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With over 25 locations nationwide, American Addiction Centers provide compassionate care to adults who face struggling times with addiction and mental health disorders. AAC works to customize tailored treatment plans for every person that seeks treatment. American Addiction Centers are passionate about providing each person with the tools to recover and achieve wellness.

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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about American Addiction Centers?
    • 4,464,082 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 23, 2021

    Horrible experience, they failed to provide details on what to expect upon my arrival. They sold me on the ideal that it was the right place. Received many phone calls selling me the ideal that it was the right place. Once I agreed to go, they provided transportation, I thought that was good. Now I realize that this is big business at its best. Like said they failed to let me know what to expect upon my arrival. This was my very time going into treatment, and more info would have been helpful.

    Upon my arrival, my luggage was seized and I was not allowed to even look into my luggage to assure that I had everything, I was told once my belongings were inventoried I could have it back. Next I was brought into a room where I had to remove all my clothing, “get naked” wow!!! My clothing were thorough gone thru I stood there “naked.” “Wow." I would have liked to have known this would happen before ever agreeing to commit to this program. This experience reminded me of being in jail. And being a first responder ⛑, I was completely shocked.

    Next I was told I was confined to the third floor and could not leave the third floor except for scheduled group times and scheduled eating times. Felt like jail. If I had known this before committing to this, I would never went to this place. I also surrendered my medication that was prescribed to me the day before. One for high blood pressure, one for withdrawal symptoms. It also took approximately 10 hours to receive my luggage back, are you kidding me? No hygiene, to shower. They also seized my personal blood pressure monitor, which I never got back at all.

    The following day for breakfast, we were held up on third floor before being allowed to go to for breakfast, we explained that it was time, and told, "No, you need to wait another 10 mins when the schedule clearly said it was time for breakfast." We were told they were still too many people in the chow hall, which was a lie. This was clearly Naziville, and we all agreed to me. At this point I was done. Upon leaving the place a few hours later, having my wife drive 2 1/2 hours to pick me up. I received my medications that they had seized upon arrival. Upon arriving back home, I realized that my withdrawal meds were not giving me.

    I called them and they said the meds were locked away due to the meds being a controlled substance. And they offered for me to drive back 2 1/2 hours to pick them up. I advise anyone to research before committing to this place… This is big business at its best, they only care about the money and Billing your insurance, and they are very aware of this…

    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingStaff

    Reviewed June 18, 2021

    4 weeks ago, my husband called AAC, due to my severe withdrawals I was having by consuming Kratom (regularly for more than 3 years). My consumption increased when the Pandemic hit-I know it's taken a toll on my physical/mental/emotional health, and I'm ready to be free from it. Additionally, I'm a teacher, so my decision to try to stop cold turkey (on a weekend and on my own, just over 4 weeks ago) may not have been a good one.

    So, I decided to use AAC to get the help I so desperately need, and used those 4 weeks to research and make a decision from the "top 2 in my region," being Laguna Beach, CA and Desert Hope in Las Vegas. I spent HOURS looking at both online and including (their) reviews (unfortunately). Also, one of the first things I gave AAC (4 weeks ago) was my insurance card; I was told, by their call center, it's "the best insurance" and that I would receive good care under the supervision of 24/7 medical staff. My actual experience has been the exact opposite.

    Well, I flew to Vegas 2 days ago to receive this "great care" and I've received anything but! I received a Bait & Switch.! After 3 hours of their "intake" was when the switch happened...They drove me 20 minutes away and dropped me at an old, rundown hotel at 2am. I immediately noticed the removed (hotel) equipment and the disgusting floors; I can only imagine the disgusting bed I slept in..The next morning I awoke to discover I had no hot water, so no shower. I spent day one trying to give myself pep talks: I can do this, it's temporary, someone will contact me soon, try to distract yourself with TV. I was not doing well that first afternoon; I was confined to that room-I had no key, no connections to anyone that could help me through this-I was going outta my mind!

