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I have never been so dissatisfied with inhuman customer service as I have with Wells Fargo. If you are looking for honesty, no hidden charges, genuine customer service and not robots repeating policy that they fail to explain upon you starting an account with them, then you are better off taking your money elsewhere. I have been with the bank for years until I began obtaining hidden fees subtracting my own funds from my account that have never been present in the years that I have spent with this bank, and that remain misunderstood without honest justification. Do NOT bank at Wells Fargo. I also read how they are being heavily fined for illegal late fees to student loan accounts. Once I smoothly transition to another bank, I will politely and happily close my Wells Fargo account down. When I think about my experience over the years, I recall multiple mishaps that are wrong to us consumers.

That includes my savings account switching to a checking account without my knowledge or authorization because I "transfer often" between my checking and savings. Once I was told overdraft fees are charged when Wells Fargo pays the transaction. Understood that! But then "insufficient funds" came up later meaning they charge you when you don't have the $ and when they won't cover the transaction! AND now a new one! They took funds out of one account to compensate another account without my accounts being linked called "offsetting" which I NEVER agreed to! Completely ridiculous and when some fees were reversed due to a bank error, I was told later it was bank courtesy that they can't keep doing. I want the bank to accept their mistakes and make good instead of wrongfully justifying all their hidden robbery charges! Never will I bank here again. Ever.

Wells Fargo has been my bank for years. I was getting direct deposit up until they took a "legal" fee without notifying me which resulted in having a negative account balance. I stopped my direct deposit because Wells Fargo took my money without my consent and didn't feel safe knowing Wells Fargo could remove money at any point without my consent. When I went to deposit they put a hold on my account for 3 weeks, saying I had been overdrawn recently (which was their fault). They could not provide me with a paper documentation to explain the legality of this and they could not give me an answer. When I asked who regulates them she didn't know. Customer service sucks. General practices sucks and I cannot wait until they release my funds so I can switch to a better bank.

I requested a copy of a check that I deposited in the bank. I am a 7 yr account holder. They kept giving me excuses why they could not give me a copy of the check. Lazy and only do what is required.

I've been a WELLS FARGO customer for almost 30 years and I am planning on changing banks. One month ago I requested CHECKS for my CHECKING and SAVINGS account. The girl on the telephone told me it would take two weeks and there is no charge. I received my Check for my CHECKING but not my SAVINGS.... I just figured there they would arrive eventually. After two more weeks I still did not receive my SAVINGS ACCOUNT checks. I called WELLS FARGO... finally getting someone to speak to after one half hour.

I explained the situation to the guy I was speaking to. He said he would confirm my address and check out why I received my CHECKING checks but not my SAVINGS checks. For some reason he started telling me that I was not going to receive my SAVINGS checks but just DEPOSIT SLIPS. I told him I had plenty and still wanted my SAVINGS ACCOUNT SLIPS! He didn't give me any explanation why I was not going to receive them but I just was not! I told him I was NOT HAPPY and wanted my CHECKS! He said I was not going to receive them.

I explained to him that I need to write checks from my SAVINGS sometime and he told me to just write checks from my CHECKING or transfer money out of my SAVINGS to my CHECKING... GRRR! WHY CAN I GET TO HAVE MY SAVINGS ACCOUNT CHECKS???!! and be DENIED?!! I have had enough of WELLS FARGO and plan on changing banks! ...also... the WELLS FARGO branch I go to DEPOSIT my checks into my account also needs improvement... When there are about four to six cars (customers) waiting there is only one teller... so that means I wait for about 10 to 15 minutes before I get waited on. I do not dare go on my lunch hour!

Stay away from this bank. They have no security. They added my accounts online to other peoples login. My accounts could have been transferred into their accounts and left me with no money. The bank does not care and turn around and blame the customer saying that we set up the accounts on that persons Login. The customer can not set a login on their own. The online department has to create the login with a temporary password and the profile set up under the customers social number with only accounts that they are a signer on and has their social number like other banks do.

Anyone that has accounts with this bank even credit cards close all out or else you will have your money stolen and Wells Fargo will deny doing anything wrong. I hope they go bankrupt. Also Megan the branch manager at the Thorndale, Pa branch is a terrible person to deal with and refuses to accept responsibility. I know of other people this bank has done the same thing to with adding their accounts to other peoples login. STAY AWAY FROM WELLS FARGO!

