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You are not going to believe this! I just went up to Dairy Queen in Swartz Creek to get my sons some dinner. I ordered and paid for my food and then I believe I seen a girl at the counter wrap or she unwrapped and wrapped back up a sandwich after she just handled money. I told the girl in the drive thru that I would like my money back and why. She went and got the manager who is the man that wears all black and who has a speech impediment, I believe. He proceeds to yell at me and tell me that I am a liar and that I didn't see what I just saw! I said, "I know what I just saw and I would just like my money back". I never yelled and I never cussed at him.

He then puts the refund on my debit card and hands it back to me and screams "don't you ever come back to my ** restaurant again"! I again say that I know what I saw and go to pull away and I tell him that I will be reporting this incident and he stuck his head out the window and called me a **! Now, I ask, what would you do if he DID this to you? Also, my 14 year old son was in the car at the time and there was a customer at the counter. If you were a customer inside or outside in the drive thru and you witnessed this... I would love to talk to you! Some people said tonight that he is the owner, Tommy!

DQ Battle Lake MN - Over the years this place has declined. This year we had hope that things were improving. WRONG. The food is unpredictable. They run out of ice cream. They close at random times despite their posted hours. The people who work here are sketchy - you will never find a real supervisor/adult on staff here. The owner hires high school kids and lets them run as they see fit. Also stories of moldy hot dog buns, poor hygiene, and dirty conditions.

Waited in line over 20 minutes. 14 people in front of me at least 7 behind me. 1 person ringing out more than enough to come up and open, another waited another 15 for food, 1 person after another coming up with a complaint. Got home, order was wrong. Missing food. Called, got an answering machine. Day and a half later no callback. Time to move on Colonie NY.

I am 54 years old, have been eating at Dairy Queen since I was about 6 years old. I have always gotten a cherry sundae. For the past couple of years I can't seem to get a cherry sundae. I haven't eaten at DQ since but I still come in every once in a while to see if all the flavor are back.

I purchased an ice cream cake, as I understand it should include some cake and the best quality ice cream, given its high price. Instead, it only contained a tiny layer of hard chocolate fudge and the worst low quality ice cream ever. Eating this cake, caused me severe stomach ache and heartburn. This might be due to the low quality ingredients used in the making. It is very unfortunate to pay money to get sick!

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A year ago I made a complaint about the store on Curry Ford Rd in Orlando, Fl. The manager and owner asked me to give them another chance. Two weeks ago I gave them another chance. This visit was far worse than the visit a year ago. The store has a board full of chicken meals, however on this visit there was not any chicken at all. There was not any soda, no toppings for ice cream. And there was not any air. The room was very hot and nobody cared. This is the behavior of the owner who could not care less on what takes place in his store. This is a plea to all the people reading this review. I am asking you to avoid this store on Curry Ford Rd, Orlando. The best thing that you can do is put this place out of business or force the owner to sell. This owner cares about nothing. It is your duty to put them out of business or this terrible treatment will continue.

I frequent the DQ in 55116 of St. Paul, MN. The last three visits have been annoying. Visit 1: I pull up to the intercom to place an order. I am asked to wait a minute. I wait two minutes. I pull around to the window, no cars there. I told the employee I don't appreciate being left at the intercom. He "apologized". I place and take my order. Visit 2: I pull up to intercom. No response. I drive to window no one there. I tap on the window. A young woman rudely informs me the drive up window is closed (there are no notices posted and it's noon), closes the window and walks away.

Visit 3: I pull up to the intercom. I try to place an order. The idiot working the drive thru doesn't know how to operate the intercom. I place my order at the window. I get my food. The sundae is skimpy. I ask for more ice cream. The employee (who is dumber than a stick) argues with me and states this is the small. I state I receive more than this and stated I will not accept it. I get add'l soft serve, hopefully there are no boogers in it. The cup is about to burst on the bottom, so I hand that back to get a new cup. I leave for the last time. It's not worth the hassle to get disservice at this location. I'm done.

