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Owner of Rochester, NH on
Satisfaction Rating

I bought a Mac mini 2014 last month from ABT and learned I would have saved $190 for the same item direct from Apple. I returned it and it took almost a month to get my refund. I also was on there today looking for a nest wired Smoke CO detector and Amazon has them New from $79- $107. Smarthome Has them for $99. ABT price is $119.99. I reached out to customer care with ABT and was told that can only Price match the Amazon $107 price. I will just leave it at that.

Michael of Chicago, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

So ABT was scheduled to come out and replace a new dented refrigerator door which they completed on 4-17-2017. I made the appointment on 4-7-2017. I received calls on 4-14-2017, 4-17-2017, 4-18-2017 and 4-19-2017 to get an appointment to install the door. Each time I had to contact them back, waited on hold to find out it was the same job. Four employees could not fix the issue. Prior to this issue, we had a dishwasher installed, and three weeks later with no dishes on the bottom rack, the rack would roll out when you opened the door. We had a microwave hood combination installed where they needed to drill through 18" of brick to vent it outside. Within 2 weeks, the microwave was sagging. Even their service man said it was not installed correctly.

We also had double ovens installed. They had to be serviced twice in the first year. We bought a refrigerator and the cabinet above it needed to be reduced in size. They brought the cabinet back with cut marks across the front cabinet doors and the stain was the wrong color so it did not match the kitchen. We bought all KitchenAid appliances. I think this is the most incompetent organization. It is very sad and their follow up is the worst I have ever experienced.

Clifford Z. of Mchenry,, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

Purchased a bed from Abt. The sales rep misinformed me and gave me bad info. I was told no interest for one year, did not tell me what interest rate was AFTER one year and that I had to deal with their crummy bad bank synchrony bank. They STINK. Customer service is TERRIBLE and my 737 payment I thought I had has ballooned to around 1200 so far BAD DEAL they even screwed up my account but finally got it straightened but still owe money. This bank charges THE ABSOLUTELY highest interest rate of any store bar none. Only worst bank than them is MT BANK in Michigan. Both are bad banks. I LIKE ABT BUT IF I BUY THERE AGAIN I WILL PAY CASH OR USED MY CREDIT CARD. UGH!!!

Ruth of Woodstock, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

This is my first purchase from Abt and it was a very pleasant experience. They called me the morning of the delivery like they said they would, gave me the arrival time and called 30 minutes before arrival which was on time. The gentleman who installed the dishwasher was very pleasant and efficient. I would recommend doing business with Abt.

David of Santa Fe Springs, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Ordered a TV from them for Christmas. Once opened, the screen was shattered. I returned it via UPS. UPS confirmed the damaged and sent it to ABT. ABT denied the refund and kept the TV. They have the TV and my money, I have nothing but regrets.

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mary of Edina, MN on
Satisfaction Rating

I had a great experience purchasing my Speed Queen washer and dryer. HOWEVER, BEWARE that even though there is a warranty as part of the appliance, all the repair places in my city will NOT service something that was not purchased at their store. Most stores will match pricing so I made a big mistake by not buying local. Now I have a $200+ service bill 9 months after purchasing!

Theresa of Sherman, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

In late December of 2016 I ordered an Echo Dot from ABT Electronics and paid for overnight shipping. The item did not ship overnight. When I called to see when it would be delivered they said it did not ship out until the day after I ordered it and that it would be there on Friday, December 23rd. When I ordered the Echo Dot I explained that it needed to be shipped overnight because I was leaving to go out of town on the 23rd. I was willing to change the delivery address so that it would be shipped to the address where I would be on the 23rd. They told me this would not be necessary since I was paying for overnight shipping.

While talking to them on the 22nd and finding out that it did not ship I had to cancel my order and find another Echo Dot. They told me that I would be reimbursed for the overnight shipping and that the item would be cancelled and credited to my account. The item was cancelled and credited to my account but the shipping was not. Shipping error caused the problem so shipping should have been the first thing to be credited.

