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Contacted company regarding complaint of coil twanging noise within 6 months of purchase, they sent delivery guys out, they measured depth of foam impression instead of listening to my complaint of coil twanging noise near head of mattress, company sent me a letter with service code TILLC13618, which did not address the issue, side stepped to foam impression again. Apparently since can't see coils that are undone there is no claim.

Satisfaction Rating

I decided to buy a Sealy bed on 7/9/16 (Green Hills outlet, Nashville, TN) when the Sleep Outfitter's salesman assured me that it contains a high-quality Stearns & Foster coil system. But when the bed arrived, it came without any literature - no pamphlet, brochure, nothing to confirm the existence of the Stearns & Foster coils. Furthermore, I could not locate any confirmation of the coil system on the Sleep Outfitter's website, nor could clerks I phoned at the shop. When I spoke to the original salesman, he suggested that I should just take his word for it. Of course, mattress companies are notorious for sketchy practices such as specialized product names that are specific to only their store (so customers are unable to comparison shop elsewhere), but to sell expensive merchandise with only a verbal accounting is taking things to a whole new low, as far as I'm concerned.

Doesn't even the cheapest merchandise at Wal-mart come with a booklet? Do mattress companies put themselves above the most common responsibilities of commerce? After speaking to a customer service rep at Sleep Outfitter's, that was indeed my impression. He basically told me mattress companies don't provide more than a tag.

Satisfaction Rating

My husband and I were in a bed and due to our medical conditions we needed a medical bed that adjusts to meet our needs. We did some shopping around and the best deal we could find was with Sleep Outfitter's. To start with, we should never had been sold a bed with this thickness for an adjustable bed. In addition, when adjusted it causes such unevenness in the bed which caused my husband to fall out of the bed not once but 6 times. When trying to get the bed returned, the manager at the Hendersonville store, she talked down me and my family, was rude, and the worst person that I have EVER dealt with in any purchasing situation I have ever dealt with. To top it off, I when dealing with customer service, they did not return my call after leaving multiple messages.

Finally, I spoke with the director of Customer Service with Sleep Outfitter's and after requesting to return the bed to our medical situation and the nature of the bed, he stated that we could return the bed, however, we were stuck with mechanical structure at a cost of $2,000. When trying to explain how my husband was hurt due to the design of the bed, he told me that I was an adult and I should have read the fine print. If considering purchasing a bed from Sleep Outfitter's, reconsider, and know their policy.

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My husband and I visited the store in Nicholasville, Ky to receive personalized advice on the best mattress for us based on our sleeping habits. We ended up purchasing a Sealy mattress only to discover later that same evening, the exact same mattress was listed on the Sleep Outfitter's website at almost half the price we were charged at the store. My husband called the store manager who directed him to the Customer Service toll free line as he was unable to give credits at the store level. After holding with CS for more than 10 minutes, calling back several times, a CS Rep supposedly was going to process a partial refund for the difference in the purchase price vs. the sale price. We asked for an email confirmation of this transaction. It has now been almost 24 hours later and no email and no credit to the credit card. This company seems to deal in knowing deceitfulness and we haven't even taken delivery of the mattress yet.

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We purchased a Sealy (not pillow top) and it sank in the middle within 90 days. They came out and looked at and said it was defective and we could get a replacement. We got the same style and within 30 days this one also sank in the middle. We ask for a refund but they wouldn't do that just exchange for another mattress. I wouldn't ever recommend them!

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I recently went in to purchase a mattress. While bringing the mattress out to my truck which was directly in front of the doors, the sales associate dragged the mattress across the sidewalk to my vehicle while I assisted in guiding it. When lifted and put on the truck. My husband and I noticed the plastic torn along the bottom side where it was dragged and two large horizontal tears on the mattress with dirt around it. When I brought it up and pointed out the damage they told me to go inside and speak to the manager. The woman who was working said she was the district manager and that their policy is once it is out of the door it's not their problem anymore.

