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Bought what we thought was quality cookware from our local Younkers department store "owned by Macy's". The cookware is terrible. Tried to get Circulon to warranty the defective items, they said it was my fault and their "no hassle warranty" did not apply to me. It is only my wife and I in our home, we are grandparents and don't even use the pans all that often. They are discolored and will not come clean. I don't know how we could have damaged two of the 12 pieces of the set. We had a T-Fal set we used while we raised three kids and never had any issues with that set. In fact we moved the T-Fal set to our motorhome and still use it when we travel. The Circulon set lasted three years. Do not buy. It's junk and they will not honor their "No hassle warranty".

I have 2 Circulon saucepans for about 2 years that I don't use very often. When I use the 1 quart it is usually to cook hard boiled eggs or oatmeal and the 2 quart to cook rice or frozen peas or corn. Today I threw both in the garbage because the coating has almost completely worn off and they are probably unsafe. I am still using the stainless steel pots and pans that my mother purchased for me when I was married 43 years ago and will go out and purchase 2 of that brand to replace the 2-year-old Circulon.

Saw so many negative reviews. Had to add my love of these non-stick dishwasher safe cookware. Regularly $199 on sale. Sometimes for $159. Have had mine for over 2 1/2 years and always put in dishwasher. Always look like new. Even the bottoms look like new. I do adhere to medium heat but also have put in oven. Love the silicon coated handles that don't transfer heat. Use silicon utensils. Have bought 2 more sets for my children and they're equally pleased. Looking for griddle and grill pan.

Several months ago I purchased a Circulon Cookware set online through Macy's. I have never purchased a Circulon product and I have always associated Circulon with quality. Macy's was fine. I received the cookware set and the larger fry pan was "bent" in an oval shape. The lids for the sauce pans did not fit properly. I didn't believe this was a "Macy's issue" but a Circulon issue so I called Circulon's customer service toll free number. If you like to be treated rudely, in a condescending way that's the number to call to aggravate you. A lady answered and "blew me off" and rudely said "return it to Macy's". I tried explaining to her we have no Macy's here, I am a disabled senior and got nowhere.

I am a pretty calm person and I myself have worked in several call centers. No way would I return rudeness with rudeness. Seeing I was getting nowhere, I waited a bit and called Macy's. Macy's offered a $15.00 credit or a return label. I ordered a cookware set because I needed one plus I didn't want to go through the hassle so I accepted the $15.00 credit. My beef is with Circulon and directed to them.

One, if you are going to have a customer service number then hire folks who enjoy providing world class customer service. People associate Circulon with quality, after my experience, I sure don't. I still have this set and most pieces are in a box in the basement. I would love to return them all to Circulon. In the meantime, I recently bought a "Black Friday" cookware set by a competitor of Circulon for a third of the price and am thrilled with the quality and guess what? No bent oval frying pan either and no aggravating customer service calls need to be placed!

I purchased the Circulon Premier Professional pots and pans in March 2015. In October I realized the large pot's top no longer fit. I had not misused the pot. I submitted pictures as requested under the warranty, but have heard nothing back from the company.

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My parents gave me a set of Circulon cookware in 2015. My last set was Farberware that I have had and used constantly through a growing family since 1979. This new set is extremely disappointing. The nonstick ridged surface started flaking off the first week even though I adhered to the recommendations of not cooking at a high heat and nonstick utensils. They are hard to clean completely and are unbalanced. And since I am cooking for only one person now, me, I can't imagine they will last much longer. And everything sticks to them also. I am so disappointed.

I purchased a set on Circulon pans. The large frying pan has started sticking. I contacted the home office and sent them pictures. They agreed it was bad but suddenly couldn't help me. They gave me a runaround to contact another office, that office couldn't help. Bottom line I do not recommend this company.

Bought new 13 piece set of cookware and there are three tops that has a lot of excess rubber. According to customer service, "It does not matter what the tops look like. You have a top". The company decided a lot of excess rubber around the tops is not a defect so they will do nothing. If all the tops looked the same I would not have known the difference. For the amount of money I spent I guess I should look elsewhere.

Highly recommend! I've been using Circulon cookware for years. Circulon makes excellent quality cookware. My latest Circulon addition to my kitchen is the 12" covered deep frying pan.

