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I purchased my first Conair Infiniti Pro 1875 hair dryer about a year ago. I loved it, until one day while using it, flames started shooting out the end of the handle. I was unaware anyone else had this problem. I had just returned from vacation and I assumed something must have happened to it during travel... although, I could not figure out what could have happened.

I purchased the exact same model again (thinking the first one must have been damaged while traveling). I immediately noticed that the 2nd one did not seem as powerful. I used it for about 6 weeks until this morning. While I was drying my hair, I heard a buzzing noise and felt a shock. I immediately dropped the dryer and unplugged it. I tested the wall plug with a very old dryer I have and no problem. I noted on the plug there was a test and reset button. I waited about an hour and attempted to plug it in again. Immediately I heard the buzzing and got shocked again. I would not recommend anyone purchase this unit. It is extremely dangerous.

I bought this hairdryer at a pharmacy in Manhattan about six or seven months ago. It was on sale. I've had no problems with it until today. While using it, it made a couple of popping sounds and then immediately flames and sparks started shooting out of the bottom of the handle and I felt a current go up my left arm. I dropped the hairdryer on the floor and pulled the plug out of the socket. The resulting smoke in the bathroom was very unpleasant. I immediately went to the Conair website intending to report it and saw that many model numbers of the Infinity Pro had been recalled, but not my model number 259Y. The recall notice was very specific in saying that only models with one screw on the back of the handle were being recalled. My model 259Y has TWO screws on the back.

I telephoned the Recall Center and spent 17 MINUTES ON HOLD. Honestly, for a department that is entrusted with dealing with safety issues, this is quite unacceptable. I hung up and proceeded to call the Conair Corporate Headquarters in Connecticut. I was transferred to a Directors voicemail at extension #**. I believe that her VM message said that her name was Andrea ** (phonetic representation). I left her a very long message with all of the above information and more along with my phone number which I repeated TWICE. I demanded a call back and also demanded that the website recall information be updated to include this model 259Y with TWO screws on the back of the handle.

I got a call back from a woman in New Jersey who said that she was the only person who worked in the Personal Products Department now, because everyone had been laid-off or had retired. (I had encountered some difficulty returning her call; kept getting disconnected.) When I asked her why the disconnections, she said that the calls automatically disconnect when she can't answer them because she doesn't have voicemail. When I asked her why she didn't have voicemail, she responded, "I guess I don't rate." The woman took all of my information and said that she would refer it to another product department and someone would be back in touch with me shortly. I won't hold my breath.

Conair's lack of preparedness for important calls from consumers about safety hazards with their products is inexcusable and shows a disregard for consumer safety. It also seems typical of a company on its way to going out of business. I plan to stay away from all Conair and Cuisinart (their brand, too) products for the next few years.

Caution!!! I bought this "Conair" curl & secret curling iron - $99 on sale for $79 with my 20% coupon - "As seen on TV". I've seen it for at least a year - finally go to buy myself something nice. Had to wait for it to ship to Bed, Bath and Beyond (because everyone wants one) and that thing ate my hair for real. If my 17 year son hadn't saved me I would have lost an inch of hair. It was and is still stuck in that thing!!! For sure worse than boot camp, working on a teenage psych ward, and as a wound care specialist this was a horrific experience. Now I'm trying to figure out how to write a review - which in hindsight I should of looked up first.

Conair Infiniti Pro 1875 Watt Hair Dryer. I purchased this hair dryer last week to replace a hair dryer I've used for 5+ years. Took dryer out of box and dried my hair and it worked fine. After I finished I threw away the packaging. The next day I went to dry my hair and the medium blower would not work at all. I called Conair this morning since the product has a one-year warranty (or so I thought) and was advised that I needed to send the dryer to their Arizona warehouse AT MY EXPENSE where it would be evaluated and they would then let me know what I needed to do next. When I asked why I was required to pay postage to return a defective dryer I was told I should be happy because they normally charge for the item to be returned to you as well and they waived that portion of the fee. Bad product and worse customer service! I strongly advise anyone considering a Conair hair dryer to reconsider!

