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Didn't have very many useful features that I actually use. But it's still a good bed and I'm happy I purchased it. It has served me well the past year. The warranty is very good and should be used in all mattress purchases. You get a very good warranty for the price of the bed. I would recommend it to anyone. You get a top of the line bed for a heck of a deal. They have so many beds to chose from yet it's so easy to pick the perfect one for you.

Restful night... Sweet dreams... Satisfied with my bed. Though it's expensive, you can use a payment plan. It's like an investment for me. Hope it lasts long. I believe it's 25 year limited warranty. Replacement or repair if it's defective. Covers normal wear. Does not cover unauthorized retailers. I feel like I'm in a hotel with the comforts of my home.

Very easy to use!! Wireless remote is a plus. Adjustable positions for the head and feet of the bed. Memory foam is absolutely amazing. This bed is the most comfortable. If my husband is snoring, I just adjust his side of the bed so he doesn't anymore. For the price I pay for the bed I am underwhelmed by some parts of the warranty and the hoops you have to jump through in order to get things done. It shouldn't be that difficult. It isn't that difficult when they are taking my money to buy it. With that said, I am happy they offer somewhat of a warranty for the actual adjustable bed. It's certain other things that could be longer as well.

I have had an issue before and I was very displeased with the customer service department. I found them to be extremely rude and unhelpful. It was almost like they didn't believe there was an issue. They actually told me there was "no issue." I'm like..."THERE'S AN ISSUE!!" Finally took getting multiple people involved and going up the latter to be solved. I do feel like it's a good value for the most part. It changed my life. I sleep so much better now and so does my husband. For the comfort and flexibility it gives us, I would pay it all over again.

Didn't need all features. But great bed. Happy with purchase. Would do again. Expensive, but worth it. Hope it is durable and long lasting. Like being able to adjust bed for needs. Warranties are not that great. Read the fine print & see that you really can't return it unless it's super defective without it costing you money. Beds aren't made to last anymore. They are just too expensive, companies are greedy not caring of their customers. Great customer service before purchase. Mediocre customer service after purchase. Spent many minutes on phone after purchase with questions about functions of bed. They have my money, so don't care anymore. These beds are not about value. Mattresses are extremely overpriced, especially with so many not living up to the customer's expectations and the customer being forced to purchase another expensive mattress.

My bed can also move up and down. I can transform my bed in any way that I want. The bed also lets someone that is sitting next to me do anything they want with the bed. The warranty is great. I have a long warranty. The warranty was extra money spent but it is so worth it. I have a great bed and I love it, words obviously can explain how great I feel. Honestly, I never called customer service but if I did, I know that I would be satisfied. I am extremely satisfied with the bed so I know that I will be satisfied with customer service. Customer service isn't really needed, the bed is self-explanatory. The bed was expensive but the value that you get for the bed is everything. It is so worth it! Once you get in the bed, it will be the best experience of your life. My Tempur-Pedic bed is the best!

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The additional features may very well differentiate from mine's compared to other customers & consumers, but they are very handy & supportive. The warranty is outstanding & believe it or not, the warranty is for an indefinite amount of time instead of for a definite amount of time & I think that's fantastic. The customer service is very knowledgeable, accurate & most importantly, their major concern is their customers & consumers, unlike other customer service for other companies. The value speaks for itself, however it goes a long way with me, because I choose quality over price & believe it or not, seeing is believing.

I just love how comfortable the TempurPedic bed is. I always get good night's sleep. I never wake up very exhausted. I do have a warranty that came with the bed. The warranty that came with the bed is a twenty year warranty. It lasts 2 times longer as a traditional innerspring mattress. The customer service for my TempurPedic bed has been very helpful and courteous. I would say that it's worth the money I paid for it especially because of the warranty and the memory foam it's made out of... I cannot be any happier.

