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I purchased a Hampton bay floor lamp #335-840 and was unable to assemble the globes to the post. All three plastic threaded nuts that secure the globes to the post were defective in that they would not screw onto the base of the on/off switch as the male and female threads were not comparable. Very poor quality.

As a homeowner I have purchased Hampton Bay light fixtures, fans. Hampton Bay makes a high stylish product that looks good. However, anything mechanical like higher end fans I would avoid. I have a fan where the metal being used is too thin and the blades pull the blade holder onto the light fixture. It looks good in out kitchen but it is a very poor design. I have had better luck with Harbor Breeze fans but will likely avoid both in the future. On the positive side we have light fixtures spot light that have done well as well. If you like style Hampton Bay is good, but if you need a fan that will be used a lot around the house I would look elsewhere.

We have purchased a Hampton Bay Semi-Flush light, Model # SFM651CH. The instructions are awful and the parts provided do not match the instructions. Somehow the base of the light is supposed to attached to two moveable screws. The screws just move up and down. I believe the wrong cross bar is included in the package as previous lights we have had have two pieces to the cross bar and the screws thread through it and stay in place. On this light the screws move up and down and side to side. I would not recommend this product.

Purchased a condo with a Hampton Bay Alturas ceiling fan with remote control. It worked fine for almost a year. I was gone for a month and when I came back, the ceiling fan wouldn't work. I went up to see what the problem was and the remote received was melted along with all the wires connected to it. The ceiling under the trim piece was blackened and the house wiring was burned through. Why the condo didn't burn down is a mystery to me but thank goodness it didn't.

I own (2) Hampton Bay Fans model #68-ATR - UPC code: 082392680565. Both of these units' receiver failed after 1 year yet Hampton Bay refused to replace the receivers. They wanted over $100 to replace BOTH receiver units. In addition, when I called they said they couldn't find my order because they had "switched over to a new system". Therefore they could not verify my order.

Very disappointed. I do not recommend buying Hampton Bay fans for the reasons stated above. They will sell you low grade made in China electronics that will break in 12 months then hold you hostage for replacement parts since they DO NOT SELL THE RECEIVER PARTS IN RETAIL STORES LIKE HOME DEPOT. You must buy it from them ONLY.

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Bought a Hampton Bay fan light combo with remote. Had installed by electrician. Worked for two weeks then relay shorted and over heated. Called Hampton Bay and after long argument they shipped new relay. After 6 months the relay shorted out again and now can't shut off fan. Will never buy a product from this company or Home Depot. Poor support for faulty product.

My spouse and I purchased a beautiful hanging pendant light fixture from Home Depot. Product number SKU 544-851. The lighting company is Hampton Bay Lighting. We hired an electrician to install the light. The part that attached to the chain at to top of the light was missing. The drive to Home Depot is 130 Kms round trip. We returned the lamp and received a replacement, an additional 130 Kms. As it turns out the second light is also defective. There are three brushed nickel arms that go over the glass fixture and screw into the base rod. One was broken off. (Weak solder job to say the least). Now an additional 130 Kms to replace this light.

We like the style of this item. Home Depot are very good at replacing faulty items. However, if for some odd reason there is a fault with the third light. I will simply lodge a complaint against the company once again with your office, and the Better Business Bureau. I will also contact Home Depot and lodge a complaint in reference to this product from (Hampton Bay Lighting).

About a year ago, we switched over most of the lighting in our home from the outdated brass/glass to the more rustic Hampton Bay. Here are some things I learned the hard way. Never, ever, EVER use the light bulbs that are sent with these fixtures. The first time I tried to change a bulb in my chandelier, actually unscrewed out the entire electrical element to that bulb. So, a couple of hundred dollars later (I had to have an electrician come in to wire that one bulb again, we decided to change every bulb while the electrician was here and he broke 2 of them attempting to remove them. The glass bulb did not break but simply removed itself from the metal threads which screw into the bulb fixture.

We replaced all the bulbs with the new spiral type bulbs that have the mercury and never had another issue. Then, after the electrician left, I attempted to remove and change the bulbs on all the other Hampton Bay fixtures we had installed and the same issue with 70% of the bulbs no matter how gently we tried to remove them. I tried to contact the manufacturer but it turns out there is no such company. It's obviously a subsidiary of Home Depot. I've always looked to HD for quality but they seemed to have dropped the ball here. The fixtures look great but they're not inexpensive so get ready for some headaches going in.

I am on the third photo eye sensor. I have owned this less than two months. Three first worked perfectly for about three days. The second work for almost a month. Defective sensors are being sold. Home Depot should pull these products from the shelves.

As we were not the original homeowners, nor did we have a receipt, Home Depot / Hampton Bay is not able to give us any money back. They did document it in the system, just in case, it happens again to someone else.

