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K Hovnanian Builders

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Last updated: Sept. 29, 2017

135 K Hovnanian Builders Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 29, 2017

Spoke with Rob from K. Hovnanian. He stated he did not care if our neighborhood was getting burglarized and armed robberies were occurring. K. Hovnanian will not close the gates at the entrance because they are more concerned with revenue from unsold builder inventory homes than their residents. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! Your family, pets, and belongings may all be stolen or harmed by armed robbers.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 25, 2017

TRACK HOME QUALITY AT A CUSTOM HOME PRICE! This is our second home here in Texas and even though the issues are small mostly paint and texture issues it's an act of God to get anyone out here the handle issues and do it right the FIRST TIME. I'm also a contractor and will never buy a home from this company again. You have 1 year from the move in date of your home to take care of building issues ext, they keep blowing you off until you lose it and take your issues to anyone that will listen. Buyer beware of K Hovnanian homes. There are a ton of better builders out there that actually appreciate your business.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 14, 2017

    K Hovnanian Builders are terrible!!! Once they have your money you are on your own. If you ever consider buying from this company you're crazy, and if you're crazy bring with you to your appointments an electrical contractor and a plumber as well as your own construction person because if something goes wrong in the ordering conversations you will lose. You have to be an expert in all fields to buy from K-Hov. You ask for something to be put in your home, you pay a handsome price and are told that it will work, then you find out it will not work and K Hovnanian Builders swears that their people say it will. Case in point: we had a medical spa put in our backyard, we were charged $510.00 for a dedicated outlet for the spa that the sales person and sub-division supervisor told us would work, we questioned them several times on this and they reassured us it was OK.

    When our electrical people came to hook up the Spa they would not do it because Spas need copper wiring and K Hovnanian wires their homes with Aluminum wiring. We spoke with 4 independent electrical contractors and they all said it needed to be copper wiring. So we were not only out $510 but had to put out another $1500 to correct the situation. K-Hov basically said "Too bad our way would work." Not so, would void the warranty on the Spa which we paid over $12,000. We also asked for a dedicated microwave outlet to be put in our pantry because the microwave over the stove we were going to take down to install a hood. They did not install the dedicated line as we asked and if we use the microwave, coffee maker and toaster at the same time the circuit breaker will blow. They insist that they put in what we asked for and they did not!

    This builder should be looked at very closely, and the FHA should get after them for false statements etc. This was supposed to be our last home in retirement and if I could afford to buy another home right now, I would put this on the market and get out! K-Hovnanian Builders makes a bad rap for other builders that care about their customers. This new home experience has been a nightmare and continues to be that. Beware of who you deal with!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 8, 2017

    We bought our new home 2 years ago and noticed the upstairs bedroom door is stuck and can't open or close without pulling hard. We noticed a very large crack going all the way up stair step to the bedroom with the door sticking. We have called the warranty to get this looked at and they came out and took measurements that indicated it is heaving and then told us that it's our problem to fix and we would be seeing many more cracks due to settlement so basically they refused to help with any repairs and said it's our problem.

    We are very dissatisfied with our dream home now and don't know what to do at this point! This house would never sale with this going on and we don't know what to do now. Our insurance adjuster said the reason the house is doing this may be due to a busted water pipe underneath the house but there again it's our problem to hire a Plumber to get a test for this, wish we knew what to do now but we don't at this point so I'd say beware of K Hovnanian homes now.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 16, 2017

    Well, for one there is a little paper that Khov gives to every home owner and puts it in your cabinets, and it states "we're dedicated to your satisfaction". There is also a check mark that's checked definitely yes☑️! That is completely false advertising! Khov has told me no more times than not. I do have to disclose that they did fix the cracked master bedroom ceiling, I think? To me, they just covered up the problem and inconvenienced my husband and I out of our bedroom for 8 days! We just so happened to have an extra queen bed on hand. Never once did they offer to put us up in accommodations. And my baseboards are not the correct height that we thought we were getting. I could go on and on... I just wished I had read these reviews before we bought. Lesson learned. If we ever move we will definitely NOT buy another Khov home!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 16, 2017

    My wife and I were looking for a new home and we came across K Hovnanian Builders in the Houston area. After seeing the available model for the area, we fell in love with the Jupiter and it was at the right range for us. The sale representative was very friendly and helpful. She helped us choosing the right lots and gave us information to see the model home. After seeing the model home, we decided to go ahead with this house. During the build, we kept in touch with the sale representative and the build manager. Both of them are very friendly and kept us posted about the process. Toward the end of the construction, we were not happy with the craftsmanship on the bricks around the house and we brought our concern to both the sale representative and the build manager.

    After a few emails, the build manager acknowledge that the bricks need to be fix and promised to take care of that. When we received notice about the closing date, we told the sale rep that we would not close if the brick were not fixed and refuse to sign the paperwork. The closing date was getting closed and nothing was done. On the first walkthrough, we repeat our request to have the brick fixed before the final walkthrough.

