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I made a complaint of a fraudulent charge on my credit/debit card (I should also mention I never wanted the card and it was sent to me after I told them I did not want it). I went into my account to see if it had been removed and it had not. I opened up the dispute file and it showed that it was under investigation because I "did not remember transaction." I DID NOT REMEMBER THE TRANSACTION BECAUSE IT WAS NOT MINE!!!

My name is Rona **. My son had a credit card with Wells Fargo and about $6000 in debt. He lost his job, his wife filed for a divorce and my son was unable to make the payments on his card in time. In 4 months, the debt has grown to about $8000! Late fees + increased interest rate. In order to stop the debt from growing like a snowball, I am trying to help him out, but my help to pay his payments was denied by the bank, telling me that only my son can pay the debt, not me. Whenever my son called the bank the interrogation is going for hours with no result. Why if I am willing to help my son to pay his debts I was denied??? Why mother cannot help the son???

I went to a Wells Fargo in East Wenatchee Washington 5 years ago wanting to open a retirement account. The branch manager at the time helped me. He was young and cocky. I told him I wanted an account that I could transfer money in to on a regular basis and I had $250 to start with. We spoke for a while as he said he search through different options and said he found one that would work and give me a better interest rate. I deposited the money, signed all the paperwork and left. I showed up a week later and had more money to deposit and I was told I couldn't. I spoke with another young guy there that was really nice but said his hands were tied.

The type of account opened was a CD and not an IRA or savings account like I asked for. I asked for the branch manager and he was not available for some reason. I asked for them to fix it and change the account type. Close this one and open a new one. They said they couldn't because it was a CD. They refused to help at all at that point. I called Wells Fargo multiple times telling them about the mistake and all refused to help. This was less than 2 weeks after the account was open. So I ended up waiting 5 years to get the money out. The account matured this week. In that 5 years I made a total of $11.62 in interest. I went in and closed the account and transferred into my savings.

The branch manager now tells me that I will be penalized for taking the money out because of my age. I will be taxed 10% by the IRS on the now $261.62 which means I will end up with less the the original $250 that I put in and taxed twice because that money came out of my paycheck and was already taxed in the first place. This would have never happened if they would have opened the right account in the first place. Thanks Wells Fargo! When your employees screw up you should fix it. Especially since it was found out so early. I still have an account with them but only because I travel a lot and live in a very small town that doesn't have a whole lot of options.

I went into the Bakersfield California Ave branch being that my checks I bought from their branch for $1.00 a piece (I'm waiting for my mail order checks to arrive) could not be read by many machines and declined. I asked for replacements and gave them the bad ones. Manager, Crystal ** happened to be helping the clerk with the transaction and told her to recharge me. She said it was not their fault. The checks were bad. Finally she gave me the replacements and laughed as I went out the door. I could not believe my eyes. How could you treat a customer that way? Not only was she rude the greeter was smirking as I went out the door as well. Also, I did not create any type of scene that would have them acting in such a way. I'm ready to find another bank.

I have been with them when they where Wachovia. It's been almost 30 years. But customer service is terrible!! Plus I have many accounts with them!!! But It seems that my account totals incorrect and wrong! It may be linked to the recent problems with that happened with the Wells Fargo LLC.

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In 2008, I opened a basic checking account at Wells Fargo. As a newly single mother I simply needed a bank account in my own name. There were no fees or charges attached to this account. I never used it, not once. Fast forward five years when I'm trying to buy a house and my credit report shows over $900 in fees from Wells Fargo. I disputed this numerous times yet Wells Fargo insisted I opened an account with direct deposit, even though I wasn't working at the time, meaning they signed me up for an additional account with fees. Again fast forward to 2012 when my husband tried to add me to his checking account at Chase.

They turned me down, essentially refusing me access to my own money because of the debt I owed Wells Fargo. It is now 2016. I still am unable to get a checking account and have to sign my checks over to my husband. I was never contacted regarding the class action lawsuit for this very matter. I'm furious. I'm a 35 year old working woman and I can't get a damn checking account, and have a huge blemish on my credit report, now showing nearly $2000 in fees. Fees for what?! I never used the basic checking, nor did I sign up for anything else. I'm furious. They are crooks and shouldn't be in business.