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Just to make this short and sweet, I only opened an account with Wells Fargo bank in Mason City Iowa, why I had a settlement check I needed to have access to some money. So close to Christmas, I bank with two very well known and competent banks. Due to no local office I was not able to deposit and get access before Christmas. Due to a few days before Christmas my credit union was closed. The amount was $30,000.00. The only place I could find that would promise to give me access to money if I opened an account. I had to have my divorce decree before I could open. During all this I kept asking now I will be able to use this money before Christmas by depositing money. I needed to have money available asap for Christmas.

I will brief this up. By the time I was done I had no clue what accounts the guy opening my accounts up were. I only asked to have account opened that I needed to get access to some money as promised. This is only reason I even went to Wells Fargo. Okay the check had already been cleared and mailed from our attorney's law firm. Not once, never did anyone there tell me there would first be a 14 day hold. In other words I could not even touch this money until Jan 7. This is two days before Christmas. I asked every 5 minutes, opening, signing check, depositing money, who knows where. I was then told I could have $50.00 dollars max. I told them forget it. I want my check back. The only reason I was there they all knew was promised money that day. Not till after Jan 7.

Ok after I finally called everywhere and got no information that required me to wait 14 days to get money. Ok when I decided I wanted to take all money out to transfer to my own banks after this joke, get this I got a certified check to pay my insurance for $2,000.00 cash of $200.00 fees paid for money certified check and transfers paid. I had money all in my account $30,000.00. 2 days later I get a charge claiming overdraft overdrawn charging me $50,00 for claiming what a overdraft charge on account when I had almost $30,000.00 the day the bank clerk did all the money stuff still had thousands in there.

I have to say after all the begging praying to help me figure out how to remove charge on credit report as overdraft on account that had money in it never overdrawn, anyway in the end I had $150.00 in savings. Well guess what happened to my money I had three months later. I see that money was kept to pay claimed overdraft of $50.00. Kept $100.00 extra. I thought that was the end of it. Last I will state to this date no one has ever removed the overdraft charge still reported as not paid. How the... not one person at the bank would help due to I removed after all this every penny from the bank. Top this one!!!

This is by far the worst bank I ever been with. There is always something is always wrong. They constantly let people take money out my bank account. I hate this bank with a passion. Every time I turn around money is taking out. I approve this message.

Reached out to Wells Fargo to refinance our mortgage with an additional $10,000 for medical use. Had to give them $495.00 for Appraisal. At the time of first call I let them know it was an old farm house needing work as well as other buildings on property. After 2 months of very personal information being submitted to them, and an assurance that if the appraisal came back high enough the loan would be approved amount asking to finance was $56,000 amount of appraisal $228,000 but because barn is old and not in use demanded it to be torn down and siding on farm house. Also mobile home sits on property and they were informed of it from day one, but wells fargo says it also has to be removed.

I understand they need to cover themselves of any accidents but if we had the money to do all the above we wouldn't need the loan. We had homeowners insurance to cover losses to them so they in no means would have lost out. So people if your home is not new forget any help from Wells Fargo!!!

I was a customer as a teenager and now as a young adult and I do not have enough space to describe how much has gone on. Not only are the policies of this bank absolutely ridiculous, there are always issues. From my debit card not working, to hold that I did not authorize... DO NOT WASTE YOUR PEACE ON THIS BANK. I do not understand how WE the consumer let them hold our money and then get ** refused by them. I will never, ever again use them.

My insurance company mailed me a check. Someone got a hold of that check, endorsed their name on it and deposited it at a Wells Fargo Bank. The endorsed name in NO WAY matched my name on the front of the check. I don't even have an account at Wells Fargo. Some fool at Wells Fargo accepted the check and sent it on to the insurance company's bank for processing. Do you think anyone at Wells Fargo will help me? I have filed a police report and I will not hesitate to sign a complaint. The customer service/fraud department at Wells Fargo is unhelpful and incompetent.

On September 15, 2015 I was told by Daniel **, a mortgage consultant with Wells Fargo, that I qualified for a 5/1 ARM mortgage with a rate of 3.375%. I had signed a purchase agreement to purchase a property and had a closing date of September 29, 2015. On September 21, 2015 I was told that I didn't qualify for the 5/1 ARM and the mortgage was changed to a 4.750% 30 year fixed. I was forced to accept this loan due to the rapidly approaching closing date which didn't allow me enough time to apply with another lender.