Stephen of Baltimore, MD on
Satisfaction Rating

I ordered two items from Abt in November of 2015 with interest deferred for a year. The company that Abt does business with Synchrony Bank screwed up the account information and I received no bills for the October or November. When I contacted them to find out what was going on they informed me that the deferred status had expired, and I now owed full interest - Shady, shady, shady. Will never use ABT again.

Christopher of Saint Petersburg, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

Unbeknownst to me, this holiday season, the Apple Watch 2 was the hot item. After failing miserably to find the watch in stock at Target, Walmart, Best Buy and the Apple Stores (yes, the Apple Stores), I took a chance on ABT. I saw online they had the watch in stock and could get it in time for the holidays. I called them up to confirm and place my order. I spoke with a gentleman named Brian ** on the phone who was very patient with my questions and concerns dealing with getting the watch before Christmas. The watch was delivered as promised in time. Don't waste your time and money haggling with the eBay vultures or fight the masses in the stores. CHeck out ABT.com instead.

Patricia of Chicago, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

I ordered a microwave from Abt on 12/09/16. I was charged TWICE for it, causing me to be overdrawn twice! When I called Abt the CS rep said, "well one of them will just fall off". I talked to my bank and they credited my account. Then yesterday they charged me a THIRD time! Again I had to call my bank and open a claim. Repeated calls to Abt resulted in no action on their part! One CS rep was very rude, she said it was my fault, I must have hit the back arrow on my browser, so I caused the problem! I do not recall doing that. I was a CS rep for over 20 years, and trust me, Abt provided very poor and unprofessional customer service. In addition the microwave that I received, has a different model number, and looks different from the one I ordered. UGH!

Linda of Las Vegas, NV on
Satisfaction Rating

I ordered a Samsung TV on cyber Monday November 30, 2016 and received my new lightweight TV today, Friday, December 2, 2016. It is wonderful and can be moved easily from room to room. Great customer service, great ability to track my purchase via my cell, and Carmen was great to work with. My Samsung has a beautiful picture and I am very happy with my purchase. I would definitely purchase again and I am giving 5 stars because everything was smooth and I am extremely happy and stress free. Merry Christmas to all of you out there and ABT. Great job!

Felipe of Morgantoen, WV on
Satisfaction Rating

Pre-ordered the gear s3 as it was $25 cheaper. They took way too many orders and couldn't supply the demand... OK no problem. I called them multiple times to get price matched to the $299 deal and they stated they would like refund my money... never happened. I called them again to find out what happened with the order 15 days later. They stated they had no clue but to call back the next day. Called 3 more times and they had no idea when the item would come in... in the meantime they have my money and not answers, they lied multiple times about random dates, they never price matched me and they didn't care about me canceling my order. Now I am filing a claim with PayPal as I am pretty sure they won't be refunding me my money. PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND GO TO SOME OTHER REPUTABLE COMPANY NOT THIS TRASH COMPANY.

Stanley of Willow Springs, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

Not the old ABT go to store we once loved to shop at! We purchased the largest iPad Pro and Sonos 5 system including setup for our business showroom. Day of install the iPad came wrong size, wrong gigabyte w/ cellular upgrade option we did not want. Appears salesman placed the wrong order! Now they have to resend, correct problem, waste time, stress out, etc. We purchased everything through ABT over a 15 year period. All our home appliances, 5 LED & plasma TVs, electronics, home theater systems, etc. and the company used to be great & flawless.

We notice less accuracy recently, too much sales people that don't appreciate or give you the attention they once did. Even a large 3-D plasma we purchased 2 years ago has nothing but problems and boots off regularly as ABT team shifts blame to my cable provider when it's obviously an install issue. Although the store has great items we now have 2nd thought about purchasing from them because of this latest experience.

