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I was baking a spaghetti casserole in a 350-degree oven. The recipe called for 35 minutes in the oven. After being in the oven for 15 minutes I heard a strange noise. It was the pan exploding in the oven. I shut the oven off immediately but had spaghetti all over the bottom of the oven!!! I took pictures of the incident. I would not recommend these pans from Anchor Hocking!!! Very disappointed!! I know you people owe me for this pan!!!

Last night I was cooking homemade rolls, nothing out of the ordinary. I used no fats or water or anything inside the oven, which could contribute to a rapid temperature change causing an explosion. I sat the dish on top of the oven to butter the rolls on top and to cool. My 11-year-old daughter helped me. We walked toward the refrigerator to put the butter away (minutes only) and heard a cracking noise and then a pop. The dish exploded and sent very hot, sharp shards flying feet from the oven, where a one-inch shard pierced my foot about 1/2 an inch deep, creating a wound that bled profusely when I yanked out the glass.

My daughter was traumatized from seeing me bleeding this way. If she or I would have been closer it may have pierced an eye. This is beyond dangerous. Don't use this product ever. Not worth it!! This happened to me once before with the same type of product inside my oven and I thought it was a fluke. I should have done my research then. I am lucky that I only had to put my foot up for one day so far because if I bore weight on the injury it would bleed. Seriously something wrong with this cheaply made product. Defective to say the least!!

Was cooking an enchilada casserole which had been in the oven about 15 minutes. Opened the oven to add cheese to the top and the dish exploded sending shards of glass all over the oven and kitchen floor! What a mess! I had to take the oven door off because the door was open when the glass broke and hot enchiladas dripped down into the crevice where the door opens! What a mess!!

This morning, I came downstairs and began emptying the dishwasher. When I opened the cabinet to put away some dishes, I was amazed to find our Anchor 2 Cup measuring pitcher lying in pieces INSIDE THE CLOSED CABINET. During the night, this piece of glassware spontaneously exploded AT ROOM TEMPERATURE with enough force to throw glass shards 2 feet away inside the cabinet. I find this totally inexplicable since there was no temperature differential involved, no movement and no compression factor since the pitcher was sitting isolated on top of a padded shelf liner. I've included pictures of what I saw when I opened the cabinet door for reference.

This Anchor Hocking pitcher hadn't been used or moved for days because we happened to be using our Pyrex brand pitcher for cooking. Examination of the shards shows holistic cracking throughout the base. While I understand that any glassware can break under certain circumstances such as sudden temperature differentials, this is the first time I've ever seen glassware explode at room temperature.

My research on Consumer Reports indicates that Anchor Hocking and Corning now both manufacture their "bakeware" for the USA market using the less expensive "Soda-Lime" glass rather than the more expensive "Borosilicate" glass used in the past and still used in Europe. Corning uses tempered soda-lime glass for it's Pyrex bakeware line, I have no information regarding Anchor-Hocking but the implication is that it is not tempered. We will not buy any more glassware from this manufacturer and I solicit their response. For more information, Google "anchor hocking glassware exploding".

After waiting nearly 3 months to get my set from Amazon it finally came, forgetting all about it. It was kind of a surprise and so was the accident that happened the very next day when I tried to microwave my food... on the very first use after reading that it's microwave safe the glass shattered and went everywhere. Not surprising after reading all the review though. Disappointing.

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I bought a new 9x13 cake pan, brought it home, washed it, made a cake, baked @ 350, took it out of the oven, walked 5 feet away from cake cooling on rack, and the pan broke into a million pieces, all over the kitchen the cake. Call Anchor Hocking, they told me they would only compensate me for the pan because I didn't keep the dish and send it back. I ask them where it says that. I still had the original pkg, and nowhere on that pkg did it say that. I told them to keep their dish, I would never buy from them again. Bad customer service, poor quality product.

Anchor lids all split. Will never buy again as they are useless without the lids. Waste of money. Do not buy. Very poor quality. I'll be buying Pyrex from now on. Had them for years.

I have bought several glass containers from Anchor Hocking. Every single one of the plastic lids has cracked rendering the entire container virtually useless, since it's no longer sealed. Completely disappointed these are not covered under warranty. I can pretty much buy a whole new set for what it would cost me to replace the lids...which by the way have only ever been in the refrigerator and dishwasher as per written guidelines. Will not be supporting this company in buying anymore glass from them.