Absolutely wonderful. There are so many options when choosing a Tempur-Pedic bed. You can customize it so both you and your significant other are comfortable and you can adjust it without waking your significant other. Due to the cost of the bed I'd definitely recommend purchasing the warranty. It covers almost any possible thing you can think of. It's well worth it. Everyone was so helpful and very thorough explaining the features, price, warranty, and instructions for adjusting. I really understood what I was purchasing. The bed is great. Don't get me wrong, but I think they'd sell far more if they weren't quite as expensive.

I love how you can change the height of the top and bottom. Great for people with back problems, acid reflux, and sciatica. The memory foam is great too. The beds have a lifetime warranty! Usually Tempur-Pedic beds last 10 years or more so there is barely any reason to take advantage of it, but it's good that it's there just in case. Though definitely worth it, Tempur-Pedic beds are extremely EXPENSIVE. It's so tempting to get a knock off brand like Bob-O-Pedic because that fits my budget better, but I know they wont last as long.

It was just a bed with no additional features. It was fine but too expensive. Customer representative was very patient during our visit. He answered every our question about the product quality, informed us about available deals. I do not think that the price was fair. You can find much better deals. It will not be well-known brands but the quality it almost the same.

Me & my wife purchased the Premier Ergo Brown with adjustable base queen adjustable prime. These 2 items total sale price was $6,201.71. There was a $200.00 rebate offered during purchase. Mind you this purchase was made Labor Day weekend July 15, 2015. Told it would take 8 to 10 weeks to receive rebate. Finally got info how to apply, did that. Talk to agent, made sure that it was received. Has been almost 4 mo. Still haven't gotten rebate. Can't find anyone to help with situation. Was given a number, goes to a recording telling you this & that. You can't ask a Machine a question, that's where I am @ right now.

We bought, after much thought, a Tempur-Pedic Flex king with an adjustable base. I have a shoulder injury and my husband has spinal stenosis. I no longer have to sleep in the recliner and he wakes up with no back pain. We LIKE our Tempur-Pedic.

I purchased a Tempur-pedic bed with an adjustable foundation a year ago from Mattress Firm for $3,100.85. One of the foundations support cross members detached from the main frame and caused the mattress to also collapse because I was unaware of the cross member failure. This failure occurred within a year after my purchase. As I look at the foundation product tag, I discover that the foundation is manufactured in China. I think that manufacturing quality control in the Chinese factory is inadequate because of the following discovery. Upon looking at the way the foundation is assembled, I see that the assembly uses no screws in the assembly of the foundation support cross members. A small line of glue (inadequate amount of glue) is used to attach support cross members to the main frame. It makes me wonder if the cost of the foundation is worth the money. This is my first complaint.

My second complaint with Tempur-pedic is as follows. Upon initiating my warranty claim with Tempur-pedic, all was going well until I discovered that I was never asked what my set up was for this bed. As it turns out, Tempur-pedic uses local sub-contractors to deliver and set up the replacement (warranty) product. (FYI-The sub-contractor of the setup is based in Oklahoma who in turn uses a local set-up technician.) Because of liability issues, the delivery sub-contractors cannot do a complete setup as you would expect, simply because that sub-contractor was never informed of the complete purchase and setup. Even if you schedule a setup with their local sub-contractor who is authorized to do the setup, he does not know what the setup is supposed to be.

If I look at my sales receipt, I discover that Mattress firm gave me (gratis free) legs and leg mounting brackets that were never listed on the receipt thus breaking the warranty chain. Meaning, that Tempur-pedic was unaware of my setup. So my warranty replacement could not be set up as the original. Again, because of liability issues, we could not remove the old leg brackets and put them on the replaced foundation. I now have to purchase a leg mounting bracket set, another $95 purchase out of my pocket, and get it overnight expressed so the setup tech can have all the required parts to complete my original set up. In trying to solve my bed failure, I have been given a bunch of runaround by Tempur-pedic, and I do not consider them customer friendly.

