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Went to McDonald's in Little River, SC with my wife, she ordered the all American burger with fries and I ordered a cheese burger with fries. The meat somehow does not taste like the old delicious flavoring it had years ago. The bun was tough to chew and so was the french fries which were cold. My wife fell ill after eating her meal. Don't think I'll be going back to any McDonald's again.

A few weeks ago I bought food during lunch time and we I got to work I notice half of my food was missing. At that point it wasn't worth me going back. Tonight I bought dinner at the same place... I'm all about 2nd chances. Well, my coffee and all of my food was cold... I was so MAD and I didn't Definitely wouldn't recommend it to anyone. If you're traveling and pass North Carolina by this one don't stop. It's not worth it. Here is the address - Crossroads Shopping Center, 975 Glenway Dr, Statesville, NC 28625. Phone:(704) 871-8545.

I was at the McDonald's on 670 Eglinton Avenue W in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. I used a coupon for "any hot drink" to order a coffee with my food. Both cashiers refused and said I couldn't order a coffee with it. An employee had to come over and explain coffee is a valid hot drink to her. And McCafes, lattes were all listed on the coupon. After paying, I got my food quickly but waited over 10 minutes for the drink when the restaurant was empty. Both cashiers would not make my coffee. Another employee had to tell them to serve everyone their drinks and do their job. They ignored, so I waited a long time before someone else came to do it. In the end I was given the wrong items too. I have never seen cashiers so rude. Never going to that location again and I do not recommend it to anyone. YOU WON'T GET SERVICE.

I've noticed a trend at a local McDonald's at 5516 N Lamar, Austin TX. They will periodically cut off power to the receptacles in the seating area of the restaurant. The power can remain off for weeks. It's obvious who they are targeting with this strategy, disadvantaged individuals. I would be interested if this is a strategy repeated at other McDonald's restaurants.

After getting off work I stopped at McDonald's for some French fries. When I got them the bag felt cold so I tried a fry and it was cold and mushy. I told the guy at the window. He took the bag, closed the window and then came back and said he would take care of it. Well I pulled over to the side to let the other customers buy. Someone came out with a bag of fries. It felt warm. I thanked him and drove off. I stuck my hand in the bag and grabbed a fry to eat and it was warm, not fresh out of the oil, more like a microwave. They are soft and mushy. I filed a complaint with McDonald's and got an email back stating they were sorry that they couldn't meet my high quality standards. I didn't know cold, mushy French fries was their standard.

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On September 23, 2016, on this evening at 9:50 p.m. I went to the Columbia, SC McDonald's on Elmwood for dinner on my thirty minute break. I drove through their drive-through and I order two cheeseburger meals with a double cheeseburger and a side of fries, and she didn't even give me any receipt. The food order came up to $14.85 and I ask her for it, and she walk away. As I waited for my food the women at the second window, who was not sure about what I had order, look very clueless. As I reminded her about what the order is, she proceed to give me the wrong order, and I mentioned it to her again that the order was wrong. SHE WALK WAY FROM THE WINDOW. AND THEN ANOTHER CREW MEMBER CAME BACK, and the same thing happens again -- they gave me order that wasn't mine. And the food was very cold and bread was hard. And I did even noticed it until I got back to work.

The manager was very rude and hung the phone up in my face. Then I came back up there and the woman gave me more cold food. When I mentioned that to her she became very, she got snotty, and said, "I refuse to go there again." She had no name tag on so I couldn't get her name. But, they lost a customer for life! She definitely needs some customer service training.

Went to McDonald's in Maple Grove, MN (twin cities area). I was the only customer in the store, perhaps 3 cars in the drive through on a Sunday at 11am. There were two girls behind the counter one leaning on some equipment another sweeping a very dirty floor. I was not acknowledged for at least two minutes. Finally one of them walked over with broom in hand and asked me what I wanted in a snarky way. I was told the egg white muffin was not available at 11:10. She typed in the corrected order while holding the broom in the other hand. She accepted my twenty into the till one handed and threw my change in a pile in front of me and walked away. Terrible customer service. I should have yelled.

I bought a quarter pounder, fries and a drink. Ate half the burger. I found a growth that look like something out of a sci-fi book. I just couldn't eat anymore. It turned my stomach.

This morning at 10:50 I went to the Waynesboro Georgia McDonald's for breakfast. Signs all over saying breakfast all day. The mgr was very rude and said they don't serve breakfast all day. When I said that "the signs say you do," she got snotty and said, "Well we don't." People behind me ordered breakfast and she served them. I refuse to go there again. She had no name tag on so I couldn't get her name. But, they lost a customer for life! She definitely needs some customer service training.

