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Looking to buy your first hot tub or replace the one you currently own? At Master Spas, we offer a wide variety of hot tubs, aiming to satisfy everyone’s different likes and needs. No matter what you are looking for or are in need of, Master Spas is ready to assist you in looking for the hot tub that will best fit your needs. Visit our website today or contact us to explore our different hot tub brands or to find a dealer.

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Rated with 4 stars
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Original review: Jan. 17, 2019

A couple years back, the mall near my house, Ocean County Mall, used to have a hot tub tent sale outside. I looked one year to try and get a rough idea of the pricing and the guy that was there gave me his card. A couple years went by and when there was another sale, I decided to go again. This one happened to be Master Spas and their products looked really nice. Their rep gave me the card and I held onto it. Master Spas looked decent, too, so when I was in the market for it, I looked into them.

Originally, I inquired about the cost because their website didn’t have prices. I emailed them because they had a connect-to-us link then somebody ended up calling me. I liked the HL 7.5 because of the number of people it sat and I told her that I was looking for pricing on that. I also asked if it comes with stairs and a cover. She was very helpful and we were trading emails back and forth. She told me that she happened to have a floor model and they were looking to get rid of it. She also said she could give me x amount off and when I asked her about the color, she said it happened to have a grey exterior with a light grey interior. With that, I thought the heavens have aligned because that was exactly what I was looking for. So, I ended up ordering it and they were really good about it. I paid by credit card and they were able to process the transaction.

I bought the hot tub in May and at the time, I told Master Spas that I wasn't ready for it yet. I was planning on trying to build a deck in my back yard but that crashed and burned. It was a disaster, so I ended up going concrete which I didn’t get done until the end of October. So Master Spas stored the hot tub for me. They would also periodically call asking if I was ready for the hot tub and they were very understanding. When time came, I finally called them and they got their guys out within two weeks because I had to wait for an electrician. So, they were good. And when they came out, they dropped it where I needed them to do it and it was perfect.

They said that the hot tub sits seven but so far, I've had as many as three adults and two children in it. The corners are for an adult, especially if you’re a fuller-sized person, and the seats in between are kind of tiny. But in reality, you really could fit seven in it though it might a little snug. Aside from that, the hot tub has lots of jets, different lights, and a little waterfall effect. It’s supposed to be good for massaging stuff and relaxing. So far, I like the quality of my hot tub. In the beginning, I was trying to master the chemicals but now I finally got it down to a science. On Saturdays, I put all the chemicals that they told me to put in there based on their little simple sheets and test it, then I'd know it's good to go. It's pretty easy. The tub is also very comfortable and very relaxing.

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Master Spas response

We're so happy to hear that, Jeffrey! Thanks for the feedback - we appreciate it! Happy hot-tubbing!

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 22, 2018

I really like the appearance of the Twilight and the way it was built. This was my third hot tub. So I was well-acquainted with the industry and who is building the better tubs. I'm very happy with the product. It gets nice and warm on a cold winter night. I also like their maintenance person. Dan is very good. He's came down here and fixed what needed to be fixed because when I had turned the spa on, five of the jets came zooming out of their position. I wasn't really sure how to reinstall them and I let the dealership know about this stuff too. Dan and I became instant friends with the way he approached this whole mess. So kudos to him. He's Integrity Hottubs and they're probably a subcontractor. That's also who did delivery, brought the new parts and brought the new cover because the cover that was delivered had a hole punched in it.

In terms of Master Spas itself, I would definitely recommend them. But I wouldn't hire the salesperson for anything. This guy was a piece of work when all was said and done. He couldn't get his figures right and we hadn't gotten that all squared away because I was getting charged for more than what we agreed to. In the contract, he also marked the serial number down for the spa next to the one we were talking about. So I didn't get the one I actually wanted. I'm not dissatisfied with the one I had but he had promised me that there were gonna be stainless steel jets installed in the spa and there weren't. They're plastic with chrome on it.