At this point, my wife and I have been sleeping on the bed which is sitting on the floor. I don't know if sitting on the floor is causing the mattress to not feel like the one that was replaced. The sound coming from the mattress is a cracking sound so we will be sleeping in bedrolls until this problem gets resolved. Could it be that the replacement mattress is re-conditioned??? Don't know. The replaced foundation is making a squeaking sound when getting in and out of the bed as well as when shifting positions while in bed. For these reasons, I would not recommend purchasing a Tempur-pedic bed and certainly would not recommend purchasing one from Mattress Firm since Mattress Firm is only a middle man for Tempur-pedic and Mattress Firm has no affiliation for, nor product warranty responsibility.

I purchased a bed for my mother who is 80. A queen bed that had the adjustable frame. One day it just went up in the sit up position and stopped. Wouldn't go down, nothing. So my mother calls the company, they set up a repair date and that was it. Well, they never showed after she sat home all day waiting for the technician. It seems the company ordered a part ahead of time, and it was back ordered so they didn't bother to call or anything. They didn't do anything even knowing the fact that my mother has nothing to sleep on! Get real. A lot of money and no customer service.

I started to have back pain a few days within purchasing the product but, I thought, I just needed to get used to the product. After about 2 1/2 months of purchasing our Tempur-pedic, I started experiencing back problems. I could not get a good night's sleep on the bed. Another problem we encountered, my husband tried to sit down on the bed and the bed seem to have dropped and started to squeak. We knew immediately that something was wrong. We call Tempur-pedic to have someone come out and check the bed. It took Tempur-pedic almost 2 weeks before someone was able to come out and check the bed. As the representative was checking the bed we noticed that the boxspring was made of press wood and, because of the poor structure of the bed the corners had shifted out of place. I was amazed to see that a bed that cost so much, would be made so cheap!!

To make a long story short, it has only been a little over six months and we are now waiting for our second replacement bed because, the first replacement has also shifted in the same place. I tried desperately to get Tempur-pedic to refund the cost of the bed and, that's when I found out; there are no refunds on adjustable bases. This company is a complete sham. I wish I had checked this website before I decided to invest in such a horrific company.

Bought mattress and bed frame. Took mattress home first, frame wasn't in stock - waited for delivery. Slept on mattress for 6? nights - somewhat comfortable, no odor at all. When the bed frame was delivered and the plastic covering was removed for set-up, the room and whole house was overcome with a overwhelming chemical smell. Opened the bedroom window a little for fresh air, then tried to go to sleep. Woke up the next morning with my throat almost swollen closed, the back of my tongue was swollen and irritated and my eyes were burning real bad. Now, I have the room closed off, the door closed with a towel at the bottom trying to block that smell from coming out into the rest of the house. Back to sleeping on the couch, once again.

Called the sales rep and Tempur-Pedic, had a three way call session, thought the person at Tempur-Pedic understood what I was talking about when I said it was putting out a "STRONG CHEMICAL SMELL" but I guess she didn't. **, the sales rep from Mattress Firm is awesome, he is doing everything in his power to make sure we get treated right by Tempur-Pedic. A service tech. was scheduled to come to the house to "evaluate" the odor today 4/30/2015.

The tech called this morning and I explained the problem to him about the strong chemical smell and he had no Idea what I was talking about - he was told to come out to replace some parts on the lift motor, nothing about an odor. He told me he was with a T.V. repair company, Tempur-Pedic called them because they didn't have anyone else in this area to do their service work on these adjustable beds. I told this guy that I had worked around hydraulic pumps, electric pumps/motors and know what hydraulic leaks and overheated electrical wires smell like and this smell isn't produced by either one of these.

Tempur-Pedic, in this case, needs to find a furniture restorer to evaluate this smell - that's just my opinion. WARNING TO PREVIOUS CUSTOMERS WITH THIS BAD SMELL - IT'S MORE THAN LIKELY NOT YOUR MATTRESS... THAT'S WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO THINK... Like I said previously, I brought the mattress home first, no smell/odor at all. It's the adjustable frame, in my case, where the problem is. I told them I wanted this frame out of this house, it's causing health problems. It's been over a week since the call was made to them and I told them it was causing health issues - but that doesn't mean crap to them. I'm going to print out the section of the reviews about the other customer having the lung problem after sleeping on the Tempur-Pedic bed. I don't think that person realizes that the problem they are having may be the same as mine (the frame), I would like to know if it is or not.

