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Punctuality & SpeedStaff

Reviewed June 7, 2023

We purchased and built our Toll Home in the Meadows in Peoria, AZ. Our house was built and purchase was completed on July 2021. Since then, we have had multiple warranty issues and work orders submitted and we are now coming up on year 2 since we have taken possession of the home and they seem to continue dragging on completing any and all outstanding work orders. They have had multiple warranty reps quit and our work orders keep getting passed around. Their vendors never seem to be responsive, or so they say. And when they do show up, they either show up on a day they did not schedule with us or they show up and repeat what the last person did which is re-inspect the areas of complaint and leave. We have had multiple tile and grout people come out and still no resolution to this work order.

Many Toll Brothers homeowners in my neighborhood all have the same issue of delays on outstanding work orders. We all closed within weeks or months of each other and it’s been an uphill battle to get resolution. The stucco people came out and fixed some parts, then the paint people came but didn’t quite complete the order. We had to have them come out again. They still need to finish out some exterior paint issues and that is also not resolved. The stone work up front was partially worked on and then they didn’t have the guy come back out. Our HVAC order only got resolved and once we connect directly with the HVAC company who also advised to go directly through them for faster service rather than through Toll. Our cabinet and drawers have not been addressed by Oakcraft and we keep getting the run around there as well.

At this point - we are approaching 2 yrs and Toll Brothers has been awful at following through on their product and workmanship. Every homeowner on Villa Hermosa and Monte Lindo has these issues. I would NOT recommend buying or building with Toll. Their name used to stand for luxury and quality. They build terrible homes and drag their feet on repairing their mistakes. They also have high turnover with their warranty company due to the high volumes of repair work orders due to their sloppy build.

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Installation & Setup

Reviewed April 24, 2023

Our new build is located in Fountain Hills Arizona in a development called The Overlook. The Overlook is within a community called Firerock. We were probably the first couple to review the development site The Overlook in 2018 but had to hold off buying because we had to sell our existing winter home also in Fountain Hills. We are Canadian snowbirds and have been in Fountain Hills for 13 winters. Our previous home was built in 1989 and it was a quality home so we know what to look for in a home. We picked out our lot but before even the first shovel was in the ground we were told that our town home and the one that we share the centre wall with will have stairs in garage and entry way. There are 64 units and only ours and the neighbour's has stairs. All others have flat pavers and are without garage stairs. I have some mobility issues so this was a total surprise. We have 8 stairs. Apparently there were elevation issues with our lots.

Toll Brothers only allowed 2 companies to work on site so you had to pick one to complete front and back patios with pavers, tile, lighting, landscaping, spools, water features etc. Both companies were very very expensive and gave minimal products. The work here was not great. An example would be in my front patio. I have two different shade pavers. On the outside of the townhomes they use stucco and these natural slate wall tiles. The stucco has many cracks and separations and the tile falls off constantly both products will not do well over time. Many of the units have roof leaks and as I sending this Toll Brothers are replacing all 64 roofs because of problems with brown correlated metal roof. They also replaced on our new unit the air conditioner (condenser). They did many other units and also had to build new block walls around air conditioners because original walls were to small and air would overheat.

Our neighbour had to have all tile floor replaced both upstairs and down because of bad grout. Others had same problem. Ours seemed fine. A number of units had water problems inside garages and living spaces so Toll Brothers had to install much better drainage pipes. We also found out after reviewing the development sites landscaping plan that many trees, plants and rock features were missing. Toll Brothers had to provide what was in the plan which they did.

The inside of our town villa was just OKAY but not the quality we thought we might have. The paint job was sloppy, the kitchen and laundry cabinets were barely builder grade and rough. All three vanities were dropping down slightly so the caulking had to be redone. Both taps in main shower were lose. For some reason cold not fix.

The day we moved in 103 degrees the air conditioner did not work and it took two guys to fix because of original bad install in attic. We tried contacting Toll Brothers but nobody ever picked up and everything had to be done by e-mail which should have worked but didn’t. Some of our issues were addressed but not

all. I would never work with Toll Brothers again and overall it was a bad frustrating experience. We were concerned what might happen to the house in the future so we decided to sell which we did do last month. Stay clear.