    The nightmare started on the final walkthrough. We again expressed our disappointment about the brick that had not fix and we got another promise that it would be fix by the time we do the closing. We refuse to sign the final walkthrough paperwork. The sale representative started to blame on us for creating hassle for them and then she brought in a couple more people from the company trying to say that everything look good already. She also threaten us that we would lose the house and the deposit if we did not close on time. We told her that we did not agree with the closing date and we did not sign the paper so she could not held us accountable for that. She also threaten us that they will put the house back on the market if we were not sign the paper.

    On the date of closing, the builder was still working on the brick and they said that they have to wait for the brick to dry before finishing the next step. We had a realtor working for us but she was not much help. We were really mad and almost giving up the house by canceling the closing appointment. My wife love the house very much and it is the first one that we were buying together so she told me that she wanted it even though she was not completely happy with it. We finally signed the closing paperwork on that date and the builder never went back to finish the job. From talking to our neighbor, we learned that the build did put the available sign at our house on the date we closed the house.

    So far, the closing date was the only disappointment that we had with the house. The quality of the house is good and most of the craftsmanship were great. There were a few minor issue after we move in but they were taking care of by the service provided by the builder. My wife and I are happy with our decision on buying this house but we could not forget that eventful closing date. We hope that no one will have to go through the same issue that we did a year ago.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 2, 2017

    Words cannot even express what an AMAZING experience I had with Carla and Scott with K Hovnanian. It all started with meeting Carla at the sales office. She was friendly funny and professional. She answered all of my questions plus some!! She was not pushy and really helped me decide what house would work best for me. Once the house was begging to be built I had my walk through with Scott **. Instantly we clicked! He taught me so much about the home! Not just all the "pretty" stuff but about all the amazing things behind the walls, and how things work.

    Fast forward to now me having the keys and moved in. Scott has still been there for me with everything! He seriously went above and beyond to make my house so perfect, honestly I could cry! Carla still texts me to make sure I am loving anything, and reminds me she is always there. I have purchased a house before, but nothing compares to this experience. I am so happy I got the pleasure of having Carla help me pick the right house, and Scott to make it absolutely perfect!!!

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    Original review: July 25, 2017

    They lied about basement ceiling height and finally blamed me that I didn't opt for a higher ceiling... And in a matter of 3 years there is leakage in the stand-up shower in second floor and water dripping in the first floor near kitchen/dining area through the ceiling in first floor...

    Original review: July 15, 2017

    From the start, we were lied to. We were told we were getting 'lake front' property. The sales office shows our house with a lake. Yet, after putting down $15000 for a 'premium' lot, I looked at the appraisal district and there isn't a lake on our property. It barely skims the corner of the lot and there is a pier that goes nowhere on the back of our 'lake front' property. So, told the sales rep Deborah that their map is misleading. The construction manager, David, did not know what he was doing. Truly inexperienced by no fault of his own. In a job that he was not qualified to be at. He was totally confused most of the time and was not even present to check out the workers.

    They used a different shade of shingle on the back of the house than the rest of the house. He didn't even catch it! My husband caught it! After that, David disappears with one month left to finish the house. Another construction manager shows up who lives an hour and a half (WITHOUT TRAFFIC) to be the new construction manager. By reading past posts, it seems like a regular occurrence to switch construction managers right before the house is finished. That way nobody is accountable. We close on Tuesday July 18th and am really regretting not getting an inspection. My gut feeling says get the inspection: KHOV, realtor, husband all say no.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 7, 2017

    From the day we purchased the home we were lied to. Not only were we told that the original person who was to buy the home backed out because "she" could not sell her home but that a patio would be easy to come by (can't find a contractor to come to the site to build a patio and NONE here just a sloping "yard"). The blinds person never returned my calls. I asked for changes and was willing to pay - NO. Everything was a NO. The building "supervisor" and his side kick made us come X2 to sign for items we had not chosen nor even wanted. This took time from work and a miserable drive each time.

    We moved into the house the day we closed on our house and they "did us a favor" by allowing us to move in just prior to our closing on the home. The oven broke 3 weeks into our moving in and NOT their problem. Call GE. GE service will take 2 weeks to come to fix it. The laminate flooring is defective and they sent me 2 Mexican workers who don't speak English. Their handyman finally came by and now there is a hole in my floor as he decided it was the concrete slab. It was NOT as he clearly can't read a level. So now have a hole in my floor, a range that does not work and who knows what is next to go. The dishwasher leaks and falls out each time we open it - again No Hovnanian's problem.