My friend and I went to McDonalds at 5526 Mahoning ave Youngstown, OH 44515 today 9/8/2016. This store is dirt. The floor was sticky they had fly strips hanging in the eating area loaded with flies. The pop machine was dirty with pop spilled and empty straw wrappers. There were very few people in there when we were there and five employees standing at the counter talking and joking. All the trash containers outside were stuffed full of trash, you couldn't get one more napkin in them if you had to. The bathroom, the ladies' bathroom was dirty and had no toilet paper at all.

My friend and I go garage saling and we've stopped at other McDonalds and they are much cleaner than this one. We were actually shocked in the condition of this store. We understand about the public and know they can be messy but when you only have three customers in there and 5 employees standing around wouldn't it be wise for one of these employees to move their feet and at least clean tables off and clean around the pop machine, there were small gnats flying around the pop dispenser and it was sticky there were flies crawling all over the pop machine also. SO DISAPPOINTED in this store. Thanks for letting me vent about it.

Went to McD's this evening to try the two artisan chicken sandwiches.... Save your money and go to Chick-fil-a - you will save about 1.50 for the meal and there is no comparison. Won't ever eat McD's chicken again. The buttermilk crunchy chicken was overcooked and dried out. The grilled chicken tasted as if it had been marinated for days.... both disappointing.

I visited a McDonald’s in Two Harbors, MN and was short-changed $15.00. Of course, I didn't realize this until I had driven to my destination. The young kid at the register didn't give me a receipt or the change. :( He also messed up our other order and gave us "coffee with whipped cream" instead of our simple order of "coffee with cream". I contacted the Two Harbors McDonald’s via their website over a month ago and heard nothing back. I also contacted McDonald’s corporate office via their website and have heard nothing. I really don't think they even read the emails. McDonald’s has the worst customer service of any fast food chain out there!

After seeing McD TV advertisement for "2 for $5" sandwiches, planned a road trip to Toccoa, Georgia, (30 miles away from where I live), to eat there during the trip. CSR over drive-thru intercom said they don't honor it and suggested an alternative at a much higher price. Drove off immediately. Wish there was a site where local franchises that benefit from corporate advertising, then shaft the customer by not offering it, could be listed, so that you'd know who exactly offers what and save time and money by going to an alternative. Didn't know McD allowed this. In future, will note which FF restaurants are hyper greedy and go straight to the competition. Wish it was a law that you are legally obligated to honor specials if your corporate advertised them. Don't give me that "only at participating locations" excuse, either. Without the website I suggested above, HOW ELSE WILL YOU KNOW?

9-1-2016, a person was spraying toxic chemicals (i.e. weed killer) in the drive-thru area. This is black top and he was spraying very heavy in the crack next to the building a large amount of chemicals. Exposure to things like Round-up causes Parkinson's! Customers breathe that air right by the drive thru window! The weeds can't be that bad. Someone could bend over and pluck the 1 weed or 2 that may or may not be there. I won't be using the drive thru this week for sure. I'm a frequent customer (at least 2-3 times per week) and I'm very upset. They need to stop spraying chemicals and just pull the weeds.

I went to McDonalds recently and I had on a order 2 Apple pies. They did not included them in the order. There was 2 other times, they did the same thing. You know if the employees wouldn't play on their smartphones so much maybe they wouldn't forget on a order.

On August 20, 2016 at 3:18 pm I used the drive thru at 5004 STHY 121, Plano, TX 75024. Waited for a very long time for the line to move. Once I received my purchase and drove away, I realized there wasn't a single napkin in my bag. Since I planned to eat in my car, I was quite disappointed.

On Wednesday August 17, 2016, I visited the McDonald franchise at 159-01 Jamaica Avenue (located near the SS office) and prior to making my purchase, I requested the use of the bathroom and was told that I had to submit a ticket as proof of purchase to be allowed inside the restroom. I explained that not only did I have an emergency, but I did not wish to take my food inside the restroom and would therefore make the purchase afterwards. The cashier, supervisor and custodian all insisted that I could not use the restroom without presenting a ticket.

I was forced to enter the male restroom when a male customer exited to avoid having an accident and was pursued by the custodian. He only retreated when he was threatened with a lawsuit and noticed that I was about to actually use the restroom with him present. When I threatened to call the headquarters, the custodian told me to go ahead. A rude tone. I feel that this policy is not in the best interest of customers and should be reversed. I have been to other locations and was allowed to use the restroom prior to making a purchase. Because of my unpleasant experience at this location, I was forced to exit and make my purchase at another location on Jamaica Avenue.

