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Customer ServicePrice

Reviewed Aug. 21, 2023

My husband and I found the perfect desk at Havertys. It was a floor model with small scuff marks but we fell in love with the desk so we decided to buy it at a 10% discount. We were told it came with a Guardsman Warranty, although later we found out that Warranty cost us $270.00. Our fault for not looking at the receipt. The delivery men tried to fit it through the door without measuring. Big mistake. It scraped the desk top big time. They tried to fix it with a marker which only made it worse.

Our only recourse was to send it back or take another 10% off and a service tech visit. Again we loved the desk so decided on the latter. Big mistake. We never got the service tech visit. On top of that Guardsman said they wouldn't touch it since it was a mistake made during delivery. I received an e-mail from Havertys' Customer Service about making things right. I told them I just want the service tech guy to come out like they promised. They never returned my e-mail. I had to pay $150.00 out of my own pocket to get it fixed. Poor customer service. Won't go back.

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Customer ServicePricePunctuality & SpeedStaff

Reviewed July 21, 2023

Tara Sectional is a more of a Terror Sectional. Comfortable, sleek with a modern look, but the service after the sale - what happened Havertys? Two of the five units arrive with clear signs and damage from previous assembly/use (photos to prove it too). The corner section had a noticeable and prominent flaw in the fabric. The replacement service call ended up being a guy with a sewing kit and replacement fabric - and he was going to cut apart the sections and resew in replacement fabric in the middle of my living room. This was the 2nd day I took off from work with the first delivery window turning into a 10-hour wait.

At the Havertys price point, I'm not ok with cutting apart and sewing in replacement fabric, and not sure who would be. Replacements were not available in-state, per the customer service rep on the phone so it would be another month before delivery. I could keep the damaged and used items with a 10% discount on the affected units but agreeing to a void on the warranty for the entire purchase. At this point I asked them to come get their sectional and refund my purchase and today they did.

If this is how Havertys stands behind their products God help their customers - broke my family's trust completely. The On-Time delivery was not - scheduled for a mid-day arrival and showed up after 6 pm. Replacement of the used and damaged sections was switched for a "service" call leading to another day off wasted. The "We are done" pickup was right on time - but you might want to reconsider sliding furniture across the floor on its side as a means of moving it to the door.

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    Reviewed June 19, 2023

    I ordered $13.000 worth of furniture. The pillows for my couch (6) of them were made with down feathers, which I am allergic to. All I wanted was the inserts in poly but I was told nothing can be done, only order new pillows for an additional $600. That I felt I should not have to pay. All I wanted for my beautiful couches is some pillows that don't make me sneeze. Very disappointed in Havertys suppose to be next level — I don’t think so.

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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceReliability

    Reviewed June 17, 2023

    We went in 2021 to buy our mattress after a year and a half the foam started to detach from the mattress and started sliding off. We also started to feel the springs. So I called to see what the warranty would cover. They said they would have to send a technician out to examine the mattress. The technician came out and measured the bed after 10 min he left. I received a call from customer support saying the technician put that it was inconclusive so they had to send the decision up to management.

    I received a call a couple days later saying that they would not be replacing the mattress that it was not a defect on the manufacturer. I proceeded to ask them what constitutes as a manufacturer defect and they said it would be a defective mattress which I told them it was. That there was no way we slept in the bed that much within a year and a half period to cause it to deteriorate that quickly. I said I was not going to accept that and I would be contacting the CEO to inform him of the situation. I had to send 3 emails addressed to the CEO explaining the issue.

    I received a call from customer service saying they would let me make a reselection with a 40% usage fee. So a mattress that I paid about $2600 they would let me make a selection for about $1000. I did not accept that because a mattress should have lasted at least 10 years lasted a little over a year and a half. I told them I would need to contact the BBB because that is completely unacceptable. I ended up getting a call later that day saying they would let me do a reselction for the full amount. So I thought ok I appreciate that now we will be able to get a better mattress.

    I ended up paying and extra $500 to get a different brand. We went made our selection and I waited about a week for it to be delivered which is just fine as long as we we’re getting our new mattress to actual be able to sleep I was good. It was delivered and right when they unwrapped it there was a huge tear in the seam by the handle. And some of the threading on top was coming undone. I was like that’s ok they will just replace it I understand that happens. So we scheduled our second delivery which was today. They unwrap it there is a huge tear in almost the exact same spot. I obviously refused it.

    Now I am frustrated all over again because it’s not only an inconvenience but there is absolutely no quality assurance. Customer service called and said we will just send another one. I am just so disappointed with the whole experience with this company. We just want a mattress we paid now a little over $3000 for to be what it’s worth. There was not much I could tell them. It wasn’t like they would credit me anything back. I just accepted that they would be scheduling the third delivery next week. Fingers crossed. I just do not recommend buying anything from them. I have never had so many issues and I have purchased from multiple furniture stores. So please take your time to look around. And READ REVIEWS!

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    Customer ServicePriceReliability

    Reviewed June 5, 2023

    We bought a substantial order from them. The dining table was replaced because the top had big chunk of wood coming off. After not even 3 months of use, the chairs started sagging (and we are both low BMI :) ). At the end, we had to return the entire set, pay for the difference and upgrade to another line. We needed to replace 3 times the recliner because the leather was defective. After more than one year the leather where you seat started fading and we put a blanket to minimize the wear, not too fancy looking in the living room.

