found that our floor is scratched. Are they required to use shoe socks when they need to go to a house which was already delivered to owners? Construction workers had not covered the floor, counter etc, when they carried out the paint job. Is it very basic, common thing to know? How can they not do that Construction workers wear random clothes/hoodies, we can't recognise who are TB people. There was a young guy, he wore a hoodies with his hood up, shook our door early at 7 am. If someone claims that he's here to follow up some repair, how can we identify?

    EXTREMELY bad craftsmanship and ridiculous mistakes: A lot of scratches, damages on doors and cabinets. Sliding door is not aligned. Outlets on the same wall are not aligned. Walls are wavy, not straight. Gaps between baseboard and floor. Gaps between wall and stairs. Paint doesn't match on same walls. Windows not straight. Cabinet shelf peeling. Flooring staples appear on the floor. Hardwood peeling. Door crooked. Screen door missing. Upside down door handle. Different paint texture on same door... and much more.

    It's been nearly 2 months, major items are still pending (paint, carpet, hardwood... etc.) We can't open our new furniture (couch, TV, bed, dining table etc). Last two months, we have been using air bed, sitting on the floor, eating on the counter. We officially moved in, but we are not "living" and "enjoying" the house

    yet. It's also very annoying because you never know when they would like to come over again, seems like they are not going to fix everything at once. If you have to work, do you trust them and leave them your keys? If you work from home, their visit would cause a lot of inconvenience, they would ring your bell anytime.

    We have been talking about one of the light switch location, we think it's on the wrong side of the wall but we didn't find out. Two days ago, we came across some pics of our neighbours' house (same model), we found that their switch is on the other side of the wall which makes totally sense, we double checked with schematic diagram, so we emailed the construction manager and requested his follow up, he answered us, "You'll notice a disclaimer at the bottom left corner of your electrical plans that explains the plans are specific for electrical upgrades only, standards are for reference only and subject to change. If you would like to turn the switch around so that it is inside the closet you are more than welcome to hire an electrician to do so. TB will not be covering it."

    It reminds me of our can lights, we got same answer from sales manager, "Here are photos of all of our floor plans with can lights in the same location as yours. There are a lot of things we can move and do in our model homes because they are models, and we take extra steps for things like this. There is a disclaimer at the bottom of the diagram that states..." Again, perhaps other owners might not care about any details, it doesn't mean we do not care. As a consumer, we have the right to be informed, right to choose, right to be heard. With Toll Brothers, you will not get what you see in their model homes. Please read all the reviews by TB homeowners, think carefully if you really want to spend money on Toll Brothers LUXURY Homes (TB homes are way below standard quality), if we could give minus stars, it would be -10.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 19, 2017

    We are in the process of building a home. 5 upgrades we paid for were never included in the home. After numerous complaints they fixed most of them. They missed glass shower windows, door and electrical was in the wrong spot. We are in the process of finishing and we have not had the home inspected yet I'm sure we will find more problems. They then told us our budget for lighting would only cover outside lighting so we had to pay them 3 thousand dollars extra. The sales women lied when we asked about the extra money and upgrades missing. They are disorganized and dishonest. Worst experience of my life. Oh they put the wrong tile in the second floor 2 upstairs bathrooms.

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    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 13, 2017

    We just signed our new condo at Metro Crossing, Fremont Toll Brothers, which will be available in fall 2018. Amazing experience with the sales office. Everything online and just like Tesla, very simple and easy to understand. Awesome location and pricing is unbelievable, Hoping the delivered house meets our expectation.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 31, 2017

    I own a Toll Brothers home (single) that is approximately 22 years old (purchased by us when it was 17 years old), in the suburbs of Philadelphia. We are the 4th or 5th owners, so our experience is not that of a new construction home buyer, but I still think it’s indicative of what you can expect from a Toll Brothers home. This is the best way to describe everything we’ve noticed in the last 5 years, as we’ve extensively remodeled and updated the property. I realize some of these things may have “self-corrected” by now due to changes in building codes and construction practices:

    At least 75% of the homes in our development had to get new roofs and skylights within 15 years due to shoddy materials and installation. Concrete surfaces, including garage and basement floors, have been peeling up / flaking off due to improper finishing / curing. The framing on our almost 4000 sf home is constructed out of 2x4s, with a foil/cardboard (Thermo-Ply) sheathing instead of plywood. You can basically cut a hole in the siding of the house and enter the home with as little as a razor blade. When getting new siding installed large sections of our home’s exterior were not even sealed with Tyvek / house wrap. It was siding, Thermo-Ply, insulation, and then drywall from the outside in.