Original Review

Our house was built and light fixtures were installed in 2007 by the previous owners. For the 18 foot tall entrance hall, they chose a Hampton Bay chandelier Model # CC 164/9EBK. It is a very classy chandelier, which added a lot of character to our entrance. Being an 18 foot ceiling, it is very difficult to get to. Two days ago, my wife and I were sitting in the living room when we heard a strange noise in the entrance. As I walked into the entranceway, tried to turn on the chandelier, a shower of sparks fell from the ceiling along with the chandelier. It smashed onto the tile floor damaging one of the tiles. The chandelier weighs 26 pounds, and if I did not stop to turn on the lights, it potentially could have injured me. It appears that one of the chain links snapped. Did anyone else experience this? We now have to find a new chandelier and repair our tile floor.

We purchased several solar path lights for our Peaceful Garden indoor lighting project, to help people with no power, or those who want to help save power and curb global climate change. Only about 3 out of 10 solar lights even stay lit for more than 2 hours, after a week or two. Hampton Bay assured us that these lights were on warranty, but has refused to call us back, talk to us, or honor their replacement. We have to take them back to HOME DEPOT which sells these defective products. We have Hampton Bay solar path lights that are 10 years old, that work fine; they are making them cheaper.

We bought 3 boxes of the solar powered string lights to put up on our trees. They worked for a week, and so we got 5 more for the other trees. A few days, we noticed some of the lights dimming. So we started moving the little solar panels around the trees, maybe they just needed more sun. The lights still worked less and less. We took those 3 back to Home Depot and exchanged them for new ones. We put those up and they worked for about 2 days. We tried moving the solar panels around the trees again, it didn't help. As of now, only 2 of the 8 strings of lights on the trees work. One lit up tree, and can't return them. It's been over 30 days.

STAY AWAY FROM HAMPTON BAY LIGHTING PRODUCTS. Ceiling fan/light remote, lighting function became non-functional approx. 1 yr after purchase.

Hall light fixture is now broken, which I assumed was a bad bulb (special bulb can't be switched with other known working universal lights), so I purchased an $8 "specialized" bulb and found the light fixture is the problem. I now have 2 mercury-filled working bulbs with no working fixture which will add to our already toxic landfill/ground water issues. ALL OLDER UNIVERSAL INCANDESCENT/CFL fixtures in home are still working fine after 50+ yrs.

We bought a new kitchen light and when we installed it one bulb did not light up. We switched bulbs around and that one side still did not work. Exchanged unit and one side worked, the other the bulb just flickered but would not fully light up. Now we have take unit back again. After reading reviews on this fixture it seems that the issue has never been addressed! May just return and buy a different fixture. But now we have to repair ceiling, as this unit requires 4 mounting points.

I had to buy a new remote control for the HB ceiling fan and light hanging in my newly rented apartment. From day one, the light turned on but not the dimmer or any of the fan settings. I live in Hawaii and it's pretty stuffy without a fan to circulate the air. Landlord's response to my complaint was, "It was working the last time I was there." Well, it hasn't worked since. I order the exact remote from and it still doesn't work. I check the little pins inside and matched them to the old one. Still nothing. Changed the batteries 3 times, nothing. There is no off/on or up/down button on this model. How do I get the dang thing to work?

A Hampton Bay ceiling fan I purchased had a light with Halogen T4 bulbs in it. Since I've owned it I have replaced the bulb every 4 months at a cost of 7.98 each. I decided to read the info on the back of the bulb packaging and discovered they were not for use in ceiling fans. Who builds a product with parts not intended for use in it? Maybe someone selling halogen bulbs but not someone who wants to build customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Who makes an outside light using a battery that you can't replace? Hampton Bay of course! We purchased 12 outdoor lights 15 months ago only to find out that replacement batteries aren't available. So now we have to start over but definitely won't use Hampton Bay!

This model Hampton Bay# TK-5VTX3-34 is a lousy fixture and I would not recommend it to anyone. Within the first six months of usage I had to replace all five lights at a cost of five dollars and change a piece. Looks like I will have to replace it with a fixture that uses regular bulbs. I won't be purchasing any Hampton Bay products after this rip off.

About 4 months after I had this fan installed the remote control and light stopped working. Called an electrician and he found a hole burned in the module. I feel so lucky my house didn't burn down.

I have a Ceiling fan that stopped working. Call Customer Service and they told me the part would be over $30 but they did not have it in stock and it would be four or five weeks and I should call back....I did a little research, took the fan apart and order a $0.19 capacitor (total with shipping was $5.18) and it arrived in three days. Fan works great. Fan motors don't burn out but these capacitors do and are VERY EASY to replace. A new fan and light kit would have been over $250. Don't throw it out..fix it - cheap and easy.