Mary Ellen of Arlington Heights, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

Called to renew warranty on my 4 appliances. This whole exercise was basically a joke. I was placed on hold for 4 minutes without even being asked and no one came back on with any information. Then someone called me while I was on hold with a different CS agent asking to "confirm and take payment". Funny because at that point, no one had even provided the pricing to me. Spoke to a supervisor for cashiers who gave my name to a CS supervisor. The CS supervisor left me a message to call her on their main number - no extension? What the heck kind of customer service is this??? Very poorly trained people! I gave up with the ridiculous CS department and called sales who put me through to a store manager who listened but did nothing!!! WHAT A WASTE OF MY TIME AND HORRIBLE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE! RE-TRAIN YOUR STAFF. YOU HAVE A MAJOR DISASTER HERE!

Maureen of Libertyville, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

When we put in a new kitchen three years ago, we bought our appliances from Abt. Since then, three of the appliances have needed to be repaired: the BlueStar stove, the ventilator hood, and the Sub Zero refrigerator. All three repairs involved faulty parts, and all three required long waits (a week for the 'service appointment' in which the representative simply arrived at my house and ordered new parts, another week for the parts to arrive, and 5-7 more days until the actual repair appointment). Meanwhile, the clogged water drain in the Sub Zero refrigerator is leaking into the refrigerator, pooling and icing underneath the crisper drawer. Anytime someone opens the fridge, the water comes spilling out onto the floor. Throughout the day we are changing sopping wet towels for dry ones on the floor and under the crisper drawer. However, there is no 'rush' on the parts order. Seriously Abt?

I did communicate the issue with the customer service representative, indicating that the problem is a clogged drain before the (first) service appointment. If they had ordered the drain kit then, the service guy could have handled everything today. But nope. However, they did collect the $214 service fee. To add to the annoyance, despite my specifically giving the customer service rep my phone number, they kept calling my husband at work regarding the service appointment timing, since his number was on our original order. What was the point of them asking me for the best contact number if they were never actually going to change it? Also they misspelled our name. And they claim "Award winning customer support" on their website? I don't think so.

ilia of Vancouver Bc, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Made a call and send a message to ABT Customer service. This company is a cheat. They do not support their advertising. They try to convince the customer playing with numbers. You sure need school lessons, as you are trying confuse the customer and that the name of your game. How did you get AWARDS by confusing the customer? Amazon.com and Best Buy sell 60UH6150 for $849 with free delivery. ABT offered the best deal $999 with delivery policy that make you ask lots of questions??? Stop your false advertising and stop confusing people. It is my opinion and opinion of your past customers. Thank you and Hope you are going to change so customer can TRUST you.

Arron of Salinas, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I purchased a Samsung KS9000 65 inch tv on August 30th of this year and after the salesman gave me free stuff to go with the tv which I really did not ask for tried to make a sale for his benefit. After that I was very iffy about keeping the order due to if issues arise. As I started calling to cancel my order they started asking me for return shipping fees and every person I talked to about not paying for the fee did not help me in any way and kept being stubborn. Finally I decided I am not going to pay the fee and when I got the tv which was delivered to me it was defective with grainy picture. I did my troubleshooting, called Samsung and did troubleshooting with Abt tech support. No go with troubleshooting. When I was talking to off the topic with tech support with Abt, he told the customer service that I don't like the tv picture so he is returning it which was not the case from the start. I stated the picture was grainy.

Everyone person that works at Abt is money hungry for every penny and they claim that they are best in customer service. Hell with these people. I have never seen a company that make things up on their own, don't notate the account, and just make your life hell. Everyone I talked to insulted me and made me look like a low life. I recommend to each and everyone don't ever order nothing from this website. My conclusion with private own family companies is that they are money hungry not like other big companies that look at their customer satisfaction first before their or at least be flexible for both sides. Abt is all about themselves as they say hell with everyone else cause they have your money.