Last evening I went to our new Dairy Queen on Burkhart and was the sixth person in line. Ordered crept forward as they were busy. Got to the window, was handed a box of Dilly Bars (I guess that is what they were supposed to be), handed my blizzard. After she asked if I wanted a lid, put wrong lid on it, it was a flat lid not the usual, then told I had to wait for my burger. Ok, but why give me some of my items to sit in the car and melt. And shouldn't my burger have been ready? Got the burger and it was cold. WORST HAMBURGER I EVER HAD! I guess I'll go back to the old Dairy Queen on North 41, but ordering any more food from any of them will not happen... and the Dilly Bars, what happened to those? Wont get those anymore.

Occasionally, when I'm in the mood to have some ice cream and I'm at the mall, I would step into Dairy Queen's store. When I order there, I choose only from two items -- the Kit Kat Blizzard or the Matcha Green Tea Moolatte. I absolutely love them both. Apart from their delightful tastes, I'm pleased to not have to pay too much for them. If I'm looking for quality and affordable desserts, I'd go to Dairy Queen.

Has a man ever tasted food so good it made him refer to himself and everything else in the third person? Perhaps it might well be the case with a Dairy Queen. A man buys himself an Oreo Blizzard. The anticipation gradually builds prior to tasting a food, though it does not spike at the moment a food is served upside down, but rather the moment a man is about to take a bite of chocolate plus vanilla goodness. A man enjoys a treat very much while seated in a jeepney during heavy traffic.

A man revels in a treat that keeps him cool in the sweltering heat. A man rejoices in looking for the bigger chunks of Oreo cookie not properly crushed. A man enjoys the sweet taste overwhelming his mouth. A man is satisfied. All hail the Dairy Queen, the First of Her Name, the Unburnt Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and of the First Men Queen of Meereen, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, Mother of Dragons. Oreo Blizzard, cold as ice. Oreo Blizzard, winter is coming.

Well it wasn't me but my mom who went to a Dairy Queen in GA and ordered a cup of water and she stated that when she took a sip that she swallowed something that felt slime go down her throat. So when she got home in Anderson SC she took the top off the cup and found first of all that the water was dirty and that there was some more slime down at the bottom and something that looked like styrofoam. And I think that something should be done about that because she got really sick from that nasty water.

Normally we enjoy all the food during our visits to a variety of Dairy Queen locations; the hot grilled foods -- especially the chicken strip basket--are usually quite tasty, which is why we continue to visit Dairy Queen restaurants. The chicken basket we ordered on our most recent visit to the Troy, IL location was no exception. The chicken in the basket was hot, fresh and crispy, as were the lightly salted French fries. Just great! However, the management of and service in that particular location appears to be in dire need of improvement. The staff is indeed courteous enough, but does not appear knowledgeable enough when it comes to corporate policy and promotions.

We arrived at the restaurant a few minutes after three p.m.; I noticed a sign that indicated "Happy Hour" pricing on three beverages, including iced coffee for 99 cents. When I mentioned to the cashier that I wanted to take advantage of the happy hour promotion, she had a really puzzled look on her face, and she had to ask the manager how to ring up the drink at the promo price. While we were eating, we overheard on their P.A. system for the drive-through to be sure to check the receipt to take a survey to receive a free product (I apologize but I don't remember what item exactly the freebie is supposed to be). I also saw signage in the store regarding the same promotion.

When I got the mocha flavored iced coffee, the first sip or two was okay, but then afterward it tasted really gritty, so I decided I would take the telephone survey that was advertised, more in the hope of reporting the poor quality of the iced coffee than for the privilege of receiving a free product coupon. Imagine my surprise when I looked at the receipt and it not only had no store identifiers or phone numbers for the restaurant itself on the receipt, but NO INFORMATION WHATSOEVER REGARDING THE SURVEY! Also, the register tape does not have any pink or other colorization that might indicate that the advertising is missing because the receipt is printed on register tape that is near the end of the tape roll. NO. It's just completely blank on the back side! There is a clerk name and server number with F-0110 Tent #11 across the top of the receipt, but no contact information whatsoever.

