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When I signed up they told me that my membership was going to be $23 and some odd change after tax which turned into $30. Their excuse for it was that my rate went up 10 days after I signed up. On top of that they told me that I had a 30-day money-back guarantee which they lied about that. They refuse to cancel my account. I'm still within 30 days and she doesn't want neither of the supervisors Erica or Belinda want to cancel my account. They keep saying that I don't qualify for the 30 day money back guarantee. What the hell does that mean? These people are crooks.

The gym is always dirty. The basketball courts are never swept. I got brand new basketball shoes and I'm slipping and sliding on the court and they act like their staff don't think so ain't nobody got time for that!! If you're consumer and you're reading this please don't sign up with them. You'll be highly disappointed. Also when I signed up I don't even get a contract that stated how much my birthday weekly payment was. It's pathetic. They don't deserve any customers the way they treat people. I had their corporate customer care office hang up on me more than once. They are ridiculous. They don't deserve to get paychecks.

I had a month to month membership. I cancelled the membership in-person in the club, via the phone, and via their website. They kept billing so I cancelled my credit card. Then they called my emergency contacts over and over again, including my mother who was answering the phone from her hospital bed. They are abusive and relentless and I will never do business with them again.

I called the corporate office for Gold's Gym two days ago about refunding the money which was $460 that they took out of my checking account for days that I didn't use the personal trainer. They said they will not refund the money because I was on contract. I explained to them that "I cancelled the personal trainer in August so why are you billing me for August and September?" Their response was because the billing fell on the 15th of each month, the payments are considered late.

Well if I cancelled before the due date and haven't seen the trainer nor been to the gym since the beginning of August, I would think the right thing to do is to refund the money, not keep it and be a crook about it!!! Oh fail to mention, I was still paying $17 every other week up until 2 days ago. I'm a Veteran who suffers physical pain due to injuries I received in Iraq. Was trying to build my body to be able to perform daily task at home and work. Thanks Gold's Gym for giving me more reasons not to trust business like you!!!

Watch out for these people. They will charge you for fees incorrectly then refuse to help, then refuse to refund the full amount even after they admit the mistake. We joined the Leesburg club before it was Gold's but during our membership it was purchased by Gold's. We took the opportunity to transfer to the Ashburn facility because it was nicer and closer. We followed the instructions of the Leesburg front desk to the tee. We paid for membership and personal training at the new club for full year in advance. Halfway through the second year we realized that the Leesburg club had begun charging us again. The Leesburg manager did nothing but challenge whether or not we had correctly canceled our membership at his club. When I returned to speak to him he had done nothing and couldn't even remember the situation.

I talked to the Ashburn club and they put their hands up, "We're a franchise, we have nothing to do with them". I talked to the Ashburn manager who said he would call the Leesburg manager. He did not do so. Again I solicited his help and he responded that I should get him all the information and he would see what he could do. Not convincing and I never heard from him again. Finally I contacted the home office. They researched the problem and admitted the mistake. However, they refused to refund the full overcharged amount citing a policy stating they will only refund 90 days of an overcharge. Not a law... a company policy that allows them to steal.

No one said "Gee, we screwed up and we're sorry"... no one. No one took the torch and said "Let's get this fixed"... no one. No one said "you've paid on time and been a valued customer"... no one. Leesburg didn't help at all. Ashburn disavowed responsibility. The home office admitted the mistake but stole our money anyway. Gold's Gym is not an ethical business and should not be considered if you value integrity.

I work out with the weight machines and all the time there are people just sitting at these and they are using their electronic devices instead of exercising at the Sunrise Gym in Brownsville, Texas. I have received surveys from Gold's Gym and each time I list this complaint and ask for something to be done as others have complained but do not see any improvement.

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There is some major problem with quality of drinking water at the Knoxville west location. I kept getting sick without knowing for several days thinking it is the food. But then talking to other members they were all getting sick from the drinking water. The gym is familiar with the problem and I asked why they are not putting up signs on the water fountains and no answer. Completely unprofessional. I can't believe people are getting sick and nothing is even done about the problem. The water does smell but I see people still drinking it all the time. I stopped and finally feel better.

