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MY ONLINE ORDER IS DELAYED BY MORE THAN A MONTH! I have been scheduled for 4 different delivery dates now and I still don't have my sofa because of different mistakes of IKEA. Worst service I have ever experienced and I am from a 3rd world country. IKEA SERVICE IS DISGUSTING. Timeline of events:

9/2 - Order date. Scheduled for 9/11. 9/10 - Call to inform delivery 1-5 PM. 9/11 - (1st delivery date). 9 AM - box is lost, they will let me know if they can make the order. No call afterwards at all. 9/12 - Nothing was scheduled at all. Have I not called they were just going to ignore the delivery. 9/17 - 2nd delivery date scheduled. 9/19 - ** 5 - 7 business days Jasmine. 9/23 - Order # **. Dynamex - Rebecca will send an email - no feedback after at all. 9/27 - Dynamics Customer Service - Amy.

10/3 - 3rd delivery date - received the delivery call 5 8:55 AM to inform me delivery is 9 AM-12 PM same day! Re-scheduled to 10/8. 10/8 - 4th delivery date

picked up wrong box. Still no 3rd box. 30 mins in phone. Called IKEA - Ref # ** - Cristina. Warehouse search for my order. 10/9 - Called IKEA - Kiara. They are saying it is a failed delivery. 10/12 - Called DYNAMEX - Still no order in record.

Bought the Micke Desk from Ikea online, they shipped it, it was late and damaged. The corners of the desk where jacked up and there was a puncture, so I called and had them send a new one, it also showed up damaged. The problem is Ikea does not package their product well and since most of their furniture items are partial board with a thin outer covering they damage easy.

I needed this desk for my business and so now we are going on two months of working without the desk I need and no compensation from Ikea for the time and trouble so I will not be shopping with Ikea ever again due to their poor customer service and cheaply made products. I have not left my real name or address on this site as I don't feel that should be required to give this site my information to file a complaint. However I have left my real order number.

Let me start off by saying that I have been screwed over multiple times by many different companies, but have yet to purchase from a company with as little respect for their customers as IKEA. First, I ordered almost $6000 worth of furniture from IKEA. I dropped off a shopping list at the store, they charged me $200 for the "picking fee" for two separate orders, and then another $200 for two separate delivery fees. Now, the part where they went very wrong is that for my first order, they never delivered 3 items on my list and neither told the delivery driver nor me about it. So now I have a half assembled couch taking up half the space of my living room waiting to be assembled for weeks on end!!!

After calling in and waiting 2 hours on the phone for some service on two different occasions, they told me that the items were not in stock. When I asked (yes, they do not offer if you don't ask) for compensate for the inconvenience, they offered me a cheap $50 gift certificate (that's not even cash!!!). Who wants to buy anything from this crappy store anymore anyway? Which brings me to my next point. The furniture is extremely low quality. They do a great job masking this with paint, but when you look at the furniture carefully, you'll notice that it's all made of cheap wood shavings that are glued together. Every tiny little scratch (you could use your fingernail) shows up on the cheap and low quality furniture. My guess is that the intrinsic cost of a $60 chair would be $2. You do NOT get what you pay for at IKEA.

My second order was even worse. First off, the delivery guy did not even show up. I was scheduled to have a delivery from 2-6pm and the delivery company stops working at 10pm. That makes them up to 8 hours late! Of course, you have to sit at home all day waiting for these ** to arrive, so I called in three different times ask where the hell my delivery was. The driver kept making excuses about why he couldn't come. I strongly suspect that the driver was too LAZY to assemble 5 different items (I paid almost $500 to get these 5 items assembled), which include a bed frame, two dressers, a crib and a desk. Instead of being honest and upfront that he was too lazy to do this (he obviously is a lowlife who can't get another job and doesn't want to get fired), he makes excuses and decides to make somebody wait all day as if they have nothing better to do.

My next scheduled delivery was a WEEK later, which means that I had to sleep with my mattress on the floor for another week (not that they care, of course)!!! When I call in, waiting 2 hours for customer service, they tell me that they can only give me the delivery fee of $99 back as if I should be thanking them for that!!! The stupidest thing is that you have to pay UPFRONT for the delivery and assembly, even if they don't show up!!! AND, on top of this greedy policy of theirs, they also have another greedy policy where the assembly fee refund is ALL or NOTHING. So in other words, you can only get the ENTIRE assembly fee refunded and have nothing assembled, or you can get them to assemble the whole thing and risk getting another lazy delivery and assembly lowlife who doesn't want to do their job!!!

