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Seasons in Malibu provides clients with more one-on-one, clinical and holistic treatment than any other facility in the world. Located in Malibu, CA, we embrace all modalities of evidence based alcohol and addiction treatment, including “SMART Recovery." Holistic treatment modalities like yoga, acupuncture, massage, cranial sacral therapy, surfing, tennis, hiking, art therapy, hypnotherapy, spiritual therapy and more are woven into our program to help heal the mind, body and soul. We offer our clients a full, medically supervised, detox in a 5-Star environment and we feature cuisine, carefully prepared by Cordon Bleau trained chefs, who are experienced in creating nutritious and sumptuous meals for every diet need. We are exclusive and intensive, usually only treating 8-10 clients at a time. Our Treatment Programs are from 14 to 90 days, with aftercare, outpatient and sober companion options available.

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Last updated: Aug. 18, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 18, 2017

This facility is top-notch! The staff is so professional and really cares about their clients! The chef makes delicious food! The list of good things about this facility is endless! The doctors and counselors are amazing too! I would recommend this facility to any parent trying to find a safe and effective treatment facility for their loved ones! I'm so glad I found this place for mine!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 1, 2017

I did my own research for different facilities, but I ultimately went with Seasons in Malibu because I now live in Malibu and I also like the healing power of the ions and the water. They have an alternative style of teaching and bestowing the information. They seem like a close-knit family. I was nervous about missing work for my own company, but they were very good about it and the system worked for me. The therapy was great because I'd prefer the one-on-one kind of individual care rather than big groups. Now, I'm doing out-patient which seems to work pretty well as well. It's not a perfect science but having another voice is always helpful. However, it's so damn expensive. Mine wasn't done through insurance and was paid out of pocket.

Other than that, I had a positive experience. I was hesitant being around other peers, but a lot of the people that work there are recovering addicts, so they knew where we came from and was helpful too. There were a couple of people I didn't really mesh with, but everyone else was great for the most part. I would recommend Seasons in Malibu for sure. Also, I recommend everyone to do a psych eval when going there. I haven't really done anything like that since I was really young and it helped me understand certain things about myself that I didn't know.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 27, 2017

Seasons in Malibu was recommended to me by people who have referred patients there. It's also close to where I live. My experience with the admissions team was good and they responded quickly to me. The facility is also very nice and the staff, overall, is very good. Some of them are really professional - customer-oriented and so friendly, but I felt that a few individuals who ran things had some attitude. It was like they were always having a bad day. They could probably use a little more training on customer service. But I don't understand that business that well, so I'm probably too critical.

Seasons has a very good program though. I enjoyed the groups and the individual sessions and felt that the schedule was packed enough. I also felt that they gave me the tools to deal with issues I needed to deal with. As for the post-treatment, I did the ITO which worked very good. Then there was a hand-off between that and another therapist at home, so it went well. It was a very good overall experience to help with my addiction and also deal with issues that I had in my life.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 19, 2017

Seasons in Malibu was highly recommended on several websites that I visited. My insurance company's website also said that they were in the network though that wasn't the case when I got there. But the people at Seasons were very nice and welcoming, and the experience was fine for admissions. They were upfront about what it would cost. All the insurance hasn't been finalized yet, but it seems to be on track of what they thought.

Also, the facility has very beautiful views. They have two houses and I was at the beach house. But both houses have spectacular views of the ocean and really good food. I thought I would lose weight just by not drinking when I was there, but the chef cooked really good food. Overall, my experience with their staff was excellent. They provide a lot of individual attention. I had been to Betty Ford before in Rancho Mirage, and it's based on the 12 steps only and it was very group-oriented. At Seasons', it's much more individual attention and I liked that better. I just got home two days ago and everything is going well so far. It was an eye-opening and a helpful experience.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 28, 2016

I'm an actor and a member of the union SAG-AFTRA. The union was having a health fair and Seasons in Malibu had a booth at it. I was in the process of looking for a treatment facility for alcoholism because I had an issue with alcoholism for a prolonged time. I met a director there and she was really nice. They ended up taking my insurance. I went there for a month and then participated in their outpatient treatment program afterwards. Everybody was really nice, friendly and welcoming. They really put me at ease at a time where I was at the low point in my life. They were very receptive and accommodating. They made me feel very comfortable. The first few phone calls had to do with insurance but after that, they basically just took care of me. The admissions process went very well.

Seasons is not exclusively a 12-step facility and AA has helped me in the past. I was sexually abused as a child and didn't realize that my alcoholism stemmed from that until I got Seasons and I spoke to their therapists and Psychiatrists. We figured out that I had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from the abuse and I had never treated it for all these years. They paired me up with a therapist who worked with people who had PTSD and he used a therapy called EMDR to help reprogram my brain because for years I had insomnia. I used to use alcohol to go to sleep but they were able to put me on to some non-addictive sleep medicine.