    I am the only one in this complex that has this model! The refrigerator top drawer of the freezer sticks and is made of such cheap plastic each time we have to lift it out and try to get it back on the tracks. I was "given" a washer and dryer as an incentive. Has anyone ever had a dryer without a "delicate" cycle? The air conditioning duct work is defective (their installer came and wrote it on the work order). Handyman came back with the "supervisor" who is NOT in the installers department? Nope, it meets minimum requirements. Put up window film at MY expense. The house went uncared for a year and it shows. To top it off I got a letter 3 weeks into living in this nightmare from their home office telling me that my warranty was now void since I had lived in the house over a year and no work orders will be filled.

    I closed May 11 of THIS year. When I called I was told another letter was on the way to compensate for this letter. NO apology either verbally or in the next letter. My concrete is separating from the front porch and the stamping on the foundation is uneven and some stamped and some not. I asked that it be fixed. Several days I am told the concrete man is coming. Still nothing. From the day we came for the first "inspection" we were told to give "10's" on the survey as their bonuses are dependent upon customer answers to these surveys.

    You must earn the 10 and so far my numbers are between 0 and 5 at the best. We sent the survey in and the workers here are most upset so nothing has gotten done. We were told to have the roof checked yearly or they would not guarantee it. Since no one lived in the house for a year and it sat vacant I asked the "super" if they would have it inspected. Here we are 6 weeks later and yet no roof inspection.

    SO many other problems here but hopefully the next time I write K Hovnanian will show some compassion for their customers and at least address some of the most valid issues we have. I am guessing each area has a different "team" and, unfortunately, the Chantilly team is certainly substandard. Like someone else said - when you see the name K Hovnanian RUN. Do not walk. The price point may look enticing but better to pay more for a quality product or, at the very least, a company who addresses your problems and doesn't blame it's subs. As a side note - we have now become the 5:30 pm recipient of handyman calls where he comes in to say he can't do anything about the problem and I should watch what I write or say as one hand watches the other. As of today I refuse to be the call on the way out and I will not be answering the door. Treat me as a valued customer and I will most certainly revise my comments.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 1, 2017

    I would never recommend this builder ever. Less of 2 months into my new house, we found a major leak in kitchen area from my master bath. It was very poorly done. They finally fixed it. I had water leaks 3 times from air vent in master bath. They come and say it's flapper design issue and there isn't much they can do and it can happen again and again. Well, that's not at all comforting. After paying half of million to these guys, it made me think. Is this how they have built their brand? Is this how they take care of their homeowners? To all folks there who are willing or in the process of buying home from this builder, it's not worth it. I feel they are here to make cheap quality houses and make money in the process. If these are the issues I see in first couple of years, you can imagine their durability.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 17, 2017

    We are approaching the one year anniversary of the purchase of our new KHov home in Mundelein, IL. The ranch style home we purchased is a great size for downsizing from a two-story four-bedroom home. From starting the buying process to the final signature at closing, the team of sales reps were professional, thoughtful, considerate and very informative. They were in our corner every step of the way; especially when there were a few hiccups in the proceedings. Over the past ten months the construction manager and his team have been quick to return our calls, help fix minor issues, and answer our questions. The warranty office did send someone to fix a minor problem, but we had to wait until Monday when workers were available. Understandable. Repairs were made quickly and efficiently. We are happy with our KHov home, Mundelein Community and Lake County services.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: April 28, 2017

    We closed on our home in Irving, Texas in March last year and moved into the new KHov home in early May 2016. There were issues faced during the sale and closing process but not major. However, we have been disappointed by the level of their service when it comes to fixing the deficiencies within 1st year. Their warranty team's default answer to majority of items is that it is not covered under the warranty and owner should be responsible. When we moved in last year, we smell a weird odor in the master bedroom. We called and notified the KHov service team. They sent a plumber who thought it was not sewage related but could not guess what that was. We were told by KHov to call pest control company. We did at our own expenses. The guy came, went around and into the attic and said he did not see any signs of rodents etc.

    Since then we called them on multiple times, but KHov says it is not under warranty. My question to them, which they failed to answer was: the odor has been there since you sold us the house (meaning whatever is the source is because of you), you have not been able to determine what the source of smell is, and that you are telling the customer that he is responsible whose life you have made miserable as we are unable to use the bedroom because of the odor. So, I finally spoke to their supervisor recently, Joseph who once again rejected my request. When I asked him his Director's name so I could make my case to him, Joseph informed that it is not their policy that Director speak to customers! Very disappointing!!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 7, 2017

    No complaints about my K Hov home. The only thing I do have a complaint about is the privacy fence. It was obviously done very quickly, very **, half assed, and if I compare it to my neighbor's privacy fence it is obvious that it was done by a diff fence company who uses much better quality wood with wider planks. I will be filing a grievance. And if that doesn't go through then I guess me and my husband will be paying out-of-pocket to build our own fence planks by plank, with much better wood and a whole lot better quality. Besides that I have zero complaints about my home.