I also signed up for their utterly useless "Family Card", which did not give me a penny off even after spending over $6000 on furniture and cutlery and other miscellaneous items. The card is simply a waste of the earth's resources and a waste of space in my wallet. I can honestly see why IKEA does not have a rating system on their website. They would obviously have the lowest possible ratings and get bombarded with complaints! It's also no wonder why you have to wait 2 hours in line to speak to a representative to resolve your case! There must be TONS of these cases every day! IT JUST GOES TO SHOW HOW LITTLE IKEA CARES ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS. IKEA's policy: Take full advantage of your customers, and abuse and squeeze every penny out of your customers while you can. Ikea has no regard for human life! It's all about squeezing every penny out of their customers!

I found it difficult to contact delivery company. IKEA helpline was useless. However, I got through after an hour of calling around different XPOLogistics numbers. This is the number to call in USA if XPOLogistics is delivering using the "Last Mile" service (an IKEA online order). Call 866 373 4244. They put me through to dept that deal with all IKEA orders and I was told my delivery time immediately. Now I have to see if it turns up but having this number helps. Good luck!

Briefly, I purchased from IKEA in Sunrise, FL and had delivered (at an additional charge of 139.00) a desk, 2 mattresses and bunk bed for my niece. The delivery arrived next day as promised but we discovered later that the bunk bed was missing 1 carton of parts. I spent almost an hour on holding on the phone the next day with customer service before I could get a human voice to arrange a fix. What I received was a case number and a promise of a call-back in a few days to confirm. This never happened, and a week later I called and once more I spent over an hour waiting for a live rep so I could tell them that they could pick up the mattresses and bed parts. (I had found another and better solution with Amazon.)

The pick-up was for the following Friday and although family was at the address all day, no pickup crew appeared. Yesterday I was unable at all to get customer service on the phone because I kept on getting disconnected, so today I went down in person to the IKEA store and was rudely treated by customer service when they insisted that a pickup attempt was made but no one was home and that I would have to pay an additional fee for another attempt. I told them that I had already paid 139.00 and all this would be unnecessary if the order had been delivered correctly to begin with, but customer service attitude was "Then we have nothing further to talk about!" It will be a long time or never before I spend any money at this establishment. I have put a stop payment on the items in question and am trying to find names further up the IKEA food chain to correspond with. Wish me luck.

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I made an online order before moving into my new address on August, 30th 2016. They sent me a follow up email with an estimated delivery date of September 20th, 2016. I thought well maybe they're busy with a lot of customer deliveries. Keep in mind I never got sent a tracking number, or an Item confirmation number which most delivery companies do. I thought that was strange but ignored it. To my surprise I get an ETA email out of nowhere that the driver is arriving in 15 minutes! I'm busy in college at the time so I was forced to call them to make a reschedule. The delivery company cancels the shipment entirely and tells me to call IKEA.

So now I'm on the phone with IKEA for about an hour waiting for someone to respond and all I hear is the same, annoying, typical elevator music every company has. The cutoff point for their service had passed so I was forced to hang up. I called them the next morning, waited for about 30 minutes before class to get an answer and finally when I get someone they tell me they have no record of my purchase. So after waiting on the line again they spent about 20 minutes searching all my debit and credit cards for the transaction. At this point I'm already late for class, but they finally told me they found the order.

They didn't even try and resend me the order number! They just told me they could reschedule it on Thursday September 29th, 2016. With no estimated time, no nothing. I've been waiting here all day for my delivery and still no follow up, no ETA email, no nothing! And just a little a while ago I was sent an email that IKEA never updated the delivery information I requested for on September, 29th 2016! I recommend to anybody, DO NOT order online with IKEA unless you wanna deal with a constant hassle of long phone call waits, confused third party delivery company, no ETAs and poor communication. I'm never ordering from IKEA online again.

After waiting 3 weeks for the delivery, the mattress was missing! I spent hours and hours waiting for a customer service agent to answer me and listening their ads! At my first call they told me that they placed an new order but because I didn't have any news I called them back one week later. They told me the delivery was expected for the next Wednesday afternoon and I was not even noticed. I arranged everything last minute to be able to be home and the D-day I received an email telling me that the order has been shipped and delivered on the 4/10.. WT**! More than a month to get a mattress, awful customer service. No more Ikea for me.