Wells Fargo subsequently send me a letter asking for feedback on the loan process. In addition to my main concern regarding the bait and switch on the terms, there were a number of fairly minor but annoying communication problems with Daniel **. Wells Fargo investigated and declined to change the account to the ARM I was offered. They did however in a letter dated February 3, 2016 and signed by Chase ** send me a check for $500 "due to the incorrect documentation you received when the application started." They took the issue seriously enough that "we contacted the managers of the areas involved to that they can review the situation and take appropriate action."

I inquired again about the issue and received a letter dated April 1, 2016 and signed by Tyler ** in which he writes "We truly regret the miscommunication that took place origination of your loan and the appropriate management staff has been notified of your concerns." I filed a complaint with the Minnesota Attorney General's office and received a letter in response from Wells Fargo dated July 13, 2016 and signed by Tyler ** in which he writes "Our research indicates your mortgage consultant wasn't aware that you wouldn't have been eligible for the ARM loan at the 3.375% during the application process." The "incorrect documentation", "miscommunication", and the fact that their employee, "your mortgage consultant wasn't aware" or in my words didn't know his job is all on Wells Fargo.

I opened a checking account with Wells Fargo several years ago, and my experience with them has been overwhelmed with hidden fees and inconveniences. For example, when you use a debit card at a non-Wells Fargo ATM, you have the non-Wells Fargo bank's fee as well as Wells Fargo's fee for using another bank's ATM. To withdraw twenty dollars, you are charged five dollars between Wells Fargo's $2.50 ATM fee in addition to the ATM's fee being $2.50; that is twenty five percent of the withdrawal I want to make. There is a fee to just check your account balance on another bank's ATM.

To reduce having to pay these frequent fees from all over, I linked an external account from a bank that has none of these types of fees to my Wells Fargo account. To transfer from my WF account to this other account, it charges three dollars. I'm a student putting myself through college, and I could have paid for a years' worth of groceries in the amount of money I've paid Wells Fargo.

I have had a problem with accessing my account online for over 4 weeks since returning from an overseas trip. Apparently a payment online was entered incorrectly and all my online access was suspended. Then trying to call Wells Fargo resulted in over 10 calls to customer service where I was cut off as a person answered after holding. Once getting an agent online I had to be escalated to another department and got no return information so after waiting a week, tried to call again with same run around. No acknowledgement of any previous contacts and an agent who escalated to rude and unhelpful from just slow and unhelpful. I am considering changing banks.

Problem with their change of merging access to trust accounts and checking accounts for sign in purposes of viewing accounts online results in major road blocks. Until recently each account required different usernames and different passwords. When attempting to rectify the new one sign in, they were able to determine that their computer system showed that I had never been given computer access authority to my trust account (which I had had for years). Now I have to wait at least 3 working days for my personal trust manager to grant me access. That is not really a problem since it is read only access.

But now I can't access my checking account either as I learned when attempting to check the balance (I do not use bill pay with WF). Thank god I use a check register and track my balance and deposits and checks. Total lack of control by Wells Fargo as they have had almost a month to merge the accounts but did not do so resulting lockout after you call their number. Nothing wrong with the assistance I got on the phone but it is evident that the failure is with trust management not their computer system.

We have been banking with WF for 20+ years. We have been excellent customers with excellent records and been their PMA account ever since. We have a safe deposit box for over 10+ years. As part of the PMA account, we have been given the box in our branch for free. So we never pay a dime for the box since we opened it.

We live in the neighborhood of that branch, and we usually go to the branch at least once or twice a week, The last time I accessed my box was in June 2015. Last week we were trying to pick up few items from the box to our shocking, the key doesn't open! After the branch check through the paperwork of that box, to our amazement it has already belonged to someone else and we were being told that our box has been drilled open and the contents have been shipped to their depository dept in San Francisco due to nonpayment of safe deposit box fees!

We have never been informed about the problems, no letter, no phone calls and no one mentioned about the situation of the box regardless of my regular visits to the banks and ongoing discussion about our mortgages and line of credits for our bankings and mortgages! While we also in regular basis got a lot of marketing calls from the bank regarding their offer of products, no one bother to give us a call that our box is delinquent or about to be drilled or has been drilled open.

