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Toll Brothers

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Last updated: Aug. 17, 2017

93 Toll Brothers Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 17, 2017

The underwriting process is ridiculous. This is the 5th home I've purchased and the unnecessary amount of information requested by underwriting is beyond procedure. They keep requesting documents and we're set to close in a few weeks. Do not put yourself through this!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 29, 2017

We have been having bad experiences with TOLL BROTHERS since we moved in Jan 2016 that we paid at high $400k for. First the current issue we are having is the warranty. Rejected our claim. The reason is we have not contact them before we removed the bird nest from our roof. So what happen is the gutter in front of our home has two bird nests and the problem is we have family member including me got bit by the bird mites last year in summer and this year again (the pest company collected and send the result back as it is bird mites).

So we contact the animal control to removed it and do whatever to prevent it to come back then the day they came to remove they find out that it was a 6"x6" holes on both side due to unfinished construction which we couldn't believe it. I don't understand this part when you purchase a home how much you can inspect your house. Do I need to get 40 feet ladder to climb over my roof to see if there is a hole? So we walked through the neighbor. Apparently other lot has that part finished even some built in different shape except my lot. Our house and one of our neighbor that has same shape of roof that unfinished.

After that day we have submitted all pictures and proof paper we got from animal control and pest company to TOLL BROTHERS WARRANTY that they are responsible on cost and what we got is REJECTED. Why do even have it on first place?? I understand that we should have been contact you first but if we didn't have animal control came with 40 feet tall ladder climbed up there how do we supposed to know there is a hole???????

After interaction with their customer service rep for the warranty as I dispute it with the warranty holders, I was told that they would offer to pay me $125 in reimbursement for the work that had to be completed on the front of the house to get rid of the birds and bug problem. After taking a condescending tone through her e-mail the representative Kim then began to try and dismiss the issues at hand with that either the wind damaged it and created the holes or that the birds forced their way into it. I explained to her there are other homes of our model that face the same direction as we do, how is that they don’t have any wind damage that even comes close to our issues? Also if the birds were forcing their way in, there would be signs of pecking and destruction around the holes. I also voiced concern for the potential water damage that could have been caused by this unfinished construction, but that was quickly dismissed.

In the end I told her to continue to process the disputed claim and will try and remediate it with the owning company. Her final remarks were that since I have no pictures of the conditions of the house before the contractor did work it apparently hurts my ability to make an argument for unfinished construction. I will never buy Toll Brothers property again and I would highly encourage others to stay away, there are other house builders in the area that will be better for you.

Now I started painting the house and has been curious everywhere I vacuum the house, there are always white pile dust which I can get it every day. I find out after I did scrubbing on the wall and yes it was the paint on the wall that can fall off as dust so easily.

Yes, 11 month warranty is totally not worth any. We are the one who has to call them to schedule and it took us about 2 months after we tried to get someone to come look at it because the guy who taking care of this zone he is on vacation. We bought the house in begin of Jan 2016 they finally came and fix pop nails on end of March 2017. First day is the people come do dry wall right after they left we found missing spot so we call right back in to the guy who came inspected leaving voicemail and voicemail and voicemail never once return the phone call. So any spot that missed never get fix. Until today we still have spot that they didn't cover it with paint.

On the day we decided to purchase a home I had ask the sale to get white brick she said they don't do it anymore now all going to be red brick I was disappointed but if so then I am okay. After we moved in I left the country for a couple months and when I came back my neighbor lot that when I moved in was not even have concrete ground yet got a white brick?? And now there are another lot under construction that has a white brick. I totally don't get it.

Also we are so excited that finally we get the clubhouse inside our neighborhood for walking distance now they are open but instead of gym they put empty room for yoga I guess. There is nobody using it maybe some but I barely see anybody in that room working out... If you’re going to provided class all day all week okay make sense but you are not so why there is empty room in there?? For people to renting it for party?? Another disappointment.

I understood Gaurav as I am sure that we're living in the same neighbor every time I walk past that corner I knew that you all must be very pissed that they decided to use parking in front of your house for condo. I am with you on this and cross my finger for you that somehow TOLL BROTHERS realize that while trying to make sale they also need to make buyer satisfy with the product both before and after.

They are so many issue with the house more as we have leak from washer, the floor and now we even have more nail pops throughout the house that they would not even come and fix or even take care of it. They will do everything in their power to make sure that you do not get any work completed after you purchase the home. Once you close, it is now your problem and they will ignore your requests until you are a couple weeks away from your deadlines for your 11 month warranty to only say that you didn't give them enough time to correct issues.

Again would advise in another builder in the area!

