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19 Singer Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 24, 2017

While moving last yr. I noticed that a part was missing from my 9100, Ok. No problem. Yes BIG problem!!! Started right at Singer sewing company. Had all information necessary to confirm my machine. I was told that yes they still make the model. Ok. This part I need was called several different things, NONE panned out to be the real part. I located different DEALERS, still no part. The closest one to me was 40 miles one way and they don't deliver. OMG place it the mail!!! Been dealing with this for over a year! The last person I talked to said she would TRY to get the part, if she could even order it. It will take 6-8 weeks. No guarantee it going to be the right part. Singer use to be the bomb.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 28, 2016

Got this Singer for my wife last Christmas 15, she used it 3 times before the timing went out on it. We live in Ohio and there are only 3 authorities repair places in Ohio. Surprise 1 of the dealers retired... Road trip... 3 hours to Columbus, Ohio. Over a 8 month backlog on repairs... ha, ha, got the machine back $170.00 later. My wife used it twice and you will never guess what happened... timing went out, who would of guessed. Do not buy one of The Curvy 8763 POS, and save your money on repairs and just blast it with your shotgun.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 1, 2016

I had Singer Carpets install carpet and WPC flooring in my house in August. I sent Brad ** pictures of the work I was unhappy with. He came over and said that he would fix it. He sent Oscar a worker over to fix things. He said he had to order material. I called Brad and he made an appointment for November 2 to have the threshold fixed in the entry way to get fixed. I waited and called him but he wouldn't return my calls. I have a handyman now over to fix the mess. He told me there was a lot of things that were done wrong. I have paid Singer Carpets all but $1,000. Brad said he was financing interest-free for 6 months. Instead I was sent a credit card with the amount I owed him. I've been paying it because I don't want to ruin my credit.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 10, 2016

I purchased a sewing machine (8763). I have two major problems -- the machine itself is poorly made and Singer's customer service is atrocious. There are MANY problems with this machine. Singer (SVC Corporation) has been absolutely horrible to deal with. Two different customer service agents were rude to me (berated me for asking for repairs). The customer service manager would not return my email. So... I sent letters to both the CEO of SVC and the customer service manager for Singer and neither responded to me AT ALL.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 1, 2015

Bought this while I was in Montgomery AL at the local Walmart. Anyway, today I started to get this together first time out of the box, should've known something was up when I noticed that the styrofoam wasn't fitting right okay but then noticed the thread locked was missing. So, okay made one out of a cork which worked, threaded the bobbin and put the thread and etc. on, well I was ready to go. Okay not even 4 stitches and the thing jammed. So okay checked it all out, ok nothing was put on wrong. Called the company, they had me remove the bobbin pcs., so I did, then it still jammed on the metal piece, asked if they can send me a prepaid shipping slip since its new. Don't see why I have to pay to send anything when I paid for something under warranty. Walmart here has one so I am going to try to replace it with another one hoping it's just this one.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 29, 2015

I purchased a Singer curvy to sew small projects like skirts, shirts, small home projects and things of that nature. Since I am not a master seamstress I do not use it everyday. However I do know how to sew and the basics of it. However I believe Singer banks on the fact that most people will not be using their machines every single day and so therefore will not notice the problems that they have until it is too late... What a shame it must be to have a name like Singer drag through the mud the way that it is. On that note however I need to replace my sewing machine with a sewing machine that I can rely on to do the job that I need it to do. Anyone have any suggestions on a good reliable machine?

From one fooled Singer buyer to another... Word of mouth is the best form of advertising... As well as the best way to warn people of these dirty businessmen that scam people left and right. I would love to see them get what they have coming and if everyone were to post on a social media they are connected to, I think we could get the word out better and faster to NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY on a Singer product.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 20, 2015

I bought a Singer sewing machine and have had nothing but problems with it. They don't have any repair centers and other sewing stores say it's a piece of junk not worth fixing. I spent an hour on the phone waiting for someone to tell me they don't service their own machines. Don't buy one!

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 4, 2015

I had purchased a Singer sewing machine, 3321 Talent model. I had called up the company showroom for demo, they said that they are having a huge work load due to an exhibition and they book my appointment for Sunday 4th Jan. They never called me up to confirm the time. I called them and checked at what time they are coming, the company person gave me the persons number who gives the demo. I had to contact him personally and checked the timing, he said he would come by 1:30 pm. I said that's fine with me, and informed that we will be going out at 4 pm to pls. don't be late.