I called to cancel my membership... What a rip off they are. I did exactly how they wanted me to cancel my renewal membership which is by email with your CC and driver's license attached. They still are charging me. I called the branch office several times only to get a runaround. I called headquarters only to get promised cancellation and nothing. I will never EVER join this gym again. SCAMMERS.

Today, Aug. 20, 2016, I went with my son for his membership renewal. His membership ended in May, so we were told that he needed to start as "new" member since it was 3 months. Therefore, he needed to pay the enrollment and registration, which total was $258, plus monthly fee. We questioned them if you already had his info in your system why we needed to pay for registration and enrollment. Then they said OK to waive the registration. So far so good.

Once we continued ask if there was any other option. We were told if we would pay in front for 15 months plus the enrollment fee of $199, it would save us to pay monthly for 12 months. Being engaged in accounting, I catch it was incorrect. We would pay more if we chose 15 month program and pay total in front. Then the sales changed and said "Nope, I did not say to pay the enrollment if you paid in front for 15 month". Obviously, he tried to cover his "cheat". Then we were told, if we chose 12-month contract, then we were billed starting Sep., and the rest days of Aug. would be free. Sounds good, right! Nope, it was a "trap".

He saw we were kind of satisfied with it. Then he said we needed to pay tax top of the enrollment fee. I questioned I never heard sales tax to be top of the enrollment fee. He challenged that every fee was taxable. I told him I have been engaged in accounting, if you tried to make it up for charging the rest of Aug., then be honest to us. Don't sound like you were giving us a favor of "free" for the rest days of Aug.

We were happy to pay for what we would get. But we cannot accept any unfaithful presentation in order to get sales. We just did not like to deal with the contract which was not presented in its honest form. Therefore, we chose to leave. Even the sales did not apologize for his mis-presentation while we left. We would never deal with any business who has no any business integrity to their customers. If you are about to sign the contract with them, or you have done, I would be more careful for what would be hidden on the contract. Just my courtesy reminder.

I signed up for the Gold's Gym at 2117 NW 23rd St, Oklahoma City, OK 73107 in June. I have done my best to deal with the lack of equipment and the insane amount of people trying to use what equipment they do have, but I can't handle it anymore. I have gone in to this location on numerous occasions (today being one of them) only to walk right back out because of how crowded it is. Today I walked in and stood in the center of the weight area waiting on a flat bench to open up.

I waited for 20 minutes and not only did a flat bench not open up, but I was also keeping an out for the dumb bells I was going to need once a bench opened up...and of course the dumbbells from the weight of 45 lbs all the way to 75 lbs were all missing. I would also like to point out that the bench press was also being occupied at this time. This gym is WAYYY beyond capacity. They have oversold their memberships and now I am stuck in a contract 'til May of next year. I have to pay 56 bucks a month for a gym I can't even use!

I was a member to Golds Gym for about 6 or 7 years and I went into the store in Midland Plaza in Alcoa, TN to cancel my membership as I was plan on moving. The manager there on June 29th 2016 was very nice and helpful but he only cancelled my membership and not me and my son's membership. So when I was billed on July 25th, I was upset and called the customer service hotline at 1-866-465-3775 and spoke to a girl named Charity and I have to say that she was by far the rudest person in customer service that I spoke to in my life.

When she pulled up my info and I explained to her that I cancelled my membership and I still got billed and that I did it in the store with the manager online and he gave me a confirmation print out of my cancellation. She then proceeded to tell me that I did not go into the store and then it was done online. I said it was done online but at the actual store with the manager. She then proceeded to call me a liar when I asked her if she thought I was lying to her and then it escalated from that point and she basically told me to calm down and to shut my mouth.

Needless to say I was not happy at all. A person like that does not belong working in any environment with actual people. She does not know how to speak to people with respect. I called back and ask to speak to a manager and they told me that there was not a manager available and that I can leave a voicemail for the manager. The second time around I got a Yolanda on the phone and she was very nice and pleasant and helpful and people like her need to work there not people like Charity.