I purchased a 3-light chandelier for my kitchen in my new condo. My friend who has installed many chandeliers and light fixtures offered to put it up. The task should have taken no more than 1 hour. 2 plus hours later, we had it hanging and working. My major complaint was that NO INSTRUCTIONS were included in the box. I found instructions online for installing Hampton Bay's light fixtures but they were very generic and didn't include steps required for mine to be installed correctly. Basically, it is hanging due to our perseverance and trial and error method. A very disappointing experience. I will think twice before buying a Hampton Bay product again.

I recently purchased a Harbor Breeze Fan, which worked great. Shortly thereafter I purchased a Hampton Bay Universal Light Kit. Prior to installing the light kit the fan was working properly, upon installing the light kit the fan stopped working and the light kit started working.

I'm fairly skilled when it comes to installing things and I followed the directions included to the T. Once I turned the fan on the lights would work and the fan motor itself would hum. I turned the lights off and tried to let the fan run but the motor still hummed. So I came to the conclusion that the light kit had somehow overloaded the circuit. I then tried calling the warranty/tech support line for Hampton Bay.

Hampton Bay's tech support/warranty support told me that the fan that was previously working was probably wired wrong and that their light kit would have nothing to do with messing up the fan. I tried to summarize things and they only insisted that it was the fan's fault and not their light kit. They kept instructing me to unwire the previously error free fan, and insinuating that I had done something wrong. Upon asking for a reimbursement for the fan they angrily told me that this isn't the way things work. I will not be purchasing any other Hampton Bay products as they do not seem to stand behind the merits of their products, nor does their customer service have very much input in means of actual assistance.

I want to share a happy review to serve as a counter weight to all of the negative reviews on this site. I just moved into a new house and inherited a ceiling fan in the master bedroom. Regretfully, the only way to control the fan was by remote control and the remote went missing when I bought the house. I called Hampton Bay and they are generously sending me a free remote control. It hasn't arrived yet, but I am very optimistic. Who says you can't get something for nothing?

I have 2 Hampton rust Bay outdoor fixtures (brass ha ha). Brass my **. After 18 months, have rusted and I have rust stains on my stucco. Not cheap $70 each. H. Bay says only the first year covers rust. It has a 3-year warranty? On what? It has no moving parts. Nothing can go wrong but the finish. So folks, don't buy any Hampton Bay, it's **.

Purchased this 11' Hampton Bay solar lighted umbrella less than a year ago. The crank is made of very cheap metal to which has already cracked & split. I would not advise anyone to purchase this product which only has a 90-day warranty. $300 for a piece of junk!! From the complaints I've read, this company does not stand behind their line of products.

We bought 3 ceiling fans from Home Depot. All three remotes start giving problems a year after installed. We have wasted a lot of batteries thinking this is the solution, but it seems the remote system is very cheap. As we do not have the receipts we are lost.

I am never buying Hampton Bay Products Again!!! This is the second time I bought under cabinet fluorescent lights from them and it was discontinued. You can't even find the replacement bulbs - so now I have to start all over again.

I purchased 3 ceiling fans in May of 2014. I couldn't complete the installation per the instructions so I called the number in the instruction pamphlet. I left a message explaining the problem and requested a call back. Days later, I'm STILL WAITING. Don't expect any help.

I have had problems with reading lamps from IKEA so I went to Home Depot to try and find a high quality reading lamp. I had previously purchased a Hampton Bay tropical ceiling fan which I have enjoyed. I saw this picture of a Bronze reading lamp that looked like it would really be strong and of high quality. I paid over $50.00 and it was very heavy, so I thought it would really last. The lamp comes in three sections which screws together. The middle section doesn't screw and fits right into the third section. It immediately tilts before you even screw in the heavy top cover or the cover for the reading lamp. This middle section should really screw tight as it is holding quite a bit of weight. Now I have to box it up and try to get my money back. I can't believe they put out a such an inferior product. Don't they have any quality control? A heavy lamp is going to have to really screw tight to have any chance of not tilting sideways. A complete waste of money and time. No excuse for this product.

I have 2 identical ceiling fans from Hampton Bay; one in the living room, another upstairs in a bedroom. The living room fan motor burned out long ago, after minimal use. An electrician could not fix it saying the motor needed to be replaced and it would be more economical just to replace the fixture. This morning, I woke up and the remote simply no longer works on the other fixture. Since I last used it to turn off the light, the hard wired wall switch is unable to turn it on (though the fan works). I now have no lighting in my bedroom and have no idea how to fix this mysterious problem. I will not EVER buy Hampton Bay products again.

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