But good news is once the branch discovered of what really happened that this was the mistake from the bank, they were very apologetic and ashamed with what happened, they resolved the problem and got a hold of the situation pretty quick and has the contents FedEx back within 2 days and yesterday we went to the branch to pick up our contents but still we were deeply saddened when seeing our very valuable stuff, mostly our jewelries that we have been cherished whole life, had been all taken out from each individual cases and boxes to be crammed together inside plastic zip locks as if they are kids' Lego.

We know people makes mistakes but from a reputable and big name financial institution where the customers should trust such as Wells Fargo Bank, we expect a strict hold of following the process and procedures that should have avoided this mistake at the first place. If we didn't try to access our box we would never know that our belongings which we assumed were safe and sound inside the safe deposit box inside one of the most reputable bank are no longer there...

Using Wells Fargo Rewards is the worst process of all my interactions with this company. My rewards order had been labeled with the wrong address 2 time now. This causes me to HAVE to call the 877 number because emails replies are limited at best. I live in an apartment with a P.O. Box, and because the online address form has limited characters, it always incorrectly inputs the information. This could be corrected if the phone reps would take verbal address correction, but it fails, so far, every time I call.

Honestly, this is probably not their fault, they have likely been trained to use whatever the screen shows ( i.e. an address) and are only paid minimum wage. Please do not use Wells Fargo for anything. Simply use an Web engine search to take a look at the cases against this company, which they often settle for pennies on the dollar. They are now affiliated with USAA, a company I now refuse to do any banking with because of this relationship with Wells Fargo. Web search the Federal Reserve, and take a look at the big four and the many cases of how these banks scam people out of money. I reiterate, do not use Wells Fargo.

After 2 gruelling years I was able to sell my home and get the checks on Wed (that was a comedy of errors). That Wed I went to the local Wells Fargo, located in Allendale NJ. What happened from Wed to Saturday just blew my mind out. Since having no job since 2012 money toward the actual closing was insanely tight. When I spoke to the person who sets up the account she told me that I would have funds to start with ($200). Well when I got to the hotel I found out that the temporary ATM card did not have any funds on it all. The hotel I am staying at the branch manager wanted his money and in he was right on that. Lucky for me I had about a $100 bucks left from loan from my realtor.

By Thursday I had access to my account. By Saturday the 23rd I contacted Wells Fargo since I gotten an email that they sent a atm card to my old address - problem naturally being I don't live there anymore. For some screwball reason by Saturday afternoon the ATM card and the temporary one at that was deactivated. To my shock I was hoping to take care a few things before I leave Jersey for good next week since my money had actually become a major problem and since my brother was no help during this process (sold my folks home - that's why the no help). By this time what I had left was running out and starting june ended up skipping two major bills due to finance issues. The person who sets up accounts at the branch assured me that at least $200 would be ready for Wed. Since I also had to handle other costs to get my home sold.

After telling Wells Fargo they sent the card to my old address oddly enough the card was treated like it was stolen, instead of paying the outstanding bills. I had to put this off due to no money. And also need the money for personal medication as well. After enough yelling at the supervisor the card was turned back on but in some cases the damage was done. I was hoping to leave town Tuesday and drive directly to ohio. That got ruled out since no money - I had to put things off again. I had contacted corporate directly to get my email off their mailing list for surveys and after 3 days the bigger problems started. While the 6 figures I have left of the sale was nice but not able to get access to it that some may has well been a million or a billion but not be able to get it that's a joke. Yes somebody over there got the card working again.

Since their screw up I now have to spend another $102 dollars for hotel and as mentioned couldn't get my meds. Not until Monday. When the card was turned off nobody from the bank even asked me about turning it off but did try to get me with a new idea. My guess - some type of CD. Out of all the retarded things to happen, this had to happen so when I asked the "banker" why I am doing business here she got very quiet. From what I read if anybody does business with this Bank be warned. I am lucky after getting a new car I didn't have any real problems when I was on my way. I did try to get my email off their survey list but that would cut off my view of my accounts online. When I settle into an apartment was going to switch to paper statements. Not being able to see the balance of my accounts is just inviting a possible problem.

Opened a personal checking and savings account at Wells Fargo in 2012. Started a business a few months ago and opened a WF business checking and savings account in April. Also have WF handle our payroll and bought our point of sales system from WF. We've been depositing money steadily into our account since our business opened in late May. Because my husband's name is on the federal ID number, WF sent us a letter in May saying I couldn't be listed as a business owner (even though both of our names are on the lease). We resubmitted the required paperwork so it shows him as sole proprietor and were told everything was in order.