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Reviewed March 26, 2023

Chicken Coop. Toll Brothers a great name on paper. So would you blindly buy a million dollar (inflation) home from Toll Brothers? Absolutely NOT. Travel to the site of your future residency and take a tour, do visit multiple home/floor plans under the guide of a realtor agent. Bring a cup of good coffee and absorb the rainbow sales talk about the height of the ceilings, view at the neighbor’s wall, desert plants, TV connection outside, plant watering system, flooring, light fixtures, storage. (Stop laughing.)

Now for the ones with a construction background (carpenter, electrician, plumber, data specialist) do visit a site under construction and let it sink in how poor the construction of a new home by Toll Brothers is established. (Cheap Labor, poor construction quality.) Toll Brothers is using local contractors, kind of how lucky do you feel buying a lottery ticket? Think twice before spending your money. So honestly what happened to the craftsman’s ship of building a solid home? At what point is the home inspector coming in? It's called a One Star Chicken Coop construction. (African Style, using a twig to draw the outlines of the cabin.) Still buying? Going back to my chickens and collect some eggs.

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Reviewed March 7, 2023

Getting home constructed from Toll Brothers (#1 HOME BUILDER WORLDWIDE) sounds really exciting on the surface but the real experience is much worse than you can ever imagine. I am regretting my decision and would NEVER EVER recommend Toll Brothers to anyone else. I myself work for a leading sub-contracting company and I am well aware of supply chain constraints and labor issues.

My feedback for Toll Brothers "exclude Supply Chain/Labor related issues" as I am a reasonable person and I didn't want to hold them accountable for external issues. These issues are part of their negligence, not paying attention to the details, and extremely poor customer service etc. which are very much in the hand of Toll Brothers. Not only that, the mistakes repeated multiple times and when we brought it to their leadership team, their answer was "We overloaded our people and it is okay for them to make mistakes... we will correct it."

Here is the summary of some of the points. I would be more than happy to share more details (with pics and my communication with the builder) if you can reach out to me at **.

1. The appointment at the design center, they didn't offer us some of the upgrades/options which were available for our model.

2. After selecting options/upgrades at the design center, you need to select many of those items again as the builder said those items were no longer available. This time, you have to select everything over the phone/through email which made our decision process so difficult. I asked them why you don’t keep design center visit after some time so that you can see samples in person and decide.

3. So many change orders were missed (Recessed lights, extra window, bathroom niche, exhaust fan in bathroom, extra outlet points etc.) Surprisingly, no-one from the builder even paid attention to what things got missed. When we reported these issues to the builder, they started asking for sharing pics and details through email. They stopped all other things till their mistakes were taken care. As a result, the completion of the house got pushed back by a few months causing us financially bleed as interest rates kept on going high.

4. It is going to be almost 22-23 months since the time I booked the house and expected to get the possession. During the same time, some of my friends with more customization than ours got their house possession in 12 months period.

5. We paid extra money for putting Mosaic Band in the bathroom. They put Niche as well as shower handle cutting through the Mosaic Band. When we complained about it to the builder, they reverted saying that you should have given us exact design if you didn't want your Mosaic band to get disturbed.

The list goes on. Please reach out to me on my email or cell and I can give you more details about #1 HOME BUILDER WORLDWIDE. Along with this, I can also give you other builders name who can complete your house construction in much lesser time, better quality, more customization along with some reference points.

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Reviewed Feb. 21, 2023

Living in a Toll Brothers house, we paid a lot for luxury finishes and a lot of details are just missed. They have poor management of their subs. They don't take pride or stand behind the work. It's a complete run around to get anything done. It's a new house so that's nice but definitely not what we paid for,.

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Reviewed Feb. 21, 2023

I purchased a home from Toll Brothers December 2012. I requested a patio, showed the type of patio I wanted of a neighbor’s, Toll Brothers stated they can do it, provided the amount and I paid for them to install a patio. Three months later, March 2013, the bricks were coming up, grass, moss and mold growing between the bricks. I notified Toll Brothers verbally over and over in 2013, I started putting it in writing in 2014, and even had an attorney to write a letter along with having experts in installing patios to check it out and they said it was installed improperly. Toll Brothers stated I got what I paid for, I was not within the warranty in notifying them when the warranty was up 2016, and that it was subcontracted to go through them when I paid Toll Brothers to do the job.