Linda of Olympia, WA on
Satisfaction Rating

I am in the planning stage for a kitchen remodel and researching major appliances. I've chosen the appliances and saw that ABT has a good rep for pricing so I went on the website. I actually found that every appliance I am interested in is more expensive at ABT than at my local retail stores. I'll do my shopping locally. Thanks!

Jeff of Las Vegas, NV on
Satisfaction Rating

I purchased a Cuisinart SS-10 Coffee Maker from Abt. The product arrived defective. It didn't work. I called Cuisinart and they asked that I return the Coffee Maker to Abt. Abt customer service would not send out a new coffee maker until the defective one was in their warehouse which they estimated would take 7-10 days to arrive and then 7-10 days more for me to receive the new one. They literally told me that they couldn't send a new coffee maker out and "gamble" on my returning the old one. So not only did they send me a defective product but then insulted me - all for using Abt. I told them to refund my money and I purchased the coffee maker on Amazon.

Jim of Staten Island, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I called and ordered an air conditioner. A week ago Wednesday it was delivered and plopped on my driveway during a rain storm. I arrived home to find a saturated box laying there. I immediately called ABT and explained the situation. They apologized and promised to have it picked back up the following day. They did not! Friday I called again and again went through my situation. I informed them I would leave it there because it was too wet to bring into my home. She apologized and promised it would be picked up Saturday or Monday the latest.

A week passed, box still laying in my driveway, and rain falling again. Again I called and again I was told it would be picked up. I explained that it could easily be picked up and carried off by someone, considering I live on a main road and only feet from the heavily travelled sidewalk. Another promise. I inquired if they had removed the charge from my credit card. She informed me that they had to regain possession first. And again I asked why it had not been picked up as promised? Now she tells me that it's MY responsibility to ship it back to them. Lies, lies, and more lies. Do not trust these people.

Cherylann of Powersville, MO on
Satisfaction Rating

My boyfriend and I purchased a stove the end of April. It said on the computer "Estimated date of delivery May 11th". Received an email stating that it will not be here until the 17th. Waited like an idiot on the 17th no stove! Called Abt to find out where my stove is, "Oh we sent you an email telling you it won't be in until the first week in June". No email was sent stating that - just another relentless advertisement to fill my inbox up! The 3rd of June I'm still the one calling to find out where my flipping stove is! "Oh your stove is being processed. You should have a tracking number later this evening. Your stove should be there in a week!"

I have been without a stove for almost two months! They will take your money and make you wait on a product! If you want to know where your product is you will have to call them. I wouldn't buy so much as a glass of water from this company, by the time you'd get it you'd be dead! The worst part of this is I saved nothing compared to the inconvenience. It best have not have so much as a scratch on it or they can take it right back!!!

E of Wayne, NJ on
Satisfaction Rating

Ordered a microwave oven online from this vendor and later the same day called customer service to cancel the order because I had determined we no longer needed it. Representative confirmed that the item had not been shipped and would be removed from the truck - no problem. Next evening received a call that the item would not be shipped but the company would be charging me a taking item off the truck fee of $12+. After rechecking their website, I realized there was no mention anywhere of a fee for an order cancellation prior to shipping. I believe such a fee is both unconscionable, unlawful and bad for business. I am awaiting a return response from the company. To be updated.

Helen of Exmore, VA on
Satisfaction Rating

I wasn't crazy about the idea of having to purchase a major appliance, but since the part I needed to repair my 15-year old electric wall oven was no longer available, I didn't have much choice. Spent a lot of time researching both a replacement oven and internet suppliers. Finally crossed my fingers and went with Abt. Great experience from beginning to end. My salesman, Giancarlo, was knowledgeable and efficient and even shipping was a hassle-free experience--the oven came a week earlier than I had been told to expect it, and the delivery men arrived with it exactly when they said they would. Could not ask for better service. Should the need arise, I will not hesitate to deal with Abt again.