I had a 13.5 x 9.5 rectangular bake-ware that exploded in my oven yesterday. What or who do I contact about that?

I purchased an Anchor dish a few months ago and had used it about a dozen times. It had been in the oven with some fat in it prior to placing potatoes in. I took it out of the oven and placed it on a breadboard. Before I could put the potatoes in, it exploded sending hot shattered glass everywhere. I was extremely lucky that I was not hit. The breadboard had tiny fragments of glass embedded in it and had to be thrown out as did our lunch. Part of the kitchen floor was melted where a large piece of glass had landed. We are still removing tiny fragments from the work surface and the floor.

After baking a Lasagna, I let it cool for thirty minutes, and sliced portions to remove for serving. On the next to last slice, as I was removing the knife and without touching it the Glass Baking Pan literally jumped in an explosion sending shards and pieces that had the appearance of safety glass similar to an automobile windshield, when they break.

It is imperative that these companies return to the old Pyrex style and formula. This Chinese inspired soda-lime formula are going to severely injured or kill someone, as these exploding "Bakeware Pans" are on the rise. My face and eyes were within a foot from the exploding Glass and I'm unsure if any entered my eyes or not as this explosion occurred within the last two hours. Glass shards are everywhere in my kitchen and top of the stove where the Lasagna had been cooling. I have mopped up but still am unsure if all the Glass has been picked up. Also had to throw out an entire Lasagna, which has irritated me sufficiently.

We have several small Anchor Ovenware bowls with lids. Just a few minutes ago, one of the lids just exploded all over the kitchen. The dish, neither the bowl nor lid, were being used for cooking - the bowl and lid was simply sitting on a shelf at room temperature. Needless to say, I'm removing all Anchor products from my house, including the remaining bowls and lids.

Made a shepherd's pie and had it in the oven on medium heat. Sat down and 5 minutes later, there was a shattering sound and the dish had exploded. Lucky the oven door was closed at the time and we had the dish on an oven tray. We have another dish the same but won't be using it in the oven ever.

Our brand new non-stick pan was used twice in a toaster oven without incident. Now we discovered that a recall or Cease of Production was put in place. Stores stopped selling these but ours was bought on clearance at Winn-Dixie. Publix did pull them before they were not sold by manufacturers anymore. Ours exploded in my hand all around our kitchen when removed from a hot area. Company offered to send a replacement as "they are backlogged" but I do NOT want another glass pan after I had one for years w/ no problem! It went all over our kitchen cutting me!

I was fixing to make cornbread and had the oven on preheat and when I put the pan in the oven and close the door it exploded all to pieces.

I purchased a brand new 3 piece bakeware set at Bed, Bath & Beyond on October 2, 2015. I followed the instructions on the label; however, in the middle of baking a peach cobbler the glassware exploded. The temperature was only 350 and it had only been baking for approximately 30 minutes. Thank God the oven door was closed when it exploded. There's obviously something wrong with their Q&A department since there have been other incidents similar to mine. I can't believe the company hasn't been investigated.

HOLY COW!! On Saturday, September 19, 2015, my husband purchased a 2 qt. Anchor Hocking glass casserole dish at our local Publix store. When he got home with the groceries, I wiped out the dish with a damp cloth and prepared chicken tetrazzini for company that evening. The dish did not have any scratches or nicks since it was new, and I did not use knives or utensils in the dish. The dish was not subjected to extreme temperature changes and I only used it on "bake" in the oven. (In other words, I followed all the requirements on the AH label.) I took the dish from the counter at room temperature and placed it in my pre-heated oven at 375 degrees. It was to bake for 25 minutes. I left the kitchen to clean up and sometime in the 25-minute interval, the new AH dish exploded, spraying pieces of glass and dinner throughout the oven.

Obviously, my dinner party was ruined. I spent more than an hour cleaning up the mess after we returned from treating our guests to dinner at a local restaurant. I contacted Anchor Hocking the next day by email, enclosing close-up pictures of the oven and glass. They responded with the need to see the actual glass shards, which I did not have since I had put them in the trash and the trash had been picked up early that morning. They are sending me another dish, which I will not use for cooking. We had purchased another Anchor Hocking casserole dish at the same time (3 qt.) and I returned that to the store today. When I looked closely at it, I could see small bubbles in the glass near the corner. These dishes are dangerous and Anchor Hocking should do a complete recall. Something is clearly wrong with their manufacturing process or their materials to be causing this many explosions.