I joined Peoples Bank as a child with my first account. They were bought by Norwest and then Wells Fargo. After 30 yrs of business I was forced to close my account because unauthorized charges began appearing for different amounts every month. Because of the different amounts they could not stop the withdrawals. I had to close an account with 30 yrs of benefits. I was a college student and hundreds of dollars were stolen and the bank managers could do nothing but offer to close my account. So I did, and left the bank to open an account elsewhere. I have never had another problem with my account!

An individual posted a fraudulent rental ad on Craigslist that I inquired about. I signed a lease with that person and he asked me to deposit money into his Wells Fargo account. Regrettably, I proceeded to do so and deposited a large sum of money into the account. Nonetheless, this person had a Wells Fargo account under his fake name (Ivan **), with a real account number. Because I made a cash deposit into the account, Wells Fargo told me they had no recourse and to go to the police. The police couldn't help because the money was transferred to an overseas account that they could not pursue due to jurisdiction limitations.

Still, Wells Fargo took no recourse or action in terms of freezing the assets on the account in order to protect my money. They also did not put any alerts on the account because I was a consumer and not a law enforcement authority. Furious, I went back and forth between the police and Wells Fargo, and nobody could help me recover the money. I wanted to post this review to call attention to the fact that people are able to open fraudulent/criminal accounts with Wells Fargo, and Wells Fargo refuses to take action when alerted of such frauds.

Had 2 different bank loan officers at Wells Fargo. 1st one made sexual comments and I changed to a 2nd loan officer who obviously did not know what he was doing. One example, was that he documented that the owner was contributing over $4,000 to closing costs. When I asked him to confirm it because I was unfamiliar with the paperwork and it wasn't on the escrow paperwork, he ignored me. Found out from the escrow company, he had contacted them and they told him it was his mistake. Of course, he never got back to me about it. Wrote to: BoardCommunicationwellsfargo.com and was told that Marissa ** was assigned to research my concerns. But then I received an email from a person at the Board of Directors with ONLY HIS FIRST NAME listed, NO last name, NO title and NO phone# asking me a question about it. I thought it was very unprofessional and asked ** who it was.

After many extensions for ** research that led into months, her response completely left OUT anything at all on the sexual comments, although I sent emails from the loan officer who made them as proof. The person w/o the last name/title/phone# listed who emailed me from the Board of Directors at Wells Fargo was NOT addressed by **. So why did she state that she had to extend her research another month for it and then NOT even address it? The incompetent (in my opinion) loan officer's errors were considered "confusion", and "some information not completely accurate". If you've watched the news lately, Wells Fargo is being investigated for opening up 1.5 million deposit accounts and 565,000 credit cards w/o customer knowledge. Beware of Wells Fargo. They seem to care more for profits than the customers.

Used to be customer for over 10 years & wanted to share my experience with Wells Fargo to prevent customer deception. Systematically the bank took out money from my account for ~3 years. Deceived to open extra accounts for my son college saving & the money was almost depleted. My attempt/effort to get respond from mgmt failed. Consumers be aware. The greeting I got at the door was to lure me into hidden cost.

This is the worst bank. They charge you for everything. They don't deserve a star. I will just close my account with them. I regret opening this account and I will not advise anyone to use this bank. Don't even try banking with them. I just pray Wells Fargo closes down because of their fraudulent activities.

I made a pension system check deposit on 9/6/16 and my receipt confirmed the deposit was accepted on that date. I submitted 2 bill payments payable on 9/8/16 via internet. Those payments were submitted to Wells Fargo on 9/8/16 and payment on them was declined. I went into a WF branch to find out why and was told that a hold had been placed on the check that I deposited and that WF needed to "verify the funds" before the deposit I made would be available. The banker that handled my issue made several calls and ultimately told me they would attempt to verify the funds so that the deposit could be released. I went home and checked my account about and hour later and the deposit had been released, making the funds available. The next day I checked my account and found that in addition to the 2 payments having been declined, I was charged a $35 overdraft fee for each of the 2 returned payments.

Needless to say I am appalled by this action especially considering that every debit that I make is deducted immediately from my account. Why can't this same electronic miracle occur with deposits from widely recognized pension systems as well? By the way, I have deposited 4 other checks from this same institution into my WF account within the past 2 years.

I took them to court small claims when people said you can never beat them and very good employees were fired for no reason and charging me and closing my accounts. Still charging me. I like my money back or lawyer to talk to that wants to try again and they tried to charge me for all my paperwork that I could longer get which would been over $1000 then after they found out about court they sent the papers for free. This bank should be closed and more fines. Please get me contact with some lawyer now that in trouble.

