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My husband tried to do a kind thing for me and purchase the full-shebang set of these knives. He even bought a set for our daughter. The worst knives! So dull you could let a toddler use them and not have to worry about them hurting themself! I just want to get our money back so we can purchase a knife that will at least cut warm butter!

The worst knives I have ever had. Will not stay sharp. I got two sets. Both sets came dull, won't even cut bread. My husband sharpened them to no help. Knives do not stay sharp. I could of got better at the dollar store. Do not buy.

Was looking on the Ronco Knives website looking to see how much it was cost. Couldn't find a total cost with shipping and handling. Next thing I know is I'm getting a call telling me I don't have enough money on my card, I cancelled the order. And yesterday to 25th, I was checking on card balance and I see $81.67 was taken off my card after the order was cancelled. I find this illegal and I contacted the company and they said it was shipped. Come on, yesterday was a holiday, nothing was open. But yet, money was taken from my card.

After two months of use, the knives began to show rust; not just a little, but a lot. I purchased two sets on sale. Gave one as a wedding gift; I am so embarrassed as they are junk. Stainless steel from China - if I had only known. Bargains are so seldom what they appear to be.

We have had a set of the As Seen On TV Knives and we love them. I went online to order a set for my mom for Christmas because she liked them too. The site was ridiculous. It did not give me any totals, nor let me see my shopping cart. It put the order through before I was ready and never gave me a price or anything. I got an email with an order number but still no price.

I called the company this morning to cancel the order because I found the entire set somewhere else for a lot cheaper that included EVERYTHING in one price, not everything separately for separate prices, example block was separate for another fee, rocker knife was separate for another fee so on and so on. When I called them then and said I wanted to cancel my order the lady said that they couldn't cancel the order because it was already being processed. I asked for a supervisor, she said none were there but she would have one call me back very soon. That was 7 hours ago.

As soon as I hung up with her I called my bank and asked if a charge had gone through from Ronco, they said "no" and I explained what had happened so they closed out my bank card and Ronco will not be able to put the order through. I will never order anything from them again and I will strongly recommend to my friends and family that they do not order from them either.

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These are the WORST set of knives I've ever used. What a waste of money. This business should be shut down for false advertising. These knives won't even cut a piece of pizza. I had to use scissors to cut the pizza.

I also had problems with customer service answering any messages. I tried several times but with no success. Finally they just showed up one day past the 7-10 days. I was told they would be there or shipped. I will never do any business with the Ronco Co. again. I'll be glad to pay more if the people I am dealing with will do me right. Have a nice day.

I have had this knife set for 10 years plus and they are great! I see a lot of reviews stating rust on the knives when they arrive or at a later time. I would just like to state I have lost or broken handles one or 2 knives and customer service, with no problem or questions, replaced immediately! If you received them and were not happy, could you not return them or have them replaced? Not sure about the whole story so forgive me if you had a hard time with Ronco customer service. I just wanted to say my experience. As far as the charges, yes please read fine print but I had no problems! Thanks.

Lots of rust on the knives, and not as sharp as per commercial. Don't buy!!! This is their worst product. I do love their rotisserie though. What a great product! But these knives are absolutely horrible. And of course, I can't return them because it is a week past the one month warranty.

Like so many of the other reviews (most?), I ordered THE knives. They immediately began to show rust spots and I only hand-wash my cutlery. It is a very poor quality stainless steel, not at all like they tell you. The handles are flimsy and nothing except maybe the cleaver are sturdy. They all bend, the bread knife is horrible, bends so much you can't cut a straight slice of bread, and the fork is totally unusable. They should be ashamed to distribute such a low quality product. I too tried to return but had not saved the original packaging so no return. And from what I hear, I would have been hosed on the refund anyway. Oh well, buyer beware. Next time, I'll search for reviews. Hope you don't make the same mistake!