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    Original review: June 9, 2017

    I was promised beautiful hardwood floors. I paid several thousand dollars extra to get hardwood floors on both floors of my home. The pictures show what I got with pieces of sock and mop stuck to it. All I want to do is walk on my floors. I could not be less satisfied with the floors or how Toll Brothers has handled the entire situation. So now I will be spending thousands more to fix the floors. Shame on you Toll Brothers.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 9, 2017

    I truly wish we had done more research on Toll Brothers and read more of these reviews prior to purchasing our lot in Massachusetts. To say that we are disappointed, frustrated and upset would be an understatement. The reason we did purchase with them is that land by/around the Boston area is very hard to come by so we felt that given the cost of the land and the town that we wanted to be in, this would be the best option. Thankfully we love the town and our neighbors but the entire process even a year later has been incredibly frustrating, incompetent and just a true lack of transparency.

    Dealing with the sales manager was like dealing with a used car salesperson and yes that is meant with all the offensive and irritating emotions that that stereotype is supposed to conjure up. She was very evasive, broad and overly not helpful. In the end, we have realized that we were basically lied to but the company line is that 'we reserve the right to change and that is quoted in your closing document'. However, when you are making the purchase decision, you are assessing ALL of the information possible and what the sales manager is telling you, you are expecting to be truthful. It is not.

    When we did decide to purchase, we were asked (as is company policy) to pick ALL of our structural elements when you put the deposit down on your lot (which was 6 months before they even broke ground and a almost a year before close). We were sent home with 'homework' to understand what was structural and what we wanted to include.

    When we met with said sales manager to make our decisions, she started asking us about options that were not listed as structural but actually were, i.e., our tub. When we stated this error and that we needed more time to re-assess, we were told it was an oversight on their part and no, we could not reschedule this meeting. I literally burst into tears! What?! We were dropping well over $1M and did not have time to fully assess what was structural and what was not. When we asked to speak to her manager, we were told no, we could walk away from the lot since they had a waiting list.

    We should have taken this as a sign but we didn't as we did really want this lot, in this town and wanted to build so we made some gut decisions, not really identifying the implications. (And by the way, our tub is fine but way too small for the space.) The same time crunch was pressed upon us when selecting interior design. They also do not tell you anywhere what is 'included' and what the cost of the upgrades were. So again, when you are trying to make structural decisions, you have no clue what your interior will cost. All we were told was that we should make a budget. Yes, thank you, I'm buying a $1M house, I understand how a budget works, that was not my question. My question was for you to provide me with more information so I could make an educated, well-informed decision.

    We were forced to pick all of the interior work (for a 5,000 square foot house, that is a lot!) in a 2 month time window and again, no changes were allowed. If you are like me and have children (I was also pregnant) and work full time as does your spouse, this is very stressful and they are not helpful. They told us to go look at model homes, which we did. When we came back and asked about features that the model home showed, like light fixtures, built-ins, flooring, landscaping, etc., we were told that these were selected outside of Toll based on their design team. Again, what?!?! Isn't that false advertising? Why are we looking at a home with a minimum amount of Toll features, even upgrades weren't featured. We said we would pay for them and they said they weren't even an option.

    We got into multiple disputes about our actual lot. We were told one thing by said sales manager and project manager during the deposit and then everyone had amnesia. They also rotated Project Managers very quickly, we had 4 within a year and each one feigned ignorance about our situation, since 'they weren't here'. I understand if you want to rotate people (though not at that frequency but regardless) then they should have a process for communicating information. We continually asked to speak to someone higher and we were told no. Finally, our lawyer, sent a letter to HQ and unfortunately, that is when we finally got action but it honestly shouldn't come to that point.

    Our house was delayed multiple times and for weeks and finally months. It was like being at the airport and your flight keeps getting delayed for 30 minutes for 6 hours, it was that frustrating. We would have a closing date, it would be pushed out a week and it continued for about 3 months. Finally, we had a closing date that we were holding them to or holding money (again, it shouldn't come to that point but it did). So they were actually doing the landscaping on our closing date and did such a rush job it is embarrassing.

    We did have a punch list post the close date and they were actively checking items off for about 2-3 months and then they went radio silent. We are in our 11 month and like others, have not been contacted about our 11 month check-in despite multiple emails, phone calls and in person chats with the managers on site. Our yard still needs to be re-graded, front porch fixed, drywall re-done, etc.