In the beginning I wasn't able to sleep for the first three nights but then we got the medication correct and I went to sleep. So it was a really good experience for me because we got to the root of the problem. Seasons really put me on the great path to recovery. Because before that, I was going to AA meetings but I kept relapsing and I didn't know why. Seasons was very beneficial to my situation. I got in touch with the Survivors' network of people who were abused by priests as children, because I was abused by a priest. That kind of put me onto a new trajectory and they even suggested that I talk to an attorney about approaching the church and getting them to admit responsibility. So I'm actually working with an attorney now and we are filing a lawsuit against the church. But the point of all that is to get some relief, and they really helped me out a great deal that way.

I continued seeing my therapist after I left for the outpatient treatment program. I would go up to the house, participate in groups and then I would meet with my therapist. I also got a new doctor and gives me a shot of this drug which helps with cravings. I get shots on a monthly basis and that helps me out a great deal too. And then when my insurance ran out, they said, "If you ever want to just come up and say hi. You're always welcome here." Now I have a larger support network of people who I can call, and my family is very appreciative of Seasons as well because they were very worried about me while all this was going on. It was a very positive experience and I've stayed sober since then.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 8, 2016

I was a professional and I had a great career. I was making great money and I had an addiction problem when I was in my early 20's. Then, I quit 'cause I was diagnosed with ADHD. I was put on the ADHD medication and I never took drugs again. When the medication stopped working, I didn't realize it. I wasn't even aware that that could happen and it's over for four and half years living my life, doing really well. And then all of a sudden I relapsed and I had so much more to lose this time around. I researched a lot and I was looking for the best place I could go that I could afford, and that's how I ended up at Seasons in Malibu.

My doctor is absolutely amazing. She saved my life. I like the fact that I can always reach out to her when I need her and she's always available for me. Yesterday, I had a 30-minute phone call with her. She's a busy person and I was going through some depression. I was able to talk to her and she really cares. Anytime I've ever reached out to her, she's been right there to help me and guide me. Like for any person with an addiction, the process was scary. But they at Seasons in Malibu were very helpful and they made it as easy as possible on me.

Because they're a dual-diagnosis clinic, it was more than just pushing A.A. on me during the whole 12-step thing. I didn't want to do that since it is not for me, and I appreciated the fact that my doctor listened to what I said. She was very adjustable to what my needs were as a patient and get what I needed out of it. I couldn’t have found that in many places at all. Now I don't have the addiction problem anymore. I learned a lot while I was there about self-sabotaging behaviors that I had. It also helped me and my mom. We have some sessions together 'cause we weren't getting along before. They definitely helped me to pull my life together and I'm finally getting back on track. They were great and I would definitely recommend Seasons in Malibu to anyone.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 4, 2016

My mom read over the testimonials and Seasons in Malibu is where everyone goes all over the world. She also liked what they had to offer. When I first came in, it was like a family and I was able to get better. I was able to pick myself up from the dumps because they made me feel good. It was my first time going to rehab, and what was different from all the other rehabs that my friends talked about was that Seasons was the only one that had a spiritual class on Sundays, and I got a lot out of that one. They really set a good environment and I felt safe to open and share.

Seasons is exceptional compared to other rehabs that I got information from. I got that from all the other clients as well. The other clients told me to be really grateful that this was my first rehab center because it’s one of the best and they really care for you. I was hearing that other rehabs don’t even care about your name. When I went to a sober living, I was on the board and they didn’t even have our names. They had our patient number and it felt like we were robots.

The Seasons admissions team was also very caring. I was so down in the dumps and they completely understood what I was going through. I tried my very best and so did they. There’s something that a person has to realize for themselves and that’s what happened to me. With the help I got there, I began becoming more aware of my problems and once I saw them, I was able to do something about them. However, the medication was making things difficult and it confused me more and set me back. I ended up relapsing but it was all part of the journey.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 28, 2016

When I reached out to Seasons in Malibu, I was pleasantly surprised about the level of concern and care for my loved one. They were patient in hearing my story and why we needed the time to make sure we found the right placement. There was nothing pushy about their tactics and frankly, it was me that kept calling back to ask more questions. By the third or fourth call over the course of a month, the admissions team was familiar and more than accommodating.