I only have two complaints. #1. The knives are not as efficient and durable as advertised. They are not worth the cost. #2. They are advertised at $39.99 or (3) payments of $13.99 plus shipping and handling. You must read on past the ordering and credit card input info at the end of the page to see what you're really paying. *Knife set $39.99 + $43.40 Shipping + Knife block $29.95 + $14.95 Shipping, Supposedly free set is $43.40 for Shipping + you have to add Taxes = $172.00 and if you order a knife block for the second set it there is additional shipping and handling of $44.90. You will actually pay a grand total of $216.90 in purchasing what is advertised (WOW) that's a big jump for those who don't read the fine print. Sadly, if you return the set they ONLY REFUND THE PRICE OF THE KNIVES AND BLOCKS $69.89!! No refund on any of the other charges, you will be at a loss of $147.01.

Lol. Just read the reviews AFTER I received the knives and realized they wouldn't slice a pepper. Lol. In the trash they go. Another lesson learned. I believe in karma, so be it.

I was told I would get 4 free steaks knives with my order but didn't nor did I get my wooden knife block that I paid $29.99 plus $22.70 for delivery. When calling customer service I told them I didn't receive all my order. They said they will ship it out. When asking for confirmation number they said they don't have those. When asking for tracking number they said it's same one.. which it's not cause it says pkg delivered. When asking to talk to a supervisor I was told they didn't have one of those either. If I don't receive my knife block and 4 steak knives by next week I'm going to call back.

We were watching TV and saw the Ronco 20 piece knife set advertised for $39.95 plus shipping and handling... We were looking for a new set of knives so it caught our attention. In the ad they were slicing and dicing everything from tomatoes to shoe leather. We would never have ordered from a TV ad in our lives but the persons speaking for Ronco on the screen were clearly saying that if we were not completely satisfied with the product we could return the merchandise and receive a full refund. We figured that a long existing and seemingly reputable company like Ronco would stand behind their products and their advertising. Well, guess what? No such luck. We received the knives about 3 weeks after ordering, WHAT A PILE OF CRAP!!! We couldn't cut our way out of a paper bag with these more than sub-standard knives.

We immediately decided to return said product. So, we called Ronco's customer service number only to be told that their policy is to refund only the actual product price of $39.95. Which means the following. Our actual out of pocket cost was $98.34 US including shipping and handling. Now if we wanted the $39.95 refund we must return the product (we must pay another shipping cost of approx. $58.00) to then receive our $39.95 refund. Do the math: Original total cost $98.34 plus return shipping cost of $58.00 = $156.34 - refund of $39.95 = (-$116.39). So the STUPID ASS CONSUMER (ME) is now out $116.39 and is left with nothing in the way of product. NICE!!!

Let me be candid here. RONCO ARE THIEVES!!! Pure and simple. They know that no one is going to return the product to be out of pocket close to $120.00. WHAT A GANG OF SCAM ARTISTS!!! But I place most of the blame on myself. I knew it was too good to be true. I am referring here to the quality of the knives. I did not however expect to be stolen from by a long running corporation like Ronco. I figure that a certain percentage of their consumers would perhaps be ever so slightly satisfied with the product and the rest of us would return the crap merchandise and that would be for them part of the cost of doing business. Well, live and learn, Ronco are just thieves. Just saying.

OMG, how can people showing nice tv ads about how their products are and get away with it?? What's wrong with this world??? I want to return my knives which cost $99.89. However, they won't refund my shipping cost of $88.45 US dollars on top of that and then I have to turn back and pay the shipping cost to return it!! Well hello - what's wrong with these people. It's like highway robbery. Where's the people that can protect innocent people that get taken by these wonderfully made ads?

I order Ronco knives back in March 2015. After the first try I did not like them. So I called and got a return authorization number to send them back. I send them off on April 24th. As of today I still haven't received my credit back in my bank account. I have call every week since May the 30th. Every time I have been told the same old story "give us a couple of more days". I am tired of hearing this.

I purchased 2 sets of the Ronco knives. Within the first couple of weeks the cleaver and the chop & service knife were riddled with rust spots. I had hand-washed them, so was obviously surprised. I finally decided to contact Ronco for replacements around May 6th, and they send they would send out the replacements. It is now 6/29 and I have not received the replacements. I called them again today, and they said it takes 6-8 weeks to arrive. Well since they had not arrived, they would put in a reminder, but now it will take another 6-8 weeks to receive. I can see how this will go already.