Years later, Toll Brothers increase the water pressure within the community, houses in the community flooded, Toll Brothers stated they take no responsibility, but they sent out a letter with no date or signature about the increase of water pressure. Like other owners, we had to go through our insurance company to pay for the water damage, Toll Brothers paid my deductible, but not providing an expansion tank to me like other community members because they said I caused the water damage. If so, why pay for the deductible and send a letter out about the increase of water pressure.

Toll Brothers also said this was my fault had I had annual maintenance this would not have occurred. I had BGE Home Maintenance that came out every year to perform maintenance. Per the contract, I had to go through arbitration, I did, paid for it, and the arbitrator sided with Toll Brothers in saying I got what I paid for in a patio, which she has no first-hand knowledge, but I provided pictures and what experts stated, and that I did not have annual maintenance to prevent the water damage. I refuted the arbitrator’s decision, went to the Attorney General, Maryland Home Builder and Guaranty Fund and they agreed with Toll Brothers and the arbitrator’s decision.

I went to the court to appeal the arbitrator’s decision and was denied because the arbitrator’s decision is final regardless if the decision was one of manifest disregard of the law, inadequate use of reason, opinion through inadequate use of reason, acting without inclusion of rationality, and discretion that resulted in egregious unfairness. The decision was irrational, in error, and false with the arbitrator not addressing my complaint. For the past 10 years, I have been trying to get somebody to hear my case even asking Toll Brothers to settled for less than $5,000.00. I guess because I am not a business with money and connection and I represented myself as a woman, I cannot get justice served not even through the courts. Be careful when buying a Toll Brothers home.

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Reviewed Jan. 10, 2023

I imagined the home to be above and beyond my expectations. The final product was such a disappointment in the quality and attention to detail I will never buy another new build. The paint was the cheapest thing you can find with multiple stains all over the walls. The paint splattered on the baseboards, trims, stairs, windows, and hardware was beyond believe. The home was not completed to 100% satisfaction on closing. They are still doing changes even though we closed on December and they still have to replace majority of the roof due to damages during the build. Be careful what you sign, because they will not do anything outside of the contract to make things right.

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Reviewed Jan. 5, 2023

I understand construction business can be complicated with many things to rely on, my concern is with the way I was made to believe and got me into a situation where I will be spending thousands of $ more than what was planned, bad business practices. I got into agreement for a purchase of newly constructed house in Ridgecrest at Indian land, SC on 7/2022 and was told estimated closing would be 4/2023. In sept 2022 the agent from Toll Brothers changed the completion date to Jan/mid Feb closing in 2023 as they are progressing faster than previously estimated. Their version stayed the same until yesterday 1/4/2023.

There was little to no progress in Nov/Dec 22 except fixing the wrongdoings, repairs. They are so negligent that they gave right handed plan to lousy contractors who does electrical, plumbing, data, hvac etc. on a left handed house which were messed up. Construction manager is always busy and does not take care of these and I had to show them what was wrong all along. They estimated pre drywall walkthrough by end of Oct or early Nov but ended up in last week on Dec. On 1/4/23 I received a text saying they are TRACKING for April/may 2023 when it is already January.

I sold my house expecting the closing will be in Jan/Feb. 23 and got into a short term rental lease. Now I have to pay 50% more in rent and lose my mortgage rate lock. I never expected them to be so laid back and not answering calls or do not reply to emails on time. Always trying to side track the issue. The agreement is written in a way that they can take 2+years to complete but buyer will be given 30days to close and have a loan commitment ready before 60days of closing. They take hefty amounts in deposit during agreement as well. They are doing a bad business and most of the neighbors are unhappy with the way they are dealing with customers, build quality, repairs etc. I wish I could get my 50k back and get out out of this lousy deal. Attached are the discussions.