    I met a resident that afternoon that had been there for 6 months, it was from him I learned for the first time that I was actually being housed in a "sober living" facility, under the guise of "quarantine." By the next morning I'd had enough! I could've detoxed myself in a much more comfortable environment called home; I would never DARE GO NEAR that facility they "housed" me in- not in my sane mind-I was losing any sanity I had left and the longer I waited for someone to act on my behalf the worst it got-I felt like a hostage. It took me several hours (pacing, kicking and screaming, nonetheless) to receive ANYTHING from them!

    I spent 2 days in that room and now I'm sitting at the airport, about 48 hours into my detox with no shower since I left home. I ABSOLUTELY feel like I've been neglected and abused and I want to warn EVERYONE! DON'T GO THROUGH AAC! Today after reading Better Business Bureau complaints, I'm kicking myself for getting into this mess; a mess that I now fear can take years to resolve as I'm now out of pocket over $4,000! AND I've still got hours here at the airport before my flight home-wish me luck!

    Please do your research outside of the information they give you, and take a hard look at any Red flags! You will not see a negative review on their site, nor will you see the facility I was housed in..I think they're fake reviews as I've looked in to writing one on their website with no luck (and I have video evidence of a very small piece of my experience). This is not finished as the BBB and an attorney will be my next points of contact to try to save someone else from this experience which truly can be life-threatening. Thanks for reading and good luck to you on your journey.

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      Verified purchase
      Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

      Reviewed April 1, 2020

      I was really messed up and I needed a place to go. I went online and I started looking up rehabs. I called up a random number, and whoever I spoke to on the phone ran my insurance and told me that I qualify. But when they told me it was in Jersey, I told them I didn’t wanna go. It is too far. But a week later, I was feeling like the worst I’ve ever felt and I went to a bar to kinda help me out. While I was at the bar, I was looking at more rehabs closer in New York, where I’m from. I got a call again and it was the same guy and he checked up on me again. He explained to me that they would send a car over at no charge to me and pick me up from my house and then drop me off, then I said okay. And I was there the next day.

      When I went in to Sunrise House, I felt kind of ** because of my withdrawal. But the little old lady at the front desk told me that in a little bit I would go upstairs to get my first dose of what I needed, and that kinda helped me out, which was true. I did not mind the search. That was to be expected. But they didn’t just rummage through my belongings. They asked me first if they didn't know something, so it was fine.

      With the accommodations, I definitely feel that they can do something with the heat and the coldness because some nights it was so hot, where you're pretty much sleeping naked, which I was. It doesn’t help you to get your rest when you have a room that’s boiling hot or a room that’s freezing cold. It’s messing your sleep up. On top of that, you have someone coming in there every hour checking up on you. But I enjoyed it there. The food was good.

      Overall, the staff is pretty helpful. They are nice. But I did come across one situation where a staff member did say something that was not factual and by that happening, someone else got written up. I wrote a statement on that person's behalf explaining exactly what did happen. It’s kinda sexist because I’m a straight male and the person that I kind of bonded to mostly was a straight woman, and in the eyes of everyone else, the whole stupid saying like, two dead batteries don’t start a car. I get it, but we’re people.

      One of the big things that they also need to underline there is a lot of times when people are dealing with these addictions whether it’d be through drugs or alcohol, you’re also not communicating properly with the opposite sex. When you’re on these drugs, you’re a kind of one-track mind because you want certain things. So I thought it was really helpful and healthy for me to be in the company of fellow alcoholic that was a female where our conversation had nothing to do with anything sexual at all, but more about who we are when we’re not drinking and how we feel. That was a very crucial part of my recovery.

      Also, being able to have that friend that is of the opposite sex where there’s no sexual contact there, but it was very frowned upon, which I think is kinda really rude because this is a rehab that we have checked ourselves into, and if you did not want men and women to be under the same roof, then they should figure that out on their end. But you can’t put men and women together and then tell us that we have to remain x amount of feet from each other. We’re not in a prison. So I found that disturbing. While they were out there looking at us, and we were not doing anything, no one was looking at the other people that were actually doing things in the bushes. I found that hysterical.

      This was my first time in a rehab and they have equipped me well to go back. I was a really big drinker but when I was there, I only wanted to have a drink once and since I’ve been home, I haven’t had a drink, and I have no thoughts of having drinks. I’m completely fine. So they equip you with the knowledge of leaving there and to have a successful road to recovery.