Waited two weeks for a bed. Once delivered pieces were missing then told they would arrive on the Thursday (waited in all day after taking time off work). No delivery not even a phone call. Call them next day to be told it will take a further two weeks even though they have the product in their main deposit only five hours away. I could receive an overseas parcel in less time.

Less than two weeks ago, we visited an IKEA store and had a representative put in our order and schedule delivery and assembly for today. Hearing nothing from them in the interim, we assumed everything would happen as scheduled. I just had to call customer service this morning to change the contact number on our order to ensure someone would be able to answer any calls from the delivery/assembly team. And it was only during that call that I discovered that our order was not slated for delivery or assembly today.

Because I had called the IKEA Contact Center before 10AM, I had to make multiple calls and was put on hold for literally more than an hour in total before customer service contacted the delivery company, and before customer service contacted the store (not open before 10), and before I could speak to a manager. All the manager could do was waive the delivery fee, reschedule, and apologize for IKEA's unexcused failure to honor their commitment.

On top of their inability to do what they were paid to do in a timely manner, their representatives were ill-equipped to promptly respond to my questions. In particular: Previously, representatives had tried to explain to me that assembly and delivery couldn't be scheduled the same day, and that the reason the order was held up was because "action was needed" related to the assembly request. (1) If that was the case--for this particular day or in general--the IKEA representative through whom we placed this order did not tell us. We told him, face-to-face, that we wanted assembly and delivery today. (2) Based on what I was later told by the manager, it is indeed possible to schedule the services on the same day (so he proceeded to reschedule them both for the same day at a later date). So they should honor that and not tell their customers otherwise.

Not even the manager had an explanation for why, if "action was needed" on this order, this wasn't addressed in the 1.5 weeks leading up to the delivery/assembly date. This is totally unacceptable. Like most, it is not easy to just take days off of work, in the middle of the week, on short notice. So while I waste a day off because of IKEA's gross incompetence, I suppose it should not be shocking to me that IKEA is also incapable of rectifying its mistake promptly, on any terms other than its own. If the Contact Center is open at 9, but the store is open at 10 and therefore cannot field inquiries from the Contact Center, IKEA should consider coordinating their hours to improve customer service--particularly for those, like me, who have minor inquiries and try to contact IKEA as early in the day as possible. Terrible, awful service. Take your business elsewhere.

We've read SO MANY articles and seen SO MANY reports that the MALM furniture is dangerous and has killed several toddlers. As new parents we decided to return our three dressers and get the refund that IKEA has advertised and agreed to. WE HAVE HAD IT WITH THIS COMPANY. It took me 5 attempts and 3+ weeks to get someone to come to our home to pick it up. They either come when you're not at home (and call you when they're out front... no warnings in advance) or they give you an ALL DAY window. Um... that doesn't make sense. They told me that furniture could be picked up in a four hour window but then they don't actually come during the window. Not only did I waste 4 hours but I had to reschedule a time when they could come for ANOTHER 4 hour window. IT WAS SO FRUSTRATING.

The driver confirmation will also give you a time frame but the company gives you a different time frame. When you call to figure out which one is correct, they make you wait for an hour on hold. When you tell them you had to reschedule 5 times, the operator gives you attitude that they are a contracted company and they can't make any promises. GREAT.

After all of that stress, two guys come and pick up the 3 dressers. HUGE RELIEF. But of course IKEA's bad customer service doesn't stop there. They say that a refund check will come in 8 business days and they send you a confirmation email about it. It's been 6 weeks and 25 business days ~ still no check. I've contacted customer service about 4 times and each time they tell me they will look into it, they say it was mailed out on the original date, or they say someone will call me (no one has called). I am SO FRUSTRATED with IKEA and I will never order anything from them again. This company has horrible customer service and they could care less about you.

I ordered furniture for my daughter on August 30, 2016 for her apartment for college; it was to be delivered on September 7th, six days after she moved in. No furniture has yet to be delivered (today is September 12th, and we have had three delivery dates). I have had seven phone calls that have lasted a total of over 5 hours with no resolve. As I write this I am on the phone again. I have a daughter sleeping on an air mattress, with no desk, no tv stand, no dresser, waiting on Ikea and their horrible delivery company XPO. I will NEVER order from Ikea again; we are going to the store, 82 miles from our home, to get this furniture, drive it to my daughter's apartment at school, and set it up. I truly believe it is the only way we will get it to her.