Phani of Chicago, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

WORST customer service EVER. Purchased 2 Sony smart TV's. One 55" and another 65", both latest ones and with an additional 4yr warranty on each tv, TV stands, bunch of other electronics with a bill close to $10,000. Less than a year into the purchase, my 65" TV had audio issues with poor audio. I NEVER HAD ANY AUDIO ISSUES BEFORE for them to blame my TV mounting. When I called these guys, they sent a technician named Ray who clearly didn't know what he was doing and all he did was complain about how my TV was mounted which I didn't have any problems for close to 4 months. Also the same TV mounting guys who mounted initially 10 months ago did the mounting for me after the TV got moved with no issues what so ever.The next guy literally disconnected the wiring of the concealed installation, took pictures stating he has to come back.

Now Dan, the manager says after 3 useless visits wasting my time to be at home for these guys, the cords and wires hanging on the wall from the concealed mounting looking all ugly that I need to pay additional $75 (which I believe is a discounted price) for re-wiring. I'm like "Are you kidding me???" He didn't even acknowledge the poor work done by his crew pulling the cords out of my concealed mounting for which I paid $$$ nor has any respect for my wasted time for 3 visits instead stated he should have charged me on the first useless visit..

I had a totally ridiculous conversation over the phone and frustrated to a point that I had to google these guys and write this review which I usually don't. Now I will be finding every place I can go to for writing a review for people to know the kind of poor service they offer. I regret giving these guys a $10,000 business which I could have easily taken it elsewhere.TOTAL SCAM. They send a poor technician first and then come with excuses to rip you off more by quoting $$$. WOULDN'T RECOMMEND AT ALL.

Pam of St Charles, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

We purchased a very expensive Wolf range and a Sharp drawer microwave in October 2014. The microwave was installed and it didn't work. The drawer kept popping open. They came out and told us it needed a part. Didn't hear back from them for over a month! Finally came back and fixed it. The Wolf range was delivered WITHOUT the red knobs that won out over a commercial KitchenAid range I was also considering. I was told that it would be a few days or more until I would get them. Obviously I could not use it without knobs! After ranting the salesperson said he would bring them out personally...one of the knobs wouldn't fit. They needed to schedule a service call to get it installed.

We were still in the process of having all of our kitchen cabinets painted, so I wasn't on top of it as I would have normally been. I had noticed a mark on the stainless surface, and did not get to calling about it for about a month or two (mainly due to our kitchen remodel still going on). They came out and said they would have to replace the panel. The tech came out the second time and I told him there was also a series of scratches on the opposite side that just happened the day before when I was wiping it down with a clean soft cloth. So he said he would replace both together and would need to order a second panel. He left without replacing the one panel as he didn't want to pull the range twice.

I was then told it will cost me $$$ to have this done. What? The range was barely 2 months old. I was told cosmetic issues have a 30-day warranty. What? No one told us that when we gave them $6k for this unit! I was also told that I would have to pay over $200 for the service calls...I don't think so...later I was also told that I could go out and buy a scratch kit and do it myself...hello??? I just decided that if I don't have to deal with these people again so be it. Essentially I just gave up as the fight with them wasn't worth the agony. I now see that's their ploy.

Tonight the ignigter decided it didn't want to shut off. It just keeps clicking no matter what we do. It's scaring the daylights out of me. It's definitely a safety hazard. I called for service tomorrow and was told for the Wolf range the earliest they could come would be next Tuesday! Almost a week away! I got upset at this and now they are coming this Sat. 3 days away. Not acceptable either. I use this range daily. The only way we could get it to stop is to pull the circuit breaker. So I'm supposed to turn it on via the circuit breaker each time I want to use it? They told me if I was that concerned with safety to call the gas company and have them shut off our gas. Unbelievable.