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Reviewed Jan. 2, 2023

We closed on our house Sept 16, 2022. Leading up to closing we had cheap inexperienced contractors that installed glass cabinet lighting in the most ridiculous way by punching holes in the back of the cabinet instead of the top so when you look at the beautiful glass cabinet, you see wires. Speakers in ceiling with no speaker inside, speakers blowing out from ceiling, no vent in summer kitchen, cracked tile work, rust spots and crack in bathtub, brick wall in loft looks like a kindergarten class did it, painted AROUND outlet covers, not underneath, cracked mirror. We were told to expect that 50% of the time contractors will not show up. House sat empty for weeks at a time. Bathroom fans sounds like a Harley motorcycle. Not to mention the lack of customer service from sales center.

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Reviewed Dec. 18, 2022

Worst experience! We closed on the new house 8 months ago and they're still not done with promised fixes we agreed during the closing. During the first 5 months, we now have several major issues like, shower leaking downstairs, a lot of leaking faucets, hvac, leaking sinks, doors not aligned, leaking, lighting, landscaping. You name it, mostly have problems. They had to replace the whole shower floor on the 2nd floor coz it's leaking through the 1st floor ceiling. It's been 3 months now and they're still not done. They installed the new tile in the shower but all different wrong shades/colors of the tile. They're not organized. It's a frustrating experience since building the house till now, 8 months after closing.

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David increased rating by 2 stars.
After a positive interaction with Toll Brothers, David increased their star rating on April 1, 2023.

Updated review: April 1, 2023

It took massive complaining, going scorched earth online, to get them to act, but they did finally come through and fix the garage floor problems to our satisfaction.

Original Review: Dec. 7, 2022

We built a new home in Texas with Toll Brothers. For a supposed high end home builder they sure produce shoddy work. Their warranty support is very slow. When they finally get around to doing something, they do as little as possible. Our brand new garage floor is cracking all over. Back while the home was under warranty they told us they would fix the cracks and seal the concrete. Now, almost a year later they are finally looking at doing something about it. They want to come out and caulk the cracks, and that is it. They totally misled us on what they were going to do to fix the problems. Now they are looking to do the least they can. Needless to say, if you you are thinking of using Toll Brothers, don't. Stay as far away from them as you can. There has to be someone else out there who is better.

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Reviewed Dec. 5, 2022

We had an incredibly unpleasant experience with Toll Brothers in California. We entered into a contract with them for 370 Aleso in August 2021, and they told us the estimated completion time would be 12 months. However, after waiting one year, we received an email telling us that construction may be delayed another 6 months. This has been the worst experience we have ever had - sales manager (Kristi **) are unprofessional and dismissive of our concerns; she did not take our issues seriously and was unwilling to help find a resolution. It seems like no one at Toll Brothers cares about us anymore since entering into the contract.

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Reviewed Nov. 7, 2022

So unfortunate I am compelled to share my negative experience with Toll Brothers on social media. I closed escrow in May 2018 on a new Toll Brothers home (formerly Coleman Homes) in Eagle, Idaho and my family was beyond excited in love with the home and community. As with any new home, there were minor repairs addressed during the first year and I was Toll’s biggest cheerleader. Fast forward three years to June 18, 2021 when a water leak occurred in the kitchen ceiling. Fortunately I detected the leak before going to bed around 10 pm and turned off the water limiting damage. Had it gone unnoticed, we may have lost all of the downstairs flooring, kitchen cabinets and furnishings.

A plumber quickly responded the next morning and after cutting several holes in the ceiling, determined the hot water (pex) line from a second story bathroom had failed. This bathroom was rarely used in three years but since our son was home on leave, was being used daily. The plumber took a video of the leak and it was evident the pex line had been damaged during the construction process by an electrician's drill to run wire.

State Farm was prompt in processing the claim and paid for all repairs after my deductible. The plumber’s video and damaged pex line were provided to State Farm for their discovery process and upon completing their investigation, also concluded Toll Brothers was at fault. State Farm sought reimbursement for twelve long months, but Toll Brothers denied responsibility. In June 2022, State Farm referred the case to a collection litigation firm. I was notified August 11, 2022 the firm was unable to recover from Toll Brothers who they deemed to be the responsible party.