Had to close the two business accounts in early July because someone was writing phony checks on our account. Apparently the person who opened the account failed to use the revised paperwork, so I was again listed as a business owner. And then Wells Fargo closes our business accounts - out of the blue, no notice, even though the error was on the part of THEIR employee. And the money in our account -- sent back to us by SNAIL MAIL, and we were told it should get to us in 7-10 business days. They did this with no notice, knowing we had written checks on our account and even though we were damned good customers.

Customer service people told me we'd received three letters - a lie. They told me we hadn't submitted the proper paperwork - a lie (I have proof in e-mails with WF personnel verifying that they had everything they needed). I despise this bank and wish we could get out from under them. We unfortunately had little choice but to immediately open a new checking account with them because of our business situation, but once things smooth out, we will look to take our business elsewhere. And our lawyer will be looking into this matter, as we are surely going to end up with some bounced checks and a damaged reputation -- all because Wells Fargo hires incompetent employees. A warning to anyone considering a Wells Fargo account: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

Our business set up checking and savings accounts with Wells Fargo a couple of years ago. We thought that was a good idea as our employees travel the US extensively and would have easy access to banking. It took a couple of days to get the accounts set up with all the paperwork required, which has not been our experience in setting up business accounts with other banks. It wasn't long before we realized how difficult it is to deal with WF customer service, actually I would say they do not have customer service. They are not solution oriented - but spew policy which changes and adds fees to your accounts. I moved our checking and savings to another bank who welcomed our business, we were set up quickly and easily. I kept the WF business credit card but will now cancel that after this last incident.

We had a balance of $3800 on the WF card. I pay the card one to two times a month to keep the card at zero and to make sure we have the spending power for our employees when they are out in the field. I paid the balance on July 11 (due July 26) online with our business account at another bank. The payment cleared our bank on July 13. I keep a close eye on the credit card and check charges almost daily. As of yesterday - July 22 - our balance is still zero but WF has not added the $3800 back into our credit limit. I've called three time and were told I needed to FAX them our WF account number, date of the payment, amount of the payment, account number and routing number of the bank I paid from AND our bank balance after the payment! Or - I can wait until July 29 and the $3800 will be added back into our credit limit.

They will not resolve this over the phone, although they admit that we have been excellent customers, pay our credit card promptly and have used the same bank account to pay on this card for months now. We have never had a charge back. We process a lot of revenue for WF through credit card purchases - no more - someone else will get our business. We do not recommend Wells Fargo and will tell everyone who asks where we bank to not bank with Well Fargo. I seriously do not understand how this bank has existed with the crummy service and their difficult policies to navigate.

I informed Wells Fargo that a jewelry company I had written to canceling all future business with said jewelry company, continued to bill me over 100 dollars for said jewelry and after I disputed that charge and requested they not accept further charges, I received another charge over 100 dollars the very next month which Wells Fargo refused to deny payment on. I of course canceled my account with these thieves and upon further review they were accepting charges from other merchants that were unauthorized. Wells Fargo ARE LIARS AND CHEATS AND A highly UNETHICAL BANK!!!

I've been using Wells Fargo for the last handful of years. I've never had much of an issue with them before. Minor annoyances such as the required minimum balance/having to use your card at least 10 times (monthly) so that you don't have $10.00 of YOUR OWN MONEY taken out of your account. I logged into my Wells Fargo account online and I saw that I a negative balance. I had no idea why that was happening, and after looking at my transactions, I saw that money was taken out of my account that shouldn't have been.

I immediately called and the lady I spoke with reversed the charges. I told her I wanted my account closed and she hassled me for a while about keeping it open, but I said no. She said that I would be receiving something in the mail within a few weeks to clarify my account was closed. A few weeks went by and I realized I never received anything in the mail. I decided to log into my account and I saw that I had yet another overdraft fee because my account was STILL OPEN. This was at least 3 WEEKS after I had personally spoken with someone who told me my account was closed.