In 1981 I signed a gym contract for a new gym in Houston. The renewable terms clearly stated that I had the option to renew by making a payment within 30 days of first term end or any subsequent term. It also stated that my renewable option was only valid to a business owned by the original company that were in existence on the date of the contract (Mar 10, 1983). There was no mention of any long term renew until I die obligation nor was there any mention of a complicated cancellation process requirement. The club was sold to Bally's and they honored my annual renewal but never pushed me to renew and never asked for me to sign a new contract, saying the old contract was being honored. So I went on and off for several years and paid my small annual renewable within 30 days, per my contract, at my own "option to renew".

Bally's was then sold to Blast and I went there a few times but did not like them and chose to stop my renewals. The Gold's bought Blast and tried to say I owed them money even though I now lived more than 15 miles from the nearest Gold's location. I refused to pay and I quoted my original contract and was told by a Gold's employee that my file will be removed. Then I get a letter in January from a collection agency in Utah trying to say if I just pay a $115 "amnesty fee" my "debt" will be forgiven. Sounds like extortion, doesn't it? I again quoted the terms of my 1981 contract and tried to say I have no obligation to Gold's. Then I got a notice from my identity and credit service that I had a negative item on my credit report. In 40 years that never happened and sure enough Gold's went after my credit.

I filed complaints with the Texas State Attorney General, the FTC, and decided to try the BBB in Utah since that is the office location of the collection agency. I named both the collection agency and Gold's Gym (Dallas corporate address). I quoted the renewal terms from my contract from 1981 and asked them to help me get the collection agency and Gold's Gym to tell me on what legal grounds they were charging me an "amnesty fee" and reporting the unpaid debt to my credit file. The BBB Utah immediately responded by sending a request for information to the collection agency and an offer of binding arbitration. Within a couple of hours the collection agency responded saying they discussed it with Gold's Gym and they agreed to drop the file and report the derogatory item from my credit file. I will follow up to make sure this is don't.

Moral of the story: NEVER throw away a contract. If you don't have your contract you will need to send a certified letter asking for a copy. See if there is any wording that obligates you to a renew to death relationship with Gold's. It might be better if you don't have a copy of your original contract to invest in a lawyer visit to request it, might be harder to ignore your request. Read your contract. The wording may not obligate you to auto renew and if it does not specifically spell out a required cancellation process, then you may be able to defend yourself and get out of it. Also if you are stuck in an auto renew and Gold's has "messed up" or "lost" your request to cancel, rest assured, you will need a lawyer to send the next request. If they think you are easy to intimidate they won't leave you alone and they WILL mess up your credit.

Try the FTC, the Texas State Attorney General's office, and the BBB in Texas AND in the state where your collection agency is officed. Be sure to state quotes from your contract and keep the communications civil. Be sure to state what you want the outcome to be: ie. prove the legal grounds based on a contract you signed to continue to collect from you. Hopefully you will find wording in your contract to help you fight it. If not, focus on proving your attempts to cancel with their crazy process by having the requests send to Gold's by a law firm. Good luck. I can't believe Gold's is allowed to stay in business.

I joined Gold's Gym in Westlake, Austin. Thomas ** sold me membership and some of trainer sessions for $449. I told him that my daughter will be coming to visit me for 15 days so either I can join after she leaves or they can allow her for 5 or 6 times when I come in. He said she can come in no problem and that he will take care of it. Today me and my daughter went to gym and were treated like thieves - the lady was rude and said she cannot allow my daughter. I told her that Thomas ** told me she was allowed. She called Thomas and he told her he don't remember or he did not said anything like that. Needless to say we were turned away. Extremely fumingly mad at these cheats and thieves who sell you membership and lie. Will try to get out but I know they got my money. Will tell my story to as many people as possible. STAY AWAY FROM GOLD'S GYM.

Recently joined the Plano TX Gold's Gym. Gym closed permanently closed due to storm damage. Local mgr promised to freeze account until repairs, they continue to charge. Following month Cancelled locally with mgr, they never cancelled, continue to charge. Filled out Gold's online cancellation and received confirmation number, still not cancelled, still charging. No phone service person or manager can or has honestly assisted. In fact they've only blatantly lied about how to cancel. Very frustrating, Gold's does not have customer service for acct management. They continue to charge while I suspect they falsely make & collect insurance claims for loss of business income, since their Plano gym is permanently closed due to storm destroying the building location.