    They do subcontract out the work, like most General Managers and some contractors are OK and some are awful, no one was great. We had a closet system company come in after the fact since they just provide wire racking and Toll's upgrade options are of IKEA quality at Tiffany prices and he commented that in the undercurrent of the contractor world, the good guys won't work for them since they pay and treat people so poorly. I can't say I'm surprised. Our drywall and landscaping appear to be done by either amateurs or my mother (who doesn't know what a hammer or a shovel is), hard to say. One would think that again for a minimum of $1M serious contractors would be employed.

    Overall, our house is fine, not amazing but fine. At the same time, my sister used a private builder and built a house (albeit smaller but by no means small) and it is amazing. I would say that in true American style (and I'm proud to be an American) this is pure quantity over quality in a cloak of disguise of consumer beware. A massively disappointing experience that I do not wish on anyone.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 6, 2017

    Promise a lot and deliver the bare minimum, if that. We bought a townhouse for mid-$400s in Ashburn as we wanted more space and didn't want to have to deal with parking issues in other areas. Everything during the purchase process went well and we don't have any issues with that. But Toll seems to have a "Bait and Switch" policy. We, along with all our neighbors, feel cheated as they withheld a lot of important facts from us before we purchase our home. My two primary concerns are the 11 months inspection and the parking in front of our homes. Their warranty representatives are full of it and do not deliver on their promises. We were told that they were going to schedule follow-up work as their employees did a shoddy job the first time around they came to fix the 11 month problems. The representative closed our tickets without informing us and when we inquired, they told us he has left the company. Here is the bigger issue:

    On 05/31/2017, we were surprised to see that builder or the condo association put up a second sign on what seems to our part of property suggesting that the parking is reserved for the condo owners only. The first sign was put a few months back and a neighbor was able to get the numbered condo parking removed but it seems the builder and/or the condo homeowner association are after our parking again. This change doesn't just cause inconvenience for us but affects us negatively in many other ways.

    Our property values will be negatively affected as the potential homeowners will see this as an inconvenience. Restricting us from parking in front of our houses is a big issue for all of us. Who asks their guests to park in the garage and enter the house from the backside of the house. Most of us have young kids and having the front parking makes us feel safe as we don't have to cross any streets to put them in the car. We have to maintain the fronts of our houses, water the grass and keep it looking pretty for the neighborhood. Condos owners aren't going to water the grass or remove the snow in winters. Essentially we will have to clean the front of our homes for someone else to use it while we can't. The only time we get to use it is when someone leaves a sales flier or something at our door.

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    Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 26, 2017

    Are you ready to get a big surprise when you spent time and was ready to move forward? Here is our experience with Toll. It is just for everyone's reference getting to know a big builder. We hope that new home hunters would be informed as we are among them and certainly did not want our time wasted with disappointment.

    We visited Toll sales office in SE Michigan several times. The sales lady was friendly and warm showing us model home and introducing various features of the model house which was very nicely built with great design. We were told that the house should be built and closed in about 8 month and assured us that on-time delivery is not a problem. They even worked to arrange us a nice "sign-in bonus". So things looked good, and we were preparing for the agreement signing. Given that Toll has good publicity due possibly to their aggressive advertisement, we were happy that we came across a good builder. And that's when the big surprise came in. As the signing moment came, we were told that everything was all set as discussed so it will be effortless to get things done. Then these were what shocked us in the agreement they prepared for us:

    Home delivery time: instead of 8 months of delivery, it will be "completed normally within 2 years, plus any extended time period deemed necessary judged by the Seller (Toll), with any adjustment in house plan and materials solely at Seller's discretion". If any delay or other matter happened due to a wide range of reasons, including Seller management issue, labor dispute, supplier delay, etc., the seller would take no responsibility. Without a reasonable HOA rule book and description of what the HOA would do and how it is run, a mandatory fee ($1000) must be collected up-front and buyer must agree to contribute. Whatever put into the agreement will not be discussed and buyer must agree and obey, as it is supposedly decided by their lawyers. No negotiation will be allowed.

    So our take on what the agreement would mean to us: We could end up waiting an uncertain amount of time up to 3, 4, 5 years(?) for closing. If anything bad happens to the house, delay of delivery, material, quality issue, and so on, all we could do is to wait and accept the fact. They can charge additional fees without prior notice. Needless to say, it would be wise decision NOT to mess around with a builder like this! If anyone could please share with us your experience, including thoughts about how reasonable this Toll company is, please do so. We will really appreciate!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 16, 2017

    We have had nothing but a positive experience with Toll Brothers. They have exceeded our expectations. They delivered on every single promise. They've built us a wonderful home here in Florida. This will be the third builder we have worked with in Florida over the past 25 years and they are by far the best.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 5, 2017