    We bought the 5-year protection plan, the Guardsman. After repeated solicitation asking for a service, we decided to dispute the transaction for the cost of the protection plan. I even went to the store in person to talk with the customer service regarding Guardsman lack of response for the service and they did nothing. We asked for a touch up kit because the paint on the furniture is chipping and they give us cheap dry crayons, same Guardsman and same type you can buy in Lowe's. We ended buying from Amazon acrylic crayons which not only are better quality but solved the touch up problem. At end of the story, don't buy the protection plan because it doesn't work. I doubt that in the future I will buy from Havertys, too expensive for what they offer.

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    Reviewed May 13, 2023

    Havertys furniture store does not stand behind their products. They are very friendly when they sell you furniture that they claim is high quality and well made. However, if you have a problem with an item, they give you a very hard time. In my case, I am stuck with a defective piece of furniture. I would go elsewhere.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Feb. 23, 2023

    I am writing this letter in hopes that the Haverty Furniture Store will be listed as a company that will sell polyurethane furniture as “real leather” furniture. In 2019, I entered the Haverty store in Bowie, Maryland. I saw an Omega five-piece sectional that was on sale and was a floor model. I asked the salesperson if the sectional was leather, and he said yes. I examined the sofa and based on the “assumption” that it was leather I purchased the sectional. I also ordered another chair because the additional chair made the sectional complete in my family room.

    In the latter part of 2022, the Omega sofa, specifically the two chairs that my husband and I sit on is crumbling. The other four chairs still look brand new. I called Haverty’s to inquire about buying two new chairs to replace the chairs that were crumbling. I was told that the Omega furniture was no longer available. I then called a leather repair person, and he asked me if the sectional was leather. He asked this because he only repairs leather furniture. I then called the Haverty Bowie, MD store and asked if the sectional was leather so that I could assure the leather repair person that it was leather before having him come to my home. I was told again by your Bowie, MD store that the sectional was leather.

    My leather repair person came out and said that if he repaired this sofa within a couple of days, it would crumble again. So of course, this did not make sense to have the repair done. Maybe a few weeks later, I visited the Haverty store in Rockville, MD, I explained to them that I was hoping that they had Omega furniture because I had two chairs that had begun to crumble. They told me that the Omega sofa was no longer being sold and more importantly they told me that the sofa was not leather.

    I then called the Bowie store again and they again told me that the sofa was leather and that this was information given by the manager of the store. I told them that the Rockville store showed me on their computer system that the sectional was not leather. So, the Bowie store called the Rockville store and then they finally admitted to me that the sofa was not leather. Now it is 2023, and I told the Bowie store that I would have never bought this sectional had I known that it was not leather. So now I have spent $2,330 total on a six-piece sectional that I am going to have to replace. And furniture should be expected to last at least 7 years.

    Initially I was offered $300 store credit to resolve this issue. I refused the offer, so I was then offered $400 store credit. I refused again and then the Bowie, MD store manager asked me to come into the store and look for something that I might like to resolve this for me. So, I did, and I picked out bedroom furniture that came to approximately $1800. She then asked me to pay out of pocket $1600 towards the furniture. Of course, I refused. Then she asked me what would resolve this for me, and I told her a full refund. She said that she did not think that a full refund would be possible and then offered $800 store credit. I refused again and told her that I was going to contact the corporate office. So, I did and was told by your corporate office on February 23, that the most that could be offered would be $1399.99 in store credit and they would take back the sectional.

    This offer is not acceptable to me. I would accept an exchange of furniture that would be closer to the $2000 amount but because of all the stress this has caused me, I am asking for a full cash refund of $2,329.97, because I was deceived from the beginning of this fiasco. I can be reached at ** (cell) or ** (home). I have receipts on request.

    Thank you,


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    Reviewed Feb. 9, 2023

    Based on my recent experience of early 2023 Havertys has a very short sighted return policy. They would rather lose thousands of dollars in more business than show flexibility in return few hundreds dollars. I tried to cancel the warranty for the sofa they delivered few days ago, they refused. I made no claims against the warranty, I just did not want it after receiving the pamphlet which excludes almost anything that go wrong with the furniture. I therefore cancelled the remainder of my order. This rigid policy is indicative of lack of business sense or customer care.

    I bought an expensive leather sofa, and they gave me a wood care kit. I tried to exchange for leather care kit, they refused. The sofa is already sinking in the middle, I am still waiting on their action, their expert is not 100% sure it can be fixed. What recourse do I have if they don't fix it, what a mess.!. Nothing they do makes any sense, they simply don't care. Stay away from this company, once they get your money, they don't care what happens.

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    Reviewed Feb. 6, 2023

    Havertys offered a leather sofa for around $2000 interest free for 18 months. Today they added about $2000 on to our remaining bill because it wasn't paid off in the 18 months' time. Ok fine. But they added 2000 onto the balance of an 2000 sofa. Basically they added 100 percent interest. I will see them in Court when I'm done writing my reviews.

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    Reviewed Jan. 14, 2023

    Furniture is garbage. Bought $15k worth of living room furniture and some of the veneer on the tables started separating within 4 weeks. They sent a yahoo out to glue it back together and lasted all of 3 days. When I asked for a return these ** advised I had possession too long and not possible. A month and 3 days is too long?? I will never buy anything from this company again and advise you to do the same.

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