We bought this glass oven to table glass dish 27 August 2015 from T J Hughes in Stretford, Manchester. On the following Saturday, my wife used it for the first time to cook a leg of lamb. It had been cooking for approx. 25 minutes when she went to check it. As she picked the dish up it exploded in her hands, ruining the meat. She was lucky the bits of glass missed her face and eyes. We collected all the bits of glass up and returned them to the shop we bought it from. Having called back to the shop, we have still not any information as to the reason this happened as they have not had any from your company and they are still selling these dishes. We were lucky nobody was hurt and would advise any not to buy your products.

My mother-in-law was baking enchiladas in our oven and they had been in the oven for thirty minutes. We have had this particular dish for just over one year. As the dish was being checked it exploded! My wife and mother in law were very close to the dish with the oven door open. I immediately emailed Anchor Hocking on a Friday night of the incident. I received an email back the following Tuesday. As a few days had gone I naturally disposed of the enchiladas but took several pictures and saved the biggest chunks of glass. They told me that we need all of the glass for an analysis and the pictures were useless. Subsequently when I finished cleaning the oven I discovered that the shock from the explosion had broken my rack support. I explained this to Anchor Hocking customer service and they fell back on needing the glass analysis in order to cover any damage. Bottom line the product, customer service, overall experience and potential for injury is not worth taking the chance with this product. Take it from a firefighter/paramedic. Stay way from Anchor Hocking!

I bought two glass 6 inch pie pans and used them for the first time today making pecan pie. One is okay, the other broke in the oven after it was in the oven about 5 min. It made a complete mess in the oven, which is new, and the oven caught on fire. I got the fire out quickly so it did no damage to the oven. But I not happy with Anchor Hocking. I now have to clean the mess in there after it cools. These pie plates were bought at Kmart.

I was boiling water this morning to refill my hummingbird feeders. The water was boiled in my boiler and sugar had already been added. I removed the boiler from the hot eye to cool. Meanwhile I decided to pour the hot liquid into a measuring cup to cool so I could make some more. Approximately 5 minutes later, I placed a room temp Anchor Hocking measuring cup on a room temp stove and began to pour the hot liquid into the Anchor Hocking cup. It exploded like a gunshot. There was glass and hummingbird nectar all over my kitchen. I am going to be done with glass measuring cups after this. Thankfully the tempered glass broke into major chunks like a broken windshield. There were still very fine slivers all over the floor and countertop. Not a happy camper right now.

Anchor clear two cup bowls - 3 pack: I purchased these bowls (and some Pyrex ones) because I wanted something more durable than plastic. I also wanted to be able to see the contents without removing the lids. I have owned these for a couple of years. The blue lids are disintegrating. Replacing items that I paid a little more for was not my goal. I need three new lids.

I bought a 14 piece glass set. The blue lids for the Anchor bowls are faulty. I have not used the bowl lids in the microwave and I have only washed them by hand. So far all lids have cracked the very first time I used them. I mailed "Anchor" to advise them of the problem and sent them 5-years warranty. Today I received letter from Amy ** (Consumer Affairs). The letter said that all non glass accessories are purchased by us for our products and not included under the glassware warranty. "To purchase new one please visit our online store." It seems that the Anchor people are aware of the problem as they have a website that makes it easier for the consumer to 'purchase' just the lids for all their bowls. It is poor customer relations to sell a faulty product and expect us to put more money out to their company when it is clearly their fault.

Have now had the markings on both my 1 cup and 4 cup measuring glasses completely disappear after a dishwasher cleaning. Both cups fairly new. How can they manufacture measuring cups that can't be washed in a dishwasher or last more than a few uses? Not an expensive loss... but nevertheless... frustrating that there are so many comments about this, and this company makes money on this useless product!

My 6 yrs old son and myself baking a cake and casserole. Had followed recipe, preheated to 350 and placed baking dishes in oven. The first dish shattered right after we removed it from oven and set it to cool on a towel. Glass flew all over the kitchen hitting myself in the face and arms. My son was hit above the eye. While cleaning up the shocking mess and tending to our cuts I heard the casserole dish explode in the oven. At first I thought our new oven had exploded and quickly found a huge mess inside. At least no injuries with second dish. I've baked my entire life and we have never had this occur. The dishes were new straight from the store. We washed by hand and placed in drainer and an hour later whipped up recipes to be involved in a disaster. It was terrifying especially how close it came to his eye.