After a week of emails, phone calls, and pure incompetence on their part, my account has finally been closed and I will get a cashier's check with the remaining funds they reversed into my account. I have never in my life dealt with pure dishonesty, stupidity and downright theft with any bank before. I was told THREE TIMES by THREE DIFFERENT PEOPLE that my account was CLOSED. They never closed it until I called again and again. It's absolutely disgusting the way this bank preys on people and I will let everyone I know to never do business with this pathetic excuse of a corporation.

I am currently using a credit union which is far superior to a big chain bank such as Wells Fargo. If you must use a bank like that, head over to TCF. They do not require a $500.00 minimum balance and they don't require you to use your debit card at least 10 times a month. If you fail to commit to one or both of those, a $10.00 monthly fee will be taken out of your account.

Wells Fargo is horrible. They steal your money and they have poor customer service. I was going through a hard time and overdrafted my account. I informed Wells Fargo of this and asked them if they would take the NSF's off so that I could straighten the account out. They told me that the computer was not recommending this. What? The computer. I asked to speak to the manager and the manager acted all concerned, put me on hold and said "No, we can't." I told him I was wanting to settle the account but they would not budge. I was told by the overdraft department that they could offer me a settlement but only after they closed the account. I have never seen such a horrible bank in my life. I have to mention that the account was supposed to be closed but lo and behold it was not and they allowed an auto draft to come through twice in order to charge 35.00 each. I had already accumulated over 10 NSF's. This can't be legal.

I deposited a $25000 check into my checking account on 7/12/16. I was told by Wells Fargo that the funds would be available the next day. Considering the amount of the check, I felt that there would be a holding period on the check. After over 24 hours, I went to my local branch to confirm if the funds were available. I was told that there was no hold on the check, and all funds were available for immediate withdrawal. I then commenced to pay out over $13000 in bills. 39 hours later, I received an email from Wells Fargo stating that a hold had been placed on the check and the funds would be available on 7/21/16. I contacted Wells Fargo to explain that I had been advised by their employees that the funds were available before making any payments. Their response was "I'm sorry, the funds will be available on the 21st."

I went to my local branch and explained what was going on. One of the managers told me that I was being treated unfairly and she would get this resolved immediately. After waiting in the branch for 2 hours, we found ourselves in an office with 2 bank managers who were explaining to me, that even though the company that cut the check had paid the funds to Wells Fargo on 7/13/16, the money was in 'limbo' and would not be available until the 21st. However, they assured me that all charges that came through would be paid and no overdraft fees would be charged.

Less than 24 hours later, every charge I had made was refused and two checks were returned NSF. Also I have been charged $175 in overdraft fees. It seems that I was being told this just so I would leave and they wouldn't have to deal with this epic screw up that they caused. I have sent multiple emails, talked to several people, and all anyone can say is "I'm sorry." No one is willing to take action to correct this issue. I guess Wells Fargo saw an opportunity to collect some additional interest and to gain some money from overdraft fees. I would advise anyone who is considering to use Wells Fargo to seriously reconsider.

Hello all, I have been banking with Wells Fargo for about 10 years. Recently, I started keeping some money in my savings account (I never did that before but proceeded to pay the $5.00 a month for that account). I have a non-branch credit union account where I keep a majority of my savings. Anyway, since I started keeping "savings" in my savings account, I have been hit with two overdraft fees each totaling about 35 dollars each, one for $10 overdraft and another for a little under 3 dollars. Their so-called overdraft protection is simply moving my "savings" to my checking account to cover "shorts" and then charging me $35 more dollars on top of that.

So I learned something, don't keep anything in your savings, at least you have to "protection" of making good on your account through deposits. Go with a different bank for savings, I have decided to use Wells Fargo like I have previously used them. If I had another option, I would bank elsewhere, meaning a larger nationwide branch, but for now, this is all I have.

I have tried to call my local branch on over 5 occasions over the past few months; several times for 30+ minutes and NO ONE EVER ANSWERS THE PHONE! To add to my cheer; I activated my card according to their instructions and once confirmed it was activated, went to make a purchase and got denied. I had to go home; call them and they "put a stop on it" for no reason. They are the worst. I am closing my account today.

I paid to have a check delivered FedEx overnighted to me from my brokerage account. I deposited the check in a Wells Fargo ATM and the funds were placed on hold for 5 business days. When I went to the bank to find out why and explained the situation I got a lot of shrugging of the shoulders and no help. This is not the first time I have been blindsided by Wells Fargo's lack of communication and "sorry there's nothing we can do" excuse. If you want to be disappointed and don't mind customer service that rivals Comcast for worst customer service then Wells Fargo is the Bank for You.