    We made our warranty request well within the 11 month window. The final response came six months later and it was denied. The hardwood flooring boards are warping at the end of each of 70% of the boards in the house. The response was, "This is normal." I quote from the letter; In their December 16, 2016 letter, Armstrong stated, "Growth in the length of floor boards may cause slight end lifting of engineered flooring, which is a natural phenomenon that occurs when moisture at the bottom of the board exceeds the moisture at the top of the board." Warped hardwood is NORMAL??? A person at the township meeting on mold complaints (May 3, 2017) said, "This development was built on a marsh". I have no direct knowledge of this claim but the person lived in this area before Toll started building. If it is true the development was built on a marsh perhaps that is the reason my hardwood floors are warping.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 20, 2017

    I would like to start with one recent issue, although there are tons of issues I can complain about the "luxury home builder" Toll Brothers. We closed the new house around a month and moved into it 2 weeks. Very soon we found there are 11 nails popped up from the wall of the family room. The height is low where little kids can touch. We think it should be an urgent issue which must be fixed asap. However, after we reported the issue, the builder said it's normal and there will be more nail pops and suggested we wait until 11 months warranty as the builder only provides one complimentary drywall touch up for the nails pop up. We asked how about if the same nail pops again after they fix it. The answer is "unfortunately if they do, it would not be covered" (quote from email).

    At first, we have 2 warranty. One is 30 days and the other is 1 year. I don't understand why the builder only fix once. More importantly, I think the builder should give a good quality house. When they fix issue, they should make sure their fix is useful. How come they fix only once and don't give any guarantee if it works. Toll Brothers said it is a luxury house builder. Ridiculous! Look at the customer service. Can you believe it? Last but not least, this is not the only issue. There are tons of issues I can complain about!

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    Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 10, 2017

    We've known Toll Brothers as being a well-respected home builder since we lived in NJ. We were relocated to Florida and had Toll build us a house. Did they make errors? Yes, 2 major ones! Since we had everything in writing per design, we brought it to their attention, and they did follow up with the necessary repairs and changes. Their architects are designing homes which are now form over function. They have models that have a full bath 6 feet across from the dining room. Imagine having company over for dinner and you have to do a number 2 with no window. Or a study with no windows. The company is truly going in the wrong direction.

    What is extremely upsetting is that we purchased our home in a Toll Brothers Development of 400 homes to be built, they built 38 and pulled out because their sales were not brisk enough for the corporate ** at their home office in PA. Toll sold out to a single developer who is not capable of building more homes and keeping to the high standard of what Toll once was. We have now learned that Toll has done the same at 2 other Toll Developments nearby. The Toll Brothers company no longer cares about the buyers, it's all about the stockholders. It's sad because the development is starting to look like ** and HOA fees continue to rise along with Toll Brothers Corporate greed. Beware Toll Buyer.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 4, 2017

    We bought a single story home that was already built and being used as a model. The yard was already landscaped mostly with bark. During the rainy season the downspouts are so small the water runs over the drains like a waterfall. This has caused discoloration on the front of the house. I called service to come out and I was told this was normal. We've owned three other homes before this and have never had this problem before. How could they say it was Normal to have water coming off the roof like a waterfall. The yard was not grated and I have flooding in the back and side of my home. The lighting and cabinet quality are by no means luxury. Just wish we would have went with a different builder for the price we paid!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 3, 2017

    We built a Toll home and closed on it in April of 2016. We've had a number of shoddy construction repairs fixed typically after long delays. The drywall and paint was done so poorly that after several attempts by Toll to remedy, we ended up contracting with other than the illegal immigrants that Toll sub contracts with. Of course this was at our expense. Our high-end upgraded flooring also had to be repaired by and paid for by our own contractor because the Toll idiot they sent out was incapable of performing the work in a quality manner. My wife actually threw him out, something she's never done before.

    Our real issue is the mold issue in all new homes in the development. We've gone through remediation, but after weeks of them finishing the job and getting them to repair the holes in the ceilings and replace our crown molding has fallen on deaf ears. All and I mean all of the new homes have mold. Most of our neighbors have or are hiring private mold inspectors and the majority have discovered mold in the homes. One neighbor is having his entire second floor replaced. Toll's solution - "keep your air above 78 degrees." We live in humid south Florida. That's not an option. They claim to have hired a NASA engineer, but given my mold issues you would think he'd want to talk to me and view my home. I think they lied to me about an engineer and have asked for reports. We've heard nothing. I called the city and they reported that Toll has not reported a mold problem. I had to report it.

    I've contacted the media and a group of the neighbors are looking at a class action lawsuit. The benefits of buying into a high-end neighborhood is many of them are lawyers. My advice to others considering buying in PGCC is to hold. The air handling units in my home are 3.5 tons under what the square footage allows for. The problem is these small air handlers cannot keep up with the cool air requirements and are running constantly causing condensation to form and insulation in the attic (and main level too) to get wet. I had ceiling that were mushy.