Anchor Hocking needs sued. They won't respond to complaints. No refunds or offers to make right. They even act as though it's new to them.

I was heating up some leftovers in the microwave for a few minutes and the glass was hot to the touch, but nothing too extreme. I didn't want to burn myself so I attempted to remove the dish using a damp, room temperature paper towel and the glassware exploded everywhere, and it sounded like a gunshot it was so loud. The warranty info specifically says this glassware is microwave and oven safe, and I am incredibly dissatisfied with this product. I don't even care about the $5 glassware, it's a safety hazard and I could have been seriously hurt if I got cut by the glassware.

My daughter was taking the dish out of the oven last night & as soon as she pulled it out & set it on the countertop, it exploded & went everywhere, including hitting her! Glass was everywhere! This is the second dish from this set that has done this. The first one cracked while in the oven. I never preheated my oven & I didn't leave the dish in any longer than what the directions called for. I am very upset & will definitely be contacting the company about this. I will never EVER purchase any of their products again! You're supposed to be well known for your products & they've been in homes everywhere for years. But you didn't tell us that along with buying your CRAP, that we'd have to worry as well!

Good Evening. I have 4 glassware products from Anchor Hocking. I have used a couple of them multiple times in the oven with no issues, until now. I set my oven to 350 and put cake batter into my 9x13 and put that into the oven. NOT EVEN 5 minutes later I hear a crashing sound. I open my oven and the entire pan had shattered and my batter along with all of the glass was ALL over my oven. This is extremely hazardous. I am very disappointed with this product. I will be writing negative reviews on many websites. In a way, I'm lucky the entire thing exploded. It could have been just the first layer of glass and I wouldn't have known and then there could have been glass in my food. Again, I repeat extremely hazardous.

I then had to get down on my hands and knees and get all of the glass out of the oven and then clean the entire oven. My oven is not self-cleaning, so you can imagine the time and effort it took to clean. I have scoliosis and terrible knees (that I have had surgery on). This process was long and very painful for me and should NEVER have had to happen. I am not writing to scold or be an angry customer (even though I am very upset about this incident). I am writing because I am not the only one this has happened to and at this point, this product should be REMOVED from the shelves as it is very dangerous. I will never buy an Anchor Hocking product again and I will make sure that no one I know buys from this company. I am sure you are very sorry about this and will email back an apology. I work in customer service, I know how annoying people like me can be, but this is something your company needs to be aware of. Thank you for your time.

While cooking supper, I placed the 8 Cup measuring cup in the microwave to mix gravy. I set the timer for two minutes and when the time was up I reached in and grabbed the handle only to discover that it had super-heated and had actually melted. This measuring cup is supposed to be dishwasher, microwave and conventional oven safe but it melted all the same. I received a blistered, 2nd degree burn on the middle finger of my left hand and a first degree burn on the fourth finger of the same hand.

I will be contacting the company to inform them of my injuries. I'm just so relieved that it was me doing the cooking as opposed to someone younger as I had enough presence of mind to drop the measuring cup back into the microwave instead of dropping it to the floor as I was lifting it down. I'm sure I narrowly avoided scalding myself with gravy and having the measuring cup shatter all over the floor. After reading the other posts on this site, we are clearing out all Anchor products from our kitchen. They are too dangerous and should not continue to be sold.

My daughter prepared a chicken casserole and took it out of the oven and was in the process of placing it on the countertop when the entire casserole dish shattered into a million pieces. Glass shards and hot chicken casserole burned and cut my daughter's hands as she was still holding the casserole dish while placing it on the counter top. After looking at this website, I can't imagine why Anchor Hocking would not remove these dangerous products off the marketplace. We will continue to pursue this issue. We're pissed!

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Since 1805, Anchor Hocking has made bakeware and kitchen prep tools. The company's products are sold in major retailers nationwide and online. Its tempered soda-lime-silicate glass bakeware is designed to be durable and safe, virtually eliminating the chance of the bakeware breaking or scratching under normal conditions.

  • Oven safe: Anchor Hocking Cookware is designed to be used exclusively in the oven to bake desserts, casseroles or other items.
  • Heat conductive: Made of either glass, silicone, or ceramic, all pieces by Anchor Hocking are designed to conduct heat evenly.
  • Dishwasher safe: Consumers can safely clean their products in the dishwasher.
  • Portable: Most items come with silicon lids that seal securely for safe transportation and storage.
  • Best for Beginner cooks, home cooks, home chefs and professional chefs.

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