I was really disappointed with the guy at the dealership. He's in Minot and the span of control is probably tough. However, if he's gonna do business in Texas, he needs to do business in Texas. I was really hoping he would stand up and take some positive steps to try and get this fixed. The people at the dealership said that they'd be happy to swap out the tub to give me the one I wanted but it was gonna be an additional $500 for them to pick this one up and bring the other one down.

I even took the time. I sat down three weeks after the purchase and wrote a nice letter to the owner who's in Minot, North Dakota. I sent him copies of the documents and the email transactions I had so he would see that I wasn't out there looking to cut somebody's head off. I wanted to see if he would intervene and try to get this squared away. The only complaint I have with Master Spas itself is that they really didn't do anything to put any pressure on the dealership to get this fixed. But I'm not upset with Master Spas. I am upset with the dealer in Cedar Park, Texas and I would not recommend anybody going to them. I would send somebody to the Master Spa dealer in San Antonio before I send them back to Cedar Park. But at this point, it's all water under the bridge because the hot tub I've gotten, I'm not giving it back. I'm happy with it and I've gotten used to it.

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Rated with 5 stars
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Original review: Oct. 22, 2018

We bought the Twilight Series model 8.3 from Master Spas. We didn't really want to spend that kind of money on a hot tub and not get a quality hot tub. I did a lot of research for close to two months before we pulled the trigger and decided to buy that one. Master Spas is the number 1 tub in Canada. If Canadians are buying them and putting them outside, I was told that the average utility bill is $23 a month. That's less than a cable bill in order to maintain the heat. That's totally affordable. A lot of other companies put a lot of money in marketing but they don't put a lot of money in their hot tubs. Master Spas, however, put a lot more emphasis on building a great product and then letting word of mouth do their advertising for them based on the quality of the product.

I was reading a lot of reviews online and listening to YouTube videos and Master Spas do basically what everybody claimed they did. We're so sold by the quality and everything that we were hearing and how happy everybody was with the product. But again, a lot of that also has to do with the dealer, and I think we chose a very reputable dealer. We bought ours out of Minnesota and I'm just fairly happy with the deal they gave us. It was a pretty good package we ordered and it ended up costing us $12,500 for everything that we wanted. At minimum, we would have spent with either Hot Springs or Sundance, close to $15,000 so we got all the bells and whistles we wanted and saved $2,500 in the process. The free delivery was also awesome.

When they delivered it and had it set up we couldn't put water in it yet because I didn't have the electrical. They tell you when you buy it that you should give a place first where you want it and then have the electrical guys come out and hook it out for you. That was what we did. We couldn't run it for probably about a week but when they came up, not only did they set it up, they were here for probably a good hour and a half, just explaining all the different features and how we wanna go about filling it up and using the chemicals. It was so cool. Any questions that we had they answered. It made us feel special and that was so cool.

The customer service was there, even down to the delivery team. One guy was a wealth of knowledge. He said he's been working for them for five years. It was neat to be able to take his brain for a while and learn all the different things that he knew about hot tubs, specifically about the Master Spas hot tub. We bought the EcoPur system, which is the three-part filtration process. It uses zinc and copper to combine together to make a chlorine, chloromide, and then it transitions into chlorine in your hot tub. What that does is it allows you to use far less chemicals. My wife's skin is very chemically sensitive so I can't go too overboard. We learned when we had the smaller hot tub that we had to really watch our chemical use because of my wife's skin sensitivity. We also wanted to be able to entertain and bring more people into the tub so we got the bigger hot tub.

We also paid for the UV light, which creates additional chlorine naturally. It runs the water across the UV light and that kills a lot of bacteria in it. We also paid for an ozone, which also puts even more chlorine in the system naturally. So there's three different systems that put a ton of chlorine into it without actually having to open up a bottle and put anything into it at all. The only chemicals that you're putting in is a tiny bit of clarifier to take care of the pumps and jets. I've got a 385-gallon hot tub and we're only putting in like half an ounce of chlorine, which is sodium chloromide everyday, and it keeps it crystal clear.