    During remodeling, a portion of our kitchen wall, which was only about 10 feet long, was out of plumb by about 10 inches. Our contractor had to build out a “false wall” to ensure the new cabinets could be mounted properly in a straight line. During bathroom remodeling, we found folded up pieces of newspaper / cardboard wedged in between drywall and studs, presumably to account for the wall being un-level / out of plumb.

    During remodeling, trash, cigarette butts, food wrappers, discarded construction materials, etc., were all found in walls, floors, etc. HVAC ductwork was so shoddily installed that the static pressure in the vents was about 60% of the system’s capacity. The HVAC system was undersized for the home from the day it was installed. Bathroom exhaust fans were not vented to the outside of the home, but rather just into the attic causing moisture / mold problems. There’s not one wall in the home that doesn’t have nail pops or drywall tape pops. Carpet is bunched up in the middle of the room due to improper installation. Countless (COUNTLESS) homes in our area built by Toll with stucco exteriors have had problems. So much so that homes with all stucco basically have a built-in discount because no one wants to spend the money to remediate the problems. The list goes on.

    Another thing I’ve noticed is that new Toll Brother’s homes haven’t really appreciated in value in the last 10-15 years around us. Home purchased for $850K ago are selling today for $100K-150K less, but I’m not sure if that’s due to Toll’s reputation or the ever increasing property taxes around here. As my neighbor put it, “Toll is good at building big homes with designs / amenities people like to look at, and selling the heck out of them. That’s about it.” And that’s just what it is… we came from a smaller townhome and thought this would be our “dream home” because it was so big. I’m just glad we only paid in the low $500’s for our home and let the previous owner lose almost $100K selling it to us. I can’t imagine giving this Company $800-$1.5M like some of their new monstrosities are selling for. Needless to say, as soon as our kids are done grade school we'll be moving... and not into another Toll home.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 17, 2017

    The underwriting process is ridiculous. This is the 5th home I've purchased and the unnecessary amount of information requested by underwriting is beyond procedure. They keep requesting documents and we're set to close in a few weeks. Do not put yourself through this!

    29 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 29, 2017

    We have been having bad experiences with TOLL BROTHERS since we moved in Jan 2016 that we paid at high $400k for. First the current issue we are having is the warranty. Rejected our claim. The reason is we have not contact them before we removed the bird nest from our roof. So what happen is the gutter in front of our home has two bird nests and the problem is we have family member including me got bit by the bird mites last year in summer and this year again (the pest company collected and send the result back as it is bird mites).

    So we contact the animal control to removed it and do whatever to prevent it to come back then the day they came to remove they find out that it was a 6"x6" holes on both side due to unfinished construction which we couldn't believe it. I don't understand this part when you purchase a home how much you can inspect your house. Do I need to get 40 feet ladder to climb over my roof to see if there is a hole? So we walked through the neighbor. Apparently other lot has that part finished even some built in different shape except my lot. Our house and one of our neighbor that has same shape of roof that unfinished.

    After that day we have submitted all pictures and proof paper we got from animal control and pest company to TOLL BROTHERS WARRANTY that they are responsible on cost and what we got is REJECTED. Why do even have it on first place?? I understand that we should have been contact you first but if we didn't have animal control came with 40 feet tall ladder climbed up there how do we supposed to know there is a hole???????

    After interaction with their customer service rep for the warranty as I dispute it with the warranty holders, I was told that they would offer to pay me $125 in reimbursement for the work that had to be completed on the front of the house to get rid of the birds and bug problem. After taking a condescending tone through her e-mail the representative Kim then began to try and dismiss the issues at hand with that either the wind damaged it and created the holes or that the birds forced their way into it. I explained to her there are other homes of our model that face the same direction as we do, how is that they don’t have any wind damage that even comes close to our issues? Also if the birds were forcing their way in, there would be signs of pecking and destruction around the holes. I also voiced concern for the potential water damage that could have been caused by this unfinished construction, but that was quickly dismissed.