On April 4, 2015, my wife and I went to Banner Mattress in Corona, California and was shown a $7,600 Tempur-Pedic mattress and adjustable platform frame set consisting of two twins placed side by side. We liked the idea of being able to adjust each bed separately, thus our purchase of the matching motorized twin beds. The mattresses that we tested felt soft and comfortable, but when the same model of mattresses were delivered to us two days later, they were as hard as carpeted concrete! They were not remotely similar in density or comfort to the beds we tested at the store. In fact, there appears to be at least three different densities being sold under the "Cloud Supreme" model. There appears to be a huge variation in Tempur-Pedic's manufacturing process and obviously, their Quality Control is non-existent.

Beware of Tempur-Pedic beds and MAKE SURE that you purchase from a store that will offer to give you an exchange or a refund. We are now in the middle of litigation with both Tempur-Pedic and Banner Mattress company over this misrepresentation. We hope that Banner Mattress will step up to the plate and furnish us with the beds that we paid for, but unless we are satisfied, we are going to take them and Tempur-pedic to court for misrepresentation (also called "fraud").

We are 8 days in and aren't happy with our adjustable bed and mattress. Our backs hurt and like a previous reviewer wrote, we spent way too much money to have issues. It's all very frustrating and disappointing. Sadly, we bought it from a furniture store and had 7 days to return it. We can trade it for another Tempurpedic, not very excited about that.

The toxic-smell has dissipated. I'm now sleeping very comfortably on my Tempur-Pedic (Contour Supreme Full Mattress) with full adjustable foundation. Being that I was diagnosed years ago with a herniated disk, it's good to know I'll have a comfortable sleep with my back fully supported and wake up without the initial pull on my spine. The concerns I made in the original complaint were real but I am happy that in time they are a thing of the past. If issues arise in the future I will report them. At this point I would highly recommend the bed.

Original Review

Tempurpedic Contour Supreme Full Mattress was delivered on Friday. Delivery went smooth. Excited to sleep in my new bed with the adjustable foundation. First, I had difficulty sleeping through the night because of the disturbing fumes from the mattress which permeated the bed clothes and the pillow. It's cool at night but I opened one window in hopes that the fumes would dissipated. They did not. I woke up in the morning with a pain my left lung. I slept on the sofa the next night. The pain in my lung lasted two days.

I have opened all the windows in the bedroom, unzipped the mattress cover to air out the mattress per instructions from the Tempurpedic rep I had spoken to on the phone. That rep said she could not tell me how long it would take for the fumes to dissipate but it could be up to 3-4 weeks! I also mentioned that on the showroom floor the adjustable foundation was so quiet yet in my bedroom, which is not carpeted, it rumbles and the vibration is not even. She asked me to put carpet pads underneath each foot. My eyes are puffy and one eye is irritated since I slept on my new bed that one night.

It's day 4 and the fumes from the mattress are still very noticeable though less than the first 24 hours. I can't speak as to the comfort of the bed since I only lay in it one night. Tempurpedic should include a health warning for people who are asthmatic (I was diagnosed with chronic bronchitis years ago) or have breathing problems to read before they make such a huge outlay of money. I paid for my new bed in full ($4,500) and I am 67 and on a fixed income.

Tempurpedic should also air out the mattresses before delivering them. At this point I am very concerned about the toxicity of this mattress even when the fumes are no longer detectable. Tempurpedic should be more responsible. Is there a bureau or agency that can advocate for the consumer? I'd like to hear back from Tempurpedic why I should have to wait weeks before I can safely sleep in the same room as my bed without a fan on and the windows open. I'd like to hear back from Tempurpedic why I shouldn't receive a refund so I can purchase another bed other than a Tempurpedic if it's determined later on that I'm allergic to the mattress. I do have a receipt date 3/19/2015 from Living Spaces.