All builders are responsible for the actions of their sub contractors and it is highly irresponsible of Toll Brothers to ignore this inferior work. The kitchen, pantry, dining room and mud room were all impacted. My family (including an infant) was inconvenienced for two months during the repair process with walls/ceiling torn open, flooring removed, noise from three turbo fans, a dehumidifier, two ducted fans, one negative air and an air scrubber running 24/7 along with various work teams in our home daily. I am out-of-pocket $1310.00 ($310 for the plumber and a $1000 deductible), and State Farm $6,718.02 plus any other expenses incurred in the collection efforts. Sadly after four years, many of my neighbors have ongoing issues with their homes. A home is likely the largest investment you’ll make and should be a place where you feel happy and safe. Please think twice before purchasing a Toll Brothers home as you may regret your decision.

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Customer ServicePricePunctuality & SpeedStaff

Reviewed Oct. 20, 2022

Our Toll Brothers experience. Toll brothers and TBM (Toll Brothers Mortgage) are two of the worst companies I have ever worked with. Having built 3 track-style homes previously I decided to go with Toll Brothers on my next home with a reputation for “award-winning luxurious homes”. I was hoping to avoid the standard things you run into with a quick build, low-quality home. My experience has been awful. Trust me, the home you get is not the quality they show you in the model homes. After being told an estimated build time of 8-12 months that turned into 16 months. And the quality is worse than all the other track home builders I've worked with and seen.

The week before my closing date for the final punch list walk-through, the home was a disaster. Broken windows, completely wrong countertops, missing trim and vents on the exterior, walls and Sheetrock not straight, doors misaligned, baseboards not matching up, garage door paint peeling off, stucco around the entire home cracking and missing control joints and the list goes on. The number of errors and mistakes on the home that I have had to point out throughout the process they should have paid me to be the construction manager.

As I was in the house one day doing an unannounced walk-through and complaining about the awful quality of a Toll Brothers home, one of the area managers was meeting with my construction manager outside, and I overheard him saying “this home is really bad”. And the 5 times I’ve been back to see the finished repairs something else is damaged or wasn’t fixed right hoping I would just overlook it and forget. I also have nothing but terrible things to say about Toll Brothers Mortgage. I should have read reviews online before starting the process with them but they offered the best incentive money given the current market so I blindly went forward with them.

Now looking back and seeing their 1.3 Star rating out of 5 online I would have steered clear. Having a unique work situation just recently changing jobs and getting with them late in the process of closing on the home I was worried everything could get done and closed. They mentioned there would definitely be some hurdles to get through, but reassured me they could get it done for me. They got the loan approved. I locked in the rate with them. And the loan officer worked very hard to get everything to work. I signed the closing disclosure and the day before the final signing and move in they declined the loan and forced me to find outside financing and forfeit the lender credit, rate buydown credit, and current rate I had locked with them.

My wife and I had moved out of our current home that same day expecting to move into our new home. Now forced to find other accommodations for the coming weeks as we search out approval from other lenders and living out of our moving truck. It’s now been one month from our initial closing date and paid thousands in moving and storage expenses and still not in the home we are being forced to buy or lose our earnest deposit and cost of upgrades. And given the extra month of time, they still haven’t completed the punch list of items needing to be done on the house to close.

After Toll brothers mortgage declined us everyone from the company went silent and were not looking to help us one way or another. We got a very simple email stating to get financed asap and close on the horrible quality, unfinished home or pay us the money. Which we are still working through. If you’re looking to build a new home. Do your research like I wish I had and avoid Toll Brothers and Toll Brothers Mortgage.

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Reviewed Oct. 19, 2022

I was delighted to purchase a home in Cascina Ranch by Toll Brothers. However, there are sooo many errors and mistakes on behalf Toll Brothers that it has been a nightmare for us. I sincerely regret purchasing this house. Our house was not built according to the the blueprints. Electrical outlets were missed or do not work. My bathroom upgraded fixtures were faulty and as a result I could not turn off the water in my tub. The paint on all the houses in this subdivision is spotty. My hardwood floors were ruined and as a result we had to stay in a hotel for three weeks while they were replaced. Light fixtures are not centered. My toilets were used by the trades while the house was being built. Every time they come in to fix something, they damage something. Every time there is something that was missed, has to be repaired or replaced I have to take off work. I have burned up 6 vacation days due to no error of my own.