The store also had numerous ads posted for various products they did not appear to have in stock, such as the mini Oreo Cookies 'N Cream ice cream cake. We were interested in purchasing one, but didn't find any Mini cakes, in any flavor at all in their freezer case. We did notice two unappealing old-looking ice cream cupcakes in the freezer and wondered whether those are what is now being referred to as the mini cakes. If so, then they don't look anything like the mini cakes depicted in the ads.

More than a couple of years ago I called DQ headquarters to share my dissatisfaction with the quality of one of those ice cream cupcakes and the fact that at the time (perhaps it has been corrected by now?) the cupcakes were being sold without any nutrition labeling as required by law. When I spoke to someone in corporate about the issue (poor taste, missing label, etc.) I felt as though they really didn't give a rat's carcass about the issue. Lip service, and not so much as the offer of a refund on the item or even a lousy few cents off coupon for the trouble. Given that we have enjoyed most of their foods over the past 30+ years, that inappropriate corporate indifference wasn't quite enough to dissuade me from continuing to dine in their restaurants.

I plan to contact corporate again to report that there was something not quite right about the taste of the iced coffee (as though it either had coffee grounds in it or they just mixed an envelope of hot chocolate mix in with regular coffee and the hot chocolate mix didn't dissolve) and about how promotions were poorly handled in the Troy location. If they offer something more tangible than mere lip service in exchange for constructive criticism, I'd be quite surprised (and pleased!).

I LOVE DAIRY QUEEN!!! The blizzard is so delicious. I love all their flavors. I always buy my DQ before I start working. It's my energizer and stress reliever. I also tried one of the cakes and it was so amazing, I love it. I always make sure that I have my DQ every time I watch a movie or just go for a walk. I just love it so much. Don't mind the extra calories as long as I am happy that is what matters haha! Not a week goes by without me eating my favorite DQ... But why the name? Why Dairy Queen? And not Dairy King? haha! Just a thought!

Yesterday at the location in Orangevale, off of Greenback Ln., I ordered one chili dog and was given a receipt with the total $3.09 on it. They gave me a second receipt underneath that I didn't see until much later, that showed a 39 cent charge. I asked the counter what it was about, and was told it was because I didn't pay with cash or credit. So you're telling me a multi-million dollar business is going to charge people for using the most accepted form of payment nowadays? Never eating here again.

I went thru the drive thru and ordered a Butterfinger Blizzard with extra Butterfinger. I got to work and had something full of pecans. I could not eat it. I tried to call and the phone rang off the hook. No answer of the 5 times I called. I called the 800 number and filed a complaint. I work at the hospital. I go in at 645 and get off at 715 am. I go home and sleep until 5, and get ready for work and come in again. I stopped in the DQ this time and went in. I told the manager "Carrie" what happened the day before and she said they couldn't refund or give me anything without getting the Blizzard back. That I threw in the trash about 24 hours prior, so I told her I wanted another one. I repeated the Butterfinger with extra topping. She looked at me like I was crazy, and she started to ring it up, and asked me again what I wanted... I was very angry and told her obviously she couldn't hear.

I had repeated the Butterfinger large with extra toppings about 5 times now, then I told her I would like a foot long with chili and cheese, add mustard and slaw. I should have checked before I left. NO CHEESE!!! I know she did this on purpose. I have my receipt, both of them, and I took pictures of my hotdog with no cheese. I called and the 3rd time I called she answered and said, "Do you want me to fill out a complaint?" I told her no and hung up. I have never been treated like this. She should not be a manager. I am posting this on Facebook for all my friends to see. Carrie needs a hearing aid and manners!!!

I visited Dairy Queen on 4-10-16 specifically to get a banana split. I paid for it and at the end of the counter the lady said "I cannot make you a banana split because I had to go to Monroe to get bananas and was only able to get 1 bundle and it has to last me until tomorrow night." What??? You have bananas and you can't make the banana split because you need to make your bananas last??? NOT going back. Poor customer service. Very low quality restaurant.