We also use the enzymes. Because of the type of hot tub that it is, which is the EcoPur system, Master Spas recommends pretty much staying with the chlorine-based system. It works well and it doesn't hurt the EcoPur system or any of the other systems that work in conjunction with that. Those are the major accessories that we wanted with regards to practicality. We also went ahead and paid to have the jets lighted in addition to the lights that already come with the hot tub in the inside. They're pretty cool. They're really bright LED lights so it kinda add a little bit of ambiance and atmosphere when you're soaking in a hot tub at night.

I noticed that although the circulation pump comes on when the therapy pumps were on, the heat doesn't come on. I called the customer service reps of Master Spas directly at the Wisconsin Division, with the manufacturer, and they told me that's a safety feature because they don't want you cooking inside your hot tub. That made sense. The heater will come on 30 seconds after the therapy pumps shut off. If you wanna take a break in between each session that you have, it will build the heat back up and then you can kick the therapy pumps back on, but of course realizing once you kick the therapy pumps back on, the heat is gonna go off. Their customer service team is fantastic. They pretty much answered every question I've had. It's just a wonderful hot tub.

My wife and I suffer from a lot of body aches and the tub makes all the world of difference. My mom has Parkinson's and we've had her in the hot tub. She's been going through physical therapy to try to get more movement in her shoulders. She also hasn't been able to lift it over her head and she's in her 70's. With three sessions in the hot tub now, she's able to lift her arm higher in the air than when she was able to, going through physical therapy alone. Even my younger kids who are in their 20's, love the tub. We got a couple of neighbors that came over and they enjoyed occasional dip with us and they love it too. I highly recommend Master Spas.

I continued to shop after I saw Master Spas, to see if there was even something better out there, but I couldn't find it. There were a couple of other spas out there, but it just didn't have all the bells and whistles that Master Spas had. They didn't have the quality components like the Balboa, the internal brain that controls all the systems. They have the high-dollar jets. They also got a website saying, "You got a tear or rip on your headrest, only $25 per headrest." Just pop the darn thing out, order a new one, pop the new one in and you're good to go. A lot of the components, I don't have to worry about, like the UV light. I have to replace that every 18 months. I might need to have somebody walk me through things I've never done before, but I'm sure all I got to do is call Master Spas and they're gonna walk me right through it.

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Rated with 5 stars
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Original review: Oct. 16, 2018

We had talked to three relatives who have hot tubs. We were getting the pros and the cons, what to look for and what to be careful of. When we went and talked to one of the salesmen at a display show, he showed us three of the units and we got interested in them. He seemed to be very knowledgeable. He was showing us all the features and he seemed to know the hot tubs so we appreciated talking to him. He was real friendly and he didn't really pressure us. He just showed us what they had and what the prices were. And he showed us all we wanted so we were pleased with him.

They had about another hour or two before they were closing up. So the guy said he could give us a price for it. But we thought we would wait. He had mentioned in the conversation that they had sold one though. Apparently, the dealer would get a rebate when he sells two or three of them. They said they'd give us that credit. So we decided to go ahead and buy it with the understanding that it was what we were looking for, something big enough to hold five people in it. We bought the Master Spas Healthy Living 7 x 7 from Allstar Pool & Spa. It has a recliner and then four adults could sit in it. It turned out to be what we wanted.

The installation was good too. We were given a window of a couple of hours and the installers came right within that window. Then they scoured at the property and figured we live on a sort of a slope. They had to figure out where to park and how to slide the tub down here, and got it up on the air. They ran over all the instructions with my son and me, and it was good. One thing that might be good though is if there was a choice on which side the access door is placed. We live on the lake and we wanted the seating to be in a particular configuration so we could have a good view while we're sitting in the tub. But that puts the access door in an awkward spot. So if that could have been arranged, like custom done, that would have been good.

Master Spas might also do a different product that came with the tub. What came with our tub was the Rendezvous line and we switched to something else soon. I wasn't real thrilled with that. But the instructions that came with it were good. There was a little learning curve at first as far as how to keep the water clear. But I'm finally settled in to how to keep the water sparkling clean. I clean the filter, check the pH and the bromine level, and add chemicals if I need to. We'll also have to empty it soon because it's been up and running almost six months now. We're very happy with the tub. When we get in it in the evening before we go to bed, it helps relax us more. We enjoy that and we sleep better now. Our grandkids love it too. When they're out, they always beg to go in it so we enjoy sitting out there with them. It's been really good. We were pleased with the price and yet, nothing about the quality would indicate budget.