    In the end I told her to continue to process the disputed claim and will try and remediate it with the owning company. Her final remarks were that since I have no pictures of the conditions of the house before the contractor did work it apparently hurts my ability to make an argument for unfinished construction. I will never buy Toll Brothers property again and I would highly encourage others to stay away, there are other house builders in the area that will be better for you.

    Now I started painting the house and has been curious everywhere I vacuum the house, there are always white pile dust which I can get it every day. I find out after I did scrubbing on the wall and yes it was the paint on the wall that can fall off as dust so easily.

    Yes, 11 month warranty is totally not worth any. We are the one who has to call them to schedule and it took us about 2 months after we tried to get someone to come look at it because the guy who taking care of this zone he is on vacation. We bought the house in begin of Jan 2016 they finally came and fix pop nails on end of March 2017. First day is the people come do dry wall right after they left we found missing spot so we call right back in to the guy who came inspected leaving voicemail and voicemail and voicemail never once return the phone call. So any spot that missed never get fix. Until today we still have spot that they didn't cover it with paint.

    On the day we decided to purchase a home I had ask the sale to get white brick she said they don't do it anymore now all going to be red brick I was disappointed but if so then I am okay. After we moved in I left the country for a couple months and when I came back my neighbor lot that when I moved in was not even have concrete ground yet got a white brick?? And now there are another lot under construction that has a white brick. I totally don't get it.

    Also we are so excited that finally we get the clubhouse inside our neighborhood for walking distance now they are open but instead of gym they put empty room for yoga I guess. There is nobody using it maybe some but I barely see anybody in that room working out... If you’re going to provided class all day all week okay make sense but you are not so why there is empty room in there?? For people to renting it for party?? Another disappointment.

    I understood Gaurav as I am sure that we're living in the same neighbor every time I walk past that corner I knew that you all must be very pissed that they decided to use parking in front of your house for condo. I am with you on this and cross my finger for you that somehow TOLL BROTHERS realize that while trying to make sale they also need to make buyer satisfy with the product both before and after.

    They are so many issue with the house more as we have leak from washer, the floor and now we even have more nail pops throughout the house that they would not even come and fix or even take care of it. They will do everything in their power to make sure that you do not get any work completed after you purchase the home. Once you close, it is now your problem and they will ignore your requests until you are a couple weeks away from your deadlines for your 11 month warranty to only say that you didn't give them enough time to correct issues.

    Again would advise in another builder in the area!

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    29 people found this review helpful
    Original review: June 9, 2017

    I was promised beautiful hardwood floors. I paid several thousand dollars extra to get hardwood floors on both floors of my home. The pictures show what I got with pieces of sock and mop stuck to it. All I want to do is walk on my floors. I could not be less satisfied with the floors or how Toll Brothers has handled the entire situation. So now I will be spending thousands more to fix the floors. Shame on you Toll Brothers.

    52 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 9, 2017

    I truly wish we had done more research on Toll Brothers and read more of these reviews prior to purchasing our lot in Massachusetts. To say that we are disappointed, frustrated and upset would be an understatement. The reason we did purchase with them is that land by/around the Boston area is very hard to come by so we felt that given the cost of the land and the town that we wanted to be in, this would be the best option. Thankfully we love the town and our neighbors but the entire process even a year later has been incredibly frustrating, incompetent and just a true lack of transparency.

    Dealing with the sales manager was like dealing with a used car salesperson and yes that is meant with all the offensive and irritating emotions that that stereotype is supposed to conjure up. She was very evasive, broad and overly not helpful. In the end, we have realized that we were basically lied to but the company line is that 'we reserve the right to change and that is quoted in your closing document'. However, when you are making the purchase decision, you are assessing ALL of the information possible and what the sales manager is telling you, you are expecting to be truthful. It is not.

    When we did decide to purchase, we were asked (as is company policy) to pick ALL of our structural elements when you put the deposit down on your lot (which was 6 months before they even broke ground and a almost a year before close). We were sent home with 'homework' to understand what was structural and what we wanted to include.

    When we met with said sales manager to make our decisions, she started asking us about options that were not listed as structural but actually were, i.e., our tub. When we stated this error and that we needed more time to re-assess, we were told it was an oversight on their part and no, we could not reschedule this meeting. I literally burst into tears! What?! We were dropping well over $1M and did not have time to fully assess what was structural and what was not. When we asked to speak to her manager, we were told no, we could walk away from the lot since they had a waiting list.

