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This was by far the best customer service simply because of the knowledgeable staff they have. Should you run into any problems with your taxes the help button is right there and all you have to do is hit the button. It's almost like you have your own security team right next to you while you fill out your taxes. I felt in no danger of any foul-ups or any threat to my security while doing my taxes. This is the best part. They tell you right then at the finished of filing your taxes what the outcome is and should you get a refund they tell you how much right then. I am not that experienced with filing my own taxes but I just followed the easy steps and finished filing my taxes with no problems at all. Believe me if I can file my own taxes with no problems anyone can.

I had a slight problem, called them, and they worked hard to correct the problem. Good customer service. Their data security is great, I feel very comfortable using their service knowing my account will be protected. The refund was prepared and submitted in a quick period. Got my refund in a very short period of time. Would recommend if you want your refund done correctly and refund fast. The filing was done online and submitted immediately and was done very easy. Just sat back and waited for the refund to appear in my bank account.

Customer service got me through any technical difficulties. It was kind of tough but I was able to get good service and instructions. They were polite and courteous. Everything was secure and I felt safe using the software! I felt comfortable giving my information up with no threat to hackers and other issues. It was a great experience. I'll definitely do this whole experience again.

Their customer service was very helpful, kind and nice. If I had a question they did what they could to get the answer in a timely manner which was great. Very professional to deal with as well. I didn't experience any problems so I guess that's good. You have to worrying every time you do something that involves your personal information so I would hope they would do what they could to protect that. I didn't really have any problems. Things went pretty smoothly and they did what they could to help make it that way for me which was great and less stressful. You don't want to deal with the IRS so everything they can do to help is great.

I am very happy with the services I got from the company. They gave very good and effective customer service and resolved all issues I had with updating me valuable rules changed. I would recommend it to people as I am very happy regarding my data security. They provide good data security so no issues with data theft I ever faced. I have never experienced refund but I have heard about their 100% refund policy and my friends have experienced so, so I give good rating on it too. I am so glad to opt this company as tax filing is become so easy with no hassle at all so I would recommend this too to my friends as filing is so easy.

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I don't remember the poor girl name but she was so sweet and thoughtful that she helped me go through and do what I needed because I was lost and having a time. They have great customer service. One thing I loved about them you used your own passwords, they never asked for your personal information, they were thorough and detailed about not getting your information. I was amazed how quickly I received my refund. It didn't take long at all and what she said it was going to be it was and I was happy and I'll definitely be using them again. Once I was explained thoroughly and detailed how to do everything it was like a great experience to be a part of their company. It was also easy to do once she walk me through.

Helpful, friendly advice to get the most out of your tax returns. Fast and convenient, simple and very easy to use. A very great business to deal with. I have never had any problems with my personal data being in danger. The site is extremely secure and I always feel at ease sharing my personal information on this website. The refund experience is always fast and very accurate. If anything, I get more of a refund going through them than with any other company. The site is very simple to navigate through. If there is any questions, someone is always there to help.

Customer service was great. Satisfaction of them and company. Would love to continue doing business with them. I also love the fact that they back up 100 percent of the business. The data security is protected by several barrier to prevent fraud. So much can go wrong but I feel secure using them. I also like the security of peace of mind for me and my business. They will refund all of my money at 100 percent so that is really good. Easy, fast, fun, fair, secure.

The customer service was wonderful. They answered every question I had with explicit detail on whenever my question was. They helped me efficiently. The security was very secured. I was confident in the security system that they used when handling my paperwork and it was easy for me to dispatch information back and forth. I would recommend to my family that have any tax refund questions or executing any goals that have to do with tax refund. My refund was handled sufficiently. It was easy for me to file with the company. They handled it and expedited all of information promptly and I was satisfied with customer service all the way to the refund.

Does a good job at answering questions. Not real problems. Fast at responding, handles problems and gives good replies to your questions. Haven't really had security problems. Everything seems to work as is. Haven't really paid much attention to it which is a good thing since I haven't had any problems. Have had a good experience with refunds. Gotten what I expected with no problems. On time and no issues that required me to contact anyone. Very easy to file. Very fast and easy to understand. Can do it on your own schedule and can always contact customer service with any questions.