Toll Brothers MAY have been a reputable company in the past but they are no longer. Any time you speak with a Toll Brother representative, record them. They lie consistently as if you don't know what you are talking about or can't remember what was said to you! Most of the people who work for them can't even afford a Toll Brothers homes but want to tell you what it is you don't understand. If you purchase a Toll Brothers home, get your own home inspection. It will be worth it to you. They have nice floorplans, but can't deliver a turn-key home to its purchasers. I stand by my word. Alfrieda

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Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

Reviewed Sept. 20, 2022

I wanted to write this review on behalf of myself and several neighbors. We talk. Toll Brothers has a reputation for quality home building and customer service pre-sale. What you need to know is that - especially with new builds- once the sale is closed they become extremely shady about getting things fixed or corrected and who’s liable for it. We’ve had leaks, missing radiant barriers, and a variety of small fixes that needed to be done in our first year and they have been hard to schedule, elusive, and accusatory.

We are not alone on our block. All this to say that if you buy a home, make sure your final walk through is as thorough as possible and don’t count on efficient, responsive service once it’s done. If we could go back, we would have chosen another builder even though we love our house. The customer care department is awful. Know this going in. I am located at the Aviano property in Skye Canyon, Las Vegas.

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Reviewed Sept. 3, 2022

This is our 2nd condo in NC. Expensive-over 500k each. Poor quality, NO construction workers, Sloppy, WORST no follow thru! Roof leaks, wiring splices, etc. Have gone thru 4 punch list guys in a year!

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Customer ServicePrice

Reviewed Aug. 29, 2022

My wife and I purchased this home 9 months ago. The quality of workmanship and the materials and components in this home are poorly done and cheaply made. This has been the absolute worse experience my wife and I had ever had. In 9 months Toll Brothers has had a turnover of personnel either transferred to other projects, quit or terminated. In 9 months we are on our 4th warranty representative. Those we have had have made promises and supposedly scheduled work to be done only proven to be lies with NO SHOWS and NO CALLS. After 9 months we are still waiting for things to be done and completed in our home. We still have a kitchen not completed and all we get is excuses and it’s always the other guy causing the problem. This house was $449,000. and isn’t worth half that price.

Sloppiness, and incompetence with their workers and subcontractors is what you can expect buying a home here in Longwood Bluffs, Murrells Inlet. They wanted to rush us into closing on the house with work undone. It literally took 4 walk-throughs before we went to settlement. We made a HUGE MISTAKE when we settled. Unfortunately, we trusted them to finish the work only to be consistently disappointed. BIG MISTAKE. If we knew then what we know now we would NEVER HAVE PURCHASED A TOLL BROTHERS HOME. Look at the reviews. There are a lot of #1’s. They should have 0’s.

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Reviewed Aug. 12, 2022

This is our 3rd build and by far the worst building experience we have had. We are located in Utah and several of our neighbors feel the exact same. We just hit our year mark and STILL have issues that have not been corrected. Just 2 nights ago ALL of our warranty items were marked complete and they have absolutely not been completed. Half par work and NOT a luxury home they advertise.

Their standard design options are just awful and their upgraded cabinetry is even worse. They are chipping and falling apart, our upgraded floors are gapping and chipping, window wells still have not been cut down as promised, we have had leaks and the contractor told me "Well I don't have x-ray vision to see in the walls." (The bathroom is on the other wall and you better believe there are plans that have water lines), they nailed right into them.

Overall Toll Brothers is a shady company that has beautiful floor plans but cannot produce the quality home that they promise. I have tried to give them the benefit of the doubt, but I am done. After 2 years of this (1 year to build and 1 year living in our home) we are jut so disappointed and done. If you are building with them or looking to build with them DON'T DO IT!

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Sales & Marketing

Reviewed July 23, 2022

My overall experience is 1 star. You are definitely going to get a house which is definitely not up to the standards of the name as they advertise, luxury homes builders. Your home will be built to pass the town inspections so that you will get certificate of occupancy. But, when you request something to be taken care, you will be denied either by saying not a warranty item or you would be notified that it’s up to the Toll Brothers standards of performance, no further action will be taken and if you wish to proceed please hire another licensed contractor and get it done on your own. So, Try your luck.

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Reviewed July 15, 2022

Workers never showed up. I have five cracked pieces of siding that needs replaced and painted. No show on June 30th and not show today July 15th. No one at Toll Brothers really care so I’m sure this post is pointless.