    We should have taken this as a sign but we didn't as we did really want this lot, in this town and wanted to build so we made some gut decisions, not really identifying the implications. (And by the way, our tub is fine but way too small for the space.) The same time crunch was pressed upon us when selecting interior design. They also do not tell you anywhere what is 'included' and what the cost of the upgrades were. So again, when you are trying to make structural decisions, you have no clue what your interior will cost. All we were told was that we should make a budget. Yes, thank you, I'm buying a $1M house, I understand how a budget works, that was not my question. My question was for you to provide me with more information so I could make an educated, well-informed decision.

    We were forced to pick all of the interior work (for a 5,000 square foot house, that is a lot!) in a 2 month time window and again, no changes were allowed. If you are like me and have children (I was also pregnant) and work full time as does your spouse, this is very stressful and they are not helpful. They told us to go look at model homes, which we did. When we came back and asked about features that the model home showed, like light fixtures, built-ins, flooring, landscaping, etc., we were told that these were selected outside of Toll based on their design team. Again, what?!?! Isn't that false advertising? Why are we looking at a home with a minimum amount of Toll features, even upgrades weren't featured. We said we would pay for them and they said they weren't even an option.

    We got into multiple disputes about our actual lot. We were told one thing by said sales manager and project manager during the deposit and then everyone had amnesia. They also rotated Project Managers very quickly, we had 4 within a year and each one feigned ignorance about our situation, since 'they weren't here'. I understand if you want to rotate people (though not at that frequency but regardless) then they should have a process for communicating information. We continually asked to speak to someone higher and we were told no. Finally, our lawyer, sent a letter to HQ and unfortunately, that is when we finally got action but it honestly shouldn't come to that point.

    Our house was delayed multiple times and for weeks and finally months. It was like being at the airport and your flight keeps getting delayed for 30 minutes for 6 hours, it was that frustrating. We would have a closing date, it would be pushed out a week and it continued for about 3 months. Finally, we had a closing date that we were holding them to or holding money (again, it shouldn't come to that point but it did). So they were actually doing the landscaping on our closing date and did such a rush job it is embarrassing.

    We did have a punch list post the close date and they were actively checking items off for about 2-3 months and then they went radio silent. We are in our 11 month and like others, have not been contacted about our 11 month check-in despite multiple emails, phone calls and in person chats with the managers on site. Our yard still needs to be re-graded, front porch fixed, drywall re-done, etc.

    They do subcontract out the work, like most General Managers and some contractors are OK and some are awful, no one was great. We had a closet system company come in after the fact since they just provide wire racking and Toll's upgrade options are of IKEA quality at Tiffany prices and he commented that in the undercurrent of the contractor world, the good guys won't work for them since they pay and treat people so poorly. I can't say I'm surprised. Our drywall and landscaping appear to be done by either amateurs or my mother (who doesn't know what a hammer or a shovel is), hard to say. One would think that again for a minimum of $1M serious contractors would be employed.

    Overall, our house is fine, not amazing but fine. At the same time, my sister used a private builder and built a house (albeit smaller but by no means small) and it is amazing. I would say that in true American style (and I'm proud to be an American) this is pure quantity over quality in a cloak of disguise of consumer beware. A massively disappointing experience that I do not wish on anyone.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 6, 2017

    Promise a lot and deliver the bare minimum, if that. We bought a townhouse for mid-$400s in Ashburn as we wanted more space and didn't want to have to deal with parking issues in other areas. Everything during the purchase process went well and we don't have any issues with that. But Toll seems to have a "Bait and Switch" policy. We, along with all our neighbors, feel cheated as they withheld a lot of important facts from us before we purchase our home. My two primary concerns are the 11 months inspection and the parking in front of our homes. Their warranty representatives are full of it and do not deliver on their promises. We were told that they were going to schedule follow-up work as their employees did a shoddy job the first time around they came to fix the 11 month problems. The representative closed our tickets without informing us and when we inquired, they told us he has left the company. Here is the bigger issue:

    On 05/31/2017, we were surprised to see that builder or the condo association put up a second sign on what seems to our part of property suggesting that the parking is reserved for the condo owners only. The first sign was put a few months back and a neighbor was able to get the numbered condo parking removed but it seems the builder and/or the condo homeowner association are after our parking again. This change doesn't just cause inconvenience for us but affects us negatively in many other ways.