I purchased the 25 piece set last week with the second set free. I usually always read reviews before I buy something, but did not think to do so cause Ronco has been around for so many years I figured they sold quality products. I was not expecting the shipping charge to be so much and I assumed the wood block came with. However, the wood block was just an additional $9.99 so I added it… thinking it was for two blocks. When I checked the option button for that, it immediately took to another page to complete my order. So I did not even get the chance to make sure it was for two blocks. And, just like everyone else, the order was submitted before you even knew what was happening.

When I received the order, there was only one knife block. I took the knives out and noticed right away that they looked extremely dull. I tried to shave the hair on my arm with the boning knife and a steak knife and they did nothing!! My son's pizza was ready to come out of the oven at that time so I thought I would try cutting the pizza with them. The utility knife and a steak knife could not go through a freshly cooked frozen pizza. So I called customer service, got the RMA number with no problems and packaged everything back up. Then I realized how much the knives were costing me vs. the shipping they charged me to send them and how much it was going to cost me to send them back. I have been reading the other reviews and decided I would just be wasting a minimum of $30.00 extra to ship them back. Don't know what I am going to do with them, but this will just be a count your losses and lesson learned type of purchase!

I purchased two sets of knives for Christmas presents last year. I never received the knives. I contacted customer service and was told that I had to fill out a form and send it back in and it would not be resolved until sometime in 2015 because of their back log. As of this day I HAVE NOTHING.

I purchased not one but two Ronco 20-piece cutlery set less than a year ago and want you to know that it is the worst knife set I have ever owned. After a few months, the knives started rusting and they do not cut through anything -- much less a tomato like they show in their misleading demonstration. In fact they just smash my tomatoes. I have owned 'not so great' knife sets in the past, and even they did not rust after simple washing and could cut through basic fruit.

I have never written a review like this before, but I am so sorely disappointed in Ronco products and wish that I had read the fine print about how they only warranty them for 30-days. A company that has a stellar product will warranty them for life, as they stand behind the quality. I should have known. My mistake. I will never purchase anything from Ronco in the future. I am throwing them out, but not before I took pictures to show all of my friends on Facebook so they don't get ripped off too. What a huge waste of money.

Saw the infomercial on TV. Decided to buy knives. They were advertised at $29.99 at first but as you go on they let you know that the more you buy the more you get. I was talked into buying a set for 171 dollars plus shipping and handling was supposed to be free. I have been waiting to retrieve my refund when I change my mind about tonight. I've been waiting since 2014 the month of June and I've been talking to different representatives of Ronco promising me that they will refund the money. This is not happening. This is now May of 2015. How long should I have to wait for less than $200 refund???

Ordered what was supposed to be a buy one get one free 25 piece set of knives. I only got the one set. I paid the extra money for both! I have gotten nothing from them but rudeness on the phone and a complete run around on the other half of my order. They refuse to make me a satisfied customer... Their satisfaction guarantee is just another lie! I would not recommend this to any other consumer! One very unhappy customer!

I purchased my knives back in 2005 and I love them, my husband and I use them every single day. I am purchasing another set, because I dropped on and broke the handle and the set is so inexpensive. I thought I could give the rest as a gift. Now I find you get 2 sets for the price of one. This is the best deal I have ever purchased on the Internet. I would recommend these knives and have to anyone looking for a good cutlery set.

I Spent too much for what I received from Ronco. It's a rip off. I have spent less and have better knives than Ronco offers.

I have had the 25 piece set for at least 15 years. I used to work for a food company that was connected with another cutlery line and I am addicted to my much heavier chef’s knife, but my wife will only use the Ronco chef’s knife. We use these knives EVERY DAY. They have performed flawlessly. The Ronco knife does not require sharpening but the others do require an occasional sharpening and take the edge very well. I guess that is why they come with a good sharpener. Twice in the fifteen plus years we have used them rivets have failed in the handles of knifes, once the shears broke. That's one failure every five years or so.

