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Last updated: Nov. 3, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 3, 2017

I went to PLS store near me to cash a check and the representative told me that if I purchase a prepaid card, the fees would be lower when cashing my check. I decided to go ahead and get a prepaid card in which was my first time and I loaded $300 on the card. I did not use the card at the time however, several weeks later, PLS contacted me to let me know that my card was ready for pick up with my name on it. I picked up my card on Friday 10/13/17 but did not activate it until Saturday 10/14/17 late that evening. I use the card only twice but at 12:30 am Sunday 10/15, a withdrawal was made from my card.

I called the card company to file a dispute but also contacted the police to file a theft report. My dispute was denied stating that I authorize the transaction. I have been calling Xpectations customer service trying to get this resolved and no one is helping. I am very upset because I should never have to fight for my own money but it is really strange that my money vanish from card, not to mention the card was never lost and it was in my wallet but somehow someone was able to obtain my personal information and withdraw money from my card at an atm. As of today, I am still fighting to get my money back. When you contact the Xpectations customer service line, it's like you are getting the runaround and no one is helping.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 2, 2017

I've been going to this store about 3 yrs. Greta, Ogie, Joselin, Raeda. These worker are the best. Every time I go they always put up with me even if I am complaining. But l love them. Their attitude always the same kind and friendly. The Manager there are the bomb. She respectful and kind. Ogie is my girl. I always tease her about her name. I would recommend them to all my friends and family. Love y'all.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 21, 2017

From day one I knew there was a problem. The customer service representative at the Freeport, New York store seem to be a little frazzled. I get direct deposit and what do they do? Steal the funds!! I was using the prepaid Visa card to make purchases online as well and when I returned an item to they said they release the funds to BANCORP... the company or bank that handles PLS funds. That was 2016 and I still haven't gotten a resolution. Then I go to the same location a few months later because the magnetic strip on my card was no longer working. She gave me another card right then and there and I activated it right away and lo and behold $500 and change goes missing on my account 20 minutes later. I didn't have the card then and I was told it was done online with a Target store and $10 of it making an inquiry about a hotel in Aruba!

PLS the customer service rep at the Freeport location had to be the one to do it because she should have cut the card up in front of me etc. They told me they were going to get on it and all would be well. Okay well it's 2017 and I have received nothing! Now here it is July 2017 and for the last two years or so I was saying to myself there is no way I am spending that kind of money but it's a banking institution. I was trusting PLS.

Well today I found out they steal over $1,800 and that was through direct deposit it and they have been doing this for 2 years since I was issued the new card!!! Then They tell me that there is no supervisor available for the latest incident and that they would have a supervisor call me back!! It's obvious SOMETHING IS FISHY OR DOESN'T SMELL RIGHT OR CAN'T PASS THE SMELL TEST!! Without divulging everything I know they have been stealing funds because I'm looking at the website and right before my eyes information is being changed in REAL TIME!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 11, 2017

Kind of Tricky or Lack of training - Yesterday I bought a pre-paid card because the person who offered it was very nice and I thought it could be good idea for online purchases. The person told me that they had two plans paid as you go or you paid $6.95 a month, but if you use ten times a month they won't charge it or put the money back in your card. First they charged me $8.00 for the card, I put $20.00 on the card. But today I called to set my password and I found that I only have $13.05. I called the company and asked the reason and first they had my date of birth wrong, when I provided my driver's license with the right date of birth. Second the customer service person told me that they charge $6.95 a month no matter how many times you use your card, and that they only had the plan pay as you go, which is $1.00 per transaction.

More than that I have to send a copy of my driver's license by fax, mail or whatever to amend the error with my date of birth. I think this is a very good way for them to make a lot of money giving the wrong information. I am going to cancel it. It was a waste of time and money. I better use PayPal or any other safe service to make my purchases online.

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Original review: May 14, 2017

I went to the PLS on 7th Av. in Manhattan after work around 1:28 AM. I had my check from my job and asked the cashier to please put $1200 onto my PLS Card. I had changed my number earlier on Friday and was not able to get the usual text messages when I do a transaction. The cashier said she put the $1200 onto my card. She gave me back the change I was expecting and when I looked up my account the next morning, she had only put $1100 onto my account and now I have $100 gone from my account and no one is helping me recover this money. I have called the district manager and he has not yet helped me recover the $100 that was not put onto my account. I don't feel I should deal with PLS anymore because of this.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 9, 2017

My card was stolen today. I called to report it and the young lady stated that she could put in a request to have my funds transferred to a new card in 24 to 48 hours. But I need to go into PLS and get a new card. I told her, "Okay but I need gas. Is there anyway I can get my funds ASAP." She stated yes once I got the card to call back in, talk directly to a Manager and the manger could put the money on there immediately. But I had to call before 5 pm.