I could not believe what I just heard come out of her mouth and how horrible the service I was receiving was. She said to exchange or refund it I would have to pay a $150 fee but since it has damage they can't even do that. I literally just made the purchase five minutes prior and their sales associate is at fault for the damage.
I contacted customer service while there and they had the manager refund my money. But before she did, she made us (the customer) bring her mattress back in.

The manager's name is Crystal **. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! Will never shop from them again. Location Bowling Green, KY.

Satisfaction Rating

We bought a mattress, when they delivered it was the wrong one so they replaced it, then the new mattress got a sink hole so they replaced it with another. NOT A QUEEN so they replace again and now 3 yrs later this mattress has A SINK HOLE. This is a Stearns and Foster. NOT a cheap mattress. This company is PATHETIC and we are now stuck with a $1000.00 piece of JUNK... Please help.

Satisfaction Rating

The advertisement regarding a free TV with the purchase of a Tempur-Pedic mattress and adjustable bed wasn't necessarily true. I purchased the floor model Tempur-Pedic mattress and adjustable bed and when we asked about the free TV, we were told that it didn't apply to that specific one. Spent over $2,000. Although there are multiple advertisements about the different deals, there is one specific one that states "free TV with the purchase of a Tempur-Pedic mattress and adjustable bed." Not that big of a deal but they should honor their advertisements.

Satisfaction Rating

During the purchase of a new mattress set for my son's bedroom, the sales representative went quickly through the 120 Night Comfort Promise, the 120 Day Value Promise, and the Refund Policy, stating we had 45 days. What they failed to mention was that "All refunds are subject to a transportation fee of $150, this fee must be paid in full prior to merchandise pickup."

This information was given to me the next morning after I brought the mattresses back to the store. I was told they couldn't accept anything back at the store that has been in anyone's house and that it has to go back to the warehouse. Even then, I had to be a complete jerk to get them to let me deliver it myself to the warehouse which was 45 minutes further up the road and pay the fuel costs myself.

I do not blame the salesperson who is just trying to make a living off of commission, or even the manager for doing what they are told to do, but I do blame to the company's "Once you buy it, it's yours" policy. I was forced to be a complete jerk to the manager in order to get a full refund less than 20 hours after we purchased the set. I don't like being that way towards other people, especially folks who are just trying to make a living the best way they can. But I had to be. $150 is a lot of money to a family when both parents are going back to college full time.

Consumer Increased Rating!

Well this is the update on a previous review I made concerning my mattress..... I am happy to report that I was approved to get a new set because my set was defective! We were also told that the mattress that we purchased was made for guest room sleeping...REALLY..... NO ONE TOLD US THAT PREVIOUSLY... Anyway if you have to clean a slightly soiled mattress...try TILEX. It cleans not only the bathroom shower, I used it to remove a tough stain on my white pants.

LaTonya of West Chester, OH on

Original Review

We purchased a Queen Udream Elara mattress set earlier this year and it has body impressions, buckle and sags. Upon contacting CS they had an automated voice system leave a message on my cell with my appointment time and not actually confirming that I would be available for the morning. The whole Customer Service experience sucks! I finally get my mattress inspected and the result was the letter stating that the mattress was "unsanitary". There was a small stain(body sweat), No urine or blood stain. I said to the CSR.. Sleeping on the mattress without visible stains, body fluid is ok to return? Why are they taking it back to anywhere anyway? Are they refurbishing these mattress materials? I am not understanding this warranty. And I was told that if I removed the small stain I could call to have someone else come out again....Really.... Well guess what I am going to do just that. See photo of mattress below. No visible fluid or stains. Will update later on results...

Satisfaction Rating

Hendersonville, TN. Sleep Outfitters. We purchased our mattress from the Hendersonville, TN. location Dec. 2013 for our Guest Bedroom to use on the rare occasions that we have guests. Today is Aug. 21, 2014 and there is a very noticeable, very uncomfortable 1.5" sag/depression in the middle of this mattress - which has NOT been slept on regularly. Two people CANNOT sleep comfortably and will "Roll" to the center during the night. We did purchase the mandatory "Stain Guard" protector to fulfill the Return/Warranty condition as stated and required by the Sales assoc./Manager Michelle **.