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Rated with 4 stars
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Original review: Oct. 8, 2018

I’ve used a hot tub for about 14 years now. I can hardly get through without it. I would be in that thing in the morning for an hour and a half and then I can get through the rest of the day. But our Moen had finally broken down and we went into town with the full intention of coming home with a new tub. I purchased a Twilight Series hot tub because of the things that the salesman told us about the unit and we got the upgraded model where it’s got three motors and the spa mode. But in the beginning, we got off on the wrong foot with the salesperson. We had already paid for this whole thing when we got it but then, I was not gonna get what I was told I was supposed to be getting. There was a big discrepancy there.

I tried going to the dealer but it turned into a big runaround. I got a hold of some guy but he wouldn’t even let me go up the chain of command to get on the customer service of the company. He told me there wasn't anybody else or any other number. He said I had to deal with him and you just don't deal with people like that. I’m a retired real estate broker office owner myself and I’ve dealt with people my whole life. That guy wouldn’t have lasted 30 seconds with me. It was a sad situation. But I don’t take no for an answer when I know I’m in the right.

I followed through and pursued it until I actually found out the phone number, was able to get a hold of the home factory office and get a hold of a customer service rep that actually took care of the problem. However, Master Spas really need a better customer service phone number system in all of their advertisement in case a customer can’t get satisfaction with the individual dealer. Master Spas should make it a lot more accessible. That is where I really got frustrated and very upset with the company. It took me almost 10 days to research. I was so frustrated and upset that I had already contacted the attorney general of the State of Nevada. They were ready to assist me in getting some kind of resolution. There’s also a hot tub outfit that’s going in in my area and they sell a tub that's a lot cheaper. That’s gonna be big competition so customer satisfaction is gonna be what would help Master Spas stay in the market, in a competition.

But when I did get ahold of the main office, the person who took over really stepped up to the plate and did the job right. They did everything that they said they would do. At that point in time, I was very pleased as far as the company. They stood behind what they said. But it would have been so much easier and better had I been able to get a hold of him and not have ask to go above the person that I talked to.

As far as the tub itself, it’s been working great. It’s a good product and I’m very pleased with the quality. I use this thing everyday for my muscles and joints problem, and I really like it even better than I did the Moen. In fact, I’ll recommend this tub to anybody because it does a good job as far as performance. I like the fact that we got the upgrade on it with the number of motors and I really like the smaller motor as far as the circulation. That keeps operational cost down. The tub is actually about 150 gallons smaller than the one that we previously had. It was a little bit on the high side but now that I’ve had it and used it, it’s got a decent amount of quality to it. With what it had on it once they got it built the way it was supposed to be, I felt that the price was fairly decent.

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8 people found this review helpful
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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 7, 2019

We went to an expo at the NRG Stadium a couple of years prior to buying from Master Spas and we were in the process of buying a hot tub but some medical issues came up and we had to divert the money somewhere else. The company that we bought from didn’t wanna refund us our money so we wrote it off as a loss and a lesson learned. The same company was down here in our hometown and my wife went up and talked to the Master Spa rep that was there. He looked it up and saw that the money was still on the books. So, he applied that to the price that we had already been quoted. They gave us credit for it and we went ahead and purchased our Master Spa. It worked out great. I love the cost against its quality and I am enjoying the hot tub quite well. I have a bad back and I love the health benefit I get from it as well as the ease of use.

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Rated with 5 stars
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Original review: Aug. 21, 2019

I did the reviews and Master Spas seemed to be the best. I went to the show and the reps were upfront and honest. The Twilight seemed to be the best one out of the ones offered and I like the size and the number of jets. It’s good and I love it.