    Be mindful of the people charged with handling your warranty items. They are slow and unresponsive. I had to threaten them with their lives to get them to just show up for routine items. Then the work is always shoddy. We ended up hiring a contractor and spent three months and over $100k in remodeling much of the work that Toll did. Our guy told us there wasn't a square ceiling, wall, floor or anything in any room. This is true of Toll's approach to building your home - they are not square with you.

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    Original review: Dec. 14, 2016

    The workmanship is shoddy to say the least! Kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, appliances, and countertops were damaged during installation. Some items we paid extra for were not installed or improperly installed. The Design Center failed to note correct selection made by us and now we have tiles, etc., we did not select! 16 months after moving into our new house and Toll still has not been fixed, repaired quite a few items on, what was quite a long punch list.

    Toll also failed to inform us that there would be $120.00 per months sewerage fee and that neither the pool, clubhouse, nor the tennis courts would be usable for more than one year. Dealing with Toll has been frustrating and irritating to put it mildly and despite Toll's continuous assurance that everything would be taken care of, this has not been the case!! So here we are with a Townhouse (for which we paid $700,000 for) that has cracked walls/ceilings, squeaky wood floors, damaged cabinets and appliances, exposed insulation outside, cracked concrete, and numerous other problems.

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    profile pic of the author
    Original review: Nov. 8, 2016

    Me and my family went to visit model on the way to speak to a sales consultant in a neighboring community. Two ladies in office the younger was very pleasant and asked how she can help. The other older lady never said a word. While we were in the model the older sales lady kept coming in and watching us as if we weren't suppose to be there. Was not friendly at all. And kept chastising us throughout the visit. We were not allowed to take any pictures yet there is tons of video and pics of this model throughout internet. And were telling the children that certain drinks in kitchen were for other people. That kind of attitude does not fit well in that industry. Never got that treatment at any other builder community. We will not recommend.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 19, 2016

    We bought a new home in Regency at Readington in Whitehouse, NJ in May 2016. Toll Brothers failed to disclose a beer distribution warehouse approximately 50 feet from our backyard property. The Hunterdon Brewery Co which has 11 loading docks and spotlights along the outside of building. They operate 24/7 with trucks as large as 18 wheelers coming and going all night and day loading and unloading pallets full of kegs and cases of beer etc. The constant banging, crashing, scraping and peeping continues to occur despite numerous complaints to facility, Readington Township (Mayor Fort and zoning officials) and Toll Brother.

    Unfortunately this facility was not mentioned or disclosed in our contract. No one can support that this is zoned or legal to operate in this capacity. Unbelievable!!! Toll declined to buy back our home and The Township just comes up with excuses for their lack of accountability. So, we are left with a home where windows stay closed, fans on high speed and a backyard that has not been utilized. The best part, is Toll still does not disclose this facility in their present contracts as they have over hundred townhouses still to sell in this community.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 18, 2016

    My husband and I were considering building with Toll Brothers in Weddington, NC. I recently stopped by the subdivision to speak to the sales associate and get more information on the models. The woman in the design studio, let's call her Kate, showed me into the kitchen and had me wait while she went to another room to speak with the sales associate. Let's call her Anna. Kate came back out and told me to wait for Anna.

    I stood in the kitchen - no one else there - for over 15 minutes. Then Anna, with the most obnoxious, snooty attitude came out, looked at me like I was bothering her and said, "Do you have any questions?" In shock I said, "Excuse me. I'm a prospective customer. That woman told me to wait here for you. I've been waiting a long time." To which she responded, "Oh, come with me. I told her to tell you to come in the back office."

    She showed me some models on paper and available lots. Honestly, I couldn't even pay attention because of how rude she was. She was even rude to a co-worker who walked in while I was with her. I was flabbergasted that TB would put someone like this in their front office to represent them when they are interfacing with customers who may spend $700k to over a million on a house. I'm so glad to have found this site. Now I can see TB has some major problems and I won't waste my time. If they are willing to have this person be my first impression, I'll see my way out. Thank you very much.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 1, 2016

    We recently attempted to purchase a new home in the Robertson Ranch development in Carlsbad. There was a big hole in the ground next to the lot we were considering. We asked about it and were told it was a water quality basin. The correct term is actually a "bio-retention basin", and it is basically a man-made water collection basin designed to collect rain runoff. There are going to be 29 of them in this community, with one right next to, and uphill from the lot we were considering. The Toll Brothers own disclosure statement had many serious statements about the basin, including warning that the basin could be "unsightly", "smell", and even be a "drowning hazard".