I got the card and I called in and got Customer service and was told by a man that the lady that told me that lied. They don't do that. Everyone has to wait their turn and he would put my name on the list. I then said, "But she told me to call and speak to a manager." He put me on a 2 mins hold then came back and told me no managers were available. That he put in the request and then repeated that under no conditions do they ever move anybody to the head of the line. So, that pissed me off because if I need to pay for my mom's medicine and my kids' medicine they would have to wait 24 to 48 hours to get the meds they need to survive. PLS wouldn't give a damn. Because according to their policy no one gets special consideration. Everyone must wait their turn.

I hung up and called back in through the stolen card department and got Teresa and she apologized for the first lady lying to me. She got her supervisor to see if since I was lied to if the Manager would make an exception. The Manager state that she apologized for the rep telling me, that she will make note of her mistake and give it to her supervisor so she could give the rep more coaching so that it doesn't happen to anyone else. But I would have to wait. So, they are in good standings. I help them point out a problem and they did nothing to make my situation right. That tells me this company could give a damn about its customers. That's really sad because I have had this card a long time. They never gave me an order number.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 12, 2017

Hillside Ave 175th St. Queens, New York. This day marks the day where I will never enter a PLS store again. I'm a hardworking man with two kids to feed and after a long day of work I just wanted to cash my check. I work with the autistic community and I feel well deserved to my cash that I'm paying you to cash. Immediately as I entered the store there was an attitude. As the only customer at the time they were taking extremely long to even acknowledge me and when they did service me somewhat they told me they couldn't cash my payroll check from Astoria Bank claiming they can't verify my check because they need to call my company. How bogus is that? And I know they did it because I'm a black man. Now my kids gotta suffer the night cause someone wanted to be a racist. Very poor customer service. I just might take legal action.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 23, 2017

Called in two days ago to ask how to protect my card because I was getting a hefty deposits in two days that would be deposited to the card. Well the customer service agent helped me. She changed one number in my birth date and my mother's maiden names were changed to another name. Well she was very helpful I needed to ask a question.

Today I called Expectations and I give them my old information and to my knowledge my new updated security answer wasn't allowed to be changed so I asked for a supervisor. Supervisor comes to the phone and tells me the customer that my new updated information can't be altered and that I need to fax in my driver license, an ss card because the customer service rep had no businesses helping me secure my account. I said I have had issues with this card and the deposit that is being deposited is my tax refund and I'm just securing my info because I have family members that are not honest and they know all my information and I don't want my money stolen. So that's why the customer service rep tweak my info.

The supervisor went on on how that can't happen and suggest I get a new card. I said "I have two prepaid cards from you guys." Well the problem wasn't solved. She still insisted that she was putting a hold on my prepaid account until I fax that information. Wow. I'm angry, upset and feel let down. I will provide the info to them but I will all of my tax refund off the card and will not ever use Expectations and for you all that has a card with them I hope this reach you. Bad business. There is no protection with your identity with them. I purchased the cards through PLS.

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Original review: Feb. 21, 2017

This is the worst prepaid card I ever had. They reported my card lost when I never instructed them to. I went to a PLS and added funds and that's when I found out they had reported my card lost or stolen (my card was never lost). They told me to go back to PLS and get a new card and 24 to 48 hours they would transfer my funds on the new card. It's been 2 days now & I still have not received my funds on the new card??? I have spoken with 8 different customer service reps & they keep asking for my phone number but no one is calling me back. I should have stuck with NetSpend, because they take care of their customers??? Xpectations suck!!!

Original review: Jan. 25, 2017

I lost my card and called it in to get it cancelled. Problem is, there is no way to get my transactions record. I've spent hours on the phone with the worst and rudest people I've ever had my entire life. I've been to two different PLS stores ten miles apart and got the same attitudes that I had with people on the phone. Stay away from "XPECTATION" card if don't like excessive fees and bad attitudes when it comes to your money.