I have been a customer at this McDonalds for years and have always been impressed by their service. Recently the service of this location has sharply declined. Today I waited in the drive through for over 20 minutes just to get a beverage. When I finally got to the window I was given the wrong drink. I had to pull into a parking spot, unbuckle a baby from a car seat, (and I am a senior) to go in to get the correct drink. When I complained, the manager was quite rude and unapologetic. I am wondering if this restaurant is under new management.

Regarding the McDonalds at 7281 sw 8th st Miami, FL. I'm a senior and I ordered 2 senior coffees. The woman at the drive thru gave me the stink eye and said "no, only one senior coffee per person". Most McDonalds charge .69 but this location charges .79. The owner of this store is penny wise and pound foolish as I will never go back again. They have a Yelp review score of 2 out of 5 with most reviews being 1 star with horror story complaints. This store needs to be reviewed and investigated by the corporate office. The Health Dept should also investigate as one complaint on Yelp said there was human feces on the floor under the table. Gross!

This happened twice at the Mcdonald's in Jersey City N.J. Communipaw Ave. After purchasing #2 meal instead of giving me two cheeseburgers they gave me 2 McDouble. When I complained the manager said they had no more but then replaced them also. The discount is not really a discount if you get a $1 off. They then get it back by charging you the tax afterward & when I paid the girl at the window she purposely dropped my change & didn't even apologize. I will never return to that location ever.

Got everyone breakfast this morning. Chicken biscuits were burnt and not eatable. Whole order sucked. Will not go back to that location.

While attending class at UB, I decided to take in a late lunch and proceed to McDonald's (NF Blvd & Maple Road location in Amherst, NY.) The store appeared to be clean so when I went up to the counter to place my order, I was surprised to see two (2) employees passing a partial brick of cheese back and forth as if it were a football game. The cheese hit the floor and the employee who dropped it simply put it back on the table and continued to use it while preparing food! Disgusting!!! I then turned my attention to the cashier and requested to speak with the manager on duty. She informed me that he was back in the office on break and if I needed further assistance, I was to call (716) 833-2159. Never ever again will I visit any McDonald's.

I stopped at the McDonald's on 61st street in Merrillville, Indiana. First, the young man cleaning the tables and booths needs to be complemented, polite young man!! The counter staff is another story. I walked up to the counter and there a blond woman (possibly a manager) was having a hot discussion with one of the employees. (Maybe we could do this is the back room???) The blond who I assume was supposed to take orders was watching them with her side to me. Two other employees were standing there behind the counter, one of which was sucking down a McDonald's drink. I asked if there was someone taking orders, and they acted shocked, one young man shrugged his shoulders. I told them I would go somewhere else!

This is not the first time I have been in this McDonalds - the last time I stopped for coffee at 6:00 am and they told me it wasn't made yet. There is a clear problem here! Maybe since the McDonald's Corporate Office is in the same region, they need to visit this one. McDonald's tends to think it is their food that turns people away... in most cases it's their employees!! (I came in about 4:10 p.m. - no order number since no one offered to take it!!)

The one on 17th Street and Union Square has the world's worst customer service. Few of the staff and managers on polite. Majority of them speak Spanish and talk about the customer in their language. The manager didn't realize I understood Spanish and proceeded to say terrible things about me. My problem was not receiving a salad dressing with my order. I asked the cashier first. She told the young lady to make me paid for their mistake in Spanish. I had to paid for the salad dressing.

Second Problem. Cashier who been working in McDonald for ten years with a terrible attitude against non-Spanish. She either give you the wrong order or attitude. She doesn't like serving non-Spanish customer. So many people have complaint about this young lady. From one lady saying she have bad dreams about her. Man said, "She always get my order wrong on purpose." Her line is short due her nasty attitude. Her name is Olga (cashier for ten years in McDonald). Every company have growth for good employees.

This chain needs a overhaul in staff/manager (AM Shift). The overnight Manager is wonderful. One morning manager is good and I meet several good cashier (good ones move on). The General Manager was a pleasant lady who said she will speak to the manager with the attitude and unprofessional mannerism. Help this restaurant. When you are in rush and need a quick meal you go to McDonald. But this locations makes you want to starve. Good bye and good luck. Lost Customer.

I purchased breakfast from the Donaldsonville, La location and received a counterfeit $5.00 Bill. I didn't know at the time. Later, that same day, I went to another location-O'Neal Lane in Baton Rouge, and paid with one of the bills I received in change from the other location. The manager rudely approached the window to inform me that one of the bills was counterfeit. I paid with another bill and got my order. I called the first location and spoke with a manager, there, explaining I received fake money from his location. He said bring in the bill and they'd give me my money back. I went in to speak with the manager and she was still rude and threatened to call the police.