Arrive at the Dairy Queen in Wimberley Tx on 3/18/16 at 2:00 p.m. As I was waiting in line to place my order noticed that nobody was in the kitchen for about 10 minutes. I was next to order and was upset because the old lady skip me and told me that the man behind me was a regular customer that goes everyday and that she knew what he always orders. The man was shy and apologize for cutting in front of me. Then the old lady placed my order which was a grilled chicken sandwich combo, 1 side jalapenos, 1 small ice-cream cone.

At 2:20 I walked to the counter to ask the lady about my order. The order had been sitting on the counter for more than 5 minutes already cold. When I took the first bite I spit the food because the chicken was not fully cooked. It was still raw. I then took the sandwich back to the lady. I waited another 8 minutes and my sandwich was still not being made. A customer comes in and a hispanic male which was the cook steps out to greet the customer and in front of me tells the old lady that placed my order that he was going to run to the back to cook the food of that lady that had just walked in because he also knew what she wanted. Wimberley TX. is a small town and I had the impression that everyone knew everyone!!!

It was already about 2:30 pm and I told the lady, "What about my sandwich." At that point I demanded my money! I had paid with my debit card and she wanted to give me the money back to my card but I told her I wanted it in cash. She gave it back in cash. A fast food restaurant with only 1 person on the front, 1 in drive thru, No cook in the back because he was wandering around the restaurant, the manager had stepped out for about 20 minutes. Didn't even bother to talk to me to apologize when I was demanding my money. As soon I stepped out I made a phone call to the corporate office in Minneapolis and spoke to a lady and explained everything that took place. She told me that she was going to give the complaint to the correct people. She ask for my Phone an email which I provided to her. I took a picture of my receipt which shows that I paid with my debit card. I will never eat at a DQ ever again!!!

Decided to try the Grill Menu for the first time. Alaskan Pacific Cod was served piping hot which is great. Tasted pretty good. We decided to dine in however we're not asked if we were dining in or if our order was to go until we were served at our tables of choice, and the receipt stated "eat-in". Speaking of tables, they were dirty and so were the seats. We could visibly tell the floor needed to be mopped. Other customers noticed as well. Floor was very, very icky. Our ketchup bottle was empty, so we had to use one from another table. We would've asked the cashier for assistance but she had a line of customers. We ordered two shrimp baskets and asked for cocktail sauce for each. Rang up correctly but was only given one cocktail sauce.

I placed 2 orders of the 6 dollar dinner meals (2 double cheeseburgers, 2 fries, 2 drinks, 1 sundae and 1 mini blizzard). My order came to $15.40. It was a car in front of me that seemed to have had a mess up with their order which called me to wait more than 30 minutes. When I finally approached the window the worker at the window had an attitude and gave me cold food and said there nothing she can do about it. I told her I ordered hot food so she told a co-worker that I said my food is cold and what to do. She didn't come back to the window for about 10 minutes with fresh fries and my 2 double cheeseburgers seemed to have made their way to the microwave because the wrapper was warm but the burgers was still cold. Never again!! You lost a customer.

This evening we had a chance to experience Dairy Queen on North reserve in Missoula, Montana. I would have to say it was one of the most unpleasant experiences I've ever had with this franchise. We walked in as several people were walking out and didn't really pay attention that they had not received any service. We waited approximately five minutes and a gentleman to take our order. We then sat back and observed other orders being taken by just a few people behind us but there were at least 10 people waiting for their order. We looked around to the left of us and there was two families also waiting for their orders. We simply ordered a sundae and a parfait and by the time everything was said and done we had our order in 30 minutes.

There was no manager on duty and we ask where the manager was and they said he shows up once every three months. This location was severely understaffed and what staff was there was marginally clean. There were spoons all over the floor behind the counter. There was debris on the other side of the counter that you can see employees were walking on and we watched orders being placed and we also watched orders being handed out and there was staff processing extra orders that no one claimed and some of the staff was putting in the freezer because they found no one to claim the orders.