Finally, when my loved one checked in, we all felt very nervous and read way too many horror stories online. Upon arrival, we were immediately greeted, felt comforted in connecting with the doctors almost right away, and was given the personal phone number of his case manager to be contacted at any time. His room was beautiful. The grounds and the views were breathtaking. Honestly, I thought rehabs were supposed to be stale and serious environments. The other clients were jovial, kind, and clearly felt well taken care of at Seasons. I can't say enough about how they treated me and my family. Although my loved one still has work to do, I know for a fact that Seasons gave him the best chance to be successful in recovery.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 28, 2016

My dad went to Seasons in Malibu. I'm Canadian and I've already been to one in Vancouver. From what I heard about Seasons, it sounded a lot nicer. My whole experience was really awesome. I love everyone up at Seasons. The staff and the therapist are all great, fantastic people, and really know what they're doing. The most beneficial part was having so much one on one therapy. I figured out what I needed to figure out when I was at a procedure. The way they worked through the aspect to their plan with me is really, really helpful. They left me out on my own even if I was living there. I have good plans set in place, which I think was important. I love the whole program and it was really good.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 24, 2016

I've been afraid of rehabs since I saw my friends go to them when I was sixteen. All the horror stories they encountered and the endless 12 step meeting they were forced to go to, boy was I surprised how wrong their propaganda could be. Seasons in Malibu makes rehab not only pleasant but enlightening experience. Wonderful staff, knowledgeable doctors, fast and efficient management, unreal culinary treats and even a couple new age treatments that can blow your mind. I can't say anything but good things about this place. It's weird feeling wanting to stay in rehab rather than leave when your time is up. If you're having trouble with addiction Season is the place to go!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 16, 2016

Entering rehab is immensely difficult and scary! Leaving my family was horrifying and I felt so alone. Daily activities helped me to actually identify my history, my pain and my plan for success. I still missed my family but each day I was eliminating my addiction. I am so grateful I partnered with Seasons in Malibu.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 9, 2016

This place saved my life! I was a client in October 2011 and will have 5 years sober this year. I now work here. Everything I have today is a direct result of all of the tools I obtained as a client at Seasons in Malibu. I owe all of the staff my life. Not only am I living proof that this place works, I came back to work here to give back and be of service. I've known a lot of people that work and are clients at various rehabs and I truly believe that this place is the best. I can say with utmost confidence that the staff are all professional as a client and fellow staff member's perspective.

Clients are the number one priority at seasons as well as the clients' families. Seasons takes care of their clients even after they graduate the program. Please don't get me wrong; the three months I was there were some of the hardest and most trying times I've been through but it's through these experiences that I learned how to live again. You have to want it badly enough to make it change. If you let them, Seasons will unlock the parts of your life that have held you back and kept you sick. I highly recommend this treatment center to anyone in need of help! Thank you for giving me my wings back!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 19, 2015

Seasons in Malibu exceeded my expectations. The staff of doctors and the client associates make sure everything you need is available. The personal attention through one on one therapy is one of the special features of the program. Seasons offers a variety of individual and group activities, including massage, acupuncture and spiritual work. Weekends may include paddle boarding, hiking, and will consider the desires of clients to propose other activities. One of the best features of Seasons Recovery is the emphasis placed on aftercare upon completion of your stay. I am currently back at home and am attending outpatient therapy. Thank you Seasons for giving me my life back.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 7, 2015

My stay at Malibu was very atypical of any other hospital settings I have ever encountered. I was provided daily with support groups, didactics, therapy, exercise, diet and overall comprehensible (Addiction, Trauma-Recovery, Rehabilitation, Psychology, Spiritualism, Creative Arts, Awareness, mental/emotional) holistic health. The environment was well-structured, yet with low monitoring. All tasks, meetings, and activity decisions were left open at the discretion of patient, always. There was abundance of positive communication and it was a safe place to heal, learn, live and grow. My Psychologist and Psychiatrist were extremely successful when working with me; they were skilled and show strong desire and truth in their belief in me. Group interactions were well balanced and harmonic which included consistent care with follow up.

The clinicians and staff were well trained and very helpful. Suffering from a mood disorder is typically not treated in this form when entering into a psychiatric setting. It is a completely different experience. As a psychiatric patient, I was able to be understood, accepted, trusted, and heard. I felt in complete safety the entire time I was there. I felt I was be guided towards my own personal fulfillment and towards my own sense of individual recovery.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 7, 2015

I was a patient a Season's twice last year. First time in May. I had 3 months and a family member passed and I relapsed. I will have a year sober on Nov 6. Season's entire staff was A+. They helped me get to the core of why I used and drank alcohol. From the minute I walked thru the doors I felt welcome. Everyone knew my name within a day. The days were full of therapy and fun. The medical care was so "on top" of helping me not be sick thru withdrawals. The houses are insanely clean and beautiful. The food was like a 5* restaurant. I traveled all the way from Alaska. From the moment I made the inquiry to see if my insurance would pay for a high end center until I went home, everything went perfect. The therapist's were so skilled and professional. I am still friends with some of my housemates. They will love you at Season's till you learn to love yourself again. The client mix went from 18 to 75 years old.