Bought 5 i-Stubble men's hair trimmers for Christmas. All but one worked. The spring that holds the blade assembly together wasn't attached. Contacted Conair and I kept having to contact them again and again because every replacement that I got (3 replacements) all had the same problem. Quality control just let them get by. I have read many reviews about people with the same problems for the GMT880. Tried to attach the spring myself, but the tiny plastic piece that holds it just breaks right off. Finally just gave up and threw it away and bought my little brother something else. Will never buy another Conair product again because they don't care to test them before selling. I would advise everybody else to stay away from Conair products.

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I bought a coffeepot for my husband. After he had it for about 11 months, it was not working right no matter how often we cleaned it. So I called Conair and they sent me another coffeepot for $10.00. This coffeepot, the light did not work on the clock and at least once a day the coffee would come out cold. And to send the pots back it would cost me $50.00 a pot. I would not buy anything that's made by Conair again.

First purchase started leaking water within three-year warranty. Conair replaced with a unit that lasted two months before hot water stopped working. Conair replaced that one with another unit that lasted one month before hot water stopped working. Now, ConAir customer service says they will replace the third unit but it's only under warranty for 90 days. Even though the original purchase stopped working within the three-year warranty period, and the two subsequent replacements stopped working, Conair/Cuisinart customer service says we're out of luck with the original warranty if the fourth unit doesn't work after 90 days.

I've been using this product for approximately two years, lately I've noticed it's been hotter than normal and would have to wait for it to cool down. Last week I had it plugged in for about 15 minutes, when I came back, the top cover had caved in and soft, it had started to melt. The rollers were extremely hot, when I tried to lift one out, the whole top rim came off, the rollers were melting from the heat!!! A few days later I tried to pull a roller out to look at it, all were stuck and after forcing one out, I could see that the rollers had melted and were so disfigured it was hard to remove them from the slot; they were stuck to the floor of the unit the metal rods. Very dangerous over-heating. I saw someone else wrote about overheated rollers too.

Infiniti pro hairdryer - Yesterday I went to blow dry my hair and it simply blew up... But not until it snapped, crackled and popped blowing amber hot sparks in my face. I am so startled and angry!!! I want a new dryer!!

Last night I was using my Conair Infiniti blow dryer and it made a huge exploding noise. Flames shot out of it and it nearly burnt my chest. Thankfully, I dropped it immediately so there were no burns on my skin. It was a frightening experience and I won't use Conair products again. It will be hard to find a blow dryer that isn't Conair but I will try today.

I received the Conair Infiniti curler for Christmas. The first time I used it was great. The second it started beeping and would not stop. So I try it a third and it gets stuck in my hair and I had to cut a large portion out. I've been growing my hair out for only 2 years and now this. I will not be buying Conair products. I am not trying to go bald, I am trying to look pretty. And the best part, it kept trying to eat my hair to the scalp until I unplugged it and what happened after that, the curler started smoking. I am guessing it was my hair, I didn't want it to catch on fire so I cut it off almost to the scalp. Instead of get a perfect curl every time, how about lose and burn your hair every time.

I just bought a Conair wet and dry straightener and went to use it today on DRY hair, and I put it on my hair and it burnt the whole left side right as it hit my hair!!! I had to throw the straightener into the sink to stop it from smoking AND I had to run into the shower because I thought my hair was about to go on fire. It's so bad to the point where my hair is burnt to a crisp and stuck on the metal plate, in piles in the sink as well as burnt in my hair and falling out as we speak. How does this happen?!?! I've used many different straighteners and this has never happened! Now I literally have one giant burnt spot on one side of my head. What am I supposed to do, cut all the way up to my scalp? Or shave my head on that side? This is unacceptable and I am so so pissed. I should sue you for this! Never buy from them!!!

I opened and used the Conair curls and curl-styling brush once. The first time I used it my long hair got so tangled I couldn't use anything to pry my hair out. I had to end up cutting my hair. So now instead of long pretty hair, I have unwanted bangs that I had to go to the salon to blend the rest of my hair. This product is ridiculous and thankfully, it is so cheaply made, it didn't heat up enough to burn my scalp. In fact this product is so bad, I think it is being discontinued.