      Verified purchase

      Reviewed March 29, 2020

      American Addiction Centers reps were friendly and helpful for the most part. The living arrangements at the Sunrise House were okay. The food and the classes were good, although I preferred some of the counselors over others. I felt that others were more passionate about it and a couple were more by the book. Also, I understand there's no groundbreaking material when it comes to this stuff. It's really just trying to nail it home, to get people to understand what they can do in the future and do something different. I found it helpful overall and they really challenged us to think about what we were gonna do once we got out and was faced with regular life again.

      Verified purchase
      Customer ServicePricePunctuality & SpeedStaff

      Reviewed March 28, 2020

      I stayed at the Sunrise House for six days. I was highly medicated on the first day. I was a drinker so it was one day of nothing. But by day two or three, I felt back to normal and was pretty coherent. I understand they have certain things they have to do but the place was really poorly organized. The nurses and the people that worked there were good though. But the administrative people, like the higher-ups and the counselors, barely did anything for you and it made me wanna leave.

      A couple of people and I were miserable and couldn’t wait to just try to find a way to get out. That was really unfortunate. I was in the detox center. I only went to the rehab for one day but in my experience, the detox center was miserable. I don’t think I needed the rehab facility. But there are some people I know that were there and I really wish stayed because of what they had expressed to me. But they were so uncomfortable that they were trying to do whatever they could to get out.

      Once I was fine, I asked if I could make a call and if I could talk to a counselor. I also asked what services I was gonna be provided. But it was impossible to even meet with my counselor. Everything was like the counselor was gonna be in for the next three days. It was very difficult to get anything done. I was trying to be productive and get things done but they did not allow that to happen.

      It was a big waiting game and I kept trying to get information. I became friendly with a woman who worked there who kind of ran the floor and even she was frustrated. She was like, “There’s nothing we can do. It’s the weekend. You can’t see your counselor." If people came on a Thursday, which was when I went in, they can’t see their counselor until Monday which is like five days later. They wouldn’t let you make calls to your family, friends or anyone unless you had a counselor so I couldn’t make a call for four days because I couldn’t see my counselor.

      During the counseling sessions, it’s not like they try to give you any kinda guidance or therapy. It was just very administrative even in there. I know that Sunrise was the most affordable place with my insurance and considering all that. But if I go through something like that again, I’d rather go into debt and go somewhere nicer because it was really rough. It was horrible.

      That place needs to be a little bit better run which I think could be done. The facility wasn’t bad. Their excuse was that they had so many people coming in right then. But that was their job so they should be prepared. They shouldn't leave their patients, like me, and leave them hanging. We are coming off of drug issues. The anxiety is high, you’re medicated, you’re scared, and you’re alone. We need guidance and we can’t just be sitting in a room.

      At Sunrise, you have your own little room and that's fine. They give you a tiny hotel room kinda thing with a sink and there’s a shared bathroom. I don’t really have complaints about that kinda stuff. They also have a room for the women to sit and watch TV, a room for the men to sit and watch TV, and they have a kitchen. They would not let us socialize with the men at all, which I kind of understand, but they should let us live. We were not trying to do anything weird. We were just trying to talk to people.

      They would actually interfere if I went over to the men’s. They had a better TV area in the men's area. If the women were all asleep, I would walk over there. They told me I couldn't be there. I asked what else I was supposed to do. But that was not a huge complaint. It was a little silly. No one was trying to get in relationships or anything crazy in that kind of environment. That was literally the bottom of the line. It was all about support.

      I was not a cigarette smoker but every two hours, they’d have these smoke breaks. I picked up smoking for that week. I don’t smoke now. It was just to get out of that building. Chain-smoking every two hours was like the only thing people had to do. And it was kinda detrimental. But I think once you get into the rehab facility, it’s better in the sense that you’re busy all day. They have meetings and I went through one day of that then my parents agreed to take me out of there. That was not horrible but with the way the detox ran, I felt like an animal.

      Nothing I said mattered because I don’t know if they thought I was screwed up. After a day and a half, I really wasn’t. One of the people there even asked if I wanted to work there. I was helping the friends that I had made there run things and get things done. She said that she had not seen a counselor and it had been five days. I said, “Okay, well, I’m gonna make sure you do.” I had to jump in. Maybe they were understaffed at the facility.