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Customer ServiceSales & MarketingStaff

Reviewed July 6, 2022

Overall, we are very pleased with our new Toll Brothers home. Toll Brothers has delivered to us a very well constructed home in a beautiful Toll Brothers community. We can confidently recommend Toll Brothers. The availability of model homes in various Colorado Toll Brothers communities provided actual hands on access to features in our specific floor plan and just as importantly, to features of other Toll Brothers plans. It was immensely helpful to be able to see and touch and measure anything of interest, from structural aspects like foundation dimensions to finish features like cabinetry and lighting. With the insights obtained from all of this we could better anticipate how to meld the available home features into our vision of our dream home. Noteworthy also in this regard, we found that the sales staff at the various Toll Brothers communities we visited in Colorado were consistently supportive and helpful.

The weekly status calls with our construction manager were very informative. As a home buyer, we would visit the build site each week and observe the latest progress. In doing so, there are a stream of questions and concerns which arise. The calls provided a running opportunity for us to seek an understanding of the build process and thereby reconcile what we were observing with the what's and why's of the series of stages of the Toll Brothers build process. We could raise any questions and voice any concerns so that we could maintain a running understanding of the build status, which allowed us to both manage our expectations and to monitor progress from an informed perspective. We found that the construction manager listened to our concerns, provided clarification when needed and most importantly, actively followed-up to address any build related issues which we raised.

In summary, for most people the experience of building a new home may be filled with an ongoing mix of many emotions. For us, there have been exciting and even thrilling moments as well as very concerning or even frustrating moments. But through it all, we found that the Toll Brothers sales and construction management staff have partnered with us effectively in achieving a great home build outcome. This is appreciated and highly valued. We have learned that, given all of the normal challenges a builder must manage ranging from weather to availability of materials and resources (and time), we feel Toll Brothers has come through for us with a beautiful new home and has operated throughout with integrity and conscientious intent to achieve the best possible outcome, all things considered.

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Customer ServicePricePunctuality & SpeedStaff

Reviewed May 27, 2022

I signed a contract with Toll Brothers on April of 2021. The house was promised to be by January. We've selected and designed and confirmed everything is good to go by Toll Brothers. By the time the house was 3 months late, they sent a notice for 2 months closing date. As the closing date is during our kid's school 5/12, we asked for extension whether if we can close it at the end of the month. They said no so we worked with lender to lock in the rate to be closed on the date they promised. Within 2 weeks before closing, they said they didn't have the stone that we have selected and asked us to pick other stones that we didn't like and it didn't match with the scheme of the house. They said that if we don't pick the stone, the house is potentially pushed out all the way to August. I was ok with that as long as they are paying for my discount point and extension of the interest rate lock. They didn't and said it's not their fault.

I was forced to pick a new stone and close a week later than promised. Even during the closing date, they haven't done all the items that we've identified during our walkthrough. They promised the list will get done as I didn't sign off on it. A week later, they still haven't got a chance to fix it. On top of that headache, they have agent that assigned to me left and they never reached out or even assign a new one until I reached out 4 weeks later. This is my fourth house that I've purchased in the past 20 years (job relocation), Toll Brothers has some nice design but it comes to customer services and communication, it's one of the worst if it's not the worst. Long T

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed April 28, 2022

I was trying to get on the waiting list for ovation in Wintergarden Florida, and I have sent at least seven or eight emails to figure out how to get on the waiting list, if a deposit is needed, when the models will be done because apparently the models are not finished for the house as they are selling, and the representatives which I will not share their names unless you contact me privately, have been the worst of any builder I have worked within the area. I have worked with four other builders and these folks, they don’t care. Great properties, need better bedside manner training.

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Reviewed March 31, 2022

This property participates in the ADU program (affordable housing) and I was informed by the OTA that is illegal to charge more than $50 for an application fee and this property charges $75. I reached out to one of the leasing agents and she had an attitude when I brought this to her attention. I have also reported them to the OTA & DCHD for further investigation. Also, the reviews are true. Stay away.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed March 26, 2022

I purchased a brand new home from the Toll Brothers. Five months ago I moved in, I have a wobbling floor. I’ve been calling every level of their construction management. Nobody answered the phone, I just have to left a message! Wait for someone to respond, but no one responds, I keep emailing the people. They finally show up, they try to fix the problem. They make the big mess to my house but problem hasn’t been solved, I emailed them. Contact the people and finally someone showed up.