This is a VERY brief description of my most recent IKEA experience. (I have been a customer for over 10 years, spending thousands over this time frame.) 7/30/16- I purchased various items totaling $1200, including a cabinet, I was 7 months pregnant at the time, so I paid $139 for shipping. 8/7/16- items were received. A drawer on the cabinet was damaged, I emailed customer service that same day. I received an automated email, that told me I would receive a response in 24-48 hours.

8/9/16- no response received, I emailed again, received the same automated reply. 8/11/16- still no response, I called the 800 number, sat on hold for an entire hour before I spoke with a human. I explained everything, told them I could not lug the item to a store, an hr from me, nor did I want to since I paid $139 for shipping, response was that someone will contact me via email.

8/20/16- finally received that email from 9 days earlier, telling me to go into a store, OR provide all of the information about the item AGAIN and wait 7-10 business days for the item. 8/21/16- I responded with all information and picture to the email stating I will not go to the store. Since 8/21/16, I have sent about 20 emails, I have completed surveys regarding my experience thus far, I have received about 20 of the same emails in return stating "it will take 7-10 business days for the replacement part." I have asked for a manager's contact information, just to be given the 800 number again, where I sat on hold for an hour, and never spoke to anyone before becoming more annoyed and hung up.

9/5/16- I received an email stating someone would send me an email with a FedEx tracking number for the part that week. I have followed up via email in response 4 times, twice including today 9/12/16, with no response. It has been 44 days since my purchase. I have a put together cabinet with a missing drawer sitting in my dining room. This is terrible customer service. It's disappointing. I love IKEA, but I can NEVER shop here again. I still do not understand why I don't have a replacement part. Or why no one at the company has offered to return my shipping or do something to make up for this awful and drawn out experience.

I am utterly shocked at the way IKEA stores treat people. I am a victim of negligence, abuse and feel very badly treated. I purchased a double wardrobe on 19/08/16, I paid for delivery service and booked an IKEA store carpenter to have it assembled. The flat pack arrived and there was something wrong with the first delivery. The frame of the wardrobe did not match the doors. The carpenter came and went. Second time, after the second frame arrived, the size of the wardrobe was wrong. Instead of a double and a single there were two singles and no double. It could not be assembled.

We call for it to be returned and for the money to be refunded. Almost every part that was still in boxes went back to IKEA store by their own delivery man, the part was a bit assembled and not finished was left like a semi coffin box in my bedroom. I begged the carpenter who was doing the work to take it down, he simply refused and reassured me that the deliverymen will take as it is...

When we called him back to disassemble it, he was rude, lost his temper and hang up! Now I'm still waiting for my money to be refunded so I can buy already made wardrobe and I cannot do it because IKEA is still holding on to my money!!! How long do I need to wait still. It's going to be a month soon since our purchase of this nightmarish wardrobe!!! When will it all end and put it behind us!!!

I ordered over $3000 worth of furniture in mid-August. All items were delivered aside from 3 chairs. No phone call, no reason. After 3 separate phone calls to the after sales department and empty promises that a CSR would call to schedule a delivery, and nothing happening, I lodged a formal complaint. I then received an email confirmation saying my chairs would be delivered on Sept 8th. That was yesterday and still no chairs, no call, no explanation!

I'm convinced that IKEA wants me to give up on having my chairs delivered so that I will pick them up myself, BUT I WON'T! I paid to have them delivered and that's what I intend to have happen. The IKEA delivery system is a sham. They will take your money and literally not deliver. From now on I will purchase cheap furniture from a more reputable store. I wish I had read these reviews. I have told everyone I know NOT TO TRUST IKEA and to look elsewhere for their discount furniture. IKEA customer service IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED!

We bought furniture from the IKEA Dubai ecom website. We have a complaint regarding the delivery. One of the order is missing. They did not contact with us anymore. IKEA is one of the biggest shopping centre but they are working like a small company. Be careful when you are placing an order from IKEA because they do not care your delivery.

OMG. I had question about my order status so I called Customer Service right at 9 (their opening time) and had hold for an hour. When my husband place an order (bed for daughter) on 9/2, he received email that estimate delivery time is 9/9. Today (9/9) we still did not received any email about the delivery time so I called and had stay on the phone an hour till someone answer the phone. At 10 finally someone answer the phone and she said our delivery time is scheduled for 9/22. She said online order is automatically give at minimum of 2 week for delivery time because it is from their warehouse not near store. I ask her we received email about delivery on 9/9. She said that was wrong and she did not know why we received that day.