    Original review: April 4, 2017

    We decided to look at ranch homes in the Mundelein area, and our son and daughter in law suggested the K Hovnanian homes on Midlothian. Everything that happened from that moment was very positive. We love our new home, and enjoyed working with the sales and building team from day one. The KHov sales team even helped to organize a neighbor's meet and greet. We are in our home since July 2016, and whenever there is an issue, we the answers we need or the help we need. The neighborhood is great, all age ranges, and there is a park within walking distance that we take our grandkids to, and shopping is close. We just love love love our house. Thanks KHov!

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: March 28, 2017

    We made the mistake of buying in a Hovnanian community ten years ago. It's been a ten year nightmare. Even today, they came through our established community and chopped down perfectly healthy and beautiful shade trees. For no reason. They apparently want the "old" people and their grandchildren not to have any shaded areas. The trees they were supposed to replace years ago never happened. THIS IS NOT AN ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY COMPANY. Plus, we had major warranty problems. The roofs have leaked in half of the homes. The construction is terrible. Just try to reach a K Hovnanian representative! Ha! Good luck. Save yourself YEARS of headaches and buy somewhere else.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 12, 2017

    If you are considering using this builder my advice is to RUN not walk away from this company. In 2016 we spent many hours with this company to choose a plan, pick interiors and start a build on our lot. Their base pricing on the homes is very low but beware! EVERYTHING we wanted to change/add became a very expensive upgrade. You want almond light switches instead of white... UPGRADE! You want a kitchen that's not cheap garbage... UPGRADE!! You want flooring other than cheap sheet vinyl... UPGRADE!! You want a drain in your garage floor. $380.00. A plug for your microwave over the stove. $155.00

    The UPGRADE racket never ends. Upgrade charges are totally ridiculous, truly ripping off the customer. Their charge to add a pocket door was 14 times higher than we were charged by a second builder we finally went with. Be prepared to do all the legwork with your permits, utilities and lot preparation. It's all on you and they offer no support.

    We had to give a $50,000+ down payment before they would start the dig. Then they brought in an Unlicensed Excavator to start the dig. When I brought this to their attention they just blew if off and didn't even check into the matter. After the dig started they began telling us there were serious issues with the lot, even though there were 50 some other houses all around that have been standing for 15-20 years with no problems. They wanted an additional $50,000 or more (they wouldn't give a firm number until they began additional work) to do extra foundation work. In other words, "you people need to open your pocketbooks to us so we can rob you further!"

    When we said we couldn't afford that extra money but after calling in a soil engineer and coming up with a less expensive option, they refused that option and terminated our agreement because we wouldn't go the $50,000+ option. Now it gets even better. They terminated the contract but won't refund our $50,000 deposit. They want to keep $12,000 for salesman commissions, digging 3 little holes with an unlicensed contractor, upgrades they said they already ordered and even $800 for silt fence which costs $20 at Home Depot.

    We even hired an attorney who did us no good. Remember they have their high powered attorneys working day and night to rip you off, so exhausted and emotionally drained, we finally ended this nightmare by agreeing to a $7000.00 settlement with them. Only then did we get the rest of our money back. So after 5 weeks, countless sleepless nights, many tears and being physically ill we were able to be done with Hovnanian Builders. We are probably lucky in that reading other reviews here their work can be very shoddy. So expensive lesson learned... RUN away while you can.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 7, 2017

    My husband and I went into Embrey Mill looking for a place to call home, close to work. We came across an Advertisement on Re/Max Gateway stating this particular K. Hov house was for sale, and to "Join us for our President's Day Sale, Feb 11th & 12th and learn about our Pick 3 Options for FREE Incentive! Hurry in, this incentive ends Feb 20th!" Eager, we made an appointment the next day to see this house. It was simple but it was in the right location. So we asked the sales manager Susan, "If we put in an offer on this house, what are our options for the incentives. EX: None of the upstairs rooms had lights (prewired but no lights), the basement was not finished, every room was carpeted, the kitchen looked like it was missing cabinets. So if we could get this house for $435K and knock out 3 items of this punch-list, if would be worth the investment."

    Susan: "Ma'am, it's $10K worth of incentives, but instead, we already took the $10K off the list price." Me: confused "...what?" (Re/Max AD): Date created: 11/10/16 $435,165 List price: 11/10/16 $435,165. Me: "There is no record stating there is a $10K reduction in price, or a slash in the website, or a date changed since the day it was listed back in Nov 2016." Susan: "That's because we decided to put the $10k price drop in when we listed it." Me: "That means you listed it for $435,165. There is no record of a price reduction."