Original review: Nov. 14, 2016

So my credit/debit card was charged by Sprint and I never had Sprint so I call PLS card services and for one they blocked my card and told me to go and get a new card and they would transfer my money over. It’s already been 2 days still no money on my card and when you ask to speak to a supervisor it’s always “Oh they have to call you back.” like wtf so basically if anything happens with your card it’s best you not call and report it because you will get the short end of the stick. They don’t wanna help you out or nothing, just tell you to wait which is so ** so I recommend you not to support the PLS card services movement. Please be smart. Choose another card provider....

Original review: Oct. 3, 2016

So I went on Amazon.Com to order my 6 year old something. I made the purchase and also signed up for Amazon membership. I canceled both the order and the membership. I called Xpection's customer service and explained what happened. The Rep told me to tax over the email I received from amazon. The supervisor are the only ones that have access to the faxes. And they check them every 2 hours. Needless to say I went to kinkos tax over them info. Waited a few hours called still no tax. Went back to kinkos refax the info called the next day no tax. I received the money back the next day for the membership. However I still have received the money for the item. Called back to speak to a supervisor. They ALL ARE BUSY HELPING OTHER CARD HOLDERS and the customer service Rep name Paige hung up in my face. I'll never do business with them. Once my money post I'm closing that acct.

Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 16, 2016

I came in on a Sunday night. Monday at midnight to be exact and there was about 10-15 people in line. Only one teller and there was 2 other employees working. Instead of them helping they just stood there pretending to work. Paul and Gloria are the names of the people that didn't help with the CUSTOMERS IN LINE. I was there literally for a little more than an hour. It is too late at night to be waiting in line. I was extremely upset with the service that was provided. Something has to change. I hope I never go there again.

Original review: June 30, 2016

Paid for a hotel room. The hotel gave me a refund of the amount because I had pets. Had to have the hotel fax over the correction on company letter head to get my money back even though they did it electronically. Only got one hotel room back. They are holding the other amount because it has the amount of the hotel room and the authorization amounts for both rooms and the rooms are what they have the amount for are not the same. But the hotel can not give a receipt or a letter with the amount of the authorization amount because that is fraud. The authorization amount was never charged therefore it's fraud for showing it. They know this as I spoke to a supervisor. She confirmed it but still refuse to release my money!!! Plan to cancel my account and report them to the Better Business Bureau.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 26, 2016

I dropped my debit card at work. Someone found it and turned it in and my employer called and reported the card to Xpectations being that it was a temporary card and it did not have a name on it. Nevertheless they cancelled the card and told me I could come get a replacement. I did and my direct deposit was already IN my account but when I called customer service they told me it would take 24-48 hours for the money to be transferred to the new card. And 3 days later still no money... Every time I speak to someone they tell me that it should be on my card shortly, and I call back when it's not and they'll say it may be the next day. Whenever I get my money I will close that account and never use them EVER AGAIN IN LIFE...

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 3, 2016

I paid my loan off at the PLS Store in Schofield WI and never received my title back. I went to get a replacement title today and the DMV employee told me there was still a lien against my title. I was a loyal customer to them, paying on time and completely off. This is totally unacceptable. It is now causing me embarrassment as I have a buyer for my car that wants it today and I cannot give it to them because PLS did not release my title and there is no phone number anywhere to call to talk to someone about this predicament they have placed me in.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 29, 2016

I had 2 money orders that were filled out and signed to my landlord stolen out of the mailbox and cashed at two different PLS locations. I called to discuss the matter and no one cared to even investigate what I was claiming. I was told that the person who cashed the money orders is one of their regulars and was never asked to show the proof that I have of the fraud. No one has reached out to me to date and the money was for rent that I desperately need back. I do not work and I am a single mother and had actually lost my job, a few days before this all happened.

Original review: Nov. 28, 2015

I am a frequent customer at PLS in Jamaica Queens. Don't I went to pay my rent and con Edison bill like I do every other week. I walk up to the window told the Customer Service rep what I was going to pay and how much. Next then I know the shift Manager walk up to the window and ask me how much was in my checking account... pause... Then she repeat herself... pause... I then ask her, "What does my checking account balance has to do with you?" As long as I have the money to cover the bills, that I'm there to pay. Again she ask me how much money was in my account. I have been going to this location forever since they open up in Jamaica Queens. I no longer feel safe using PLS. I feel that the shift manager Natazia was rude...