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Rated with 5 stars
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Original review: Aug. 18, 2019

Master Spas came out to the Forth Worth Convention Center and they put on an expo. We went out to the expo and Maurice was there. He is quite a salesman and convinced us that the Master Spas was probably equal to or better than most other spas out here. And I agreed. The construction, the ability to choose what you want, and the price all work into the equation. We got a six-person spa and it has the lounger and the waterfall. It’s absolutely gorgeous. We chose the interior color, the exterior color and the siding colors. We chose the lights that we wanted on the spa and the cupholders. We had hoped to get the Elite but we didn’t have the money. We paid cash for it so we were only gonna buy what we could pay cash for.

They came out and did this onsite preview saying I gotta have an electrician come out and put in $1,075 worth of wiring so they could get the spa to where I wanted it on the patio. They said they were gonna put down some kind of a pad, but instead they built a foundation for it out of 1x4s. And it’s perfectly fine. They said the EZ Pad is not gonna be very effective for where I needed it to go. The installation went really smoothly. The electrical charges are a little bit higher than what I was anticipating, but not much. We got the one that has the aerator that keeps your chemicals that you have to put into the water less. That makes the electric bill a little bit more where it turns on a little more often than some of the others.

I’ve already recommended Master Spas and friends have already purchased a Master Spas based on my experience. When we were gonna purchase the spa, we had spoken with Maurice about one of those lift kits that go on the spa. He said, “I’ll just throw it in there with it.” I failed to read over the contract and I failed to see that it was not included. Since it was not included, the delivery people did not bring it out. They said for an extra $300, they could bring it out. I told them that was not what I agreed to. I called the owner of Master Spas and he said, “Well, if Maurice said that we’re gonna include it, then we’re gonna include it.” He had the guys that installed the hot tub come back out and add a lift kit. So, even though I failed to look and observe that the contract wasn’t as complete as what we originally thought we were purchasing, he honored our verbal contract. There are a lot of people that would not do that.

Master Spas is top-of-the-line. When people are being negative on saying, “Hey, they don’t get out there, they don’t deliver on time, they don’t do this, they don’t do that,” our spa was delivered exactly when we were promised that it would be delivered. They weren’t late. So, all these people that are giving all these negative reviews, they’re not being fair to Master Spas one bit.

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Rated with 5 stars
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Original review: Aug. 15, 2019

We have a Precision 7 with jets and lights and it's very good. That company we were dealing with was very good too.

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Rated with 2 stars
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Original review: Aug. 13, 2019

Master Spas happened to have a sale over at one of the ball parks. I stopped, checked it out, and I liked what they had. I also liked some of the features of their big hot tub. It has the different removable jets and the price was fair. I ended up buying that and they had a really good salesman. He was out of Wisconsin and he worked directly for Master Spas. We've had the tub up and running for about two months now and so far, it's not too bad. But we had a couple of problems with the pulse I had to purchase. And we now have our second control panel going out.

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Master Spas expert review by Kate Williams, Ph.D.

Headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana, this company is the world’s largest swim spa manufacturer and is among the largest portable spa and hot tub manufacturers. It offers a number of hot tub brands for sale across the United States.

  • Energy efficient spas: Master Spas uses an Icynene foam insulation on its spas to increase their energy-efficiency.

  • Noise reduction: The motor on Master Spas’ spas and hot tubs is designed to vibrate 150% less than industry standards, which makes them quieter and more peaceful.

  • Water sanitizing system: Master Spas uses a unique system called Mast3rPur™ that uses three natural water sanitizers. These ingredients improve water clarity, softness and scent.

  • Made in the United States: Master Spas manufactures all of its hot tubs and swim spas in the United States, which helps to ensure quality control.

  • Model options: Master Spas manufactures several brands and models of hot tubs, portable spas and swim spas in various sizes and configurations to fit your needs. Its brands include Michael Phelps Legend Series, Twilight Series, Healthy Living Hot Tubs and Clarity Spas.

  • Swim spa options: For those who want the option to use their hot tub to swim, Master Spas offers two lines of swim spas, the Michael Phelps Swim Spas and H2X Fitness Swim Spas. These offer a hot tub at one end and a current of water at the other, so it can be used for both purposes simultaneously.

  • Best for: those who want luxury hot tubs or swim spas.

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