When he did not turn up on time, I called him to check, he said he would come within an hour. He didn't turn up, I called him again. I called him 3-4 times, he did not turn up till 4.30, I had to then leave as I had some important work. The person then called me up at 4:40 pm asking the address of my house. I said that we have already left. The person didn't had the courtesy to apologize, In fact he was angry on me that we are not there at home.

I would request the area in charge to look into the matter and provide a good service. We do understand that they might be busy giving demos on weekends, but if they cannot keep their commitment, then they should not take a appointment. I haven't had such a worst service in my life.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 19, 2014

On September 18, 2014 I purchased a Singer sewing machine (model 7258) from It was a very good price ($171) for a digital sewing machine (comparable machines costing as much as $250) and had a sleek look. However, when it came to the operation of the machine and customer service, it was a total loss. In everything I did, I religiously followed the manual step-by-step and did not go off the reservation on this.

1st problem: The bobbin winder process appears to not work very well. The bobbin wound with more thread on the bottom than the top. Also, every once in a while a tiny loop would appear in the thread. I wound several bobbins and in each case the result was always the same.

2nd problem: The needle thread has to go through an eyelet in the thread pickup arm. Unfortunately, this eyelet is submerged at all times inside a slot of the machine, which results in an unusually difficult process. One has to run the thread into the slot, turn it to the right to go through the eyelet, then catch it and pull it out. To make the user go through all of this, especially if he does not have thin fingers, is a result of just bad engineering. On the older machines, at least the top of the pickup arm was totally outside the machine, which made running the thread through the eyelet east. However, Singer appears to have chosen style over functionality.

3rd problem: The thread guide eyelet was extremely hard to thread. It is an eyelet with the hole running up and down, since one has to thread it from the side, the process is both difficult and time-consuming. You think this could be redesigned to be an easier process.

4th problem: The automatic threader did not work. When the threader is deployed around the needle 2 small arms come down on each side of the needle. On one of these arms is supposed to be a small hook, intended to grab the needle thread for insertion into the eye of the needle. I determined, both through the use of a magnifying glass and by touch, that no such hook existed. Maybe my machine was assembled in Outer Mongolia or Bora Bora and they just decided to use a different part.

5th problem: The needle thread was unable to pick up the bobbing thread. Every time the needle thread would loop around the bobbin thread and drag it across the top of the bobbin, it would get hung up on a small part to the right-front of the bobbin and could not be dislodged.

6th problem: Singer's customer service is stinko. I called Singer Customer Service about my various problems, only to be put on hold for 45 minutes. It started out with 11 people ahead of me. At 10 minutes to 4:00 pm (when Singer promptly shuts down its phone service) there were finally 0 calls ahead of me. However, apparently as Singer customer service employees were preparing to leave promptly at 4:00 pm and not a minute later, no one picked up my call for the last 10 minutes of their shift.

The next day, after I had returned the sewing machine to Amazon, I again called Singer Customer Service. This time there were 5 people ahead of me and it took a mere 25 minutes to connect with a rep. I got a real lulu, a real credit to Singer. She was both nasty and stupid. She told me that she was not interested in the problems I had with Singer during my last call, that was yesterday's news. She also explained away no one answering my call during the last 10 minutes of the previous day by saying that everyone was on a call, despite the system verbally indicated there were 0 callers ahead of me. She seemed too stupid to grasp the contradiction, so I quickly gave up on the point. I asked to be connected with her supervisor, and she told me she wasn't there. I then requested to be connected with her mailbox, which she said she would do. Instead, she just put me on permanent hold. Such is the high level of customer service that Singer provides to their customers.