Has anyone had a problem with the Conair 1875 dryer? Over the last few days it has been blowing hot then starts blowing colder air, then back to hot, then cold again. I can still dry my hair but weird. Today I actually got a shock from the thing. My fingers still tingle. Not using it again. Need to buy another. This one is only a couple years old.... I'll be using my 1980s backup hair dryer for a few days.

Had just got this curling iron my second time using it and my hair got caught in the device. I could not take it out. I pulled and pulled trying to get it out it wouldn't release my hair. Finally had to cut it out called the 1800 number spoke to a rep she said she was so sorry took my info. I asked for corporates number she wasn't allowed to give it out?? She said someone would get back to me still waiting??? I asked if this has happened before was not allowed to answer ?? What kind of company are they running??

Conair curling wand kills your hair!! Do NOT buy, very disappointed. I have to get a hair cut frequently due to the curler. Not worth the money.

I noticed a "smell" in my fairly new iron and called Conair and was "assured" it was under warranty (which I have) and that they would send me a replacement out ASAP. I did not have another iron so expressed to them I needed it right away and if there was a wait to please let me know. I was told 7-10 days, no problem. Well that was a long enough time but I waited. After day 10 I called. I was told now that it was on "back order" which I would never have sent it back had I known this but now nothing I can do. I asked to "please" give me a call when it comes in and again was "assured" I would no problem.

Another week or two goes by now and nothing. No call nothing. I call again and they tell me that the blue one is still on back order but they have a black one they can send out. I figured I waited this long might as well wait. I then after 2-3 days thought I might as well just get a black one even if doesn't match the dryer. I call again and NOW I get that my particular iron (blue) is DISCONTINUED so I guess I have NO choice now but to get the black one! I really am angry now and ask that they PLEASE just send me the black one as it is over a MONTH now and no iron. I was speaking to someone who apologized over and over who also said she knew how it was being without an iron trust me and that she would send it out 2-day FedEx so that I would have it EARLY this week like Monday or Tuesday!

It is Wednesday and I called just now to get the tracking number because it is still NOT here. I was now told that it will be arriving tomorrow and since there is supposed to be a SNOW storm here tomorrow I am now looking at Friday! I am extremely DISAPPOINTED in this company and their employees and yet ANOTHER company that has NO clue about customer service! I won't be purchasing ANYTHING online at this company again!

Every Conair hair curler I've owned have been inferior. The clips that hold the rollers to your hair are made of plastic which softens/expand and let the rollers fall out. Their latest ($99) curler is no better.

Conair Ion Shine 1875 Blow Dryer - I've had this blow dryer for less than 2 years. The past month I've been noticing the area where the cord meets the appliance was getting extremely hot when using it, but didn't think anything of it. Today, I was using it and noticed a weird, plastic smell. Turned it off and didn't see any smoke or anything unusual. Turned it on again and immediately heard a loud pop and was showered with hot sparks that flew out of the cord. Dropped it on the ground and it shut off, but never been so scared in my life.

I bought this curling device for $113.00, you would think it was great for that price. One day it heated up so hot it burnt my hair. I did not notice initially but by the end of the day 1/3 of my hair had fallen off about an inch from the root. The entire top layer of my hair was gone. There's nothing I can do to fix it but wait for it to grow. I emailed them about it and got some stupid email saying to send it for testing with all the original packaging. No sorry, no nothing. I was so disgusted I didn't even answer back. Please do not buy this.

I was using a 1 inch round Conair hair brush to get lift at the crown of my head, I rolled the hair onto the brush and blew it with a dryer, I could not get my hair out of the brush. I wet my hair and put conditioner on it and still had to pull the brush forcefully from my hair resulting in torn hair. My hair is fine to begin with, and I do not have much of it. To see so much of my hair literally ripped from my head was traumatic. I bought this brush less than a month ago from a grocery store.

I will start off with saying how grateful I was that I was home. My Conair cord keeper 1875 turned on all by itself. It started as a low whirling sound and was led quickly by smoke.