There are grounds for class action suit because they can't meet their contract obligations. Please send similar building closure, cancellation, in Plano Texas and any other locations with similar cause stories to **. As today's Gold's continues to charge my account AND personnel continue to tell me they have no clue how to cancel other than the Gold's site that I have used & received confirmation # cancelling. Please respond.

This is a horrible company. They have taken money out of my account twice now since I've contacted them on canceling my membership. Only an unethical, sneaky and conniving company would do something like this and not take responsibilities for their actions. It's been two weeks since I've contacted this company and nothing has been resolved. I will no longer refer customer to this company and nor will I ever. Extremely unhappy customer.

I belonged to a local gym and had a contract through them. Recently it switched over to a Gold's Gym. They cancelled the ONLY classes I went to, but informed each contracted member that the contracts will remain the same. Under my previous contract I could cancel anytime (for a fee). Since I was no longer using the facilities I went to cancel my membership. Not only were they not helpful in any way, they would not cancel my membership. They said I could "buy out" the rest of my term (for over $400) or wait until it expires in September. So now I get to pay each month for a membership that I am not using due to changes they made that were completely out of my control and would no longer work with my schedule.

You would think that after switching over and changing things up so much they would have a plan in place to take care of members coming from the old gym in case they are dissatisfied. Apparently customer service is not on their priority list, and they'll happily take my money every month even though I can't use the facility, when before they came in and took over, I could. Not happy at all. I miss the non-chain gym we used to have. Definitely won't be renewing after my membership lapses.

So I cancelled my membership the other day after jumping through some hoops. I was told by the front desk rep that it would take 30 days for my membership to be canceled, and the main office phone rep confirmed this. So to my annoyance I canceled and a week later went to the gym to take advantage of the 30 days I'm still paying for. When I check in the gal says "Your membership is canceled!" I explained what happened and how she herself had told me 30 days! She got her manager, I asked if I could just use the pool for 30 minutes before I had to go to work. He said "No your membership is canceled." I explained how I had been given wrong info, and how I've been a member for 3 years, and asked if I could use a guest pass I already have? He said "NO, you can pay $15 for a day pass!" I explained I work in customer service and this was their mistake in that 2 employees gave me misinfo! He said QUOTE "This is a business for profit so..."

At this point I walked away and gave him my talk to the hand gesture. I usually do not get ruffled by things like this, but I'm standing there in my workout clothes, like REALLY!!! Gold's is only about profits, not helping people be healthy or being a reputable company, customer service or anything but PROFITS! Gold's you can have your profits and eat them too! You can make profits and can good customer service! YUCK!!!

I tried Gold's Gym for the first time when I availed of a promo where I'd have a month on a discounted rate with unlimited gym use and access to classes. Upon experiencing Gold's Gym I'm not exactly convinced to join (on its regular price). Why? Simply because I think it's too expensive. There's a gym near our home that offers practically the same services (exercising machines, classes, and clean environment) that costs waaaay lower monthly. With Gold's Gym's price, it makes me think that I'm paying for the space occupied by those huge machines.

Facilities = average. Pool = don't bother if you actually want to swim and exercise because the pool is like 10m and there are no lanes so people just piss about getting in the way. Staff = incompetent and you can never get hold of a manager. Being a member - if you at any point have an outstanding payment, they won't notify you about it then forward it to a debt collectors (CRS) 5 MONTHS LATER who will then demand + and state "Gold's are not legally required to notify you of arrears". ARE YOU ** KIDDING ME? It's like they do it on purpose or some **?! Just avoid, avoid, avoid.