Very helpful in helping me with my tax issues and answer any questions I had on using the service. Very helpful and easy to use. If I had an issue no matter how small they were very helpful. I have always felt safe, never worried of my information being stolen in anyway. Very protective and safe. I am glad their security is very handy and protective. I got my refund pretty fast and more than I expected. I was expecting a decent enough but the service managed to find more money to refund me. Then not long afterwards got it. The forms were very easy to understand. I had no problem filling it out and the questions weren't too complicated to answer. It was a breeze and had no issues at all.

Their customer service was okay. Most of the customer service was pretty good. But I did have one person who was not helpful at all. I am overall a satisfied person. I will use them again in the future. The data security was overall amazing. They had a heavy data security system. I had to constantly give them a security question due to the fact of my identify protection. They said you cannot be too safe nowadays. The refund experience was great. I got my refund pretty fast. Faster than usual. They said it was probably due to the fact I did everything early and in a timely manner. They said I did a great job. The filing experience was great. It was made extremely easy. I am glad I went with them this year. Thanks for giving me the chance to use them. If it wasn't for you having this available I wouldn't be able to use them.

I think it could have been more useful. It seemed to get me distraught at times more than once. But I will probably use the product again. It was a good learning tool. The security was good. I wish I could have gotten more on my refund. But hey money is money. It's better than owing money to the government. Hopefully this helps out to future customers. I think I prefer this option instead of going to an office to get this done. I will pass this information on to friends and family and maybe they will do it as well.

TurboTax Tax Audit Defense purchase a big waste of money. Audit for 2013. Tax first said well "it's only $3000" like it wasn't worth their precious time. They had me fax all the documents IRS requested. Heard nothing at all for weeks then got IRS notice -- now owed $4000+ -- IRS requested same docs as I had already sent to Turbotax Audit Defense guy. I called -- 'not in this week'. Then next week -- well I sent in docs you sent. "Now what" was my question. "Well I can't do more than that". No help at all. DO NOT BUY THIS FAKE 'PROTECTION'. In fact -- use Tax Cut at least. H&R Block will help you.

It is the luck of the draw, who they assign. 2011 Audit had a Patrick **... He was super and no longer with the company now. 2013, got another guy... who was mostly non-responsive, not reassuring, and didn't want to fight the IRS on anything. He did get bill reduced from $9,000 to $7,000 based on the docs I provided. But refused to fight for miles to the Pharmacy to pick up Rxs... Said, "Not that much involved." Charity deductions all disallowed, even those I check carbon copies for and also all cash deductions. Then hit with math error penalty... as could not find, a year after filing, all my medical deduction records. They refused to fight the IRS on these too. Finally, I paid the penalty, interest, and assessment in full... $7,133.00 last November.

Just got Notice of Deficiency... Claim they didn't get the penalty money. I have copy of canceled check, was paid in full. I sent this to 2 days ago... Also to the Examiner's supervisor, another Patrick **. Also IRS sent them the notices too, as still have my power of attorney. Also, another Examiner was assigned, he got copy of the IRS notice too. He was worse than first, real smart ass attitude, did nothing. No reply form them at all. Meanwhile, filed 483 form with IRS asking for abatement of interest and penalty... as have blood cancer and it affects my abilities, memory, etc. Moreover, never had been hit with penalty or assessment in my 73 years with the IRS.

When the IRS focused on me due to a profile based upon my income and I realized I needed professional help, I relied on the service I had already paid for with The experience was abominable! The entire ordeal was laced with excuses, and long explanations of what they could not, and would not do. It didnt matter what material and how many documents I provided; it was never enough for the case officer to do his job. After wasting way too many of my time and energy compiling material to satisfy my representatives (sic) demands in order to refute the IRS claims, finally refused to move forward on my case. I hired a real tax attorney/accountant and won the case.