My advice is if you buy a Singer product, make sure you can easily return it, as you may well have to. Amazon is really good about this, so looking at their site is a plus. If you are a "prime" customer you will not pay any shipping on Singers they carry, and they carry quite a few. And you never pay for a return and it's quick and easy. Use the hell out of it for the first few days to see if it is a lemon and if it is, get rid of it fast and go to something else. Expect little, if any, help from Singer's stinko Customer Service. Would I buy another Singer after this customer experience? - Never!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 27, 2014

I bought a Singer curvy 8763 on March 22, 2013. I bought it because of the name Singer - my grandmother and my mother both had Singers and never had a day of trouble with them. This machine immediately gave problems with the bobbin thread. It would grab hold of the thread and knot it up all inside. I E-mailed and called Singer and the store I bought it from, but they both said I only had a 3-month warranty, so tough. My days were spent unscrewing the plate of the machine with the very inadequate little screw thing they give her, cleaning out the bobbin thread and cleaning out the bobbin thread which was all knotted up inside.

Eventually it just stopped picking up the bobbin thread at all and would just not sew.. I took it in to the store and they told me I had a 3-month wait before they could fix it. I was in the middle of a big project so bought a Huskvana Viking to use while I waited. This machine so far has been wonderful. I took the Singer in on Feb 27, 2014 - when it was just a little over a year old. I finally got it back on April 16, 2014. I started alternating between the Huskvana and the Singer, threading them with different color threads and using them as my project required. Then I used the Huskvana for about two weeks because it had the color thread I wanted. Went back to the Singer tonight, and to my surprise the bobbin started grabbing the thread and knotting it once again. I fortunately have a three month warranty from the last repair, but I am totally angry that I was sold a LEMON and that I now have to drive a 30-mile round trip, perhaps having to wait another three months for them to fix it. Is this the new Singer - substandard products, no customer service, and no service whatsoever from their dealers. Where and who do I turn to get this LEMON replaced? Singer will not even talk to me.

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Original review: March 1, 2014

The Singer Futura SES1000 - I bought this machine in good faith and paid more money than it was worth. I have had it for a few years. I planned to use it during my retirement. There's a problem with the machine that the Singer people tell me is a threading error. I have used many machines over the last 40 years and know how to thread one correctly. However I did check to make sure. This is not the problem . I am very disappointed with the Singer Co. I've decided to take it in to have it looked at and fixed, if this is possible. Then I want to sell it at a considerable financial loss I'm sure! I'll purchase a Brother for much less and I'll be happy! The Brother machines are much less expensive and do not have problems .

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Original review: June 13, 2013

This is my experience with my Singer 6160: you go out and you buy a product, an electric item. You spend $149.99 before tax. Now you take this item home and use it. It works great for the first time, the second time, and the third time. You are happy. Now you get busy, so this item sits for a couple of months before using it again. You get an idea so you pull your item out to use it, only to have it not properly work. You get frustrated, put it away, and let it go a few more months because you got busy with life in general.

A few months down the road, you again grab your item and try to use it again, but it still does not work properly. So really frustrated this time, you call the customer service. You wait on hold for 36.32 minutes before a representative answers the phone. You explain the problems that you are having and you get told it's out of warranty and there is nothing they can do. You will have to take it in to get repaired at your expense. And the phone hangs up. Now you are thinking, did that seriously just happen? Yes, yes it did! So you get really frustrated.

This was meant to go in a letter to the CEO of Singer, and I am still going to send it. From all the research that I have done on the internet, there are numerous people who have had the same problems with their machines.

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Original review: July 2, 2012

I have purchased four Singer Futura Quartets (SEQS6000). All but one have had problems arise with the electronics. Only a few Singer repairs centers are able to work on them. We were not told of this. I have been able to return two units to HSN from which I bought. One was still in warranty and has been at Singer for two months. I have no ETA as to when I might receive it back. Every Singer repair person has told me to buy another brand and recommended Brother.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 22, 2012

This machine has never worked right. Contacted company and they blamed me for using the wrong bobbin and I knew that was not correct. Finally convinced them to check it out so sent it to them which cost me $50.00 to ship. They did send it back and their cost of shipping. However, they sent another bobbin which also does not work and doesn't even look like the bobbin picture in my manual. They will not replace the machine or buy it back. Will never purchase another Singer product.

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Original review: Oct. 28, 2011

I am a new user and completely unfamiliar with terminology pertaining to sewing and sewing machines. I bought a Singer "Pixie" machine, thinking it was small enough and simple enough to learn to sew with and able to do small jobs without breaking down. I learned that I was horribly wrong. It is intended to be used for "crafts" only. The machine broke after only one use! The job I used it for was to sew a hole in my nylon slacks! The fabric is so thin you can practically see through it!