I bought a circulon cookware set at Macy's last year 2014, knowing that it has a lifetime guarantee. Over the use of time, the saute, griddle & 6 qt pan had a problem, the non stick coating are coming off. I sent a replacement request since it was a lifetime replacement. I sent all the documents & pictures and it was denied the claim. I was told by the representative that it was over heated, and it was also washed in dishwasher which I never do. The company only gave me a 20% discount. I will not waste my money again to a product that cannot stand with normal use and a company that won't stand by their promise "lifetime guarantee". I donated my circulon set of pots & pans since it was not a reliable investment. Do not buy or invest on any of their products. Beware, before you regret it.

Circulon 11 inch non stick fry pan. Within 10 days the handle fell off. I do want a refund!! Am not happy with the product. Handle fell off during a family get-together.

I have been using Circulon pots for over 15 years. I love the way they cook and the durability. I have put them in the dishwasher before I moved. I lived in New Jersey and purchased my pots from Macy's in Paramus Park. I have also bought additional pieces to add to my cookware. However, recently I put two pots in my dishwasher here in South Carolina. When I pulled them from the dishwasher, the bottom had no teflon on one and the other one was all faded on the outside. The inside of the pot suffered no damage. I knew you are not supposed to use metal utensils on them but like I said, I've put the really soiled pots in the dishwasher and never had any problem. The pots that were damaged was the one with the spout that came with the set and the very small fry pan which also came with the set. I know I have had them a long time, but now I'm afraid to purchase Circulon.

It's pretty bad when your cookery sucks so bad that frying bacon sticks. I have bought cheap $5 pots and pans before and had better results. I would not recommend these to anyone. This company is horrible. I sent mine back...they returned with wrong pots. They substituted with leftover stock. I had 4 fry pans...they sent 3 pots. Stay away buy cheap. Save your money.

I bought an induction range so I needed a new set of cookware. I looked everywhere first of all Costco. Their set was scratched on the outside and I didn't like the pour spouts on all the pans. Sometimes you need a better seal. I finally went to Macy's and saw the Circulon set. It was way out of my price range but the saleslady said they were on sale with 20% off and another 15% off if I get a credit card. It came out to be about $20 more than Costco plus that week they had a bonus of two sizes of stock pots FREE, now a lot cheaper than Costco and better quality. I got that rubberized like shelf liner to put between pans, never use metal utensils and never put in dishwasher. They are nonstick. I have had them for only about 3 months but I love them.

I've owned many different sets in over 46 years of marriage and I've learned that if you put a little thought in trying to keep them new looking then they should last for a long time. I fry in them and fry eggs and have no problems. I always use a little olive oil spray and have no problem of sticking or of build up of the spray.

The frying pans allowed food to stick. Could not even fry an egg. The frying pans and pots began to show metal. Therefore coating wore off quickly and easily. No longer able to use most of the set. I bought a cheap no name frying pans and they work fabulous and easy to clean, no mess. Circulon pans difficult to clean.

I was very happy with original purchase. Fried eggs great, pancakes, grilled cheese. I tried to make apple fritters. The pan became unbalanced. Hot grease went every-place!!! The handle seems to be too heavy for the pan... I do not think anyone should buy these pans - dangerous!!! Thanks.

I bought 2 11-inch Griddle pans about 8 years ago. Put one away and used the other for everything from Pancakes to Pork Chop with absolutely no problems whatsoever. Followed the instructions and never exceeded the recommended heat setting of Medium low and it performed beautifully. Then my mother was watching the kids while out of town and used excessive heat and pretty much trashed it. So glad I had a spare. As another reviewer noted, I've looked at the new version of the same pan and I must say the quality is nowhere near the same as far as thickness and weight of the pan. No comparison. Wish I could find a stock of the old ones!!