We purchased a Tempur new up foundation (boxspring adjustable) $799.00 6/14/2014; 01/10/2015 it collapsed. It's not made for large people (I weight 270), it's not even wood, it's pressboard held with 2 wood screws per joint. It collapsed so completely it ruined the bed frame. Since January the mattress has been on the floor, the collapsed boxspring in the garage. One reason after another they cannot help. Today 4/02/2015, they cannot do an exchange if the system is not in the bedroom assembled. Every exchange cost to deliver. DO NOT BUY Tempur-Pedic.

Paid a lot of money for the adjustable version 3 years ago and while that portion is fine, the mattress itself has not lived up to its reputation. My back and my husband's back hurt so bad in the morning, it forces us to get out of bed even when we would prefer to sleep a bit longer. The pain does not go away throughout the day either. I feel we've wasted our hard earned money on a less than adequate product and now have the daunting task of finding a replacement.

They want to sell everything as new. Once your warranty is over, no one will fix or maintain the adjustable mechanism. They say that you need to buy a new frame/box-spring adjustable bed when it is just the motor/remote controls. :(

This is without a doubt the worst bed any one could buy if you have any type of neck, back, or shoulder pain and or cannot stand sleeping hot. We bought our tempur pedicure torture device 5 years ago. We bought at that time the top of the line with fully adjustable base. Now we have suffered for 5 years on this bed because it simply cost a small fortune and we are not rich!

We bought into the support hype, most restful night sleep hype and their slick sales campaign none of which is true. Yes, the bed makes us hurt all over and we even bought a cooling pad chilipad that has coils that water runs through to cool the bed off. The chilipad’s great, the mattress horrible. The only thing we have gotten out of this mattress is being a smarter consumer and doing our homework, check return policy's fine print, check warrants, check consumerreports.org, check slick sales tricks mattress salesman use. Do your homework because buying a comfortable mattress is very hard and when you do buy lay on its side and back whichever way you sleep for at least a good 10 minutes.

In 2012 my husband & I purchased a Rhapsody Breeze King w/ Premier Ergo Adjustable Base XL. Mattress is very comfortable & we do sleep comfortably on it. HOWEVER, there are drawbacks we weren't expecting. (1) The ridge. If a couple sleep in the same general location on their respective sides, after a couple months a ridge develops between the two sleep spaces. Problem: couples sleeping further apart in summer encounter "the ridge" when sleeping closer in the winter. (2) Bedskirts? Forget it. As per customer service, can't cover base because mattress has to "breath."

If I can save one back by writing this it will be worth what I am going to tell you. I purchased a Tempur-pedic mattress about seven years ago and this last year my back started bothering me. Couldn't get comfortable and thought it was me until my wife started to complain of her back hurting. I called Tempur-pedic and they had me test the mattress by laying a broom stick on top to see if the mattress lost its support. I tested the mattress and it had more than 5/8 in drop in the middle of the mattress. I sent pics of this in an email to Tempur-pedic per their request. They said it was warrantied and they would replace it but didn't have the same mattress anymore and the Comfort Select would be comparable in firmness.

They had it delivered and set up at our home. The mattress was so hard I had to sleep on the couch. I talked with their customer service and convinced the man that it wasn't like our last mattress. He finally helped me and marked it as if it were defective and had me go to a store to try laying on different ones so I would find a comparable one. The Rhapsody Breeze seemed to work so I called him with the news and he informed me it was twice what I paid for my original mattress.

Long story short I paid them another $3,100 to cover the difference. They sent out the new mattress. After a few days of trying to sleep on my side (either side) my hips ached when I woke and sometimes awakening during the night to try to pillow myself to sleep. I called them back and a lady this time sent out a man in our area to check and test the new mattress. I watched him start to measure one side and he said he saw the sag before he put the string on top.

