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About Embrace Hearing

Since 2011, Embrace Hearing has been providing premium, custom programmed, high performance hearing aids at less than half of the retail price. As an online business that is based in the U.S. with shipping worldwide), the company delivers the latest hearing aid technology starting at $899 per ear.

    Pros & Cons

    • 45-day free trial
    • Rechargeable and Bluetooth options
    • Custom audiology programming
    • Online only

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    I first heard about Embrace online. We went with them because of their price, and the reviews backed the decision. The service, since then, has backed that as well. My favorite fe...

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    On Saturday mornings, I ride my bike while my friends are jogging … since starting wearing the hearing aids, I've noticed that I'm much more engaged in the conversations. I've als...

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    Embrace hearing aids

    Embrace models

    Embrace Hearing offers the two most common hearing aid styles: behind-the-ear and completely-in-canal. All of the company's hearing aids are custom programmed to your hearing and come with a three-year warranty.

    • The NX-Series is a receiver-in-canal (RIC) model suitable for mild to profound hearing loss. This model pairs directly to iPhone or Android smartphones for hands-free phone calls. Tinnitus programming is included on request. The NX-Series is available in three performance levels (NX-360, NX-560 and NX-960). All levels come in rechargeable or 312 battery models. Prices start at $899 with a two-year warranty.
    • The C-Series is a completely-in-canal (CIC) model suitable for mild to severe hearing loss. This model fits entirely into your ear canal, which makes it almost invisible. The hearing aid volume can be controlled by a free smartphone app or an optional remote. CROS and tinnitus programming is included on request. The C-Series is available in two performance levels: C-540 and C-940. Prices start at $899 with a three-year warranty.

    All Embrace hearing aids are custom programmed to your hearing test by the company's licensed audiologists. A hearing test serves as your prescription and provides the precise data required to meet your hearing needs.

    You can provide a test from any local audiology clinic or take the free online test on Embrace Hearing's website.

    Embrace hearing aid prices

    Embrace Hearing has straightforward pricing for their hearing aids. Costs range from $1,798 to $2,798 per pair. Models are available in rechargeable and Bluetooth versions. Financing is available.

    Every hearing aid purchased comes with custom programming, batteries, wax guards, domes and unlimited customer care for the life of the hearing aid. The chart below shows prices for hearing aid pairs. You can also buy just one hearing aid for half the price.

    All prices are accurate as of the time of publication.

    How to buy Embrace hearing aids

    Embrace Hearing is an online-only hearing aid operation. Read the three simple steps below to see how you can purchase an Embrace hearing aid.

    1. Embrace Hearing requires a customer to have a hearing test in order to program the hearing aids. You can send recent tests for a recommendation or have a new one done locally or online at the Embrace Hearing website. Embrace has partnered with SonicCloud to create an exceptionally accurate hearing test that takes about 10 minutes and can be done from your home with any Android or Apple device and a set of earbuds.
    2. Once you provide your test, Embrace Hearing's audiology team reviews it and provides you with a written recommendation. The team also follows up with you by phone to answer any questions.
    3. Once you purchase your hearing aid, it takes five to eight days to arrive. All adjustments are free of charge (including shipping) for the entire warranty period.

    Embrace has a 45-day trial period to ensure you're satisfied with your hearing aid.

    Embrace FAQ

    Will my insurance cover Embrace hearing aids?

    It's best to call the number on the back of your insurance card and speak to a representative to understand your benefits. Embrace Hearing can help complete forms your insurance company provides in order for you to get your reimbursement.

    Is there any charge if I return my hearing aids during the 45-day trial period?

    No. Embrace will refund 100% of what you paid — no programming or restocking fees.

    Are Embrace hearing aids custom programmed?

    Yes. Embrace’s audiology team uses the results of your hearing test to program the hearing aids to match your personal level of hearing loss.

    Do Embrace hearing aids help with tinnitus?

    Yes. Embrace hearing aids are all equipped with a tinnitus manager white noise soundtrack you can turn on or off as required. In addition, since the NX-Series connects directly to your phone, you can stream any preferred tinnitus apps directly to your hearing aids.

    How long is the Embrace hearing aid warranty?

    The NX-Series has a two-year warranty for the NX-360 and NX-560 models and a three-year warranty for the NX-960 model. The C-Series has a three-year warranty.

    Do we recommend Embrace hearing aids?

    We recommend Embrace hearing aids for anyone who is looking to upgrade their current device. The company's website is clear and lays out all the information you need to know about its products. The company also provides upfront pricing — you won't be surprised by your final cost. For those who want high-quality hearing aids at a low price, Embrace is a strong choice.