I have been forced to buy 4 sets of these horrible pans cause I only shop costco & I use induction stove. They boast of this lifetime guaranty which is a boldfaced lie. Have an excuse 24/7 why they will not replace their bad pans! Pans make a strong & deadly chemical smell for 4 wks of use throughout your home which killed all 6 of our canaries in one hour & made my asthmatic son so sick he moved away from our home when I needed him here the most! Only costco is good @ giving "refunds," certainly nothing from this maker of the wickedly bad pans! They lie about everything & leave you holding the bag w/ all their deceitful angles! They claim repeated hot temps ruin the pans, duh ~ Cooking = pans getting hot. In 2 months the pans are wavy warped = burning food in the middle & uncooked food to the outer edge! Also pans spin on the cook pad if you barely touch them trying to move food that sticks all the time! Only teflon cooking utensils used so there "is no excuse!"

This was my first and now last experience with Circulon Cookware. After two years of use non stick surface disintegrated. Mind you, this was not a commercial kitchen - not heavy use at all. Consumer Relations department reason for claim denial was - repetitive heat and "other reasons". My repetitive attempts to contact a person at the Consumer relations of no use. After 6 messages nobody called me back. So unless your intent to use Circulon Cookware as decor item - my recommendation would be to purchase product from their competition. I did and I am happy with Anolon.

We bought our set about 10 years ago. Which I have to add, my husband did not want to spend the money. But we did. The last few years the frying pans WILL NOT come clean! We have tried everything except a torch. For what we spent... I will not buy a set like this again. And to think we did everything to make sure they were stored with padding so each of them don't scratch, correct utensils. Those little grooves are a pain in the **.

2 years in my kitchen, careful not to use scratching utensils etc, and am now beginning to see chipped bottoms inside my most used pots. I'm so disappointed. Searching for company address to address my problem! Paying over $200 appears not be a worthwhile investment. Please help!

My husband bought the set from Costco about 9 years ago. I liked them at first. Then they became very hard to clean. Every time I had a family dinner and guests were helping in the kitchen, they would comment, "I cannot get the pans clean"! I feel that these pots and pans are heavy, dirty and just a total disappointment for the money. Would not recommend to anyone. And after moving to our retirement home, I have only unpacked the big pot. The rest can stay in the box. I don't like them, I don't want to use them.

I also bought the cookware at Costco a few years ago and now the three pieces I use the most are losing their coating. I see more and more silver in the pots! What do I do?

I received a set of Circulon Cookware and added a smaller pot - 1 1/2 qt pot. The 5 qt pot from the set and 1 1/2 qt (bought separately) are the ones in the complaint. I can no longer get them clean. I would be happy if they would replace the two pots. I have the lids. Will you please help me? They are the two I use the most. I will gratefully appreciate your help.

I have been using Circulon cookware for the past 9 years and like it a lot, however, 4 years back I bought the Circulon cooking set from Costco. Most of the pieces are fine. but the three pieces that I use regularly are in a horrible shape. It is very bad from outside and inside. I cannot cook in them anymore please help me.

I bought Circulon pots and pans ten years ago, and they cooked and cleaned wonderfully. They are in storage so I bought a new set of skillets. However, they do not cook or clean as the old set. Did you change the composition of your anodizing and your process? I am disappointed that the new ones are not as good as the previous set.

I thought these pans would last forever, but they burn easily, and turn black, and and are very hard to clean. My set is the commercial Circulon set, that I bought at Costco, 5 or 6 years ago. They have grooves in the bottom, and are extremely difficult to clean, and the finish is coming off, and I often find black specks in the food I cook. I regret spending so much money on this product. I am worried that the finish and lack of complete cleaning will be a hazard to my health, and anyone else that I might cook for in my home. I don't think I could even give them to Goodwill. We paid $300 for the set.

I bought this cookware 4 years ago, the protecive coating wore off the bottom of the pans and the sauce pans have even warped where teh cover doesn't fit right anymore. These pots look about 30 years old. I have always hand washed them & used special utensils as not to scratch them. They look and cook terrible. I would never get them again.

These pans are three yrs old and the two skillets have been thrown away...stuck and burned. The pans are still great on the inside, but all of the outside has washed off. I can run my finger over the outside and speaks come off on my finger. They are going in the trash as soon as I can afford to buy a new set of pans...DEFINITELY WON'T BE CIRCULON.


The pan became black on the bottom interior and the finish is coming off. I will NEVER buy another Circulon pan.

Don't want to use since interior is coming off.

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