    Our property values will be negatively affected as the potential homeowners will see this as an inconvenience. Restricting us from parking in front of our houses is a big issue for all of us. Who asks their guests to park in the garage and enter the house from the backside of the house. Most of us have young kids and having the front parking makes us feel safe as we don't have to cross any streets to put them in the car. We have to maintain the fronts of our houses, water the grass and keep it looking pretty for the neighborhood. Condos owners aren't going to water the grass or remove the snow in winters. Essentially we will have to clean the front of our homes for someone else to use it while we can't. The only time we get to use it is when someone leaves a sales flier or something at our door.

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    Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 26, 2017

    Are you ready to get a big surprise when you spent time and was ready to move forward? Here is our experience with Toll. It is just for everyone's reference getting to know a big builder. We hope that new home hunters would be informed as we are among them and certainly did not want our time wasted with disappointment.

    We visited Toll sales office in SE Michigan several times. The sales lady was friendly and warm showing us model home and introducing various features of the model house which was very nicely built with great design. We were told that the house should be built and closed in about 8 month and assured us that on-time delivery is not a problem. They even worked to arrange us a nice "sign-in bonus". So things looked good, and we were preparing for the agreement signing. Given that Toll has good publicity due possibly to their aggressive advertisement, we were happy that we came across a good builder. And that's when the big surprise came in. As the signing moment came, we were told that everything was all set as discussed so it will be effortless to get things done. Then these were what shocked us in the agreement they prepared for us:

    Home delivery time: instead of 8 months of delivery, it will be "completed normally within 2 years, plus any extended time period deemed necessary judged by the Seller (Toll), with any adjustment in house plan and materials solely at Seller's discretion". If any delay or other matter happened due to a wide range of reasons, including Seller management issue, labor dispute, supplier delay, etc., the seller would take no responsibility. Without a reasonable HOA rule book and description of what the HOA would do and how it is run, a mandatory fee ($1000) must be collected up-front and buyer must agree to contribute. Whatever put into the agreement will not be discussed and buyer must agree and obey, as it is supposedly decided by their lawyers. No negotiation will be allowed.

    So our take on what the agreement would mean to us: We could end up waiting an uncertain amount of time up to 3, 4, 5 years(?) for closing. If anything bad happens to the house, delay of delivery, material, quality issue, and so on, all we could do is to wait and accept the fact. They can charge additional fees without prior notice. Needless to say, it would be wise decision NOT to mess around with a builder like this! If anyone could please share with us your experience, including thoughts about how reasonable this Toll company is, please do so. We will really appreciate!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 16, 2017

    We have had nothing but a positive experience with Toll Brothers. They have exceeded our expectations. They delivered on every single promise. They've built us a wonderful home here in Florida. This will be the third builder we have worked with in Florida over the past 25 years and they are by far the best.

    17 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 5, 2017

    We made our warranty request well within the 11 month window. The final response came six months later and it was denied. The hardwood flooring boards are warping at the end of each of 70% of the boards in the house. The response was, "This is normal." I quote from the letter; In their December 16, 2016 letter, Armstrong stated, "Growth in the length of floor boards may cause slight end lifting of engineered flooring, which is a natural phenomenon that occurs when moisture at the bottom of the board exceeds the moisture at the top of the board." Warped hardwood is NORMAL??? A person at the township meeting on mold complaints (May 3, 2017) said, "This development was built on a marsh". I have no direct knowledge of this claim but the person lived in this area before Toll started building. If it is true the development was built on a marsh perhaps that is the reason my hardwood floors are warping.

    35 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 20, 2017

    I would like to start with one recent issue, although there are tons of issues I can complain about the "luxury home builder" Toll Brothers. We closed the new house around a month and moved into it 2 weeks. Very soon we found there are 11 nails popped up from the wall of the family room. The height is low where little kids can touch. We think it should be an urgent issue which must be fixed asap. However, after we reported the issue, the builder said it's normal and there will be more nail pops and suggested we wait until 11 months warranty as the builder only provides one complimentary drywall touch up for the nails pop up. We asked how about if the same nail pops again after they fix it. The answer is "unfortunately if they do, it would not be covered" (quote from email).