    Embrace Hearing Reviews

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      How do I know I can trust these reviews about Embrace Hearing?
      • 4,481,129 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
      • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
      • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
      • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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      Verified purchase

      Reviewed Feb. 15, 2024

      I like Embrace a lot. They gave me advice on where to have my hearing tested. I had it tested at a local audiologist, but then I sent the report to Embrace and they used it to program the hearing aids that I bought from them. I don't like to replace batteries, both from an environmental standpoint and having to do it constantly, so I paid a little more for the rechargeable ones. The recharger works well, and my hearing aids can hold a charge all day long. I recharge them at the end of each day. If I stay up late and get close to midnight, I start to get little noises in my hearing aids to tell me that I need to put them into the recharger.

      The hearing aids are expensive, but they are of good quality. The good ones are made in Switzerland and these come from there. My hearing aids have Bluetooth and programming both for increasing and decreasing the volume. It also has programming where I can change it if I'm in a place where there's a lot of background conversation. I do bicycle riding and they did a program for me that eliminates some of the wind noise when I'm bicycling. They do good work there.

      It would be nice to have natural good hearing, but in my family, both my mother and my younger brother have hearing problems, so it's in my DNA. Wearing hearing aids is not something anybody would want to do if they didn't have to, but they can get used to it. I have quite a few people that tell me that they can't even see them because part of it goes behind my ear then there's a clear wire part that goes around my ear and into the ear canal. Many people don't even realize that I have hearing aids on. They're nice.

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        Verified purchase
        Customer ServicePriceOnline & AppStaff

        Reviewed Feb. 15, 2024

        Embrace was good. I got the one that's controllable by their app, and they're rechargeable. Every night, they get into the recharger. My hearing aid goes behind the ear, and I have some problems with that because my ear hurts. The wire going over the top along with the glasses that I wear irritates my ear, but I don't think that has anything to do with Embrace. It's the hearing aid itself. Besides that, I definitely hear more high-frequency sounds than I did before, so it helps.

        The customer service reps were very polite and seemed very competent. I had a few interactions to begin with getting used to the hearing aid, and I lost one as well, so I had to get it replaced. They said they could replace it for a one-time half cost of $700. They sent out a box the next day, then I had to send it back. I had to send both back for some reason, but I got both back. However, if I lose my hearing aid next time, the cost might be 1,500, which is the full price. Their prices were comparable to other companies, but I also noticed that when we went to Costco, they had a similar pair for half that cost.

        Verified purchase
        Customer ServiceStaffDelivery & Shipping

        Reviewed Nov. 5, 2023

        I've only ever talked to one person at Embrace and she’s the one who called me back the next day. She’s also the one who reviewed my hearing tests and programmed the hearing aids for me. She has been absolutely wonderful. Previously, I had just a Bluetooth to connect to my phone and it worked. But it was intermittent as far as being able to hear everybody all the time. With the Embrace Hearing Aids, it's been more than excellent. It’s been very helpful.

        I got hearing aids recommended by Embrace that would be compatible with an Android phone. Through the hearing aids, I can hear what people are saying and I can also speak back. Hopefully, you'll never be old enough to need them. But if you do, Embrace is a great company. The ones I got from my medical company and the people that did the hearing tests were only one way. I could only hear the person on the phone talking to me. They did not have a microphone in the earpiece, so I would have to literally take the hearing aid out, put my phone on speaker phone or hold the phone to my head to talk back to someone, which was very inconvenient.

        Embrace was the only one that got back to me after I submitted my hearing test to them online, followed up with me a week later, and followed up with me two days after that. The only challenge we had was they used the United States Postal Service for delivery and the product was about five days later than expected delivery. I paid $4,800 for these hearing aids and that's a lot of money to be lost in shipping. I would hope that the price would be less expensive than that. It is moderately high but it is what it is. And I'm not wondering about what I paid for. I'm sure I got my money's worth.

        Verified purchase
        Customer ServiceOnline & App

        Reviewed Oct. 26, 2023

        My Embrace hearing aids are comfortable. After I take them off, I put it into the little box that they have and it automatically charges. I use the hearing aids in connection with my iPhone because I downloaded their app. There is a Bluetooth connection. When I click on the app and I have my earphones in my ears, it tells me that they're charged. It also allows me to go to three different default settings that they have. I can customize those default settings with them if I needed to. There's a crowded room setting too. If I'm in a crowded room, it adjusts for that kind of situation as opposed to listening to music. There are two music settings. I've tested it and it changes the quality of what you're hearing in your ear slightly.