I purchased the xl hot rollers from Conair and was very pleased at first. One morning as I tried to remove the first roller, it had gotten so hot the plastic started pulling apart. They were all melting. I contacted Conair. They sent me a long questionnaire which I filled out, and sent back. They sent me another set exactly like the first. I used the next one for several months with no problems and then the same thing happened. I was lucky, all that happened was I burnt the tips of my fingers. I emailed Conair and they replied I would have to call. When I called they said there was nothing they could do since they are only under warranty for a year. I didn't remember when I had sent the first one back and don't have any idea how old the replacement was. What happened to good customer service? I'm thinking of posting pictures of the melted curlers on facebook.

I purchased Infiniti Conair hair dryer less than 1 year back. While I was putting it on, it caught up the fire. I was lucky I was not using it otherwise I could have hurt. How can I take my refund or file a complaint?

My Conair hair straightener started on fire and blew up today and almost burned my place down. I need to get some attention to my Facebook post. Can you share it on your page for me - I appreciate it guys. Also if you have any direct media outlets I can contact, thanks. VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. PLS SHARE VIDEO ON MY TIMELINE.

Purchased the Infiniti Pro by Conair blow dryer approximately 3 years ago. This past weekend, while drying my hair, the dryer shorted out immediately caught on fire burning a hole through my p'j's, burning a hole in my skin on my right breast. I was shocked and scared. I have never had a blow dryer product catch on fire. I was lucky the blow dryer was not near my face for it would have surely burnt my face and/or caught my hair on fire. I plan to file a complaint with ConAir.

I had and used this blow dryer for a couple of years. This particular morning I was using it for about 15 minutes and it started smelling like hair was burning. Before I could turn it off something came out of the blow dryer and landed between my breast and my bra. It burnt a hole in my bra and burnt my skin. There was like metal that I had to dig out of my burn. I am left with a small scar. I had just thrown away the blow dryer but when I realized it was going to leave me a scar I pulled it out. I took pictures just in case there is anything I need to do to prove this blow dryer did this to me.

I purchased a Babybliss Titanium Hair Straightener and it stopped working. I called customer service back in October, around October 12. They took my information and were to send me a replacement product. I waited over 30 days and called to follow up on the status. They said they would send a referral to corporate and I would receive a call back within 48 hours. I did not hear from them and I called back on 11/26 and another referral was sent to corporate and again I was told another call would be received and yet again no call. On 12-4, I called to inquire again and was told that the product was sent out on 12/11 via FedEx. Only later to learn that my product could not have gone FedEx because FedEx does not deliver to a PO box.

I did call from a floor supervisor on 12/12. I called back to company on 12/16 and spoke with a customer service rep and a floor supervisor. I was told that they could put in another request to resend to physical address. This date, 12/16, I was advised that I should receive something within 7 to 10 business days. I called back today on 12/27 and had been told again they could put in a ticket to corporate. Seeing how I did not receive any calls the previous two times, I asked for a specific date as to when I would get replacement product. This time I was informed the product was never sent out nor was the address changed. I cannot believe that the company runs like this. It is unacceptable and I guarantee I will never buy another Conair product again.

I purchased one of the faulty hair dryers 08/13 at Kohl's and to know that Conair was still selling this product after a high volume of complaints is disturbing and they need to be held accountable. I have damage to my hair and my bangs have broken off and I have very long hair. My teenager also burned her counter with this dryer. I literally can't believe they would keep this product on the shelves and try to cover this up rather than protect the public and children from injury. Conair certainly better issue a public apology for their negligence and I see multiple lawsuits coming their way. I am calling my attorney Monday in DFW, TX. If anyone wants his number for advice please respond and I will post contact info.

I purchased a Conair blow dryer, model #115WD serial # 0510N, six months ago. The dryer is blowing sparks. I noticed this WHILE using it. Luckily, I wasn't injured, but can you imagine? The customer service representative I spoke with said they are unable to generate a ticket for return/exchange of this product and I would have to wait for corporate to contact me in the next 4-7 days on this matter. WHAT??? Maybe if my hair or bathroom caught fire, they would be more concerned about replacing the faulty product.

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