    Susan then proceeded to tell me that the Ad, was an 'Old Ad' and did not apply. (Today is Feb 6th) President's Day is in 2 weeks. Then Susan told me there was a disclosure that covered their end. I proceeded to then screen shot every ad I saw, with every fine print detail; there was no disclosure. Then Susan told me their Ad did not apply to spec homes. The house was not a spec home, it was a contract where financing fell through. Later she told me there was 'no incentive'. With every excuse in the book out there, after also questioning where I saw the 'so-called' Ad, I asked to speak with someone above her. She told me someone would call me the next day. Right After, I screen shot 5 different websites and close-ups of fine print with All the same Ad. (EX: Re/Max, Long & Foster, Realtor, Redfin...) She also mentioned Re/Max Gateway was the agency they listed with. (So my websites were spot on.)

    The next day 2/5/2017 12:35 pm the website was amended. Disclosures were added. "Listing updated" 2/5/2017 6:41 PM. I also received a phone call from the region sales rep the next day, that repeated to be disrespected and avoided to acknowledge the 'False Advertisement' or the 'Bait and Switch' tactic used. The Region Sales Rep then proceeded to tell me, "We all make mistakes." Me: "Yes, but I would still like you to honor your advertisement."

    In circles we went with most of the same excuses and a few new ones, and they are still trying to have me at a halt, so they don't send me up to the next manager. The Region Sales Rep did say she understood where I was coming from, and every excuse she threw out, was one that could be backed up by a screenshot. Long story short, if they lie about something as simple as an Ad to get the sale started, I would hate to find out what else they're hiding. Screenshots below. K.Hov Stafford, VA is not where I would want to call 'home'. The false advertising in this neighborhood needs to stop.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 5, 2017

    Not all you read from the reviews are necessary true. We gave K Hov a benefit of the doubt in spite of bad reviews. So our journey begins. We are approved 25% down for a conventional loan, using K Hov in house financing with 25,000.00 incentive, by using their very own. Very exciting. Next step, went to design center, and wasted our time due to an inexperience design person. She did not show all the options. So, we have to change our design person and finally pick what we like. As months go by, we are getting excited and told K Hov that instead of putting down 25% we will put down 300,000.00. Two weeks before closing, we got an email from K Hov that the mortgage company is switching us from conventional loan to FHA loan, due to me, switching job. My point is we signed an agreement, as conventional loan not FHA loan.

    I think K Hov switched us to FHA loan, so if we did not agree, we are in default and they can keep our 10,000.00 earnest money. If there's no way out, and agree with FHA loan, K Hov will make money out of us, thru the premium, pmi and escrow. Also in addition, we had a walk through, the whole house needs repair and tons of patch job. We went again for a final walk through, still not acceptable and they are still ordering parts. The paint job is horrible. You can see, where the wall meets the ceiling, it's not a straight line. The back splash under the cabinet is empty about 3/4 of an inch, because the builder said if they cut the tile to fill the gap, it will break. So, I suggested that Home Depot or tile center has a glass edging similar to that, but instead, the builder put a section, about 11 inch long stainless steel rod, all the way under the cabinet. It looks likes a patch job to me, for the sake of covering the gaps.

    Okay, let's go to the master bath. We have double sink and of course we have 2 vanity lights. The lights are not even leveled. The contractor said he will it have it fix. When we checked it's crooked. He said maybe the cleaning crew, bump it. So, I asked him, "Will I be straightening the fixture every time I dust too?" What I'm saying is, this is not my first, my second, third house and etc... We are buying a new house not a existing house. There should be quality control according to their presentation but K Hov builders is a failure... I would not recommend K Hov to anybody.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 26, 2017

    K Hovnanian is not trustworthy and poor builder. I live in a K Hov's luxury home K-Line neighborhood and closed on my home on 10/2013. I noticed a water spot in my garage ceiling about 10 months ago and I was told that it was "condensation" by the warranty manager. Now, I have a big leak into my garage from the ceiling. The leakage is either from the roof or the drainage pipes that drained my flat roof. The entire roof over the garage drains into 1 pipe with an overflow pipe (poor architecture and engineering design).

    I called the warranty department and they told me that it was over the warrantied period of 2 yrs. and that I was on my own. I believe that this leakage is from poor workmanship either from the roofers or plumbers who installed the drainage pipes. The Bosch refrigerators they put into the homes have had issues with the icemaker. Numerous homes in the neighborhood had problems. The other owners got fed up and bought new fridges. I was persistent enough after 1 yr and they finally changed it out. Voila, ice!!! If these are their luxury K-Line Homes then I would be afraid what their regular homes would be like.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 24, 2017

    My husband and I had recently looked and almost signed for a new construction in Norton Lake, IL. We had gone through everything with the sales associate and put down the refundable $5000 check to hold our lot for 5 days. Our house had been discounted significantly due to incentives including using the K Hovnanian mortgage company (discount of $65,000). I thought something seemed fishy then, but just left it alone.

    After we handed our check to the sales agent, she offhandedly told us that there was a couple that had just put down money to hold a standard lot, but that they said they might change their mind and want the walkout premium lot (the one we had just reserved). My husband and I thought we were really lucky that we got the lot when we did.