I was relatively happy with the service I got from their Robinson's Place branch. The entire establishment, from the shower rooms, the sauna, the dance class studio, and main gym area, is properly maintained and well-kept. The staff is also accommodating and friendly. Moreover, I like that they allow members to swim at the pool of the nearby Holiday Inn. I also like the fresh fruit smoothies they offer to customers. However, the number of available equipment at their gym is not sufficient for the numerous members who work out there, especially from 5 pm to 9 pm on weekdays. It will take you at least 20 mins. to wait for your turn on the elliptical or treadmill which unnecessarily extends work out time and causes lapses in your exercise momentum. Maybe they should invest on additional equipment to better serve their customers, the majority of which are office workers with limited time for exercising.

The facilities at the branch that I went to was superb. I like that the machines have the safety feature in case you accidentally drop your weights. The branch also has a sauna and a pool. The people there are nice and do not make newbies feel intimidated.

I joined Gold's Gym for a medical problem but I was not able to use the equipment. I honored my year long contract after only using less than 6 months of the facilities. I explained to the gym what my situation was & told them that as soon as my commitment was satisfied that I would like to cancel. They strung me on & was able to get an extra $21.38 from my account because I didn't follow the rules (although I explained to them my situation & asked if they could help me). I am 69 years old & I told them that I was not as savvy as my younger days. My recommendation is, don't join a franchise (which is what gold's gym is in Lakeland Florida on hwy 98 N). I talked to a corporate gold's gym & they said that the franchise pretty much does their own thing. Stacy ** was the manager that pretty much ran me around. Very, very disappointing experience.

This place is a joke. Staff is rude and some illegal-looking individuals are employed there as cleaning service. They save money on AC during summer and they do not heat the place during winter. The word "hygiene" is not in their vocabulary. Whoever is a CEO of this is a simple, not providing scumbag. :)

The 1-866-465-3775 number is a JOKE. After numerous of attempts of trying to get in touch with someone I gave up. I called my local gym to cancel my membership and they also directed me to this number. I again called the local gym and they told me they could not cancel, I had to do it VIA email. Well after going through the steps I received a confirmation that after April I would no longer get charged. SURPRISE it's MAY and getting charged for a GYM that is actually closed for good. So who and the hell do I call to get my money back, NO ONE??? I SEE WHY THIS GYM DID NOT LAST!!! LACKING CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

Me and my wife have joined Gold's Gym on Oct 2015. I have cancelled my membership on May 2nd 2016 which is just three days past the billing cycle and they say they cannot refund the amount. And when I call their membership services nobody lifts the phone on the first day and then weekends it is closed. After a day got them on the phone and their reply was that they cannot reimburse.

I was a 3-month member on a Groupon late last year (2015). I was told the manager was no longer managing. I went in and the manager was working out. I went up to him, introduced myself, and he told me that he would call me concerning their fees. I received a call from a regular employee a day later. He made me aware of the fees. I went in today to ask about a 3-day membership to get an idea of the atmosphere and get one more impression of the manager. He walked up, asked if I was the same lady that had approached him, and told the other employee that I was not allowed to have a 3-day membership because of the Groupon last year. I do not know how he would have had the information about why I was even there.

The employee agreed to let me go sit in the sauna, but I walked back to the bathroom and then decided to just leave. I asked the employee if the manager was always such a jerk and he told me that he was just strict. He lost a customer. When I did the Groupon, I really felt the employees could be a little more attentive. They really act as though they don't really enjoy giving fitness advice or their jobs in general.

My wife and I signed up in Gold's Gym in Plano, TX. We paid one-time membership fee and also the first and last months' fees. After using the gym once gym was closed due to storm. We are not able to get our money back and they don't even honor their deal on freezing the account with no fee.

I am writing to you with great concern regarding the experience I had at Gold's Gym Santa Ana. On my initial sign up in the month of December 2015, I was verbally promised a promotional deal of $20.16 dollars down, first month free and $34.99 a month thereafter. I expressed that I could only pay this amount due to the fact that I was unemployed and could not afford any additional fees. I was also told that if I wanted to cancel my membership all I would have to do is give 30-day notice and pay for the last month. No additional fees, no penalties, just a mere $34.99. Prior to signing the contract I asked the customer service rep. Victor why does the contract show a monthly membership fee of $39.99? He stated "Just sign here, Teresa said she'll adjust the membership fee" and he told me that he'd notate the account. it wasn't till two months later that this request was submitted.