It was only then when we realize that people were walking out without getting the order because of the disorganized efforts the staff had behind the counter. This has been one of the worst experiences I've ever had at this franchise. My wife and I could not believe an establishment with a high reputation providing such poor service. I would not recommend this place on North Reserve just off of I-90 for cleanliness, and efficiency. If the health officials saw this place, I could only guess what problems this place of business would have.

My family and I order ice cream and sometimes food from the Carrollton, IL location at least twice a week. We've been a fan of the ice cream for years. Unfortunately, the restaurant in our town has always been known for the long waits, which is definitely annoying but I've worked in customer service for a long time so I can deal with it. The rudeness is what I'm having trouble dealing with. We've went elsewhere multiple times to avoid the rude staff who forgets we pay their salaries. There are no friendly faces at this restaurant. You'll never get a "thank you" or an "you're welcome". I've made a point to be extra friendly a few times just to see if attitudes will change, it never happens.

I've gotten the wrong ice cream before (I ordered a fudge stuffed cookie, they gave me a triple chocolate brownie), I forgave it and told her not to worry about it so I wouldn't disrupt the night. If you're lucky enough to get a "have a nice day", it's unbelievably fake. At least put on a fake smile and pretend you like your job. There are several unemployed people who would love to have a job and would smile and be way more enjoyable. Every single time I have to ask for a lid for my ice cream and they are so rude about it, sighing and slamming the window like a child having a tantrum. I would be embarrassed giving a drive thru customer a sundae without a lid. I'm sorry, I'm not having an open ice cream in my car unless Dairy Queen wants to pay for a cleaning once it spills everywhere.

The food is usually fresh, but there has been times we've gotten cold and hard fries, a soggy, poorly put together burger, old chilly or old, crusty cheese with our chilly cheese fries. I'm surprised this location is still open. That's probably because it's the only ice cream place in our community that stays open all year around and people would rather wait and pay the more expensive price, than drive 15 miles to the next town. I'm pretty sure this restaurant is privately owned, but I'm not sure. I hope corporate/the owners know that all these problems (poor service, expensive prices, sometimes old food) on top of the long wait (which never fails) is losing the company money and customers, which keeps the store open.

The Dairy Queen in my small town has taken 20 minutes for the single car in front of me, given me the wrong food, and refused a $5 lunch box because I was there a little before 4, not after 4, before. This is within my last four visits there. This is not only bad customer service but when I am out wanting food I recommend every restaurant first. Love their food and prices, I do not enjoy their service.

Order a chicken bacon ranch sandwich on ciabatta bun crispy chicken not grilled; it was a to go order. When I returned home about 7 minutes away the bun was so hard you could not cut it with a knife. Called Dairy Queen manager, said that it was my fault because the sandwich is supposed to be eaten right away. She was very rude; what happened to be polite to your customers. If it wasn't for customers they would not have a job. Not a happy customer at all. Will probably not be back.

We stopped to eat at the Dairy Queen in Scipio, Utah. We arrived 10 min before closing. We ordered our food and sat down to eat. The employees were anxious to go home. The girl came out and told us that we should not have sat down, they were closing. She went back and got the manager. I had 5 bites of my hamburger left and he told us we had to get up and leave! Unbelievable! We scooped up what was left of our food and walked out.

I've worked in the food industry before and there is NO Way, my supervisor would have booted a customer out! He said things to us like "these girls have a 30 mile drive to get home". Never mind that we still had an hour and a half drive to get to OUR destination. He should have put the needs of his customer before those of his employees. The guy said other weird things to us too, it was a bizarre experience

Palatine IL had a "Fall Fun Fest Trick or Treat" event on 10/24/2015. The information I received stated "Open to the public, all ages, everything is free. Candy at all the stores and ice cream at Dairy Queen." When I went to get my free kid's cone from DQ, a hand-written sign said "free comes for kid's only." The owner of the franchise showed me a different flyer stating the event was for kids, and "Did I go trick-or-treating in my own neighborhood?" He went on to say as the owner he had the right to make up his own rules. (???)