        For a while, the app was not connecting. They said to shut down my phone then power it up again and that will reset the app. That worked. I'm still not persuaded that I need them desperately for the $3,000 investment but considering that I paid $3,000 compared to the anywhere from $4,000 to $6,000 that my separate audiologist recommended, I'm happy with the pricing. Their customer service has been responsive as well.

        Verified purchase

        Reviewed Oct. 15, 2023

        I like Embrace because of the cost. They were less expensive and were about half the cost of what I would have paid had I gotten them somewhere locally. I liked the size too. They have the aids that go in your ear and that big thing that goes behind your ear. I wear glasses and I wear my hair short, so I didn't want that big thing behind my ear. I like the fact that mine goes in my ear. I got them over the internet during the pandemic. I live alone so I really wasn't able to test them well until I started going out amongst people. Even though I've had them for over two years, I haven't really been able to test them that much. I took a second hearing test online and found that my hearing declined.

        I put batteries in my hearing aids and these are the type that you can charge. Lately, I charge them often. I've been having problems getting them adjusted. I had to send them back a lot. Embrace has been good about sending me labels so I can send the hearing aids back in so they can make the adjustments. But the fact that I can't personally go in and let them check the hearing aids is a disadvantage. I would give Embrace a good recommendation.

        Verified purchase
        Customer ServicePriceStaff

        Reviewed May 9, 2024

        Embrace is an excellent company with excellent customer service and good follow-through. I have a contact there, who is one of the audiologists, and if I have a question or if something needs to be fixed, they call me back virtually instantly. Also, they send me a mailer so that I don't have to pay to send my hearing aids back and they replace it or repair it if it needs to be repaired. The hearing aids were half the price of what I was paying a private audiologist and as far as I can tell, it's a high-quality hearing aid.

        Verified purchase

        Reviewed April 25, 2024

        I've had my Embrace Hearing for a little over three years now and I had some serious problems with them early on. Their waterproofing could be better. They were excellent for two months, and then I plowed the snow and they went crazy on me. They were squealing. Almost caused me some damage. But they fixed them. They had to go back a couple of times to fix them right. Since then, they've been good. I'm satisfied. Their audiologists are excellent too. Several times I've had to have them make adjustments and they were Johnny-on-the-spot with it. They got me what's called a Noahlink so my aids can be connected to the computer and they did a very good job of adjusting.

        Verified purchase

        Reviewed April 10, 2024

        These have been the best aids so far but even better is the help Dr. ** has given me several times. Thank you Dr. **. I hope to be Embrace customer for the rest of my life. Keep up the good work, I will recommend Embrace to all my hearing aid friends. Hope to renew my aids in the future!

        Verified purchase
        Customer ServicePrice

        Reviewed April 6, 2024

        I've worn hearing aids for 10 years. I started with a different company and I lost one hearing aid and learned that I would have to replace both. That kind of sent me to look elsewhere because I didn't like their policy. With Embrace, they will replace one. This is my second pair of hearing aids from Embrace and I've been very happy. The price was reasonable and the service is great if I have any problems. I've been quite happy and customer service is very good. In the part that goes into the ear, there is a cone that can be changed and they sent me three different types. Once I decided which I liked, they would send me more of those. But I just replaced my hearing aids about a month ago and I don't like them quite as much as the first pair I had. They're a little larger behind the ear and I wear glasses with very lightweight frames and it can bother a little bit with the glasses on top of the hearing aids.

        Verified purchase
        Customer ServiceOnline & AppStaff

        Reviewed March 21, 2024

        There are four programs that I can get in readily on the hearing aids. There's automatic. There's also a conversation in a crowd, and conversation in silence. But then every once in a while, I'll get the symbol for the Bluetooth, and I can do a range on it. Sometimes I can get the app up on my phone, but sometimes I can't. A lot of times, when you put the phone in your pocket, like if you're gonna walk down the beach and you put your hearing aids in, it'll cut on and off.

        My friend told me how to do the Bluetooth and I've gone over it with him. I just have to turn the right ear off and then turn the program off. Then turn the right ear on, and turn the program on. Then turn the right ear off, and then turn both ears on. I've tried all sorts of different ways. But I don't know what it is. But overall, Embrace has gone out of their way to do things for me. When the wires broke, they sent me new wires. Pam was very helpful to a point. But after that, I couldn't get anybody.

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