    It soon became very obvious that Toll Brothers was not going to help us with even the most basic questions about the basin; questions like, "How deep with the basin get", "How long will water typically remain in the basin after a rain", and "How can we be convinced that water from a heavy rain will not end up in our house?" We independently got details from the city of Carlsbad and convinced ourselves that the risks were low, and continued with the purchase process, including picking exterior upgrades and even dropping off a $50,000 cashier's check. They sent us the final papers electronically to sign, and we signed them.

    However, after we signed the final documents, we included a note informing them that it would be a good practice for them to help their customers understand these basins. Apparently, that statement broke the deal, they refused to sign and they sent back our check. We pleaded with them, but they refused to budge, making the ridiculous argument that "we would not be happy there".

    After a few weeks of total shock, we swallowed our pride and started down the path of making an offer on another lot in the same development. We made a trip into the sales trailer and were treated badly again, with one of the sales agents effectively telling us that we deserved the way we were treated. That was it for us, we had had enough of the Toll Brothers' rude and disrespectful treatment. A few weeks later we bought a house just down the street in an established neighborhood.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 17, 2016

    We built a home in Weyhill Estates in 2014. The home took over 15 months to finish. However even after a forced settlement by Toll the entire outside of our home was not complete. The yard was not even rough graded, no driveway, and no outside paint but we still had to pay everything at settlement. No money could be held back to assure that they would complete these tasks due to a stipulation they had on the contract. The settlement date was put through the month before the actual settlement as to save Toll a month of taxes that we had to incur. This is why all settlements happen in Horsham so they can control this.

    It took the entire summer for them to finally finish the outside of our house. We had a punch list of over 100 items that they also had to address. With each thing they did an appointment had to be made meaning missed work days on our part. We would do this to find out that the replaced materials we also faulty and they never even opened the box to check item first. The grass was put in, in the first week of July after telling the building manager Mike to not do it now wait till Fall. The yard is still a mess today. Loads of bare spots that still have no grass. In having a professional look at the yard we were told that there is little to no topsoil and that topsoil needs to be brought in and then seeded properly. It was 16 months when they finally finished our original punch list.

    The worst however is the way in which Mike building manager and Kelly his sidekick treated us. In the process of all the above happening our existing home did not sell. We were carrying two homes. We were forced to put our new home up for sale too. Our HOA rules allowed for 1 sign to be in the yard. As soon as our sign went in the yard we received a nasty email from Mike telling us the sign had to come out. Him and Kelly connived together to get the HOA changed to say no signs allowed forcing us to remove the sale sign from the property. This alone is scary in that where is this headed? If they don't like something they change the HOA.

    When buyers would stop at the sample home and ask if any instant properties were available they would even lie and say, "No, nothing" knowing our house was for sale. The best however is that we had as interested party looking at our house to buy, it is now 2 years of carrying the two houses. The buyers went to Toll and showed them our list of extras and said, "What would it cost to build the house today." Mike went and gave them $40,000 discount off the extras of the house in order to come in under what we are asking for the house so that they would not buy our house but build with them.

    Mike and Kelly are the lowest of low. They lied numerous times throughout the building process to us and continued to lie and be deceptive even yet today. A $600,000 + home should not be delivered unfinished with a punch list of over 100 items. In talking with neighbors each of them have their own horror story to tell. Several giving up on having Toll correct the problems and hired other to fix things right. Some of us don't have that luxury and simply feel that it is only right with the money spent that they do what is right. However we are talking about Toll Brothers now aren't we?

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 14, 2016

    I live in an area where Toll is trying to force a proposed development into our small neighborhood. This proposed development is situated directly above a very sensitive river which is being restored to support salmon spawning. In 2012 Toll was required to pay a civil penalty of $741,000 to resolve alleged Clean Water Act violations at its construction sites across the country. Having shown little regard for its customers in resolving issues I fear that Toll will continue to disregard their commitments and potentially endanger our wildlife habitat.

    In a recent meeting with the city local citizens learned how close Toll and Master Builders Association worked with our city hall to allow development to occur willy-nilly here in our town. I am seeking creditable input from people who have complaints against Toll that I can use to support my concerns over having Toll build in such a sensitive area.

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    Original review: May 13, 2016

    I had my end of year walkthrough and was very difficult to schedule (after requesting an appt online and calling the office). After someone did call me back, denies getting calls and states it's too late and passed 30 days after 1 year anniversary. I still have a cracked sink (in a brand new townhouse) that I showed the guy in the first walk (at 4 months) that was not fixed. This is a nightmare, worst experience ever. You call and no one calls you back. Good luck!!