I later went in to thank him for the free cone, and he stated he'd given out $1500 worth of product, where every other business was giving out penny candy. I suggested next year maybe he would like to try giving out candy instead of ice cream. I did the math, and (at retail prices,) he would have to have given out almost five free cones a minute for the entire four hours of the event to equal the supposed $1500 worth of product he gave away. I also wanted to show him the information, where I had seen "open to the public, all ages, everything is free." He showed me a different flyer, at which point I told him as an employee of the mall it behooved him to find out where the discrepancy originated. He corrected me and said "I am not an employee of the mall, I am a small business owner."

He went on to say he didn't have time to argue with me. I said I didn't think this was an argument, were not my first words to you thank you? He also pointed out that ALL the other adults who came into the store that day bought something. However, there were two adults behind me while I was having this conversation, I overheard them saying they had come for their free cone. I would recommend, based on this experience that no-one ever is a patron of the Dairy Queen in Palatine.

For an alternative, there is a Baskin Robbins on E. Dundee that's open 24 hours (and has better ice cream in my opinion). OK, so it's not in downtown Palatine, but I'll now do anything I can to boycott (and encourage others to boycott) the Dairy Queen in Palatine IL.

I went to the Curry Ford location in East Orlando. Problem one, the store clearly posts closing hours of 11 pm Monday-Thursday, and the manager closed the store at 10 pm, and the staff said this is common practice. Problem two, the store was closed an hour early and the staff started playing very offensive music while there were still customers in the dining room. The kind of very foul music that was offensive. Problem three, when I complained I was very upset because of the offensive music the very rude and nasty manager told me to lower my voice or leave. She was very nasty and not at all concerned about my complaint.

So I walk into the closest Dairy Queen which is Midlothian Dairy Queen. Well, as soon I walk in, I see the head boss and she gave me means looks and not only that, the people at front counter was jerking around, so that made me mad and I see that 2 girls in kitchen were working hard and the drive thru were doing. To me, that rude and I might not go back.

This is for the Dairy Queen in Red Oak, Texas. Over a 2 month period I have found that they rarely get things right. They constantly get the order wrong and charge incorrect prices and the quality of the food and ice cream has been absolutely horrible. Not only did they get today's order wrong but then they messed up the remake and got it wrong too. The place is just horrible. Stay Away!

I went to the Dairy Queen in Point Pleasant, N.J. I ordered a small Hot fudge sundae with whip cream and a cherry. Going through the drive through the attendant said it would be five dollars and change. When I reached the window I asked why the cost was so high. The worker apologized and said it was 75 cents extra for the whip cream and the cost of two cherries on the sundae would be 61 cents per cherry. Is this insanity, how can you charge 61 cents for a cherry? The price still was not right. In the future, I will go to Carvel they put whip cream on all the sundaes with no additional charge. Not only that, but when I got home and looked at the sundae it looked like they ran out of hot fudge, a slight drizzle of fudge over the ice cream. I would not consider that a sundae. I certainly did not get what I paid for.

Good Afternoon. I am writing to tell you about the poor service I received today. I went to Dairy Queen on Rufe Snow Dr. North Richland Hills TX. I was greeted by the girl in drive thru. I ordered a taco salad. She told me it would be 6.48. I handed her 21.48 expecting to get 15.00 in change (fives or a ten and a five) she hands me 15.00 in ones. Why would I give her a "$1" only to get 15 "$1's" back? I told her I didn't want all those ones. She call the manager and then she still handed me 2 fives and 5 ones. She then tells me to pull up and it'll be a few minutes on my salad. She parked me for 15 min and no one came. During this time an African American manager walks right in front of my car leaving for the day "I guess".

I park in a spot and go in then ask for my money back and then the manager comes over (some young guy). He apologized, now he's trying to figure out the refund. I tell him it was 6.48, some other girl said "where's her salad?" The salad was hanging in a bag on some bag hook so I guess they returned it to the cook after I said I want my money back. I finally get my refund, the guy apologized again and said "have a nice day". Really? Have a nice day. I grew up on Dairy Queen and have never had such poor customer service ever. I do a lot of reviews on yelp and other sites and believe me this experience will be documented. Maybe you need another system for parking people.

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