I am so fed up with this company's crappy service level. The people you talk to act like government employees. No hurries, no worries...whatever... I plan on calling the president of this poor excuse of a high end service organization tomorrow and dump. I'm guessing that any appliance store today must have impeccable service to back up the crap product being manufactured. I'm sure it's not easy dealing with all the complaints about the products they carry. But it's their business not mine!!! Maybe it's just me, but things used to be made much better than what's being produced today.

nicole of Bad Axe, MI on
Satisfaction Rating

This company is a joke!! I have their store card, & every time I try making a purchase my card company authorizes it, but then abt's processing department refuses to send me the stuff I ordered. They want me to wire them more, which is very shady in my opinion. All the sales personnel have been very friendly. Like I said, their order processing department is a nightmare. If someone's credit card is approved they have no right to refuse to send & process the order, then want cash wired to them. I can't get any help from anyone there. Apparently they have no higher up personnel aside from the processing department & they are frustrating, impossible, snarky, rude, etc.

When you call there is always a girl named Amanda who answers & she is single-handedly the worst customer service person I've dealt with in my entire life. People are supposed to call & email back, but they never do. I don't see why they are offering a store credit with financing only to reject it with no valid reason. I was promised a call back yet again today right before getting hung up on & was told I should just choose to do business elsewhere if I wouldn't wire them money. I've never heard of a company who turns down a valid payment, & requests a cash wire transfer.

The credit card company is even dumbfounded by all of this, and hopefully they can help me figure this out or at least get to the bottom of why a business won't take a card they've issued & instead want cash. Like I said, it's always the same girl named Amanda who is taking the calls for that department & she's just...well i'm not going to start naming off obscenities, but you get the point. I would think twice before applying for their financing & wasting a hard inquiry on your credit report if it's not even a method payment they're going to accept.

david of Snellville, GA on
Satisfaction Rating

4 days after I had placed my order with ABT through Amazon.com, I contacted ABT and requested for the price match as I found a lower price on their own ABT web site. They refused to match the price for a refund of the difference. ABT claimed that they cannot match the price because the TV wasn't sold at retail price but at sale price. If you look at all online prices of TVs and electronic items, almost none are sold at retail price; they are always sold below retail at sale prices. This means that technically if they apply this rule, there is really no such thing as a price match for any item if you buy online from ABT. Misleading price match guarantee. Big loop hole.

PD of Evanston, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

I have purchased many products over the years and also used their services. Overall I am happy. They have a good company and have very competitive pricing. I would have given them 4 or 5 stars until I had an experience with repairs on my Viking refrigerator. I had a freezer frosting issue and a no ice issue. It took 7 times over 8 months for ABT repairmen to get to the bottom of the issue. I know part of this is the Viking factor. I would never buy a Viking but we came with the house. Now I am holding my breath because I finally found a few random ice cubes in my drawer 4 days after they said they solved the ice issue. It could be the fact that the ice drawer was not left on the "Make ice setting" which I had to adjust today. So the beat goes on. I will update soon.

Louis of Walnut Creek, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Beware of doing business with ABT as my recent purchase experience with them has been MY WORST NIGHTMARE! I recently purchased a 65" Samsung TV from ABT Electronics and could not have had a worse experience. The ABT Rep I spoke with over the phone was rude and dishonest. The TV was damaged when I received it from ABT. When I contacted ABT regarding this damage, the ABT Rep informed me that I had purchased the TV "AS-IS" and that ABT was not responsible for any damages to the TV once it left their building. They also informed me that my new Samsung TV DID NOT have a ONE YEAR WARRANTY as I had been told and that the TV was also sold "AS-IS" WITH NO WARRANTY.