I have been audited for two years taxes. In both years, Turbo Tax provided the program and I added the data asked. For some reason one particular box did not populate with the answer so the program neglected to enter the taxable amount. The program review said everything was peachy dandy and no need to worry about an audit.

I bought and paid for the Tax Audit Protection and now owe $45,000 in back taxes (IRS did not notify of an audit - that's a whole other issue) so I called the turbo tax people and they provided a very nice tax person to my case. As it turns out I too was told to contact IRS after it explicitly said not to in there. Even though this was a "program error" it was my responsibility to review every line to make sure it was all correct. They would not defend their error because after all most errors are operator error even though this was a specific problem with the tax program itself. DO NOT USE Turbo Tax and certainly don't buy their audit protection. What a scam!!

Although contacting was very easy and I dealt with a very pleasant person to get things started... straight downhill from there. The person assigned to my case was not in the least bit interested in the actual outcome. After trying to get some sort of actual intelligent, knowledgeable information from him I went through my TurboTax-prepared forms myself, line-by-line, number-by-number. After agonizing over the forms I discovered the issue myself and passed on the info to the agent. His only response was that I COULD contact the IRS and... Excuse me, but I thought that was what TaxAudit would do. No? My "we're so happy you've entered into this relationship with us" letter from TaxAudit specifically states that's what they'll do and, in fact, that they should be the only contact with the IRS once your case is opened.

Since TurboTax imported my W2 online and applied those numbers to my tax filing, reviewed the final forms TWICE for errors and found none, reviewed again for any likelihood of audit flags and found none, I felt confident my filing was complete, accurate, and ready to go. After a fair amount of hesitation I decided to also purchase the TaxAudit coverage. I could have flushed that $40 right down the toilet.

I received a notice from the IRS and called to help me out, per the contract I had signed at TurboTax. I spoke with Tina who was terrific, went through the process and told me someone would be able to help me out and even look for other deductions. Shortly thereafter I heard from Katie, also from who told me she would be managing my case and would assign a representative to work with me. Then I received a call from Jean who told me that she would actually not be able to assist me (as I needed to do an amended return). She was incredibly unfamiliar with the TurboTax sight, and when directing me to download the 2014 software, was completely unprepared as I was using a Mac. The entire call was an exercise in frustration.

I have continued to provide the requested information and over and over, await a week to several week response time, eventually watching my deadline disappear. My audit counselor does not answer phone calls and if I miss a call from him, doesn't pick up even 30 seconds after a missed call. He doesn't care about anything but not being fired for doing a horrible job.

I received a tax audit for schedule C. I have 200 Items (receipts) for meals and entertainment and over 1000 trips for mileage. The auditor they assigned knew nothing about anything let alone my business. He asked me to write a 10 page paper explaining my business and 2-3 paragraphs explaining every meal and every trip. I explained at 5 min per that would take 100 hours. He explained that's what I had to do for him to represent me. Needless to say I did the three hour audit on my own. Turbo tax Audit protection is a complete joke.

I have been purchasing the tax audit service through Turbo Tax for close to 10 years, but never needed to use it. That changed a few months ago. I received a notice that both my 2012 and 2013 tax returns were being audited. I contacted the TaxAudit folks and they had me upload all of the data to a secure portal. They then introduced me to a CPA firm close to my home, and I had a couple of conference calls with them and provided a lot of supporting documentation.

The CPA met with the IRS agent for the face-to-face audit. I did not have to attend. After one or two meetings with the IRS on my behalf, I received a confirmation letter from the IRS that they were making no changes to my tax returns. It ended up being a zero change audit. I was very satisfied with TaxAudit and the firm they assigned to my case. I've paid about $500 over the past 10 years to have my returns protected. This one case would have cost 3-4 times that amount if I was paying for the CPA's services out-of-pocket.

My experience with this company is that they are worthless. I got a notice and they did nothing to help my situation or to reduce what I owed being that is what they promise... I could have handled this tax letter myself... Don't waste your money... The agent that handled my situation seem real smug and would not listen to what I had to say.