They looked at it and they said wobbling is "tolerance" level, it’s OK to be wobble, I just purchased brand new home. I don’t want a live with this floor at all, I’ve been searching, calling my lawyer, getting some advice from the different people. They advise me to hire private home inspection person, which I did. They are coming to take a look at the my floor. Whatever the consequences I will fix it out of my pocket but I will take them to court. Try to get my money back. It’s been a horrible experience for me. Not happy at all. Very disappointed, new home buyers I will highly recommend it for them to hire private inspector. Let them inspect everything for their own. Make sure they do their job right.

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Reviewed Feb. 22, 2022

We bought a Toll Brother's home in Seattle. They do a really good job in their model homes and when you buy one to be built, they do a really REALLY sloppy job. We have crooked grout lines, messy grout splotches here and there, defective floor planks, etc. When we pointed those things out during the walk through, we were told that those things were "within the acceptable parameters." They had an issue with the grout used and they knew it at the time. We wanted them to redo it and they refused. A year later, it's all flaking off in giant chunks and we have to pay to redo it ourselves. They also mark everything up when you go to the design studio to select finishes and tiles. Like ridiculous amounts. Will NEVER buy another Toll Bros home.

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Customer ServiceContract & Terms

Reviewed Feb. 15, 2022

There is nothing top notch about this builder. I have had nothing but problems and so have several others. The Facebook group to Sterling Grove has people complaining all the time about not getting responses from the company. I signed my contract before Christmas and never received an executed contracted. Long story, several errors later, Toll Brothers wanted me to sign an Amendment to a change I didn’t want. Five weeks ago, I cancelled my contract as I was within my rights to do so with a full refund of my deposit. They didn’t know what to do as they never executed the contract and refused to do so without me signing the amendment.

They owe me a lot of money, signed saying they’d return it, they can’t seem to let me know when I’ll have it. Such a disappointing experience with a process that was supposed to be enjoyable. Now, they are hindering my buying ability as they have not provided a refund or a real status other than “it’s being worked.” More than likely it’s sitting in someone’s email.

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Contract & TermsCoverageStaff

Reviewed Feb. 1, 2022

We closed on our home in October of 2020 with a guarantee that all defects would be resolved within the 11 month warranty period. In April of 2021 I began working directly with the builders Project Manager of the Illinois Division on the deterioration of our driveway (all documents retained from the discussions with the project manager). The edges of the drive contained linear cracks, graded in a manner that created water pooling and the surface of the driveway breakage away (Raveling is the disintegration of an asphalt road surface).

Toll Brothers did complete some patchwork in an attempt to resolve the issue, cold patching areas of the driveway but did not address the main issues. The patched area entering the garage has completely broken away, the linear creaks continue to form and the raveling never stopped, Toll Brothers has refused to resolve these issues on a new home. Many other areas of repair point to poor craftsmanship and lack of customer care during construction.

They do not protect the home during the construction process, windows are left open and exposed during the building process. I had over an inch of water in my living/dining room during the construction process. The roof was on the home, had they covered the window openings with plastic (cheap resolution) it would have greatly minimized the interiors exposure to the elements. Our floor creaks due to the standing water on the sub-floor and the water was not drained until I called the builder.

The challenges and defects would be difficult to list in this review but the process is definitely not collaborative once the agreement is completed and their values as it pertains to the customer are not embraced. From the corporate website: care and dedication extends not just to our employees but to our customers, partners, and the broader communities in which we build. We did not find this to be true with the Toll Brothers Project Manager of the Elgin Community.

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Reviewed Nov. 4, 2021

Worst Home Ever Built! The HVAC is broken. We have no gas heat. The streets in the neighborhood are not paved so I am sure when it starts to snow as neighbors have told us we will be stuck in our home until enough of us complain that Toll Brothers sends a plow to plow the streets. DO NOT EVER BUY A NEW CONSTRUCTION HOME FROM TOLL BROTHERS IN A NEW COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT!

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