ABT said that I was responsible for the damage to the TV and that I was also responsible for all repair costs that were necessary to repair the TV as all their TVs are SOLD "AS-IS" WITH NO WARRANTY. I just spent $2,500 for a new TV and have absolutely nothing to show for it! I am currently contacting the Better Business Bureau to try to resolve this situation. When I informed the ABT Rep that I was going to contact the Better Business Bureau, he replied that ABT's Legal Team would have no problem with the Better Business Bureau. DO NOT BUY FROM ABT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

Patricia of Chicago, IL on

I purchased a Whirlpool Stainless Steel Kitchen Package, without installation and paid in full amount of $2100+. I had a really awesome general contractor who has been doing my entire kitchen/bath remodeling who is independent from Abt and included was my Whirlpool appliance installation. Since I’m a busy working professional who has to travel for my job, I hired my friend, a project manager/design consultant to help me manage the project.

On Tues, April 19, Abt came towards the very end of their delivery timeframe at 3 p.m in a 12 n.n. to 3 p.m. window and said that they were going to drop off the appliances. My PM knew that I had already paid them in full so she let them in and assumed whatever they were doing was included in the pay. My contractor challenged the delivery guys and asked if they were installing because he was the one who is supposed to install? They showed the 2nd page of the invoice that had $429 as installation charges which I never saw or approved. The 1st page still said that the customer installs and both pages said drop off only. It should be noted that they never showed these documents to my PM.

Since I was not home, my PM was in/out and the contractor was busy doing other stuff, they didn’t see that the Abt folks did more than just to do their free delivery without authorization. They were in/out of my apartment in less than an hour and then asked to be paid. The waterline to my fridge and the dishwasher are still not hooked up but they charged me a full installation charge of $429 which was already posted to my AMEX without my permission. What happened next was even worse. After getting nowhere with Dan yelling at my PM and I on the phone, I asked for it to be escalated. For several times, I asked him to stop yelling at us so we could just understand what was going on. A man named Cosmo called and offered to let me pay $300+ as a compromise and then he would get me a rebate for $125 so it would only be $175 out of my pocket for the incomplete installation services that I never authorized.

I told him that I appreciate his efforts trying to resolve the matter but the fact that I would be charged for something I never authorized was illegal. It shouldn’t matter that they half-installed it since I never asked for the installation in the first place. Dan sent 2 invoices to my PM and did not give me a copy. One confirmed that it was a Customer Install and both pages said Drop Off Only. 1 minute later, he sent her a reprint which she assumed was a duplicate with Added the Install. She assumed that the 2nd email was a resend or a duplicate since there was no notation that anything had changed in the invoice. I was never given a copy of this email. Cosmo and I finally talked to the store owner and he agreed that the only way for me not to be charged is if they came back to uninstall everything. We then agreed to do it at 8:30 a.m on Wednesday, April 20. Then it just got ridiculous.

I got a call from someone named John **** who claimed that he was the General Manager of the store. He said that they were not coming to uninstall the next day but they were coming to take away the appliances that I had already paid for. They were also going to refund the appliances but still are going to charge me for the installation services which I had never requested. I told him that they kept trying to give me the stuff that I didn’t ask for and that they were not listening again! After I put him on speaker phone so that 2 of my friends and lots of people at Bed, Bath and Beyond could listen, he tried to accuse my PM of authorizing the installation. She just helped me negotiate for my contractor to do it including the remodel. He said that it was her fault.

He finally came around and said that he would not come to take back my appliances and will give me a full refund of $429 but I will never be allowed to be back in the store at Abt and that I will not be on a Do Not Sell To list. I told him that it was a gross discrimination and that as a minority Asian female, he could not limit my rights as an individual. He said that because I said it, he was going to put the charges back. He also told me that I should just go and shop at **** , said bah-bye and hung up on me.

All I can say is wow! Rudeness, poor business practice and unauthorized charges are what we can expect from Abt who is supposedly great at customer service. Just for your information, I have an excellent credit and make very good money as an executive but it's the business practice that I'm arguing here. Simply, we should not get charged for services we do not request. Don’t bother, maybe we should all take John’s advice and shop at ****! I will be posting this along with copies of the invoices that clearly state Customer Install, Drop Off Only to ****, Better Business Bureau, ****, Angie’s List and Facebook.

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