I got an IRS tax audit letter for my 2011 form, which penalized me for more than $6,000. Before responding to the IRS letter, I contacted TaxAudit (TurboTax service). After evaluating my case, TaxAudit agent asked me for specific documentations, which I supplied though their secured WEB site. They've responded to the IRS for me. There were two more related IRS letters, but the TaxAudit agent knew exactly what needed to be done. After about six weeks, the case was resolved. I've received an IRS final decision letter stating that I owe them nothing ($0.00). In short, I'm happy I became a member in time. My IRS audit was resolved smoothly and professionally.

Guys, I hope everyone who is using TurboTax sees these complaints. No one should ever take audit protection through Tax Resources/Tax Audit when they use TurboTax. I did for 2010 and paid dearly.

I was audited by the IRS. Tax Resources was supposed to provide me with a representative to represent me in the audit. I diligently prepared all the documents needed for the audit but the representative failed to turn up and neither was I informed. So I received an NoD (notice of deficiency) from the IRS along with a huge bill. The company did not accept responsibility. However, they agreed to help represent me - first they filed a case in the US Tax Court (which they said they wouldn't represent me) and then said they would work with the appeals office for an out of court settlement.

I spent about 300 hours preparing detailed receipts and reports on business expenses. Finally, they met with the IRS. However, my gigantic bill was barely reduced by 30% although I had proof of expenses for most of the expenses.

I decided to talk to the IRS appeals officer myself to request that my bills be considered. I realized that Tax Resources had done nothing but pass my documentation to the IRS. I repeat - Tax Resources did nothing that would help my case. Instead, the lawyer called me and angrily asked that I not talk to the IRS directly - and simply withdrew from the case. Tax Resources sent me notices that they would not represent me. Finally, I had to negotiate with the IRS on my own and I managed to reduce the tax bill by 70%.

I wish I had never paid these cheats any money and I wish I had done the audit on my own right from the beginning instead of going through 2 harrowing years. I repeat, Tax Resources did nothing to help me.

Since 2004 I have purchased a Audit Defense Membership contract for each tax year through TaxResources Inc (Turbo Tax affiliate). This year I relieved an email from the company saying that consumers received an incorrect order form from them and that a new one would be coming in the mail.

I received a 2010 renewal order form from them with confidential information about another individual's account including their account number, account key, phone number, address and email address. I can only assume that my information went to someone else. This is unacceptable. I have tried to reach them by phone and have not been successful.

What can I do other than never order this service again?

We used Turbo Tax to do our 2007 taxes. We paid for audit protection which came from tax resources. Due to an attempt by ex to claim my daughter (which I hold legal claim), we were flagged by IRS. We tried to clear up by providing IRS with documentation, but were sent a notice of audit. Next, we received another notice that my wife was being audited for 2005 and 2006. We married in '07. So, we contacted tax resources to cover us for additional years. They charged us $3,000 for the additional coverage. The person, (Andrews) came up from Richmond and started reviewing our documentation. He met with the IRS person at our home and all seemed well. Well, they have supposedly met in DC since then. We finally got a notice that 2005 was a no change year.

Next, we got notices that IRS wanted to disallow '06 and most of '07 deductions. We disagreed and Andrews was told to request a meeting with agent's supervisor which I would attend. After many weeks, we received a notice that IRS was issuing a no change for '07. Still no news on '06. Next, we received a bill for '06 and the tax resources person, Andrews, will not return calls. Neither will the home office in California.

I filed my 2008 taxes with TurboTax. The state of MA informed me that I was being audited. I had purchased audit insurance through TurboTax which is Tax Resources Inc. Initially, IRS (MA) only wanted our S.S. for my two children and wife. I supplied them with such but I did not have a card. I applied for a SS card and once I received the card, a photo copy was sent to the IRS (MA). Another notice was sent with a request to supply my transactions and bills for my business. They also requested a typed 1099 from a company I had worked as they did not accept a hand written 1099. I tried to contact the employer but they never responded to my requests. I contacted TaxResources and they advised me not to contact the IRS anymore and to go through them for all the communications.