    At first, we have 2 warranty. One is 30 days and the other is 1 year. I don't understand why the builder only fix once. More importantly, I think the builder should give a good quality house. When they fix issue, they should make sure their fix is useful. How come they fix only once and don't give any guarantee if it works. Toll Brothers said it is a luxury house builder. Ridiculous! Look at the customer service. Can you believe it? Last but not least, this is not the only issue. There are tons of issues I can complain about!

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    Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 10, 2017

    We've known Toll Brothers as being a well-respected home builder since we lived in NJ. We were relocated to Florida and had Toll build us a house. Did they make errors? Yes, 2 major ones! Since we had everything in writing per design, we brought it to their attention, and they did follow up with the necessary repairs and changes. Their architects are designing homes which are now form over function. They have models that have a full bath 6 feet across from the dining room. Imagine having company over for dinner and you have to do a number 2 with no window. Or a study with no windows. The company is truly going in the wrong direction.

    What is extremely upsetting is that we purchased our home in a Toll Brothers Development of 400 homes to be built, they built 38 and pulled out because their sales were not brisk enough for the corporate ** at their home office in PA. Toll sold out to a single developer who is not capable of building more homes and keeping to the high standard of what Toll once was. We have now learned that Toll has done the same at 2 other Toll Developments nearby. The Toll Brothers company no longer cares about the buyers, it's all about the stockholders. It's sad because the development is starting to look like ** and HOA fees continue to rise along with Toll Brothers Corporate greed. Beware Toll Buyer.

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    42 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 4, 2017

    We bought a single story home that was already built and being used as a model. The yard was already landscaped mostly with bark. During the rainy season the downspouts are so small the water runs over the drains like a waterfall. This has caused discoloration on the front of the house. I called service to come out and I was told this was normal. We've owned three other homes before this and have never had this problem before. How could they say it was Normal to have water coming off the roof like a waterfall. The yard was not grated and I have flooding in the back and side of my home. The lighting and cabinet quality are by no means luxury. Just wish we would have went with a different builder for the price we paid!

    36 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 3, 2017

    We built a Toll home and closed on it in April of 2016. We've had a number of shoddy construction repairs fixed typically after long delays. The drywall and paint was done so poorly that after several attempts by Toll to remedy, we ended up contracting with other than the illegal immigrants that Toll sub contracts with. Of course this was at our expense. Our high-end upgraded flooring also had to be repaired by and paid for by our own contractor because the Toll idiot they sent out was incapable of performing the work in a quality manner. My wife actually threw him out, something she's never done before.

    Our real issue is the mold issue in all new homes in the development. We've gone through remediation, but after weeks of them finishing the job and getting them to repair the holes in the ceilings and replace our crown molding has fallen on deaf ears. All and I mean all of the new homes have mold. Most of our neighbors have or are hiring private mold inspectors and the majority have discovered mold in the homes. One neighbor is having his entire second floor replaced. Toll's solution - "keep your air above 78 degrees." We live in humid south Florida. That's not an option. They claim to have hired a NASA engineer, but given my mold issues you would think he'd want to talk to me and view my home. I think they lied to me about an engineer and have asked for reports. We've heard nothing. I called the city and they reported that Toll has not reported a mold problem. I had to report it.

    I've contacted the media and a group of the neighbors are looking at a class action lawsuit. The benefits of buying into a high-end neighborhood is many of them are lawyers. My advice to others considering buying in PGCC is to hold. The air handling units in my home are 3.5 tons under what the square footage allows for. The problem is these small air handlers cannot keep up with the cool air requirements and are running constantly causing condensation to form and insulation in the attic (and main level too) to get wet. I had ceiling that were mushy.

    Be mindful of the people charged with handling your warranty items. They are slow and unresponsive. I had to threaten them with their lives to get them to just show up for routine items. Then the work is always shoddy. We ended up hiring a contractor and spent three months and over $100k in remodeling much of the work that Toll did. Our guy told us there wasn't a square ceiling, wall, floor or anything in any room. This is true of Toll's approach to building your home - they are not square with you.

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    54 people found this review helpful

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