      I feel like the detox just needs to be run better. We were ** up to that point. We needed to go through that but we are still people. We have rights and we should have the ability to talk to our families and take our phones. They shouldn't make it so difficult for us to find support if they were not gonna provide it. I’m gonna wanna call my boyfriend or my mom even if it’s not every day. But I was told I needed a counselor. If so, they should have them on deck and have one on call.

      Verified purchase

      Reviewed March 27, 2020

      I wasn't comfortable going to Sunrise House because I was 700 miles away from home, but it was also a new experience. I had to just deal with it as I got there. Whenever I'm not comfortable, I kinda just shut down. So that was one thing I was starting to work on when I was getting there and it wasn't getting any better, but Sunrise House is a very good place to be at. My experience short and abrupt, but I got back onto the right set of mind track that I learned from an IOP program at Wellstone. It's getting me back into the mindset that I needed to be into instead of ranting and raving and running the streets like I was. So that's helping a lot. Now I'm just paying attention to them and following the steps that I had to follow.

      Verified purchase

      Reviewed March 23, 2020

      The people were nice and everything was okay. It was an old place, so it wasn’t the most modern of facilities, but what's important was how the people cared for us, and they did a good job. I was only there for several days as I was there for detox, but the people that I met seemed to be very caring and it was about as good as I could expect. They’ve been doing all the right things. What I needed from them worked for me.

      Verified purchase
      Punctuality & SpeedStaff

      Reviewed March 22, 2020

      While doing research, I found American Addiction Centers on the internet. Everything was all good with them. I stayed at the Sunrise House and everybody was pretty supportive. It was also a good schedule. The living area was fine. There, I learned not to be in denial. Anyone that wants to learn can learn and be a better person. The only thing was they were really short of staff and I wish they have a little bit more people.

      Verified purchase

      Reviewed March 21, 2020

      A friend of ours told me about American Addiction Centers. Everything went well. Most of their reps were great. I paid a lot of money to go there. It was cash money and not insurance. All the staff from the classes and everything were great. I didn’t have any treatment but I took the classes. You really learn a lot from the classes.

      But I didn't receive what they promised before I went to the Sunrise House. I was promised a room of my own, shower and everything like a regular room. But then I had to share showers like in a jailhouse and I wasn’t comfortable with that. That was one of my big issues there. Also, the room and the linen were dirty. If they need help with doing that, I’d be more than happy to go and work for them and show them what to do. I worked for a hotel for 17 years and I know what’s supposed to be clean and what’s not supposed to be clean.

      Verified purchase
      Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedOnline & AppStaff

      Reviewed March 20, 2020

      I was addicted to a medication and when I asked my doctors to provide some way of getting off of them, I got nowhere, so I decided to seek medical detox. I signed myself in with American Addiction Centers. Their website looked fabulous, but it was completely false. When I got there and was told what to expect, it was nothing compared to what I was told on the phone from the person in the central location. My second impression was absolute disgust when they showed me the living quarters. The place looked like Salvation Army wouldn’t take that furniture. They showed me to a room and it was at least 100 degrees in there. I told them no and that this was not gonna happen. The staff said that I got a fan and that I should feel privileged. It was the beginning of the jailhouse syndrome.

      The nursing staff was absolutely phenomenal. They were angels. But the other staff couldn't get a job in a third-rate Mexican prison. They were disgusting people. I asked for a box of tissues and I was told they didn’t have any. I said that I didn't believe him and he said, “I don’t give a damn.” I went to the nursing station, and one of those angels said, “That’s **.” And she went and got me a box of tissues. They also made the guy who told me he didn't give a damn come back and apologize. He didn't mean it, but hey.

      Overall, it’s a horrible place. They should be closed. They are taking advantage of people at their most vulnerable state. I signed myself out of there on the third day. I had to threaten them with violence to get them to get me out. I told them that if I was not out of there by 9 o’clock tomorrow morning, I was gonna take the things that they put away for me. And if they would call the police, I welcome them. Amazingly, two hours later, they signed me out. When I left there, I called the township board of health, the county board of health, and the state board of health and filed complaints against them. They're terrible and there's no excuse for it.

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