I just had the most degrading experience with a customer service representative. The representative found it comical during the process of trying to "verify who I was" (which happens every time I call by the way), that I couldn't remember the last four digits of old telephone numbers since I have had my current phone number for the last 13 years. Although I was repeatedly requesting to speak to a manager about his belittling tone and behavior, he repeatedly kept coming back on the line to patronize me in the process. The more that I said that I no longer wanted to deal with him, the more he began to laugh. Unfortunately, I had no choice but to deal with him because I was trying to pay the bill. When I finally did get a manager, he transferred me to a department which could not handle my account, and I had to start the process all over again. As soon as I pay my credit card, I will never deal with Wells Fargo again.

I change bank accounts about a year ago. They opened a new account. I left my credit cards into the old account. They left all my payments in that old account. I didn't transfer them to the new account. They were charging me 20 to $40 a month for overdraft fees. This went on for about six months before I caught it. I want to talk to him. This is all "yeah it's all corrected." Went on for another 4 months. I went in again. I said it was all fixed. I got pissed and went in again. I finally got corrected.

I lost about $1,200 to the Wells Fargo's manager in the bank for screwing up my account on overdraft fees which I had plenty of money to cover everything. I talked to him about it the guard me. They never got back to me or just a bunch of ** so now they found out they'd been frightened people. I want my money back too so I'm going after him. Now I want my interest too. You have a nice day. I wouldn't Bank on this bank ever again. No worries. I'm there as for a house payment.

I had called first to make sure Wells Fargo was honoring the $100 back coupon for new checking customers (good until 9-2-2016) on their website. Misty ** assured me "yes", they were accepting that coupon until 9-2-2016 and just to bring in the coupon when I set up my account. I did and stated I did not have any desire to open an account unless she honored my coupon. She said that the coupon had already been entered and started running all of my paperwork, ID card, Driver's Licence, SS Card, etc... Then she said she opened a credit card in my name as well. After about an hour of this sham, she stated that my coupon was not honored at that bank... WHAT??! After she now had ALL OF MY VERY PERSONAL INFORMATION!!? What a SHAM! Wells Fargo is a VERY SHADY COMPANY. Do not waste your time here.

Twice when I was dealing with WF I had over $7500.00 stolen from my account. I believe that it was someone who was working there. What they did to me was use a forged check, that would have that check number coming up soon, take a picture of it and withdrawal the cash. Some of the checks didn't even have a signature or who it was made out to. The one time I had a freeze put on my account for over 6 months. I removed it to write 3 checks to close the account. Two of my checks went through, once again I was hacked and they used fake checks, close to the same number that I was on, took a picture of it and withdrew a total of over $4800.00. Nobody but someone inside the bank would know what check number was coming up. The bank agreed with me at the store, but I'm sure that the fraud department wouldn't. I'm just so glad I got my $ out of there. It couldn't happen soon enough.

I opened my account with Wells Fargo in May of this year 2016. I took a large amount of money home with me for repairs and such on my house. The teller had the nerve to ask me if I was sending the money to Nigeria. I told her no I wasn't. Two days later Social Services and the police came to my door and wanted to know who I was sending money to in Nigeria. I told them no one. The social worker and the police officer insisted that I block one of my friends on facebook and the phone. They stayed until I did it in front of them.

Everything seemed to be going okay until this week when the bank called social services again because I was taking large sums of money out of the account. These were for repairs and I noted that on the memo line on the check. The Social Services called me and questioned me as to why I am taking such large amounts of money out of my account. Was I sending it to Nigeria? I explained to them it was for repairs. Then I had to tell her every repair I had done. But I don't think it is over yet. I called the branch and they said they didn't do it but somebody did. I took out as much as I could without jeopardizing bills that are paid. I am looking for another bank right now. I always thought Wells Fargo was a great bank, but I found out the hard way. They stink.

Customer service is terrible. Mailing your payments 5 days early is not enough. The mail room must not log them timely and then they charge you 37.00. Call to have corrected and they report they already did that in May. The answer is yes you did because you DO NOT enter data timely. I will never bank with Wells Fargo again.