After I hang up the phone I called my husband to talk about this and he said he is on the phone with IKEA Customer Service waiting for an hour too. I guess they do not want to deal with customer who have questions. So they make you wait on the phone for an hour and hope that you just hang up. Email is not an option. They said they will read your email within 3 to 5 business day. Unless you know for sure what you are ordering and you don't need until next month DO NOT ORDER online.

As a Swede, my expectations on Ikea were high. I had never tried the home delivery before, but my parents had (back in Sweden) and their experience was amazing. So when my boyfriend and I moved into a new, unfurnished apartment here in Cali, we decided to go for the Ikea home delivery. First of all, Ikea is CHEAP and I LOVE it. We were getting furniture that we were going to use for 11 months so the cheaper the better. We got a bed, a convertible couch that you can fold out into a bed, a kitchen table. Yeah a lot. I think we ordered around 37 items. The shipping was at 99 dollars, which I figured was reasonable for all that. So we ordered, which went smoothly. The delivery was scheduled to a week later.

We got a confirmation email, saying that the delivery company was going to contact us to schedule a delivery, however, I had put in an international phone number, so the delivery date came and passed. I then wrote to IKEA US on facebook and got an immediate response. I HIGHLY recommend doing that, because I have heard it is hard to get through on their phone number.

They answered and said that the delivery company were not able to contact me, but I suggested that I'd contact them myself, and I did. We scheduled the delivery for the day after that and it even arrived early. Nothing was damaged, and the delivery guys carried everything in (we live on the second floor) for us. The reason I am only giving 4 stars is because I feel like IKEA should have contacted me when the delivery company was not able to reach me, since they had my email and all. However, I am more than happy with IKEA and I will sure use the delivery service again.

My order was not delivered on time. In our location (Texas) Ikea uses a company named Dynamex. In spite of the fact that this company called a day before scheduled delivery and gave me a window of 8 AM to noon, they failed to deliver. When I called to find out why they are late, the customer service agent said that they never gave me a time window and would deliver before 5. I called Ikea and canceled and they charged me 50% of delivery charge. Stay away from online purchasing from Ikea.

Absolute horrors. It has been the worst nightmare, aside from the wonderful sales associate Vernon at the Vaughan location. I have breast cancer and am not well. I waiting from 5 to 9pm on sept 3rd for delivery. When I called IKEA, the person after 45 minutes of waiting, told me to call the freight company myself to find out where they were. After 40 minutes, they told me that they notified IKEA that they had to reschedule to Friday Sept 4th of the long weekend between 5 and 9pm. They showed up a 10:15pm.

I called multiple times to vent and was told to call back once the furniture was delivered and installed which I paid for. After 3 hours and 4 different people, I was offered $79 freight gesture and $50 gift card. You are obviously not the company that I thought you were. Definitely not Dutch, so American and arrogant and I will never, ever shop at your stores again and will do everything I can to tell everyone I know about my horrific experience. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Promised delivery for a roughly $1,000 bedding order not met so we called and they gave the excuse that their truck broke down. Pleaded for delivery & they said they would come later that day. No show! Called again. Now can't deliver for 2 days. On hold cumulatively for hours with IKEA Customer Care. They hung up, put us on hold and basically did not care one bit. Particularly hard with a newborn. We ended up in a hotel because of them, costing us more money!!

I ordered a bed for my 88 year old mother who is moving tomorrow. Hence the delivery date was very important. I signed up for way overpriced IKEA Delivery Service who delivers the product and then uses SELECT EXPRESS LOGISTICS to come set it up as soon as it's delivered. I was told and paid for a 4 hour window 10-2. At 3:00 when no one had called or come, I called (and had to wait over 35 minutes for an available service rep) and was told a slight delay would occur (like they couldn't call) and they would be there 6 PM. At 20 dollars an hour for someone who had to be there (to let them into this senior residence). By now I am out $160.

At 7 PM I called again and was told the guy was less than a mile away but was having trouble putting together some furniture but would definitely be there by 8. At 8:15 I called again and was told he needed a new battery for his drill because he had an IKEA provided drill and was not allowed to use any other tools to assemble the bed, due to a contract with IKEA. He had to drive an hour back to the warehouse to get a new battery then an hour back. Then when I asked for a time as this had to be done by today I was told he would be here by 12:45 AM. So at 12:45 I called SERVICE EXPRESS again. I was told all the IKEA reps went home and there was nothing they could do.