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 10, 2015

Over a period of time when using the PLS prepaid card I began to recognize unidentified charges to my account. Firstly, I phoned when I first received the card because I recognized that there were consistently $1 charges being deducted from the card and decided to switch to a monthly fee. I was informed that this would be a $5 charge but to my surprise about 2 months into using the card $6.95 was deducted twice from my account. When I phoned to inquire why the charges took place I was informed that it was $6.95 and not $5 as I was informed earlier.

Now, what brings me to closing my account today is that I went to my bed with a balance and awoke this morning only to make a purchase based on my balance. To my surprise my transaction did not go thru because my monthly amount that's due on Nov 7 was not fully deducted from the account ALTHOUGH my account had more than enough monies to deduct that $6.95 amount. I requested my balance be sent to me on a daily basis as parts of ensuring that I'm in the know of what my balance is... I did not receive a text message of the balance of my account after PLS deducted the amounts from my card which allowed my purchase to be declined.

Why go in and deduct the monies twice? And if PLS did not receive the $6.95 on 10/7 what happens on the 10/8 date? Why wasn't the balance deducted on that date? Why is informing the customer via text message in place? For only when it suits PLS? Some of their customer reps are rude and have limited knowledge of how their product works. They've lost a quality customer. They fail to realize that there are other prepaid companies out there, and companies who with better guidelines and who knows how to treat their customers. Kudos and goodbye!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 29, 2015

I am a repeat customer and frequently send money to my sister in Columbia. I have never had a problem with the workers until this morning (09/28/2015) when I went in to make a Western Union money transfer. I was waited on by the manager on duty (girl with braces). From the first word out of her mouth she was very rude interrupting me in mid sentence, tell me to wait in a loud tone and when the transaction was complete she did not speak at all. She just shoved my receipt to me and looked away. I stood there and after a minute or two she looked at me and ask what I wanted. I replied that I would like her to acknowledge me and that Thank you or some comment to show that the customer should be greeted and thank me after transaction. She stared me in the face and refused to say anything and just looked at me with a disgusted look on her face. That was the last time I will ever walk into that store. She should be fired.

Original review: Sept. 23, 2015

I purchase my money order on July 3rd of 2015 with my credit card to pay my rent and on July 3rd of 2015 me and my 16 yr. old daughter walked around to our apartment office. They were closed due to the holiday. I put the money order into the night deposit box. It was fill out by me to the apartment and on that money. I had to go to work on that Monday July 6th so I called the apartment office after 9 am to make sure that everything was good and to let them know that I will be in to pick up my receipt when I get off work.

And around 4 pm I arrived at the apartment office to learn that my money order was not there so I called the police and put in a report and called moneygram to cancel and by the time they gotten it, someone had cashed it at PLS Payday Loan store. It was theft & fraud. I expect for PLS to refund me my money back. I have all my own paperwork to my money order and my police report. I have written in to the BBB for this matter. I feel that PLS should replace my money due to the money order was tamper which I had fill it out.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 18, 2015

Been tiring to take care of my title loan since June. They don't know where my title is!! They have no idea where a 3rd loan came from in my name, and won't give me any answers about it. I have been calling their corp branch in Chicago and Oak Brook Illinois and NO ONE has bothered to call me back. So today I decided to call over and over again until someone answered the phone at which I was lied to over and over again, and then I went in and talked to Tina one of the managers at the 22nd Ave and 60th St location and she didn't give two ** about what I had to say and was basically blowing me.

I asked for her superior and she told me she can't give out that info at all, not even her name. Told me she would email her and have her call me and I highly doubt she emailed her, because she only looked to be fake typing an email to her. Still haven't received a call back yet. Doubt I will. The only thing that these people have done is give me the runaround, lie to me, and act as if they are the kings of the world. Dealing with PLS is like dealing with Politicians and our President. It's useless and a waste of energy and breath.. Please, Please, Please save yourself a headache and just don't even think about using PLS. You will walk away with a major migraine and tons of stress and anxiety.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 13, 2015

I am writing this review at about 7:20 am on a Sunday morning. About an hour ago we got a knock on our door from a repo man. He said he had orders to repo our car because we didn't pay our bill. The problem is we Did pay it! We drove two and a half hours out of our way to pay it. This happened because the employee that took our payment failed to contact the main office and let them know we made the payment. This is the worst customer service ever! Not only the loan company but also the repo company as well! We gave the repo man our receipt showing we paid it and his response was "Well if you did actually pay it, and it looks like you may have, then we will bring it back the next time we are in the area".