Nowhere on the original box does it say that the machine is "not for use" as a "regular" sewing machine. This completely baffles me, as I still do not know what it means by "crafts machine". I would understand the term "crafts" to mean that it would be capable of doing more than "regular" sewing! I repeat, nowhere does it say that it is not a real sewing machine on the box or warn consumers otherwise!

This is an obvious marketing scam to lure inexperienced consumers into buying a machine that is completely inadequate in all senses. Better Business Bureau closed the case after Singer offered to replace the machine if I would ship the old one back at my expense. Yeah, I really want another machine that I can't use! So, I'm out $40 and Singer walks away rubbing their hands and snickering with the Better Business Bureau's support! Shame on both!

I am disabled and was going to use the machine to winterize my mobile home by sewing thin fabric curtains. I am on a small fixed income. I cannot afford to ship at my expense or buy a better machine, so I just sit here feeling raped and cold with a draft in my nylon slacks.

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Original review: Sept. 30, 2010

I bought a small craft sewing machine made by Singer (model: Pixie). It was only 25 dollars, but I thought with a name like Singer, it should be pretty good. It came with a 90-day warranty, which I immediately made use of. It’s because when I got it home, I realized it had a defective bobbin case. When I called the customer service line, they said to send it back and they would replace it. The replacement came with another defect: this time the tension disk was defective. I called the customer service line again, and was told that it was a "one-time" return only and I was stuck with the machine. How frustrating! I'd love to participate in a class action suit against them! I'm sure they know very well that no one is going to waste their time filing a small claims lawsuit over 25 dollars. But I abhor not being able to take action for the principle of the matter!

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Original review: Aug. 14, 2010

I saw an infomercial on TV and thought that was a good deal, buy one get one free. This was my first purchase from an infomercial. So, I ordered it. It took a while for the box to arrive. When it did, the box was huge. It contained 4 vacuums. I checked my account and saw they charged me ($371.67) for 4 vacuums. I did speak to a lady (I did not get her name) the first time I called and cancelled a steamer that was supposed to come with it and she said that someone would contact me for pick-up. (She said I could also send them back at my own expense of $20.00) I waited a month and did not hear from anyone.

At that time I did email customer service and no response from them. After a while I chalked it up as a loss (at my own expense) then I was watching the news (local in GA) and saw a woman interviewed about the same thing had happened to her.

I was shocked that a company with the name Singer on their product would do something like this. I did use one vacuum for about 3 weeks and it broke. Then I thought they really got us all on that one. I still have 3 vacuums (unopened) stored in my attic. I have no use for them. I would appreciate any help you can provide. Please contact me if you need any more information. I hope this is not too late. Thank you for your time.

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Original review: June 26, 2009

I bought a CE-200 in 2006, Not knowing at the time there was a recall on the bobbin case holder, I started having problems with the bobbin coming out during the sewing process. I called the repair center; they were nice enough to "extend" the warranty and fix it for free. The problem kept happening after I brought it home, it would work for a week one time, a month another, but it all goes back to the problem with the bobbin case. It's been in the shop 3-4 times.

I moved to FL and within 1 week, the same problem happened. I contacted Singer and told them once again I'm having problem. They of course try to blame all the problems on us. I've called a few sewing machine repair shops here in FL and they don't want to work on them. One even suggested I use it for a boat anchor! And after researching on the web, it seems that Singer knows about the problem with this machine. Singer has always been such a good name, they've always had very dependable products. For instance I bought the model 9940, and to this day not one problem.

I can pull out my grandmother's machine sitting here, over 60 years old, and no problems. But to get a machine from Singer, and at this point 4 years later, it's worthless. It will not sew 1 stitch. I have contacted Singer so many times, they love to throw the “we gave you an extended warranty and fixed it, sorry there's nothing else we can do”. Please help!

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Original review: March 17, 2009 The product was a Singer Vacuum cleaner. I was interested in purchasing this product until the telemarketer kept trying to pursude me to buy other products as well. I told her to cancel my order, I had changed my mind and was not interested in purchasing the vacuum any longer. I never received the vacuum, but I was charged for it. On my credit card statement it states that I have been charged $490.70 by Singer TEL 8007118357CA. I want my money refunded!
7 people found this review helpful

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