I have been banking with Wells Fargo bank for years, and for some reason they have become a horrible bank as the years went on. I have had them allow a transaction go through based off a bank card that was cancelled because it was lost. Keep in mind that same card and card number was changed out twice over before they let that transaction go through. Then on June 30th I was given a counterfeit $20 bill from one of their branches. I was then told they could not give me my $20 back. The last straw was the fact I signed up for in account I was told would have overdraft protection, but when a check went through the money in my second account was not used to cover the rest instead they charged me an overdraft fee of 35 dollars, for $3 dollars that was moved to my second account. I was also told they could do nothing about it. I would advise anyone banking with them to get out as soon as they can.

My mother has an account with Wells Fargo and she passed away on 6/22/2016. My father and I went to the Vero Beach branch the day we received the death certificates on 7/5/2016. My father's social security check got deposited into her account because she took care of the household finances. The deposit is tagged with his social security number so the bank knows it is his monthly check. They are refusing to release his funds because he is not a signer on the account. They are literally forcing him to pay for probate to get his money. My mother and father lived month to month on their social security check. They have nothing of value. The account might have $150 in it on top of his check amount. He was not asking for any other money from the account. Simply the amount that the bank has proof is his monthly money. This money is the only source of income for him.

I called and spoke to Michael in the executive office and he told me that probate was the easiest road to claim my father's social security check. I asked for a list of other options and he told me he could not give that to me that I had to go back to the branch. He also told me that if my father does not proceed with probate the funds would be sent to the unclaimed property fund of the state. This is absolutely the worst case of cruel heartless business practice I have ever seen. They are holding his money hostage.

They overdraft me 400 dollars without a single phone call or warning. I didn't even know until they called after I built up a large sum of money. I could have easily paid it off before it got out of hand. They are thieves and continue to charge 35 dollars for even charges that are a dollar. How is that fair. No warning. Nothing. They said they are willing to drop a single 35 dollar charge. Like that helps. Worst service I've ever had. I plan to leave them as soon as possible.

I had a situation with a fraudulent transaction. I called into their customer service call center because the bank branch hadn't handled the claim like they said they would. The woman I spoke to assured me that if I canceled my card and was issued a new one that it would prevent the transaction from "going through" even though THE TRANSACTION HAD ALREADY BEEN AUTHORIZED. Turns out that was plainly FALSE. And the authorization for the transaction which she said she could see happened days before didn't even reflect the full amount!

The rental car company which decided to upcharge me fraudulently authorized the transaction after I canceled the card (at the Wells Fargo bankers suggestion) and so my card was canceled the next day but the charge still went through despite the fact that I went to the trouble of canceling the card because it was authorized to do so.Twice! And Wells Fargo won't submit a fraud claim because I had agreed to the original charges (never mind the upcharges that were added later). My main problem with Wells Fargo is this: you have to get a 2nd opinion. Call them once and ask one banker and get story #1. Call Wells Fargo twice and get story #2. They like to change their stories to tell the customer what the customer wants to hear: NOT WHAT WILL ACTUALLY TRANSPIRE. And being with this bank for over 13 years means nothing.

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Wells Fargo was founded in 1852 in New York City. The bank is known for its financial services throughout the western part of the country during the gold rush. Today, Wells Fargo serves both U.S. and international customers at physical locations and online.

  • Divisions: Wells Fargo operates through three branches—personal, small business and commercial.
  • Personal banking services: The company offers banking, loans, credit, insurance, investing, retirement and wealth management products.
  • Online banking: The electronic banking services include online banking, bill pay, statements, fund transfers and mobile banking.
  • Fraud protection: Wells Fargo's Fraud Information Center is committed to protecting their customers, offers an online security guarantee and account alerts. Additionally, Wells Fargo teaches customers how to report and protect themselves from fraud and identity theft.
  • Wealth management services: The company’s money management services include wealth planning, private banking, investment management, specialized wealth services and trust services.
  • Financial education: Wells Fargo has a robust educational portal with information about basic finance, credit, home ownership, investing, retirement and insurance.
  • Rewards: Consumers with a Wells Fargo’s “Go Far Rewards” card accrue travel, gift cards, downloads, merchandise and other benefits.
  • Best for Wells Fargo offers suitable banking products for all consumers.

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