Ten days later I received an email denying my claim and when I called they said the report said one side saved 1/4 in, the other a little over 1/8 in. She informed me that it had to sag 3/4 in to be replaced. I got this bed in October and it's early January and it's sagging! I mentioned to her that this was a Breeze Mattress and was supposed to stay cool and never did feel cool (that was one of the reasons I upgraded). She said they don't warranty for that. After pleading my case for seemed like over an hour, I gave up.

Over Christmas I visited family in Wisconsin and stayed at the Edgwater Hotel in Madison. For seven nights I had no pain and slept like a baby. The mattress is a Sealy and made especially for their Hotel. I called Sealy and they said they make them to order and would be twelve to fifteen hundred for a King w/box and frame. After spending over 10,000 for the tempur-pedic Including the adjustable base I am dumping it and ordering the Sealy. God bless and for those that have back problems of. If you just want a great night's sleep try out the Sealy "Hotel" beds. Thanks.

So far... recently purchased Tempurpedic mattress plus Ergo Plus adjustable bed frame. I currently have a broken leg and am disabled so it was delivered without my checking it out in person. Per manual if the power to the mechanism is disrupted the wireless remote and the power module (under bed) may need re-synching, which involves holding down a button on the power module. This is annoying compared to wired tethered type system, but remarkably the cables to the module are so short you actually have to go under the bed to reach the button. Conclusion: this is NOT a bed for a disabled person. I am currently pursuing a remedy with the vendor Sleepcountry store in Mount Vernon WA (longer cables so I can reach the module from a wheelchair) OR a new frame. Stay tuned. So far the store brushed me off making me discuss the re-sync process with Tempurpedic tech - as if I can't read a manual -- when the issue is the accessibility of the power module and the likelihood numerous resets will be needed in future.

Please be careful before you spent 7 to 10 thousand dollars. We made a huge mistake buying Tempur Contour Elite Mattress and Tempur Premier adjustable base, sales guy did a great job in demo this product and convinced us that this is the bed for our dream sleep. During the demo the bed was on the concrete floor and he turned on the massager to 5th level (you can go up to 10 - the highest) it was ok and we did not feel it was very loud and shacking anything in the surrounding. Our bedroom is carpeted and located on the 2nd floor, when we turned it on at speed level 10 it was very noisy and downstairs it felt like a train passing through and shaking entire bedroom. I only slept on the bed for two weeks and I started to develop lower back pain. The return policy for adjustable base absolute NO RETURN - NO REFUND once it's delivered and when you buy from Retailer you will have to follow their return policy and one can imagine what that will be from a small business.

My husband had a serious surgery resulting in a lifetime inability to lie flat. An adjustable bed is a serious necessity. The first Tempur-pedic bed was bought for our home in California prior to his release from the hospital per the surgeon's instructions. When he was able to travel, we made arrangements for a bed to be delivered to our second home in Idaho. We explained to both salespeople at Sleep Train that we lived in a very rural area. Our second bed was purchased on October 9, 2014. It was delivered to Idaho on Nov 13, 2014. On the 20th, the motor that controlled the head quit. We called Tempur-pedic and tried to trouble shoot with the woman. She indicated that the motor was probably bad and made an appointment for November 25th. On the 24th I called to confirm. Yes, they would be there and someone would call that evening to confirm a time.

On the 25th I called because no one called to give a time. Gosh, the part didn't come and now they don't know when they will come, but would expedite it due to the medical issue. Bottom line... today is December 1st. They are going to replace the bed but not for about a month! We will be back in California by that time and not back until about March. Said they would take care of it then.... will not give our money back. Warranty starts from October even though we don't have the bed until March. Do not even THINK about buying from a company that does business like this. We have spent $14,000 and are no further along. I asked for an email in writing regarding delivery of the new one and was refused.