They requested I sent the original notice. I did. They requested that I send the tax forms. I did. I waited and no response was received. I got another notice from the IRS (MA). Since it was delayed and I did not respond, they now requested that I send the years 2006, 2007, 2008. I contacted TaxR with this and sent the new IRS (MA) request. I communicated with emails. They kept sending an authorization email to be able to discuss these issues through email. I complained that they had not sent me a form for legal representation yet. I also complained that I was not receiving any updates. On Dec 23rd, I got a notice from the IRS (MA) that they were disallowing my returns for tax years 2006, 2007 and 2008 which add to a total of $7000! I contacted TaxR and they suggested that I sent the new request. I asked if they had started the case yet and they informed me that they needed the new request. I sent the request.

Today Jan 20th, I got an email from TaxR that they were not representing me since I had not submitted all the forms. I contacted TaxR and let them know that I had submitted all the forms they requested. They responded that the Dec 23rd was not complete. I asked what do the notices have to do with contacting the IRS. They responded that they have to respond to the last notice that I received to which I asked why they did not respond to the first notice. They answered, "I don't know," but they are not going to represent me. I could have taken care of this myself way before this but I trusted TaxResources to handle this issues.

Now, they basically said I am on my own. I have a son that is 3 and another 11. My house is ready to go into foreclosure any day. I do not have life insurance, I can't afford it. So I am not worth anything dead to my family. The only one that has a consistent job is my wife. If these items are not resolved and they chose to attach my wife's wages. I will no longer have a family. I did not cheat or lie on my taxes. That is too irresponsible. I have not been able to pay my mortgage in a year. I had a basement flood last year due to the lack of power for four days (no sump pump. I thought that TaxR would take care of these issues with the IRS (MA). Now, I've been dumped after all the hoops that they made me jump.

I can not believe that TaxR, after all they requested, and all the questions that I posed for them to contact the IRS (MA),is not representing me. I am left alone to solve these items. I will have no home, no family and owe the IRS $7000. I am never using Turbo Tax again.

I started using TurboTax in 2006 when I got my real estate license. I did use EzTax return but you could not take deductions for a home office. This year, I received notification from IRS that I was being audited. I have been doing my taxes and never have I been audited. After looking over, I realized that I had purchased their TurboTax audit protection which was from Tax Resources. After being assigned to a George **, I realized TurboTax was just a computer and was inaccurate in their instructions on what could and could not be done.

Example: Stated you could just use the beginning and ending mileage without a daily log. I have been going through an audit since March 2009 and I have submitted several thousand pieces of documentation to support my tax return. It appeared IRS just kept disallowing them because they can. They requested a mileage log, I submitted. Then they said they wanted receipts to support the mileage, I gave them that. They requested proof from my employer that I worked from home and was not provided a desk. They rejected that. They disallowed all my Goodwill deductions, not one cent allowed. I had all my Goodwill receipts and my spread sheets of what I had given. I had $4,400.00 in advertising expenses (receipts were given), they denied that.

TurboTax and Tax Resources is a scam. I sent thousands of records to Tax Resources and he brought it all back when he came a few months ago. Nothing had been done with it. I spent about $300 getting these records together and mailing them and nothing was done. He gave them back to me. I have been faxing and emailing records to him as requested and to find out this CPA from Tax Resources was just emailing them to the IRS. What happened to him personally meeting with the IRS and representing me, something is fishy when they are just emailing back and forth. He said that with the IRS we are all crooks, liars and dishonest until they prove otherwise. He said I should never file taxes on time, that it is a red flag. I have always taken pride in filing my taxes on time. I would like a tax attorney's help in this matter. I feel a class action suit needs to be filed against Tax Resources and TurboTax.

I have devoted all my time since March 2009 trying to prepare and get together the documents requested. I have had a huge loss of income as a result from this audit. It has not allowed me to work and make money. I am a realtor so I am on commission only. This has also caused me huge stress and affected me mentally and physically. Company Profile

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