    After we applied for their mortgage company, we got a call back stating we didn't qualify. We were shocked. We were putting 300,000 down on a 515,000 house. We called back, asking if we put 400,000 down, could we get the loan. The lady said "yes, but you'll have to get an FHA loan." What?? For a house that's getting 80% down upfront??! We think we weren't a desirable mortgage candidate because they wouldn't make a ton of interest money off of us since we were putting so much down up-front, and using THEIR mortgage company.

    Then, my husband called and asked if we could get the contractual agreement ahead of time so our lawyer could look at it before we signed it. The sales rep told us that our lawyer couldn't look at it until after we signed it. What?? Then what's the point? Finally, the final and third strike was when the sales rep called back saying there was a custom home builder interested in buying our lot from K Hov that we had reserved. The agent said she could send a realtor to our current house to see what we were going to list it at and if it listed for enough, then K Hov would continue with the sale with us, but if our current house wasn't worth enough they were going to cancel our reserved lot.

    That story seemed very very shady since the whole mortgage and lawyer thing happened earlier that exact same day. We think that whole story was a sham, and they were trying to discourage us from continuing, since they wouldn't make as much money off of us versus another customer with a higher mortgage loan. I personally think the couple that thought they might want the walkout basement earlier, came back and expressed interest in it after we reserved it. K Hov probably determined they'd make more off of them than us. Three strikes. They're out. We're picking up our check tomorrow. Good riddance.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 7, 2017

    A home is the most important purchase of our life, and working with this company my family has had the most unpleasant experience we could possibly ask for. There is almost no communication or quality control with the builder and we were forced to visit our home daily. The super that was given to us had very little or non new home construction experience and had no notes in meetings nor rarely completed corrections from subs mistakes. We found a lack of budget control and transparency and a lack of attention to detail as well as making this the most painful experience of our life as well as continued quality control issues. We still don't have our Certificate of Occupancy. As well as dirty and mold on antique beams.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 26, 2016

    Problems with home: Cracked tile, uneven foundation, drywall deteriorates, flat paint in bathrooms, exterior stucco cracking and falling off, cheap exterior paint, electrical outlets cheap, small kitchen sink, kitchen cabinets shallow, bathroom sinks poor quality as well as faucets throughout house, garage is hot, cheap A/C system, poor insulation, cheap windows, can hear neighbors talking with windows closed, sliding glass doors poor quality, ripped homeowners off by underestimating HOA fees and then raised the fees twice in a short period, poor management company, concrete driveways poor, tile not sealed, GE appliances junk, poor excuses and lies with faulty construction, and the list goes on and on. Run away from these crooks.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 18, 2016

    Comparing with people who went through the agonies of both the processes of buying house from K Hovnanian and actual moving in, feeling awful afterwards, I was a luckier one. I only suffered from the buying process. In September 2016, I sold my home with escrow close date early in October. My wife and I drove 2 hours to one of the sales offices of K Hovnanian home in Sacramento, we came across with a sales agent named John. After about 10 minutes talk in his office, John asked if I had a buyers agent, I said yes. All by sudden he stood up and dynamically pointed to the office window, saying: "look, the buyers agent has to be with buyer at the first time office visit." His quick move and tone really surprised me. I asked him who would be my buyers agent if I didn't have one, he said it would be him.

    I told him that I was interested in a house listed on the offices flyer, he immediately rejected my request and saying that because he was new to the office he did not know how to do it. I asked: "is it difficult to add me to the list? I'll give the deposit." Suddenly again, he said: "how do I know you are not here to set me up?" I felt totally at loss and was speechless at that moment, so we left his office. I really don't understand at all why John felt offended. Quite a few of my friends who did their homework on the internet and visit the sales office first, and then have their buyers agents started the buying process.

    We went to another K Hovnanian office later on, and found a Quick Move-in house, which as the office flyer indicates, would be ready for me to move in in the middle of the October, just a week after my escrow end date. This time I happened to talk with a sales agent Vickie. Who seemed to be a nice, fast talking lady, but it turned out that I was wrong about the company once again and I was left with awful experience. Vickie has an atmosphere of being patronizing, she claimed that she would do bargain for me on the house price that she wrote on paper and showed to me, which really surprised me, because the office flyer shows that the current price was much less expensive. So I argued and she withdrew.

    When she was showing the model home, she pointed to the items here and there, such as the upgraded handles, saying that quite a few upgrading were due to her personal requests and would be no charge to the buyer. Later on, I got to know that all those upgraded items were included in the deal that the company offered. Buyer of the house would not have normal options, all the basic features were predetermined or buyer has to pay extra fees. For example, buyer has to pay $3000 for the change of the kitchen cabinets color. The company also offered ten thousand dollars off from the basic price. During conversations, Vickie's fast talking sounded like she was reciting the pre-prepared texts, unless I repeated my questions, I would not get my question answered.