I will now pursue my Return at this store and report my experience back to this site and others, Facebook, etc... I hope they stand behind their product and I do not have an experience similar to what some have written. Product failure is undesirable but, understandable sometimes. Customer Service Failure is never understandable or acceptable.

Satisfaction Rating

I bought a mattress and within 6 months it had a 4 1/2 inch dip in it. I called and they sent someone out to look at it and they said it had stains on it. Hmm, I bought their mattress cover to ever keep that from happening. Anyway, I called again because I knew there were no stains on it and, a month later, they sent someone out. By this time, the dip was 6 inches and a spring popped out of the top. They gave me a credit as they did not sell this mattress anymore because it was poorly made, but they told me I could buy one similar and it would only be $400 more. Now this was not a set. They only said they would replace the mattress.

Anyway, I am probably going to small claims court, because Kevin ** keeps sending me messages that don't make any sense. He said that he is sorry. I feel this way. Really! Then so something, he also said that a comparable mattress would be the Karolina and it would be around the same price, so I called Sleep Outfitters and they have never heard of a Karolina mattress. I would never recommend Sleep Outfitters as they go to another mattress warehouse and if you have a problem, there is really no one to talk with. Also, I looked at other complaints and it seems they use the stain excuse a lot(!) and the dips in them seem to be pretty prevalent also.

Satisfaction Rating
I had the inspector come to my house today to conduct the inspection. However, I was surprised when I found out that Sleep Outfitters and

Simmons ComforPedic-Jada Plush/Firm 20 Year Limited Warranty had E on the warranty tag. The E on it means 15 year Limited Warranty and 1/15 off of the selling price for each year. Now, this is fraud. Has this happened to anyone else? Please email me at ** if this is the same case with your mattress. I do not think a company as big as Simmons would use these tactics. I can understand if this was a mistake, but if not, shame on you.


About 18 months ago, I purchased a Memory Foam Mattress from Sleep Outfitters. It has a 10-year warranty on it. After about 6 months, the memory foam broke down. I turned the mattress around and used the other side, and it broke down. I also purchased a cover, which had a warranty on it, to keep the mattress from getting wet or spotting. The mattress had a little spotting on it that rubbed off from my sheet. It went through the extra protection that I acquired when I purchased the mattress from these people. I called them and they sent an inspector out there. He wrote down that the memory foam had shifted and there was a spot on it.

A few days later, I got a letter in the mail telling me they weren't going to reimburse my $580.00 plus 6% sales tax because of the spot. The spot has nothing to do with the defect in the mattress. Besides that, I had purchased from them a sheet against that from happening. They lied and sold me a defective product and I want my money back. I understand that they have been doing this to other people. I paid cash for this mattress and the foundation. I want it back.

Updated on 09/29/2015

I have already specified about Sleep Outfitters defective Mattress. However, I would like to add a little something else that may be of interest to consumers. As I said, they would not reimburse my money after the mattress caved in after just using it 6 months on each side because it had a spot on it. I also stated that I bought the spot protector from them and that was their fault. They stated that the cover was from another company and they were just promoting it for them. I went to the company that made it and they blamed Sleep outfitters. They blamed each other.

I contacted the BBB and they said there was nothing they could do. Companies like Sleep Outfitters pay the BBB to list with them and in turn the BBB takes care of them, kind of like a union or like the bar association takes care of corrupt lawyers. It's a sham. Only thing the BBB is good for is to tell you not to give out your SSN numbers or credit card numbers or to inform the public of a scam. In essence the BBB is a scam.


Purchased Sealy mattress. It had a huge and painful dip in it within 4 days. Contacted Innovative Mattress Solutions as directed by Sleep Outfitters. They came out and mesured, agreed the dip was more than 1 1/2 inches. I was told I would be contacted after 3:30 that day when the men returned to their home office and could return the mattress and get a new one.

Instead I got a letter two weeks later telling me that the mattress was stained (news to me - it was only 5 days old when I stopped sleeping on it) and could not be returned. Continued letters have gotten no further.

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