Go to Webster Bank. Awesome customer service and never have I had a problem with any payments sent to them in the same time frame as Wells Fargo. I should have known better. Years ago I got my pay off value on my car payment and paid in full. I received the title in the mail and then 1 year later a bill from Wells Fargo for over $300??? Why would I pay you if you already mailed the title? Get it together.

Wells Fargo has the worst customer service ever. There have been several issues that have arose and they never seem to be able to solve the problem. Only make it worse. I used their bill-pay system to pay my loan account with them and they applied the payment to my credit card ($525). I called and tried to get them to fix it and they couldn't. I had to submit an additional payment for $525 to my loan account within the same WEEK! I called several times and after repeating the situation about 10 times, they waived over $100 in late fees. I could go ON and ON about Wells Fargo and the trouble they have caused me and my family. Please look at other banks before considering doing business with them. I would hate for you to go through what I went through.

I attempted to refinance with WF after being with the bank for quite some time. I went through the long application process. To cut this short, they denied the refinance when the underwriter reviewed my app. During the review with the underwriter, WF instructed I need to get the appraisal done. I had an appraisal done and paid this advance. I am now working with another lender and they will NOT order an appraisal UNTIL it's seen by the underwriter and pre-qualified. This is the process Wells Fargo SHOULD HAVE done before they instructed me to proceed with the appraisal.

Note: They scrutinize everything and also questioned my co-signing on my son's car loan. WF insinuated that I was making the car loan payments even after I showed documentation that my son was making his own car payments. Even though I am approved at another lender, this process with WF is very negative and will advise anyone not to refi through them.

I have been a Wells Fargo Bank customer in Florida for two years. While depositing a check at my local branch drive through, the teller informed me that my account came up as having an approved credit card notification. I politely responded that I unfortunately had poor credit and believed an error had been made. She cheerfully replied that the card had already been approved and no further inquiry was necessary.

Upon entering the bank, I was kindly greeted at the door by a gentleman who escorted me to his cubicle. Once again I explained my present credit situation and that I was not interested in a secured or high annual fee or interest rate card. I continued that if any further delving into my credit history was required, there was no point in continuing. As we sat down, he assured me saying I already had the card and the notification would not have appeared along with my account number if anything further was required. He directed my attention to his computer screen that had my name. Sure enough, this was a proper Visa card with no annual fee and standard credit card interest rates and terms.

I was asked and answered several basic questions that were read and filled in on his computer screen. I'm sure you've had your fill of my repetitiveness, but yet again I was verbally assured the card had already been fully approved; that he understood my credit would not survive a standard credit card check. This was a completely done deal. I electronically signed their pad. We shook hands and was told I would receive my card in about two to three days.

After waiting five days, I directly called the same employee. He remembered me and looked up my account information. He began his answer with "I have bad news, your card has been declined." He continued saying my bank account was fine, all the paperwork was fine, so it must have been a poor credit report. Seriously? There was to be no further inquiry. What else is required to receive a credit card other than a good credit report? If not for all his assurances, I would not have begun the entire process. He offered no further explanation or apology. Actually, his response was silence interspersed with childlike groans and a goodbye. I offered the goodbye.

This was not a situation wherein an online/anonymous offer was made and I actively continued crossing my fingers hoping for a miracle. At least I know better than that. As an established customer, at my local bank, I expect more than that. Now, in looking through a pile of unsigned paperwork handed to me as I was leaving, indeed in small print, the word application does exist.

However, two Wells Fargo employees affirmatively stated the credit card was "pre-approved" and a firm offer. As a result of false statements, I was needlessly inconvenienced. I was intentionally misled and never would have wasted my time and effort in a pointless endeavor. The result of which did nothing but cause more damage to my already damaged credit report. Their antics have put me in a sorrier situation than before my mere attempt to deposit a check into my account. Clearly, this is a Wells Fargo practice. It is doubtful I am alone. Perhaps some of their other practices need further scrutiny.

I went to the bank on lunch to deposit a check to then continue to the grocery store. The teller said that part of it would be available now and the rest on Thursday. Ok, no problem - I thought. I was wrong. I went to the grocery store and my card got denied!!! And I have to figure out how to get my car out of the parking garage with no ** money... I called and they said that I don't get anything until tomorrow morning. And pretty much "oops on the teller and it's your fault that you didn't know to look on the receipt for a date. Oh and too bad because there is no way for you to retrieve your own money". What is the point of putting money in the bank if I can't use it?! It's not a savings account that gathers interest while it sits there so how is it ok that my money can sit there?!