I wish I had checked this site before today. I ordered a cabinet online. Thought everything was set for delivery tomorrow. Receive a phone call with the time for their window of delivery, thought everything was going to go smoothly. Then I receive a phone call from the company who was making the delivery only to find out the Ikea place did not have the merchandise. How do you not know you don't have an cabinet 8' by whatever. It's like an elephant in the room. So now they want to reschedule for the coming week. It better be here next week.

On 09/04/2016 my 4 year old son wanted to visit IKEA. I decided to do 2 things at once and shop for furniture while getting breakfast. Seemed like a reasonable idea for our day. We get our food and start to pay, the cashier (Dalyza, had to read the receipt she had no name tag), didn't greet us, smile, say hi, bye, just the total. Felt like having to stop at a toll booth. But ok, it's fine 7.00 for 2 meals isn't paying for experience. Circle around with my boy collecting forks, napkins, drinks, etc. Realized there was no salt or pepper after a long search. Decided hey why not ask the cashier who works here.

"Ma'am, I'm sorry to bother you but could you please tell me where the salt is?" Her to me, "On the tables". Me, "Um, I'm sorry but it's not". Her, "We don't keep that up here". Me, um ok? And go wander some more. Sit and eat and notice all of the floor employees are having a social networking circle hanging out chatting and not doing anything but the barest minimum of their jobs. Better training in customer service would greatly benefit this location.

Completely unacceptable service from IKEA today. I received 1 email and 2 messages confirming the delivery on the 4th of September so far. Today the delivery didn't happen so I contacted IKEA and they said that it won't be happening because the goods never reached the depot (!!!). 1 minute later someone called to inform me about the situation. This was after the delivery was missed. LAST TIME CUSTOMER. I've had enough with IKEA and their arrogant, irresponsible behaviour. I would never do this to one of my clients.

I ordered several items and paid for delivery. The scheduled time was 5:00-9:00. At 5:22, I received an automated call saying delivery would arrive in 5-30 minutes. At 6:00, I received a notice that they were unable to deliver. I called (took 20 minutes to get through) and was told that they attempted delivery but no one was home. They sent pictures of my home as proof they were there. Turns out they arrived before 4:30 and lied about the attempted delivery time and did not call to let me know they were there. I had proof of the time. IKEA and the shipping company failed to credit my delivery charges or acknowledge the issue, and I had to reschedule delivery for another time. (This time the delivery people arrived 15 minutes prior to scheduled time, but at least I was home & they actually called.) I've attempted to get a response from IKEA several times and the person who handles has not returned my calls or emails.

If I could give IKEA a zero for delivery I would. What a nightmare!!! The 1st delivery my husband was home the entire day. Delivery TRUCK via XPOLogistics scheduled for 10-2pm. I get a call from the TRUCK via XPOLogistics delivery service around 3:20 pm to say fail delivery due to no one was home (Liar). I called IKEA, was on the phone for a total of 1 hour / 37 minutes. At this time I rescheduled for the following Tuesday - 10am to 2pm since the delivery service in only in my area on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. My son takes off from work for the TRUCK via XPOLogistics delivery & again no delivery.

I called IKEA at 5:45 pm and on the phone for a total of 1 hour / 47 minutes. I was told the TRUCK via XPOLogistics delivery service would be in my area around 6:30 pm (not knowing while I was on the phone I had received an email from IKEA at 6:14 pm with no delivery for that day and I need to reschedule). Now... This is 2 days of my husband & son lost wages for IKEA & TRUCK via XPOLogistics lack of consideration. I asked IKEA to cancel my order and refund my credit card. It has been 2 days and hopefully I will see a refund in the next few days. If not, I will definitely be disputing this charge with my credit card company.

Because I don't drive, I used Uber to go IKEA Stoughton, MA location and ordered the furniture for my entire condo on Aug 18. Everything was delivered but the central beam for the bed frame so I couldn't put the bed together. I had been calling IKEA for 5 days until Aug 26, after over 20 calls and almost 200 minutes, that I finally got speak to a rep. One after another "on hold and transfer." After more than 50 minutes, a nice girl promised I would get my missing part in two days by FedEx. Today (Aug 25) I called again and after on hold for a long time, I spoke to a girl rep who told me the FedEx had not picked it up yet.