The first two months my credit card was debited $39.99. Although it doesn't sound like much, when you're on a tight budget every dollar counts. When trying to contact Teresa the general manager of Gold's Gym Santa Ana, I got nothing but the runaround. My card was charged in January and February. It wasn't until March that I got my free month as originally promised. Then when deciding this was not the gym for me due to the lack of customer service I choose to cancel my membership, only to get hassled about a cancellation fee.

After talking with Cassandra the customer service rep., I was informed rudely that I would have to pay $100 cancellation fee. When trying to explain to Cassandra that I was told that there was no fees per my verbal agreement she said she have the regional manager contact me. I then asked for his information but she would oblige. She wouldn't even share his name w/ me.

Two days ago, Cassandra told me that I would have no choice but to pay the $100.00 and give 30-day notice to cancel. She also informed me that "I was a grown woman, and should read all documents before I sign." She also said "you would go around buying cars w/out reading the paperwork right?" I decided not to stoop to her level and I just hung up my phone. So now I am reaching out to you because I feel I have no other option. I'm not using my membership and I'm sure as soon as April 28th rolls around they'll debit another $34.99. I have never been so disrespected in my life! No one should ever have to endure the disrespect that I endured.

I had a membership with Gold's Gym Vestavia and was a loyal club member, often referring friends to the facility because I believe that working out with encouragement from friends is a great way to have motivation to show up. After being wrongfully accused by the manager, Ian, that I was offering personal training services to people at the gym for compensation without having ANY proof whatsoever that the two friends of mine that were working out with me were providing me with compensation in any way, and then being threatened with an ultimatum to either workout BY MYSELF from now on OR have my membership terminated, I decided to take my business elsewhere. The sheer fact that I've been a dedicated member of this Gold's Gym since September 2014, and also choosing to help bring business to them, to be embarrassed and accused of such false accusations is appalling.

This small misunderstanding could have been handled in a much better fashion but the fact that Ian was very condescending and smirking throughout the entire conversation made me lose respect not only for him and the way he runs this gym, but for the company in general. My review of this facility would be to put your hard earned money towards a gym where the employees actually respect you and are actually thorough with their work. There are several comparable gyms around Birmingham! Go elsewhere.

I had an account in 2012 and I told them I wanted to cancel so I paid 120 and canceled the account and went on my way. I never received emails or mail and they didn't draft my account anymore. I took it as my account was closed as I asked. 2013 came and I decided to go back because it was a good location for my trainer and I. I opened up a new account. So I moved in 2014 an hr away and stopped going. I called and asked what was my balance because I just want to pay it off and I have a new gym. Well I was told 130.

So today I called to pay the 130 and Kale at the Mechanicsville location in Virginia tells me that I have two accounts open and they are both 300 a piece. I told him that is not correct and asked for a corporate number. He refused for 10 mins and the manager Billy would not come to the phone. I was told by Jake that if I come back in and get another membership they would erase both accounts. I told him "no give me corporate." I called corporate they tell me my account was sent to collections. They have no information or balance. They give me First Financial and I called them.

First Financial tells me that my balance is 159 which is what I was calling to pay. I asked them about the 700 dollars and they tell me that they don't have that balance. I called Gold's Gym back and the story changed to "we switched to a new company and we do have the 120 you paid from the first account but you will have to pay 300". I tell them what First Financial said and Jake places me on hold and comes back to tell me "Billy said just pay what First Financial said" and I should be fine. I asked "why won't Billy come to the phone" and he tells me that "Billy is in a meeting". So how is Billy telling you what to tell me, it's confusing. There is no one to speak to and Jake said he don't know who is in charge of the location he works in. They are a bunch of bull. Do not waste your time and money. I am going to pay 159 I actually owe but they will not add on extra just to get me to come back to get another membership.

Here are my TWO main concerns: I purchased personal training sessions and never got it. When I got the membership, sales told me I can go to any gym in US. I got less than half of my sessions and never got refund or the rest of my personal training sessions. Membership does not allow to other Gold's Gym Clubs. Overall - dishonest company. Bait and switch practice.

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