    Original review: May 11, 2016

    This Toll Brothers build has to be the worst house building and buying experience ever (building is not my first rodeo). The construction manager is an arrogant jerk who does not pay attention to details. A worker flooded the kitchen and great room and the CM told us it was "cosmetic" and nothing would be done. When we kept pushing the issue, a moisture test was reluctantly done, which yielded a much different result and ended with new floors and cabinets. We are closing at the end of the month and I have such buyer's remorse and am afraid that I have made the biggest $800,000 purchase mistake in my life.

    Not only are there construction issues that range from a cracked foundation to showers/toilets that workers used to urinate and defecate, but Toll, as the sole HOA representative, is allowing the backyard neighbor to keep a permanently installed basketball goal feet from my house. So the attached picture is the view I will be waking up to every morning from my master bedroom window. There is nothing "luxury" about this home and I have more trust that the roaches will survive Armageddon than I have in Toll Brothers. If I had to do it over, I would not have purchased a Toll Brothers house.

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    Original review: May 9, 2016

    Toll Brothers Northern California was a very interesting experience. First, they use high pressure sales tactics. Then, they lie and tell you things that are not supported by the contract. Curious that the construction people say one thing, and specifically say the salespeople are not trained and don't know the product. Then the salespeople say they are "just peons" and can't do anything.

    Bottom line, have your attorney read the contract, before you do anything, in spite of the high-pressure sales tactics. You'll be relieved, as our attorney said she had never seen such a one-sided "contract of adhesion", which basically allows Toll Brothers to do anything they want, even against your interests, and then hide behind their contract and "screw you". I can give specific names of salespeople who are particularly dishonest, or very naive, if you would like. So we didn't sign a contract, and happy with the other builder we chose. We figured the housing market is so hot in Northern California, they don't care and it's obvious, and the Toll Brothers construction manager is so inexperienced even the new homes are now falling apart!

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    Original review: April 15, 2016

    My parents have had the worst experience dealing with the sales rep at the Active Adult community at Toll Bros. in Elgin, IL. Interesting how their friends that bought there warned them about her deceitful ways but they wanted to buy there and tried to be cautious when dealing with Debbie **. The truth came out later when they found out how she talked about them unprofessionally when they left and how she lied to them about several items pertaining to the purchase of their home just to make a sale! It's so bad that my parents are pursuing legal action against Debbie **.

    I know there are posts about how customers are unhappy with quality or disappointed with other parts of their purchase at Toll Brothers but the deceitful, unprofessional comments and lies from the rep in Elgin, IL named Debbie ** are beyond what anyone should deal with when buying a home. Be cautious of her if you even think of buying a home there! You will be easily fooled like my parents and their friends were but hopefully the legal action will stop her!

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    Original review: April 6, 2016

    If you buy a Toll Brothers Home, you will be very sorry. After four years the drywall cracks are popping up everywhere, and the new project manager tells me it's not under the warranty. The wind blows, the beams move and cracks the drywall. Cracked drywalls will not appear within the one year warranty. The new project manager told me he will only help if the floor falls from under me. Beware of Toll Brothers Homes. They hire cheap contractors to build you house.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 27, 2016

    You can see all of the problems with my Toll Brothers house at mytollexperience.com - if anyone reading this is willing to share their Toll Brothers experience with the mainstream media or with me for inclusion in my book (anonymously if desired) please contact me: **. Thanks and good luck! You will need it when seeking any kind of quality solution from Toll Brothers.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 23, 2016

    We recently purchased a new home from Toll Brothers. We were very excited until we received a phone call from Toll Brothers telling us that the plot size was not correct and the fence in the backyard had to be re-aligned. We were told that since it was a model home, the contractor installing fence did not pay attention and just installed it where he felt like. There are 4 model homes that were built by Toll Bothers in this community. All the 4 homes have fence laid down in a straight line. These model homes were sold in AS-IS condition with necessary warranty on homes. The Sales Office never ever made any mention that the plot will be resized. We signed contract, paid our dues and were very happy living here until after 8 months we got this surprise call.

    It's just so frustrating. We planted some good fruit trees along the fence, got the back yard landscaped and now they come with this proposal. All what they say is we will replant those tree and if these trees don't survive Toll brothers will replace them. We don't even have sufficient place to replant them after landscaping now. I am sure they will try to squeeze these trees in the small space just so that they are able to save cost. We thought it was our dream home, but don't think it is any more now. Not sure how many more such surprises are in store for us in future. Totally frustrated.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 21, 2016

    April 2015 was when we paid the deposit for our $1,350,000 Moorpark Masters Community. Kathleen ** was the Sales associate. Comments like "you should have read the disclosures on the wall in the models" or "read the fine print" or "you did not ask" are just some examples of the high handed ways in which this "top sales" executive speaks to buyers. Her first response is always "NO." Then you the buyer of the 1.3 million dollar home need to reason with her. She will make it as tough as possible. If you're up for the challenge, go for it!!