I have never been so frustrated with a bank. This is not the first time either. When I initially opened the account about a month ago, they kept my check for over a week because it was a new account and gave me no warning. I literally hate this bank. I am from NY and have had Chase for years and they NEVER did ** like this to their customers. Wish Chase was here.

Within the last two weeks I have been charged close to $600.00 in overdraft fees. Wells Fargo has set up a "predatory" system. Using their "DEVIANT" minds to defraud their customers. Especially the working poor and many customers hit hard by the economy. Last year Wells Fargo bank made over "30 billion" in just charging overdraft fees! This is a list of their predatory practices against their customers.

Charging exuberant fees (35.00) for now - for overdraft fees. Even if your account is negative by $1.00. This fee system must be stopped. A % is a fair system. Setting their banking system against you by: If you used your debit card on a Sunday night and deposited money on Monday morning to cover transactions, it doesn't matter! Even though Wells Fargo was closed on Sunday night and the transaction comes in on Monday morning, they will still charge you a $35.00 overdraft fee. Wells Fargo processes all checks early in the morning (they do this on purpose). So if you do not have money in your account to cover the checks, they will charge you a overdraft fee. Even if later in the day you deposit funds to cover the checks.

One of Wells Fargo's most "deviant" actions is their fraudulent practice of "checks" being processed through your account in orders from higher to lower amounts. Example: you have $200.00 in your account. Two checks come in. One is for 202.00, and the other is for $75.00. Wells Fargo will process the higher check first. Giving you a negative of -2.00. They will than process the second check of $75.00. Thus: you are charged "2" overdraft fees of 35.00. If they had processed the 75.00 fee first you would have only been charged one overdraft fee. Recently in California Wells Fargo bank was take to court for this "exact" fraud. The judge ruled against Wells Fargo. And demanded they refund their customers. To this date Wells Fargo is fighting this spending millions on lawyers to protect "their fraud".

Wells Fargo practices what I call "stacking" which should be illegal. When you are charged any overdraft fees of $35.00 Wells Fargo adds the negative into your account. Which creates a horrific "snowball" effect. Which many hard working customers (who have been hit hard by the economy) or the working poor cannot recover. Thus their account is closed. In turn these customers are reported to credit agencies run by many predatory banks. Many times their credit ruined and they cannot even open up another bank account. Wells Fargo charges many hidden fees. Such as $2.50 just because you used your debit card to remove money from another bank. So you get hit with "2" fees.

Wake up America! Almost on every corner in even the smallest of towns - you see new "lavish" banks being built - many times in middle - lower income neighborhoods. Many of these banks are like a "pack of wolves" devouring and preying on the weak and poor. While on every other corner you see Mom & Pop stores shutting down. More than the great depression. It does not take a great mathematician to see what is happening in America. I live in the great state of Pennsylvania where the revolutionary war was fought, and the great "declaration of independence" was signed.

They have taken my whole check and put it in other person account and made me homeless so please do not apply for this company. I tried to get the last of my money out of my account and they told me I couldn't because a hold was on my account because I was negative in my savings. So at this point if you want money taken out of your account then go with them. They steal money. And will charge you 35$ for going a dollar in the negative.

I'm on disability and I have direct deposit. I cancel my direct deposit because Wells Fargo charged me overdraft fees when they shouldn't have. After one it made my account insufficient, which made other payments coming in cause more overdraft. I will never use Wells Fargo again because they prey on poor people. Rich people never have to worry about things like that. It's a shame because I've been a customer since 2003. Now I'm in the red. Thanks for nothing Wells Fargo.

Had my client wanting to wire funds to my account for a business transaction. Wells Fargo teller said funds will be wired and received within two hours. Nothing came the first day... My bank told me Wells Fargo wasn't a very reliable bank. Next day I had client call Wells Fargo manager, to check on the wire funds. Manager told my client that he had signed off on the wire that morning, and that the funds never were wired the day before and that the teller had informed us of the wrong information. No funds arrived again!! It's now three days and still nothing. Wells Fargo sucks at everything they do, big banks are a joke!! If this had been a major business transaction (thank goodness it wasn't) this could have been a deal breaker. I'll never bank at Wells Fargo ever, and I'll go out of my way to discourage people not to bank at Wells gone dry Fargo!!

