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We have the top of the line, wool top Natural Form bed. Yes, when you set it up, it smells but all plastic does. The smell fades quickly but the bed's quality does not fade! We have had our bed for about 5 years; we purchased it from an independent retailer who disappeared after it was sold. I called the company with my questions about smell, set-up, etc. and they answered all of my questions very patiently. I was given contact information in case of problems AND an apology for the way the retailer (not them) treated us. This bed gives you the best sleep you will ever have and Natural Form provides awesome service. We had to have a part replaced, and they sent it immediately, with directions for replacement, a phone call when it arrived, and no charges. I am buying a bed for my daughter and sent my dad their way. I am a customer for life. Awesome bed--awesome company!

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Natural Form Garden Inn Mattress - As soon as the mattress was taken out of the plastic bag and set up on the bed, it started to smell a strong chemical smell. I opened the windows (winter time) to air it out. We attempted to sleep on it but with the windows closed, the smell woke us from a sound sleep anytime we rolled to our sides. After multiple phone calls to WCW, we were told any replacement 3 inch foam top layer would smell the same. We bought another brand of 3" foam and asked WCW for reimbursement. They refused. We are out $500. Don't buy this mattress.

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Natural Form is a family owned and operated company that designs and manufactures their own adjustable beds. They have a primary focus on the medical industry and are the choice of many hospitals and hotels.

  • Patented technology: Natural Form uses a patented technology that they developed themselves. It provides comfort and pain relief and is especially appropriate for anyone recovering from an injury.
  • Eco-friendly: This company is committed to reducing their global footprint. They take measures to make sure that they use materials that are less harmful to the environment and use vendors that help them minimize energy use and fuel.
  • Wide selection: Natural Form offers a wide selection of mattresses so that customers can choose exactly the right bed. In addition to having many different sizes to choose from, they also have a variety of surface tops.
  • Washable tops: Their beds come with natural and non-scratchy washable wool tops that make it easy to keep the bed clean and free of germs. Beds can be difficult to keep clean so this is a valuable features.
  • Memory foam: They use a clinically-tested technology to make memory foam beds that are breathable and provide maximum support. Their memory foam beds are also competitively priced.
  • Best for The elderly and post-op.

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Company Name:
Natural Form Adjustable Beds
450 Natural Form Way
Manchester Center
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United States