About 8 years ago I bought the standard Tempurpedic queen size adjustable bed. Not long after having it I started having problems with the remote control box. It was not working like it was shorting out. I kept having to get out of bed of course never @ a good time like in the middle of the night when I wanted to adjust my bed, and unplug the bed & replug it back in to get the remote control box or mechanics to work again. The rollers of the bed CONSTANTLY squealed when I adjusted it up & down. They finally sent one of there representatives to fix it. It didn't last long before it started again. He made a comment about them not being aligned that he would replace them but no guarantee it wouldn't come back & nothing they could do. At that time I asked the guy about the box under the bed shorting out with the remote control box under the bed & having to get out of bed to unplug & replug to reset it & would even push the reset button on the box under the bed. He blamed it on batteries & I told him I've changed batteries many times & it's never helped.

He said he didn't know & said there was nothing he could do. I also asked him about the comfort guarantee & the lady on the phone when I called. Both acted like I was talking in another language & didn't know what I was talking about. They said they never heard of a comfort guarantee. I made several more calls after that about the rollers, remote control box & horrible comfort. They could of cared less & said basically I was stuck with it. In all the years I've had it, I've only slept on it a total of about 1 year. I've been sleeping on the couch. I can't afford another special bed. I have rods & screws in my back. I noticed now the new box springs are skinnier than the older ones & the mattresses are thicker. So now I think the option of getting just a new mattress & putting it on top of the old box spring will make it too high to sit on or get into it. Also the bar @ the end of the bed that keeps the mattress from sliding off when you adjust it, looks to short on my current bed if I put the newer mattress they make which is now thicker. The new mattresses are also Way more comfortable!!! Now I'm stuck with a bed that was VERY expensive, I can't afford the one I need & this one is horrible!!! I bought it "Hom" in MN.

I bought my bed about a year ago. It is a tempurpedic cloud ergo mattress. Supposed to go up and down. I loved this feature when it was working. So I called about it and the young lady said she had to look into it, she would call back. Never called back. So a few weeks later I decided to call back and got a young man this time. Very nice young man, who said he would look into it and get back with me. He got back with me and said since I live in a rural area they were having a hard time finding someone to come out, but someone would be in touch. No one got in touch with me.

I called again yesterday and left a message with my name and problem. You really can't get someone when you call because it seems that they have so many calls, you have to get called back because all their people are busy taking other calls. Really bad sign that they have more calls than they can handle. No one has gotten back with me so I don't know whether to give up and just have a very expensive mattress that I can't use or keep trying to get someone to take care of my problem. I wouldn't buy one of these mattresses if I were you. Go out and buy another brand.

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Tempur-Pedic has been innovating the science of sleep for years. The company developed its signature TEMPUR memory foam using NASA designs, and currently manufactures mattresses, bed bases and bedding accessories. Tempur-Pedic products are ergonomic and adapt to an individual's body and sleeping posture, delivering a comfortable sleep.

  • Comfort: Tempur-Pedic mattresses come in a range of firmness settings and conform to the body, while remaining plush and preventing mattress sagging. Their adaptive material cradles joints like the shoulder and elbow, ensuring a comfortable slumber regardless of sleeping position.
  • Variety: Tempur-Pedic mattresses are available in every size and for every budget. From the TEMPUR-Contour to the TEMPUR-Cloud and TEMPUR-Flex mattresses, Tempur-Pedic has a sleeping solution for every body type and personal preference.
  • Massage: For those who go to bed with a little muscle ache, Tempur-Pedic manufactures bed frames that include a massage feature. The massage feature is available with four settings such as wave and pulse, and can be controlled using a mobile device.
  • Adjustable Frame: Tempur-Pedic bed bases can be quickly and easily adjusted for an almost unlimited number of sleeping and seating positions.
  • Warranty: Every Tempur-Pedic product, from the mattresses to the linens, comes with a comprehensive warranty. Mattresses are usually under warranty for 10 years.
  • Best for Singles, couples, the elderly, post-op and medical institutions.

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