I didn't feel like this was a "richy rich" Hollywood crowd. Dr. Shalati and Dr. Mark are awesome. You can still have access to the outside world while inside. You get pampered with massage, acupuncture, cranial sacral. There’s so many healing tools I learned there. Audrey ** is their spiritual advisor, guarantee you will find her groovy beyond words. I was a very functional addict for 40 years. Came from a middle class family. I didn't get into any legal trouble. I didn't go to jail. I have a house, a car, and nice things too. I had a high bottom. I just had big holes on my insides, no one could see. I finally decided I didn't want to spend the rest of my life going to my pain clinic and drinking a bottle a day. I was self medicating. Numbing the feelings from all the crap that I lived thru as a child, and all the poor behaviors I acquired in my addiction.

Pills, alcohol, sex addiction, food addiction, gambling addiction. All of the above were my coping skills I'd learn to escape reality. I also believe after care is most important. You can't just check in for 30 days and come out "fixed". I am an active member of a 12 step group. I continue to get weekly therapy sessions. My journey is one day at a time. When you really decide you’re DONE your life will be better than ever before. You get out of this treatment what you put into it, and keep working it on a daily basis afterward. My story ends sadly though. My 22 year old daughter overdosed from opioid's and alcohol and died March 5 this year. I'm not sure how it got her and not me. I believe in God and have to accept that this was his plan. I knew all along I seriously needed help. If you or your child is suffering from addiction get help asap.

Life is short. I am 56 year old female. Season's Malibu taught me I can now walk thru even the toughest times in my life, without picking up a bottle of pills or alcohol. Opioid's are now responsible for a death every 24 minutes in the U.S. It's our countries "Black Plague". Don't feel embarrassed or shameful if you are caught up in this. Thank you Season's for helping me save my own life. I miss my times with you all. I'm now proud to say I'm planning on coming to your alumni picnic in the spring. Today I'm filled with gratitude and hope. I am now a part of the solution, instead of the problem. I feel blessed. Thank you.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 14, 2015

Seasons Recovery offers world class therapy and treatment for a wide range of conditions and addictions. I can say with full confidence that it changed if not saved my life. Furthermore, the accommodations are top notch and you will transform your life in a luxurious setting. If you're in need of such therapy I can't imagine there is a better option in North America. Best wishes, Kipp.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 28, 2015

I have a sister that was treated at Seasons and I have to say how impressed I was by the level of interaction with the therapists and case managers! Everyone we came in contact with treated us as if we were their own family. I would highly recommend Seasons to anyone in need of addiction treatment!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 9, 2015

When I arrived at Seasons, I was rather ill, both emotionally and physically. When there, it took me about a week to realize and admit that I was an alcoholic. I came to it on my own and had no pressure imposed by the wonderful and caring staff (ranging from the chef, to the cleaning crew, to the psychologists, etc.). Each of them knew that I had to take ownership of the realization. I stayed for a month and every day felt as if I was in a spa, rather than a recovery center - 9 months later I am still sober and love my sobriety!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 24, 2015

I would like to point out an exceptional experience with Dr Shilati (COO) as well as Dr ** (primary Dr) for my daughter. Dr Shilati worked very well with me in explaining and creating a business solution for my family which lead to a very positive experience for my daughter who, I am happy to report, is doing well in her recovery. As far as my daughter's recovery, Dr ** has been instrumental in creating a recovery plan for my daughter who entered the Seasons facility in early July with an addiction to heroin. The medical treatment had been top notch and I truly have seen a complete turn around for my daughter. Thanks again to the entire team at Seasons.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 6, 2015

I did not think it possible to get such quality of care anywhere... I was treated with such kindness and understanding. I was quickly assigned a treatment team that literally worked around the clock to help me get my life back. My only regret was not reaching out to Seasons sooner because living a sober life has been amazing! Thank you!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 3, 2015

I was a client at SRC in Malibu for 90 days. Seasons is rated number 1 in the world for a reason; that reason being because it is absolutely amazing. When I chose Seasons I was in desperate need of help, I was literally dying. Seasons saved my life. Here you will find the best doctors, therapists, client advocates, site mangers, etc. They are an extremely close-knit team, holding meetings amongst themselves to make sure that each and every client is receiving the best treatment meant especially for them. They are ALWAYS available 24 hours.

The closeness of the treatment team is a huge asset to each and every client. While completely professional, they are also very compassionate. Seasons is quite small compared to other treatment centers giving it the complete "family" atmosphere. I high recommend Seasons. You will feel safe and loved. Most of all you will feel healed. I guess what I know the most to be true is that they literally saved my life. They are the BEST!!!!!

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