They were replaced for $2.50, $2.50 and $3.00 respectively. I am looking at their online ad at, the shipping charge is clearly stated at $21 and change per set. That's less than one dollar per knife. So what is so bad? I have also enjoyed the Ronco Rotisserie for between 20 and 30 years. It too serves well. Bottom line, I have never had anything negative to say about this company. UNTIL NOW.

Only complaint: Recently lost my garnish knife. I called to replace it. They will gladly replace it for $2.50 shipping and handling if I send in the old damaged or broken knife. They do no warranty against loss and they do not sell individual knives so I am just stuck. However, they are not the heartless money grubbing company some other reviewers would have you think. After reviewing my account, seeing that I am a long time customer who needs some help, they decided to send me out a courtesy replacement at their expense. So I guess this is still nothing negative!

Please refund my money as you basically stole it. Soon I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and the South Carolina State Attorney Generals office. I saw your TV offer which was looking good, but you conveniently concealed the outrageous shipping cost. I was going to order your knife set, basically a 2 for one offer. I filled out the order form but I never pushed submit to execute the order form, obviously after I observed the shipping cost I decided not to engage the submit button. However, the order went through any ways without my consent. Obviously, you have a flaw in your order system.

Just like your false advertising which stated a full refund for any reason with no questions asked whatsoever. When the product arrived at the post office since I never did order the product, I refused it and the post office sent it back to you. You took out $56.33 from my debit card ending in ** on or about 2/10/2015. I requested a refund on or about that date and I never got the credit back. Then again you unlawfully took out $13.33 on or about 3/11/2015, obviously without my permission. I called your 800 486 1806 number and explained the mix up and was advise not to worry I would get a full refund. So in essence, I want my full stolen money now not 30 days from now. I expect a confirmation refund email within 5 days with action reversing the 2 funds taken from my checking account. Since I am a senior citizen, I believe there are special laws to protect seniors.

My Ronco knives are falling apart. As far as the blades they are wonderful but my handles are coming apart. Ronco has sent me replacement knives but they are coming apart again. The knives are very unsafe to use. I purchased two sets one for me another for my son for a wedding gift. I called him to ask him how his knives were doing. He told me he tossed the knife set because his wife almost cut her finger off. He said he didn't want to tell us because it was a gift but the handles were coming apart and were unsafe to use. I don't recommend these knives to anyone.

I purchased Ronko knife after seeing the infomercial on TV. First they ripped me off with the price of shipping and handling. When I received the product, I send it back. Since December till date, three months later, I am yet to receive my refund.

I went on to buy the 40 pc knife set which was BOGO free. First of all no mention in the commercial is made about the knife block being 40 some odd dollars in addition to the price of the knife set, so I guess you're supposed to just throw 40 knives in a drawer or pay that rip-off price! Once I got on the webpage it asks you to click on the package you want. I clicked it and then it asks for your credit card info. I assumed (my bad for trusting people) that it would give me a chance to review my purchase and click a final time to make the purchase. Well NO it didn't. It just charged me $43.40 in shipping charges without giving me the opportunity to say no. It is shady and makes Ronco look like they are trying to scam their customers and that reflects badly on a supposedly great knife co. NEVER will I buy from these people again.

I recently bought a set of the RONCO 25 Piece Knife Set and am thus far extremely pleased with the quality and performance of all of these knives. I don't really understand where all these people submitting negative reviews are coming from! I'd also like to mention that I purchased a Ginsu Knife set 20+ years ago. The version that has a utility knife that cut through steel cans and nails. And yes... I tested it myself and it absolutely does perform as advertised. I still use the steak and Chef knives to this day and they cut as well as the day I bought them.

For all the complainers out there... Remember you only paid $40 plus shipping and handling for (2) 25-Piece Knife sets so what are you crying about? You got an absolutely awesome deal to say the least! You get what you pay for... get real! What were you expecting anyway? Are you that far out of touch with reality? I have a single Henckel vegetable cleaver that cost me more than $100. An 18 Piece set of Henckel knives would cost you over $500! In summary, these are absolutely great knives for the money. You won’t find anything of this quality and value at any retailer.

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