    Even though I saw the obvious reasons as why the company was offering such a deal, considering my senior age and the extra expenses in the waiting period, I decided to take this quick move-in offer over other houses for which I would have to wait for quite a few months until the move-in day. Since I would be a cash payer, Vickie explained that the cash payers would have to deposit 10% of the price which was around 5 times as much as a loan borrower, but she promised she would personally talk with the company into accepting me as a loan borrower. This made me a sort of thankful to her that time. As she asked, I submitted the contract signed between me as the seller of my house and the buyer, plus my bank account savings.

    At signing the contract, Vickie applied the discount and put the calculated price in the contract for me to sign. I signed accordingly however, a minute later, I accidentally saw across the table the actual price showing on her computer system, I asked for the reason as why the calculation base was in such a difference, which ended up for me to pay much more. This time she insisted in the one she wrote on the paper. I don't think anyone would do differently in my situation but to give in as I did. I really don't understand why she could have such a power over the company's documents.

    Now, the contract was signed, and it seems the most urgent issue for the home moving was resolved and we could focus on packing up and ordering the furniture delivery service. However, the scheduled move-in date was first postponed from the middle of October to the end of the month. Nevertheless, this two weeks delay was somewhat bearable to me. We tried to book a cruise trip, so we could find the temporary home on the boat. But the problem kept going, in her later update email, Vickie indicated that the move-in date was further delayed to somewhere in November. Above all, no date in November was specified. This really created big distress to us in financial, physical and mental aspects.

    As a senior couple we really couldn't figure out how to handle the change. I asked if the company could help us in any ways, i.e. give us some financial compensation, to relieve a bit of our tough situation. I only got the accusation of being default in the 10% cash deposit, despite of the fact I already gave a check of $7000, as the loan borrower should do, and the check was already cashed by the company. The only explanation received from her was that the construction company lacked of the workers. After the evaluation of my situation, I responded to her that I would like to cancel the deal.

    The company represented by Vickie infinitely postponed the move-in date, and no compensation provided, this actually shifted their problems to me as a consumer. The company shows no work ethics or morality to consumers. Fortunately I got the $7000 back in 3 weeks. This is why I said I am a kind luckier one. I wished I had checked this website first and seen so many buyers are complaining before all these ugly things happened to me. I will be happy to see if anyone would escalate these cases to the perspective of law.

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    Original review: Dec. 3, 2016

    I should have listened to the people on Consumer Affairs. Do not go for the 50' K Hovnanian/Brighton homes in silver ranch subdivision, Katy, TX. Their construction quality is 2nd suckiest to none. They hire construction managers who are not even fit to be in a construction site. Run with your money. Do not fall for what their sales people say. Awful awful awful. They forgot to complete the brick work on my walls for god sakes. The construction bitches about his wife while we were doing our walks in the property. I suggest everyone to stay away from K Hovnanian. Let them rot. I don't have any grudge against them personally, but why would someone run a business like that. I wish I could name people.

    The construction workers will scratch, dent and desecrate your bathtubs and toilet bowls. The construction manager will always say the issues have been resolved, but they will not be. They lie to your face. Hard working brothers and sisters, do not go for this **. Not at all worth your money. I am going to regret my decision all my life unfortunately. You still have time. Oh! And they hire illegal immigrants to work on these properties, so go figure!!

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    Original review: Nov. 16, 2016

    We bought the new house from them and the floor is in really bad shape. I asked the repair guy from their company to do the repairing, every time they just told us that they will do the job, just keep saying a lot of good but never really do anything for almost half a year! E.g., we need some extra wood to do the job, they always tell you the wood has already arrived and only need a couple of days to ship to your house, but it never come. When I talk with them, they will simply say another two or three days, they already kept lying to me for almost half a year. One of the building manager agree to us to reimburse some payment that we did by ourselves, but after a couple of days, he just disappears, never answer the phone and email. I know he still work in the company, but just try to avoid talking with us. We still haven't get our reimbursement back.

    Original review: Oct. 3, 2016

    I can't believe these people are still in business. We bought our lovely brand new home (LOL) in 2001. They actually carpeted over a big hole in the subfloor in our living room. You could see the ground when they pulled the carpet up! Then the supervisor made a joke about a gold bracelet on the ground, which there was not. My husband had just retired from the Army, and his new job brought us here. We never heard of this company since we were new in the area. Months later we noticed floor in the kitchen was sinking in the middle. The cabinets were leaning towards the center. A guy came out and jacked the floor up 3/4 ". For any construction worker, you know this is way too much and would jack up the cabinets in the kitchen. Which it did. And, they refused to fix what they broke.