The problem with this is that my husband and I both work and we need our car now. The repo company is two hours away and now we have no car. In the past this company was an ok last option for an emergency need for cash, but I will never again go to this company... for anything! The blatant disregard for their customers is atrocious. There is clearly no communication in this company.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 8, 2015

My card was used for fraud. I noticed it call the company. They stated that I will be getting a new card in the mail in 7 days, I said I couldn't wait. I will be getting paid in a couple of days, I need to pay my rent. He said, "Call me when you get paid and then I will send you a new card." Today on payday, my card is blocked. I called them and they told me I have to - in the store directly - get a new card and they will transfer the money on my card in 24 to 48 hours. I HAVE TO PAY MY RENT, I ALREADY GOT AN EXTENSION. The owner will be at my house at 7:30. I cannot wait. I WILL NO LONGER BE USING THEIR SERVICES. They have no customer service. If I would have known, I would have went to the store!!!

Original review: Sept. 3, 2015

Customer service rep was very rude and after yelling at me because of a mistake they made, closed my account. Was told it's nothing they can do once my account was closed. Had my payroll checks going to this card. Now I have to wait for my job to issue a paper check! After finally talking to a supervisor and being told she listened to my call that day and I told him to close my account! That's a lie! Why would I close my card and I have money on there and direct deposit?! No use in talking to a supervisor because they either never call back or are just as rude as the reps that answer the phones! I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN!

Original review: Aug. 20, 2015

I went here to cash my paycheck from the same employer that I've had for the past 8 years. I've also been cashing said paychecks here for about the past 6 months or so. There has never been an issue until tonight when all of a sudden they can't cash it until they verify my employment. I told them that's nonsense and I've been there numerous times and the so-called "store manager" didn't even speak enough English to understand what I was saying. All he kept repeating was, "berify your yob". I seriously wanted to scream at this entire crew. Lazy, incompetent, arrogant idiots. If I owned that place I would fire every last one of them.

Original review: Aug. 13, 2015

I feel like I'm being rip off. I went in this month to pay on my loan but I didn't have but half of the payment because my water and gas got cut off. And they were going to cut my lights off too if I didn't pay nothing on it. So I took half of that money and put it on the bill, so they wouldn't cut them off. Now they are trying to take my car - but I haven't miss a payment. Now they have already overcharged me. I didn't get but $1800 from them. And have already paid them $6,000 and some. They have overcharged me, will someone stop them? Please from ripping me off! They are located at: 847 B E Sibley BLVD, Dolton, IL. 60419. (708) 841-5500.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 9, 2015

I got an Xpectations debit card from PLS store in Los Angeles. I transferred my money there, from student loans etc. I had over $3,000 dollars in the card, when out of nowhere my card was canceled! I tried signing in to my online account to check the balance, and I couldn't! I called them and they told me my card had been canceled because I didn't provide "proper documents." I told them "I did!" and they told me I would get a check of my balance within a MONTH! That's right, they canceled my card, and withheld my money for a month. Now it's been past A month, and they are "STILL PROCESSING" my check! I had all my money in it, which was over 3,000. I have not been able to get any of it out for over a month. Now I have to wait, until who knows when, until I get my 3000 check by mail.

PLS and BRICE CORP bank are a bunch of lying, deceiving, money stealing **! PLEASE DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM, DO NOT GET PREPAID DEBIT CARDS FROM THEM. They will steal your money and withhold it from you until they please! It says so on the contract, that they have the right to cancel your card whenever they please! DO NOT TRUST PLS AND DO NOT GET AN XPECTATIONS CARD!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 2, 2015

Decided to use card and didn't know PIN #. Requested a resetting of PIN. Still after 7 calls to their annoying customer service number. They deactivate card, so now I can't use it at all. Now, I'm told a supervisor takes 24 hrs. or more manually reset the PIN #. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME, MONEY ON USING THIS CARD PRODUCT. IT'S A JOKE OF A BUSINESS AND SCAM!!!!!

Original review: March 17, 2015

Went twice and called both times! Was told to bring my most recent check stub and bank statement!! My first experience... ** and her manager ** said I didn't have enough activity on my bank statement after driving a hr. away! 2nd experience... I was told to bring my most recent bank statement... Again!!! I did exactly what I was told to do! Well.. I drive again a hour away! Get there and was told they couldn't take the bank statement because the last date ended on Feb. 12! I can't help the fact that my bank hasn't sent me a new one.. YET! Well... Long story short I get refused, attitude, and the middle finger as ** walks off!!! I would NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO MY WORST ENEMY!!!

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