She said she couldn't give me the money back, which I understand. Oftentimes, it's not what you say but how you say it. I told her to call the police and I waited for about 25 minutes. No one showed up. It wasn't her fault I received counterfeit money. Hell, I didn't even know. But if you are in management, learn some customer service skills. She wouldn't even tell me her name. Smh.

Honestly I think this was the last time I go to McDonald's Deception Bay, Queensland. I just ordered a large cheeseburger meal extra mustard & a sausage muffin with extra cheese. First off. I go through the drive thru when there are a lot of cars because I figure I will get fresh food... NOT!!! There was 10 cars in front of me. My whole entire order was cold to the point where I don't even want to call up and complain because I am sickened! Muffin was so cold and the sausage just looked that old and tasted chewy.:S Next was the cheeseburger meal. I ask for extra mustard every damn time & they give me extra tomato sauce again! To the point where it was inedible the sauce was everywhere!! Bun was wet from sauce, patty was so cold & tasted so overcooked & the chips... far out... thought I would at least get nice hot chips. They were so cold and hard and weird tasting I literally just threw out around $10 worth of food!!!

I seriously can't stand you guys. You people aren't feeding animals! No receipt too. As usual. Go through for a nice quick bite to eat and now I am in pain my stomach hurts. I literally don't want to eat anything for another day. I am that sick! You aren't even worth the phone call because I know for a fact I would say some horrible things. You think takeaway people would love giving their customers some fresh food and wouldn't sell it to them if it was nasty and cold and old but I guess not. They just want to show up to their job, do it as lazy as possible then go home. Wonder how you guys live at home when you serve food like that. I am in shock and I am so angry I could scream! Deception Bay Macca's should be shut down and that's that. What a pigsty. What a serious health hazard. How have you guys not been sued! Haven't had a good hot meal from them in honestly a few months now! So far from over it. It's beyond a joke just like your store!

The manger female that's work evening is very rude and disrespectable. She throws people out when it hot outside. She won't let you use the bathroom. And she don't like kids. And I know this because of my grandbaby. She tried to put us out of McDonald's after we order our food because we was done. She need to get fired or she need more training. She cuts the wifi off which that's not what the McDonald's code is. Something need to be done with her. She's on 24th St. and Van Buren in Phoenix, AZ. Lose her or give her more training or you will have a lawsuit on your hands because of her.

7/12/16 10:30 AM store in Palmdale, CA on Avenue N. McDonalds advertises all the upgrades they've added yet it still takes 10 min to get through the drive-thru line. 2 cars in line (mine being 1) and front person ordered coffee drinks which takes a hella time to make. Meanwhile my breakfast sandwich was burned and cold. Also the pricing at this site is ridiculous. $4.50 for the individual sandwich ($8.00+ for the combo). Lastly when I got my food the workers (females) did not have hair coverings and their hair was loose over the food. Kinda made me nauseous. I didn't get a receipt with my order.

Stopped at McDonald's as was in a hurry. I like their fast service. I also was hungry. So the Filet-O-Fish which I like sounded great. I always order extra tartar sauce. NEVER have been charged 30 cents. I order the 2 for $5. So was charged 60 cents. It's a condiment. I wouldn't have to order extra if they have enough on it like the picture on the TV commercial. Not even close as you don't see any tartar sauce unless you remove the bun to see it. So the extra tartar sauce I paid extra for pissed me off as it's a condiment. One fish had a good amount like you would expect in the first place. The second fish they only put a small amount extra. I will not pay extra again. So I will not be ordering fish again. I paid cash and had to ask for my receipt. They printed a duplicate when they handed me my food.

When I was younger, I used to prefer Jollibee over McDonald's. I think it was because the food choices were more Filipino and I enjoy Filipino food. Apart from that, I think Jollibee was cheaper. However, since last year, I started preferring McDonald's especially when I began driving thru more frequently there. I found a fairly affordable meal which has become my default order every time and that is the Crispy Chicken Fillet with Rice. I'd order that along with extra gravy and a large iced tea. Sometimes, when I'm extra hungry, I also add an order of mushroom soup or a spaghetti.

Oh, and when I feel like having dessert, I either get an apple pie or an Oreo McFlurry. Recently, as part of their promo, they have this green tea flavoured Oreo and I love it! I haven't grown tired of choosing from these food choices in their menu, though I don't buy food there every day, anyway. But basically, McDonald's is my go-to fast food place. Even my daughter has a favourite there, that is their nuggets. :-)

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