I asked to talk her manager, and when the guy, whose name is Richard on the phone, I told him I want the part delivered as soon as possible because I am going to be out of the country for a few days and I want to put my bed together. He told me to go to the store to pick it up! I don't drive and this is why I Ubered there to order delivery service and I paid for the delivery! I asked him for the Stoughton store number so I could call and he said there is no number so as IKEA consumers, we have to go through the US customer service. It such a nightmare to deal with IKEA and I will never again to buy anything from this terrible place.

We've been a regular ikea customers for years. We love ikea products until the last purchase we made on the 3/3/16. We bought 3 rugs from ikea and that's our nightmare starts. We don't know which rugs had brought in the bed bugs. After we found out my husband got bed bug bites I throw out two of them. I kept one. I thought after I vacuum it, it should be fine. So I move that one to my bedroom. Then, I got bitten too. So I throw out it also. I know you may think that bedbugs can come from anywhere, but we were sure they should be coming from ikea's rugs. Our daily life are simple and straight. My husband goes to work and come home. I stay home taking care two babies. We rarely go out. Especially during March we were almost home everyday. So only thing that can have those bed bugs are those rugs.

We thought once we throw everything that was on the living room floor it should be gone. Unfortunately that was not helping. Because of these rugs, we throw out a lot of stuff and got a expensive inspection. The treatment is even more expensive which we aren't affordable. We are asking for the reimbursement for our loss. I keep calling them. After so many phone calls, they were only refund me $21 for only one of the rugs. I am completely disappointed with ikea and will not shop at there anymore. Please be aware of walking into ikea store in brooklyn.

I ordered two wardrobes online for my daughter's bedroom on July 22, 2016 and my delivery arrived on July 26, 2016. Unfortunately when my order arrived the boxes did not make sense. When I noted my concern about dents and oddly shaped boxes for a wardrobe the delivery driver (who did not care to be bothered with my questions) said "I have five boxes and here are five boxes". I made note on the invoice for the driver that I would be contacting IKEA and I did. Once we opened the boxes we had received 1 intact wardrobe and then one box 303 (not 1 of 3 or 2 of 3) and a small box which when we opened it contained kitchen hinges etc. I was beyond frustrated as we were decorating our daughter's room before she returned from a weekend away. My husband rushed to IKEA and bought another wardrobe and I called IKEA.

After being put on hold on TWO separate occasions by IKEA with wait times of 27 and 23 minutes respectively before I hung up I eventually got someone on my third attempt (21 minutes). After being assured that I would be credited the amount of the wardrobe and the delivery charge on my credit card I was given a File Number and someone arranged to pick up the mis-delivered two boxes (this was done within the week). The File Number, I assume was supposed to make this process simpler. It did NOT. After 2 weeks passed and no refund I called IKEA once again. I spoke to an agent who I gave my File number to and he transferred me to someone who would update me on my refund... after 39 minutes of waiting to speak to someone I hung up.

On Friday August 19, 2016 my husband and I drove AGAIN from Niagara Falls to Burlington to speak to someone in person in Customer Service. After waiting half an hour my number was called (the agent was pleasant but said that she could not issue the refund, she did see notes in my account and made notes of her own with regards to us visiting the store etc and made a note to have an IKEA representative call me... it is now August 23, 2016 and still NO CALL!!!). The total refund is the cost of the wardrobe for 429.00 and delivery charge of 99.00 a total of 596.64. This, by no means, is a significant amount of money to IKEA, however to my family and our six children this is a VERY significant amount of money (and as one credit card period has passed I am also paying interest on money that SHOULD have been refunded).

I am very disappointed and am frustrated with my INABILITY to connect with a LIVE agent to get answers to my claim and my PROMISED refund. I have six children, and have in the past found IKEA to be a cheap option for us to furnish our bedrooms etc, however after this experience I would not recommend IKEA to anyone as I believe that I have done far MORE than should be required of a customer to get the refund I was promised on July 23, 2016. I REQUIRE an IKEA representative to contact me (as I was told they would do) and rectify this situation ASAP.

Placed my first IKEA order. Could not get information from IKEA on specific date. They gave me an estimated date, took the day off from work, no delivery. Tried to contact IKEA by phone. 20 minute wait and, when they answered, they could not hear me. Tried to track order online three times and each time got this message: "Something went wrong, sorry for the inconvenience." NEVER again will I order from this company. I order most things online but have never experienced such bad customer service.

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