    TBI mortgage - division of Toll. Disaster!!! Turned me down at first. Kicked up a fuss. They gave me such hard conditions to fulfill that I decided "no way am I giving them my business." I'm one of the few who have a successful business, several rental homes and enough cash to buy the house outright. Just the way Toll and TBI is. BEWARE!!

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    Original review: March 13, 2016

    I closed on my Toll Brothers townhome in their Marlboro Ridge community in Upper Marlboro, MD in December 2014. Approximately six weeks prior to closing, during one of my weekly visits to the home to check out the progress, I saw that the granite countertops in the kitchen had been installed. Initially I was excited, however, after lifting the blue plastic wrap that covered the granite, my excitement immediately turned to confusion, as I thought that the wrong granite had been installed. I sent an email that same day to the project manager, M.M. expressing my concern. Through the exchange of emails it was determined that the "correct" granite was installed as the name of the granite that I selected at the design studio, Golden Beach, matched the name of the granite that was installed.

    I recently revisited this issue with project manager M.M., and later senior project manager C.F., in hopes that Toll Brothers would extend a concession to replace my countertops considering: (1) that my request to pick out my granite slab was met with a "no" (apparently a policy of Toll Brothers); (2) the vendor that supplied the granite sample was different from the vendor who installed the granite, which, according to M.M. ultimately "didn't matter;" and (3) the difference between the 12" x 12" sample is so vast that they are only the "same" in name (see pictures of my design studio selections with the backsplash above the granite sample in comparison to what my kitchen countertops actually look like). In the end, I was reminded that I had signed the granite addendum and that the correct named granite was installed and because of those two things Toll Brothers would not absorb the cost of replacing the granite.

    As I am familiar with granite being a product of nature and the fact that variances in color can occur, that is the primary reason why I asked if I could pick my granite slab. I don't understand why Toll Brothers, while allowing customers to select options as small as cabinet knobs, at the same time wouldn't allow selection of something so expensive that is often a focal point in a room, but rather install it sight unseen (to the customer). I am completely dissatisfied. And Toll Brothers doesn't give a rat's a$$ about customer satisfaction because the contracts (and addendum) are written to limit their responsibility, financial or otherwise. However, granite addendum be damned, this all could have been avoided had I been allowed to pick my granite slab.

    So, now I will be out of thousands of $ because I have started the process of having the granite replaced. I put down my deposit this past Thursday and measurements scheduled to be taken next week. I would NEVER recommend anyone to purchase a Toll Brothers home because when it's all said and done they really don't give a ** about their customers, only getting homes sold...

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    Original review: March 8, 2016

    We purchased a house for over a half a million dollars to have our sump pit in basement constantly run after barely a huge rainfall and this was after Toll told us that the underground drainage would prevent this from happening. After months of haggling Toll finally realized they cut off under floor drains and had to dig up our yard, still no success. They then dug another huge hole in yard and drilled hole in our foundation wall and still no success. To top it all off the sump pit liner has had a hole in base of it since day one and the way Toll fixed it is with a patch. We have never received an answer on how they will handle this if the patch comes off. Toll is really quite arrogant and never pleasant to you once you have paid for your house. They are really a culture of big corporations and only care about the bottom line. Think twice about purchasing a Toll house.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 28, 2016

    I recently put a reservation deposit on the Toll Brothers' Media, PA site. After dealing with Brett ** I was so offended by the tone in which I was spoke to and manner in which I was treated that I walked away from the home site. I was constructively called an idiot, there was miscommunication in the emails as to whether I should go to the design studio or the site office. I actually wrote an email to confirm the location, which I explicitly stated as the design studio, and was told that 'everyone else managed to figure out that it was here.' He was also combative when I tried to discuss the possibility of obtaining a buyer's agent. While he battered me with the statements and disclosures, he did so in such an unprofessional manner that I completely shut down.

    I was about to spend in excess of half a million dollars and was being chastised and second guessed. Perhaps there are people falling over themselves to drop that kind of money at their property but I will not be one of them. I will never work with an organization that tolerates or otherwise promotes people with this temperament. I expect a minimum amount of respect and decorum in an environment where such a significant life choice of the purchase of a home is being considered.

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