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What is the difference between Ring and Vivint?

Both Ring and Vivint offer contract-free home security systems. Both companies offer 30-day trials, wireless systems and lots of smart-home features. However, there are some differences between Ring and Vivint when it comes to price, bundling, installation fees and medical monitoring.

Installation and cost

ring logovivint logo
Installation typeDIY or professional via X LinePro install
Installation feeNone if DIY$49 to $199
Upfront costEquipment ranges from $60 to $1,010Varies based on equipment
Trial period30-day free trial of Ring Protect PlusNot listed
Contract termsNone; discount for prepaying annuallyTypical contract is 60 months; month-to-month available with upfront equipment purchase
ring logoDIY or professional via X LineNone if DIYEquipment ranges from $60 to $1,01030-day free trial of Ring Protect PlusNone; discount for prepaying annually
vivint logoPro install$49 to $199Varies based on equipmentNot listedTypical contract is 60 months; month-to-month available with upfront equipment purchase

Monitoring plans and pricing

ring logovivint logo
Monitoring price rangeFree self monitoring; $3 to $10/month for professional monitoring$19.99 to $29.99+
Monitoring optionsProfessional or self-monitoredProfessional
Self-monitoringFreeNot offered
Upgraded self-monitoring$3/month to store recorded videoNot offered
24/7 professional monitoring$10/monthStarting at $19.99
Upgraded professional monitoringNot offeredCustom plans and packages available
ring logoFree self monitoring; $3 to $10/month for professional monitoringProfessional or self-monitoredFree$3/month to store recorded video$10/monthNot offered
vivint logo$19.99 to $29.99+ProfessionalNot offeredNot offeredStarting at $19.99Custom plans and packages available

Security equipment

ring logovivint logo
Wired or wireless?BothWireless
Camera optionsIndoor and outdoor camerasIndoor and outdoor cameras
Video doorbell
Control panel
Motion sensor
Entry sensor
Glass break sensorWith Alexa-enabled devices
Keychain remote
Panic buttonVivint Emergency Pendant
Yard sign
ring logoBothIndoor and outdoor camerasWith Alexa-enabled devices
vivint logoWirelessIndoor and outdoor camerasVivint Emergency Pendant

Smart-home features

ring logovivint logo
Smart locks
Smart lights
Smart thermostat
Garage door controlWorks with Chamberlain garage door openers
Temperature sensor
Water sensor
Smoke detector
CO detector
ring logoWorks with Chamberlain garage door openers
vivint logo


ring logovivint logo
Mobile app
Mobile app monitoring
iOS rating4.54.6
Android rating3.74.4
Notification/alert optionsPushText and push
Home automation capabilities
Voice integration
Amazon Alexa
Google Home
Other integrationsHoneywell and Alexa-enabled devicesGoogle Home, Amazon Echo and Nest
ring logo4.53.7Push
vivint logo4.64.4Text and pushGoogle Home, Amazon Echo and Nest

Reputation on ConsumerAffairs

ring logovivint logo
Overall star rating1.54.7
Verified customer reviewsRing reviewsVivint reviews
ring logo1.5Ring reviews
vivint logo4.7Vivint reviews

All information accurate as of publishing date.

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    Ring offers a smart security system that lets you control some of your home’s appliances and monitor your home from a smartphone or computer. Ring customers can turn off their lights or lock their doors remotely. All Ring systems require DIY installation, and customers can select a plan with 24/7 professional monitoring.

    Ring cameras let you monitor your home using 1080p high-definition cameras with a 160-degree horizontal view and a 90-degree vertical view. Should an event occur at your home, Ring security systems send push notifications through the company's app by Wi-Fi. A two-way intercom feature lets users speak to people at the front door.

    Ring plans

    All three of Ring’s plans offer contract-free monitoring with discounts available to those who sign up for a year:

    • Ring Protect Free: This plan is available at no cost and includes motion-activated push notifications, video monitoring in real time, two-way talk and burglary protection.
    • Ring Protect Basic: This plan starts at $3 a month and includes all the features of Ring Protect Free with the addition of video surveillance for either one doorbell or one security camera. Users can also save and share videos.
    • Ring Protect Plus: This plan starts at $10 a month. It includes all the features of Ring Protect Basic and Ring Protect Free as well as 24/7 professional monitoring and recording coverage for all monitoring devices at your address. Ring Protect Plus also includes extended warranties on all devices and a discount on select accessories.

    What Ring customers say

    Ring has generally positive customer ratings on ConsumerAffairs. Many customers we talked to like that it’s simple to install and comes with remote accessibility features. Some complained about issues with their devices occasionally going offline. Happy customers frequently highlighted Ring’s video quality.

    The overall security system is great because it allows you the ability to connect between different devices. I am able to connect my outdoor floodlight camera with the Ring mobile app and my doorbell camera. It's also great you can connect it to your Amazon Alexa device to view who is at your front door.”

    Cameron of Clovis, CA


    Vivint offers smart technology for home security and management. The system lets you remotely control your home security equipment, video surveillance, HVAC, lights and small appliances using wireless technology. All Vivint systems are professionally installed and monitored 24/7.

    Vivint systems use five different types of alarms: burglary, panic, medical, fire and duress. The alarms trigger the appropriate emergency responses. If there's a false alarm, you and your authorized users can enter a code to deactivate your system. If an alarm goes off and you can’t be reached, Vivint professionals will contact the authorities for you.

    Vivint plans

    All three of Vivint’s plans come with professional installation and monitoring:

    • Smart Security Monitoring: This plan starts at $29.99 a month and includes mobile access, entry detection, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms and medical pendant support.
    • Smart Home Monitoring: This plan starts at $39.99 and includes all the features of Smart Security Monitoring but adds smart-home integration.
    • Smart Home Video Monitoring: This plan starts at $49.99 and adds video surveillance to all the features of Smart Security Monitoring as well as the features of Smart Home Monitoring.

    What Vivint customers say

    The Vivint home security system has many satisfied customers on our site who report better-than-expected experiences and positive interactions with friendly technicians. Most customers praised the company's efficient and professional customer service, though some complained about price issues that proved difficult to fix. The majority of customers were pleased with the equipment and system.

    Luke, my sales rep, was absolutely amazing! Explained everything in detail! And my technician was just as amazing! Made sure all my equipment was fully functional before leaving! Overall, I had a really great experience with this company, and highly recommended this company!”

    Megan of Abilene, TX

    Bottom line: Ring or Vivint?

    While Ring is certainly the least expensive choice, Vivint plans include high-end features, such as medical monitoring, which can be attractive to many customers. Ring doesn’t offer professional installation, so those who don’t feel comfortable installing the system themselves are likely to prefer Vivint. However, if you don’t have medical needs and feel comfortable with DIY installation, Ring is a better choice with low pricing and great features.

    • Ring is best for budget-conscious shoppers who are comfortable installing a security system themselves.
    • Vivint is best for those who are looking for more high-end features, professional installation and medical monitoring.
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