    We also had a wall that was bowed beyond limits. The supervisor came out to fix it. He opened the wall, cut through the 2 by 4 and didn't realize the hot and cold lines were on both sides of the wood. Therefore, it created a major flood on our bottom floor. He called in a code RED. You don't want to know what that means! Unfortunately, we still live here. I seriously believe that there is no insulation within the outer walls. I am too scared to know the truth. Not sure what it would cost to open it open to find out.

    We bought a new home in Georgia and never had any problems whatsoever. I was told by one of their employees, "I guess this house makes up for it". That was referring to since we didn't have any problems on our new home in Georgia, this is what we get. UNREAL. To say the least, I kicked him out of my house. NO KIDDING! Plus, he was here to fix something. You really can't make this stuff up. There is so much more going on with this house, I don't know what to say, but beware. PLEASE DON'T EVER BUY A HOME FROM THESE!!! YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE THE NIGHTMARE! THEY HAVE QUITE A BIT OF HISTORY IN NC! Unfortunately, we found out too late. We had only been in NC for 3 months. Don't let it happen to you. RUN! I wish we had the technology in 2001, that we do today.

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    Original review: Oct. 1, 2016

    I closed on my home in January of 2012. Just shortly after moving in I had several problems with things with the home. The first is the master bedroom toilet will overflow when flushed. I contacted the property manager's office and was told to contact the plumber that they had suggested and they informed that I would have to pay the plumber. It turned out that the builders had left pieces of shipping crate in the toilet in the sewer line. I was not charged for the work. On my first year anniversary in my new home I decided to get an outside property Inspector to inspect my home. I had many items that was in need of repair. The main one is the Walls (interior & exterior). The walls are observed visually for Structural performance and water penetration.

    Crack corners and wider than normal separations between the Hardie was observed on the left, right and rear side of the house; repair needed. The construction manager sent someone over and they installed caulking between the oversize gap in the hardie board, now the cracked and separated hardie boards are all over my home and the K Hovnanian warranty manager informed me that this is now out of my 2 year warranty, yet this was reported in my first years and they did a poor job by filling the gap in the boards with caulking.

    The large crack are all over my home. The boards are cracked in many placed and the manager is telling me that caulking is needed. The property inspector wrote in his report that this should be replaced due the installation was not correctly installed (wider than normal separation between Hardie). I will not accept their decision not to repair this item, stating that the 2 year warranty has expired. They did a poor and wrong job from the start.

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    Original review: Sept. 7, 2016

    If you are looking for the most unpleasant experience you could possibly ask for, K Hovnanian is the builder for you. Thankfully, I was able to get out before they actually built anything for me; however, it was at a cost of over $6000. I suppose that is completely understandable as I was afforded the opportunity to choose the finishes for the home; a process that took all of a couple hours.

    I can only describe their sales staff as incompetent. I had to wait for days for responses to simple questions several times. I'm not a home builder, but I do come from a family that has construction experience which was an issue when I was able to ask intelligent questions. Each one was met by a blank stare from both my original salesperson (which I had to basically fire) and the sales manager (which was their replacement for the original salesperson).

    I made my specifications quite clear, to the letter in fact as I had to communicate through email with them in order to make sure that everything was documented throughout the process. When it came time to review the final plans for the project, there were several items that were not addressed, or "carry an additional fee". These were changes that were discussed throughout the process, were quoted (incorrectly I'd come to find out) and then omitted from the plans. I could go on and on about the reasons not to deal with this company but I will leave you with the following: My story above which luckily led me away from this builder albeit at my expense.

    An co-worker used K Hovnanian. Her home was completed almost 8 months ago and her punchlist (which they say will be handled within 30 days of closing) is still outstanding and no one at K Hovnanian will return her calls. Another co-worker recently began working with this company despite our advice. Once he got into the process, he too found them to be cheats. On his initial visit, he explained that he would not be breaking ground before spring to avoid additional costs associated with heating the home (which you must do yourself) nor did he want concrete work to take place during the winter months. They told him "no problem, just pay the $500 deposit and we can schedule accordingly."

    Once he paid the deposit, to lock in the "Special Pricing" (something we all three had in common with the mind you) K Hovnanian explained that he would need to begin work this year or lose the special pricing and $500 deposit. These people are despicable. Save yourself the headache and go to another builder. Building a new home should be joyful experience. Not the case with K Hovnanian.

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    Original review: Sept. 7, 2016

    Here is the link to the Facebook page that I created describing our less than favorable experience with K Hovnanian in southeast Florida. **. We never envisioned that our retirement dream home could be transformed into a nightmare. If you want to fill your retirement with trying to get what you paid for, buy a home from Khov. Thankful to be done with them and now just paying it forward. Remember that this is time from your life that you will never get back. Parkland Khov Four Seasons, BEWARE... BTW how is it that they don't tell you that you are next to the everglades, home of the state bird of Florida, the Mosquito...

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