I've been a customer of Wells Fargo for more than a decade. Today was the final straw, as I am closing all my accounts and choosing another bank whom I can trust with my money. On Friday, Aug. 2016, I authorized payment for two bills to be debited directly from my checking account. Before making any payments, I reviewed both merchants payment processes; in addition, both merchants sent emails confirming payments and payment had payments were received on Friday, Aug. 19, 2016. On that selfsame day, after which these payments had been made, I visited a branch and made a successful withdrawal. Today, Aug. 25, 2016, after carefully reviewing my online account, I discovered it was in the negative. The results were such, the merchants whom I thought had been paid on Friday weren't paid until Monday, Aug. 22, 2016.

Before calling the bank, I called the merchants to confirm when payments were made and both confirmed payments were debited from my account on Friday, not Monday. I immediately called Wells Fargo customer service and spoke with a customer service representative who confirmed the merchants had indeed debited payments from my checking account (electronic check). However, both merchants requested authorization for payment on that day but weren't paid until Monday, which doesn't make sense because both merchants' payment processing are as such, if payment is made between the hours of 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday-Friday payments are processed the same day. Both payments were made between the hours of 8 a.m. & 2 p.m. confirming these transactions were processed and paid during the hours and days of operation.

After requesting credits, I was denied because of prior "courtesy credits" that were result of unauthorized payments. I disputed and filed a claim against the bank; which could take up to 10 business days. As one review I've read and concur, customer service sucks. The supervisor whose name I won't disclose was unprofessional, made condescending remarks, and talked all over top of me during the process. Justifying is not a resolution to any problem and hope Wells Fargo will do what's right by refunding my money for something they're clearly responsible for.

I initially was with Wachovia. Later on Wells Fargo took over this branch. Now you can imagine how long I been banking with this bank. So on 08/23/16 late night I deposit a check. On 8/24/16 I notice it was not reflecting on my account balance so I called check what was happening, this one was a 1st for me. (1st) customer service rep. I spoke to tell me there's no funds on the other person's account to contact the person and call them back once that person resolve the funding issue. So an hour later I called back and got a different rep.

(2nd rep) RAN. After explaining what I was previously told he said "NO we can't do that". Since I was not getting any information from him I suggested a couple of more options. All I got was NO NO NO. Hello I don't work there. Guide me to the steps to take but NO was all I got. Frustrated with the lack of effort and information not given to me I ask for a supervisor.

(3rd rep.) VANESSA ** supervisor. The woman was worst than RAN. All I heard was sorry for the inconvenience. You are my branch, I am trusting you with my money. I'm sure there something you can do especially guide me, train your staff better. It make no sense. I get 2 different statements for the exact same situation. Show some sympathy, be the professional that you supposed to be. The person at the other line don't need to know how miserable you are with the work you do. SMH.

I have never been so dissatisfied with inhuman customer service as I have with Wells Fargo. If you are looking for honesty, no hidden charges, genuine customer service and not robots repeating policy that they fail to explain upon you starting an account with them, then you are better off taking your money elsewhere. I have been with the bank for years until I began obtaining hidden fees subtracting my own funds from my account that have never been present in the years that I have spent with this bank, and that remain misunderstood without honest justification. Do NOT bank at Wells Fargo. I also read how they are being heavily fined for illegal late fees to student loan accounts. Once I smoothly transition to another bank, I will politely and happily close my Wells Fargo account down. When I think about my experience over the years, I recall multiple mishaps that are wrong to us consumers.

That includes my savings account switching to a checking account without my knowledge or authorization because I "transfer often" between my checking and savings. Once I was told overdraft fees are charged when Wells Fargo pays the transaction. Understood that! But then "insufficient funds" came up later meaning they charge you when you don't have the $ and when they won't cover the transaction! AND now a new one! They took funds out of one account to compensate another account without my accounts being linked called "offsetting" which I NEVER agreed to! Completely ridiculous and when some fees were reversed due to a bank error, I was told later it was bank courtesy that they can't keep doing. I want the bank to accept their mistakes and make good instead of wrongfully justifying all their hidden robbery charges! Never will I bank here again. Ever.

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Wells Fargo was founded in 1852 in New York City. The bank is known for its financial services throughout the western part of the country during the gold rush. Today, Wells Fargo serves both U.S. and international customers at physical locations and online.

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